A spiffy take on the life of a phenomenon 
Reviewed by M. Rajiv Lochan
MGR A Biography 
by Shrikanth Veeravalli Rainlight, Rupa.
Pages Rs 295.
M G Ramachandran. Most people in North India born in the past three decades would not know anything of this wonderful man. Son of a Malayali magistrate, born in Sri Lanka, Ramachandran lost his father at the age of two.

Indian Travel

Double paradigm of legal orders
Reviewed by Amarinder Gill
Sikh Diaspora : Legal Pluralism and Dispute Settlement
by Prit Paul Rawat Publications,
Pages 163 Rs 495. 
The book investigates the relationship between law and society. It is an attempt to study the dichotomy of the official and non-official law. Law and society are a reality and are inseperable.The book examines the settlement of disputes of citizens in multicultural America.American society is multi-legal where the legal system goes hand in hand with the traditional and customary law.

Different flavours 
Reviewed by Sarbjit Dhaliwal
Tandoori Democracy
by Shinder Purewal Gyan Publishing House. Rs 525 
Tandoori Democracy is an interesting book that draws one's attention to various ills afflicting the democracy in the country. The subject on which author Shinder Purewal dwells on his book is in the public domain for the past several years and has been debated extensively but the style adopted by him to tell the story is new. His narrative is different.

A dishful for vegetarians
Reviewed by Priyanka Singh
Hymns from the Soil 
by Vikas Khanna. Bloomsbury India.
Pages 417. Rs 1,599
Yawn. Another cook book that promises to change your humble vegetarian world as you know it —the banal paneer, ubiquitous dal makhani, cucumber raita. After all, this is what excites vegetarians at the dining table. But what makes this book different? To begin with it has been put together by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna, who assures non-meat eaters that the choices aren't limited; that there is a culinary life beyond aloo-gobhi, bhindi, baingan.

A life well lived indeed
Reviewed by Aditi Garg
Witness to an Era - An Autobiography
by Harkishan Singh Vallabh Prakashan. Pages 160. Rs 600 (Delhi),
Rs 630 (rest of India), Rs 1800 (Overseas)
Success is the biggest leveller. Wherever you may have been born, whatever your circumstances may have been; everyone is the same in the eyes of success. Humble beginnings stand no chance in restricting a person who has set his eyes high and is driven by hard work and passion.