A knotted affair
More than just an accessory, the simple scarf now makes a loud and clear fashion statement
Ashima Batish
A Lino Perros scarf
wear it right: A Lino Perros scarf and Karan Singh Chhabra (below) sporting a cravet
Karan Singh Chhabra

If there is one thing among a few others that Navjot Singh Sidhu takes very seriously, it's his dressing up. A part of his style consciousness roots from his being part of the glamour industry and rest from his love affair with fashion. For people, who question the austerity trait of a politician, he rightfully justifies, "Fine feather make fine birds. Only when one feels good, one can work better." So, he picks up suits that has label of Canali sewn at the seams and feels humble in an IWC and Franck Muller watches. The other accessory he is very particular about is his scarves, strictly Hermes. "It's my favourite accessory. I love wearing neckties but scarves have an unparallel style appeal." Backing his claim (though not literally) are luxury clothes labels which every winter introduce a range of scarves. The classics, however, remain to be evergreen.

The most iconic of scarves come from the house of Burberry. The plaid tartan scarf might be the most replicated pattern in the market but it remains to be a favourite with fashion followers. As for scarves by Indian fashion designers', those by Masaba Gupta and Aneeth Arora are very popular. Tina Bhardwaj, of the label Madsam Tinzin, says that scarves are an easy and interesting replacement even for dupattas. "We have done a few suits this season with scarves rather than dupptas to make them a practical wear."As for her favourite, the ones by Masaba stand out. "You can pair them up with plain kurtas. They are the easiest way to pep up boring attire." While making colour contrast by using a scarf is what she thinks is ideal use of the accessory, even a tone on tone doesn't look out of the place. Her scarf collection comes in different fabrics from silk to chiffon to georgettes in prints as well as monochromes. The range starts from Rs 2,500 and goes up to 4,500.
Madsam Tinzin scarves

It remains, however, debatable if scarves were modified to give it the form of mufflers and stoles or it is the other way round. An interesting derivative of scarves is cravet, the ones Navjot Singh Sidhu sports under the blazers. These have been popular much before the retail chains thought of dedicating a shelf to scarves. Ask Karan Singh Chhabra, a model, who recently completed a shoot with ace designer, Sabyasachi, about cravet, and he says he has at least a dozen. "A cravet instantly adds colour to a usual black, grey or brown blazer." He has quite a collection of mufflers as well, a trend he recalls kickstarted by Shah Rukh Khan with Mohabbatein. "He taught us how to wear a muffler with a knot," Karan quips.

A scarf thus comes in different shapes and can be used in several ways. Lino Perros, the label into the accessories business from the last 13 years, has shifted the focus from neckties to scarves. Natasha Dua, director, Lino Perros, explains why, "Neckties will always be popular. Scarves are a new market, where in people want to experiment with them, wear them in different ways." She adds that it is an accessory that doing men more good than women, "Women have a hundred accessories to style up with, men have a just a couple of them. Scarves sure make for an interesting addition." For further reference, follow Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Here are a few tips on how to wear a scarf

  • Half fold the square shaped scarf, wrap it around the neck, so that it makes a triangle in the front. The ends of the scarf should be equal on both sides. It's also the most popular way of using the accessory these days.
  • The traditional way of wearing the scarf is, half fold it and tie the knot in front.
  • Instead of placing the knot in the centre of your collar bones, wear it on a side. It will anyday look more stylish.
  • Try the butterfly style, it's not even commonly sported.
  • Incase it's muffler like scarf, try different knots.


Take one
Jasmine Singh

Friday jitters is a phenomenon he has watched closely. Interestingly, this is for the first time he will witness it very closely. As Shiv Darshan, son of director, distributor and producer Sunil Darshan makes his debut in the Bollywood film Karle Pyar Karle, he is getting ready to face the Friday.

"Even when I was a kid, I would feel jittery when my father or uncle Dharmesh Darshan's film was to be released. This time I am in the dock; Friday, January 10, is going to be my big day, rather big Friday," shares Shiv, who plays the lead role in the upcoming movie that he calls wholesome entertainment. Before he turns to this chapter, Shiv takes a detour talking about how he took time out for this big leap and what made him zero-in on acting.

"I come from a filmy background, but I wasn't sure what I was going to do in films. Then one day, my father asked me to come on the sets and shoot a scene wherein I had to look like Akshay Kumar. My hair were chopped and with make-up, they took a wide shot of mine. It was a lovely thing, all the pampering; this is when I decided I wanted to act," Shiv narrates his story.

What followed after the decision was some serious work. Shiv joined acting classes, also went to New York for the same. "I wanted to be really prepared. Only when I felt up to it, we started looking for scripts and then Karle Pyar Karle happened.

He enjoys all the pampering and the shoot as well. "This is one part of it. I also have to deal with all the expectations. This is the second side of the coin." This handsome fellow knows and is well aware of the eyes that are on him. "Coming from a filmi background also means carrying some kind of responsibility," he says.

It is pretty early for Shiv to decide what kind of cinema he wants to be a part of. "I have kept my options open. I want to work with all kinds of directors without categorising anything or anyone."

Youth connect
Actor-singer Jassi Gill is humbled by the appreciation that he's got for his tracks
Jasmine Singh

He doesn't use any extra frills, no gaani, no spikes, no bulky tattoos on display, not even an accent for affect, Punjabi singer actor Jassi Gill only lets his mellifluous voice dig deep into your heart. Currently shooting for Mundeyan Toh Bach Ke Rahin in Chandigarh, the singer is making rounds with his latest track Pyar Mera, which gets an average of 8000 hits every single day. This is not the first time that his song is creating such a rage, Jassi's Lancer track has crossed three millions hits.

The singer is definitely lucky here, one time too many. All his albums and songs Lancer, Chudiyaan have been taken hands on by the listeners. He just smiles, placing his hand on his heart, humbled by the experience. "I am glad people have liked my work, singing is my first love, my passion, it is everything that defines me, so whenever I sing a song, it is an experience, like blowing life into something," shares this singer actor from Khanna, Punjab who started singing from his college days. A subject that he had taken in practical became his profession. And, a successful one.

It is pretty normal to call any singer a singer - actor for there is not even a single singer who isn't acting. Jassi Gill will only smile on this. He isn't oblivious to the fact. "I hadn't planned acting, I got offers because of my singing and I took them up. You will see me in three up coming Punjabi films, Mr & Mrs 420, Dill Vill Pyra Vyar and Mundeyan Ton Bach ke Rahin," adds Jassi who is equally excited about his films after all he takes everything seriously. Except for himself, he has the luxury of being single.

"I play a carefree boy 'Jassi' in the upcoming film Mundeyan To Bach Ke Rahin. The film is again an entertainer, the kind that youngsters and others can relate to," shares Jassi who lays a special emphasis on keeping his videos chic. "My recent song Pyar Mera has a Bollywood feel to it, something that the Punjabi's and even non-Punjabi's would love to hear," offers Jassi who is has the knack of understanding the pulse of public. "All my tracks are something a youngster in college can relate to or anyone in love will definitely."

Jassi would always be a singer first, he is all for releasing albums and also single tracks. "For an artiste, if you have to do a live show then you should at least have a good collection of songs to present is the reason why I favour both albums and release of singles."


Stress buster
A new start
Renee Singh

Now that the year is coming to a close, there are many old chapters to close and many new ones to start. All of us are constantly reeling under some pressure. It is always nice at the beginning of the year to have new resolutions, even if most of them are only meant to be broken, yet some of them do stay on.

All of us are definitely carrying some stress or the other in our lives and this situation needs our constant attention. The moment we take the bull by the horns, it gets sorted. It is important to come to terms with the matter. First understand it, eliminate it, at least deal with it.

What is stress?

Stress has different meanings for different people. Basically in simple words we could say, ''Stress refers to the response you have when facing circumstances that force you to act change or adjust to maintain balance.'' The circumstances themselves are known as stressors. We each one of us has different stressors.

Effects of stress

When stress turns chronic it can really threaten our emotional and physical health. According to a study by the British Medical Journal, chronic stress can be causal or a contributing factor to virtually all major illnesses because chronic stress can lower immunity.

Stress response known as fight or flight response triggers many involuntary changes in our body which give you an extra burst of energy so that you can fight or run from perceived threats. This worked better in earlier days when most stressors were physical. Now more stressors are psychological.

Managing stress

This is very essential for our wellness and happiness. It is important to take steps to take care of one's body and mind in every way possible. There are many strategies at our disposal that help us not only to stay healthy but also reverse many of the negative effects of stress.

Quick stress relief

These aren't complete stress management plans in themselves but they are an excellent first line of defense against the negative effects of chronic stress. This is because they can help in turning off your bodies' stress response. This helps you deal more effectively with stress.

Breathing exercises

Most popular and can be done anywhere for instant and quick stress relief. This is the most popular way to calm down quickly with no cost attached to it.

Mini meditation

This gives the most wonderful benefits including resilience against future stressors. People shy from it because they worry about techniques or regular practice time. Five minutes are enough in the day to do a simple meditation. This can carry us through the whole day.

A good laugh

Laughter connects people, induces joy and makes you feel better in minutes. There are many specific benefits from it. Sharing a joke with a friend or lightheartedly telling or listening to funny stories and incidents gives us a chance to laugh and feel happy.

Quick burst of exercise

Exercise can provide distraction and a way of letting go of frustration. A quick burst of exercise like a quick run up the stairs or several push up's can be useful for stress relief.

Since stress has become a universal phenomena we all need some or the other strategy for stress relief. But since we are also creatures of a unique kind we have to pick on a strategy that is most conducive to our own unique nature. It is necessary to relieve tension to live a happy and joyful life.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist)

it’s rocking
Touching the right chord
Amarjot Kaur

The latest single by Hardy Sandhu, Soch is creating waves this season. If you are the kinds who fancies romantic music seasoned with meaningful lyrics, this song is your pick. Having garnered over one million views in just about a month of its release, this song is slated to be one of the biggest Punjabi hit songs of the year. Here's what the city folks have to say about the song.

Romantic track

Since I am a hopeless romantic, I really like this song. The song has a strong underlying meaning that love is unconditional and that is what makes this song so special and makes it stand out from the rest.

Taran, student

Touching song

I really like the song. It touching and emotional and it is different from the kind of Punjabi songs that I have heard. I like the video of the song too.

Arun Kaul, student

Soulful number

I love the song. Hardy Sandhu is awesome. I like the music, the lyrics and the feel of the song. It is one of those few soulful songs, which one seldom gets to hear, especially in the modern Punjabi song.

Nitin Sharma, student

As told to Amarjot Kaur

Weight watch
Make most of winter
Renupreet Kaur

Winter weight gain has been a common complaint of many people. It seems that every winter we add on a few pounds. But the downside to this is that come summer, we don't lose them all. Obviously with the passage of time this goes on adding up. As few of these pounds stick around, they make us a little heavier every year. What is even worse is that it seems to be very hard to lose these extra winter pounds. Why does this happen and what can we do?

A myth

Contrary to popular belief, there's no scientific evidence to prove that we're biologically predisposed to weight gain in the colder months of a year.

Contributing factors

Winter weight gain happens for the following reasons:

Body stores more fat

It seems likely that we have a natural genetic inclination to store more fat as winter approaches. Extra layers of adipose tissue on the body protect us against the cold.

Tendency to eat more

Equally important is that we probably have a tendency to eat more in this season. We may also unconsciously tend to choose fatty foods at this time.

Hormonal changes

Another likely reason for this seasonal weight gain is the influence of hormones in our body. The fluctuations of hormones and other chemicals in the brain can result into variations in appetite and cravings.

Seasonal affective disorder

Generally people feel low in the winter. They tend to overeat or eat the wrong foods due to this seasonally induced depression, leading to weight gain.

Less physical activity

Often our physical activity levels drop in the winter and we have a tendency to want to stay home and rest.

How to lose weight

Here are some easy ways to lose weight in winter:

Eat fresh

Eating more fruits and vegetables is key to losing weight. They provide a lot of vitamins, minerals and fibre, all of which are important when losing weight.

Drink more tea

Black, green and herbal teas are great in the winter. They're warm and cozy and low in calories. They also help you get more water, which can help you feel full.

Keep a food diary

It may be helpful to keep track of your calories for a few days or weeks to make sure that you aren't going above your daily calorie goal.

Drink more water

The heated air can be extremely drying and we often forget to drink water because it's so cold out. You still, however, need to drink 7-8 cups of water each day.

Regular exercise

Get some exercises by signing up with a gym or get a stationary bicycle. Burn those carbs into energy now instead of keeping them on you until spring.

Get more sleep

Not getting enough sleep boosts the production of certain hunger hormones. Get your full 7 to 8 hours of sleep to ensure that you are rested and better able to make healthy choices.

(Renupreet Kaur is diet therapist and obesity expert)

A mirror to reality
Vijay Saudai’s debut novel Dalit underlines the bitter truths about our society
Vijay Saudai
pen friend: Vijay Saudai

ijay Saudai's debut novel is out. Called Dalit, it's a story that starts from an unprivileged colony and ends at Chief Minister's House!

A contractor by profession, Vijay has been fond of reading and writing. He wrote two books earlier too but failed to get them published. Fond of writing on society's ills, Vijay's novel Dalit focuses on the corrupt political system and how it has ruined our society. "Why we are not doing well as a society is largely due to political system which isn't working fine. My book has Anna Hazare kind of movement though I wrote much before that happened," says Vijay, who took two years to pen the book. He has drawn inspiration from real life incidents to write this novel.

Vijay released the book on Sunday in Chandigarh. Published by Satluj Prakashan, this 300 pages plus novel is priced at Rs 495.

It's a tough time for Hindi writers, getting a book published is very difficult too. "It's not easy to find a publisher. One has to spend money from pocket to get it published and then one hardly earns profit."

In love with Munshi Premchand, Rabindranath Tagore, Yashpal, Dharamvir Bharati and Acharya Chatursen, Vijay has tried new authors but has been left unimpressed. "I will stay loyal to the classic writers," says Vijay, who is already writing another novel that addresses communalism in our country.


The writer’s den
Amarjot Kaur

The Panchukla literature festival brings poets, writers and columnists from various areas together on a podium

"A novel, I think, is partly about the contemporary and partly about the eternal, and it's the balance of that that's difficult to achieve." - Salman Rushdie

One of the most compelling and rather distinct feature of contemporary writers vests in their capacity to deal with fiction and reality. Perhaps that, more often than not, defines their artistic calibre as an author. At the Panchkula Lit Fest, which took off to glittering start at Satluj Public School, Panchkula, one is treated to an assortment of surprises as the authors from across the country engage in an interesting banter as they talk about themselves and their books.

The event was organised by Reekrit Serai and Radhika Panickar the young Founder Directors of Rumour Group India. While Padma Bhushan Sardar Anjum, poet, philosopher and literary genius, held everyone spell bound with his poetic renditions, rendering one Urdu couplet after another, Viney Kumar, a senior journalist moderated the first session Living the Story with panelists Rohit Gore, Sachin Garg, Reekrit Serai, Pyal Dhar and Kal K Korff.

Rohit Gore has penned four bestsellers, The Guardian Angels, Circle of Three, A Darker Dawn and Focus Sam. Meanwhile, Sachin Garg, the author of two runaway bestsellers, I'm not Twenty Four…. I've been Nineteen for Five Years and Its' First Love… Just like the Last One says, "I started my career in writing while I was only in the fourth year of college and that too with a blog, post which I took to writing more seriously and penned down a romantic novel." Sachin, the managing director of Grapevine India Publishers Pvt. Ltd, is fascinated with fiction, but his up and coming book treads upon a serious turf. "The book, titled, We Need A Revolution, will be launched on January 26 and this is about the Jarawa tribes of Andaman. Also, my publication house is planning to come up with a sex comedy, which is a parody of the play Vaginal monologue," he says.

Reekrit Serai from Panchkula is amongst the youngest authors of the region with his first book As I Turn Twenty a huge success with youth across the country, followed by many books and a collection of short stories titled Impulse. "I like writing fiction not because it is easy, but because it has much truth in it. The treatment of fiction in my books is my idea of how the world should be," says Reekrit. Payal Dhar, the author, freelance writer and editor has many titles to her credit like A Stitch in Time, Satin and There is a ghost in my PC also was a part of the event.

Moderated by Preeti Singh a renowned author, freelance writer and poet, the panelists for this session had Faraaz Kazi, Sudeep Nagarkar, Rahul Saini, Ravitaj Sandhu, Sharon Gupta and Lalit Sharma. Recipient of the YCOF National Excellence Award and Winner of the National Debut Youth Function, Faraaz Kazi is an Indian author primarily into mainstream romance with top selling titles like Truly Madly in Love and The Nicholas Sparks of India. "I do not like sticking to a particular genre, perhaps that reasons my shift from writing romantic novels to writing horror," says Faraaz.


star track
Shahid’s success party!

Shahid Kapoor's infectious smile is back. Shahid's first full on action role R... Rajkumar has been loved and appreciated by the audiences.

He is the only young star to try a mass film like this and garner audience acceptance. The young actor has been elated with the response he has been getting and threw an impromptu party to celebrate the occasion. The party was held at Olive restaurant in Bandra.

Shahid personally looked into arrangements and also simultaneously invited close people. It was a small gathering of friends and co-stars he has worked with.

Those present included Genelia D'souza, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sonakshi Sinha, Pritam, Vikramaditya Motwane, Krishika and Sunil Lulla, Archana Puran Singh, Ayan Mukherjee, Prabhu Deva, Sandhya Mridul, Vishal Bhardwaj, Parmeet Singh and Archana Puran Singh and Anurag Kashyap etc.

When Sunny met SRK

Adult star Sunny Leone is on cloud nine these days. Reason? Her new found success in India. Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan attended the special screening of Kaizad Gustad's Jackpot in Mumbai and Sunny got to meet him. The 32-year-old Indo-Canadian adult film star, who returned to India with reality show Bigg Boss, is hoping that people would like her performance in Jackpot.

No heroine for Akshay?

Akshay Kumar starrer Gabbar has been left with no lead actress after Shraddha Kapoor was asked to leave. The makers are now hunting for a lead actress and running against time.

Out of sight, out of mind

Remember Upen Patel? The guy who had a role in bits and pieces in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and Namastey London? He is resurfacing with a role in a South Indian film directed by Shankar and co-starring Amy Jackson.

Before joining movies, Upen Patel was a successful model. So far, he has not been able to establish himself as an actor.

Aamir does it again

Aamir Khan says that tap dancing is extremely difficult to learn and perform. He learnt it for a while in Mumbai, calling teachers from Australia but then decided to go to Australia to train because he needed to put all his focus and energy into it.

Katrina clarifies…

Kareena Kapoor Khan made headlines when she openly called Katrina Kaif her sister-in-law, on Karan Johar's popular chat show Koffee With Karan. However, Katrina, who is rumoured to be dating Kareena's first cousin Ranbir Kapoor, says that Kareena didn't mean it and it was said in jest.

At a recently held event, when Katrina was asked about Bebo's remark, the British beauty said, "I'm not getting married. I'm not engaged. I think that was said as a joke. Kareena and Ranbir are cousins and everyone knows when you go on Koffee With Karan, you are meant to pull the other person's leg. You must have seen in so many previous episodes that people say things about each other and I don't think they are serious while saying all that. These things are said in jest so, I would like to clarify I'm not getting married." Meanwhile, Katrina is busy with the promotions of her upcoming film Dhoom 3.

First of its kind

The trailer of Gunday is out, having premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival, and it is quite impressive. Gunday is the first Indian film to have its trailer premiered at the Dubai International film Festival. The movie releases on February 14, 2014.

A moment with Jay Sean

International singer Jay Sean recently performed at an event in the country. We got talking to him about his career and the music industry today.

Jay Sean
What's on: Jay Sean

Which artistes are you currently into right now?

I pretty much listen to a broad spectrum of artistes. All the way from artistes like Taylor Swift to Kendrick Lamar or the Weekend or Drake. For me, I like to usually listen to people who inspire me as a songwriter.

What's the last Bollywood film you watched?

This is a tough one. I am usually on a plane all the time. So the only time I get a chance to watch movies is on a plane. The last time I went to a movie theatre was about two years ago. It was the film Barfi, where Priyanka Chopra plays an autistic girl.

What's your take on Miley Cyrus?

I am going to change my take on Miley Cyrus. Everyone usually talks about her twerking and her sticking her tongue out. What's happening is because she is doing all that; people are focusing on all the wrong things. They are not focusing on her music anymore. Her music is actually good; I really like her song Wrecking Ball. I think it's an amazing song.

What's next for you?

Loads of things. I've actually got my own production company called Kamouflage Entertainment. For me, I think, it's more than just music right now. I am trying to expand and sign actors. In fact, I actually just signed a group called The Janoskians. They are five comedians and it's got nothing to do with my music, but it's something that I am into. I am into comedy and stuff like that. For me it was fun to watch a new venture like that blow up.

chatter box
A bond to cherish

Maharana Pratap aka Faisal Khan of India's favourite historical show, Bharat Ka Veer Putra - Maharana Pratap on Sony TV's, is winning the hearts of millions with his acting and has been climbing the ladder of success. These days young Faisal has found a new friend on the sets of Maharana Pratap. It's none other than his horse Saarang. Faisal has always been an animal lover and with the role like Maharana Pratap, he got a chance to learn horse riding. Faisal feeds him Misri (Sugar), Jaggery, and Chana, to strengthen his friendship with Saarang. Talking about his new friend, Faisal says, "Initially, when I sat on Saarang I used to get scared but with time we have developed a bond."

Finally, it’s happening

They have been in a live-in relationship for seven years and it's now that television couple Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah will tie the knot. Krushna made a surprise announcement on the Nach Baliye that they would marry in six months.

Back in the team

Anita Hassanandani is working once again with Ekta Kapoor. She will be seen in her new Star Plus show Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Anita will play the lead as Karan Patel's ex-wife Shagun in the show, who has an affair with Karan's ex-boss. Anita claims her role isn't a negative one but has shades of grey.

Caught on the wrong foot

Producer B.K.Modi's TV show Buddha-The Enlightened on Zee TV might have got critical acclaim but hasn't been able to garner ratings. And now, the show apparently has sparked off a controversy. It seems the show is in trouble for hurting sentiments of Nepalis.

Following different routes

While fans want Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal to star together in a show, for now they will have to be content with the fact that both are at least seen on TV. Their shows Rangrasiya and Qubool Hai on Colors and Zee TV respectively will air on the same slot.

Romance is in the air

On cloud nine: Simple Kaul

Love will blossom once again on Sab TV's show Jeannie & Juju as an utterly romantic character will be introduced in the show. Popular television actor Simple Kaul is all set to make an entry on the show and woo the audience with her sweet antics.

Simple will be playing the character of 'Mooni', who is the leader of Moonistan (Chaand). Mooni possesses certain magical powers and also has a unique magic action like Jeannie.

Speaking about her character, Simple says, "I am very happy with the way my character Mooni will be portrayed on screen. This is my dream character as I have been craving to play a fantasy character on screen. I am die hard romantic just like my on screen avatar."

About the show, she says, "I have always enjoyed working on comedy shows. I am returning on Sab TV after exactly one year. It has always been a delight working with this channel." It so happens that love follows Vicky (played by Ali Asgar) where ever he goes. Mooni will fall in love with Ali, after hearing him sing a song for Jeannie, After having a 'Jeannie' from Jinnland fall in love with him, Vicky now will have a new admirer in the form of 'Moonie' from Moonistan! Let's see if Mooni proves to be a tough competition for Jeannie or not!

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Check newspapers to know what is going on in your area. You win over an enemy or adversary. Financially, the first half of the day is rather expensive. Keep cool and maintain a low profile.
Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far.
Lucky colour: Mauve.
Magic number: 49.

TAURUS: Those who are spiritually inclined or want to stay calm are likely in search of solitude. Businessmen have a tricky day. The married will buy a piece of jewellery for their spouse.
Tarot message: Be positive and think carefully before taking any action.
Lucky colour: Turquoise.
Magic number: 42.

GEMINI: Your card "The Universe" favours progress in your profession and business. Be wary of a situation in which you might make a mistake in haste. And be positive.
Tarot message: Do not let anyone get the advantage over you.
Lucky colour: Bottle green.
Magic number: 25.

CANCER: You card "The Moon" reveals a romantic interest. If you have a lover, this is the day to treat him to a generous gift. Fortune can smile on you from the least expected sources.
Tarot message: Don't be too certain about obtaining a clearance.
Lucky colour: Purple.
Magic number: 38.

LEO: Buy the right outfit for your sports or exercise program. Dress for success to make a great impression on employers. It is important to stay abreast of the latest fashion.
Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far.
Lucky colour: Yellow.
Magic number: 29.

VIRGO: Household task can be done in record time. Speculation would be most unwise. Models: Admirers will stick to you like bees; but be careful. You will feel great with your renewed energy.
Tarot message: Capitalise on your strength and do not trust others.
Lucky colour: Orange.
Magic number: 60.

LIBRA: You will be popular with both the sexes today. Boring routine jobs can be made bearable through teamwork. A level of stress may be building, especially if you face unpaid bills or financial issues.
Tarot message: Focus on better things rather than worrying about frivolous issues. Lucky colour: Black.
Magic number: 59.

SCORPIO: Many of you will hurry to be on time, frantically trying to complete all the tasks on to-do list before the day is out. Make extra efforts to conclude pending projects. Property deals favour till 2.00 p.m.
Tarot message: Wait and watch. Impatience will lead to failure.
Lucky colour: Cream.
Magic number: 54.

SAGITTARIUS: Caring conversations and heart-to-heart talks flow easily.. Health problem can be successfully handled. This is a good day for both buying and selling property. Stick to what you know.
Tarot message: Unfinished business will unleash new problems.
Lucky colour: Grey.
Magic number: 39.

CAPRICORN: A burst of domestic enthusiasm can sweep into cleaning and decorating your home. Senior beuracrats should focus on secret files and documents. Do not carry heavy cash.
Tarot message: You need to cultivate understanding and humility.
Lucky colour: Ebony.
Magic number: 63.

AQUARIUS: Differences of opinion within the family could reach a boiling point. Bright day for intellectuals, writers, advocates and astrologers.
Tarot message: If you are tempted to travel overseas don't waste money by financing the trip yourself.
Lucky colour: Saffron.
Magic number: 27.

PISCES: If you are not okay about a relationship take positive action. The employed will have to work overtime. An important meeting or travel may have to be shelved. Just enjoy yourself.
Tarot message: Dare to accomplish those tasks which normally take up a lot of time. Lucky colour: Camelish.
Magic number: 40

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is December 16...

Take this opportunity on your birthday to make arrangements for your secure future. The way things are going will upset you but you will come out of your problems. A very positive phase, especially if you're self-employed. You have a knack for finding bargains and getting tremendous returns on your investments. The 2014 is favourable for getting good results. Joint ventures will make steady progress. Destiny would bless you, it will be better to purchase property in the name of spouse or children.

Positive colours: White, cream.

Select days: Sunday Wednesday and Friday

Favourable numbers: 2,7

Gems recommended: Moon stone, Diamond

Charity on birthday: You may donate white items like milk, sugar, rice etc.

You share birthday with Harshdeep Kaur (December 16, 1986 Delhi) of Katya Karoon fame, who competed from with Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan as her mentor. She was declared the Sufi Ki Sultana by Amitabh Bachchan who was the chief guest in the grand finale of the reality show. Stars promise her success in singing.

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