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Punjabi movies keep rolling in and this time it is Ishq Garaari. Like always, it promises to offer something different...

Here comes another Punjabi film that hits the screens this Friday and the lead actor Sharry Maan is certain of its success. Story is the king, if the film Ishq Garaari's director Dheeraj Rattan is to be believed. A situational comedy, it is the story of friends who fall in love with the same girl.

Going by the frenzy the film cast created at Connect Broadband office in Mohali on Wednesday, for a unique employee engagement programme as Diwali bonanza, the actor and director's confidence seems justifiable.

Sharry Maan opens the talk. "Punjabi cinema has a long way to go. Comedies have brought audience in; there would be different genres explored in the coming times," says Sharry, insisting that their film is 'different' from the regular comedies.

Writer-director and a star of sorts, Dheeraj pitches in, "Everyone is questioning whether comedies will sell because in Punjabi cinema actors are often very repetitive. We have tried to bring in fresh faces and then we have two singing sensations — Sharry Maan and Miss Pooja — in the film too."

Mandy Takkar, for whom it's her fifth Punjabi outing, shares her take, "In Punjab, we cannot experiment with subjects that don't go down well with the sensibility of the region. We cannot try Cocktail here, so comedies are the best bet," says the actor who considers herself lucky to have worked with the best of teams.

While Sharry is taking it easy, he's going to cut another album before he thinks of another film post Ishq Garaari. He is happy at having tried his hand at acting, "Playing a new character is quite challenging; I am enjoying the thrill."

Diwali being just around the corner, we ask the cast about their favourite part of the festival. Gulzar Chahal replies with a prompt khana pina, "Sanu taan ji khaan vi pasand hai the pina vi; with film promotions, celebrations are on for us." Mandy loves the shopping part and spending time with her family, which she'll miss this time for she's caught up in work commitments.

For Gunjan Walia, it's the time of the year when she comes back to her hometown Phagwara, "Though I live in Mumbai, Diwali is home time and I love celebrations with my own family."

For Sharry, Diwali, Holi or Lohri — happiness is a way of life, "Growing up, when I did not have much money, I would find ways to enjoy still. With money, it has changed!"

Not before he finishes, Connect employees gather around him and his team, clicking pictures, taking autographs; bit of pushing, shoving for the Diwali souvenir they want to take back home.

Amongst them, says Sharry, "I have thousands of messages of people looking forward to the film and I know they will write back sharing their feedback."

Gulzar chips in, "Ours is light entertainment. No vulgarity, no double meanings; it's a family film." Seconds Sharry, "Movie or song, it is first played in the family to see whether it is proper or not!"

You can check that out on October 25 as the film hits the screens!


Satluj meets Shanghai
Poonam Bindra

Keeping up with the trend for authentic international cuisine taste RED (Rare Eastern Dining), the Chinese specialty restaurant at Radisson Blu Hotel MBD Ludhiana, has started a food festival called Satluj to Shanghai Culinary Journey.

Shanghai cuisine, also known as Hu cuisine, includes two styles-local Benbang cuisine and fusion Haipai cuisine. The master chef, an expert from Shanghai has conceptualised this foodie journey.

The chilli chicken is different and crispy with just the right amount of spices. The humble egg plant stuffed with mushrooms and szechwan vegetables to go with golden fried rice is another novelty.

As the chef tells us the Benbang cuisine, literally meaning 'local cuisine', is the traditional family style cuisine that appeared in Shanghai over 100 years ago. The USP was the use of fresh fish, prawn, lobster, crab, chicken, pork and various vegetables as the main ingredients. It has a great flavour and a bright color derived from the oil and soybean sauce. Like the food of Suzhou and Wuxi cuisines, Benbang food tastes fresh, mellow and a little sweet. Haipai cuisine, meaning 'fusion cuisine' is derived from the international cosmopolitan culture formed in Shanghai in the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It absorbs the advantages of many food from other regions of China and even western food, and then blending them to suit local tastes. Fresh fish, shrimps and crabs lobster are the main ingredients of Haipai cuisine."

"I have always looked for genuine seafood delicacies and I am really relishing the taste of Shanghai sui mai, stuffed with prawns and crab meat, snow fungus with chilli ginger sauce," quips internationally travelled Dr Bakshi, a regular at RED.

For the foodies, who want to know about food it is knowledgeable to learn that in recent years, Shanghai cuisine has been greatly influenced by Cantonese cuisine, The dessert is unique in itself as it ice-cream spring rolls and stuffed fresh pineapple in fried bread."

This festival is unique and has connect as Ludhiana is located on the banks of Satluj and our master chef for Chinese is from Shanghai hence this journey from Satluj to Shanghai," informs the general manager Rakesh Rawat.

Price points: Rs 1100 plus taxes/person for a meal.

(On till October 27)

Attuned notes
Members of the Hungarian band Kobzos Ensemble believe that the singing technique in India is quite the same as in their country. They bring in the best tunes from their land for us…
Manpriya Singh

It doesn't get more imaginative than Hungarian folk music specialists wearing saffron headgear and gearing up for a shabad kirtan programme at Ajit Karam Singh International Public School in Chandigarh on Wednesday!

However, in respecting cultural diversity lies the true spirit of unity. "There is only one popular way of music and which is the American way. That is not good. In Hungary too, popular music exists but the world is diverse and so is its music; we should respect and strive towards the betterment of all the folk and traditional genres," Andrea Navratil, the vocalist, still manages finding a parallel.

She is flanked by three more members and together they form the band called Kobzos Ensemble. "We are a five-six year old and play instruments, which are played in only one or two regions in Hungary," shares La'szlo Demeter, on the koboz and bells. They have just finished with an hour-long performance that comprised, "spiritual songs, dance music and traditional Hungarian folk music." speaking of which, the Hungarian music, that is, there is a lot that finds a parallel with Indian culture. "Hungarian music is not very simple as it has many layers to it. Lyrics are very important in our music and it is filled with a lot of energy. You can call it a very passionate music," chips in Ma'rton Koma'romi, on the vocals and fiddle. The group aims at collecting and preserving the music of e'sangos, a Hungarian minority living in Romania. The group also specialises in presenting varied programmes and each one is played in a different band line-up.

India connect

It's been ten days since the cultural endeavour by SPICMACAY brought the four artistes on an India tour. While Bollywood doesn't elicit a quick response, one of them manages to mention Jodhaa Akbar for us. "I have seen a performance that had a singer, a flute player and a tabla player together. It was an amazing performance. I think the singing technique is quite the same as in our region," shares Andrea.

Surprisingly, Indian food brings more excited reactions than any Indian artistes. Laughs La'szlo, "Indian food is very spicy. We've tasted quite a few dishes." It was only a matter of nudging, till one name leads to another.

"Puri bhaji, khichdi, garlic naan, masala tea and palak paneer." He adds, "Garlic naan was awesome. We all loved it and so was palak paneer."

While the crowds are "warm and helpful," how receptive they are to their music can only be guessed. "We hope they understand and like our music. Going by their responses, they seem to be quite enthusiastic about our music."


In the right company
OM-OXL aims at providing digital rights, network coverage and subsidy related information to film producers
Manpriya Singh

Just so that Punjabi cinema's golden era doesn't turn into a grave one, there's a timely attempt at streamlining projects and putting perspective into efforts. The formula films that are ever forgettable, one time producers fading overnight or distributors that are twice shy; there's a lot that lurks beneath the rom-com surface of flourishing Punjabi cinema. OM-OXL Media Pvt Ltd comes into being with all the right concerns.

Just before we enquire on what the venture is, Dinesh Sood, director and co-founder, steps in to ensure what it is not. "It is not a production company. It is a platform for the producers where they would now be felicitated with digital rights, network coverage and subsidy related information." He adds, "Do you know there are as many as 30 digital media available? The producers suffer losses once and hibernate completely from the industry. They are never guided as far as the subsidies for shooting are concerned, distributors don't guide them further."

An effort that comes into being, considering the current state of affairs of the Industry. Adds Sandeep Kapoor, director, "We want more and more producers to come forward, we'll be guiding them on all the parameters of revenue. Movie-making is a serious business." The services of the company include film marketing, theatrical releases, home video, music and satellite releases, apart from distribution, consultation, in-film advertising etc.

On war footing

Joining them is Kuljinder Singh Sidhu of the Sadda Haq fame. The co-founder, who proved his mettle in acting and film writing with the 2013 blockbuster, shares, "We already have two projects underway, out of which one is titled Yodha, meaning a warrior." While the cast and other details of the film are yet to be worked out, the fact that it will be his project is certain. A lot more queries elicit very little response. "The movie will be shot in and around Punjab and it will be meaningful cinema." The film is touted to be the story of a young boy and based on today's times.

Apart from the film ventures, there are other things lined up too. Shares Dinesh Sood, "We are also looking at forming a body on the lines of producers' guild. It will be something like Punjab's producers guild.” Any salvage attempts and experiments are more than welcome.

A leaf out of his book
Sanjay Khumbkarni establishes a conversation with leaves through his lens for his solo show My Branch, My Leaf
Amarjot Kaur

"Be here to see my swaying branch,
… listen to my rustling leaf,
Believe me when I say
Art shows the way
To a feeling heart…"
—Sanjay Kumbhkarni

There lingers the exquisite expression of aesthetic perfection at the Sohba Singh Art Gallery at the Punjab Kala Bhawan on Tuesday evening. And one is transfixed at the perception of beauty, joy and spirituality, a unique mélange of poetry and photography that is conveyed so effortlessly by Sanjay Kumbhkarni, a photographer and a poet, in his 14th solo exhibition, My Branch, My Leaf.

As you take a look at his photographs, the subject of which are leaves and branches, the play of light that tenders much drama and character to the content of his photographs, baffles you to a degree beyond expression. You will only have a few seconds to appreciate the artistic genius before your eyes shift to the romantic couplets, the slips of which are attached to each corresponding photograph.

Sanjay excels at communicating with the elements of nature and punctuating his expressions rather articulately through his lens, thereby establishing a connection that is rare and almost surreal, rather magical. Having served at the Geological Survey of India, Sanjay clicks a pair of old boots with plants stemming out of them, the other photograph depicts the symbol of "Om", which is formed by the dead leaves and then there is still another that shows a leaf, heavy with the drop of water and the quote that reads-Oh! To bend down with love's weight, and to let go to rise up and gather more.

"We all look at the trees, but what about the leaves?," questions Sanjay as he speaks about his choice of subject. "I tried to establish a conversation with the leaves through my lens only to explore the beauty of nature," he shares. "A good photo begins with a 'feeling heart' and though a good camera and lens are important prerequisites, the feeling lends much insight to defining the character of each photo and thereby its contents," he smiles as he stresses again on "the feeling heart".

Sanjay uses a Cannon 40d and explains that all photographs had been clicked in the daylight and that he had not used any other source of light other than the natural light that he had at his disposal.

While you subjugate your intellect, aesthetics and understanding to appreciate Sanjay's photography, leave not your "feeling heart" at home, for it's only a feeling heart that can make true sense of all art.

On till October 27.

A peep into Priyanka’s wardrobe

Priyanka Chopra has emerged in the fashion world as a gorgeous and sexy swan. She talks about what makes her fashion sense tick, her idols, and more.

Wardrobe swap

If I were to swap my wardrobe with someone, it would be Victoria Beckham or Rihanna. Though, I wouldn't let go of the Louis Vuitton trolley from my wardrobe. It was gifted to me by my parents on my birthday. It has sentimental value.

Favourite buy

My most cherished buy is my black Gucci suede overcoat. I do feel cold sooner than usual. So this keeps me warm and stylish at the same time. But that's not the only piece I love. I have so many more… which is why my closet is overflowing.

Fashion conscious

Am I fashion conscious is a question to which I don't have an answer. It's a yes and no. I don't have to wear the trend of the moment. For me, it's about being dressed right for the occasion.

Faux pas

The biggest fashion faux pas according to me is wearing an amazing look but lacking in self-confidence. I usually avoid over embellished clothes, animal prints and dull colours. I'm also finicky about my overall appearance. I like a look to be complete from head to toe.

Favourite look

My best red carpet appearance would be the Maya Crispin custom jumpsuit that I wore for the Disney Planes premiere in Hollywood. Everything from my hair, make-up to the outfit and accessories came together for this Aviator chic look!

Zoya goes cruising

New horizon: Zoya Akhtar Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara was about three friends going on a road trip to Spain. The ace director's next film will be a family drama on a cruise liner. The entire film will be based on the cruise liner, sailing off the South African coast.

Zoya, along with the production team, has done extensive reece in the past two months. She had broadly narrowed on a couple of options for the shoot. However, logistically South Africa worked best. South Africa is also very scenic and the water is clean with varied shades of blue and green.

The team is also in the process of finalising the cast. There are many speculations doing the rounds. As of now, nothing has been finalised except the fact that it is going to be an ensemble cast. It is most likely that Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma are going to be part of the cast. It is the first time that an Indian film will be shot entirely on an international cruise liner.

The production team is working out the details for the shoot. The film goes on floors by mid April in 2014. Zoya will be acquiring finer details during her reece to incorporate them in her next project so as to provide the finest results.

The movie is expected to release by end of 2014 or early 2015.

Bhaji’s all set

The trailer of the much-awaited hearting warming Punjabi film Bhaji in Problem is finally out. Bhaji in Problem is Grazing Goat Picture's second regional film after the poignant Marathi film 72 Miles Ek Pravas which was directed by National Award winning director, the late Rajiv Patil of Jogwa fame.

With Bhaji in Problem, Akshay Kumar and Ashvini Yardi are all set to give their audiences a comical relief with their latest regional venture.

Soon after the trailer was launched with Besharam's release, audiences were found tweeting and describing the trailer as hilarious and expressing their eagerness to watch the film. Some people also called it the dhamaka trailer, re-instating the fact that the film indeed looks as a promising blockbuster for all Punjabi and comedy film buffs.

The film is based on the story of Gurpreet Ghuggi, who plays the character of Sundeep Cheema, juggling between two wives. His life ends up in a complete chaos with the entry of Gippy Grewal who plays Jeeta and falls in love with Preet played by Ragini Khanna. In this comedy of errors of epic proportions, both sides know the deepest and the most intimate secrets of the other, which each wants to protect at any cost and holds it over the other's head. The film is a budding laugh riot and as one hilarious situation unfolds after another, the film only gets more interesting and engaging.

The film stars some of Punjab's most reputed stars Gippy Grewal and Gurpreet Ghuggi who are joined by Sasural Ghenda Phool's Suhana Raghini Khanna, and veteran actor Om Puri as central characters. The film is directed by Smeep Kang who has delivered successful hits such as Carry on Jatta and Lucky Di Unlucky Story.

The film also sees cricketer Harbajan Singh making a friendly appearance along with producer Akshay Kumar, who a Punjabi himself, having an extended appearance.

Bhaji in Problem releases on November 15.

Chemical reaction

Actress Natalie Portman feels Chris Hemsworth has great on-screen chemistry with ever co-stars of him. The 32-year-old actress, who is sharing the screen space with the Australian heartthrob in the action film Thor: The Dark World, said he is one of the best actors in Hollywood.

"I think Chris has chemistry with everyone he meets. He's the nicest, most professional, best actor. He's very easy to be around. It's definitely not something we needed to work at and I think that says so much about him. He's a great guy," she said during the world premiere of the new action movie at the Odeon in London's Leicester Square last night.

Hemsworth, 30, can not quite believe he has so many fans, as he was almost rendered speechless by the warm reception he received at the screening.

"I love shooting in London. I've done a number of films here now and to be back with this film that we started three years ago to this kind of reception is a dream come true," he said.

`The duo were joined at the red carpet event by Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Christopher Eccleston and Kat Dennings. — PTI


Bhojpuri blast

Sporty spirit: On the sets of The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika The Bachelorette Mansion opened its doors to welcome Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kissen as a celebrity guest on The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika. Known for his flamboyant image and a devilish taste for pranks, Ravi got the boys to wear bangles! Making the moment significant, Ravi Kissen explained that bangles were not just a feminine ornament but it represented the power of woman and their importance in our life.

Sporty spirit: On the sets of The Bachelorette India – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika.

The second game, Kabbadi, saw the contestants divided into two teams and everyone had fun playing the game. One of the contestants, Jashn Singh, injured himself badly while playing and Ravi Kissen came to his rescue. He helped ease Jashn’s pain with his healing techniques. Ravi shared his secrets not just of fitness, but even acting as he enacted some scenes from his movies. So, with some heavy gaming, healing touch and lots of action, the superstar of Bhojpuri films, Ravi Kissen, raised the spirits of everyone on the sets.

Romit makes a comeback

Romit Raj Returning to a show on public demand is a high that very few actors get. And Romit Raj is one of them. His popular character Varun on the hit show Adalat was killed, but now he has returned as the same character in the show. We catch up for more.

What brought you back to Adalat?

It was the love of the audiences I guess. While it was a creative decision to kill Varun earlier, it was yet again a creative decision to bring him back and I was glad to accept it. The viewers wanted to see KD (Ronit Roy) and Varun together, so they wrote mails to the channel and production house which is how this became possible.

Have you played multiple characters in the show?

Yes, I have donned almost ten-twelve disguises on the show be it for investigating a case or evading KD. I love the long hair and beard look, as I played a cannibal then, and that was the biggest case for Varun. When he died on the show, KD, who thought of him as a brother, was quite shocked.

You share a great rapport with Ronit Roy. What have you learnt from him?

I have learnt a lot from him. We have worked together for two years and we would chat about films, performances, books, music et al. He is like an elder brother. I have learnt to be tough and focused in life from him.

Have you tried your luck in films?

I have done a couple of films - Humdum and Gautam Ghose's Yatra starring Rekha and Nana Patker. Unfortunately, the kind of movies I was being offered didn't excite me. Television is a better route for me.

What did you do in the break?

I was a hands-on dad with my daughter Reha. She's 17 months and it is super-fun to be with her.

Brave act

All is well: Aanand Goradiya Aanand Goradiya was shooting a scene with his senapati for Maharana Pratap when there was an accident on the sets. Anand plays the treacherous and lecherous Rajput king Rao Sultan. His horse suddenly became violent and grabbed the leg of his senapati who was perched on his horse nearby. As if that was not enough, the horse rose on his hind legs and became restless due to which Anand lost his balance and fell off from it. The production house and technical staff rushed him to a nearby doctor and thankfully the X-rays revealed that no bones were broken. Although he suffered a muscle tear in his lower back, the brave man took painkiller injections and reported back for the shoot within two hours!

All is well: Aanand Goradiya

Ekta Kapoor Exploring relations

Finally, Ekta Kapoor’s show Mera Tera Rishta Purana, based on Manju Kapur’s novel Custody, will be out. After being delayed, the show, which now stars Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel, who have replaced Cezanne Khan and Shruti Bapna, is a story about love, divorce and custody of kids. Buzz is that it might get a late night slot at 11 pm and be called Mohabbatein instead.

LEAD on: Neha Marda Show time

Pratigya producer Pearl Grey is working on her new fictional show based in Jhansi for Zee TV. Neha Marda aka Gehna of Balika Vadhu might be the lead. She had earlier been in talks for Pratigya 2 with the same production house, which never materialised.

LEAD on: Neha Marda

Playing the villain

Rashmi Sharma's Desh Ki Beti Nandini will soon pick up pace. Surendra Pal, who has done roles like Raja Daksh in Life OK's Mahadev and earlier of Dronacharaya in Mahabharat, will play the role of a political leader who will fight Nandini in the polls.

Mission possible

Anil Kapoor is still friends with Tom Cruise, whom he worked with in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. He took tips from him on fitness and running. TC uses a special treadmill to train his legs for running.

A still from ShahidAll paid

Slain lawyer Shahid Azmi's family would not take any free tickets for the screenings held across the city. They attended all the screenings and bought regular tickets.

A still from Shahid

Crime scene: Saif Ali Khan & Katrina KaifOff to Beirut

Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif (untitled) -starrer which is a political crime thriller directed by Kabir Khan has taken off and shooting will begin in Beirut, Lebanon soon despite trouble in that region. They will also shoot in war-torn Syria later on. Crime scene: Saif Ali Khan & Katrina Kaif

Anil KapoorBusy 24X7

Anil Kapoor has become very busy with the shooting and promotions of 24. Yet, he takes out two hours everyday to listen to script narrations and reading them as there are many scripts coming his way.

Dress rehearsal: Kareena Kapoor KhanRetro look for Kareena

Kareena Kapoor Khan will have two distinct looks in Shuddhi. One look is set in the 1910s and the others in the 1960s. Manish Malhotra is creating costumes for her. She is also losing weight and will do the trials when she returns from Beirut.

Dress rehearsal: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Yes Boss!

Akshay Kumar-starrer Boss has released to decent reviews and decent collections. The film has raked in Rs 39 crore in five days and that is not bad at all.






P Khurrana

ARIES: Keep in mind that situations change and lucky breaks can be just around the corner. Try to increase your knowledge in new areas. Health needs more care in the evening. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Coffee. Magic number: 28

TAURUS: Take criticism constructively and accept praise graciously. Make the most of this low-key day because there is plenty of work in store tomorrow. Money problem is likely to come to the fore. Tarot message: Don't take hasty decisions. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 61

GEMINI: Your chivalrous behaviour and sentiments strike the right note with appreciating lovers. Put aside all your cares and have a good time. Influential people can be contacted without too much trouble. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Golden brown. Magic number: 33

CANCER: Browse the newspaper and websites for that dream job because you can find exactly what you have been looking for. Arguments at home are likely to erupt. Career women will be in the limelight. Tarot message: Learn from past experiences. Lucky colour: Beige. Magic number: 28

LEO: If you have been feeling house-bound, arrange an outing with your partner. Refuse any new assignments. Loved ones are unlikely to make special demands upon you. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people from coming to their own conclusions. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 65

VIRGO: Show your love to close ones through practical action rather than empty promises. Be careful while signing agreements. Family members will require your assistance. It is not a day for forming new relationships. Tarot message: Try to accomplish long-term tasks. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 27

LIBRA: If something is already on your calendar, postpone it for a later date. It is time to impress your boss. You will be feeling competent to deal with work that requires creativity. Tarot message: Don't do anything at the cost of health. Lucky colour: Forest green. Magic number: 39

SCORPIO: You are in a cheerful mood today. Decisions can involve a journey overseas, committing to a formal course of education or joining a religious community. Older people: take care of your health. Tarot message: Make compromises outside and come to terms with yourself. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 25

SAGITTARIUS: Women: you will have the money to shop to your heart's desire. Think about the cost to the family budget next time you spend on entertainment or luxury items. You can plan a profitable business trip. Tarot message: Lack of caution can leave you in losses. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 44

CAPRICORN: Household expenses and mortgage seem to be pretty well covered now but pleasurable indulgence might be eating into your domestic expenses. Do not take an impulsive decision. Tarot message: You shall prevent a lot of trouble by taking timely action. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55

AQUARIUS: Investments such as property are likely. A detailed accounting process lets you know what you can afford in the present situation. Shopkeepers can encounter an unruly customer. Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking action. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 64

PISCES: Make the day a really enjoyable one and forget about work. Some of you will feel depressed about future prospects and career ambitions. You will feel free from any pressure or stress today. Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 46

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is October 24...

Try to avoid a fling, especially if you are in a stable relationship. You need to show some self-control. Spending time with the young members and children in your family will make you happy. You'll be very enthusiastic and passionate. You'll take on all great work opportunities and do well, as you'll be very shrewd as well as fearless. You'll treat your loved one aggressively as there is something which isn't quite right. You should try to make the best use of your mental abilities and highly charged enthusiasm.

Mallika SherawatPositive colours: White, Sea green, Light blue.

Select days: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Favourable numbers: 3, 6, 9.

Gems recommended: Diamond, Zircon, Pearl.

Charity on birthday: Donate yellow sweet cooked rice to the poor.

You share your birthday with Mallika Sherawat (Reema Lamba, October 24, 1981, Rohtak), who first appeared in some television commercials and later in films. Malika’s Venus (number 6) is very strong date-wise as well as horoscope-wise. She has a long innings in films.

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