A sprawling canvas
Artists Vijay Sharma and Sudhir Patwardhan are masters in their respective fields. While Pahari miniature painting is the forte of the former, the latter delves deep into contemporary art. We catch up with them at the Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Festival...
Amarjot Kaur

Change and evolution are central to art. Little wonder then, art defines several eras and reflects on the general life during those times. The five-day Arts and Heritage Festival, organised by the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi and Chandigarh Administration (Department of Culture), aims to explore several dimensions of art in its two art workshops - one on contemporary art and the other on Pahari miniature painting. While Padma Shri award recipient Vijay Sharma will conduct the Pahari miniature painting workshop, a stalwart in contemporary art Sudhir Patwardhan will conduct the workshop on contemporary art. Both the workshops will be conducted at the Art Gallery of the Government Museum and will remain open to visitors daily between 11.00 am and 6.00 pm.

Minute eye

Says Vijay Sharma, clad in a traditional 'himachali topi', as he sits on the ground and arranges his art material on the low-lying desk placed just before him, "I took to Pahari miniature art when I saw a few paintings at the Bhuri Singh Museum, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. During that time, this art, which flourished in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, was on the brink of extinction due to lack of patronage." Vijay Sharma is widely recognised as a gifted miniaturist, an art historian, a researcher and a prolific writer. "Since Pahari miniature painting was a family occupation of most of the people who were pursuing it, they were a little reluctant while sharing the techniques. I had to travel across Rajasthan and Benaras to learn this technique," shares Vijay, who played a pioneering role in reviving the traditions of Pahari miniature painting in Himachal Pradesh.

Describing the technique, he says, "These are essentially wash paintings done on hand-made paper. We make use of vegetable extracts and water soluble minerals colours that are also used in ayurvedic medicines." He adds, "The subject matter of these paintings, however, is based on the narratives from the holy scriptures and romantic Sanskrit poetry. The Shingar rasa (that explores two schools of romance-love in union and love in separation) is the most common topic in theses paintings. But to truly appreciate the work, one must read a lot of literature and only then can one relate with the meaning of the paintings."

Vijay also laments the sorry state of affairs when it comes to art education, "None of the schools in India focus on imparting knowledge of traditional art. It is only in the university that there is any reference to miniature paintings and that too theoretically. At the Lahore University in Pakisthan, this is an entirely different subject."

To promote the arts and artists of Himachal Pradesh, he has founded Shilpa Parishad in Chamba and spearheads this NGO as its president. Vijay was nominated by the Government of Himachal Pradesh as member of the governing body of the Himachal Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. He is also a member of the Programme Executive Committee of the North Zone Culture Centre, Patiala. He has worked as Honorary Advisor to the Delhi Crafts Council for the revival of Chamba Rumal embroidery.

Modern times

In the backdrop of a dozen canvases placed carefully on the easels, half-a-dozen students occupy Sudhir Patwardhan's attention as he looks at the pictures of their work. He is not only a fine exponent of contemporary art, but his paintings also speak volumes about his understanding of the society. We wonder what propelled a graduate in medicine from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, to move to Mumbai in 1973 and work as a radiologist as well as an artist. "Those were the late 60's when the Vietnam War and the civil unrest in France were stirring up, while I was in my early 20s and still in college studying medicine. The after-school exposure, in my case, led to widening of my intellectual horizons and I started developing a keen liking for art," says Sudhir, who draws inspiration from many national and international artistes, including Bhupen Khakhar, Akbar Padamsee, Tyeb Mehta, Souza, Picasso and Fernand Leger.

Mumbai and its surroundings have been a continuing source of inspiration for the artist. The social fabric of the city is deeply reflected in his work. "It is the common man that interests me; it could be a worker walking out of a factory, someone in the Mumbai local train or a passersby who catches my eye while I enjoy my coffee at a wayside café," says Sudhir.


Band of boys
Poonam Bindra

Experiment and fusion are the two buzzwords in today's music world. Mir, a band formed in 2009 with a group of music enthusiasts (some of them even bathroom singers), has evolved over the years. What started as fun is now sounding good. Each pooled in his talent and it all added to the sound of Mir.

The band is in Ludhiana to regale people for the Talli Friday at Frog Prince.

The group has Neeraj Tiwari on the synthesiser, Bhanu Singh on the rhythm guitar, Manan on bass guitar, Ankit Chawla on lead vocals, Shubhanter Chatterjee on percussions, Manush Rana on lead guitar and special guest percussionist Hanumant on the dholak.

"We are very excited because we are performing for the first time in Punjab and this special gig will be our kind of music, which will be a combo of Sufi and Indi blues. For our music, we take inspiration from some well-known bands like Junoon, Jal and Noirie," they echo.

Creative liberty is what they are looking for. As Manish Rana puts it, "The sound of dholak, tabla and the synthesiser sends our pulse roaring. We love the sound of the traditional Indian instruments for they have a haunting melody, which cannot be replicated."

Mir performed at events like fashion weeks, pubs and restaurants across Delhi; festivals of educational institutes and many live shows. The crowning glory so far has been their performance at the Indian Music Show in 2012. "I am a Delhi Punjabi boy and am really looking forward to experiencing the real Punjabi energy at the Talli friday at Frog prince," he says.

Red hot
Red mango offers frozen yoghurts in exotic flavours
Manpriya Singh

What happens when you've navigated through the industrial area traffic, negotiated non-functional lifts and maneuvered escalators down with power breakdown? Perhaps, a frozen yoghurt to set things right! Red Mango opens it doors to Chandigarh amidst a semi-functional Elante Mall.

Unfortunately, the much heard of frozen yoghurts are yet to do the rounds as readily as the fresh fruit smoothies and pro-biotic iced teas. Courtesy the electricity snarl.

Anyway, moving on to the flavours, there's original, Madagascar vanilla, sonoma strawberry, ghirardelli chocolate, blueberry, mango and raspberry.

Shares Tanvi Bhatia, marketing head, "We have all the six flavours available here. The only localisation that we've done is in the form of pistachio flavour that we've introduced." She adds, "But Madagascar vanilla is our specialty and the most preferred flavour throughout." The name aims at incorporating the philosophy of a ripe red mango and promises healthy, innovative and tasty treats, all under one roof and huddled under small section.

Just when the summer is on the way out, the arrival of the brand, post monsoon, seems a little out of time. Adds Tanvi, "We launched in Delhi at the peak of winter and still did well. So let's see what Chandigarh has to offer."

On the anvil is a service concept called Do It Yourself, a service idea that gives the consumers a liberty to bite into as little as much of the desserts and toppings on a per gram basis.

The offerings claim to be 100 per cent natural, non-fat and low fat, kosher and gluten-free frozen yoghurts. The morning conference is followed by an evening party that sees the launch of the brand. A red carpet arrival followed by a red mango treat! If nothing else, that should set things right. -Manpriya Singh.


gyan zone
Poignant portrayal
Tajasa: Women from Ramayana juxtaposes the old and the new; past and present to bring forth the sad plight of a woman...

I am Mandodari, the devoted queen, wife, mother, daughter-in-law...sings Deepika Reddy, bringing the mythological character alive on stage. The happy Mandodari saddened at her husband’s misdemeanour dares to warn Ravana about the consequences of his misdoings. He pays no heed leaving Mandodari to lament the loss. A widow rendered childless, she suffers for no fault of hers.

Women had to suffer the brunt of men’s egos long back—Tajasa: Women from Ramayana contends a woman’s right in making decisions, something which she still is struggling for in many ways. “Ours is a voice in giving women their fair share in life,” says Ranjana Gauhar, who brings this mesmerising and stimulating dance drama to the 5th Chandigarh Arts & Heritage Festival on Friday.

Four women who became instrumental in taking Ramayana’s plot ahead in four different styles, Tejasa is a woman’s tale from her perspective. Four eminent dancers bring alive the characters and their dance forms alive on stage — Ranjana Gauhar plays Sita in Odissi; Uma Dogra Kaikeyi in Kathak; Gopika Varma Surpanakha in Mohiyattam and Deepika Reddy Mandodari in Kuchipudi.

The deftness in their form makes the four styles seamlessly come together to put forth the women’s perspective with lyrics in Hindi, interjections in English and multimedia presentation running in the background.

“It was a huge project, but being associated with three accomplished artistes we have pulled it off,” says Ranjana, artistic director of Tejasa, pleased right after the rehearsal. One person she gives due credit is Suryakathi Tripathy, former diplomat who penned the script.

Mythology…does it still interest people? “Sure it does. It is part of our culture, a marker of values we have inherited,” says Ranjana, whose other two recent productions are Chandrabhaga and Matsyavatar.

Dance is her life, decades into the field she is happy at some changes that have come and some not. “If one plus is that people are more receptive to classical arts, the downside is that in the name of fusion the sanctity is being compromised,” she says. Another issue that bothers her is the demand for group productions, which are further limiting solo artistes and the reach of their works. Nonetheless, she carries on with zeal her effort to restore the classical heritage to the glory they deserve through Utsav, her dance academy.


Many roles

Had there been no Kaikeyi, there would have been no Ramayana. Portrayed as evil, many miss the fact that she was a fearless, faithful wife who saved her husband’s life in the battlefield. “When Rama came back from ‘vanvas’, the first person he went to see was Kaikeyi. He loved her as much as she did. Her action was part of divine plan and what’s wrong if she wanted her son to be the king,” says Uma Dogra about the character she enacts in Tejasa.

Surpanakha was a mischief maker for sure. But hers was a revenge on Ravana who had killed her husband accidentally, promising her to have the man of her choice later. “Her only fault was to fall in love with Rama,” says Gopika Varma who plays Surpanakha.

Mandodari and Sita were women devoted in many roles they had to play, but suffered because their better halves failed in their duty as husbands. 

Drab and dramatic

Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara!

Sonakshi Sinha & Akshay Kumar in Once Upon Ay Time in Mumbai Dobaara! Directed by Milan Luthria, Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbai Dobaara! is a crime gangster film that is produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. It is a sequel to the 2010 film Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. The film stars Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan in leading roles and Sonali Bendre in a supporting role. This is the third collaboration between Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha as a pair (after 2012 films Rowdy Rathore and Joker), and the first between Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan.

Second that!

The first half of the film is not compelling enough. However, in the second half, the movie tends to make up for the drab first half. Honestly, I really expected a lot out of the film, especially with Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinnah featuring in it, but I was quite disappointed.

Nilakshi Sharma, student

Too dramatic

It’s a nice film, just that the too much drama can be a little too overbearing. Though the film goes overboard with the heavy-duty dialogues, I liked it. Also, the punch lines were good. But the movie is not as engaging as its prequel.

Anahita Gupta, student

Think again!

If you are an Akshay Kumar fan, you will like the film, but the story is not very entertaining. I expected a lot of Bollywood masala that was in abundance in the prequel, but somehow, it was absent in this film. Tamanna Vashisht, student

As told to Amarjot Kaur

punjabi scope
An incoherent voice
Jasmine Singh

A still from Punjab Bolda Ek rehan eer, ek rehan bir, ek rehan fatey and ek rehan hum…. So, we have a grand total of four people, which is precisely the number of people present in the auditorium watching the Punjabi film Punjab Bolda. Even when this little information explains a lot, we move ahead with every scene like a brave soldier.

Directed by Ravinder Peepat, Punjab Bolda marks the debut of Punjabi singer Sarabjit Cheema and Anisha Pooja. Binnu Dhillon and Karamjit Anmol are also part of the film.

First, about the film. Punjab Bolda is like a nukkad natak on silver screen. With just about every social evil finding a place in the film, from dowry to drug abuse to corrupt political system, and small ones here and there, Punjab Bolda is more like a long docu-drama.

Director Ravinder Peepat hasn’t been able to focus on one single issue. What starts as a fight against drug abuse in Punjab, touches the problem of dowry, meandering into the failure of the political system, taking a bypass to romance, meeting some dishum dishum on the way. We definitely need other than comedy films, we definitely need to pick up sensitive topics, but doesn’t that mean give us just about anything.

So, we let the director, writer and screenplay writer to share the blame. Personally, the story writer should own up his mistake!

Peepat wanted to say so much, but all we could see and hear are holes in the plot. Punjab Bolda fails in cinematography too. You would want to run home, pick up your video cam shoot a film and send it to the team!

Hoping against hope, you still want to find something good, something to take back home. So, you find singer Sarabjit Cheema who plays a Punjabi activist. Okay, the role suits his image, and he tries to act as well, but the singer needs to work hard. The singer actor is out of sync in most of the scenes. To make things worse, he hasn’t been given the right dialogues. The little you see of Binnu Dhillon in a grey shade is okay. In fact, it is Shavinder Mahal that does a better job than anyone else. Punjab Bolda’s lead actress Anisha Pooja is pretty, and this is it. We don’t know about whether she will ever want to ‘act’, but if she is acting in films, she can always ask the director to give her a good costume designer. In fact, she should be putting in a word for everyone. With all hope lost, we are left with music. Loads of music--an item song, a number on hockey, what was the director thinking? Towards the end, ek rehan bir and ek rehan hum… and the sour taste of Punjab Bolda.

Best foot forward

Alberto Torresi, the most admired and emerging footwear brand of India, releases its latest Italian shoe collection 'Darwin'. This collection is based on a classic Italian concept with a true Italian fit. It is endowed with the concept sole that ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. The sole is inserted with TPR portion that does not let water seep in, besides, it also enhances flexibility.

The Darwin collection is available in various shades of brown and black. This elegant and classy foot wear can be worn as both formal and party wear. So take the world in your stride in the Classic Italian style with Alberto Torresi's Darwin collection.

This collection is available for Rs 3695 onwards.—TNS

STAR Track
Celebrations can wait

Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor is busy shooting for her movie with YRF. She had no time to celebrate the success of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag which only means that there will be a bigger celebration later on. Sonam says, "I have been inundated with calls from friends from the industry, family and well wishers. My house is filled with flowers and this calls for a big celebration for everyone. I will plan it once my shooting schedule is over."

success story: Sonam Kapoor

It's official

first look: The  poster of Dhoom 3 The first official look of much-awaited Dhoom 3 is out. The first poster of Dhoom 3 has actor Aamir Khan showing his bare chiseled back with a tag line "This year will end with a Dhoom."

Aamir will be seen in a negative role for the first time in Dhoom 3.

Dhoom franchise started in 2004. John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan played the villains, respectively, in the first two franchise of Dhoom.

Aamir's partner in crime Katrina Kaif will also play his lady love. Aamir has shown some great acrobatic skills as a thief.

Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra will also be seen in the film along with Aamir Khan.

Abhishek returns as a cop with Uday Chopra by his side.

Written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Dhoom 3 is produced by Aditya Chopra and is slated to release on Christmas this year.

Second chance for Katrina?

lucky girl: Katrina Kaif If the latest buzz is to be believed then Deepika Padukone has been finalised for Dostana 2. But the delay in the film shoot may make Deepika walk out of the project making room for Katrina Kaif.

Tarun Mansukhani wants Deepika Padukone for the sequel but the script of the movie is not yet ready and Deepika can't wait for the film to begin anymore as her next film is on the line.

The Cocktail actress is riding high on the success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Chennai Express.

"Tarun has been tirelessly working on the script of the sequel for quite some time now. However, Karan is a difficult man to please. Although, he had finally okayed a draft early this year, it seems now he is not too convinced about it anymore and wants Tarun to rework on it," the source said.

For the delay in the shoot, Deepika Padukone is yet not sure about doing Dostana 2. The source adds, "Deepika is ready to do the film but only if it starts around October. By January, she will begin shooting for Imtiaz Ali's next, in which she stars opposite Ranbir Kapoor. If the first schedule of Dostana 2 gets delayed, she might have to let go of this project, as she can't push Imtiaz's dates. Those are matched with Ranbir's, who also has a choc-a-block shooting calendar."

Initially, either Katrina or Deepika were being eyed for the role. However Deepika Padukone won this particular race. But it looks like Katrina Kaif may have a second chance at this!

Sallu breaks up with Lulia

Rumour has it that Salman Khan has broken up with his Romanian girlfriend Lulia Vantur at the insistence of his family. That is because she was previously married and was not open about that. She kept it hidden so his family took a call and now Lulia has gone back to Romania.

saying bye: Salman Khan

Work, finally!

Zareen Khan is finally getting more films after Housefull 2. She will be seen in Remo D'souza's upcoming production opposite Rajeev Khandelwal and a Punjabi film with Gippy Grewal. She has also been approached for a comedy with Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani.

Kajal wants to kick butts

Kajal Aggarwal is back from a cross-continental holiday and is busy shooting for a film with superstars from the South. She talks about her holiday and films.

Family holiday

I went for a holiday with my family. We had a blast. When I travel abroad, I make sure I shop a lot. In the US, we did loads of shopping, while it was more about eating out in the UK. We saw tennis matches at Wimbledon and went for a show at the Royal Opera House.

Dream role

When it comes to acting, I am a greedy person. I enjoy love stories and love to act in them. I want to try an action film as well. It would be nice to kick some butts. Talking about classics, I would love to play the role of Anarkali from Mughal-E-Azam.

Playing pranks

I like to have fun while I am working. When you shoot for hours with a set of people they become like your family members. I do play pranks but they are harmless ones.

All in the family

My younger sister Nisha is also part of the South Indian film industry. But I don’t interfere with her work. We both have different personalities and are independent by nature. We have the support of our parents, and I am very happy for her as she is also making her a name in Tamil and Telugu films.

Language no bar

I am a Punjabi girl born and brought up in Mumbai. I picked up Tamil and Telugu quite easily. I have been a part of both the industries for eight years now. I feel good when I realise that I have completed so many years down South, and that people recognise and appreciate my efforts.

In big business

Chennai Express has been slammed by critics and even audiences have not liked it much but all the buzz and hype ensured that people went to see it anyway. The movie has broken multiple records and has crossed Rs 100 crores in just four days plus paid previews.

Akshay's house hunting

Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna have been hunting for a house in Dubai for quite some time. Dubai has been favourite for many film personalities and Akki is also smitten by the charm of the place.

He is now planning to buy a house there. The star couple is on hunt for a lavish property for them.

The actor, who was recently in Dubai to promote his movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobaara, went on a house hunt.

A source close to the couple informed, "They have been hunting for a property for quite some time. Investing in property is always safe and plus Akshay has to keep travelling for work to Dubai. So buying a house will save the trouble of booking hotels. Also, the couple wants a home away from home."

While the actor was busy with the film's promotion entire day, his wife Twinkle was looking for a luxurious property.

"This time he had some spare time as so he took Twinkle with him to hunt for property," added the source.

The 45-year-old star told media that Dubai is a dynamic city and it is like a second home for him. He also admitted that he is looking to buy a property in Dubai.

Dia loses her deal

Dia Mirza Dia Mirza was replaced by Malaika Arora Khan in an endorsement of an international hair care brand. Dia was behaving in an unprofessional manner and they had to pay Malaika a lot less too so everything has been changed without much hassle. Can Dia afford to act pricey?

Exit point: Dia Mirza

Brotherly love

Shahid KapoorShahid Kapoor's brother Ishaan loves to watch his big brother perform live on stage. So much so that Ishaan even kept a special get together with his friends on August 10, for the telecast of IIFA. As for Shahid, he is back to shooting for Prabhudeva's Rambo Rajkumar.

home front: Shahid Kapoor

chatter box
Moving on

A still from Saraswatichandra Sanjay Leela Bhansali debuted as producer with Saraswatichandra. But now with low ratings and production issues, news is that he has apparently quitting the show.

CURTAINS DOWN: A still from Saraswatichandra

New entry

Madhura Naik The beautiful Madhura Naik is all set to enter Star Plus' popular show Ek Nanad Ki Khushion Ki Chabhi… Meri Bhabhi. She will be seen playing a sophisticated and suave divorce lawyer Jaspreet, who will help Shraddha (played by Kanchi Kaul) to file a divorce case against Bobby.

After being cheated and tricked by her husband, Shraddha Shergill has learnt a valuable lesson. Being duped for the second time, she has finally decided to end her marriage. She tells her family that she's made up her mind to seek a divorce. The very supportive Shergill family immediately gets into action mode to look for a lawyer and enters the beautiful Madhura Naik to their rescue. On entering the show Madhura says, "I'm quite excited about the role as I've never played a lawyer before. Also, my character Jaspreet is very positive." 

Comic edge

Aashif Sheikh, who has done shows like SAB TV's Chidiya Ghar and Hum Aapke Hai In Laws, feels subtle comedy lasts longer and has a better reach. He has made a career out of comedy shows and quits if he doesn't like the content. 

Act by act

Shashanak Vyas Shashanak Vyas has been climbing the popularity charts steadily and has made a good name in the entertainment industry. He talks to us about his career path and much more.

How do you feel after your success?

I feel that my hardwork has been recognised. After three years I feel I have learnt a lot. There are so many senior actors on the show who have guided and helped me become a better actor. We are a great team on the sets and I can say, just like a family.

Your acting seems natural. Is that your edge over other actors?

I can't say. I act just like I would in real life. People tell me I laugh and get angry just like I am in real life. I don't know how to act different.

We have heard that fans come to see you from far off places. Is it true?

Yes, they are very sweet and come to see me. It is gratifying to hear them talk about your work and the show.

Who are you most friendly with — Pratyusha Banerji, Toral Rasputra or Sriti Jha?

All of them are good friends. Of course, as I worked a lot with Pratyusha we are good friends and stay in touch even today. Now, my scenes are usually with Sriti so we have become friends too. She's a senior and has experience as well. Toral is a bit reserved.

How will you describe yourself?

I am a normal guy; straight-talker and rigid. If I have to do something, then I do it no matter what.

Of love & hate

Star Plus brings its iconic romantic serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon back for the viewers in a new avatar. Post the grand success of the last season, the second edition titled Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir aims to re-create the same magic and bring to the fans a riveting love story that will strike a chord.

Love being the universal theme, the new season will present an interesting contrast of personalities entwined in a relationship swaying between love and hate every time their paths cross. The new edition brings Shrenu Parikh as Astha and Avinash Sachdev in the role of Shlok.

On hearing this news, the protagonist of the previous season Barun Sobti, popularly known as Arnav, said, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was one show that was loved by one and all, I was lucky to be a part and have very fond memories of the year-and-a-half that I shot for it. I always believed that its story was the biggest plus; it'd be interesting to see the second season. I hope it does well and everyone likes it. I wish all the luck to the channel and the production house." — HRM

Grand return

Dheeraj Kumar is set to make a return in Niyati, a show which is being shown on Sahara One, Monday-Friday at 9.30 pm.

After a leap of fifteen years, Niyati's daughter, played by Astha Chaudhary, is having an estranged relationship with her husband Ishwar (Tabrez Khan). And Mr Kumar ensures big support to Niyati, which helps her restore normalcy.

Matters of choice

Ekta Kaul Ekta Kaul of Rab Se Sohna Isshq fame showed off her true colours in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa. That's why she was being chased by two makers. She was offered to play the role of Sita in Life OK's Devon Ke Dev Mahadev but she didn't take it up. And later for Star Plus' Mahabharat as Draupadi; yet she didn't take it up. We wonder why?

choosy girl: Ekta Kaul

Astro Turf
p Khurrana

ARIES: There will be the issue of a strong and vital relationship that you will have to deal with. Around the end of the day, your perceptive skills will be especially sharp.  Tarot message: Let things run their course and start afresh later. Lucky colour: Red. Lucky number: 25

TAURUS: With the presence of Saturn, you will need to work out your plans for investing and saving as much as possible. Your love life will be quite interesting. Career and business will witness growth and prosperity. Tarot message: Avoid the tendency to criticise others. Lucky colour: Purple. Lucky number: 46

GEMINI: Relationships are essential and vital to our existence; therefore, you should be patient with people around you. There will be times when you feel unloved and neglected; however, it will only be temporary. Tarot message: Avoid situations that can turn nasty. Lucky colour: Saffron. Lucky number: 57

CANCER: Be attentive and careful of everything that you do at work, since it will affect your overall career. Let all your talents and skills shine through. Business people will plan to diversify. Tarot message: Focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Yellow. Lucky number: 26

LEO: There will be an increase in confidence and energy as you go about your work. Most of you will also start planning career moves and get a good response from prospective employers. Tarot message: Do not lend to strangers. Lucky colour: Red. Lucky number: 41

VIRGO: Finances and spending will be your focus today. There can be some splurging due to the festive air and some of you will also be surprised by a sudden windfall. Tarot message: Do not leave things to chance. Lucky colour: Blue. Lucky number: 62

LIBRA: The focus of the day will be your ability to deal with more than one thing at a time. It is vital that you plan everything and deal with any hurdles that come your way either at work or in personal life. Tarot message: Strive for perfection at work. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels. Lucky number: 60

SCORPIO: This will be quite an inspiring day. You will be able to realise your goals for the future and start working towards them in full earnest. Money problems will cease to bother you for some time. Tarot message: Take no chances despite the assurance of people. Lucky colour: Brown. Lucky number: 28

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of your health and exercise caution when driving since you will be prone to mishaps. Some of you decide to take concrete action in order to improve your personal life and relationships. Tarot message: Allow a sick situation to blow over before starting new. Lucky colour: Green. Lucky number: 33

CAPRICORN: Some of you have overshot your budgets in the past few days due to celebrations, so now is a good time to be prudent. Domestic affairs will be calm; however, you can feel overburdened. Tarot message: Be honest to your desires. Lucky colour: Pink. Lucky number: 36

AQUARIUS: Your instincts and reactions will be relatively fast today and as a result, you will be able to make the most of situations. Delegate responsibility as doing too much will only burn you out. Tarot message: Avoid being hurried and over-anxious. Lucky colour: Black. Lucky number: 47

PISCES: Although you are driven and focused on your goals, it is also important that you avoid being critical of team members as well as partners. This can lead to arguments and undue stress. Tarot message: Learn to accept responsibility for yourself and others. Lucky colour: Grey. Lucky number: 58

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