Punjabi by design
Ashima Batish

Harinder Singh and Kirandeep Kaur's brainchild 1469, a brand that stands for Punjabi faith, language and humour, aims at connecting Punjabi youth to their culture

The brand 1469 stemmed from an unpleasant experience which Harjinder Singh, founder of the brand, also terms as life-changing. Had he not been mistaken for one of the Bin Laden clan, he wouldn't have thought of taking his heritage and culture to the world. Today, seven years down the line, 1469 stands for everything Punjabi--language, faith, art, humour and objects. Likewise, the merchandise under the brand name comprises much that promotes Punjabi culture and appeals to the youth.

Taking a step forward, the brand has now started selling their merchandise through their online store. "Another achievement for us is that now we have centres run by women in villages of Sangrur district, which were earlier only in Samana," shares Harinder, who started with a trial run of 200 tees, which were sold out in no time, indicating the commercial potential of the product.

Harinder's partner in this venture is his wife, Kirandeep Kaur, who told him that designs on T-shirts alone were not enough to promote Punjabi culture. The obvious inclusion was then phulkari. From the staple bagh, the traditional stitch was replicated on stoles, waistcoats, handbags, folders, key chains and potli bags. "We diversified with phulkari to reach out to youth and at the same time to generate more employment for women. A tie-up with the NGO, Building Bridges India, helps us in our cause," says Kirandeep.

It gives a feel-good-factor to Punjabis settled abroad for sure, who takes pride in associating themselves with the Punjabi culture through such merchandise. The online store has increased the brand's accessibility. Looking back, in the first year itself, the brand boasted of a turnover of Rs 1crore. And it increased with every passing year and even when the economy is going through the slump, it touched Rs 10 crore in the last financial year. Harinder informs, "Almost 300 t-shirts are sold every day besides the very popular phulkari objects. People relate to 1469, its ideology and humour."

Talking of humour, the popular Punjabi maxims are used and printed both in English and Gurmukhi. Karlo Jo Karna Hai, Kidaan, Kaurageous, Soorma breaks the monotony of T-shirt designs that are common with other brands. As much importance is given to serious subjects. Till date, a favourite among youth are the Bhagat Singh tees. Chips in Kirandeep, "We gave equal importance to all categories. For that matter even art designs, which comprised tumbi, sarangi, rabab, the long forgotten musical instruments of Punjab, all in the hope that we will be able to make some difference."

Treasure trove: The interior of a brand showroom; Women weaving phulkari patterns
Treasure trove: The interior of a brand showroom; Women weaving phulkari patterns

Their merchandise now includes t-shirts, men's kurta pyjama, jutties, artifacts, books on Sikh history and much more. And what came as help was the couple's experience at manufacturing clothes for other brands like Marks & Spencer, Paul Smith and Whistles at their export house. As Harinder says, "We realised that people, at the most, know about bhangra and Punjabi music when it comes to our culture. There was a void, which we tried to fill with 1469," the name they chose because it was the birth year of Guru Nanak Dev and reflected their objective better. Now, with an online store, they hope to take the Punjabi culture and heritage to the world.


Short take
Jasmine Singh

With Haani, though Anuj Sachdeva graduated from being a model to an actor, the art of telling a story in just a few seconds through ads still fascinates him

Punjab calling: Anuj Sachdeva
Punjab calling: Anuj Sachdeva

One step at a time, no rush, no hurry! For model-turned actor Anuj Sachdeva life is not to be wasted in a rush. He lives each day in complete awareness. And from this awareness stems his decisions, subtle yet firm.

The actor, who made his debut in Punjabi film industry with Haani, plans to stick around to do more films. Haani is his one odd stint, but the good looking actor has much on his sleeves and heart!

"I would love to do more romantic and sensitive roles. In the end my character depends on a good screenplay, if it is strong so will be the character," shares Anuj who has all the praise for the director Amitoj Mann. "I was signed on for a Hindi film which Amitoj was directing. For some reason that did not materialise and he offered me a role in this Punjabi film. In fact, I am glad that I did a Punjabi film before a Hindi one," he adds.

Anuj is all prepared for Punjabi films. "And why not, I have a close connection with Punjab. My mother is from Chandigarh, so I feel at home when I shoot in Punjab."

Not for once does he laugh or raise an eyebrow, but this shouldn't be taken as a sign of arrogance. Anuj observes, values words and doesn't waste them. Having done umpteen print and commercial ads, this Grasim Mr Photogenic has an affinity with the word advertisement. Drop the word and watch the creative juices flowing. "I wish to be the creative person behind the ads. As a child I imagined how an ad could be made," puts in Anuj, who has worked with Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Sunny Leone and many others.

"It is not easy to tell your story in a few seconds, it is challenging." Anuj is also one of the few model actors, who asks for a storyboard before doing an ad. "People wonder why a model would ask for a storyboard and I tell them it should make sense, and what if I don't want to do it," he laughs. Or, we think he has laughed! No, Anuj is easy going, but respects his work and will go to any extent to do justice to it.

The actor went through his share of struggle when he moved to Mumbai in 2008. "I wanted to prove myself," he says. He wouldn't talk much about his upcoming Bollywood project other than this. "This role was offered to Salman Khan five years back, and now I am doing it. This film will go for festivals and also for commercial purpose."


A new roommate
3-D stickers are fast replacing the wall hangings
Gurvinder Singh

If you thought stickers were a kid's play, then think again! A lot many grown ups are playing with the new 3-D stickers these days that stick out from the wall and seemingly have a depth. Available in various shapes and themes, these stickers look elegant. Depending on the theme, these can be used anywhere, kitchen or study or for decorative purposes.

"The stickers look elegant, and I have a few floral designs in my bedroom. The wall comes alive and the stickers are definitely not kid's stuff," says Preeti, a homemaker. Available for children as well, the stickers of popular cartoon characters abound. "My children like these stickers in particular. There is a huge variety to choose from and my son has filled the whole almirah with such stickers," says Pooja Syal, a mother of two.

Some of the stickers also glow at night. "My daughter particularly likes the glowing stickers," she says.

These stickers cost a little more than ordinary stickers available in the market. "3-D stickers can be a cheaper replacement for some of the expensive wall design products available in the market. And being less expensive, these can be changed after a couple of months of use," says Amit from Lekh Raj Syal and sons. "These are pretty much in demand. We have to get a new stock every week," he says.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Someone you are attracted to at work feels the same way. It is for you to make the first move. Eat wisely, as you could be in danger of suffering digestive problems.

Tarot message: Take limited risks while speculating.

Lucky colour: Crimson

Magic number: 55

TAURUS: Conquer your fears and take a chance. You may be worried and concerned about certain family issues. Take time to sort things out. There could be delays with certain business ventures or personal projects.

Tarot message: Focus on your goals. Lucky colour: Deep red

Magic number: 28

GEMINI: 'The Queen of Pentacles' blesses you with fine qualities today. You need to take sharp decisions and catch opportunities. Children will be a source of joy and their progress will make you proud. Tarot message: Don’t accept situations you dislike.

Lucky colour: Yellow.

Magic number: 34

CANCER: There is good news on the cards. You are in a relaxed and happy mood. While making personal decisions, trust your intuition. Keep a watch on your financial transactions.

Tarot message: A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Lucky colour: Orange

Magic number: 36

LEO: The wisdom of “The Hermit” inspires you to make new beginnings and move towards a creative direction. Spending time with family will bring peace and happiness.Tarot message: Beware of depleting your energy or resources on others.

Lucky colour: Forest green.

Magic number: 46

VIRGO: “The Magician” conjures up some travel and business opportunities. You will be hearing from someone unexpected, like a voice from your past. A good day for romance.Tarot message: Trust your intuition.

Lucky colour: Sky blue

Magic number: 54

LIBRA: If need high pay, speak to your boss. Work will progress satisfactorily. By the evening, you can be in an irritable mood and will be prone to losing your temper with friends and family.

Tarot message: Avoid friction with business partners.

Lucky colour: Brown

Magic number: 62

SCORPIO: It looks like a very busy day ahead. An important task to maintain a sound relationship seems difficult.

Your chances of success are more today.

Tarot message: Be firm and stand your ground.

Lucky colour: Pink

Magic number: 59

SAGITTARIUS: The Prince of Wands rides in his flaming chariot of gold to instigate dynamic changes at work. Don’t trust unreliable friends or relatives. Travelling will yield valuable information.Tarot message: Never fall for rash promises.

Lucky colour: Purple

Magic number: 52

CAPRICORN: Mixing with friends could be tricky business. If you don’t want to be alone, choose a companion who is least likely to irritate you. Don’t get involved in petty arguments with your mate or partner

Tarot message: Stay positive.

Lucky colour: Grey

Magic number: 58

AQUARIUS: You might be more impulsive than usual. You will have a better chance of getting through odd jobs connected with home and family affairs. New ideas and ventures provide scope for expansion. Tarot message: Don’t lose confidence.

Lucky colour: Rust

Magic number: 45

PISCES: “The Hanged Man” helps you to move into new and better situation. You struggle to keep your temper in check today. This is an appropriate time to buy a car or a vehicle.

Tarot message: Focus on your dream project.

Lucky colour: White

Magic number: 56

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 10...

Discuss topics connected with bureaucracy, important financial matters, and your long-term goals. Listen carefully to what is said on the subject. If you need to concentrate on some important paperwork, you will get on with it much better if you can do it in private and away from any distractions. Travel for work is on the cards. Better planning will be required in achieving financial prosperity. Personal matters may suffer due to confrontation between partners. As problems arise, you will be forced to use your own imagination. The year, 2014 will open up some lucrative opportunities with attractive financial possibilities. If you are planning to buy a studio or premises of your own, it will now be easier to arrange for a loan, which can supplement your savings.

Positive colours: Golden, red, brown, cream, white, orange and purple

Select days: Sunday & Monday

Favourable numbers: 1,4,2 and 7

Gems recommended: Yellow sapphire & red coral

Charity on birthday: You may donate red or orange sweets or fruits to the needy.

You celebrate your historic day with Anurag Kashyap (September 10, 1972, Gorakhpur), who is an award-winning director and screenwriter. He is one of the most versatile and prolific filmmakers in contemporary Hindi cinema. Kasyap’s stars are to take him on zenith in 2015.


Chatter box
Back with a bang

Actor Shilpa Shirodkar, who bid adieu to stardom and walked to the altar with a UK-based merchant banker in 2000, has now returned to her first love—acting, with the show, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan, where she essays the lead role, Kamala Bai. In an exclusive conversation with the Life+Style, she talks about her character, show and much more…

What kept you away from acting all this time?

I got married in 2000, post which I settled in abroad. Also, I was travelling extensively and then I had a daughter, who now is nine-years-old. So, all this kept me busy and I didn’t realise how time passed me by. Moreover, there were not many opportunities abroad.

What did you miss the most while you were abroad?

I am a very content person and I didn’t really miss anything. I’ve always been busy and happy with whatever I have.

What made you choose to do this show?

It was not a conscious effort to make a comeback. I have been back in India for three years now but, when my manager called me to talk about the show, he insisted that I read the script. I read it and loved it. The concept of the show is very different as it is based on the turbulant life of a domestic help.

Tell us something about the role that you essay in the show…

I’m essaying the role of Kamala, who is a domestic worker. She is a very practical person but, she does not want her children to be like her. She wants them to learn and find a better occupation. She is not embarrassed to admit the fact that she works as a domestic worker and is a very hard working person.

Which shows do you like to watch on television?

In the 90s I used to love watching Banegi Apni Baat. I even followed that show when I was abroad. Then there was a show called Kumkum, that I watched regularly. Currently, I love watching Dance India Dance and my daughter and I watch it together.

How is it like to work with eight-year-old Mehnaaz, who plays the role of your daughter in the show?

She is a very sweet girl and is very mature too. What I really like about her is that she’s always ready to learn and listen.

Filmmakers you’d like to work with...

Times have changed and so have the ways of filmmaking. I guess from Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap to Anurag Basu, they all make nice films. I would love to work with all of them. No film is big or small as long as it’s made with passion and feeling. Same can be said for actors and filmmakers.

The show, Ek Mutthi Aasmaan is telecast every Monday to Friday at 7pm only on Zee TV.

From books to TV

Mythology wise: A still from Mahabharat

Nowadays, one of the biggest challenges for anyone is to relate the Indian mythology with the current scenario, and someone, who can really make this task easy, is the renowned author Devdutt Patnaik. His understanding of the subject pertaining to the fact that he has researched and written innumerable books on Indian mythology and their significance in modern day's life makes him the apt choice for the chief consultant of Star Plus' Mahabharat. "Since the style of the show is unique, it will prove to give the audience a break from the standard visual formats," says Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Star Plus. Also, the current incidents are a replication of some or the other illustration from the Mahabharata. I'm sure that the series will also be able to rope in the younger audience too."

Watch Mahabharat from September 16, Monday at 8.30 pm only on Star Plus.

Turning dreams into reality

Thousands of aspiring actors come to Mumbai with the dream to make it big in the world of entertainment. With the aim to make this dream come true, Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, telecast on Colors, provides a unique opportunity to the aspiring actors in their brand new endeavour. Currently, the storyline of the show features Superstar RK (Vivian D'sena) being banned by the producer's guild for his unprofessional behaviour, owing to which every television producer refuses to work with him. Red in rage, RK decides to produce his own film with a fresh face. And to find that perfect new face, the show will step out of the tube to conduct auditions and is also encouraging aspiring actors across the country to send in their entries.

The contest invites applicants to email their audition clips along with their details, including name, age, address, mobile number, email address and pictures to rkauditions@gmail.com.

The one who impress Superstar RK, will get a chance to star in the show as RK's heroine for his up and coming film. The entries should be sent before September 11 and winner's name will be announced soon.

All praise for Drashti

Seems like it was one of Drashti's lucky days, as apart from her close friend, Karan Singh Grover, who came to support her for the semi-finale round of Jhalak, Ranbir Kapoor also admitted that he wanted her to win the show. And if this was not enough to put her on cloud nine, Neetu Kapoor was heard commenting thatDrashti was made for Bollywood. This did not only motivate Drashti, but also boosted her confidence, which got her a perfect score in both her performances. "I know how difficult it is to perform on stage and match steps with the choreographer. But you've done it fantastically", said Karan Singh Grover after watching Dhami's performance this week. Well, we wonder was it the television heartthrob Karan Grover or Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor who rubbed off his luck on Drashti!

Breaking bad

After being together for a few years, Pratyusha Banerjee aka Anandi now has broken up with her boyfriend Makrand Malhotra. She recently filed a police complaint against Makrand alleging harassment. The couple was much in love during their birthday party, but over two days ago, they had a fight, which got ugly and she filed a complaint at Oshiwara Police Station, Mumbai. Later when Makrand found out, he too filed a police complaint against Pratyusha.

True or false

Buzz is that Anil Kapoor's TV show, 24, will have a political family that is inspired from the Gandhi family as a part of its plot. While the makers continue to refute the rumours, sources claim that Neil Bhoopalam will play the role of a young politician, who covets the post of the Prime Minister and his looks resemble that of Rahul Gandhi's.

Sci-fiction thriller ahead

This week in Adaalat, a drunkard is accused of murdering a foreigner, who is a wildlife photographer. But Chandu blames it on the aliens. Willl KD be able solve this mystery? To find out, watch Adalat, only on Sony!

Some loss, more gain!

Escaping the wrath of a marriage gone horribly wrong, Om Puri is currently in a small French town of Alibi shooting a film with none other than Helen Mirren. Ahem, you read it right!

For those not aware, Om will be seen in a Hollywood film titled The 100 Foot Journey. He plays the male lead opposite distinguished British actress Mirren while creative Swedish filmmaker Lasse Hailstrom is directing it. In a conversation, he talks about the film, his character and more

Accomplished team

Lasse Hailstrom will be directing this film. He has directed 35 films, most of them very successful. This is not a small film. As for Helen Mirren she is legendary on British stage and in cinema. I am very happy to be working with a co-star who can challenge the best out of me.

My role

I play a man who has lost his wife and property in the Mumbai riots. He leaves the country and lives in London for five years. Then he travels to other parts of Europe until he finally settles down in a small French town called Alibi. That’s where we’re shooting the film.”

Cooking magic

I’ve been fond of cooking from the time I was very young. I make the usual meals and all kinds of biryanis and kebabs. Trust me, when I was offered the role they didn’t know I could cook. But now I wonder if Helen Mirren can cook. If she can’t I’d be happy to teach her some Indian dishes.

Title tale

The film gets its title from the 100 feet that separate Helen’s restaurant from mine. We are actually shooting in Alibi and I am very excited because I am staying in my own rented apartment, doing my own cooking during the shooting. The change of country and climate would do me good.

Life’s luxuries

Whenever I’ve done international films I’ve preferred to live in a rented apartment rather than a hotel. In fact, for this project with Helen Mirren the producers gave me a choice of five apartments. I chose one that was in the countryside close to the location where we would be shooting.

International presence

They have informed me that my name would come second in the credit titles after Helen Mirren. They are trying to get an equally formidable actress to play the other female lead. I am happy to be working in a film where my co-star is someone whose work I admire. I don’t get to do that too often in India. I’ve played the lead in international films in East Is East, My Son The Fanatic and West Is West. And even if I’ve not played the protagonist in some of my international projects my scenes have always been with the most important actors in the film. I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Ben Kingsley in Gandhi, Patrick Swayze in The City Of Joy, Steve Coogan in The Parole Officer, Tom Hanks in Charlie Wilson’s War, Jack Nicholson in Wolf, Val Kilmer in The Ghost & The Darkness and now Helen Mirren in The 100 Foot Journey. I don’t know what these great actors feel about working with me. But for me working with them has been an honour privilege and pleasure.

Par Excellence
The art of putting
Jesse Grewal

Putting is probably the most important aspect of the game and also the most variable. The number of putts a player can take on each round could vary a lot. This is due to the complexity of the greens and their imperfect nature as well as the fact that a small error can lead to a missed putt. At 10 feet a one degree error of the putter face would lead to a putt missing the hole.

Putting has three major factors, reading the green, aiming the putter face correctly and getting it back to the square at impact and getting the speed right. Learning to read the greens is an art which a golfer must learn. Some do not even attempt to read the greens and just depend on their caddies to help them. When one speaks to professional golfers each one has a different way of reading the green.

Technically the most important part of the putt is the area near the hole. This is where the putt 'breaks' the maximum. Therefore walking up to the hole or going behind the hole to see the line is the most beneficial as it gives one the read of almost 80 per cent of the break. This is because the ball breaks the maximum when it starts losing speed. During the first few feet of the putt, the ball is travelling fast and the slope or grain does not affect it so much. The slower the green the larger is the effect of the last portion or the area around the hole as the ball is hit a lot harder negating the effect of the initial part of the green. Therefore a 360 degree view which means walking to the hole from one side and back from the other is considered the best.

The 'break' on the putt depends on two factors-the slope and the grain. While the slope is relatively easier to understand the grain can be confusing. Grass tends to grow in a particular direction which creates the grain. This could be towards the setting sun or towards water. The balls roll on the greens is affected by this. The ball would move with the grain in case of the grain being across the line of the putt. If the grain is towards the hole, the ball would travel faster and if towards the player's ball, the ball would travel slower.

To be a good putter it is important to be able to read a green well both for line and speed. After doing one's own read you could cross check with your caddy to be doubly sure. This would improve your putting.

Cool and candid

Style file: Amol Gakhal. Photo: S Chandan

There is something very intriguing about people who are not pretentious. And most of the times, their sense of originality validates a very deep level of comfort, which often translates into their style statement. Amol Gakhal, 22, is a master’s student at the DAV College, Sector 10 and though he claims to be an average college going Chandigarh lad, one can trace his witty sense of humour that is masked by his evident high spirits. Here’s a self-proclaimed Narcissist’s confessions about fashion, style and a lot more...

Describe your sense of style…

I tend to carry off the 'semi-casual' look quite elaborately, though I still feel that I have not yet discovered a particular sense of style that describes me in all the glory (laughs). I guess my sense of style is very sharp and edgy. “Oh and it keeps the girls from fainting too!” he quips.

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

Leather moccasin's from Zara.

Brand freak or street smart?

Both. Smart with a flair. Touche'!

Choose one: sporty, glamorous or chic?

Chic for sure.

Your style icon…

David Beckham, because he is a legend. Besides, he's got Posh to dress him up. What a win-win situation for him (clicks his tongue)!

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity around and why?

It’s Govinda, (waits for a second). No, well honestly, it would be Micheal Jackson because this guy was a pop-legend living with 50 kids on an amusement park, wearing frilly-suede leather jackets. He dressed on some crazy pills it seems!

One fashion trend you don’t understand…

Suspenders! It started off as an accessory that could be used in lieu of a belt. But now, you get them as a fashion trend. I think I could fit in a pair of pants quite fine without them, thank you!

Your take on accessories…

If it works in you're favour, why not. But, I personally leave the clunky metal for the ladies. Next thing you know is a boy with diamond ear studs. How did that even happen?

One thing that boosts your confidence…

A mirror. I've never known why, but somehow seeing eye to eye with a mirror image of myself picks me up from the dumps. An eye for eye makes a man never go shy.

You would love to be dressed up by…

Giorgio Armani, if he's free!

As told to Amarjot Kaur

It’s rocking
Going berserk!

Well, here’s good news for all you Eminem fans! Your favourite rapper is back with a brand new single, Berzerk that is produced by American music producer Rick Rubin. The song is the first single from Eminem's up and coming eighth studio album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The song was released on August 27 via Twitter and it samples Billy Squier's The Stroke, as well as Beastie Boys' The New Style and You Gotta Fight for Your Right (To Party!), songs taken from their 1986 debut album Licensed to Ill, which were also produced by Rubin. The song received heavy downloads in its first week of release, resulting in the song debuting at number three on the Billboard Hot 100.

Back to his ways

I love Eminem and it seems like he is back to his old ways, the times when he hit fame with the song Slim Shady while calling it his ‘evil side’. His previous albums featured a rather sober side of him, but this track—Berzerk, brings out the Slim Shady in him once more and you can feel that frenzy in the music, which has a heavy influence of metal fused with hip hop. This track is indeed totally Berzerk. Tanya Saggi, student

The right sound

I really like the song, especially the chorus. The hip hop beats on the heavy metal backdrop of the music with Eminem rapping makes for a brilliant song. This song validates Eminem’s shift to his roots and he’s definitely on the right track.

Nivedita Sharma, student

-As told to Amarjot Kaur

Tour & tell
Ashima Batish

Nischal Masand brings out some interesting aspects of life and places in his series of travel photographs

Expressions unlimited
: Nischal Masand with his photographs.

When the subject of photography is France and Chandigarh, it’s the architecture that is usually captured by lensmen. Next, comparisons are drawn which throw up ample similarities and a few contrasts.

A travel exhibition by Nischal Masand at Alliance Franchaise is treading on the same path, where the focus is on the prominent buildings and landmarks of the two places.

Nischal, however, takes a different route--of people and their expressions—as he says, “Living beings make a picture speak a thousand words”.

Besides France and Chandigrah, he has clicked Andaman Islands too. “While capturing the three places, I realised that it is not the physical boundaries that define a city or a country but the people and their culture do,” says Nischal, who is a freelance photographer. In Chandigarh, he has extensively clicked children in slum areas. “I didn’t click their poverty or problems but their spirit to live a happy life and take things as they come.” To further focus on their expressions, he has taken black and white shots. “Colours might have shadowed the essence of the pictures.”

He asserts that he doesn’t do photography for commercial success. “Photography gives me a direction in life. It guides me to which all places I must travel and helps me face strange situations.” To explain his point, he refers to the bicycle photograph that he clicked in France and back home. “It’s a mode of transportation for everybody in France and here people who can’t afford anything else, peddle it to work. Here it defines ones social status.”

Nischal’s five works have been selected for a leading photography portal. Next, he aims to travel places which offer him interesting elements. “I don’t click because I travel, I travel only to click,” he signs off.

On till October 2

Watch out
A perfect play of modern yet classic couture

Style and sophistication have acquired a new meaning with Pierre Cardin Time Couture going a la France. With its unparalleled style and ingenuity, the brand is all set to redefine the French savoir-faire with timepieces that exemplify legendary designer Pierre Cardin’s stylish persona. Enhance your sartorial choice with watches that are a combination of the classic urbane, yet a sporty casual trend this season.

The brand builds on the iconic designer’s legacy, who lends his name to an ever-growing collection of watches that exude quality and affordable sophistication. Like every collection, the latest assortment of watches is inspired by stylish men and women who define glamour like the designer and muse Pierre Cardin himself. Time and again the brand has evolved to keep up with its glam quotient and yet, innovate with unrivaled passion.

Effortlessly designed to blend with the whimsical style trends, the new collection is set in solid foundation of stainless steel lending durability to wrist fashion. The finely curved profiles of these timepieces crafted in gleaming stainless steel cases, make for an elegant companion for the modern lady. Some of these distinctive designs can be worn as daywear, while easily transforming into an envious watch flaunt at an evening soiree. Casual and sporty, sometimes fastened by sumptuous patterned leather straps these timepieces present the classic contemporary man with a wide choice of cutting-edge styles to suit his modern taste. — TNS

Master Chef
Sweet something
Kaushik Jadali

The quaint taste of the sweet potato makes it one of the adventurous root vegetables to experiment with. Roast it, steam it or spice it up and there you have a delicious mid-meal snack.

Shakarkandi ki chaat

  • Sweet potato 250 gm
  • Fresh mint leaf 10 gm
  • Fresh coriander leaf 10 gm
  • Green chilly 5 gm
  • Mango powder 10 gm
  • Red chili powder 5 grm
  • Salt as per taste
  • White pepper as per taste
  • Cumin powder 5 gm
  • Fresh thick curd 50 ml
  • Tamarind chutney 20 ml


1. Boil the sweet potato and peel and cut in dice shape.

2. Chop the fresh mint leaf coriander and green chilly.

3. Take a bowl and put the dice sweet potato fresh coriander leaf, mint leaf, green chilly cumin powder, red chili powder, salt, white pepper and mix it very well

4. Add tamarind chutney, curd and pour in serving plate scope the fresh whisk curd and serve cold.

(Jadali is a Ludhiana-based culinary chef)

As told to Poonam Bindra

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