L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Residents sitting on powder keg
Commercial buildings, residential complexes sans fire safety system
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, August 3
Thanks to the laxity of the fire safety department of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, a number of commercial buildings and residential complexes are coming up in the city without the fire safety system.

Such buildings are being constructed and let out with impunity in almost every part of the city, thereby exposing the residents and visitors to risk.

The fact that buildings were being put to commercial and residential use without obtaining the completion and fire safety certificate came to light when residents of Sikand Tower, located on Dr Hira Singh Road in Civil Lines, lodged a complaint about the lack of fire safety system in their building.

As the fire safety department of the MC failed to act on their complaint, the residents filed an application under the Right to Information Act to seek the status with regard to fire safety in the buildings in the vicinity.

The assistant divisional fire safety officer informed the residents that no fire safety certificates were issued to Sikand Tower on Dr Hira Singh Road, Sutlej Tower-I (Cemetery Road), Sutlej Tower-II, Dr Hira Singh Road, and Sutlej Towers-III (Dr Bindraban Road).

Monica Negi, general secretary of the Blossom Residents’ Welfare Association (Sikand Tower), alleged that the nexus of the builders and the MC staff was putting the lives of residents and shopkeepers at risk. "Are the officials and staff of the fire safety wing of the MC waiting for a tragedy to happen?” she questioned.

The residents have also forwarded copies of the complaint to the Governor of Punjab, Chief Vigilance Officer, Local Government, Punjab, and Director, Local Government, Punjab.

Put to commercial use without fire safety norms

The fact that buildings were being put to commercial and residential use without obtaining the completion and fire safety certificate came to light when residents of Sikand Tower, located on Dr Hira Singh Road in Civil Lines, lodged a complaint about the lack of fire safety system in their building.


Donate organs, give a gift of life
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The bad news: In India, every year lakhs of people are dying of organ failures like liver failure, kidney failure, heart failure. The good news: These lives can be saved if organ donation is encouraged. The organs of those who are brain dead can be used to save these lives. However, lack of public awareness coupled with superstitions is proving a big hindrance.

Dr Daljit Singh, Principal, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH),said there was a need to motivate the public for organ donation. Singh said this during a function organised at DMCH in which kidney donors were invited to share their experiences with the audience.

He said all religions endorse organ donation, which is a noble deed. But the people in India are reluctant to even talk about donating organs. Not only lack of awareness, but also underlying fears and social taboos make the people averse to the idea of organ donation.

Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, professor of urology and kidney transplant surgeon, department of urology, DMCH, said the purpose of the experience-sharing programme was to encourage a debate on the mindset that prevented the family from donating organs in case of the patient's brain death.

Aulakh said that there was a need to realise that in the event of brain death, the other organs of the patient subsequently failed to work. A clear understanding of brain death would help in the endeavour to spread awareness about organ donation.

Various NGOs like GLODAS (Gift of Life-Organ Donation Awareness Society) have been active in creating public awareness about organ donation. GLODAS has been known to organise various camps, seminars, walks, school programmes to increase awareness amongst the public.

In India, 95% kidneys, livers from living donors

Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh, professor of urology and kidney transplant surgeon, department of urology, DMCH, said every year, in India, there is a need of approximately 1,75,000 kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers for transplant. Against the need, only around 5,000 kidney transplants at 180 centres, 400 liver transplants at 25 centres and 10-15 heart transplants at very few centres are done annually. About 95 per cent kidneys and livers for transplant are from living donors, he said. In the Western world, less than 70 per cent organ transplants are from the brain dead patients. In the US, every two hours one person dies of kidney failure, and in India, every fourth to fifth minute one person dies of it. 

Government initiatives

The Government of India provides free second-class railway passes and free life insurance for the immediate relative of the donor as a token of appreciation. All the funds and donations regarding organ transplants in India are exempted from tax under Section 80 G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Modification of the existing laws, which enables hospitals to declare patients as brain dead by proper identification and by issuing brain dead certificates including a formal request for organ donation to the brain dead patient's families, will help in furthering the cause of organ donation.



Boys stage kidnapping drama
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 3
To avoid studies, two youths of Amir Nagar Dulman village kept their parents and the police on toes and concocted their own kidnapping story on Friday.

One of the youths informed his parents about their location in the afternoon and they were recovered by the police from a religious place at Amritsar later in the evening.

The youths were identified as Maninder Singh a Class XI, Sita Grammer Senior Secondary School, and Rachhpal Singh, a BA I student of Government College, Malerkotla. Panic spread in the area when an anonymous caller told Maninder Singh’s parents that their son and his friend Rachhpal Singh had been kidnapped by a gang. The caller who later turned out to be Rachhpal Singh had threatened the parents of dire consequences in case they informed the police about the kidnapping.

Having received the information about the incident, Deputy Superintendent of Police Amargarh Sukhdev Singh Virk constituted an investigating team consisting of SHO Sadar Jasbir Singh and ASI Harnek Singh Ghuman that swung into action immediately.

Investigations revealed that parents of Maninder Singh had received the call from his own mobile phone and the caller had disconnected the phone after informing about the kidnapping in a hurry. It was also ascertained that the “kidnappers” had taken the youths towards Ludhiana city.

While the investigating team was yet to receive the call details of Maninder's phone, he (Maninder) informed his parents that the kidnappers who had abducted them in a black car, had freed them near Golden Temple at Amritsar.

A police team led by Harnek Singh Ghuman later recovered the youths from Amritsar and handed them over to their parents.

The youths later confessed that they had made up the kidnapping story to avoid studies at their respective institutes. The duo had left the village for their institutes on Friday morning. Afraid of their teachers, they planned to bunk classes and took a bus for Ludhiana after parking the motorcycle at Malerkotla. They later reached Amritsar by train after informing their parents. 



Ban on overloading of auto-rickshaws sought
School principal meets parents, suggests car pool system
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
A day after an auto-rickshaw overturned in which two girl students of BVM School, aged seven years, sustained serious injuries, Navita Puri, principal Kundan Vidya Mandir School, asserted that the ferrying of students on auto -rickshaw should be banned and parents should opt for safer mode of transport. "For me, the safety of students is of paramount importance. I am worried ever since I read that two girls were injured after an auto-rickshaw in which they were travelling overturned," said Puri.

The school principal today organised a special meeting with parents of all the students and invited suggestions to tackle the problem.

"We all love our children but look at the way they are being ferried to school. They are stuffed in overloaded auto-rickshaws like sardines. Why we are putting their lives to risk. Something needs to be done at our level," said one of the teachers while addressing a group of parents.

Some of the parents expressed displeasure over the school's move of banning the ferrying of students on autos.

They were of the view that the autos were a cheap mode of transport and pressed the school authorities to make alternative arrangements for ferrying the students to school.

"The van and bus operators, who brought new vehicles after the administration banned the plying of old school vehicles, are now charging double the amount as rent what they used to charge a month ago. For instance, a van operator who used to charge Rs 600 for ferrying the students is now charging Rs 1,000 a month for one child. On the other hand, ferrying students on auto-rickshaws is cheap and does not effect the budget of the middle class," said Vinay Sharma, one of the students father, who was attended the meeting. The school authorities also suggested car pool system to the parents.

The school authorities expressed inability to purchase more vehicles due to paucity of space.

It was also suggested that the parents should together and buy a mini van for ferrying the children to school since the driver could not afford the vehicle. And once the driver paid the installments of the vehicle, the parents should register the vehicle in driver's name.



In celebration of life untamed
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha, founder of Ability Unlimited.
Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha, founder of Ability Unlimited. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, August 3
It was an impressive performance by differently abled children from Ability Unlimited Organisation. They pushed the boundaries of ability through the brilliant dance. They were in wheelchairs but in no way did they look any less in ability than a well-endowed person.

About an hour-long dance performance by the children left everyone amazed in appreciation of the special children.

The programme was organised on the inauguration of Ludhiana Chapter of Ekal Vidyalaya. The organisation teaches in remote areas and there are about 51,000 schools being run by the organisation nationally.

All for a cause

Guru Syed Sallauddin Pasha has been teaching special children for the past 30 years. Ability Unlimited is his brainchild. He has received recognition from the President of India and is a world record holder who is in the 'Limca Book of World Records' and Guinness World Records for creating 100 dance theatre productions and 10,000 performance by persons with disabilities across the globe. "I hail from a village in South India. In villages in particular, differently abled children used to be considered as cursed. Villagers used to say they had a curse from the previous births. "But I wanted to prove that we all are created by God. They can also live a life of dignity and equality. They are in fact better than the normal people," he said. 

Breaking all records

Twenty-year-old Gulshan Kumar, who is a part of the dance troupe, may by physically challenged, but his spirits are high and he doesn't ever give up. Through this ability, he made a Guinness world record by doing maximum spins in a wheelchair two years ago. He created the world record of doing 63 spins in just one minute. Earlier, the record belonged to a French for 35 spins in a minute. "I was inspired by my Guruji, Salauddin Pasha. I want to set another world record," he says.



Councillors raise objections to Mayor’s visit to their wards 
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
During the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation's General House meeting held yesterday, several councillors had objected to the Mayor's visit to their respective wards. Most of the objections came from the Congress councillors.

Independent and Congress councillors had dominated most of the house proceedings yesterday. These councillors looked all teamed up for taking Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria head on, but the Mayor tackled the fireworks.

Congress councillor Gurpreet Singh Gogi questioned the Mayor over accompanying a tehbazaari team during anti-encroachment drives in the city. "We don't expect the Mayor to accompany the tehbazaari officials," said Gogi.

Gogi was referring to the Ghumar Mandi area, where a large number of illegal rehris can be seen on the road and the Mayor had accompanied tehbazaari officials there as well as in other parts of the city.

Another Congress councillor Rakesh Prashar demanded that the Mayor should inform an area councillor before visiting the ward. "Two days ago, the MC officials were repairing the road in Field Ganj and you were standing there. It is my ward and you should have informed me if you were supervising the patch work of a road there," Prashar told the Mayor.

To which, the Mayor said he was not bound to intimate any councillor about his visit to a ward. "I had gone there to attend a function and saw that the MC staff was not supervising the patch work. Had I not stopped there and got the work done, public funds would have been wasted."

Independent councillor Jasbir Singh Jassa also aired his grievances when he went out of the committee room in protest after he was not given time to speak. "Mayor saab, you have allowed a majority of the Congress councillors to address the MC house, but you are not taking us (independents) seriously," he said. However, Jassa returned to his seat after some time and was later given time to address the MC house.

Akali councillor Swarandeep Singh Chahal, who is a close associate of MLAs Balwinder Singh Bains and Simarjit Singh Bains, even snatched the microphone from Congress councillor Sumit Malhotra (who was addressing the house) as he claimed he was not allowed to speak by the Mayor.

Chahal even used some harsh words against Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, after which some councillors demanded that he should be barred from attending five General House meetings.



Teej now confined to schools, colleges
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Girls revel during Teej celebrations at Green Land Senior Secondary School in Ludhiana.
Girls revel during Teej celebrations at Green Land Senior Secondary School in Ludhiana. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, August 3
With colourful 'dupattas' flowing in the air, girls enjoy swings in the rainy and pleasant weather. These are glimpses of life in general during Teej. This kind of merry is now more or less restricted to schools and colleges.

The traditional ways are still followed in the rural set-ups. In urban areas, the festival is celebrated in women's clubs. Women dance, apply mehandi on their palms and sing songs.

Traditionally, the festival is important from the cultural and religious point of view.

"Teej marks the union of Parvati with Shiv. So it is celebrated for marital bliss and happiness of family," said Radhika Gupta, a resident of Civil Lines.

Deepti Sharma, a resident of Dugri, said, "We never used to celebrate Teej in school. But my eight-year-old knows about Teej as the festival is celebrated in her school every year," she said.

The festival of swings should be celebrated with fervour in the city, said Neelam, another resident.

"It is one of the few Indian festivals that celebrate womanhood," she stated.



DMCH to check ragging
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
A meeting of anti-ragging committee of DMCH was held today in the office of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital’s principal.

It was attended by the members of the committee, including student representatives.

Dr Daljit Singh, principal, highlighted the menace of ragging and informed the house that DMCH is a ragging free institute.

The house promised the principal that they would do their level best to maintain the standards.

It was discussed that newcomers will be provided an information sheet containing the do’s and don’ts for first professional teaching schedule, probable examination dates, holiday schedule and contact numbers of all members of anti-ragging committee along with a dedicated 24x7 mobile number 8146030038.

The anti-ragging squad, for both boys and girls hostel have been constituted separately, who will visit the hostels and conduct raid at odd hours.

A separate block has been earmarked for the rooms to be allocated in both the hostels. Entry to the blocks will be regulated through a collapsible gate, which will be locked at night.

A security guard will be stationed 24x7 and an entry to the block will be monitored through a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera.

The CCTV camera footage will be reviewed at regular intervals. The entry of senior students to college, hospital and hostel has been banned till August 25.

The students are divided into small groups of 6-7 students each and a senior faculty member is appointed as a faculty guide for each group.

They will take care of the group of students allocated to them, informed Dr Sandeep Kaushal, assistant dean of academics at the DMCH, Ludhiana. 

Anti-ragging committee

An anti-ragging committee has been formed under which through the rules laid down, the students are divided into small groups of six-seven students each and a senior faculty member is appointed as a guide for each group. They will take care of the group of students allocated to them. Also, a separate block has been earmarked for the rooms to be allocated in both the boys and girls hostels and a security guard will be stationed 24x7. The entry to the block will be monitored through a CCTV camera. 



Another deadline missed
Rainy season delayed work, says MC Commissioner
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The deadline of July 31 for the completion of the much-awaited Lakkar Bridge project was again missed. The Railways Department had assured the Punjab Chief Secretary that the project would be ready by July 31, but they failed to complete the work on time.

The issue was raised by Balkar Singh Sandhu, chairman of Congress councillors, at the General House meeting held yesterday. Sandhu asked the MC Commissioner regarding the date on which the project would be completed.

MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Verma confirmed that the project was not yet complete as the work on the bridge was delayed due to the rain.

"I have come to know that the slabs that were to be laid on the pillars are prefabricated. Since they were being manufactured in the open, they were damaged in the rain. We came to know that the factory owner had not taken adequate safety measures. Moreover, July 31 was the date on which the Railways Department had assured the Punjab Chief Secretary that the project would be complete. We will again take up the matter with them so that the project is completed this time," Verma had told the MC House yesterday.

Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria said that the MC had deposited the funds with the Railways Department. "We will make sure that they complete the project this time," he said.

During the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation’s General House meeting held on November 28, 2011, the then MC Commissioner AK Sinha had told the House that the Lakkar Bridge project would be complete by February 15, 2012. “I am personally in touch with the Chief Engineer of the Railways Department regarding the project and he has assured me that the project will get completed by February 15,” Sinha had claimed.

The much-hyped 933.162-meter long Lakkar Bridge project has hung fire since 1997. It is a clear reflection of the sad state of affairs in the state government departments as well as the Railways. The project was aimed at reducing traffic congestion in the city. The Rs 13-crore project to build a rail overbridge (RoB) in place of the 105-year-old Lakkar Bridge was floated way back in 1997 and due to the delay in its execution, the cost of the project has now escalated four times to Rs 58 crore.

In 1997, the civic body had claimed that the overbridge would provide easy access to the newly developed areas and announced that the project would be completed within two years.



Eye check-up camp

An eye check-up camp was organised at Guru Nanak Khalsa College for Women, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town on Saturday. The initiative was taken by the NSS unit, NCC wing and the Youth Club of the college in collaboration with the Centre for Sight eye clinic. Dr Kamalpreet Likhari, senior oncologist, examined the eyes of around, 250 students. Dr Likhari also delivered a lecture on the topic ‘Lasik and General Eye Care’ apprising the students about the various techniques available to correct the errors in eye-sight.

 Talent hunt

The annual talent hunt competition was organised here on Saturday at Partap College of Education, Ludhiana, to locate the potential talent of budding artists for the upcoming Youth Festival which is being hosted by the college. Enthusiastic performers displayed their multifaceted talent in various areas like, folk and classical dances, shabad and bhajan gayan, dramatic songs, kavishari, poem recitation, skit, singing, etc. — TNS



Students take vow to save environment
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
To save environment, children at MGM School vowed to make their best efforts to make the nature clean and green. Teachers too joined the students in the noble cause. Several saplings were planted by the children. School principal Poonam Sharma motivated the students to gift the future generations a healthy environment.

Plantation month

Students of Ryan International School observed the month of July as Plantation Month. During the month, children visited various parts of the city and planted hundreds of saplings. This mission garnered a lot of support and appreciation from renowned personalities of the city.

Mehandi competition

A mehandi competition was organised on the premises of Everest Public School, Moti Nagar. The students of different classes celebrated the event with great pomp and show. They came dressed in traditional Punjabi attires and presented dance performances.



Worm removed from woman’s eye
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
In a rare case, a 7-cm-long worm was removed from a woman’s eye at Sankara Eye Hospital.

The 40-year-old patient was operated on by Dr Manoj Gupta, who is the medical administrator of the hospital.

The patient was complaining of irritation in her right eye. The eye had turned red. On comprehensive examination, the doctor observed some congestion in the eye. The patient was immediately asked to apply eye drops. After a few hours, the woman was again checked by the ophthalmologist. A foreign body was found moving in the eye. Finally, the source of irritation was traced to be a worm on the surface of the eye.

She was operated on immediately and a 7-cm-long live worm was safely removed from the eye. The worm has been kept in the in-house microbiology laboratory for further tests.

Dr Manoj Gupta said such cases were very rare in India and timely intervention was important to avoid bigger complications.

People can avoid such cases by maintaining hygiene, properly washing raw vegetables and adequately cooking meat products, said Dr Gupta.



Office-bearers elected in Dehlon, Raikot
Mahesh Sharma

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Raikot, August 3
Office-bearers of block samitis at Dehlon and Raikot were elected at a meeting convened under the supervision of senior SAD leaders and in-charges of respective segments. While the election for the Dehlon body was held unanimously, the chairperson of the Raikot block samiti was elected through ballot.

The Block Development Officer at Dehlon, Amrinder Singh, said Harbans Singh Gopalpur and Paramjit Singh Dhaulmajra were elected chairman and vice-chairman respectively during a meeting convened by Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Payal, Jatinder Pal Singh. Santa Singh Umaidpuri, chairman, Staff Selection Board, and former minister Jagdish Singh Garcha supervised the meeting.

Former parliamentary secretary Bikramjit Singh Khalsa led the SAD members during the meeting held for election of office-bearers at Raikot. Baljinder Kaur Kalsian emerged victorious after defeating Charanjit Kaur Acharwal, supported jointly by Congress legislator Gurcharan Singh Boparai and the Talwandi faction of the SAD. Paramjit Kaur Boparai, meanwhile, was elected vice-chairperson unanimously. SDM, Raikot, Jatinder Pal Singh was the returning officer.



CIPHET bids adieu to three scientists 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) today accorded a warm farewell to Senior Scientist Dr MR Manikantan, Scientist Prasoon Verma and Scientist Dr Nilesh Gaikwad on getting transferred from the institute.

Dr MR Manikantan will be joining Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod. Prasoon Verma will join the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research (IISR), Lucknow, and Dr Nilesh Gaikwad will be working at National Research Centre on Pomegranate (NRCP), Solapur. 



Ghost of Kala Kachha gang returns to haunt residents
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The ghost of notorious Kala Kachha gang is back to haunt residents. As per the police, no such gang is currently operating in villages and peripheral areas. It has blamed miscreants for spreading panic through social networking sites.

Thursday night's incident in which a man, identified as Tajinder Singh of Noorwala village, suffered a bullet injury was also a fallout of such rumours.

A resident said villagers fired gunshots after they learnt that members of the gang had entered a primary school.

"Anti-social elements are making most of the situation as they are committing crimes at will," said an elderly person.

A communique issued from the office of the Commissioner of Police, Paramjit Singh Gill, stated that some anti- social elements were spreading the rumours that Kala Kachha gang was attacking residents.

He urged the residents not to pay attention to such rumours.

The communique stated that the rumours were being spread to deteriorate law and order situation in the city.

Gill stated that strict action would be taken against the miscreants.

The Commissioner has directed police officers not to allow residents to conduct community patrolling (theekri pehra) at night.

About the gang

Kala Kaccha gang (also known as Kale-Kachchewale or Kale Kachche gang) refers to certain organised criminal gangs consisting of nomadic tribe in Punjab, Haryana and Jammu. Members of the gang are robbers and dacoits, who don police uniform or 'kale kachchhe' to evade detection. In order to avoid being nabbed, the gang members apply oil. A majority of them are behind the bars. 

Panic grips city

  • Rumours are that a woman, who is a member of the gang, knocks at the door of a house and asks for water for her ailing son. As soon as the resident goes inside to fetch a glass of water, Kala Kachha gang members enter the house and launch an attack.
  • Another rumour is that the members of the gang enter houses at midnight and attack people with sharp-edged weapons.
  • About African gang: The story which is currently doing the rounds is that a gang of African and Punjabis had a clash at a university near Jalandhar following which 300 Africans spread across the state and indulged in unlawful activities.
  • Six African students were stopped for questioning by the police fours days ago. They were later let-off. The police officers apologised to them.

Helpline number

  • Commissioner of Police PS Gill said the residents could file a complaint on the helpline number 100, 98158-00251,0161-2414932, 0161-2414933. Gill said police officers had been directed to address complainants and take appropriate action. He said patrolling would be intensified in the city.
  • The worst-affected areas are Haibowal, Hambra road, Jassian, Chander Nagar and surrounding villages, Jagatpuri and surrounding areas, Jodhewal, Ladhowal, Bhattian and surrounding villages, Shimlapuri, Gill Road, Shepur, Tibba Road, Old City, Dhandari and Sahnewal.
  • Gang's Punjabi song connection: Post militancy Kala Kachha gang became so notorious that Punjabi singer Babbu Mann had depicted fear psychosis caused by the gang in his first music album nearly 17-years-ago. "Raati milan na I oey pind pehra lagdae, ehnve naa wadea jae oey pin pehra lagdae"



Post offices in city yet to get scanning machines
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The installation of scanning machines in post offices has hit a roadblock due to inadequate space. The customs department has requested the postal department to do the needful.

A large number of residents visit the post offices to send articles abroad.

The residents have to get the articles checked from the customs officials at the head post office between 11 am and 1 pm which inconveniences them.The officials open the packages which the residents have to reseal later on.

As it is a time-consuming process, the customs officials sent a letter to the postal department asking it to provide space in the post office so that the machine could be installed.Ludhiana is the only city in the state where the customs officials check the articles being sent abroad.

The officials have asked the postal department officials to provide an area of 250 sq ft for the installation of the machine and 300 sq ft for seating arrangement.

But the postal officials said they did not have that much of space. "At the head post office, there is no space. It is difficult to provide an area of 250 sq ft," said an official.

"With Mufassil division coming to the head post office, we are left with no space at all. Most of the post offices do not have that much of space," he said.

SS Katiyar, ADC, Customs, said the customs department had requested the postal department to provide space either at the head post office or any other post office in the city. After checking the articles, the officials send these to Delhi. These are then sent back to the post office. If the officials check and seal the articles at the post office only, a day will be saved. It will be convenient for the residents also as they will not have to wait for long. A scanning machine doesn't take long to scan the articles.



Head post office sans canteen
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The head post office does not have a canteen or cafeteria. There are more than 200 employees, including postal assistants, postmasters, supervisory staff, staff of city division, Mufassil division and circle stamp depot, at the post office.

Most of the employees work from 7am to 11 am and from 3 pm to 7 pm.

"Sometimes, I have to skip my breakfast. As there is no canteen in the office, I go home and have food," said an official. "This has taken a toll on my health. The post office should have a canteen as a large number of people work here," he said.

The officials said due to space constraints, a food corner could not be set up.

"There used to be a canteen at the post office earlier, but it was done away with as more space was required for expanding services," said a senior official.

"There is only a tea stall in the cycle stand area of the post office," said the official.



Experts dwell on climate change
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The School of Climate Change and Agricultural Meteorology (SCCAM) of the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) organised an interactive group meeting on ‘Climate Change- Impacts and its Management’ here today.

Dr KK Singh, head, Agriculture Metrological Division, Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), New Delhi and Dr HS Sur, former consultant, Planning Commission, GoI, participated in the meet.

Vice-Chancellor Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon observed that climate change was going to affect the surroundings, lifestyle, eco-system, agriculture, and food security of the country. Underlining the need for expanding the farm research, he emphasised on the formulation of mitigation strategies and development of climate resilient technologies in view of the rising temperature. Dr Dhillon also highlighted the importance of contingency plan, and said the precise application and efficient utilisation of agricultural inputs and farm technologies are also vital.



Ludhiana Scan
Lifestyle 2013

A woman tries a neck piece during an exhibition at a hotel in Ludhiana on Saturday.
A woman tries a neck piece during an exhibition at a hotel in Ludhiana on Saturday. Tribune Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

A lifestyle exhibition organised by Showman Associates Private Limited with the experience of 20 years and has number of exhibitions to its credit with 240th show of lifestyle to its track. The Exhibition "Lifestyle 13" was a consumer show highlighting fabrics, designer dresses, ready-made garments, information technology, interior-exterior, home appliances, electricals and electronics, food products, banking, finance, real estate, tourism etc.

Motorsport event

The track for the motorsport event 'Speed Sprint' has been prepared at Ireo Waterfront. Motorsport lovers of the city gathered at the venue on Saturday for the test drive of Renault vehicles and also for the test drive of Harley Davidson superbikes. Speed Sprint is the most popular sprint rally format car and bike race of the country. There has been heavy registration for the event, with entries from various parts of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttranchal, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Chandigarh and Panchkula. Speed Sprint will be organised over a specially-designed tarmac track spread over 5 kilometer. About, 150 competitors driving cars, SUVs and motorcycles are participating in the event.

Shifting of teachers

The Government School Teachers Union Punjab has condemned shifting of teachers to Adarsh schools. At a meeting of the office-bearers on Saturday, Jagmel Singh Pakhowal, union's general secretary, said the decision would affect the students the most.

e-trip consequences

Avtar Singh General Secretary CICU in a statement released on Saturday said the sudden implementation of e- trip system of tax collection was posing problems to traders and industrialists. The state government failed to take traders and industrialists into confidence before implementing the new system. This system is not applicable in the adjoining states of Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttaranchal and Rajasthan, as a result Punjab is likely to face shortage of raw material and sale of finished goods would also be affected adversely. Upkar Singh Ahuja, joint secretary CICU, said, “As far as goods being sent outside the state are concerned, the e-trip is the same as E-ICC which is already being done by dealers and transporters. Moreover, Excise and Taxation Department is already conducting four-stage verification of documents and regular raids, then where is the need for e-trip. The system will not add to state revenue but will encourage corrupt practices.”

Plantation drive

To control environmental pollution, Jeev Jantu Paryavaran Sambhal Seva Samiti, organised a plantation drive at a park opposite Chand Cinema. It was led by Subhash Sondhi, president of the organization, and Raghubir Singh Veera, councillor of ward no. 33. Range officer of Forest Department Kuldeep Singh was also present on the occasion.

Cong women march

Women Congress (Rural) staged a 'silent march' protesting Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal's alleged derogatory remarks against girls. Neelam Kohli, president of Women Congress (Rural), demanded an apology from the Deputy CM. "If he does not apologise, we will call for a social boycott," she said.—TNS



Linkup rumour: Case registered
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The police today registered a case of defamation and imposed IT Act against unidentified persons for spreading a rumour through a mobile messaging application about the alleged linkup between a realtor and his personal assistant (PA).

An FIR was lodged after the woman's in-laws and her male employer's elder brother met the Commissioner of Police PS Gill and demanded stern action against the mischievous elements for defaming the families by using social networking websites as a tool.

They reportedly stated that the circulation of fictitious news items in a section of the media and circulation of pictures on the messaging application had immensely dented the family's reputation and caused mental agony to the woman, who is not pregnant.

The realtor's brother, Pawan Goel, demanded Rs 35 crore for settling the dispute.

"The rumours have caused immense mental agony to the family. The Commissioner has assured us of nabbing the persons fuelling the rumours," said Pawan.

Complainant's lawyer Harpreet Sandhu stated that the police had registered a case under relevant sections of law, such as Section 500 IPC punishment for defamation, this offence is non-cognisable, bailable and punishment of two years or with fine Section 501 IPC printing or engraving matter known to be defamatory, this offence is non-cognisable, bailable and punishment of two years or fine. Section 66-1 of the Information and Technology Act, 2000, hacking with computer system with intent to cause loss or damage to a public person, punishment cognisable.

error by Police gives family jitters

The error by the police gave the families of realtor and his personal assistance jitters. In a statement issued to the media, the police erroneously figured the realtor's PA as an accused. This caused panic and an anxious media started calling police officers to know more about the case. Soon the police realised its mistake and went into a damage-control mode. Another media statement rectified the mistake. 



4 booked on rape charge
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
The police has booked four persons on the charge of rape. The victim, a resident of Guru Gobind Nagar, Daba area, stated that the accused had been raping her for the past six months and on July 31, the accused came to her place and raped her again.

The accused have been identified as Gagandeep Singh, Lada, Poonam and Sodhi, a resident of Guru Gobind Singh Nagar. A case has been registered under Sections 376, 313, 506 and 120B of the IPC. They are yet to be arrested.

Flesh-trade racket busted

A flesh trade racket was busted in the Daba area when the police conducted a raid at a house in the area and arrested six persons on Friday. The police received tip-off and nabbed the accused. Daba SHO Ashwani Kumar said the accused, Asha Rani, forced poor girls into prostitution.

Thieves strike at store

Thieves struck at a Vodafone store near Dholewal Chowk and decamped with Rs 3.5 lakh kept in the cash counter. The incident came to light this morning.



City colts concede win
Amritsar qualify for inter-district cricket championship
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 3
A resolute innings of 58 runs by Deepin Chitkara and an equally valuable contribution of 23 runs by Vaibhav Kalra went in vain as Ludhiana lost to Amritsar by 33 runs on the third day of the ML Markan Cricket Tournament (U-16) at the Punjab Agricultural University ground here today.

With this, Ludhiana has been relegated to be a minor district, while Amritsar qualified for the Punjab State Inter-District Cricket Championship.

Facing a deficit of five runs after the the first innings, Amritsar scored 153 runs in their second outing, setting a target of 149 runs for the hosts.

Ludhiana began their chase on a shaky note, losing three wickets with just 10 runs on the board. It appeared that Amritsar would wrap up the issue quite comfortably, but sensible batting by Deepin Chitkara forced the visitors to reorganise themselves.

Deepin played a masterly knock and the moment he departed, it was all over for Ludhiana. The innings culminated at 115 runs.

Brief scores

Amritsar (first innings) 98 all out in 77.2 overs (Kunwar Pathak 41, Danish 12, Rahul 12, Anmol Danny five for 37, Deepin Chitkara four for 27 and Shivang Puri one for 10)

Ludhiana (first innings) 103 all out in 102.3 overs (Harnoor 37, Gurjot 20, Vaibhav 13, Anmol Danny 12, Abhishek three for 27, Shubham two for 8 and Rahul two for 19)

Amritsar (second innings) 153 all out in 40.2 overs (Marshal 20, Abhishek 16, Kunwar Pathak 14, Karan 20, Surinder 28 no, Rohit 19, Vaibhav Kalra 23, Deepin Chitkara three for 41, Anmol Danny two for 26, Simar one for 12 and Shivang one for 34)

Ludhiana (second innings) 115 all out in 58.5 overs (Deepin Chitkara 58, Vaibhav Kalra 23, Anmol Danny 11 no; Rahul two for 29, Rohit five for 26 and Abhishek two for 37)



Young cricketer from Haibowal aims high
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Nipun, who returned from a national cricket camp, at the Punjab Agricultural University ground in Ludhiana.
Nipun, who returned from a national cricket camp, at the Punjab Agricultural University ground in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, August 3
Nipun, a budding cricketer from the city, returned from the national camp with the hope of making it to the Indian under-16 cricket team.

Nipun was a part of the camp conducted from July 27 to 31. He was selected by the School Games Federation of India.

A resident of Haibowal, Nipun is presently a Class XI (commerce) student of Government Senior Secondary Model School on the Punjab Agricultural University campus.

Anil Kumar, under whose supervision the budding cricketer has been honing his skills for the past six years, said Nipun started playing cricket when he was in Class VI.

He has been a part of the school cricket team for the past five years, coach Anil Kumar said.

The proud coach said, “The School Games Federation of India selected him on the basis of his performance. This year, Nipun was the top scorer at the zonal, district, state and national-level tournaments. So we are expecting that he will soon get the opportunity to play in international events as well.”

"Attending the national camp has been my biggest achievement,” said Nipun.

“As compared to other trainees at the camp, I performed well. I scored more runs than others. I am expecting to get selected to the Indian team. If I do, I will perform my best," said the youngsters.



Baba Ishar Singh lads win inter-school cricket meet
Our Sports Correspondent

Ludhiana, August 3
Baba Ishar Singh Nanaksar Senior Secondary School, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, defeated Guru Nanak International Public School (GNIPS), Model Town, by 7 runs to emerge champions in the under-16 group of the Inter-School Zonal Cricket Tournament (Ludhiana Zone-II) organised by the Education Department at Government Middle School, Lalton Kalan.

GNIPS won the toss and chose to field. In the allotted 10 overs, Baba Ishar Singh School made 69 runs for the loss of five wickets.

The highlight of their innings was a contribution of 33 runs by Rahul Khanna. For GNIPS, Gurtej captured four wickets.

In reply, GNIPS could muster only 62 runs, losing seven wickets in their quota of 10 overs. Rahul performed well with the ball too, chipping in with two wickets to script a victory for his side. Harminder and Parminder, too, scalped two wickets each.

Satnam Singh, chief coordinator of the tournament committee, was the chief guest. Sabajit Kaur Khattra, principal of Baba Ishar Singh School, congratulated the boys and their coach, AS Nagra, on this achievement.



School Games to kick off on August 5
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
Following the release of sports calendar by the School Games Federation of India (SGFI), the State Education Department announced the schedule and venues for the District School Games. The school games will begin on August 5.

According to the department officials, schoolchildren will compete in 52 sports, including group and individual events. The department has announced the schedule for 11 sports, including baseball, softball, taekwondo, swimming, rope skipping, fencing, chess and judo. The district-level (inter-zonal) tournaments will get over on August 14.

With only a few schools of the district having the infrastructure for these listed games, teams have been directly selected for the district-level tournaments. The zonal-level tournaments of other sports are going on in the district.

Additional Education Officer (AEO) Ajitpal Singh said: "As per the directions of the Deputy Director, Physical Education, those events will be organised first in which the school teams will directly take part in the district games. The inter-district tournament will start after August 15.”

According to the schedule, rope skipping in both boys and girls’ (under-19) categories will be held at Government Senior Secondary School, PAU, on August 5 and 6. Fencing in under-14, 17 and 19 categories for both girls and boys will also be held on the same days at the venue.

Teja Singh Sutantar School will host baseball matches in boys’ under-14, 17 and 19 categories on August 5 and 6, while girls will compete in the same age categories on August 7.



Play focuses on conjugal relationship in old age
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 3
A play, ‘Moh Diyan Tandan’, was staged at Sahir Ludhianvi Auditorium at SCD Government College today. The play was staged by Rangmanch Rangnagri and Rotary Club, Ludhiana Greater.

The play was based on a story by Gurdev Singh Rupana. It was directed by Tarlochan Singh, who also wrote the dialogues.

The play brought home the message of healthy conjugal relations in the old age. The main character, Bakhtaur Singh, becomes indifferent towards his wife after their children get married, as daughters-in-law take over the responsibility of taking care of his needs.

Due to this, Bakhtaur Singh gets in a state of depression, resumes his old drinking habit, and starts living at his farm. His children bring him back and try to convince the parents to lead a happy life together. Both of them make efforts to get closer and sharing their joys and sorrows.

“The play touches many issues, including conjugal relationship, drinking problem and relationship between parents and children,” said Tarlochan Singh, who also played the role of Bakhtaur Singh.

Other actors who performed in the play included Karan Singh, Amandeep Kaur, Ramandeep Kaur and Satinder.



Amritsar eves stun local cagers

Ludhiana, August 3
Ludhiana Basketball Academy surrendered meekly (12-36) to the Amritsar district in the girls' section on the second day of the 64th Junior Punjab State Basketball Championship at Guru Nanak Sports Complex here today.

Amritsar girls then thrashed Muktsar 31-6 to consolidate their position on the points table. In the boys' section, too, Muktsar faced defeat at the hands of Faridkot cagers (85-70). — OC



Bodybuilding championship in city today

Ludhiana, August 3
Punjab Amateur Bodybuilding Assocation (PABBA) will be organising an Open Bodybuilding Competition at Lakshmi Narayan Mandir near DAV Public School, Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, here tomorrow.

Dr Randhir Hastir, president of PABBA, said the competitors would compete for titles such as Beginner, Intermediate, Dr Ambedkar Punjab Classic and Mr Ludhiana in the one-day event.

The winners in various weight categories—below 55kg, below 60kg, below 65kg, below 70kg, below 75kg, below 80kg and above 80kg—will get prizes. — OC



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