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Municipal Corporation Meeting
Kirron’s speech triggers commotion
  MP says efforts will be made to supply canal water; where is the canal, asks Congress
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
The first MC House meeting of newly elected Member of Parliament Kirron Kher was marked by heated arguments over her speech in which she mentioned that efforts would be made to supply canal water to the city to meet the water scarcity.

The mention of canal water in the speech received a strong reaction from Congress councillor Subhash Chawla, who said the city did not have a canal from where water could be supplied.

Chawla said the speech handed over to the MP had a few things which were incorrect, which further invited commotion.

Kirron Kher, who had her speech written on a piece of paper, said the city would be supplied canal wate.

Reacting to it, Chawla said there was no canal in the city and it was not possible to supply canal water.

Kirron Kher’s statement that she would ensure full support from the UT Administration to the MC, “which it did not have in the past”, also witnessed strong opposition from Congress councillors.

Chawla said the information provided to the MP was wrong, as the MC never faced any coordination problem with the UT Administration in the past.

The issue led to arguments between BJP and Congress councillors. Kirron Kher had to intervene to pacify both sides. She said she was the MP of the entire city and not of a single party and she would take along all parties for the development of the city.

Long speech scares Subhash Chawla

* Congress councillor Subhash Chawla said the long speech given by Kirron had scared him as he felt that she won’t come for the next meeting

* Differences in the BJP were witnessed again when the newly elected MP, on her first day at the MC, visited Senior Deputy Mayor Neera Negi’s office twice. However, she ignored Deputy Mayor Davesh Moudgil’s office. Kirron even visited the Mayor’s office and a councillor’s room.

* During the heated debate, BJP councillors questioned Congress councillors on the way they welcomed the new MP to which Congress councillor Pardeep Chhabra said the Mayor should tell the new MP about the behaviour of BJP councillors towards the former MP. Chhabra said their behaviour would be better than that adopted by BJP councillors towards the former MP.

* Kirron Kher left soon after the House was adjourned for a tea break. She did not take part in the the discussions over the agenda items.

Cong councillors react strongly

Kirron Kher’s statement that she would ensure full support from the UT Administration to the MC, “which it did not have in the past”, also witnessed strong opposition from Congress councillors.



Stray dog menace
MC to go on study tour to Nashik, Pune
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Over three hours of discussion at an MC meeting on the issue of growing number of stray dogs and dog bite cases ended up in a decision to go on another study tour to Nashik and Pune for studying the ways adopted by these cities for sterilising dogs and dealing with ferocious stray dogs.

The House also decided that the possibility of extending dog bite treatment to other civil dispensaries will also be considered so that the victims get the facility easily. At present, the Sector 19 dispensary is the only dispensary catering to dog bite cases.

The table agenda brought by Mayor HC Kalyan regarding reviewing the Animal Birth Control Act led to a lengthy discussion on the issue of stray dogs in the city.

Congress councillor Subhash Chawla said the MC’s claim that they were planning a dog pound in the city was misguiding as the law did not permit to keep dogs in a pound.

BJP councillors had also brought a table agenda regarding the stray dog menace in the city. The councillors had demanded that four more anti-rabies dispensaries should be opened in the city to cater to dog bite cases reported from different parts of the city and the dog bite victims should get treatment free of cost.

MC Commissioner VP Singh, however, said providing free treatment to dog bite victims was not possible. He said a draft report would be prepared for extension of services to other dispensaries.

He added that Nashik had a population of around 40,000 dogs and a team of the MC should visit the city to study its way of sterilisation of dogs. BJP councillor Davesh Moudgil proposed that meat shop owners in different sectors who feed stray dogs by offering them waste meat should be heavily penalised. “This is one of the reasons due to which the stray dogs become ferocious as they get used to eating meat,” Moudgil said.

Chaos in House

Chaos was witnessed in the House when Congress councillor Subhash Chawla, while discussing the issue of stray dogs, said BJP Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, an animal rights activist, allegedly threatened the director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), an NGO roped by the MC for sterilising stray dogs, over receiving a complaint that the SPCA was forcibly sterilising stray dogs. The BJP objected to Maneka’s name being mentioned in the discussion.

24,579 dog bite cases

A total of 24,579 dog bite cases have been reported in the city from 2009 to April 29, 2014. On an average, more than 16 dog bite cases are reported at the Civil Dispensary in Sector 19.

‘Make sterilisation compulsory’

The MC Commissioner gave a proposal on the floor of the House for making sterilisation compulsory for pet dogs in the city. The MC Commissioner said the move would help check breeding in the city, which was banned. According to MC records, there are around 4,500 pet dogs registered with the MC. 



Girl found pregnant; student booked
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
The UT police have booked a student of a private college in a case of rape after a 16-year-old girl was found to be two months pregnant. The rape case was registered against Anil De Chakrabarti, a Kharar resident, studying at a private college.

The police said the accused was known to the victim for the past one year and had a relationship with her.

The minor girl complained of severe stomach pain when she was rushed to the hospital by her mother. The girl is a Class IX student at a government school.

The girl is a resident of Raipur Khurd. Her mother has a private job and her father does not stay with them. The hospital authorities informed that the minor girl was pregnant following which the police was called.

The victim’s mother told the police that a Kharar resident, Anil Chakrabarti, was friendly with the victim. The mother had also complained of abduction of the girl at two earlier instances. Anil had abducted the minor two times and was also arrested for the offence twice, but was released on bail. The victim’s mother told the police that the minor was abducted in March this year by Anil, who had raped his daughter. Raids are on to arrest the accused.

In her statement to the police, the victim said she came in contact with Anil through a common friend. They started meeting several times and also wanted to marry each other.

A case has been registered at the Industrial Area police station.



Dell decision leaves staff on road to nowhere
Akash Ghai
Tribune News Service

Mohali, May 30
Thirty-year-old Amandeep Singh is a shattered young IT professional today.With the decision of his company, US IT giant Dell, to shift its base from Mohali, the IT professional had to quit his job today.

Soon after quitting his job, a visibly shattered Amandeep Singh said, “I have no job today. My wife and I did not sleep for the past two days since the company announced its decision of winding up its operations from the town. I don’t know what to do”.

Asked why he and other youngsters like him were not opting for the transfer offer of the company to Hyderabad, Bengaluru or Gurgaon, Amandeep Singh said with a monthly pay of Rs 25,000, he could not think of shifting base to Hyderabad or Bengaluru as these were expensive cities. “We were not given an option for Gurgaon,” said Amandeep Singh.

He said while giving the VRS option this January, the company had not told them (the employees) that it would shift its operations from the town.

Of around 1,000-odd employees at the local unit of Dell, about 60 per cent are local residents. “The story of most employees is same as that of Amandeep Singh,” said one of his friends, who has decided to shift base to continue his job as he does not have any other option.

Like Amandeep, another young professional in his early thirties, Harpreet Singh (name changed on request) said he had to continue with his job in Dell for two to three months as he had no other choice.

“I have to look after my old parents. How can I leave them here and shift my base to Hyderabad or Bengaluru. In Mohali, there is no other big company, which we can join,” said Harpreet Singh, adding that there was a big question mark over the future of several youngsters, who could not shift their base for one reason or the other.

Poor infrastructure

* While the Punjab Government had spent several crores of rupees on holding the “Progressive Punjab Investors Summit” in December last year, it seems least interested in spending money on providing facilities to the IT sector.

* The IT sector is yet to get the public transport facility, up-to-the-mark food joints and streetlights and proper road infrastructure. Women employees said they did not feel safe in the area and faced a lot of problems in reaching their destinations in the absence of any public transport.

What experts say

"With Dell moving out from Mohali, we have not only lost a brand but also several white-collar and blue-collar jobs. While the Dell authorities’ decision has affected its 1,000-odd employees, more than 5,000 blue-collar jobs, associated with these Dell employees, would also be affected in the larger perspective."— — Ajesh Gupta, HR Head, Quark City

"Dell’s moving out of the town is not a good sign for the Mohali IT industry. Now, other IT companies will hesitate in coming here even without going into the details why Dell has moved out. This will also affect the local economy as the company used to hire 30 to 35 rooms in various hotels every day for its officials. Besides, most of its employees were living in Mohali on rent or as paying guests, thus contributing to the local economy." — Nikhil Saraf, president of Mohali Industries and Commerce Association

What IT professionals say

"I come from Panchkula to work here. As there is no public transport available here, we (employees) have to hire cabs, auto-rickshaws or hitch a lift to reach the point from where we can get a bus." — Shelly

"In the absence of public transport, reaching here from my house in Panchkula is nothing less than a challenge. In winter, it becomes all the more difficult. Several roads in the area do not have streetlights, so traveling in these areas is risky for us." — Sheena

"There are no up-to-the-mark food joints in the area. As we have our shifts in odd hours, such facilities are necessary here." — Neha

Industrialists not happy with infrastructure

“Achhe din ane wale hain” does not hold true for the Mohali IT sector, feel IT experts and industrialists. Dell, which was a landmark of the Mohali IT industry, has announced shifting its base. Other industrialists, who are running their units here, are not happy with the infrastructure, said the head of another IT unit on condition of anonymity.


dog bite case
Specify cause of resident’s death: HC
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Nearly three months after a Sector-18 resident died allegedly due to rabies, the Punjab and Haryana High Court today asked the Municipal Corporation (MC) of Chandigarh to specify the cause of death.

Taking up the stray dogs menace case, Justice Rajan Gupta of the High Court asked the corporation to look into a communication in this regard by the Residents’ Welfare Association before submitting its report.

Justice Gupta also asked the authorities concerned in Chandigarh to give its response on the feasibility of setting up anti-rabies vaccination centres at veterinary hospitals in Sector 38 and Mani Majra.

Justice Gupta also made it clear that the court was not averse to the idea of residents calling up the police control room till a dog-bite helpline was made functional. The directions came after counsel for the petitioner, Kunal Mulwani, refuted the claims of the MC that not even a single case of rabies was reported in the Sector 19 dispensary during the last four years.

He also placed on record a copy of the communication forwarded by the welfare association to the authorities concerned. Justice Gupta, on the previous date, had sought a status report from the corporation on the issue of monitoring funds allocated to NGOs for sterilisation and immunisation of dogs. The direction came after the High Court was told that the corporation was paying Rs 1,000 per dog to the local NGOs for sterilisation, immunisation and treatment.

MC Joint Commissioner Rajiv Kumar Gupta has already filed an affidavit before the court underscoring comprehensive schemes for the management of stray dogs in Chandigarh.

Giving details, the Joint Commissioner said complaints related to dog-bite incidents could now be made online on the corporation website. Besides this, relevant information on dog control cell, dog catching van and NGOs engaged by the corporation to deal with stray dog related incidents was available on its portal. He claimed the corporation had already spent Rs 2, 28,354 on education, literature and rabies vaccination.“The implementation of scheme is an ongoing process, which is in its nascent stage and its effectiveness can be gauged only after a lapse of reasonable period,” the corporation stated in its affidavit.

It was also added the scheme required undisturbed run for at lease five years to prove its effectiveness. Referring to the issue of disposal of dead dogs, the corporation claimed that an incinerator would be installed at each dog shelter. Else, a common incineration plant for disposal of the dead dogs would be set up.

Court not averse to the idea of calling cops in case of dog bite

Justice Rajan Gupta also made it clear that the court was not averse to the idea of residents calling up the police control room till a dog-bite helpline was made functional. The directions came after counsel for the petitioner, Kunal Mulwani, refuted the claims of the MC that not even a single case of rabies was reported in the Sector 19 dispensary during the last four years.He also placed on record a copy of the communication forwarded by the welfare association to the authorities concerned.



F&CC’s financial powers increased to Rs 50 lakh
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Extending financial powers of the Finance and Contract Committee (F&CC), the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation today empowered the committee to approve financial matters up to Rs 50 lakh. Earlier, the F&CC could approve financial matters only up to Rs 35 lakh.

The MC had proposed to increase the limit of the F&CC for approving the financial matter from Rs 35 lakh to Rs one crore, the sub-committee on the Administration of Union Territories of the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs, in their recommendations submitted to the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), had also recommended more financial powers to the F&CC of the MC. It had recommended that the financial powers should be increased from Rs 35 lakh to Rs 1 crore, however, the House decided that the committee should be given power 
to decide on the matters within the limit of Rs 50 lakh.

The financial issue over the amount of Rs 50 lakh will be decided in the General House. 



Marshal leaked information on WhatsApp, says probe report
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
A Chandigarh Traffic Police marshal is in the soup for leaking information pertaining to drunken driving nakas on whatsapp. The marshal, Gurpreet Singh Chadha, is incidentally was the one who had complained to th\e police about the leakage. He has been indicted in the inquiry for leaking information about nakas.

The Cyber crime cell of the UT police have submitted the findings of an inquiry into the leakage of information about drunken driving nakas on WhatsApp. The inquiry report has revealed that the messages were circulated from the cellphone of a traffic marshal, Gurpreet Singh Chadha. The findings were submitted to UT SSP Traffic Maneesh Chaudhery today for further action.

Police sources said the message from the cellphone of Gurpreet was first sent through bluetooth on the cellphone of Gurmohan Singh on February 10. The inquiry revealed that the traffic marshal was himself a member of the WhatsApp group, from where the information had been leaked, and later he quit the said group.

Gurpreet, who is incidentally a complainant in this probe, has refused to record his statement at two instances when he was summoned for recording his statement raising more suspicion among officials who were conducting the probe.Gurpreet had filed a complaint claiming information about drunken driving nakas had been leaked on WhatsApp and a probe was required to be conducted in this regard on April 1. The complaint was referred to the cyber crime cell if the Sector 17 police station. The probe was conducted under the supervision of DSP (cyber) Rajesh Kalia. The marshal blamed the police for leaking the information.

Conduct to be reviewed

The probe report submitted by DSP Rajesh Kalia to the SSP (Traffic) Maneesh Chaudhery on Friday also deliberated that the conduct of the marhsal be reviewed and action taken against him.



Shatabdi delayed by more than two hours
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
The evening Shatabdi train from New Delhi to Chandigarh was delayed by more than two hours today due to damaged overhead wires near Azadpur, New Delhi. Officials of the Railways said that a dust storm that hit New Delhi in the evening damaged the overhead wires near the station which delayed the train.

When contacted, Chandigarh station superintendent R K Dutta said that the scheduled time of the evening Shatabdi for reaching Chandigarh is 8:40 pm, but it has been delayed by more than two hours due to technical reasons.

The city also experienced dust storm this afternoon and a Met official said that there was light rain along with thunder showers was likely in the next two days.

The city recorded 39.9 degree Celsius maximum temperature, which is one notch below the normal and 27 degree Celsius minimum temperature, which is three notches above the normal. Met official said there would be partly cloudy sky tomorrow with maximum temperature 40 degree Celsius and minimum temperature 24 degree Celsius. 



Orthodontistry pioneer in region retires today
Says he will miss his morning sessions and interactions with students at the PGI
Ritika Jha Palial
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
As he turns 65 on Saturday, he also completes 40 years in PGIMER- having spent his entire career at the institute. Dr Ashok Utreja who pioneered orthodontistry at the PGIMER- evolving it in the region, since 1974, will retire from the institute today. He is the head of department (HoD), oral health sciences, at the PGI.

In an interview with Chandigarh Tribune, he shared that he would miss morning lectures the most after he retired.

How do you sum up your experience at the PGIMER?

I joined the institute when I was 25. After introducing orthodontistry, my priority was to start the treatment of cleft lip and palate and the PGIMER helped me make it a reality. We have been able to provide the facility readily to thousands of patients.

What were the best experiences you had at the PGIMER?

Well ! When I had joined PGIMER, I had plans to start practicing orthodontistry in my private set setup after gaining some experience at the institute. But I ended up spending my entire career here. You can well imagine the motivation, growth-conducive culture I found here that I never thought of leaving the institution. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching culture and discipline here. In fact, patients were very well looked after.

What do you plan to do after retirement? Will you join any private hospital?

The baseline of corporate hospitals is different. I do not think I can get satisfaction in a corporate setting. But I will continue my support for the children with cleft lip and palate.

What is your take on the trend of PGIMER consultants eagerly joining private hospitals after retirement?

We should start thinking on the lines of IITs and other professional institutes and rope in experienced and retired doctors for part-time teaching. This will do away with the paucity of teachers at medical colleges.

PGIMER has been facing the problem of plenty and running behind schedule in implementing certain projects that could tame those problems. How can this be improved?

Doctors at the PGIMER have numerous roles to play, in addition to patient care and research. Right from equipment to logistics and administrative jobs, a consultant is overloaded with these roles. It is crucial that skilled managerial staff takes the administrative and management roles and allows the doctors to focus on patients, research and teaching.

You have seen generations of students at the Institute. What changes do you see now? Any suggestion?

I think the process of selection to the institute is not as rigorous now as it used to be few decades ago. We are not able to judge skills of students during admissions effectively and many get through by simply cramming. This cannot produce quality doctors.

What will you miss the most while recalling PGIMER days?

My morning sessions and interactions with students. I don’t know what I will do at 8am everyday once I retire.



MC house meeting
New MP comes up with 5-yr road map in her speech
Amit Sharma
Tribune News Services

Chandigarh, May 30
Newly elected Member Parliament (MP) Kirron Kher, who paid a brief visit to the first House meeting at the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, in her speech attempted to win the confidence of the House by mentioning various problems of the city, which she would take up during her tenure. Kher promised to bridge the gap between the MC and the UT Administration and further the Central Government.

Kher who was called as an outsider during the election campaign, stated that she was well aware of various problems of the city, as she had been visiting Chandigarh regularly in the past.

Acute shortage of engineering staff, water scarcity in southern sectors, non-functional streetlights were some to the problems included in her speech.

Kher after getting a warm welcome in the House, said her first priority would be to increase the number of engineers in the MC. “Efforts will be made in getting sufficient and timely grants for the MC”, she said.

Kher ensured that departments that were partially transferred to the MC would be transferred fully to it so that the MC could look after them. The MP further said that the stray dog problem was a serious issue that needed serious discussion.

She said MC officials should ensure proper utilisation of potable water. “I will talk to the Punjab government so that potable water is provided to residents”, she said.

The MP requested the MC Commissioner to concentrate on the issue of garbage dumping ground to ensure healthy environment for the residents. Beautification of city parks and green belts and better sewerage system in colonies was also a part of Kher’s plan for the city. 

Wants to ensure city’s development

MP Kirron Kher one being questioned by journalists whether she should have got a ministry at the Centre, Kher replied that she wanted to concentrate on the welfare of the city and ensure its development. She further said that she could get problems of the city solved from the ministers at the Centre. 



Tension prevails at Saketri village
 Three car-borne persons enter Hanuman Temple premises; residents question occupants
Bipin Bhardwaj
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
Tension prevailed in Manav Colony at Saketri village when three car-borne persons entered the premises of Hanuman Temple, run by the Kailash Mahadev Mandir Shivalik Hills Education and Charitable Trust and Gaushala, late this night.

The temple has been locked after its priest RD Swami was arrested by the Panchkula Police for his alleged involvement in the Ashutosh Bhardwaj murder case.

Bhardwaj, a youth leader of the BJP, was allegedly gunned down by the members of a family of the same colony in connivance with Swami over an old rivalry.

However, the residents suspected that the trustees made an attempt to retake the possession of the temple premises.

Noticing a Maruti DZire car (bearing registration number CH-01-AU-0208) near the temple, a number of colony residents assembled there and inquired from the car occupants why they came to the temple.

Eyewitnesses said some residents contacted the Mansa Devi Complex (MDC) police station and informed the officials about it.

Dilbagh Bhardwaj, a resident of the colony, said the police informed the villagers that the car occupants came to the temple for a night stay.

This irked the residents, following with they intercepted the vehicle and frisked the strangers.

The villagers alleged that they found whiskey bottles from their possession, following which they held the car occupants captive.

After receiving the information, the police swung into action and deployed heavy police force at the village. The car, along with its occupants, was later taken to the MDC police station, the villagers said.

The Station House Officer of the MDC police station said the residents alleged that some unidentified persons were in a bid to take the possession of the temple forcibly.

"We have sent the police force to the site after receiving the information. However, the exact reason is yet to be ascertained," he said.

The villagers have been demanding that the government should take over the temple.



Beopar mandals take up NOC issue with Home Secy
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
A joint delegation of the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) and Mani Majra Sanyukt Beopar Mandal met the UT Home Secretary for taking up difficulties being faced by traders of food products at Mani Majra and village markets of the city in getting no objection certificate (NOC) from the municipal corporation (MC).

Under new provisions in the Food Safety and Standard Act, the existing licence holders require NOC from the civic body for renewal. The delegation said the same was not feasible in village markets or Mani Majra, where traders were doing business for decades in old houses converted into commercial establishments.

CBM president Charanjiv Singh said since shopkeeper were paying all taxes, possessed old licences and these sites were neither sold nor auctioned by the UT Estate Office or corporation so they should not be told to take NOC from the corporation. 



Mohali reels under water shortage
Kulwinder Sangha

Mohali, May 30
Shortage of water has gripped parts of Mohali with residents having a tough time in the scorching heat. Complaints of low water pressure have been received from residents and the worst affected are those living on the upper floors. Overhead tanks have gone dry compelling many residents to pump water from underground storage tanks to meet their daily requirements.

Dharam Pal Upashak, who lives in an HE house in Phase V, said he kept awake at night to store water for his family’s needs. He said the water reached the second floor-level around midnight or between 2 am and 3 am.

Sukhminder Singh Barnala, a former municipal councillor living in Phase XI, said the supply of water in the afternoon had been stopped in the town. Pressure during the morning and evening supply time remained low. “How much water a family can store to run the house?” he wondered.

Barnala said water was supplied for four hours in the morning and two hours in the evening. He said the level of water in the underground reservoir of the Water Supply Department, from where water was supplied to Phase XI, was also low.

A resident of Phase II, Manmohan Kaur, said residents had been facing water shortage for about a week. Overhead tanks had gone dry and had to be filled by pumping up water from personal storage tanks on the ground floor. The supply pressure was low and the water reached only the first-floor level.

Rajinder Kumar Jhalli, the Executive Engineer concerned, said he had not received any complaint regarding water shortage. Regarding the problem in Phase V, he said the area was quite congested, due to which consumption of water was more. In Phase XI, where flats were located, the water supply was adversely affected because of leakage in that area. The leakage could not be plugged because residents had encroached on the area under which the supply lines were passing.



Ten days on, cops clueless on missing teenaged girl
Our Correspondent

Sukhdeep Kaur shows her daughter’s photo who had been missing since May 19
Sukhdeep Kaur shows her daughter’s photo who had been missing since May 19. Tribune photo: Vicky Gharu

Mohali, May 30
A resident of Sector 90, whose teenaged daughter has been missing since May 19, today alleged that the police had not made much efforts to trace her.

Sukhdeep Kaur, a former school teacher, said her daughter was a minor and had allegedly been kidnapped. Though the police had registered a case in this regard, nothing much had been done to rescue her daughter.

When asked whether a note written by her daughter was found from her house, she said she suspected that someone had compelled her daughter to write it. In the note, her daughter had stated that she would return home after achieving something in life. She had also written that she would send an email, which had so far not been received by her mother.

Sukhdeep Kaur suspected that a woman living in Phase X here was behind the kidnapping.

She said she had to make requests to get the case transferred to the CIA staff. The request was granted but the file had so far not reached the CIA office. 



Slain BJP leader’s family fears for life, seeks security
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
Family members of the BJP youth leader, who was shot dead at his residence in Manav Colony, Saketri village, are fearing for their lives.

Seeking safety and addition of Section 307 of the IPC to the case, the family members of Ashutosh Bhardwaj, the slain BJP youth leader, met Bajrang Das Garg, chairman of Haryana Confed, and gave him a memorandum to be forwarded to Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

They also accused the officials posted in the Mansa Devi Complex police station for not entertaining their earlier complaints against the accused family.

The family members further alleged that the assailants took away a gold chain of the victim and Rs 70,000-Rs75,000 cash from the house.

They sought recovery of the stolen valuables besides strict action against the accused.



Water in village ponds to be treated for irrigation
Our Correspondent

Mohali, May 30
The Punjab Rural Development and Panchayat Department has drawn up a plan to treat water in village ponds for irrigation purposes.

Stating this at a meeting of district development and panchayat officers (DDPOs), divisional deputy directors, Zila Parishad secretaries and others here today, Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Surjit Singh Rakhra said three villages from each block in the state would be selected under phase I of the pilot project.

Rakhra said that in the phase I, water of ponds in about 500 villages would be treated.

The minister also said parks would be developed around village ponds and plantation carried out.

Rakhra gave directions to the DDPOs to implement the project in a time-bound manner.

The minister wanted panchayats to be financially independent. Shamlat land, he said, should be e-auctioned to bring about transparency. The minister said there should be an audit of panchayat accounts by an audit firm or a chartered accountant.

He informed that e-auction of animal melas pushed up the revenue to Rs 50 crore.

He directed the DDPOs to ensure levelling of shamlat land and applying for tubewell power connections with 15 days.



P’kula MLA trashes news on his resignation
Tribune News Service

Panchkula, May 30
After an electronic news channel reported that local MLA DK Bansal has resigned today, the legislator moved a complaint before the Deputy Commissioner of Panchkula Police seeking an in-depth inquiry into it.

Talking to The Tribune, Bansal claimed that certain Congress leaders have hatched a conspiracy against him and were trying to tarnish the party’s image.

“I have started investigations on my own to identify the rumour mongers, who will be exposed soon,” Bansal claimed. 



no-tobacco day
Youths sensitised to harmful affects of tobacco use 
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
On the eve of the World No-Tobacco Day, Fortis Hospital, Mohali, along with the Youth Innovative Society, an NGO, organised an awareness session at the Chandigarh College of Architecture here today.

The day is observed across the world with the aim of reducing consumption of tobacco, which can lead to deadly diseases like cancer. This year’s theme is ‘raise taxes on tobacco’.

Over 110 students took part in the session, which included a talk by Dr Zafar Ahmed Iqbal, consultant, critical care and pulmonologist, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

The nursing staff of the hospital also presented a skit on the occasion.

Educating the students and faculty about the harmful effects of tobacco, Dr Iqbal said tobacco use was the leading cause of preventable death, estimated to kill over five million people each year worldwide.

According to WHO statistics, by 2030, tobacco will cause 8 million deaths annually. Given a population of over one billion people, India will face an exponential increase in tobacco-related mortality – from 1.4 per cent in 1990 to 13.3 per cent in 2020.”

Meanwhile, to mark the day, Max Super Specialty Hospital (MSSH), Mohali, held an awareness programme at Post Graduate Government College (PGGC), Sector 11, Chandigarh today.

As many as 100 NCC cadets attended the programme and took an oath that they would never smoke in their life.

While addressing the cadets, Dr Sachin Gupta, senior consultant, Medical Oncology, MSSH, said although Chandigarh was awarded the no-smoking status in 2007, there had been an increase in the number of lung cancer cases being reported.



IAF reviews security around its defence installation
Tribune News Service

Zirakpur, May 30
To review security arrangements around the defence installation here, a team of the Indian Air Force (IAF) held a meeting with officials of the Zirakpur Municipal Council (MC) and the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) here today.

Accompanied by Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and Executive Officer (EO), Zirakpur Municipal Council, and officials of the GMADA, the IAF team also inspected the drains carrying out discharge to Bhabhat and Zirakpur. Parminder Singh, EO, however, termed the meeting as a routine inspection by the IAF officials.

The team pointed out that the aerodrome was visible from the Zirakpur overbridge and may pose threat to its security. The IAF has also decided to write to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to install curtains at certain places on the overbridge to obstruct the visibility of the aerodrome.

The team then visited Jagatpura village located on the Chandigarh-Mohali border and found an exit of the Air Force Station encroached upon by the villagers.

The officials also found certain residents rearing domestic pigeons. They were asked to do away with the profession as the birds pose threat to air safety.

The Air Force officials asked the GMADA to pull down some structures that have come up illegally along the outer crust of the defence installation here. Following this, the GMADA has decided to demolish the structures tomorrow.

Sources said the encroachers were already served notices in this regard.



Suicide bid: Haryana cop names 11

Panchkula, May 30
The district police have recovered a suicide note from the Haryana police head constable, Kuldeep Kumar, who attempted suicide at Tau Devi Lal Stadium here on Thursday morning.

Deputy Commissioner of Panchkula Police (DCP) Ashwin Shenvi claimed that the cop has named 11 persons in the suicide note.

The injured policeman is not in a position to get his statement recorded, so no case has been registered yet. The DCP claimed that Kuldeep’s condition was critical but stable. — TNS



List of PU courses without entrance tests announced
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
Panjab University (PU), Chandigarh, has announced the list of the courses in which the admission would be given without entrance or aptitude tests. Candidates desirous of applying for admission to University Teaching Departments for 2014-2015 session can download admission forms from the PU website - http://admissions.puchd.ac.in free of cost.

However, the applicants will be charged Rs 60 as cost of admission form along with the admission fees.

PU spokesman said admission to MEd Disability Studies; MPharma in Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance, Drug Discovery and Drug Development; ME in Electronics and Communication, Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and M Tech in Microelectronics would not be based on entrance or aptitude tests.

Admissions to MSc in Anthropology, Forensic Science and Criminology, Instrumentation and Statistics; MA in Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology, Community Education and Disability Studies, Defense and National Security, Economics, Education, French and Francophone Studies, Hindi, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Panjabi, Sociology, Urdu, Women Studies and M.Lib and Information Science would not be based on entrance/aptitude tests.

Admissions to BA (Hons) & MA (Hons) 5-year integrated course in economics would also not be based on entrance or aptitude tests.

Various Postgraduate diploma courses like Buddhist Studies, Disaster Management, Homeland Security, Professional Counseling and Psychotherapy, Psychological Testing and Advanced Diploma courses like Chinese, Tibetan Studies, French, German, Russian, Urdu and Persian are also exempted from entrance test.

Interested students to these courses would be required to submit their admission forms for all under graduate and post graduate courses by July 2, 2014, in the department concerned. The last date to apply for diploma and certificate courses would be July 18.



Centre sanctions Rs 30 cr for PU
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, May 30
The makeover of the existing infrastructure of Panjab University is going to commence soon as the first instalment of the Budget of around Rs 30 crore has been sanctioned by the Union Government.

Sources said initially the authorities were planning to shift all bio-technology departments to the new South Campus and starting the renovation of the existing buildings.

The departments that are going to be shifted by the mid-June will be microtechnology and microbiology in the block one, bio-chemistry and bio-physics in the block two. Along with these, there are plans to shift nuclear medicine, system biology and bio-informative departments in other buildings. Sources said the departments were already winding up their things as they have already been informed about the shifting process. Sources said as per the plan, the existing buildings in which these departments were functioning would be upgraded and some other departments would be adjusted there. The authorities were planning to shift the department of pharmacy and nanotechnology in these buildings after these get a facelift.

AK Bhandari, Dean University Instruction, PU, said the departments were in the process of shifting and it would be done in phases.

PU Dean (Science) Rupinder Tewari said a number of meetings had been held with all departments before shifting them to the south campus. He said the upgrade of infrastructure in the new buildings was also been undertaken side by side to adjust them properly.

One of the faculty members said the departments were engaging companies to shift their expensive equipment to the new campus. In fact, the demand had also been made to the authorities for starting a bus service from the south campus for the convenience of students and the faculty.

The faculty of the departments that are under process of shifting were cancelling their leaves to get their equipment shifted properly to the new campus.

The authorities have decided to shift these departments to the South Campus as there was a plan of the dental hospital on the southern campus where the students of these departments could get training. 



pu notes
Indian Antenna Week - 2014

Bright M Tech Indian students can look forward to summer fellowship in the USA. These views were expressed by Prof Sanjoy Das from Kansas State University, USA, who was in the city to attend the Indian Antenna Week - 2014 that concluded on Friday. Out of the 79 quality papers, three participants were awarded best papers award. Dr JG Joshi, Government Polytechnic, Nashik, and Prof Rajneesh Arora were awarded for the best research paper. Prof MP Poonia Best Postgraduate Research Paper was awarded to Sakthi Abhaikumar from Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai..

Admission forms

The applications forms for centralised admission for BCom I in Panjab University affiliated colleges in Chandigarh and Department of Evening Studies would also be accepted at the University Institute of Hotel Management and Tourism (UIHMT), PU, on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Coordinator for centralised admission for BCom I for the 2014-15 session Prof RK Gupta said students could also submit their online applications through the website - http://bcomadmissions.puchd.ac.in. The students can submit their online registration up to June 12, 2014. Professor Gupta said the website would remain closed on June 12. The application forms can be submitted by post or by hand up to June 20, 2014, up to 5pm at the 



from schools
Students of Hallmark Public School pose with self-made Balsa Wood Chuck Gliders during an aero-modelling and aircraft designing workshop at Sector 15 in Panchkula on Friday.
Students of Hallmark Public School pose with self-made Balsa Wood Chuck Gliders during an aero-modelling and aircraft designing workshop at Sector 15 in Panchkula on Friday. A Tribune Photograph.

Chandigarh: The Education Department organised a two-day exhibition-cum-sale event at the Kisan Bhawan here on Friday. The exhibition had crafts and textiles on display. They were prepared by Class XII students from fashion designing and clothing, construction and textile, designing and other various vocational courses. The event was inaugurated by DPI (Schools) Kamlesh Kumar. Around 500 students from various government senior secondary schools participated in the event.

Summer camp concludes

A special English speaking summer camp, organised by St John’s High School for students from the EWS category, concluded on Friday. The authorities said the camp was held from May 26 to May 30 for the students from Classes I to V. Around 63 students took part in the camp. During the camp, the students were taught basic manners and etiquettes. The students were given multimedia presentations on English grammar and practice sessions on pronunciation. On the concluding day, the students were also given story books. — TNS



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