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Work 5 days, from home & save energy

Progress is closely linked to how we can prudently manage our water and energy requirements. On it rests the wisdom of man to create an equilibrium where progress does not militate with Mother Nature.

Burgeoning energy consumption has burdened the government with a huge import bill for petroleum, diesel, gas, coal and other petrochemicals. To curtail its wasteful consumption, the government should work out a plan of conservation measures. Five days a week work schedule is one such way. To ensure strict compliance, a good working system must be in place.

It is being realised the world over that continuous 24x7 work schedule is telling heavily on the efficiency and productivity of every type of work force. Studies have also shown that rest and leisure between long and arduous work schedules help the workforce to re-energize and improve productivity. With weekends off, the work force would feel a respite from the monotony and drudgery, besides helping conserve valuable resources of energy, water and transport.

Many private companies are encouraging their executives to work online and operate from their houses and remain hooked with their organisations through laptops ad mobiles. New technologies are throwing up new ideas to cut down expenses and reduce losses in terms of rent, accommodation, transportation and overuse of energy components without comprising on efficiency and quality.

Tek Chand, Una

Chinese’ Diwali

When people across the country worshipped Goddess Lakshmi in the hope of riches and prosperity on Diwali, those who must be filling their coffers for sure are the manufacturers sitting in China. Chinese products ruled the markets on Diwali this year. Earthern ‘diyas’ made of clay were almost completely replaced by Chinese lights this year. We know that this trend is hitting hard our potters but the Chinese lights are now in fad. Time has undergone a tremendous change in the past decade. Now there are very few customers for ‘diyas’. It is unfortunate that our own artisans are having to suffer.

Vinod Jaidka, Panchkula

Justice delayed

With reference to the editorial (October 31), the Sikh community suffered much during the riots of 1947 and 1984. The Sikh organisations could not even count the number of Sikhs killed and or of those who suffered otherwise. Till date, correct figures are not available. Today, though the media is active, it is silent about the exact number of Sikhs killed in 1984. There are reports that the people were discouraged from lodging FIRs. It is also on record that most of the killings were conducted in the presence of police, military and paramilitary forces. The Sikhs have a complaint that the government of that time was conniving with the rioters and some leaders were leading mobs to kill the Sikhs.

But there is none to establish these facts because of lapse of time. The Sikh community is still nurses a grievance that there had been a planned genocide of the Sikh community and they are planning to take up this case before the UNO.

The Sikhs know that no one shall be punished because evidence is not alive and no court can punish the guilty if there is no evidence against him. Therefore, the only course left with the people of India is that they should seek pardon for this genocide. The people of India have already accepted the Sikhs as a faithful community. They have Dr Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of India and a Sikh could reach the post of Commander-in-Chief of military forces. The victims must be honoured and taken as shaheeds and their families properly compensated. There is no proper compensation for such crimes.

Dalip Singh Wasan, Patiala

Make kids healthy

Children are the future of any country. In India, as many as 8 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition and an estimated 2.4 million child workers as per the 68th NSS survey. We hardly see any future in their eyes. It is not easy to overcome this problem, but an effort is required. The government must tackle issues of child labour and malnutrition more seriously. By ignoring the future of the nation, we are ignoring the dreams that our national heroes saw for our country.

Dippanjeet Kaur, Ludhiana

Pension, with DA, is a right

The Supreme Court has defined pension as deferred wages payable to a retiree till the date of his death. The pension is a matter of right under the Constitution and it is a social obligation of the government. The Bombay High Court has held that the pension of a pensioner is his social security in his old age and it is his right to receive it. To deprive a pensioner of his pension and other benefits is to deprive him of his right to live.

The inordinate delay on the part of the Punjab government to release the enhanced full dearness allowance @ 18% (8%+10%) which is payable along with pension without any delay to its pensioners constitutes an encroachment upon their dignified existence in society.

The medical bills of senior citizen pensioners are also pending for a long time with the departments concerned for want of release of funds by the government. The Punjab government should give top priority to clear the pending dues i.e. enhanced DA @ 18% and medical bills of its senior citizen pensioners, overriding the development works, so that they could utilise the amount before they leave this world for their heavenly abode.

P.L. Saini, Senior Citizen Forum, Hoshiarpur



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