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Modi may be soft, but won't change

This refers to the editorial 'Modi softens: Can a leopard change its spots?' (September 17). Certainly, a bad person cannot change his habits. Whatever excuses he makes or swears by God that he is now a changed man, nobody is going to believe him. So what if the BJP's prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, is now adopting a soft approach in his speeches while addressing election rallies? Even if he is not targeting the Congress or softening his approach towards Pakistan that doesn't mean he is a changed person now.

Bad habits never die. And how can these at the age of 64? Either his mentors have advised him to tone down his rigid voice and adopt a soft stance to "make over" his image or he himself has realised the need to do so. He is a "leopard" which can never change its "spots". Modi is a "chameleon" that changes colours according to the surroundings. It is only to "attract" his opponents in his own party and the public.

R K KAPOOR, Chandigarh

Modi & US visa

Every other day one finds a statement coming from the US about the issuance of a visa to Modi. One feels that the US is on a shaky ground over the refusal of a visa to Modi on account of the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. Did it decline visas to those leaders who were allegedly behind the 1984 anti-Sikh riots? Or would it refuse visa to those responsible for the recent communal riots in Jammu and Kashmir and UP?

To refuse a visa to a democratically elected leader of a state would not be right and proper. It would set a bad precedent. What if tomorrow, some other country refuses a visa to a US leader on some grounds and puts the super power in an embarrassing position? Such decisions, therefore, should be taken after due care and thought.


Farmers’ eviction

The Modi government is trying its best to evict Sikh farmers from Gujarat. Although they have won the case, the Modi government has appealed against the verdict. On the contrary, the Hooda government has scored over Gujarat by enacting legislation to stop the eviction of Sikhs from the state. I think Punjab should pressurise the Modi government into withdrawing the revision petition that will resolve the issue. I urge the Prime Minister to intervene in the matter.


Vanishing values

In the middle 'Dying relationships' (September 19) the writer has beautifully portrayed unethical medical practices and dying human values. It is a fact that the ever-increasing human greed and insensitivity of human relations are major causes of the disappearance of virtues like compassion and kindness from human character. A French proverb rightly says: “The doctor is more to be feared than the disease.” Human sentiments have been taken over by human greed for money and materialism. Gone are the days when doctors were considered next to God; now patients are less God-fearing and more doctor-fearing.

DR V K ANAND, Patiala

Labour crisis

The letter 'Missing Labour' (September 13) sanctions the feudal mindset to the hilt. Even after zamindari having been abolished six decades ago, nothing seems to have changed on the ground other than the change of ownership. It has created another class of modern zamindars, i.e. tillers-turned-landlords. The gentleman could have easily harvested his crop with the use of a harvester combine. Every person has a right to earn a livelihood in whichever way or wherever he or she wishes to, provided it's according to the law. It's much more progressive that people don't have to move over large distances, mainly to other states, just to do labour. If they are getting work through MNREGA in their home districts, good wages and can stay with their families, there is nothing like that. His observation that food security will make workers disappear is totally unfounded. There are numerous welfare schemes for the poor and how efficient these are is well known.


Aadhar card

This refers to a report in The Tribune regarding difficulties faced by many countrymen in getting the Aadhar card. Can I ask the authorities a few questions: How will the polio-affected, bed-ridden persons and very old citizens go to an Aadhar centre, fulfil the formalities and get their cards? Such persons will not get any subsidy on LPG. Will the government do something in this regard?

H C SOOD, Panchkula


I had applied for the Aadhar card through the Chambaghat (Solan) UIAID agency (under enrolment No. 1093/34106/00574, dt 9/11/2011) on November 9, 2011, but I have not received it yet.


Drug firms pamper doctors

With the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finding lapses in the quality standards of drugs supplied by leading Indian drug-maker Ranbaxy’s Mohali plant, the US has banned the export of the pharma major’s drug supplies to that country. It is a blot on the Indian drug manufacturing industry.

Most of our pharma companies are infamous for playing with the masses’ health by manufacturing and selling substandard drugs in the country. Some firms indulge in corrupt practices by pampering doctors with all sorts of gifts and they in return help make their unnecessarily costly products a hit with the gullible patients or the public. The “aam admi” even does not understand the pricing concept of the generic and non-generic medicines.

BRIJ B GOYAL, Ludhiana

Letters to the Editor

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— Editor-in-Chief



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