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Measures needed to check falling rupee

It is a pity that the Indian rupee is today so weak that it has become more than a sixtieth part of a US dollar (editorial, ‘Rupee turns 60 plus: Foreign investors head for the door’, June 28) and it is expected to fall further to the level of 62. Certainly, this is a matter of grave concern for the Indian economy. What is painful is that the falling rupee will push up inflationary pressures and the prices of all essential commodities will rise, making it difficult for the common man to make both ends meet.

Agreed that the falling value of the rupee will give a boost to the Indian exports and also that Indians will receive more money than earlier if sent by NRIs from the US, but the imports to India, which are more than the exports from here, will become more costly and the oil and fuel prices will go up to a more pinching level. Petrol, diesel and cooking gas will become costlier if the rupee falls further. A visit to the US will also become costlier. It is ridiculous to learn that the RBI is not doing anything to arrest the fall of the rupee.

The government should invite foreign investors to India by easing norms of "clearances" of projects and land acquisitions and eliminating middlemen and corruption in both civil and government departments. Corruption is a major factor that negates all agendas/projects in our country. It is time to punish all those who seek bribes "to get things done". This will certainly give a boost to the economy of our country and the rupee will rise. So, the government should tackle corruption on a war footing.

R K KAPOOR, Chandigarh

Unemployment issue

Most of the people in India choose engineering as a profession in order to earn a fortune rather than serving their country in the fields of science and technology. This has led to unemployment problem in India. The government should introduce such courses as could provide self-employment to youth like starting own small-scale business and industry. Thus, they will be able  to get employment as well as help their  country  in giving  ample job opportunities to other youth.

KIRANDEEP SINGH, Barnala                     

BJP a ‘secular’ party

This refers to the thought-provoking editorial ‘Strong and single’ (June 25). First, I do not agree with you that the BJP is “run through a remote control from Nagpur”. This is a filament of imagination on the part of a large section of the media. If the words democracy, secularism and patriotism are understood in their true spirit, and in relation to the sovereignty of India, the BJP is, then, categorically a democratic and secular party. Unlike the Congress party, it does not turn to some single, monolithic abstraction of secularism but to concreteness of its own maximally differentiated philosophy of Hindutva, which could win the BJP its alliance from every Indian ( irrespective of his caste, creed and religion) for the greater cause of progress and patriotism in this country.

Second, when Modi ironically speaks of “two power centres” in Congress, he means to say that the whole nation is aware of the fact that it is Sonia Gandhi who, by proxy, runs the government. And our prime minister — who once said that as long as he has Sonia’s blessings (her hand on his head) he would continue to be the Prime Minister — is a weak, ostentatious and, therefore, negligible power centre. Third, Modi is an autocratic leader is a complex-ridden statement of some Congress leaders. Had he been autocratic, he would not have been accepted so overwhelmingly by the progressive people of Gujarat.

DR BL CHAKOO, Amritsar

Cultivate patience

This has reference to Ramesh Luthra’s middle ‘Ultimate truth of life’ (June 15). It has been seen that people take credit for all the good things that come their way, but pass the buck on to God for the bad ones. Actually, in all His dispensations God is at work. He tests one’s gratitude in prosperity, contentment in mediocrity, submission in misfortune and suffering, faith in darkness, etc.

Life is not a bed of roses. So, one needs to cultivate the virtue of patience in one’s sufferings or in his life. Patience is, of course, bitter, but its fruits are sweet. It strengthens the spirit and stifles anger. One should learn to bear the everyday trials and tribulations of life quietly and calmly reflecting on the sufferings of others. There is no point in fuming, fretting and cribbing.


Bad PVR experience

The other day I went to see a 3D movie at a PVR in a recently opened mall in Chandigarh. But it was a horrible experience. For the first 15-20 minutes there was no 3D effect. So they restarted the screening of the movie again. And then, there were disturbing sounds of Bollywood songs from the projector room. Also, at the canteen, the staff did not supply us the desired snacks. Though these are trivial matters, these must be highlighted as these cinemas charge a hefty price.

ANIL KUMAR, Chandigarh


Islam forbids terrorism

Recently after laying the foundation stone of a madrasa in Shahpur (Muzaffarnagar), Maulana Abdul Khaliq, Vice-Chancellor, Dar-ul-Uloom, Deoband, averred that terrorism had no place in Islam. I agree. Islam means submission to God. It preaches peace and not terrorism. In Verse 191 of Soorah Al-Furqaan they are enjoined to fight against disbelievers by means of the Quran, implying thereby that violence should not be indulged in. All the wars, except the defensive ones, are prohibited in Islam. During his 23-year ministry, the holy prophet (peace be upon him) never committed aggression.

In his last Khutbah (sermon) addressed to 125,000 followers, he unambiguously declared that he crushed under his feet till doomsday any desecration of human life and terminated the bloodletting of the days of ignorance for over. Even the salutations ‘salaam alaikum’ (peace be with you) and ‘va alaikum ussalaam’ (and peace be with you also) remind of peace and not violence. Killing of innocent people is barbarity and not jehad in the path of Allah.




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