Point to be noted
The history of pointy toed boots goes back to the medieval times. They are back this season with a bang...
Manpriya Singh

Shoes that squeeze the toes together might only make space for enough cramps but when has fashion taken written instructions from podiatrists? Donned by the gnomes to the court jesters in medieval England, pointy toed boots have always had a fair share of both the spotlight and scanner. King Henry II of England popularised the narrow pointed boots even though the legend has it that they hid his deformities.

Fast forward to the nineties and television series Sex and The City — Manolo Blahnik became a household name and pointy pumps a signature statement. The style might have taken a backseat to rounded footwear but for the past season the point is back and stronger than ever! Actress Sandra Bullock arrived at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards, last month, balancing her pink ensemble with nude pointy pumps. Closer home Deepika Padukone lent edginess to her outfit by teaming pointed pumps in bright pink with a knee-length outfit.

Shares Karishma Singhal, designer who runs the label K'ama, "Nothing goes completely out of style ever. Pointy toed shoes are almost a classic that keep getting back in style every now and then." However, like with every accessory and garment, a couple of dos and don'ts always apply. "They go extremely well with tuxedo jackets, pencil cut skirts and anything formal." While the shape can be incorporated into just about every style, right from stilettos to block heels to tall boots and even ankle straps, they complement only a few things in the closet. Blake Lively, last season, accessorised her shimmery Burberry pencil skirt with a pair of pointy toed Christian Louboutin stilettos at the premiere of Turbo. Her ensemble put the point straight. Pointy flats remain one of the most pegged fashion forecast for the coming spring. Opines Malkiat Singh, business development, Foxyever, a footwear manufacturing unit, "Classics are forever, the only thing that changes each season is the detailing and materials. Pointy pumps have been in vogue for over a decade now and are likely to remain so for quite sometime."

Angelina Jolie took the shutterbugs by storm and the spectators by surprise when she turned up in an all black ensemble at the BAFTA. The pointy toed pumps with kitten heels added every bit to the powerful persona she exuded. A month ago actress Julia Louis Dreyfus arrives at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards wearing a green printed dress with a classic black pointy shoes. Opines Ahmed Dulla, from the Delhi-based shoe label Dulla, "Pointy toes are a classic. They are super fashionable and lend the edginess to any outfit." However, how the style is to be worn and with what, "totally depends," but he sums up his list of things to keep in mind with, "A pair of red pointy shoes should never be worn with a red dress." It's not as easy as it sounds but that should put the spirit of the style across!


Words are all I have…
Singer Kailash Kher believes in the power of clean words. He is in fact mesmerised by the purity of the language he sings in…
Jasmine Singh

Right note: Kailash Kher Photo: Pradeep Tewari
Right note: Kailash Kher Photo: Pradeep Tewari

The sky decided to sprinkle some generous showers. A little later, the sun too decided to show up dragging along the cool breeze…nature had its own style of welcoming Bollywood singer Kailash Kher in Chandigarh on Saturday. Well, this is exactly what the singer thought about the sudden change in the weather.

"Isn't it a great welcome, isn't nature taking special care of me — preparing me for the lovely day," says Kailash, as he sits down to talk about anything and everything — only it should be intriguing enough!

He is tall enough to reach to the heart of anyone who hears him sing and even talk. He has no plan to pen down his journey so far in a book, nevertheless he loves to talk. "It is the people around who create energy, who inspire; otherwise infrastructure is a very dated option."

Those curly locks stretched back with a band, loops and studs shinning on the ear lobe, some fancy bracelets tied around his wrist, Kailash is one of the few singers who have seen 150 countries and done more than 300 shows in Canada as well as US alone! He shares this piece of information, offering to do the job of Google. "I can give you all the information about myself," he smiles, looking around for anyone who agrees with him.

Kailash is set to showcase his popular tracks, with clean lyrics, at the Rose Festival. "This is how I have chosen my music to be. It is meditation; a connect with god. Fancy things come with a limited shelf life," adds the singer who feels there is no dearth of good lyricists in Bollywood like Prasoon Joshi and Amitabh Bhatacharya.

"Like human beings and animals like to cuddle, I get warmed up by certain words. I like to use certain traditional, chaste words like 'chaandan main' instead of 'chandani raat'. I want everyone across the world to understand these words. If you ask me if I get affected by the new trend my answer is a deep-rooted tree will not change its nature if you place a cactus near it."

Whether you see it as an attribute or categorise it as being self-pompous, Kailash loves to talk about himself. Still he wants us to read on people who have written about him. "If you ask me what kind of a person I am, I would definitely say I am not bad, so read what people have said about me."

Kailash is now planning to do music for Bollywood. "My fans have demanded this, so I would be doing some good music for 2-3 Bollywood films this year," shares the versatile singer who has sung in twenty different languages. "Don't ask me to talk in those languages," he throws his head back, laughing away to glory.


Traditional moves
Kathak exponent Rajendra Prasad Gangani, in Chandigarh to receive an award bestowed on his father,is for preserving guru-shishya parampara
Amarjot Kaur

Dance along: Rajendra Prasad
Dance along: Rajendra Prasad

Those who truly believe in the age-old guru-shishya parampara, which is considered the essence of Indian art and culture, will agree with Rajendra Prasad's ideology, who had his father, Kundan Lal Gangani, as his guru. Says one of the finest exponents of kathak in the country, "All that I have achieved so far has been by the virtue of my father's blessings since he was also my guru."

Rajendra Prasad, who is currently teaching kathak at the Kathak Kendra, New Delhi, advocates the guru-shishya parampara, which he feels is fast fading.

As he visits Chandigarh to receive the award and prize money of Rs 1 lakh, which Sobha Koser, founder-member of Pracheen Kala Kendra, confers on his father Kundan Lal Gangani, he says, "My father was more of a guru to me. The onus of preserving the guru-shishya parampara is on us and that is what we try to cultivate in today's generation at the Kathak Kendra, where students lead a lifestyle that the guru chooses for them."

He adds, "However, dedication cannot be demanded from students. It must come from within and though every tradition evolves, I believe its essence must be preserved." He gets nostalgic about the bond he shared with his father, "My father was very strict and though he loved me very much, he was always a guru first; so he commanded respect. On very few occasions, when my father would ask me to eat something or go to school to deposit my fees, was he was more fatherly. Else, he was a very strict man and I believe that any father who wants to preserve and pass his legacy to his children must be a guru first and then a father," he says.


In letter & spirit
Author Mintu Brar documents the problems and issues the Indian community has faced in his adopted country, Australia
Manpriya Singh

Like with the most of the Indian diaspora, moving overseas infused a fresh perspective in his writings, opened new vistas and gave a chance to experience the power of the pen. Mintu Brar didn't shy away from calling a spade a spade.

"I wrote the truth in my articles, whatever I witnessed, the problems Indian community faced and also the benefits that the country endowed. It brought a lot of recognition and media attention," he shares, while in Chandigarh for a book launch. Criticism or encouragement, he took it all in his stride and continued all along.

As many as thirty to thirty five of the articles are compiled in the book, Kangaroonama. "This book is a compilation of my articles," shares the South Australia based author.

"I have been writing since 1987 and moved from a small village near Bathinda only in the 2007."

Year 2012 brought along a chance to explore a new medium. "We started this online radio with programmes completely dedicated to the Indian community." First hand experience ensured a ring-side account of his observations. "There are articles on racism that many of us have suffered, the apathy that lies within us and various other issues that I felt strongly about." He adds, "We have a strong Indian and especially Punjabi community settled in the country. We have a way of making people and places our own." That explains the countless Indian restaurants, large numbers settled there and also various places of worship.

Going digital

The launch of the book also coincides with the launch of the digital library and the magazine Kookaburra. "All the Punjabi books for which we can get rights will be available at the online library. As for the magazine, it is aimed at spreading the rich language and culture, albeit it has an international look." He adds, "One of the pages in the magazine is dedicated to Punjabi alphabets. Already that page is on the bedroom wall of several Punjabi youngsters settled in Australia. The idea is to catch them young, start with the basics and spread the culture. Coming up is the second part of Kangaroonama. "That will again be based on my experiences."


vanity box
Brush off the residue
Manpriya Singh

The list of brushes and what you use them for is just as important as how do you keep your brushes and how often should you clean them. Residue of old make-up, oil, grime, dead skin cells, bacteria…there is too much piling out there on the bristles to be scrubbed clean. Frequent cleaning of the vanity kit is as important as it is overlooked.

Typically most experts suggest washing them every week, however, if that appears too much then they must be given a bath at least every fortnight. Anything less, is not good enough.

Shares Dr Ashima Goel of Parisa Skin Clinic, "The skin hazards that expired make-up and unclean applicator pose are several and serious. Many women come to me especially with rashes and reactions caused by eye-shadow. In technical terms we call it, irritant contact dermatitis. Expired or contaminated lip gloss can cause cheilitis."

She adds, "For, women in the hospitality sector or where they have to use make-up everyday, I would recommend every alternate day cleansing. However, if that is not possible, it should ideally be twice a week."

With labels that come with a clear cut expiry date, the task is done. With the ones that don't there are no fixed rules over what to keep and what to fling. Opines Meera Bhardwaj, Chandigarh- based cosmetologist, "Ideally, every make-up item should be updated every 12 months. Eighteen months if it is something that has a longer shelf life." She adds, "Make-up sponge, brush and other applicators must always be shampooed and never soaped.

It's as important as cleansing your face every night before bed." Cleansing ritual need to be extended to every object that is in direct contact with the facial skin!

No body double for Hrithik

It was reported that Hrithik Roshan's action sequence in his next film Bang Bang was arranged for a body double following his brain surgery. But when he reached Shimla, the 40-year-old action hero was not happy with the arrangement and insisted on doing the scenes himself. The body double, however, will always be present at the shoot.

"Hrithik will do the action sequences on his own. The stunts are designed by Andy Armstrong, who was working on Spider Man 2," a source close to the development said.

"Hrithik has always done his own stunts and he doesn't like body doubles. All the stunts are designed in a unique way, making it interesting for Hrithik to do them on his own," the source added.

The shooting of the film started in June, 2013. And, during the shoot in Phuket, Thailand, Hrithik jumped from a height of 30 feet. He suffered an injury and had to undergo brain surgery to remove a blood clot. Doctors advised him to take a break and rest for a while, which delayed the shooting of the film.

Katrina Kaif is playing the female lead. The film will also star Bipasha Basu.

State of affair

After receiving accolades for performing exceptionally well in Highway, Alia Bhatt has got another reason to rejoice. The poster of Alia Bhatt's third film, 2 States is out and the poster looks really impressive.

Based on Chetan Bhagat's novel of the same name, 2 States brings together sweet Alia Bhatt and suave Arjun Kapoor for the first time together. Slated to release on April 18, 2 States' poster shows Alia and Arjun stretching their hands to hold one another over the map. Alia is towards the south and Arjun towards the north.

The theme of the film is north meets south. The story is about two IIM graduates who fell for each other while studying at IIT but they fail to realise the barriers in love when they decide to tie the knot. Their cultural difference causes hindrance in their life.

Directed by Abhishek Yarnan, the film has been produced by UTV Motion Pictures in association with Karan Johar and Sajid Nadiadwala.

Mahesh Bhatt to face the camera

Mahesh Bhatt is finally facing the camera after so many years of being in filmmaking! He will play a bald Buddhist monk in Mukul Misra's debut film Siddhartha. The two tell us more...

Choosing Bhatt

Mukul Misra: I have worked with him in the past and we have a certain equation. I have a company Trigger Happy Entertainment which makes film promos. We did promos of Aashiqui 2, Jannat 2, and Murder 3. But that's not why he gave the nod to the project. He really liked the role.

A shot at acting

Mahesh Bhatt: Yes, I'm doing Siddhartha. I liked Mukul's narrative and his vision. Buddhism teaches you that everything is transient and I understand it. I think I can do justice to the role. I have met many lamas and had an intense interaction with the Dalai Lama. The story appealed to me and I could relate to it because like the protagonist I too am always in the quest for answers to life. But get this straight, I am a filmmaker, not an actor.

Story line

Mukul Misra: Mahesh Bhatt is playing a Lama. The story is based on a man's search for truth after his life is shattered by betrayals. Shivam Bhargava plays the title role of Siddhartha and he is lost in the brothels of Varanasi before he goes to Manali where he is found by Bhatt sahab's character who believes that Buddha is in him and helps him to get the answers he was looking for. Shazahn Padamsee plays the love interest.

Try, try again

Himmatwala, Tamannah Bhatia's Bollywood debut was a massive debacle but she is back in Sajid Khan's Humshakals. She talks about Bollywood and more.

Flop show

One flop is not the end of the world for me. I'm grateful Sajid and Vashuji (producer Vashu Bhagnani) who have faith in me. If Himmatwala had been my first film, I don't know how I'd have reacted. But I wasn't an overnight star even down South. It took me over five films to get one hit. The Himmatwala debacle hasn't changed anything for me.

Middle path

Down South, they want the women to be fuller, in Bollywood, it's about having a fit body. So I try to be somewhere in between.

No bikini babe

I wouldn't judge anyone who wears bikinis or does kissing scenes, but my contract clearly says no kissing and no bikini. I have set a few boundaries for myself. If any film is destined, it will come to me.

Genetically endowed

Why should I undergo any plastic surgery? I have good looking parents. My body parts have not been touched up. I am happy with the way I look.

Beyond comparisons

So far, I have worked with Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Ajay Devgn. They have survived for more than two decades and are established in their own way. I cannot compare the three.


No smoking please!

Bharat Ka Veer Putra — Maharana Pratap It seems the cast and crew of Sony Entertainment Television's historical saga Bharat Ka Veer Putra—Maharana Pratap is up for a good cause. The director of the show has discovered a unique way of maintaining a hale and hearty working environment on the sets. We all know that the sets have now become the first home for everyone as most of them are living out of the MRP sets. The cast of Bharat Ka Veer Putra—Maharana Pratap have formed a no-smoking club. Every time someone is caught smoking, he or she has to pay a minimum fine of Rs 500. From the money, which is collected from this fine, the team buys eateries for everyone and parties! This happens once every week and everyone's efforts are celebrated.

Mystery element

Their union wasn't an easy one, but love conquered all and they came together. Now the new thorn in Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Saras' (Gautam Rode) marital bliss is Ashish Kapoor, who entered the show recently as Kabir. Ashish Kapoor is ecstatic at bagging the role and says, "I am happy to be part of Saraswatichandra; I have been waiting to work with Star Plus for a while and this is my big moment. My excitement has doubled as I get to work with the same production and creative crew as one of my previous shows. It feels like I am re-uniting with my family. On my role, I wouldn't want to give out much but all I can say is I am here to shake things up in Saras and Kumud's life!" Kabir's character is said to bring in a mystery that will unfold with time. His character will build not only suspicion and fear in the families, but also reveal truths that were never to be told.

The Lee factor

Nikitin Dheer, who debuted on the big screen with Ashutosh Gowarikar's Jodhaa Akbar, has come a long way. Recently seen and admired for his performance of Thangabali in Chennai Express, Nikitin is always appreciated for the sincerity he puts into the work on hand. And the same is being noticed from him in the upcoming season of Colors' Khatron Ke Khiladi, as he goes through the grind in Cape Town.

A source says that the guy puts in a lot of effort into his training, to have a perfect body so that he can perform all the tasks with all ease. Well, while much is being talked about Nikitin's professional attitude, not all know that the man draws inspiration from his favourite actor Bruce Lee. A big fan of Bruce Lee's techniques, Nikitin takes time out to watch the legendary actor's action sequences. We only hope Nikitin turns a new leaf with his daring action stunts in Khatron Ke Khiladi. — HRM

Child’s play

Actor and proud father Vivek Oberoi recently shot for Disney Channel's brand new celebrity talk show Captain Tiao. The actor was quizzed by nine-year-old child star Sadhil Kapoor aka Captain Tiao on questions ranging from his childhood to his experience with fatherhood. 'Captain Tiao' is a first-of-its-kind short format talk show conceptualised keeping in mind the curious nature of a child and the intriguing questions that children never hesitate to ask. The show will present Sadhil Kapoor as the host Captain Tiao who is sure to entertain children and families alike. It premieres on Disney Channel on March 2, 2014.

Landmark achievement

Sasural Simar Ka Daily soap Sasural Simar Ka, which airs on Colors, completed 800 episodes on February 21. The show has a huge fan base. The actors associated with the project are indeed happy with this commendable achievement. Dipika Samson, who plays the title role of Simar, said, "It feels great to be part of a show that has received so much appreciation over the past few years. The journey has been absolutely incredible. It is a proud moment for all of us and the landmark of reaching 800 episodes motivates us to work harder."

Avika Gor, who plays the role of Roli, added, "What a great experience this has been. I am really happy that Sasural Simar Ka has completed 800 episodes. I have pretty much grown up with the show and it has taught me so much. The experience of working with seasoned actors in the industry has been extremely humbling and the show has helped me further my career."

Mohanlal on Satyamev Jayate

Southern superstar Mohanlal is the new addition to the second season of Aamir Khan's upcoming television show Satyamev Jayate. The veteran actor will be endorsing the show by featuring in its promos. The superstar of Malayalam cinema recently shot promos for the issue-based show. Mohanlal will talk about various subjects that will be tackled by Aamir in the show.

Shweta’s back

Shweta Kawaatra, who entertained audiences with her roles, including the one in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabi Bahu Thi, will soon be back on TV. She had taken a break for her baby and now will return in Baalveer as a fairy, but a vampish one. Shweta was last seen in Phulwa as a cop.

Alia Bhatt in HighwaySerious note

Alia Bhatt has sung a song in Highway and recording with Imtiaz Ali and AR Rahman was an amazing experience for her. She might go to learn music along with her sister Shaheen to Chennai, to learn music from the maestro.

Alia Bhatt in Highway

Band, baaja…

Farhan Akhtar has been touring around the country with his band. He recently went to Ranchi and next up is Belgaum. The band wants to go to smaller towns and cities too, apart from the metros.

When ex meets present

Salman Khan's alleged current flame Daisy Shah and his ex Sangeeta Bijlani had dinner at his place earlier this week. The Khan family rule is that if anyone comes around dinner or lunch time, they have to stay for meal.

Confident move

Yaami Gautam has no Bollywood background but she does not feel insecure at all. She has got great opportunities and feels that she is playing her cards right.

Crocodile tears: Adah SharmaCry baby

Adah Sharma cries very easily, without using glycerine, much to the surprise of her Hasee Toh Phasee co-stars Siddharth Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra. She says that her secret is to drink lots of water.

Crocodile tears: Adah Sharma

Tribute to MJ

Varun Dhawan pays tribute to his idol, Michael Jackson in the songs of Main Tera Hero where he shakes a leg with both his heroines, Ileans D'cruz and Nargis Fakhri. MJ's signature dance moves like the moonwalk and pelvic thrusts have been incorporated into all the songs.

P Khurrana

ARIES: You need to honour yourself first and foremost. Your plans for the day can be changed by others. An opportunity to work unsupervised will enhance your performance and lead to a promotion. Tarot message: Impatience will lead to failure. Lucky colour: Blue. Magic number: 30.

TAURUS: It is a most tiring day if you have to work. Be willing to change your behaviour. Think of the positives and you will finish the day with a smile on your face. Romantic luck will boost your spirits. Tarot message: Competition will push you to do your best. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 44.

GEMINI: Inspiration is kicking around in your brain today. An issue that is niggling at the back of your mind should be addressed. Love life sparkles. Health is fine. Tarot message: Cut away the frills and concentrate on what is truly important. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 32.

CANCER: Friendly vibes and thoughts of romance bode well for singles. Just remember that people will not be everything they say they are. You will be in a mood to find fault with people who are dear to you; curb this habit. Tarot message: A caring attitude heals old wounds. Lucky colour: Grey. Magic number: 46.

LEO: No matter how much you love your partner, do not compromise those things that are important to you. Relationships are based on give-and-take, so make sure you go both the ways. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 50.

VIRGO: Recognise it from an unbiased perspective and you stand to make quite a decent profit in the longer term. Relatives will be sensitive and difficult to get along with. Tarot message: Take limited risks with you capital. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 63.

LIBRA: Gossip at the workplace can cause unexpected problems. If you work in an area where there are language barriers, be extra-careful of misunderstandings. Take what is useful and discard the rest. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of will-power. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 59.

SCORPIO: Think wisely before you start spending your extra cash. Politicians draw flak. Do not avoid responsibility. Keep travel plans off. Romantic life is good. Children will be a source of happiness. Tarot message: Do not let anyone take advantage of you. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 48.

SAGITTARIUS: Now is the time to try your luck in speculative deals. The employed will be burdened with additional responsibility without incentive. Tarot message: You need to cultivate understanding and humility. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 36.

CAPRICORN: Social events will be a positive stimulus for you. A trip out of town is on the cards. Those in love will have an exciting day. Hobbies and extra-curricular activities will gain momentum. Tarot message: Resolve conflicts through discussion. Lucky colour: Skin. Magic Number: 29.

AQUARIUS: This is the perfect time to start practicing independence and letting go of things. Planning for investment? Push extra cash into a safe scheme. Girls should plan to join a hobby class. Tarot message: Keep a close watch on any niggling health problems. Lucky colour: Copper. Magic Number: 34.

PISCES: Think twice before you start spending your cash on a whim. You can meet an interesting person today. Teenagers: love stars twinkle. Do not disturb jointly held fund without the consent of your partner. Tarot message: Boost your confidence with positive thinking. Lucky colour: Maroon. Magic Number: 33.

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is February 23...

If you wish to prosper, you will have to maintain harmony this year. You can get involved with a group or organisation connected to performing arts. Now is an excellent time for you to explore the creative side of your soul. In April, be careful while signing new contracts or working with new firms. If you are in a solid relationship, you'll have an excellent opportunity to choose important dates for your future together. If you learn how to behave correctly, you will manage to conquer people you want to. Through kindness, you will also gain a great deal from difficult and unpleasant people. You can also travel for business purposes.

Positive colours: Green, Turquoise, Blue.

Select days: Wednesday, Friday.

Favourable numbers: 5, 6.

Gems recommended: Emerald.

Charity on Birthday: Donate wheat and gur to the needy or at any religious place today.

You share your birthday with Bhagyashree (February 23, 1969, Mumbai), who started her acting career with television serial Kachhi Dhoop. She is the promoter of a media company called 'Shrishti Entertainment'. Her stars are weak for any progress in films now.

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