A sweet tune
Having distanced herself from Bollywood music, singer Kavita Krishnamurthy is not in retirement mode. She keeps innovating and experimenting…
Kavita Krishnamurthy
MELODY MAGIC: Kavita Krishnamurthy

Once the reigning singing queen of Bollywood, Kavita Krishnamurthy does not do many Bollywood numbers now. She continues to grow as a musician though with albums, concerts and collaborations around the world.

In Chandigarh, for World Tourism Week celebrations, the voice behind hit numbers Hawa Hawai, Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, Tu Hi Re, Aaj Main Upar, Pyaar Hua Chupke Se, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Dola Re and many others, Kavita is impressed by the greenery around. "I have come here after a long time, maybe two decades. I remember to have sung with Manna Dey at the Rose Festival years ago," she says.

It was Kavita's Bengali aunts who after spotting her talent in music, made her move to Mumbai to pursue music. Kavita would do stage shows with Manna Dey and dub for Lata Mangeshkar. "Just out of college, it was such a fabulous learning ground for me. For a shy teenager, film music was so new. Laughing on the mike with a hundred plus orchestra, I was working with the most fabulous people in the field. Doing jingles for brands like Nirma and Horlicks, I was earning well too."

It was not long before Kavita became one of the lead playback singers of Bollywood. "In the initial phase, I would wonder why I always got difficult numbers but Saudagar became the game-changer and different songs came my way after that."

Kavita enjoyed a fabulous innings before she chose to distance herself from film music. "They don't do my kind of music any more. I am all for lyrics and melody, however, today a song is in phrases," says Kavita.

"We would marvel at how Shailendra and Sahir Ludhianvi could write something that would stay on with you," she adds.

Playback singing is not where Kavita stopped. "I believe in learning," says the singer, who has done quite a few non-film albums and been collaborating with musicians. "Although I am not from the classical field, I love working with my husband L Subramaniam, who is a violinist; has performed with orchestras as a soloist and collaborated with Western artists from different fields."

Kavita is looking forward to her album for which her husband has composed and been working on religious albums as well. Having tried her hands at composing, it's a full-fledged album that she wants to give music to next. "Sadly, artistes get no support when they want to do some non-film work."

On shoddy music as well as lyrics doing the rounds and demands for banning singers like Honey Singh, she says, "I don't think banning in a democracy is a good option but radios and channels should promote independent artistes making good music."

She is happy that reality shows have opened doors for youngsters, but worried about children being pushed into business at an early age. "If children do well and parents let them continue education as well as pursue music side by side, it would be great. But if a child is pulled out of school and turned to money business, I worry for them."

Kavita continues to experiment more in music, "We have to; otherwise music will die."


Mixed notes
Amarjot Kaur

There is no denying the fact that music determines the fate of any Punjabi movie to quite an extent. The album of upcoming Punjabi film Ishq Garaari, directed by Dheeraj Rattan, was released on Friday and features the top five music directors in the industry — Nick Dhammu, RDB, Honey Singh, Pav Dhaliwal and Badshah.

Coming from the stable of Cosmic Studios in association with Mirus Motion Pictures, Ishq Garaari features Sharry Mann, Mandy Thakkar, Miss Pooja, Ran Vijay, Gulzar Chahal, Vinaypal Buttar, Gunjan Walia and Chacha Raunki Ram in the lead roles. On his choice of opting for different music directors, Dheeraj Rattan says, "Time is precious; when it comes to making a movie we can do with a number of music directors. Without questioning the credentials of them all, I would say I wanted each genre to be treated by an expert."

Sharry Mann, who has written and sung as many as three songs in the film, including Koi Kar Ja Bewafai, Koi Ishq and Kudiye Chidye, speaks rather fondly about the film, "This is my second film and of the many things that I have learnt so far, improvisation is an important one. I have written and sang three songs in the film where I essay the role of a struggling musician."

As for Gulzar Chahal, "I essay the role of Vajinder, who shares a strong bond with Jaitender (Rannvijay Singh) and they fall in love with the same woman. The script of the film is extremely funny and that makes for a delightful watch. It also revolves around the aims of the characters in the film and how they go about achieving them," he smiles.

Rannvijay has something more interesting to share, "This is our little tribute to the Hollywood film Dumb and Dumber; our characters are quite similar to those played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels .”

The film is due for release on October 25.


punjabi scope
A serious note
Jasmine Singh
Hardeep Singh Gill & Nishwan Bhullar in Nabar
Hardeep Singh Gill & Nishwan Bhullar in Nabar

It wouldn't be wrong to say that pretty soon Punjabi film industry will be also seeing a partition, one side will have films that will be 'different' and the other side, you can stock all the laughter, romance and fights. Making an entry on the 'different' side is the national award winning film Nabar.

First the name and then the star cast, both are something Punjabi movie buffs are not familiar with. This, however, these are not the criteria to judge any movie.

Directed by Rajeev Sharma, Nabar stars Hardeep Singh Gill, Nishwan Bhullar, Rana Ranbir, Harvinder Kaur in the lead roles.

Even when the movie is based on a topic that Punjab is familiar with--illegal migration, director Rajeev Sharma has tried to make an honest attempt to portray it in a new light. The movie from the scene one reveals its true character. It is a film that can be looked at as an art film, a docu-drama or a plain simple different film. Rajeev has highlighted his central character Surjan Singh pretty well. Nabar has a fine characterisation, but with a few holes. For those of us who have seen art movies, this might not be a satisfying experience, nevertheless it is an attempt.

The film shares the story of a father who loses his son, but not the courage and will to fight for it. Nabar can throw you in pits of sadness, and it is difficult to come out of it till the end.

The cast of the film is another refreshing change. Surjan Singh played by Hardeep Gill, is a strong character. Hardeep has lived the character quite well. The same holds true for Harvinder Kaur, who plays his wife. It is Nishwan Bhullar who you don't see much in the film, barring a song and one or two scenes.

Nabar has characterstics of Punjabi theatre. Of the entire attempt, it is the music that keeps you glued to your seats. The music is directed by Channi Singh, Tigerstyle, V Grooves. Renowned singers like Barkat Sidhu, Nishwan Bhullar and Nooran sisters have lent their voices. Jyoti of the famous Mallika-Jyoti fame has recited Chandi Di war, which gives you the goose-bumps. Nabar doesn't fall into the 'in' genre of Punjabi cinema, it might take a little extra effort to tear the audience away from laughter (for a while), or it might just take a lot of effort for the same.

Doc Talk
Give me some sunshine…
Dr Deepinder Chaudhary

India may come under the sub-tropical zone, which means days of prolonged sunlight, but an alarmingly large number of people are suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Recent research has indicated that more than 80 per cent of Indian population is vitamin D deficient. It's a shame, considering the major source of Vitamin D, which is also called the sunshine vitamin, is the sun!

We need Vitamin D not just for good bone health, but also for possibly preventing chronic diseases when we are older.

The bones of people with vitamin D deficiency tend to age faster compared to those with healthy levels of 'the sunshine vitamin'.

Research has also indicated that low levels of vitamin D undermine one's bone quality. However, the bigger concern is that the population at large is not even aware of vitamin D deficiency and its consequences.

The basic role of vitamin D is to help deposit calcium in the bones. So if one has enough calcium in blood but is deficient in Vitamin D, then that calcium is useless as it's not going to be deposited in one's bones. Severe deficiency of this vitamin leads to brittle bones, a disease known as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults.

Problem area

Adults with vitamin D deficiency are more likely to develop osteomalacia, the adult version of rickets. Osteomalacia refers to the softening of bones, which are much more likely to bow and fracture.

Osteomalacia is different from osteoporosis. Osteomalacia is a defect in the bone-building process, while osteoporosis refers to the weakening of already-constructed bone.


Vitamin D deficiency begins slowly before physical signs and symptoms of rickets appear. Common early signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Nervousness
  • Painful muscle spasms
  • Leg cramps
  • Numbness in extremities

Treatment for osteomalacia includes calcium and vitamin D supplements. However, in the best of cases only modest improvements in bone mineral density are achieved.


We are not getting enough of vitamin D due to:

  • Changing food habits
  • Strict vegetarian food habit
  • Increasing number of hours spent indoors
  • Increased air pollution hampering the ultraviolet rays to adequately synthesise vitamin D in the skin
  • Travelling in cars rather than open vehicles like cycles/scooters/bikes etc
  • Highly competitive and busy study schedules in schools and homes for the kids with negligible focus on physical activities in open grounds under the sunlight.

Right dose

Vitamin D is measured in units called International Units or IUs. The medical recommendation from 1997 until 2008 was that 200 IU of vitamin D would prevent rickets in most children. New research resulted in doubling that recommendation in 2008, from 200 to 400 IU.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently increased the daily recommended dose of Vitamin D in children to 400 IU. This is the amount that seems to prevent rickets, not the amount that will result in the healthiest bones. The recommended level of vitamin D depends on one age:

  • Children and teens: 600 IU
  • Adults 19-70 years: 600 IU
  • Adults 71 years and older: 800 IU

Source of Vitamin D

The best food source of vitamin D is cod fish oil. Just 1 tablespoon of cod fish oil provides 1,360 IUs. Fatty fish, including salmon, swordfish and tuna, are also excellent sources.

Dairy products such as fortified milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and egg yolks, as well as liver, offer lower levels of vitamin D.

However, the best way to source vitamin D is to stand in the sun for about half hour with minimal protective layer. After all this is one vitamin which is for free!

(Dr Chaudhary is a joint replacement surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi)

first-day-first show
It’s different


Directed by Rajeev Kumar, Nabar features Gitanjali Gill and Nishwan Bhullar. The story of the film is based on a family in Punjab, a father, wife, son and his girlfriend and of how the son is manipulated by bogus agents who promise to send him to the UK. The son (Karma) dies while fighting with one of the UK agents.

Fresh take

I really like the film as it quite a refuge from the romantic comedy that one is fed on regular basis. It is such a delight that Punjabi cinema, after giving us a film like Anne Ghore da Daan, has ventured into meaningful cinema.

Karanveer Singh, student

A welcome change

Finally, Punjabi film-makers are headed for something that stirs an opinion on the social functioning of the region. I am sure that with films like Nabar, this industry is here to stay.

Jaspreet Singh, student

Encouraging step

If you watch the film, it will make you think and I think that is precisely what Punjab needs today. I love the way in which the film has been presented.

Navdeep Singh, student


Directed by Ashish R Shukla and produced by Rohit Khaitan, Prague a romantic film, features Chandan Roy Sanyal, Elena Kazan, Arfi Lamba and Kumar Mayank as main characters. Prague deals with the inner conficts of Chandan, a passionate architect who comes to Prague for a project along with his friend Gulshan.

Good acting

I really like the film. Also, the actors have acted very well. It's a different story and I like the way it has been showcased.

Jasmeet Kaur, student

Romantic angle

I like the film. It is extremely amazing and more than that, I like the way it has dealt with the idea of romance.

Tamanna Kakkar, student

As told to Amarjot Kaur

star track
Pick and choose

Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor has been choosy through most of her career and has become choosier post the success of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Raanjhanna. A lot of films are coming her way but she is only taking up projects that excite her. Her next films are a comedy with YRF and Khoobsoorat.

select theory: Sonam Kapoor

KJo to play a journalist

Karan Johar, who is featuring in Anurag Kashyap's Bombay Velvet, will play the role of Kaizad Khambatta. Kaizad is a quick-witted, and impeccably dressed flamboyant journalist. It is said that his character is based on R K Karanjia, popularly known as Russi Karanjia, the founder-editor of India's first weekly tabloid Blitz. The noted director has earlier played cameos in films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Salaam -e-Ishq and Luck By Chance.

Reportedly, the story of the film is based on historian Gyan Prakash's Mumbai Fables and is about how Mumbai became a metropolis against the backdrop of love, violence and jazz music. Co-produced by Fox Star Studios, Bombay Velvet also stars Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma among others.

She’s got style

Actress Tanishaa Mukerji, who has surprised one and many by entering Big Boss, is quite style conscious. At recent events Tanishaa created some buzz as the actress was looking fabulous wearing designers like Riidhi Siidhi, Maxpencar, Payal Singhal, Shruti Sancheti, etc.

In fact, Tanishaa made a grand entry on the opening episode of Big Boss in an ensemble designed by ace designer Manish Malhotra. Tanishaa's stylist reveals, "Tanishaa is a very style conscious person and is one of the few actresses who puts in a lot of thought into her wardrobe. Recently, while I wasn't aware what Tanishaa was shopping for, she really was in a mood to shop for a whole new wardrobe with a good mix of comfortable yet stylish clothes."

Eggs-tra ordinary

Shilpa Shetty has one of the most enviable bodies in the industry. We have heard that for some time the actress has been eating only six eggs a day and drinking lots of fluids!

Coffee with Deepika

Deepika Padukone loves coffee and she gets the best filter coffee from her hometown in South India. People cannot stop raving about the coffee at her place. She loves sipping coffee in the mornings at her place and enjoying the view of the city she has from her high-rise apartment.

Family saga

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's post maternity leave film has been finalised. It is Prahlad Kakkar's maiden directorial venture Happy Anniversary and she will star alongside husband Abhishek Bachchan. The film is produced by Gaurang Doshi and might star Amitabh Bachchan as well.

Two much of Dhoom?

If the grapevine is to be believed then actor Aamir Khan will be seen in a double role in Dhoom 3. He will play the role of a circus gymnast. Insiders inform that Aamir, who will play the role of a gymnast, will have a sick twin brother. It is for the sake of that sick brother that Aamir turns a bad man. His brother spends his life in darkness.
Aamir Khan
twin treat: Aamir Khan

There are other twists and turn in the movie, but this twist will appear as the biggest one. This twist of double role has been kept secretly with the production team and the unit of the movie. They want the surprise to be unfolded with the release of the movie.

A source says, "While everyone knows that Aamir will be seen in a completely negative avatar in D3, what most don't know is that he will also be seen in a double role, which will blow away people's minds. The twist in the tale (and Aamir's double whammy act) comes towards the climax. It was the brainchild of Aditya Chopra to weave a double role into the script. It's meant to be a surprise element — something that will shock and stun the audiences! Aamir, Adi and director Vijay Krishna Acharya sat for months to work out the look for both Aamir and his double."

This is the first time that Aamir will appear in a double role in Bollywood.

Yaami GautamYaami ready for Mr Right

Yaami Gautam is busy with films at the moment but she wants a nice, understanding guy with a sense of humour to settle down with. She would love a beach date or even a formal dinner.
man hunt: Yaami Gautam

Full of masti
Manjari Phadnis
warning signal: Manjari Phadnis

Actress Manjari Phadnis, known for her girl-next-door performance in Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, was recently seen donning a desi look in adult comedy Grand Masti. Now, she is back with another film named Warning 3D. She plays a hydrophobic in the film. We catch up with her to talk about the film, her role and more…

Are you surprised at the success of Grand Masti?

Not really because of Indra Kumarji. I mean he is the same man who gave films like Aashiq, Dhamaal and Masti, so I knew that this film would do well too. Besides that, I found the script really hilarious. I was in splits when I first read it and I knew that I had to do it. It's a fantastic comedy.

Are you open to doing comedies?

Definitely, I have grown up watching comedies and rom-coms. I want to do films that make audience laugh. I hope to do more enjoyable and entertaining films.

How did Warning happen?

I had received the script for the film and then somehow it slipped out of my mind and I forgot to read it. A month later I met Shilpi Das who happened to be the casting director. She suggested my name and we were reconnected.

Tell us about Warning and your role.

I play Sabina Sanyal, who was a wild child and style-cracker in school, but now she has changed. She is a doctor and she is very sorted in life. She knows what she wants. But the most important thing about her is that she is hydrophobic. In childhood, her best friend died due to drowning and that's an important part of my character.

How was the entire experience shooting for the film?

It was adventurous. We were in the middle of the sea shooting for 14 hours every day. It would take us at least an hour via boat to travel to the middle of the sea. Most of the film was shot under water and there was a special team of people working above.

What's next for you?

I am currently shooting for Wah Taj. There is only one song left to shoot. I can't tell you much about the film since the promotions will start next year.

Are you doing any films in South?

I was busy with Grand Masti and then I signed Warning. After that, I signed Wah Taj so I have been shooting back to back this year. But I really hope to do something interesting in South soon.

Of late, Bollywood has been flooded with several talented young actors. Is there anyone you would like to work with?

I would love to work Ranbir Kapoor. I definitely want to work with Imran Khan again. I know Ayushmann Khurrana. He is a friend of mine. He is very talented so I'd like to do a film with him as well. Then there's Sushant Singh Rajput and Varun Dhawan.

chatter box
Image makeover

After playing the brave Jhansi Ki Rani in the hit Zee TV show, now Ulka Gupta is seen as a spirited adolescent girl in Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi. The talented Ulka talks about her role and new image.
Ulka Gupta
NEXT STEP: Ulka Gupta

What do you like about your character Ami?

Ami’s unpredictability; she is an average student and always in trouble over something. She feels no one understands her and that is the funny part about her. She is imperfect but can handle situations to her benefit every time.

Why did you choose this show?

Due to the story and my role; I felt a connect with Ami who is a teenager like me. So I knew she was the right character for me to do at this time. Many young girls would surely connect with Ami and her flaws as well as insecurities.

Was a change of image also a reason?

Yes. Manu from Rani Laxmibai was a confident girl who knew what she wanted, but Ami is a girl of today’s times. She is like any other girl. That is exciting. I hope people accept Ami just like they did Manu.

What is the USP of this show?

It’s different, as the treatment is real. It is about adolescence, family and coming of age. It’s about kids finding their own identity, so I think there will be lots to keep the viewers entertained.

How is it working with Gautami Kapoor?

Great; she is a wonderful actor and good person. It is fun to be working with her. Our whole cast, Farida Dadi, Suhita Thatte, Manisha Purohit, Manav Gohil, are all really lovely and helpful on the set. — HRM

Real take

Jian KhanActress Jiah Khan's suicide will be the story of an upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Aashiqui. The story is loosely based on her story and is about a film actress who is successful, but falls for a director's son and gets possessive about him. But when her career hits a lull, he dumps her and she kills herself by jumping off a building. Mihika Verma and Rithvik Dhanjani will play the lead roles in this show.

copy this: Jian Khan

Raging controversy

Politician and actor Tajinder Singh Tiwana has filed an FIR against Dolly Bindra for her derogatory defamation statement against him on a prominent news channel.

Talking about the entire episode, Tajinder said, “I was absolutely clueless about why my name had been dragged into a petty attention-seeking act by Dolly Bindra, I was absolutely nowhere in the picture. I don’t know her on a personal level. She has issues with maximum number of people in her society.”
Dolly Bindra
in the dock: Dolly Bindra

Apparently, Dolly Bindra picked up a fight over a petty issue with the traffic police officers posted right outside her building in a bid to help a fellow lady. When contacted by a leading news channel, Dolly instead of highlighting the issue started taking names of reputed people who, according to her, were behind her life. In the interview, Dolly claimed that Tajinder was trying to get her killed.

Disgusted by Dolly’s claim, Tajinder said, “Why would I want to get her killed? I have absolutely no reason to do that. She has issues with her society members and not me. Playing the blame-game and accusing people is her pastime, not mine. I filed a complaint at the Bangur Nagar Police Station. I need a public apology from her.”

Festive spirit

Like every Navratri, this season too TV actors will juggle their serial shoots with visits to Navratri Pandals. Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, Dilip Joshi, Disha Vakhani, Tina Dutta, Delnaaz Irani, Karan V Grover, Mahi Vij, Hiten Tejwani, Karanvir Bohra, Giaa Manek, Rohit Roy, among others, will make a quick buck with these visits.

Making the right moves
A still from Yeh Rishtaa
A still from Yeh Rishtaa

Great chemistry comes with great tuning and to elevate this, Naitik (Karan Mehra) and Akshara (Hina Khan) have taken to the sensual dance form, Salsa. All this effort was taken to prepare for the upcoming episode that will see one of the most popular onscreen couples from Yeh Rishtaa Kya Kehlata Hai take to dancing to add some excitement to their married life.

What is unknown to many is that apart from the shoot, both Karan and Hina have taken extra classes to add finesse to their dance moves. “Dance has become a new-found passion for me. Post my stint with Nach Baliye, I enjoy dance and believe it’s a great way to unwind as well. For a few episodes, Hina and I had to take Salsa lessons as part of the ongoing track, which was great fun and energising. We have attempted to learn and showcase some good moves, now we just hope the viewers like them,” says the adorable Naitik. Practice till perfection is not just a saying anymore, these two brilliant actors have made it their motto for success. Stay tuned to Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Monday to Friday at 9.30 pm only on Star Plus.

Harshad Chopda Sad times

Harshad Chopda of Kis Des Mein Hai Mera Dil fame recently lost his mother. She was suffering from cancer since a while and was admitted to an ICU in Mumbai. Harshad and his family were by his side.
low phase: Harshad Chopda

Food & fun

Sangeeta and Ruslaan lately indulged in a gastronomic delight on the sets of their show. The popular actors transformed their sets to a foodie’s paradise and treated the cast as well as crew to a delectable meal.
Sangeeta & Ruslaan
deLectable treat: Sangeeta & Ruslaan

The stars of Sony Entertainment Television’s popular show Kehta Hai Dil...Jee Le Zara, Ruslaan and Sangeeta recently organised a potluck for the cast and crew on the sets.

Ruslaan brought Malwani prawns curry, dried pomfrets and sol curry. Sangeeta treated everyone to fried fish and Delnaaz got authentic Irani cuisine; Kaleji and Keema for everyone. A little birdie from the sets reveals that Ruslaan and the casting team devoured ten pomfrets at one go! A lot of gossip and secrets were also revealed during the feast. Well, someone has truly stated that 'a family that eats together stays together'!

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You start the day in a philosophical mood. Do not jump to conclusions in haste. It is not a good day for forming a partnership. Ventures can fail when associates withdraw support. Savings can get used up. Tarot message: Learn to accept responsibility for yourself and others. Lucky colour: Mauve. Magic number: 25

TAURUS: Kids keep you busy. A few people will be making waves today. You will not be able to have things your own way. Marital difficulties can be eased through a mutual friend. Tarot message: Your determination to succeed will pay dividends. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 44

GEMINI: Do what you can to improve the relationship with your spouse. It is a sensitive day for joint financial affairs. Emotions should not be allowed to rule your head. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 30

CANCER: Money problem will continue to bother. Keep calm even if people around you losing their heads. The health of your parents needs extra attention. A spiritual approach to the day will suit you best. Tarot message: Do not transact in uncertain matters. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 47

LEO: Students suffer from lack of activities. Start making the changes you keep talking about. An unsatisfactory relationship can come to an end bringing all the heartache of separating the property and perhaps the kids. Tarot message: Emphasise on spiritual needs. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 51

VIRGO: The card “The Lovers” signifies that a friendly and helpful atmosphere surrounds you. People are likely to be drawn to you now. You can clash with a partner or friend over a difference of opinion. Tarot message: You gain by being practical; don’t be emotional. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 63

LIBRA: Your ambitions can be realised if you use your connections. Don’t make a secret of your aims. A romance has reached the stage of moving in together, merging your assets and discussing marriage. Tarot message: You will be happier if you retain the fruits of your hardwork. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 52

SCORPIO: Keep a clear mind; if you start to get confused nothing will work. You are in danger of blowing your budget. Colleagues can sound knowledgeable, but in fact they only know half the picture. Tarot message: Don’t waste an opportunity by not exploiting a contact. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 50

SAGITTARIUS: Give attention to little jobs today.Check all information regarding legal matters. Watch your thinking as it can easily spin you into a depression. Tarot message: Consolidate your gains instead of throwing security to the winds. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 56

CAPRICORN: Gossip will bring you down and you can hear something you should rather not know. Your popularity is on the rise and a leadership position can be offered to you. Tarot message: Frankness and ability to state the truth are your strong points. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 33

AQUARIUS: Unstable influences suggest uncertainty. Be compassionate and try not to judge harshly. You can bow out of a social event to spend more time with your loved ones. Tarot message: Avoid friction with business partners. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 41

PISCES: Any changes made at work or in your job bring favourable results. Domestic wrangles are sorted out. Do not take people on face value. Powerful emotions can ruffle your calm. Tarot message: Your own aims, ideas and opinions matter a lot. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 30

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 28...

Your key planet Sun makes you a good human being; unique, courageous, committed, competitive, coordinated and intelligent. You will develop good social contacts this year. Your economic condition will be very good. Finances will improve and help you save more money. Positive colours: Turquoise, Sea-green, Blue.

Select days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday.

Favourable numbers: 1, 3, 9.

Gems recommended: Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral, Ruby.

Charity on birthday: Donate black pulses, oil, tea and steel utensils at a school or religious place.

You share your birthday with Lata Mangeshkar (September 28, 1929). She is the second vocalist to have been awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honour. She was featured in the Guinness Book of World Records from 1974 to 1991 for having made the most recordings in the world. She has a very long life according to her horoscope.

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