Let’s play mud-slinging!
Twitterati is all abuzz with another celeb war. Stars are out in the open to attack and defend…
Ashima Batish

Sling it on. It doesn't hurt, not at all; the weapon is mere muck and mud, not bullets and bombs. It doesn't cause any bruise or injury. After all what can loose soil do! Even if you hit it hard, below the belt, the opponent won't bleed; all he would do in defence is sling some at you, targeting your reputation.

This isn't a war but a mud-slinging festival that begins as celebrities go vocal about their opinions that should at best have been reserved. This time, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi gets it started with her annoying tweet, "Kirron Kher wins over Gul Panag. India needs strong women & mothers, not cleavage flashers," (sic) followed by Sonam Kapoor's condemning take on Suchitra's tweet. This isn't the first time Twitter has served as the war zone for celebrities; the micro-blogging site has been often used for flogging people.

Ignore please

While Gul Panag and Kirron Kher maintained a dignified silence about Suchitra's regressive comment, the followers did express their displeasure about the same. However, Dolly Ahluwalia, an actor cum costume designer suggests instead of retorting, it is best to ignore such unpleasant opinions. "It's unbelievable that a woman thinks this way. I would rather not talk about it because that would mean giving it undue mileage." This probably is one of the worst Twitter fights, it just didn't end at Sonam’s tweet, also had Suchitra advising Sonam to pull up clothes if she ever plans to enter politics. "It's true, it just can't get worse than this. We shouldn't forget that a lot of people voted for Gul Panag who thought she would make for a great MP. It is like insulting those voters," feels Arjan Bajwa, actor. But Suchitra sure didn't think like this.

Rear view

This isn't the first time Twitter has served as the war zone for celebrities. It cost Lalit Modi his job in 2010; it spurred a war of words between Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Varma as they took a jibe on each other's form of cinema; and it had Sonam Kapoor and Shobha De at loggerheads post the actress’ film I Hate Luv Storys debacle at the box office. "Out of all I think the Sonam Kapoor and Shobha De episode took Twitter wars to a new low, where in Shobha De spoke about spanking the director of the film and Sonam retweeted that Shobha is going through a menopause and is not better than a fossil," says Manreet Kaur, an aspiring fashion designer, who keenly follows a lot of Bollywood stars on Twitter.

Though usually celebs share what is happening in their life, their pictures and information about film projects on the micro-blogging site to connect with their fans, there have been times when getting interactive has backfired. Bipasha Basu put a picture of girls tying her shoe laces which offended her fans. On the other hand, anything Poonam Pandey shares even her racy yoga pictures have stopped making buzz anymore. "Because that is what people expect of Poonam Pandey but when Bipasha Basu puts an unethical picture like this, it pains her fans," says Himanshi Sharma, a private firm employee. She also feels that nasty tweets result in wars because actors don't want their followers to get a wrong message.

So, when Bipasha accused Amisha Patel of copying her outfit on the green carpet at IIFA, Amisha had no choice but to clarify, "I don't need to copy anyone. I'm really unaffected. I don't care if ten people wear [the] same outfit because clothes don't make a person." It means that it's not the end of it all, there are many more to happen, more muck to hurl around. But does it hurt. It does at times. Ouch!

Nastier than thou

And there are some more:

n Rajeev Masand tweeting and calling Akshay Kumar jackass and Amitabh Bachchan loathing it.

n Shobha De poking fun at Minnisha Lamba, when she was detained for not declaring her jewellery worth Rs 50000 in her tweet, ""Poor Minissha: Lamba race ki ghodi or lame duck? Warning to other Bollywood wannabes to leave those borrowed rocks at home. Dazzle wt yr talent (sic)."

And Minnisha retorted, ""Ms De, real writers write books. Slandering on #Twitter is a job of the less gifted. 'Dazzle with your talent' Ms.De, Not ur slander ; (sic)

n A Chitrangada imposter tweeted about Poonam Pandey, 'How do you compete with Poonam Pandey, when she is ready strip for kabbadi matches?'

And Poonam replied, "TweetHearts!!! there is this Actress she had 700 followers since many months started using my name now has 1300+ in a day ... hahah how cheap any one can be arrey yaar itna bhi "Garib" mat bano :P' (sic)

And so it continues!

Creative call
Film critic Tapesh Sharma is elated at the opportunity to adjudge 54th Krakow Film Festival
Manpriya Singh

At least in this part of the world, most people's perception of Polish cinema begins and ends with Roman Polanski. Never mind the fact that the poster boy of art house made films in Poland, UK, France and the US. "I have seen many films from Poland. Polish cinema has a strong influence of their culture and history.

Most of the films that are made there, represent past in terms of either history or culture," shares an excited Tapesh Sharma, secretary, Chandigarh Film Society, while all geared up for the upcoming 54th Krakow Film Festival, to be held in Poland. "I will be going there as a jury member. In total there are three jury members and I am the only one to be representing India," he adds while proudly handing over the list of rules that jury members have to abide by. As for him, it's not a first as the jury member. "This is for the fourth time I'll be going for an international film festival, with first time being in 2011. Back then, I went to Karlovy International Film Festival."

As for Poland, it's a first brush though not a first with their cinema. Their films tend to less commercially available when compared to the rest of Europe. He confirms what we were almost waiting to hear. "Polish cinema is absolutely nothing like Indian cinema. We take immense pride in typical entertainment value and song and dance routine but that is not the case with cinema in the rest of the world," he adds.

To be held from May 25 to May 31, the film festival celebrates good cinema from across the world. "Films from all over the world will be screened but unfortunately no Indian film has it to the festival this time." He adds, "Art hardly ever invites cut and dried rules but there is always a tendency to encourage realistic cinema. Therefore, only serious and realistic films make it to the festival. They always prefer stories that are either touching or intellectual." He adds, "We will be made to watch from 18 to 19 films in total. It's easier said than done. Choosing the best from great works is always tough and needs a lot of application of mind. Most of the stories are touching and are the best of what the world has to offer."


Some rhythm and romance
Punjabi singer Aman Sarang launches his debut album Rabb Sajna, a collection of nine romantic numbers

Aman Sarang does what he loves. Dividing his time between England and India, he is happy following his passion-profession singing. In Chandigarh, on Sunday, for the release of his debut album Rabb Sajna, Aman opened up on his journey.

Tell us about your album.

Rabb Sajna is a romantic album. It has total nine tracks in it, all happy numbers no sad song here. Music is composed by Dr Zeus. One of the songs Dhadkan is a duet with Kanika Kapoor, who has sung Baby doll main sone di. Video of song Sahaan is already on air. Suit, Yaariyan, Rabb Sajna, Close, Kismat, Gym are the other numbers. Most of the songs are about the kind of life youngsters are leading today but yes we have taken care not to cross the line.

How did you get initiated into music?

I guess I got it in my blood. My grandfather Sardar Aasa Singh loved to do kirtans. He followed music passionately. Following him, I too started singing in school. Along with pursuing studies, I learnt music too from BS Narang Ji. I learnt for good ten years before I got into it professionally. I wanted to make a solid foundation rather than throw money and get an album to my name. My hometown is Bada Pind near Jalandhar. After college I joined my brother in England. I have been there for ten years now. I have done stage shows in both India and abroad. I debuted with title track of Punjabi film Daddy Cool Munde Fool. My first album is out now!

Who have been your favourite singers?

I listen to almost everyone while admiring them for different qualities. Some have a voice to die for, others a grasp on sur. But I really admire Bollywood singer Hariharan, specially his ghazals.

What's next for you?

I want to do a lot, all in the field of music. Next is shooting more videos for the album. Now that I have done playback singing, cut an album and done stage shows, I want to do live singing extensively. Would hope to get more playback singing options too. I am open to releasing a single or an album next too. In stage shows the response is immediate and encouraging. And there are Punjabi music lovers in all parts of the world. It's not just Punjabis settled abroad who come for the shows, but people from different backgrounds are getting hooked onto our music too.


the ‘in’ side
No holds bar-red
Renu Soni

Home entertainment is becoming more popular with families. Reasons are varied like young children at home, floor space allows for it, flexibility, working hours, freedom and privacy. And one key essential component of home entertainment is the bar. Cheers to that!

Setting up a home bar requires careful planning.

Choose your location: The most important thing is to select the right location for your bar. This will also play a large part in determining the size and shape of your bar. Wherever you decide allow for at least a four feet square corner. It doesn't really have to be a corner but you'll find that it saves space as well as installation time.

Select a theme: You may want to reflect your hobby or a sport as a theme for the bar. But what you need to remember is that it fits in with the overall décor of the room. If you decide to set up your bar in the study or living room, make sure it doesn't shout for attention. In this case you might have to go with a more subtle style than with the flashing beer signs.

Set a budget: The budget should be a big consideration. These days, sink, ice-maker, fridge are definitely incorporated if space allows. And even material finishes such as stone, onyx, metal fretwork, mirror, lighting and labour need to be accounted for.

Display panel: These include shelving for display, a wine rack (even refrigerated wine storage), a counter where you may opt for standard height counter space and/or raised counter space for bar stools.

Overhead wine and champagne glass storage looks very decorative and usually comes in the form of a series of grooves to slide glass bases into and allowing them to hang upside down.

Finishing touches: You need to make sure it doesn't look naked. Think about hanging some interesting and eye catching artwork.

Light up: Task and ambient lighting is essential here. Recessed down lighters for the working counters, concealed/cove lighting on front side of counter unit and focus lighting on artwork and wall finishes.

All that remains is dressing it with useful accessories. Glasses of various shapes and sizes, an ice bucket and tongs, the typical bar tool kit, a bottle opener and bartending books. You also might want to invest in a blender. Stock your bar with some of the most popular liquor and all that will be left to do is watch your popularity rise!

(Soni is a Chandigarh-based interior decorator)

stress buster
Change ahead
Renee Singh

Have you ever felt that something is holding you back from living your life to the fullest? Do you feel stressed sometimes and feel a lack of motivation to make changes? Do you feel you are not doing what you are good at doing? If answer to all these questions is yes, it leads to one conclusion that whatever it is that is holding you back from living your full potential is a certain level of stress.

We give very little importance to the way we feel about what we do in life because we just get into a groove and continue to perform because we think we must.

Time to make a change

Once we start examining our feelings we realise that some of the goals we made and have not been achieved by us are written off by us as unimportant. Yet we on the other hand we also realise that a few of the goals we have made and realised do make us feel great and give us a high. We must accept that our unachieved goals somewhere deep inside put us on a negative spiral. We need to look within, accept this and do something about it.

You deserve happiness

You definitely deserve all the good things life offers. Most of all you deserve to feel great about yourself. You must be in a job situation that you truly enjoy. You should be looking forward to every new day in your life. You need to know the art of living life at your terms without hurting anyone.

Empower yourself

Nobody can do it for you, you alone have to do it for yourself. Don't take a back seat because you are tired of the way life has been. You must always have inside of you a desire to:

Look great

Feel great

Be great

All of these things need a decision making capacity. You have to make up your mind to feel motivated and to carry your decision through with determination.

Feel the confidence

Once you have taken the decision to be motivated, go for what you want. Remember yourself as the fearless child who always believed he could get what he wanted. There were no inhibitions or trying to weigh the pros and cons of situations, you just went for it. Probe into your childlike nature wholeheartedly and achieve your goal. It is the fear of not getting what we want that does not allow us to believe in ourselves. We are responsible for making our lives unpleasant with our imaginary fears.

If you decide you want to act a certain way it is totally your decision. Don't let the world around you influence your decisions and your thinking. Try living your own reality and you will see your inner self blossoming. Learning to be fearless should be our prime motive. Fear is a learnt emotion and we are taught fear. You are actually meant to shine as a bright star.

Be creative, listen to music, paint, dance, sing and be generally happy. As your creativity flows, negativity goes away and you feel a sense of joy within. It is these moments that strengthen our inner self and keep us de-stressed and ready to maximise our potential.

(Singh is a Chandigarh based psychotherapist.)

Best bet!

Happy take: Team Chilis celebrates the win
Happy take: Team Chilis celebrates the win

Chilis Bar & Grill is adjudged to be Elante Mall's best restaurant. American chain Chilis Bar & Grill opened its first outlet in Chandigarh in April 2013 at Elante Mall. The restaurant is part of the 1500 outlets worldwide of this International Chain that are spread over 32 countries.

It has been a happening year for the outlet in which it won many accolades. The latest feather in its cap is becoming the most admired retailer in category: Restaurants and Cafes, among all hospitality players in Elante Mall, for 2013-14.

The Mall Management has awarded this coveted title to the outlet based on customer feedback received on parameters like food quality, taste and value for money. In the survey conducted aspects like sales and portion size of servings, cleanliness, hygiene etc were studied and taken into account. Siddarth Varun, GM (Ops), said, "We are happy to receive this award. We will continue to service our customers with the best possible fare as per our International policy."

In just one year, while on the one hand Chilis Bar & Grill, Elante Mall has received accolades from its patrons in the Tricity; on the other it has got two coveted awards at the Global level too. It is noteworthy that these two prestigious awards in the field of gastronomy are given to the outlet serving the best Chilis Food around the World and to the best Chef. Both these were bagged by Chilis Bar & Grill, Chandigarh and these were received at Dallas, Texas, USA and Dubai last year by Param Toor, Director, Chilis, Chandigarh and Chef Vaibhav Kaushish, Manager, Culinary Ops (Chilis India) respectively.

Adds Varun, "Apart from other delicacies, our sumptuous range of burgers like the Big Mouth Bites burger, Old Timer Burger, Grilled Chicken burger, BBQ Ranch burger and the vegetarian Bombay Burger are created keeping in mind the Indian palate, have played an important part in getting us the award." The USP of these burgers is that their dough comes from USA. This tailor made dough reaches India in a frozen form and it is then baked on reaching here. — TNS

Right notes
Shamlal Rakesh, who penned Thori Thori Piya Karo will perform at Geet Ghazab Ke, 47th creative musical performance under Swar Saptak Club
Amarjot Kaur

He rose to fame on the front burner of his liturgical genius as he penned the popular ghazal, Thodi Thodi Piya Karo, which was sung by Pankaj Uthas and since there was no looking back for Shamlal Rakesh.

A singer, songwriter and composer, Rakesh will be performing at the 47th creative musical performance of Swar Saptak Club, Geet Ghazab Ke, at Tagore Theatre on June 1. In conversation with Rakesh, we find out what inspires him and his poetry.

"I have been writing poetry ever since I was in college and I am a situational poet," says the 66 year old. "The first song that I sang on the stage was in 1978 in Shimla and it was called, Pal Pal Shaamo Saher," he recollects. Rakesh, has written songs like, Ye Peene Wale Bahut Hi Ajeeb Hote Hain, Dil Mangda O Methon Jaan Mangda sung by Usha Uthup's and Agge Wadho on female feticide, but he stresses that the work of a lyricist is not all that easy. "For a lyricist, to write in a meter is the toughest task, and though free verse is quite easy, not many songs can fit in the parameters of free verse," he says. He stresses that a writer is born with the talent and it is not really an easy task to master. "A good writer is born with the talent that can further be polished. However, the thought is of paramount importance in writing," he shares.

While talking about the lyrics of the songs these days, Shamlal expresses utter disdain for the industry. "The music industry is going through the darkest phase at this time.," he says.

At the event on June 1 at Tagore Theatre, Brijesh Ahuja, Ram Tirath, Neelam Chauhan, Veenu Koutish, Aarti Gill and Shitu Gill will lend their voices the songs Hindi, Punjabi.


From behind the scenes

Mohit Suri's keenly awaited Ek Villain has been in news for all the right reasons. Mohit was keen on shooting an important sequence involving a peacock. Since it is difficult to shoot with the bird in India, the crew flew to Mauritius to capture its glory for the song Galliyan.

While shooting the track, Sidharth and Shraddha had to camp, on top of a hill, for hours to capture a shot with a moody peacock, which took long to open its wings! The results will be for all to see in the song Galliyan.

One for the hubby

Actress Kristen Bell says she gets spoiled by her very romantic husband Dax Shepard. The Frozen actress married the 39-year-old actor last October in a low-key ceremony and the couple still make sure they spend enough quality time together, reported a magazine.

"Dax is very romantic, so I do get spoiled," Bell said. Shepard also helped Bell, 33, figure out how she was going to direct Lipton's three-part series of extended Be More Tea ads in the US. "He was really supportive," she said.


The sweet camaraderie of on-screen enemies

In Baal Veer, a show that is telecast on Sab TV, while Baal Veer joins forces with Rani Pari (played by Sudeepaa Singh) to maintain peace and orderliness in the universe, Bhayankar Pari (Shweta Kawatra) and Rani Pari are opponents owing to the nature of their on-screen persona. Contrary to their on-screen rivalry, Sudeepaa and Shweta are great friends.

Sudeepaa said, "I was introduced to Shweta on the sets while we were shooting a short sequence together. During lunch breaks and tea breaks, we started discussing the nature of our work and our food habits. We both being Punjabis have similar likings for different delicacies. At times, Shweta gets the choicest of Punjabi delicacies in her tiffin, which we both enjoy over a cup of tea. Shweta is now a close friend of mine."

Meanwhile, Shweta Kawatra said, "Sudeepaa and me hit it off really well on the sets of Baal Veer during the shoot. Sudeepaa has become a really good friend of mine and at times we even hang out over the weekend and explore different destinations in the city."

It is scary to act with a blindfold: Riya

Role call: Riya Deepsi Actress Riya Deepsi, who plays the role of Dhritarashtra's wife, Gandhari, in Siddharth Kumar Tewary's Mahabharat, feels that acting with a blindfold is scary. After working in Mata Ki Chowki, Mahabharat is Riya's second show. She feels she was destined to play the character of Gandhari. "Initially I was considered for some other character but then I met Siddharth Sir, who told me that I was to play Gandhari. Except me, everybody was unsure about me playing the role of Gandhari at such a young age," says Riya. She also shares how she got used to the blindfold avatar of her in the show. She says, "My family and friends think my eyes are the most beautiful feature on my face so covering that was indeed a challenge to me. I had to control every expression through my body language, mostly with my hands. But since I am from a theatre background and have been associated with Nadira Babbber's group for almost 4 years, I could pull off the act.”

What a lovely surprise!

Romantic interlude: Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande Sushant Singh Rajput surprised his girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande, when he visited her on the sets of her show, Pavitra Rishta recently. Ankita was busy shooting a heavy-duty scene and was glad to see her beau. Post the shot, Sushant met with the unit members, and the lovebirds ended up catching up as well!

Romantic interlude: Sushant Singh Rajput and Ankita Lokhande

This time, she’ll fool you

Ekta Kapoor will soon bring her version of the famous Ashton Kutcher's comedy show Punk'd on MTV. The format of the show will be the same as that of Punk'd, where Siddharth Gupta and Siddharth Bhardwaj will play practical jokes on celebrities. The show is titled MTV Jhand and it will run for five weeks. It is basically made for the promotion for Ekta's film Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi that stars Siddharth Gupta, Simran Kaur Mundi, and Siddharth Bhardwaj.

Shooting with the ‘dhak-dhak’ girl

Dheeraj Dhoopar aka Prem of Sasural Simar Ka, has modelled for several ads. Recently, he was on cloud nine for having shot an advertisement with Madhuri Dixit. He was delighted on meeting her and spoke to her at length about work, television, and films.

Because all we need, is love…

Bindass' is all set to launch a new show, Love By Chance. The show will feature love stories that are not only funny, but also have a message for the youth. Inspired by real life couples this show will be hosted by actor and stand-up comedian Kavi Shastri.

Practising what he preaches

Dibakar Banerjee suggests making films on small budgets for easy recovery. He has stuck to that diktat for all the movies that he has made so far, whether it is Khosla Ka Ghosla or LSD or Titli.

For the sheer love of the profession

Shah Rukh Khan loves and enjoys being a famous star. He does not want any privacy. He also said that if everything is taken away from him and he is only left with acting skills, he would still be very happy.

In collaboration: Kalki KoechlinThe girl uninterrupted

Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin will soon be seen in a film based on travel, which is also a coming-of-age story titled Jiah aur Jiah. But before the audiences get to see them on the big screen, the two actresses have joined hands for a play.

In collaboration: Kalki Koechlin

Come what may

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a gorgeous actress and a thorough professional. She has been unwell and down with viral fever but she flew to Goa to be on time for the shooting of Singham Returns.

…and they lived happily ever after

Mohit Suri is more than happy being married to Udita Goswami. He said that they have been filming on outdoor locations ever since they got married and are keen to start a family.

It’s about the money

Actor Jimmy Shergill, who tried his hand at producing films in the Punjabi language, says it was a bad experience as he suffered financial losses. He produced Punjabi films like Dharti and Rangeelay and was last seen in Darr@The Mall.

Treading a thin line

Actress Patralekha who plays Rajkummar Rao's reel life wife in Hansal Mehta's next film Citylights is his real life love too. The two actors have admitted to dating each other.

P Khurrana

ARIES: Do not attempt at getting new plans going. Stockbrokers: take a back seat and work behind the scenes. You and your co-workers are on different wavelengths. Tarot message: You can stabilise your financial situation if you make property investments. Lucky colour: Orange Magic number: 60

TAURUS: An argument with your spouse may spoil your afternoon. Watch your temper. Give a little more attention to your creative and spiritual side. Consider updating your budget to suit your financial position. Tarot message: Over optimism could lead to mistakes. Lucky colour: Crimson Magic number: 30

GEMINI: Take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way. Avoid arguing with elders. You may experience extreme mood swings. You may quarrel with your lover. Try to maintain your balance. Tarot message: Do not overspend just to impress others. Lucky colour: Purple Magic number: 36

CANCER: Keep your spirits up by putting on a cheerful face. Creativity shines. You will be in a generous mood. You are likely to attract happy and positive people with whom you can have fun. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Black Magic number: 55

LEO: The card "Two of cups" promises many opportunities on financial fronts. Overall, your day will be good. It is time to think and improvise. This is a good day to make investments. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it. Lucky colour: Brown Magic number: 32

VIRGO: It would be best to keep new ideas under wraps. Housewives: protect yourself against accident while cooking. Talk to your partner and children about the plans for the day. Drive carefully today. Tarot message: Wait a while; everything will get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Pink Magic number: 40

LIBRA: A meeting with influential people will go off particularly well. Today your boss may promise a salary increase. Venus and Mars are a heavy will stimulate the sexual side of an existing relationship. Tarot message: Be creative to retain your grip over the business. Lucky colour: Yellow Magic number: 52

SCORPIO: "The queen of cups" opens the door for a new job offer. Avoid making partnership deals. It is a good day for introducing your beloved to your parents. Work out your moves logically and rationally. Tarot message: Leave things open ended for best results. Lucky colour: White Magic number: 58

SAGITTARIUS: A fine day for starting something new. Businessmen: you can make a secret deal or alliance that could be very lucrative. Envy can be a problem, so take advices, but keep your real plans under the hat. Tarot message: Prepare yourself for a mental battle. Lucky colour: Sea green Magic number: 42

CAPRICORN: Be careful, as you are likely to jump the gun and regret your actions. An emotional mood can interfere with your judgments and decisions, so make sure you have all the facts first. Tarot message: Health of elderly member at home will need looking after. Lucky colour: Deep red Magic number: 26

AQUARIUS: You draw "The lovers" and new attractions are likely to be serious. Do not try to make money the easy way. Romance is on the cards. The second half day favours social work. Tarot message: This is a good time to take up new opportunities. Lucky colour: Turquoise Magic number: 62

PISCES: Venus will bring out happy emotions. Mutually held funds must not be disturbed without the consent of your partner. Be careful while lending money to a distant friend. Tarot message: Avoid a gossip session at workplace. Lucky colour: Aqua Magic number: 44

Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is May 19...

This is going to be a lucky year for education and studies. Those who are trying to go abroad for further studies will get success this year. Best period for travel starts from September 15 to October 15, while best period for new ventures begins from November 19 to November 30. Family life seems to be in troubled waters. Try to bring peace and understanding among everyone in the family and do not let things affect you mentally. You will enjoy good health most of this year. A business tour is expected to turn into a romantic tour due to a chance meeting with an old friend. These people are most likely to extend their business tours during this year for personal reasons.

Positive colours: Golden, red, brown, cream, white, and purple

Select days: Sunday and Monday

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, and 7

Gems recommended: Yellow sapphire and red coral

Charity on birthday: Donate white clothes, school dress, or white edible items to the needy or at a religious place today.

You share your birthday with Ruskin Bond [May 19, 1934, Kasauli]. Since 1963, a freelance writer in Mussoorie, novels like Ghost Stories from the Raj, A Season of Ghosts, and A Face in the Dark made Ruskin popular. He will continue to write due to the strong influence of Sun and Mercury and the combination of 1 and 5.

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