The star actor
Rishi Kapoor may no longer be romancing heroines, but his affair with acting is everlasting. In Chandigarh, for the shooting of Aayi Bala Ko Taal Tu, the actor, among many other things, talks about how he is not cut out for politics
Nonika Singh

His older fans may remember him as the lover boy of yesteryear. But Rishi Kapoor, going strong like never before, who has made the transition from a star to an actor with forceful impact, is neither caught in a time warp nor cares to bask in his past glory. Rather, he would focus on his present. Sure the actor who has been turning shades of grey onscreen is as charming as the young lad who stole people's hearts in Bobby. Every inch a perfect gentleman, his impeccable manners speak and reflect on the illustrious first film family of Bollywood that he belongs to.

At complete ease in a hotel in Chandigarh, the famous Rishi temper only flashes in bits and parts, when he is confronted with questions which he considers frivolous or when these centre on bunkum already doing the rounds in the media. Otherwise, he is game for all kinds of queries from professional to personal. Sure this star ka baap has no hesitation in satiating our curiosity about dear son Ranbir Kapoor. As long as the interview doesn't turn about the superstar son of whom he is exceptionally, almost boastfully proud, he is ready for the volley on son dearest. And before you believe that he doesn't like any of his son's films, he qualifies, "All I meant was I am very critical of the work that he does. For appreciation can make one complacent." But he is not a nosey father, "Often I don't even know what his films are all about till these are made and screened."

Of course, like father like son, both choose movies after great deliberation and consideration. Rishi, an actor of over 150 films, says, "Unless I can bring something on the table what's the point?" He has no qualms in admitting that as an actor he is being taken more seriously than ever and quips, "What was I doing earlier except romancing the heroine?" Today he is more than happy playing stellar parts like Rauf Lala of Agneepath or menacing Don of the D Day or the overprotective dad of Bewakoofiyan. He gushes, "Imagine, today a negative character can be the pivot of the film." And for this change he not only credits the new breed of filmmakers, but also audiences who are well informed and wouldn't settle for anything less than what they want.

Does that mean better films are being made? He agrees that not all of that is being churned out today is of superior quality. But at least makers are trying out different kinds of films like Do Dooni Chaar. Incidentally, it's not only the film that is close to his heart but also its director Habib Faisal, who figures on the top of his wishlist of directors he would like to work again with. On the experience of coming together with director Subhash Ghai for Kaanchi, with whom he gave the blockbuster Karz some 34 years ago, all he would say is, "Well, he is a friend. Only I don't have a great role in Kaanchi. " Of course, it's once again a shade of grey. Nah, he doesn't ditto the sentiment that negative characters allow an actor greater room to flex acting muscles. Rather each role is a challenge. Mind you he is no method actor, has great respect for the craft though. But he remains an impromptu and spontaneous actor. It is also believed that he gets his shots right in the first take and is disdainful of those who don't. He smiles and shoots back, "Don't you all go by what is already written?" So let's have it straight from the horse's mouth. "I work to the best of my ability. While I can't promise an initial like stars do, I can pitch in a good performance at least."

We agree to disagree…there is no denying his acting potential, but going by the open admiration of onlookers, his star value hasn't diminished. Only now it comes packed with added punch, easily qualifying him as the star character-actor who not only demands meaty parts but also gets his pound of flesh (read hefty price).

Punjabi by birth & heart

A proud Punjabi one day Rishi Kapoor aspires to act in a purposeful Punjabi film the entire community can be truly proud of. Married to a Sikh, Neetu Singh, he calls himself Mumbaiya Punjabi whose knowledge of Punjabi is limited. But his traits, right from food habits to drinking binges, are every bit Punjabi.

Key to success

In his latest innings as an actor, awards simply seem to love him. Yet the actor couldn't care less, rubbishing its credibility, calling award functions a joke, just content for the television. What matters to him is the feedback of audiences. And though Friday fever doesn't really grip him the release dates do make him insecure. And in the realisation, "our work is not self-satisfactory" lies the secret to his successful career spanning 42 years. 

Happily ever after

His happily married status might come as a surprise in an industry where marriages fail at the slightest provocation. But the actor looks at his family life as any other average couple's with its rough patches and fights. The bottom-line is respect for the institution of marriage and clear demarcation of roles.

War wonder
Alliance Francaise celebrates the 100th anniversary of the First World War
Manpriya Singh

World War 1 often conjures up images, in monochromatic tones, of battle heroes, soldiers and everything else that had to do with the tragic conflict that shaped world history. On the occasion of 100th anniversary of the First World War, Alliance Francaise, Chandigarh, puts together a two-day programme comprising an exhibition, a slide lecture and a live drawing, music and speech programme.

World War I images will be part of the exhibition
HISTORY REVISITED: World War I images will be part of the exhibition

Back in time

The event starts with the onstage adaptation titled On Les Aura (Line Of Fire) of a graphic novel based on the diary of a WWI French soldier. This diary, which was found in trash, contains the accounts of a soldier during the very first months of the war in 1914. Illustrator Barroux and musician Julien Joubert bring together the music, and live drawing show.

Shares Barroux, "I'll be exhibiting 15 drawings during the show; we have tried giving a very contemporary touch to the whole presentation. We also thought it would be kind of interesting if we brought in the music element as well." Almost at the end of India's 10 city tour, it's been a great response from the audiences so far. Shares Julien, "We have already held as many as 20 shows in France and India; people have given a great response with even a couple of standing ovations."

The music includes, "Solo guitar with lots of interesting effects to build the atmosphere — for example the sound of a battlefield or of a train."

Barroux and (R) Julien Joubert  A 10-city tour in India is a close enough brush to invite observations and opinions on the country. Barroux finds it difficult to put it into words; instead it is pictures and images for him. Pictures and images that he has drawn while shuffling cities in the country, pictures comprising a cow, an auto, of bazaars, spices, colourful women, heritage buildings. "India is so big and so crowded. It is difficult to even draw India," he shares, while turning pages of his sketch book.

Lens eye

The exhibition — War and Colonies — is a tribute to the colonial troops engaged in the war on both sides. There are pictures of Indian mounted troops riding through the Marseilles, of British soldiers from Punjab, of Sikh soldiers with French soldiers, of Sengalese infantrymen, of wounded India-Chinese soldiers in the refectory, among others. The 35 rare photographs provide a glimpse into the lives of colonial troops in the Great War. Shares Dominique Waag, the director, "Some of these pictures have been borrowed from the French Ministry of Defence. They have a large collection, which is not open to the public. Some of them are also from private collections. A few have been accessed from the British Library in London." He points to a picture of Indian soldiers in olive-coloured uniform, "The colour that you call khaki became symbolic of soldiers' uniform all across."

(The show is on March 20 at 6.30 pm, the exhibition is on till March 20)

Love-ly time

Gauhar Khan Gauhar Khan might have expressed her love for actor Kushal Tandon on a reality show but the actress now wants to keep her relationship private.

The 30-year-old actress, who will again be seen with Kushal in upcoming TV show Khatron Ke Khiladi after their stint in Bigg Boss, says she does not need any reality show to keep their relationship going.

"We had expressed our love for each other on a reality show but now it has become very personal. We don't need any reality show again to prove how much we love each other.

Joining the same show together was just a coincidence. It's not a medium to keep our relationship going. I am just loving the whole idea of being in love," Gauhar said.

The couple met on Bigg Boss and love blossomed between the two on the show, which Gauhar won.

The Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year actress says she is happy with the way Kushal brings the best in her and helped her on the Colors' stunt-dare reality show.

"Kushal is one of the best human beings I have ever met. He backs me up whenever I need him and at the same time he keeps pushing me till I achieve the goal, He helps me to bring out the best in me," Gauhar said.

The fifth season of Khatron Ke Khiladi will be hosted by filmmaker Rohit Shetty and will have celebrities like Dayanand Shetty, Salman Yusuff Khan, Mugdha Godse, Ranvir Shorey among others. The show will be on air from March 22.

Gauhar says Rohit is the show's best host, which is based on the American Fear Factor.

"I took part in the show to overcome every possible fear in my life. And when I heard that Rohit (Shetty) is hosting the show, I grabbed the offer. I feel he is the best host till now. He is encouraging and very big factor for all of us on the show to complete all the task," she said.

Apart from her small screen commitments, the actress is all geared up for the release her first film, whose last set of schedule will be shot soon. — PTI

Another bikini babe

If Sonam Kapor has donned a pink bikini in Bewakoofiyaan then the Rockstar actress Nargis Fakhri has put on a purple two-piece in her upcoming film, Main Tera Hero, starring Varun Dhawan and Ileana D'Cruz.

When Nargis learnt that she had to wear a bikini in the film, she opted for a bikini from her own collection. She showed the two-piece to the stylish of the film and it was immediately accepted as it looks apt for the movie.

A source informs, "Yes, Nargis is wearing a bikini from her personal collection. She had recently brought a bikini which she wanted to wear and showed it to the stylist of the film. The stylist immediately agreed with her as the bikini looked apt for the song."

She sports a very Bohemian look for the song as she has teamed up with junk jewellery and a fluorescent yellow sarong to go with the bikini.

Fakhri promised that the audience would get to see 'a lot' of her in the film. "I wear a lot of revealing outfits in this film, so trust me when I say you'll be seeing a whole lot more of me than you bargained for," she laughed. "The public may worship a particular actor, but a film is the result of team effort, so it doesn't worry me that people call it Varun's vehicle," she said.

Produced by Balaji Motion Pictures and directed by David Dhawan, Main Tera Hero is coming to tickle your funny bones on April 4.

Generous gesture?

Kareena Kapoor Khan recently launched her dietician and friend Rujuta Diwekar's book Don't Lose Out, Work Out. She set the record straight on her movies.

Leaving Shuddhi

I have left Shuddhi. I am not part of it anymore. I am not at all disheartened about it. It (Bombay Samurai getting delayed) gives me more time for myself and to holiday. I am married now. I am not running a relay marathon anymore. I don't know why the Press makes such a big deal about it.

Quitting spree

After Singham 2, we will shoot for Bombay Samurai. It (film) needs an international crew, so we will begin to work on it post September. Shooting for Singham 2 will start from March. When asked about her refusal to projects like Queen, Ram-Leela, Chennai Express, Fashion, Kal Ho Na Ho, Black and others which subsequently went to other actresses, Kareena said she did not regret. I feel honoured and glad to give work to other people. I hope they (actresses) become stars as I have rejected big films.

Kangana goes Sofia Vegara’s way

It seems Kangana is a new reigning Queen in Bollywood. And why not! After a smashing performance in the movie Queen, Kangana is all set to take us on a joy ride with her upcoming film Revolver Rani.

Kangana has always managed to show her versatility and don various looks in her past movies. In her forthcoming film Revolver Rani, Kangana will be seen in a new look like never. She will play a de-glam lady (Alka Singh) who would be brave, rustic and a goon. A gun loving political leader, her character is madly in love with a Bollywood star, Rohan (Vir Das).

Going by the two promos, Kangana comes across as the look alike of Sofia Vergara's character in American action comedy film Machete Kills. Kangana is flaunting a metallic studded bra. Quite a bold move we must say!

Name game

Kate Winslet has named her baby boy Bear Blaze Winslet. The 38-year old star revealed that Bear's second name is Blaze because she met her husband Ned Rocknroll, in a house fire in 2011.

The house burned down and they survived, but they wanted something of the fire and so Blaze was the name they came up with, the Oscar winner who recently got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame said. Winslet and Ned got married in 2012 and had their son on December 7, 2013. — ANI

In memory: Kate Winslet

Wooing buyers

Sussane Khan and Gauri Khan are collaborating on a realty project in Goa, which consists of luxury villas. They are hosting a lavish party in Dubai to make the announcement and woo buyers for the project.

Love me, love me not

It seems that Aditya Roy Kapur, Shraddha Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra are in a love triangle. Aditya and Parineeti are filming now and are incredibly close. We wonder how Shraddha is feeling and whether Aditya will go back to Shraddha after his movie with Parineeti is over.

Parineeti Chopra & Aditya R Kapoor

Vidya is pregnant

Vidya Balan is pregnant and that is such good news! That is why she had to opt out of her movies and take time off. It will be at least 2-3 years before we see Vidya in a movie because she will take a while to shed the baby weight and the baby has to be at least a year old before she gets back to work. 

David’s inner success

Former soccer star David Beckham has been named the world's best underwear model. The 38-year-old, who retired from soccer last year, has been crowned the champion by fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger as he believes the famous star can pull off the seductive look in minimal clothing.

"I have seen all kinds of underwear models, but we all wish we looked like David Beckham at the end of the day," Hilfiger said.AThe handsome star first posed wearing briefs in 2007 when he appeared alongside his fashion designer wife Victoria in the Emporio Armani campaign. — PTI

Rebellious note
Words are the weapon the members of Pune-based Kabir Kala Manch use to fight injustice and social inequalities
Amarjot Kaur

Inked in the colour of revolution, words are the only weapons that the members of Kabir Kala Manch (KKM), a Pune-based cultural activism group, use to fight against privatisation and commercialisation of education, caste based atrocities, social inequality, worker's rights, farmer suicides, female infanticide, communalism, liberalisation and widening net of corruption. Yet, their name appears in the Naxalite list issued by the Maharashtra Gruh Vibhag in 2008, which included some other well-known names, including Medha Patkar, Narendra Dabholkar and Baba Adhav.

"And India is a free nation, the Constitution of which reads that every Indian has the right to freedom of speech and expression. Perhaps that is the reason why I and some other members of KKM were released on bail by the High Court," says Siddharth Bhosale, the member of KKM. The other members of the group include Deepak Dhengle (poet), Jyoti Jagtap, Vishal Bhalerao, Babita Keswani, Rupali Jadav (poet), Dada Wagmare (poet) and Sheetal Sathe (poet).

In conversation with the members of KKM, at Panjab University for a performance, we discover an overwhelmingly intense vibe that quite matches with the prevailing protests at the university. "We are not against the government, but we are raising our voice against social issues, which are hampering the growth of the nation," shares Ramdas Unhale, who furthers his point by elaborating a little about the group. He shares that KKM was formed in the wake of Gujarat riots in 2002, when many innocent Muslims and Dalits were killed. "It was then that several social activists from Pune came up with the idea of forming a cultural activism group. I think we came under the radar of the government during the Kherlanji massacre, which took place in 2007 and we were revolting against the villagers who killed and raped two innocent Dalit women, just because they were Dalits, who studied and aimed for a better life. Is this not inequality or casteism?"

Though Rupali's husband, Sagar Godkhe, and Jyoti's husband, Sachin Kale, remain behind bars, Siddharth maintains that this is not the intellectual activism of the elite. The crackdown of the State is so intense, and to continue is not an easy or obvious choice to make. But he, and those with him, will continue to sing of these issues at colleges, in slums, come what may. Also, they have been featured in Anand Patwardhan's documentary titled Jai Bhim Comrade. Ask them on what they aim to perform at the university, Siddharth shares, "We are quite influenced with the ideology of Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev. In Chandigarh, we will be performing on casteism while referring to Bhagat Singh and saluting him," they sign off.

Sweet something
After getting used to the American savouries, it's time to taste their sweets. Get ready to welcome Great American Cookies and Forever Yogurt

If you missed international desserts in our otherwise very global Chandigarh, wait for a while. By the year end you can scoop out infinite yummy combinations from Forever Yogurt. Also, Great American Cookies would also open their doors for the ones with sweet tooth.

Polo Foods, a part of established Polo Towers Group, would make these delicious American treats available in the region and register pan-Indian presence. Deval Tibrewalla, CEO & director, Polo Towers Group, explains the reason for introducing these two particular American brands to India. "International fast-food chains are doing very well in India. It is about time to get the taste of the desserts too. Great American Cookies which is doing business in 14 countries already (India is going to be the 15th) offers preservative free treats for which the frozen dough is flown from the headquarters from the US in every single outlet," says Deval, a marathon runner, car rallyist and entrepreneur, all rolled in one.

Polo Foods aims to have six to seven outlets in the city largely mall specific outlets where the yummy eats will be baked on site. Apart from the flavours and shapes, cookie cakes would be the USP this brand.

Choices are sure in plenty. Forever Yogurt is going to offer infinite combinations with 60 different flavours and 80 different toppings. You can make your own with as many flavours and toppings you wish to mix. And, then you also have the option of going sugar free or low fat, no fat or no sugar.

Chandigarh with high per capita income and love for food remains the hot favourite for those investing in eateries. Deval who opens innings with Forever Yogurt in this business segment in India as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal.

An imaginative palette
Nine artists showcase their works at Punjab Kala Bhawan
Amarjot Kaur

With the change in weather, the colours of the season added much vibrancy to the canvases, which were held at the Sobha Singh Gallery at Punjab Kala Bhawan. Organised by the department of Fine Arts, BBK DAV College for Women, the exhibition, Art Beat-2014 had abundant of creativity, but there was not much experimentation with the medium. The exhibition featured the works of nine students, including those of Manjot Kaur, Amritjot Kaur, Ritika Kalra, Aanchal Sadana, Jyotsna Kaur, Amandeep Kaur Gill, Ila Bedi, Ragini Bansal and Shruti Khurana.

While most of the work in the gallery were acrylic on canvas, the only refuge from the monotony were some sketch works and drawings by Manjot Kaur, who used pen on paper and experimented a great deal with the medium, using innovative ideas which treaded on the lines of semi-abstract. "I paint and draw things from my imagination, which is filled with experiences that I have lived, juxtaposed with what I am experiencing now and projecting what I feel will happen in the future," said Manjot Kaur.

Meanwhile, Shruti Khanna in her paintings used fish as a metaphor of her expressions. She was awarded in the state level exhibition in the Indian Academy of Fine Arts. Also, Amandeep Kaur Gill, through her art work showed the "Journey of Culture" in her paintings. The figures and images have been derived from the rich Punjabi culture and cultural events. She was conferred with an award in the state level exhibition in the Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar.

The exhibition also featured the works of Aanchal Sadana in the series titled My Look. She said, "The concept is that one should never think that they are living their life for nothing, they must love someone, and most importantly they must love themselves." In Jyotsna Kaur's painting series, Dialogue with nature, she used a dramatic way to express her love for the universe.

On till March 20

Browsing option

Opera Software, the makers of Opera browsers for desktop PCs and mobile devices, has launched the Opera Mini 8 browser for basic mobile phones. At a time when the number of smartphones being used in the country is increasing, there is still a majority of Indians who use basic phones, usually based on the Java platform.

Opera Mini is one of the only web browser that provides a smooth and fast browsing experience on these phones. It is one of the most used mobile web browsers in India and is available in 13 Indian languages. It compresses webpages to as little as 10 per cent of their original size. This means less data is consumed and it costs less to access the web from mobile phones. —TNS

Familiar aroma, new ambience
Manpriya Singh

Henceforth, they officially dish out North Indian Frontier cuisine and the oriental delicacies under two different and familiar labels and at Chandigarh's prominent retail address.

Noodle Bar and Copper Chimney are the latest but not the least to join the Elante Mall's food bandwagon. "Copper Chimney is already operating at nine locations in the country and we have one more coming up at Thane…In all our restaurants we keep an open kitchen to bring about a sense of hygiene and to ensure a good feeling to eating," briefs KS Narayanan, CEO, Pan India Food Solutions, the retail food business behind the chain. He briefs on some of the things that go onto ensuring satisfied customers. "In fact, about a year ago we started with this new initiative where the customers can give their feedback through I-Pads, thus doing away with the trouble of manual feedback forms. Their feedback reaches us through email alerts.”

It took a little while for the outlets to make their presence felt. He shares, "Food is an art, craft and science. It is all these things put together that result in quality food and consistent performance. In an endeavour to make that happen, it took us a little long. But now that we are here, we'll catch up."

Moving on, the brass and copper décor coupled with soft lighting, strongly reminiscent of any Copper Chimney restaurant, remains.

While Copper Chimney continues to bank on the cuisine raging from spiced burrah chop, creamy reshmi chelo, to the staples murg makhani and dal maharaja, Noodle Bar promises an almost pan-Asian experience by bringing in delicacies from Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Japan and Korea, apart from China.

Over to the man behind the counter who makes all the difference and sometimes even magic in any restaurant! Chef Sanjay Malkani, head operations, shuttles from talking about Italian cuisine and rajma chawal with equal ease and assures, that, "This is the original Copper Chimney. Copper Chimney has its own food, good or bad, which cannot be replicated anywhere. The items may be available elsewhere but not the food." As much as food is fun for its customers, it is a serious business for those behind the counter. The term authentic comes under the scanner. "The nicest rajma I've had was made by a friend's mother. It is commercially difficult to bring home food on the table in a restaurant but that's what we try." He adds, "For me, there is no such thing as authentic food. In Kerala, every 5 kms, the sambar changes…"

Fair & square

Started 13 years ago, Vanity Fair brings its Spring/Summer 2014 show. The exhibition will present Indo-western wear, sarees, tunics, western wear, the latest in handbags and shoes, semi-precious jewellery, lifestyle accessories, artifacts, wrought iron, garden and wooden furniture, paintings and prints, home linen, carpets and garden accessories.

Whispering Willows offers a scrumptious barbeque, pizzas and food catering to all tastes by the poolside.

Quite a few first time exhibitors from Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Jaipur , Bangalore, Delhi will participate in the show. Among them is Anjul Bhandari (designer to the royal family of Nepal and stars like Madhuri Dixit) who will exhibit her collection of festive wear.

On March 22 & 23— TNS

chatter box
Vivian, Drashti to romance again

There are no second thoughts on Drashti Dhami and Vivian Dsena's jodi being one of the most popular ones on Indian television. Their chemistry is riveting and intoxicating, something which the viewers enjoyed to the core in Madhubala. But the mood, of the same viewers, became somber and gloomy when Vivian decided to move out of the show.

Gunjan Utreja came in as the new lead and though he is one super-talented good looking actor, loyalties of the viewers stayed with Vivian. However, seeing the dip in the show's popularity, the makers have now decided to bring back Vivian on the show. Our source informs. "Vivian and Drashti will be seen romancing again, although in some time. Vivian will come in a new character, a look-alike of RK and a mentally challenged person a la Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya. Madhu (Drashti) will bump into Vivian's character and feel the need to nurse him. During this phase she will fall in love with him and the romance will begin."

So what will happen to Gunjan with the entry of the popular Vivian? "As of now, Abhay Kapoor will go negative. Madhu has always been star-struck, thus she thought that she was in love with Abhay but she will find her true love in Vivian's new character," adds the source.

Big on telly

Actor Mohit Raina, who is playing Mahadev in Nikhil Sinha's Devon Ka Dev Mahadev, speaks about his life and career.

How do you compare television and films?

In case of films, you get a lot of time for the character unlike television. In the latter case, one is always running against time. In case of films the medium is large and there is more responsibility. All film actors are on television in one way or the other. Film actors are icons and television actors are characters.

Did you have to struggle before getting Mahadev?

I didn't struggle per se. It's just that the shows I did were not doing well. But it was my choice to become an actor — nobody forced me.

Did setbacks make you desperate or frustrated ever?

I was always getting work, but somehow my shows were not doing well. One of the shows I was doing shut down once. I called up the makers and asked what had happened. They explained when you go to a restaurant a menu is provided and our menu was not liked by the audience! At that very moment, I thought one day I would make such a good menu that the audience cannot reject. I am an optimist and that helps me out.

What are the three most important things for you?

My family, my work and being a good human being.

What do you like the most about yourself?

I like the fact that I'm a big foodie. My favourite is rajma chawal. — HRM

Replacement theory

Baal Veer is a prominent fantasy TV series on SAB TV that entertains kids and takes them on magical trips to fairyland. Recently in the battle between Baal Veer and Bhayankar Pari, the former defeats the evil fairy, who eventually dies. Baal Veer then gets engrossed in other magical conquests. The character of Bhayankar Pari was being played by Shama Sikander, who had quit the show and thus the introduction of the death scene. Now, Shweta Kawatra as Bhayankar Pari will be reborn to seek revenge and fight with Baal Veer. Shweta has always been fascinated with fairy tales and mythical creatures.

Triple trouble

Actress Barkha Sengupta, who was last seen as Kesar in Ram Leela, is all set to play a villainous role in an episode of Life Ok's SuperCops vs Supervillains—Shapath. She will be playing three different characters of triplets, who are identical. The three sisters —Samaara, Binaki and Areena — kill whoever comes to their haveli by singing.

Yo Yo time!

Rumour has it that rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh has been approached to participate in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's upcoming Season 7. The makers hope Honey's popularity will help them increase their ratings.

Parenthood calling

Actress Bhamini Oza Gandhi, who was last seen in Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2, gave birth to a cute baby girl on March 15. Bhamini got married to engineer-actor Pratik Gandhi in 2009 and the couple was overjoyed bringing their little bundle of joy home just before Holi.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is March 20...

You'll go through a different phase, thanks to an invitation that will let you make new acquaintances for your job. Joining a spiritual or self-help group is strongly advised. One of your new friends will introduce you to a writer, musician, or filmmaker. You will also experience a surge of creativity within you. Good presentation skills and teamwork will help you win laurels. You can look forward to a promotion or good fortune. Focus firmly on financial gains. You will be inclined to turn towards investments or monetary transactions like shares, commodities etc. There can be a certain amount of mental stress regarding the future.

Positive colours: White, Pink, Grey, Orange, Cream.

Select days: Sunday, Monday.

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, 7.

Gems recommended: Pearl, Moonstone.

Kangna Ranaut Charity on birthday: Donate yellow edible items to the needy or at any religious place today.

You share your birthday with Kangna Ranaut (March 20, 1987, Mandi), who made her acting debut in 2006 with a leading role in the movie Gangster. She has strong connections with Chandigarh. Her stars indicate success in tinsel town till the year 2020.

Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: You will be free to operate as you feel is right. Relatives will do all they can to help. Speculation in property is not favoured. Legal matters will encounter red-tape and bureaucratic delay.

Tarot message: Ideas can be put into practice with common sense.

Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 57.

TAURUS: The atmosphere will not be conducive to achieving good results. Coming to angry words over personal differences will only be regretted. A run-in with an aggressive character can spoil the day.

Tarot message: Remain confident.

Lucky colour: Crimson.

Magic number: 56.

GEMINI: The pendulum of luck will not stop today. Health-wise, rest is needed otherwise fatigue will produce pessimism. Leave stress, worries and cares behind; gently enjoy yourself.

Tarot message: A positive and caring attitude heals old wounds.

Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 51.

CANCER: The Knight of Wands promises a high profile day. Expect to be on the receiving end of kindness and generosity from those who genuinely like you.

Tarot message: Play your cards right to reinforce your current position.

Lucky colour: Yellow.

Magic number: 52.

LEO: Your card 'The Fool' reveals deception, delays and unhealthy conditions in your profession. Keep your wits about you to come out for the better in a deal. Chronic patients need to take care.

Tarot message: You have to push to succeed and your efforts will pay off.

Lucky colour: Green.

Magic number: 50.

VIRGO: You will have to check your plans. Improve your health by paying more attention to diet. Today you should be able to surprise the boss by showing the adaptable side of your nature.

Tarot message: Draw on your inner energies to move ahead.

Lucky colour: Orange.

Magic number: 27.

LIBRA: Today money will come from unexpected sources. Parents will find that this is a good day for dealing with youngsters. Crazy suggestions for entertainment can intrigue, but will not work too well.

Tarot message: Balance in all aspects is recommended.

Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 29.

SCORPIO: Deal with all outstanding communication. Clear the e-mail box and respond to all those calls that have been waiting on phone message service.

Tarot message: Do not swing away from the course you have charted so far. 
Lucky colour: Black.

Magic number: 64.

SAGITTARIUS: Today fear of loss of reputation or slander can grip you. Housewives will develop interest in social activities.

Tarot message: Your efforts will gain momentum if you listen to what experienced people have to say.

Lucky colour: Saffron.

Magic number: 48.

CAPRICORN: Chances of meeting a good companion are bright. Couples can spend a delightful time in each other's company. Tarot message: If you are tempted to travel overseas, don't waste money by financing the trip yourself.

Lucky colour: Sea-green.

Magic number: 27.

AQUARIUS: Early hours are definitely the best. If you are working, try to get a special favour by 11.00 am. A bubbly mood in good company relieves the heaviness of pending duties and responsibilities. Tarot message: Put your terms in writing.

Lucky colour: Rust.

Magic number: 63.

PISCES: Learning processes and communication endeavours are highlighted. Changes made today will certainly appear to be for the best. An engagement or marriage is on the cards

Tarot message: Be honest to your desires.

Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 27.

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