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Stone politics comes to the fore
Councillor, MLA lay separate stones for the tile-laying project in Ward Number 8
Tribune News Service

Independent councillor Daljit Singh Grewal inaugurates the work in the morning
Independent councillor Daljit Singh Grewal inaugurates the work in the morning

Ludhiana, March 2
In a case of one-upmanship, an area councillor and the local MLA laid the foundation stones for the same development work at Ward Number 8 today.

While independent councillor Daljit Singh Grewal said he had laid the foundation stone in the morning in the presence of many local residents, MLA Ranjit Singh Dhillon said he laid the foundation stone as he wanted to provide all basic amenities to the local residents.

Grewal laid the foundation stone for putting up cemented tiles on around 16 streets at Gulabi Bagh in Ward Number 8 in the morning. He claimed he had made efforts to get the work started in the area. The MLA of the ruling party laid another foundation stone for the same work just to show his "muscle-power", he alleged. "They want to show their strength. I, being an independent councillor, can not fight the autocratic behaviour of the leaders of the ruling party", he said.

Meanwhile, Dhillon said he laid the foundation stone in the presence of the officials of the civic body in a proper manner. "Certain persons have the habit of condemning others. The councillor must worry about the pathetic condition of his ward instead of wasting his energy in settling scores with others. We are here for development and are making sincere efforts in this direction. If certain persons with vested interests have to condemn our efforts, it is their problem," said Dhillon.

The "tussle" between the area councillor and the MLA has been going on for a long time.


Centre releases Rs 37.5 cr for Buddha Nullah cleaning
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
The Centre has released an additional assistance of Rs 37.5 crore for the Buddha Nullah cleaning project. This is in addition to Rs 50 crore earlier provided by the Planning Commission and Rs 16 crore provided under the bio-remediation project for the cleaning of the nullah by the Environment Ministry.

In a press note issued today, the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister and local Member of Parliament, Manish Tewari, said he pursued the matter with the Planning Commission of India. The commission recommended the payment of additional Central assistance of Rs 37.5 crore.

The minister said the funds were being released to the state government immediately, with the direction that these might be released to the implementing agency without any delay. Failure in doing so will lead to the recovery of the money with interest for the period of default.

The Union Minister said: “I hope the funds do not meet the same fate as Rs 50 crore that we got released in August 2009. The state government is yet to provide any account of the funds.”



Railways to run Holi special trains
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, March 2
There is good news for a sizable section of migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who intend to travel to their native places for the coming festival of Holi.

In the wake of a huge rush of passengers and long waiting lists in almost all long-route trains, the Northern Railway has announced an unreserved Holi special weekly train from Amritsar to Samastipur (Bihar), which had its maiden run today.

According to railway officials, the 04606/04605 pair of trains will make 10 trips (both ways) from March 2 to March 31, 2014. The train will leave Amritsar at 12.35 pm every Sunday and depart from Samastipur at 8.15 pm every Monday.

The weekly Holi special train with general and second class coaches will have stoppages at Jalandhar City, Ludhiana, Sirhind, Rajpura, Ambala Cantt, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, Shahajanpur, Sitapur Cantt, Burhwal, Gonda, Manakpur, Basti, Khalilabad, Gorakhpur, Deoria Sadar, Siwan, Chhapra, Sonepur, Hajipur and Muzaffarpur.

Among other festival special trains to be operated to cope with the heavy rush of passengers during the next two weeks are 04508/04507 Firozepur-Chandigarh daily express train (via Moga and Ludhiana) from March 11 to April 21, 04504/04503 Chandigarh-Varanasi weekly express train from March 6 to 27 and 04502/02501 Nangaldam-Lucknow weekly super-fast express train from March 3 to 31, 2014.

Information provided by railway officials revealed that there was “no room” (waiting list also exhausted) in many trains running

from Amritsar and Jammu to several major towns in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal. These trains include Jammu-Tatanagar Muri Express, Firozepur-Dhanbad Ganga-Sutlej Express, Jammu-Muzaffarpur Maur Dhwaj Express and Amritsar-Howrah Express. Sources in the Northern Railway indicated that a proposal to operate some more Holi special trains from Amrtisar/Jammu to places like Saharsa, Jaynagar, Katihar and Kolkata was awaiting a nod from the Northern Railway Headquarters in New Delhi and an official announcement was expected to be made in the next couple of days.



Recent incidents cast a shadow over Youth Akali Dal
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
While the public and judiciary appear to be hell bent on ridding politics of criminals, a criminal profile seem to be a permit for entry into the Youth Akali Dal (YAD). At least, it is borne out by the recent incidents.

Former vice-president of the Youth Akali Dal (YAD) Maninder Singh Johar, alias Sunny Goodwill, was booked for assaulting then AIG SS Mand while YAD leader Yadwinder Singh Yadu, chief of the notorious Gandhi gang, is on the run following a daylight shooting that claimed the life of a 22- year- old youth. Kuldeep Kinda and Kaka Grewal, who are involved in the recent shootout in the G- Block market of Sarabha Nagar, are from the YAD. "Yes both of them are known to me but they are not associated with the Youth Akali Dal at any level.

These days everyone takes pride in pasting the stickers of the YAD on their vehicles or on other places. It does not mean they have become the leaders or supporters of the YAD," said YAD leader Meetpal Singh Dugri.

The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) leaders have often washed their hands of many incidents by claiming that the youngsters involved in the crimes were either not the members of the YAD or they had expelled them from the party over disciplinary issues. However, the party does not have a proper system to verify their antecedents before inducting them into the fold.

A source in the YAD said youngsters with a criminal profile came handy in mobilising crowds at party rallies. "The more people a youngster mobilises at the rally, the higher the rank he gets in the YAD," the source added.

Kapil Kumar, alias Billa Haryanvi, who had shot dead the leader of a rival gang, Satwinder Singh (25), in the busy New Azad Nagar market on the Bahadurke Road, is also a YAD supporter. He was instrumental in mobilising crowds at party rallies. Billa was arrested after the relatives of the deceased staged a dharna and charged a local SAD MLA with sheltering the accused.

Youth Akali leader Baljinder Singh Jindu, who was arrested after he shot at Jatinderpal Singh Ghalotra, president of Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Model Gram, on Saturday, enjoys close rapport with many senior leaders of the SAD. It is not the first time he had courted a controversy. Jindu's name has figured in many controversies.

Gurjot, who has absconded since the shooting incident took place at Tagore Nagar last year, was a leader of the Student Organisation of India (SOI). He had shot at two youngsters for supporting his rival group.



Better Ludhiana: Parks for children
City children have nowhere to play
Tribune News Service

Youth play cricket in an open space
Youth play cricket in an open space. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, March 2
There are virtually no playgrounds in the city with a population exceeding 16 lakh, of which a significant proportion is of youths and children. Most of the residential areas in the city are devoid of any playground and open park for children. The lack of playgrounds and parks are not letting the sports culture to exist in the city.

Rapid and unorganised urbanisation has devoured open areas in the interior parts of the city. There is hardly any open space, let alone parks and playgrounds in the city. Most of the children in various parts of the city can be seen playing on streets and roads, risking their lives. Though youngsters want to play cricket, they hardly have any space for it.

Amandeep Singh, an amateur cricketer, said there was hardly any place for youngsters to play. “We have no open place to play. We play cricket every Sunday. We have to travel several kilometres to reach the playground of a government school to play the game,” he said.

Most of the cricket lovers have stopped playing the game as open grounds no longer exist. “We used to play at an open ground. The place where Sat Paul Mittal School exists today used to be popularly called as the 'main pitch'. Youngsters from various parts of the city used to come here to play cricket,” said Kapil, a resident. Now, there was hardly any open ground and space for us to play, he said.

People said playing games were extremely important for the growth of an individual and society. But the lack of space could impede the development of physically, mentally healthy and socially sound individuals.

“Playing games not only helps develop socially well, but also builds camaraderie in the neighbourhood," said Rohit, a teacher.

“Individual growth, sportsman spirit, team spirit, accepting defeat, developing self­esteem, etc., are individual aspects one learns by playing together. But if the spaces don't exist, what you expect our society to be like?” he asked.

“Though Punjab used to take pride in producing great sportspersons, the decline of the sports culture in the state is also because of the lack of grounds. The sports culture is not just for professionals, but is part and parcel of life,” said Deepak Kumar, a resident.

"It is imperative that those at the helm of affairs understand the importance of playing games for healthy and constructive society,” said Rohit.

"The administration has to think about creating more open space for playgrounds and sports grounds. The councillors and the Municipal Corporation must create these grounds. People must ask for the creation of sports clubs and grounds in their areas from political leaders,” said Arnav Garg, a resident.

“In foreign countries, there are sports clubs in almost all areas. There are well-maintained grounds to allow the children of the areas to play,” said Sarabjit, a businessman. "Not only children, but also adults and senior citizens play in the grounds there for leisure and fitness,” he said.

“Our society and the system have not been able to understand the significance of parks and grounds where children can play. This is the reason for the lack of such grounds,” said Kartar Singh Sehamby, District Sports Officer.

He said though sports grounds were in a good condition, only a few people had an access to them. They were only meant for professional training.



Flower show ‘Basant 2014’ draws huge crowds
Tribune News Service

Visitors take a look at flowers at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, on Sunday
Visitors take a look at flowers at Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, on Sunday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, March 2
It was a riot of colour at “Basant 2014”, a flower show organised by Gurdwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, here today.

Competitions saw participation of a large number of residents here. Apart from the exhibition, there was a competition of different categories of flowers and on-the-spot photography competitions as well.

Flower competitions were organised in different categories, including flowers grown in pots, foliage and perennial flowering, cactus, bonsai, arrangement of flowers in pots and medicinal plants grown in pots.

A rangoli of flowers invited everybody’s attention. Flower arrangement in an impressive manner was the main attraction.

Gurdwara Singh Sabha, Sarabha Nagar, has been organising the flower shows on a regular basis.
Decorated logs of wood
Decorated logs of wood

"Balhari Kudrat Vaseya", a movement dedicated to the seventh Sikh Guru, Guru Har Rai Sahib, who was an environmentalist of his time, has also been launched by the management of the gurdwara.

Jatinder Sandhu from the Gurdwara Management Committee said: “This is an effort to make people love nature and environment".

During the show, prizes were given to the best of 21 varieties of flowers, 17 varieties of foliage, in addition to bonsai, cacti and succulents.

Flower varieties, including antrorrhinum, branchycome, calendila, candytuft, dahlia, iceplant, marigold, pansy, petunia, phlox, salvia, stock and alyssum, were on display.

Foliage varieties, including asparagus, coleus, dracaena, ficus, kalanchoe and geranium, were included in the competition.

“Such flower shows and competitions are a perfect way to celebrate nature. The management of the gurdwara has been doing a great job by organising flower shows regularly," said Gurpreet, a visitor at the flower show.

Sandhu said they had been organising such exhibitions for the past few years to promote love for nature among the residents.



Crores spent, still roads a shambles
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Pakhowal road
Pakhowal road
Road outside Ludhiana Club
Road outside Ludhiana Club

Ludhiana, March 2
Every year, the financially starved Municipal Corporation spends over Rs 100 crore on the refurbishment of roads still the city roads are in pathetic condition.

Presently, about Rs 100 crore are being spent on the recarpeting of various main and link roads but potholes and damaged roads with bumpy rides have become the order of the day. Even after spending exorbitant amount on maintenance, the roads are in shambles.

An engineer with the PWD Department preferring anonymity said, “Sub-standard material being used by the contractors is the main reason for the poor condition of city roads. Certain officials of the MC, who have to keep a check on the material being used, are hand in glove with the contractors and a huge amount of public money is wasted every year.”
Grand Trunk Road
Grand Trunk Road

An official with the Municipal Corporation said earlier, the civic body had put a condition that the contractor, who will be getting the contract for recarpeting of roads, will have to maintain these for at least five years but none came forward following which the condition was put to two years (maintenance).

“Nobody is ready to take care of roads for five years, constructed by them only (contractors). It clearly shows that they use material of poor quality,” rued the official adding that in absence of funds, loans are being taken from banks for developing infrastructure (roads).

Besides, the engineers feel, since there was no facility of storm sewer in city, water got logged on roads causing great deal of damage to roads.



3 months on, teachers await salary
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
The financial year is about to end, but teachers of both the city-based government colleges are still waiting for their salary for the past three months.

“It is difficult to manage without salaries. The last salary we received was for the month of November. Now, March has started but we are yet to receive the salaries for the past three months,” said a teacher.

While another teacher said, “This is the time when the new academic session starts and we also need money to admit our own wards. Either the colleges have sent improper estimated budget or the government has delayed the salaries due to some other reason. But it is very harassing.”

Dr Mukesh Arora, Panjab University Senate member, said, “As far as the college is concerned, the budget was sent well on time. Due to some legal cases, the government had to pay some amount to the retired employees on the directions of the High Court. So, the approved budget couldn’t fulfill the requirement. However, the clerical staff and Class-IV employees have been paid, only teachers are left. Now, the budget has reached, only orders from Secretary Higher Education are awaited.”

Dr Rajinder Singh, principal of SCD Government College, said, “Shortfall of budget has also been sent. I hope that by next week salaries will be released.”

Gurvinder Kaur, principal of Government College for Women, said, “I don’t know the reason behind the delay. We have written to DPI colleges for releasing the salaries at the earliest. As far as part-time teachers are concerned, we will give them salary for the month of December in a day or so. We hope that in a week or so, all of us will get salaries.”



Hike in import tariff value on gold, silver worries jewellers
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
The import tariff value on gold and silver had been hiked to $433 per 10 grams and $699 per kg, respectively, taking into account the volatility in the precious metals' global prices.

Import tariff value is the base price at which customs duty is determined to prevent under-invoicing.

Local jewellers are fearful that the move will lead to smuggling of the precious metals.

The notification in this regard has been issued by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC). The tariff value is revised on a fortnightly basis after analysing the global price trend.

Before this, the import tariff value on gold was at $421 per 10 grams, while on silver it stood at $663 per kg.

“Domestic gold and silver prices remained down following weak global price trend. With hike in import tariff value, we are fearful that it will lead to an increase in the cases of smuggling to avoid paying customs duty,” said Harish Jain, a jeweller from Sarafan Bazaar.

Gold is the second largest import item for India after petroleum.

“After the hike in customs duty, the chances of it being smuggled into the country increase. Gold starts coming through illegal routes once the duties are increased,” said Ram Parkash, another jeweller from the Ghumar Mandi.

According to the jewellers’ body, total gold imports are expected to be not more than 550 tonnes this fiscal due to these restrictions, from 845 tonnes in the last fiscal.



Three cows electrocuted
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
Three cows were electrocuted at the Dairy Complex area near the Hambra Road here today. The incident took place this morning when cows were gazing in a vacant plot on the Hambra Road.

The cows were electrocuted after they came in contact with a naked high-tension wire.

This is the second such incident in the past fortnight. Earlier, 10 cows had died after consuming poisonous fodder at a gaushala in the Division No. 3 area.

Following the incident, the Gau Seva Dal organised a press conference. Chama Lal Chetli, Rajiv Tandon and Mahesh Sharma, members of the Seva Dal, said they would take up the matter with the Municipal Corporation Commissioner and Power Corporation so that similar incident could be prevented in the future.



price watch
Fruits out of common man’s reach
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhina, March 2
With the outgoing winters, all seasonal vegetables are cheaper these days but fruits are getting dearer. There is hardly any fruit that is less than Rs 50 per kg. This year, fruit crop yield, mainly of grapes, oranges and apples, is less as compared to the last year.

Amarvir Singh, general secretary, Fruits and Vegetables Commission Agents Association of Punjab, said: “Fruit crop yield is in abundance one year, while it is less the other year. This year, the yield of grapes, apples and oranges is quite less. So, they are costly.”

Apples, which are usually available at Rs 50 per kg, have surpassed the limit of Rs 100. They are now being sold at Rs 120 per kg. The prices of grapes are also skyrocketing as imported grapes are priced between Rs 250 and Rs 300 per kg. Black grapes (Indian) are being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 200 per kg, while green grapes (Indian) are available at Rs 80 to Rs 100 per kg”.

Prem Lal, a fruit vendor, said: “The prices of grapes will remain up till the weather turns hot.”

The prices of oranges are also not within the common man’s reach.

Santosh Malhotra, a homemaker, said: “I bought oranges at Rs 80 per kg. But those were tasteless.”

Winter vegetables are quite cheaper these days. Almost all of them are available between Rs 10 and Rs 15 per kg.



Notice to agency for ‘fleecing’ vehicle owners
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
District Transport Officer Anil Garg has issued a show-cause notice to an authorised agency of the city for issuing a "pollution-free" certificate for three months instead of six months and charging double the fee. Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner, has instructed the District Transport Officer to cancel the licence of this agency in case it fails to give a satisfactory reply within seven days.

Rajat Aggarwal said: "A few days ago I received a complaint on my e-mail account from Sukhdev Lal, a former employee of the Northern Railway. He has alleged that an authorised agency, Rockey Pollution Centre, has been issuing ‘pollution-free’ certificates to vehicle owners for three months and charging fee for six-month validity. According to the rules, the certificate should be issued for six months." Meanwhile, the DTO raided other authorised agencies but found nothing objectionable.


Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said: "According to the rules, an authorised agency is supposed to issue a ‘pollution-free’ certificate for six months. If any agency accepts fee for three months or issues a certificate for lesser validity, then the vehicle owner can contact him or the District Transport Officer."

District Transport Officer Anil Garg said: "There are around 60 agencies in the city that have been authorised to issue the ‘pollution-free’ certificate to vehicles."



‘Shooting incident has caused panic among residents’

The shooting incident between two groups at the mini-market in Sarabha Nagar on February 27 has sent shock waves among residents who feel that law and order is absolutely ‘missing’ in the city. Ludhiana Tribune spoke to a cross-section of residents on the issue.

It was shocking to hear about the shooting incident at the market which remains abuzz with activity. It is learnt that the leaders of the two groups involved in the incident were activists of the Youth Akali Dal (YAD). Eleven persons have been arrested while 15 are absconding in this unfortunate incident. Influential people feel that they can get away with anything. The police need to crack the whip on those who jeopardise law and order.

— Sehej Malhotra, student

Sarabha Nagar market is the place where children, youngsters and elderly love to go. The group clash that took place recently has created panic among the residents. I have asked my children not to go to the market alone. In fact, every weekend, we used to visit restaurants there but for the time being, we will prefer to sit at home as there seems to be no safety and security anywhere in the city.

— Ginny Ahuja, homemaker

The markets and public places are visited by all, including youth, children and senior citizens. The youngsters can still save themselves by running or hiding here and there but such incidents can prove fatal for senior citizens as they are weak - both physically and emotionally. The police need to take strict measures so that the residents feel safe while moving around in the city. More than 30 youths were involved in the shooting incident which means they were least bothered about law.

— Santosh Nalwa, senior citizen

I go to my home via Sarabha Nagar market. The firing incident has made us believe that even popular markets are not safe. This market is located in the heart of the city. The incident has brought disrepute to the market and shopkeepers have started feeling the negative impact of the incident on their business.

— Vinod Sharma, trader

The groups come and start firing at each other in broad daylight! It speaks volumes about the state of affairs as far as law and order in the city is concerned. Miscreants care two hoots about the law. By the grace of God, no major loss has been caused otherwise the incident could have been really fatal.

— Navneet Kumar, bank employee

The recent incident of violence in the posh areas like Sarabha Nagar has shocked city residents and has instilled a sense of insecurity among them. The situation is particularly alarming when the youth belonging to the ruling party is said to be involved in such an incident. The political parties are expected to guide the youth for constructive social work rather than encouraging them to be involved in brazen hooliganism.

— Rajinder Chawla, professor

The gun culture must be eradicated. As parents, we must teach our wards that one-upmanship brings nothing. Somewhere, violence shown in films is also responsible for bringing unrest among the youth. The youngsters should be involved in progressive activities and they need to channelise their energies in a right direction. The guilty must be punished as per law.

— Dr Hardeep Singh, government doctor



Hailstorm takes city residents by surprise

Ludhiana residents again got a pleasant surprise when a heavy hailstorm hit the city last week. People unleashed their creativity by making snowmen out of the hails. Some mischievous minds made it bit scary by placing candles around the snow. For children, it was a double treat. While the relatives living abroad were bit surprised over the fact and messages like ‘Snowfall in Lousiana (Ludhiana) or London streets’ were flashing on social networking sites and apps. With climactic situation changing a whirl, it seems snow will now be a regular feature in Ludhiana.

Easier way out

For shifting the headquarters of Municipal Corporation from Mata Rani Chowk (old city) to Sarabha Nagar, the new commissioner, it seems, has opted for an easier way out. The change will cause inconvenience to a large section of residents in old city localities is another story but the buzz is that the decision was taken due to huge traffic problems prevailing on the way to Mata Rani Road office. Access from Civil Lines (the official residence of the commissioner) to zone A office of MC, where the headquarters were shifted during the tenure of the then commissioner, RK Verma, through Bhadaur House as well as Old Sabzi Mandi Chowk is difficult due to poor traffic management and slack enforcement. For instance, a shopkeeper near Bhadaur House said, “There was a slim chance of improvement of the chaotic traffic conditions in this section if the commissioner had not decided to shift the MC headquarter to Sarabha Nagar. But now that she will no longer be passing through this stretch, only God can help us!”

Women power!

Ludhiana, the biggest district in Punjab, is being taken care of by many female officials. Starting from the MC Commissioner, the female officials are occupying various key posts in the city. The Additional Commissioner (Development) is an IAS officer, who has also got additional charge of Additional Commissioner MC. The previous District Revenue Officer, too, has recently been replaced by a female officer. The District Food and Supplies Controller is again a female officer. Apart from this, another female officer has been appointed as the Land Acquisition Collector, Improvement Trust, by the state government. Besides, the Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner here is also a female officer. One of the top official of the District Administration said, “You have to work cautiously to prove your mettle and in case of all female officers, they are very bright.”

Our roof does not leak

Residents especially the commuters had to face a lot of difficulties during the past one week due to frequent rains lashing the city. On one such rainy day, a visitor wearing helmet and a rain coat entered a government office and requested the dealing employee to accept his documents. After a few seconds, when rainwater kept accumulating on the visitor’s raincoat and started pouring down at the floor, the employee said, “Please take off your raincoat and helmet, our roof does not leak.” Unable to understand what the employee wanted to convey, the visitors kept standing like that. At this, the employee retorted, “The roof did not leak but your raincoat has given a filthy look to our office floor.” After the visitor left, the employee commented there seems to be dire need to display a note outside stating ‘Do not enter inside with raincoat and helmet, our roof does not leak’.

Contributed by: Manav Mander, Kuldip Bhatia, Shivani Bhakoo, Anupam Bhagria



Delegation to visit Taiwan

Ludhiana: A delegation of FICO under the leadership of Manjinder Singh Sachdeva, president, Bicycle Research and Development Organisation, is going to Taiwan to take part in the 27th Taipie Cycle Show 2014 to be held from March 5 to 8. FICO is an organisation which comprises of 10 industrial associations. The delegation will also visit Taiwan for technology transfer. They will focus on high-end cycle like alloy and carbon cycle, which is not manufactured in India. The huge demand of high-end cycle is in Europe, said Manjinder Singh Sachdeva. “The delegation will also study parts like derailer, shifter, disc brake, alloy frame, alloy fork alloy rims , carbon frame fork which are not manufactured in India,” said Gurmeet Singh Kular, general secretary, BRADO. The Ludhiana cycle industry has been mainly focusing on old traditional roadster models which were only for domestic consumption. But now with increasing globalisation and tough competition from international market India have to make high-end cycles and parts with effective cost, if these parts are available in India, we can feed the entire world, said KK Seth, chairman, FICO. The delegation will visit four factories in Taiwan, including folding cycles, alloy frame, fork and rims along with machinery manufacturers.

Two-day designer exhibition concludes

The two-day exhibition, titled ‘The Superlative Show’, concluded at Hotel Gulmor in Ludhiana on Sunday. It included designer brands and many new brands focusing on spring and summer wear collection. Designer clothes, designer jewellery, semi-precious and fashion jewellery, home décor products and designer bed linen, kids room accessories, handbags, accessories, wellness products, astrologer, numerologist and tarot card reader were the other attractions. — TNS



FROM Colleges
Students bring laurels

Ludhiana: BEd students of Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Civil Lines, Ludhiana, brought laurels to the college by bagging five positions in the Panjab University Inter-zonal Skill in Teaching and On-the-spot Teaching Aid Preparation Competition held at the BCM College of Education, Ludhiana, and Dashmesh Girls College of Education, Badal. Sonali Bhaskar and Ravisha Bansal stood first in Fine Arts and English categories, respectively. Naina Garg bagged second position in Science and Gurwinder Kaur won a consolation prize in political science categories. In On-the-spot Teaching Aid Preparation Competition, Daljeet Kaur bagged the second position in Fine Arts category. College principal Dr Ravinder Kaur congratulated the winner students.

National conference on business innovation

Guru Nanak Institute of Management & Technology, Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, Ludhiana, organised a national conference on ‘Business Innovation and Management’ in collaboration with Punjab Commerce and Management Association (PCMA) here on Sunday. The chief guest for the inaugural session was Padma Bhushan Dr SS Johl, Chancellor, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, and the keynote speaker was VK Goyal, executive director and chief executive officer of the SEL Ltd, Ludhiana. PCMA patron and director (Projects), Brij Mohan Lal Munjal University, Gurgaon, Dr Prem Kumar introduced the theme of the conference. PCMA president Dr GS Batra apprised the audience of the activities undertaken by the PCMA. He said India’s potential in promoting innovation remained underutilised. — TNS



NIMA holds seminar on nephrology
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
A CME was organised by the National integrated Medical Association (NIMA), Ludhiana district branch, in association with SPS Apollo Hospital today.

It was attended by over 90 NIMA member doctors.

The guest speaker was Dr Bakshish Singh, senior consultant in the Department of Nephrology at SPS Apollo hospital.

While discussing the approach of a patient towards a kidney problem he said more and more number of people was being affected by the disease in recent times due to the epidemic of diabetes and hypertension in our country.

The focus of the discussion was on the earliest detection of treatable causes of kidney failure, as these are completely curable in the initial stage.

Diagnostic modalities and treatment options, to prevent chronic kidney disease, was also discussed in the meet.



Give up drugs, Phoolka urges rural youth

Ludhiana, March 2
HS Phoolka, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Ludhiana, addressed a gathering at Mallah village today.

He urged the youth to take up sports and give up drugs. Meanwhile, the party’s ‘Listen to Ludhiana’ campaign went off successfully.

The campaign is being carried through stalls that have been set up at various places in the city and also through door-to-door drive. — TNS



Kidney cancer on the rise in Punjab
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
“Kidney cancer has become common in Punjab because of increasing hypertension, obesity and tobacco use. It needs to be diagnosed and treated early to save kidneys,” said Dr Baldev Singh Aulakh , professor of Urology and Head of Kidney Transplant Surgery, Department of Urology, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH).

Discussing a recent case Dr Aulakh said, “According to a rough estimate kidney cancer affects around 5,80,000 people in India and is responsible for around 1,30,000 kidney cancer specific deaths annually. The management of kidney cancer is mainly the removal of the entire kidney.”

Discussing a recent case of a 40-year-old woman suffering from kidney cancer, Dr Aulakh said he decided to remove only the cancer bearing part of kidney while saving the rest of the kidneys for the patient through key hole surgery (laparoscopic partial nephrectomy). “This was first of its kind of surgery done in Punjab,” said Dr Aulakh.

The patients were discharged on the third day after the operation. On the contrary, if open surgery is done the incision is very long and hospital stay is at least for 5 days.

“The surgery requires expertise as the major complication is uncontrolled bleeding and the risk of leaving behind tumors. The patient has the benefit of having both kidneys working, while her cancer is removed. This however requires a close follow up lest the cancer recurs,” said Dr Aulakh.

Warning bells

  • Abdomen pain
  • Swelling of abdomen
  • Blood in urine

Risk Factors

  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Tobacco



Environmental society to move court

Ludhiana, March 2
The Environmental and Health Protection Society has threatened to file a case of Contempt of Court against the MC authorities if they make amendments in the master plan.

Advocate Gurcharanjit Singh said the residential areas must not be changed into ‘Mixed Land Use’ and no industry should be allowed to set up in the industrial areas as this had already been cleared by the High Court. — TNS



from SChools
Milk activity

Ludhiana: To develop healthy habit of drinking milk among children, a milk activity was organised at Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School. It was observed as ‘milk day’. The kindergarten students recited poems on milk. The students were told about the importance of milk and were motivated to include it in their daily diet. Special tiffins were bought by the students which included food items made from milk. The managing director and founder principal, Avinash Kaur Walia, distributed milk to the students and motivated them to drink milk at least twice a day.

Fashion show

A kids fashion show, titled ‘Trendy Tots’, was organised by first year students of fashion and interior design at the International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD), Ludhiana. It was a set up for showcasing their garments designed under their academic project of first year in which they had to design a kid’s wear. Colourful and vibrant collection included frocks, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and trousers for the kids of 3-12 years of age. Around 70 students worked hard on the project over a period of one month to make it a huge success. Apart from developing the garments, students were involved in making all other arrangements for the show such as ramp set up, rehearsals of the ramp walk and handling the young small models. Students worked very enthusiastically and displayed a great spirit of team work.

Graduation ceremony

Cherubs the Preschool, Dugri, celebrated its annual day and graduation ceremony at Nehru Sidhant Kender on Sunday. The theme of the event was ‘Indian panorama’. Tiny tots perform during the annual function and graduation ceremony at Cherubs in Ludhiana on Sunday The show started with lord’s prayers and followed by cultural items like Kashmiri dance, Goan dance and bhangra etc. a girl tries to console her classmate, who started crying during the function On the occasion, Simarjeet Singh Bain, MLA, was the chief guest. While Ramanjeet Ghuman, principal Indus World School, and Jaswinder Singh Bholla, counselor, were the guest of honour. The event ended with the annual prize distribution and graduation ceremony.

Tiny tots perform during the annual function and graduation ceremony at Cherubs in Ludhiana on Sunday; and (right) a girl tries to console her classmate, who started crying during the function. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Quiz competition

Phillaur: DRV DAV Centenary Public School, Phillaur, organised a house-wise quiz on the eve of National Science Day. Students of Classes VI and VII participated in it. The students were asked questions based on science. Yogesh Gambhir, principal of the school, encouraged the students to work hard and make progress in life. — TNS



Follow teachings of Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh: Atwal

Mandi Ahmedgarh, March 2
Speaker Vidhan Sabha, Punjab Government, Charanjit Singh Atwal called upon Punjabis in general and Sikhs in particular to follow the teachings of Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh, who had sacrificed his life during the battle of Chamkaur in 1705.

Justifying the demand raised by Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Social Welfare Foundation, Atwal assured that he would impress upon the Punjab CM, Parkash Singh Badal, to initiate process for erecting some memorial commemorating sacrifice of the martyr and to announce public holiday in his respect. During the Baba Jiwan Singh Jor Mela, Atwal said people should adopt ideology of the martyr in their lives. — OC



Foundation day

Ludhiana: The 57the foundation day of Warehousing Corporation was celebrated in Ludhiana on Sunday. Customs agents, clearing house agents took part in it along with importers. RK Kapoor, manager of the Warehousing Corporation, was also present.

Tributes paid

The Kashyap Social Welfare Society organised the annual programme on Shaheed Baba Moti Ram Mehra. MLA Manpreet Singh Ayali was the chief guest on the occasion. He paid tributes to Baba Moti Ram. Later, Ayali inaugurated a free medical camp organised by the society.


Winners of Mr And Miss Punjab 2014 contest and members of S Model Creation, an NGO, at a meeting in Ludhiana on SundayS Model creation, an NGO, held a meeting at Las Vegas in Ludhiana on Sunday. The winners of Mr and Miss Punjab-2014 Kunal Thhakar and Neha Rampal addressed the youth about drugs. Vikrant Sharma, director of the NGO, also addressed the youth to stay away from drugs.
Winners of Mr And Miss Punjab 2014 contest and members of S Model Creation, an NGO, at a meeting in Ludhiana on Sunday. A Tribune photograph


The annual meeting of Postal and RMS Pensioners Welfare Organisation, Ludhiana, was held on Sunday. Eleven senior pensioners were honoured. The pensioners demanded from the Government of India to fulfill their demands, including immediate merger of 50 per cent DC in basic pension, grant of ‘one post one pension’ scheme to the civil pensioners also in the same pattern as ‘one rank one pension’ granted to the pensioners of defence services, grant of interim relief to the pensioners by the 7th pay commission immediately.


A function was arranged by the PAU Retirees’ Welfare Association (Regd) to honour Roop Singh ‘Roopa’, ex-president, PAU Employees Union (Regd). Roopa has been carrying out his social activities in the PAU, Ludhiana; Punjabi University, Patiala; and also his native village Sailbrah, Tehsil Phul, District Bathinda. — TNS



One nabbed with opium
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, March 2
The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA- 2) nabbed an auto-rickshaw driver and recovered 2.75 kg opium from his possession here today. The accused has been identified as Sukhwinder Singh, alias Kala (43), of Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar.

The police arrested the accused Tajpur road and booked under Sections 18, 61 and 85 of the NDPS Act.

Sub-Inspector Rajesh Sharma, in-charge of the CIA-2, said the police arrested the accused following a tip-off.

It was not the first time that Sukhwinder Singh was caught with contraband. In 2004, he was caught with 2 quintals of poppy husk. He was released on bail in 2009.



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