Making sense of the urban maze
Reviewed by Meeta Rajivlochan
Urbanisation in India: Challenges, Opportunities and the Way Forward
Ed: Isher Judge Ahluwalia, Ravi Kanbur and P K Mohanty
Sage. Pages 337. Rs 850.
THIS book focuses on the prescription-side of urban planning to tell us of what all is wrong with present-day urbanisation, the possible solutions and the way forward. Unfortunately, it makes little effort to unravel the knots on the implementation side that have kept similar prescriptions tied to the wall for all these years while our cities rot.


No place for love
Reviewed by Deepti
Prem Nagar: Town Of Love
by Anne Ch. Ostby
Supernova Publishers. Pages 274. Rs 295
DOES life exist without love? Can a place thrive without love and compassion? Prem Nagar is one such loveless town where lust and violence lurk in every house, inside each room. The ironical title of the book speaks volumes about a place which is devoid of love in any form, love between mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

Life comes full circle
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
I Robbed Your Diamonds
by Col. Malvinder Singh
Power Publishers. Pages 297. Rs 350
LOVE, passion, money, power and deceit; these are elements that life is made of. All of these are capable of hugely altering its course and while some break down and lose everything in despair, others face the issues at hand and tide the tribulations. Col. Malvinder Singh's I Robbed Your Diamonds is a depiction of times gone.

Swami in Sonepat
Reviewed by Rajnish Wattas
Champs of Devgarh
by Ajay Sharma
Puffin. Pages 202. Rs 199
R K Narayan's lovable, impish, school boy in Swami and Friends lingers on in the hearts of his large legion of fans. Aditya Sharma is obviously one of them. His own Narayansque small-town tale of school boys and their tryst with the national passion of cricket in Champs of Devgarh echoes a similar strand.

King of spook
Reviewed by Priyanka Singh
Doctor Sleep
by Stephen King.
Hodder&Stoughton Pages 485. Rs 599
a small boy who sees creatures in his bathroom; a little girl who across time and space sees visions of children being tortured and killed; her desperate cry for help, to reach out to the small boy's mind who is now a grown man; the "undead" True Knot who craves for the "shining" in special children and will not stop at anything for the "steam" they must inhale time and again to defy mortality —all meet the checklist for an eerie tale.