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Experts for rationing of water
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The four-member team from Engineers India Limited, which is here to study the project of Budha Nullah cleaning, has visited major points on the nullah in the past three days. The team has observed that unless water is supplied to the residents in a controlled manner, the problem of Budha Nullah cannot be solved.

The engineers briefed Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner, and Pradeep Aggarwal, Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation, here last evening. They said the residents were being provided up to 270 litres of water per capita per day (LPCD) in Ludhiana whereas in other cities, residents got up to 150 LPCD as per the prescribed norms.

Pradeep Aggarwal said the experts felt if there was more water consumption, there would be more water discharge into the nullah.

“They want water should be judiciously used or metered immediately. If residents have to pay for excessive water usage, they will start using water judiciously. They have warned that if the water supply is not controlled, the city will face many such problems,” said Aggarwal.

Sanjoy Mukherjee, who heads the team of engineers, said all waste water was discharged into the nullah through sewage treatment plants, which had limited capacity. “The water discharge is much more than the capacity of the STPs because industrial units also discharge waste water through the STPs. Things will become better with the setting up of two common effluent treatment plants by the Punjab Pollution Control Board,” said Mujherjee.

The Deputy Commissioner said the company was also handling the Yamuna Project. “We are hopeful they will certainly come up with better ideas and solutions. The engineers will submit their preliminary report to the state government within one week,” said the Deputy Commissioner.

The experts, along with the officials of the Pollution Control Board, recently visited dairy complexes and observed that these discharged all waste direct into the sewerage, which polluted the nullah. The authorities have suggested the disposal of waste by dairies should also be done in a planned and controlled manner. There is a need to set up another bio-gas plant and to increase the capacity of the existing plants.

Ridding Budha Nullah of pollution

We are hopeful they will certainly come up with better ideas and solutions. The engineers will submit their preliminary report to the state government within one week.

Rajat Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner


Industry draws a blank again
Says state Budget devoted to agriculture sector
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
After getting nothing in the Union Budget, the local industry had pinned its hopes on the state budget. However, the latter, too, failed to bring smiles on the faces of traders and industrialists.

“The industry was expecting tax reforms, abolition of duty on electricity, abolition of external development charges, grants for industrial infrastructure, capital subsidy and freight subsidy in the state budget. But the Finance Minister has shown no concern or sympathy to the dying industry of Punjab,” said Badish Jindal, national president of the Federation of Associations of Small Industries of India.

The target of VAT income has been revised from Rs 16,749 crore to 17,760 crore whereas nothing has been said about pending VAT refunds.

“The central grants worth Rs 8,230 crore have been shown as part of the state budget. Overall it is an anti-growth budget prepared just to please the agriculture sector,” added Jindal.

Gurmeet Singh Kular, president of the Federation of Industrial and Commercial (FICO), said the industry was very positive about the budget but all its hopes were dashed to the ground.

“The government has neither slashed taxed nor given grants to promote the industry. It is entirely an agriculture budget,” said Kular.

The government has allocated a mere 15 crore to the industry and minerals, which is 0.08 per cent of the total budget outlay.

The budget for the agriculture and allied services is Rs 1,277 crore, rural development Rs 1,953 crore and irrigation and flood control Rs 1,284 crore. An amount of Rs 2,670 crore has been given to transport and Rs 888.66 crore to the general economic services.

Vinay Kansal, a small-scale industrialist, said the Budget was altogether devoted to agriculture. “Nothing was announced for the industry in the Budget. We were expecting the state government to bring down VAT on auto parts from 12 per cent to 4 per cent and on bicycle parts from 6 per cent to 2.5 per cent but all our hopes have been dashed,” he added.



City buses worth Rs 12 crore rust
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Around 30 brand new buses worth Rs 12 crore purchased by the state government to provide affordable transport to the residents of the city rust outside the Sub-Registrar’s Office (West) here. These buses can’t be put to use till a writ filed by the Auto-Rickshaw Union is pending in the apex court.

The in charge of the City Bus Service, Baljit Singh, said the new fleet of buses was purchased in February 2014. “A writ has been filed by the Auto-Rickshaw Union and till it is disposed of, nothing can be done. The union feels they were suffering losses due to the City Bus Service. The next hearing in the case is on July 18,” said Baljit Singh.

An official of the Municipal Corporation said the reason could be any but government grants should not be wasted like this. “These buses have been lying unused since February. At presently, 60 buses are being plied on various routes in the city and the City Bus Service is reportedly running in losses. In such a scenario, new buses should not have been added to its fleet. These new buses have been kept in the open,” said the official.

Sukhwinder Singh, a resident of Haibowal, said: “If these buses cannot be plied, these should be kept at a safe place. Public money/funds should not be wasted like this,” he said.



Man sentenced to life term in murder case
Legal Correspondent

Ludhiana, July 16
Sessions Judge KS Kang has convicted Gurjit Singh of Sarup Nagar, Ludhiana, of the murder of Kanwar Pal, a driver of SAD leader Vijay Danav. He was sentenced to rigorous life imprisonment. A fine of Rs 10,000 was also imposed upon him.

However, the court acquitted two women co-accused, namely Bholan and Neelam of Ashok Nagar, Ludhiana. According to the prosecution, the accused attacked Kamwar Pal with a rod near Greenland School, Jalandhar bypass chowk, to settle a personal score. A case under sections 302, 148, 149 of the IPC was registered against the accused at the Salem Tabri police station on November 7, 2009.



Sanitation eludes migrant-dominated areas of city
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The areas having a large population of migrants face the threat of outbreak of a disease as the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department have not shown any concern about sanitation there.

During a visit to Dhandari Kalan, Jamalpur, Bihari Colony, Fauji Mohalla, Durga Colony and Prem Nagar, it was found the residents did not have proper arrangements for safe water and sewage disposal. Sewage flowing from choked sewers was accumulated on streets.

Durga Colony in the Dahandari area is the worst example of careless attitude of the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department. The residents alleged they often got algae in water supply.

The sewerage, which was installed in 2012, has proved to be bane of the residents. They said many sewers have been choked for the past two months. Several complaints to the Municipal Corporation and the area councillor have fallen on deaf ears.

Sewage can be seen accumulated on almost all the streets of Durga Colony.

Though the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department claimed routine fogging is carried out in all parts of the city, the local residents said they had never seen someone from the Health Department or any fogging equipment here.

Mehtab, a resident, we wish it didn’t rain in his area. The streets remain waterlogged for months. “If there were rain, we would lose connectivity with the outer world,” he added.

During a visit to migrant-dominated areas, it was observed a large number of people visit quacks and get medicines from chemist without prescription. Most residents were suffering from gastric problems.


The improvement of this area is not possible. Most residents here hail from UP and Bihar. The population is very dense, so sewerage is not working properly. We have complained to the MC officials to clear the sewerage, but to no avail. No one even hears us in the MC House.

Prem Sagar Aggarwal, Councillor of Ward No. 14


The area is unplanned. There is a problem in sewerage at Durga Colony. We will fix it within one or two days. To curb the breeding of mosquitoes, we will write to the Health Department. The sewerage and potable water problem will be addressed before rain.

Kamlesh Bansal, Zonal Commissioner, Zone B



Waterlogging irks commuters, residents
Lovleen Bains

Sahnewal, July 16
Though rain brought cheer to residents, at the same time it has put commuters and residents of the town in a hardship. The reason being the erection of overbridges by the NHAI, from where the entire rainwater runs down in no time and leaves the streets inundated for weeks.

The drains, for years together, which are meant to absorb water, have been non-functional despite the fact that the private company SOMA-Isolux is well aware of the upcoming monsoon season and was supposed to do the needful much early. Not only does it pose problems for the passers-by but as it keeps on standing, it stagnates, emits fouls smell and makes the condition deplorable for residents.

The water, as it takes days together to clear, leaves deep potholes on the road and road users often get stuck up in these trenches.

“In the name of road widening, the NHAI has just added to our miseries may be in the form of exorbitant toll or by endangering thousand lives due to lack of security measures or for that matter by creating inconvenience for those who are residing under or around the over-bridges and we hitherto leading a calm and peaceful life” said a local resident.

As these overbridges have now been constructed at a number of places, especially from over the towns and villages, the villagers generally have two-wheelers or for that matter have to cross the underpass on foot. For them, the construction of the overbridge has become a source of constant nuisance and a problem, which they believe, is will stay for years together as nobody is going to find any concrete solution for it.

“When the authorities were well aware of the arrival of rains and that this situation is bound to arise why don’t they act on time. After all from whom and for whom is the toll being collected? Is it meant to create hurdles for road users itself? No authority seems to be least bothered and there is simply no check on their functioning,” said a resident of Bilga village.

However, spokesperson for Soma-Isolux, said: “At the intersections below flyovers, since the drains are yet to be completed, water is being pumped out whenever required. Also maintenance works are in progress at critical locations.”



Civic Hospital: ICU sans facilities, staff
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Ludhiana Civil Hospital is a picture of neglect. With necessary medical staff and equipment unavailable, it exists in name only. The hospital staff admits that patients come to the emergency ward of the hospital just to get medico-legal reports made.

The six-bedded ICU of the hospital is without ventilator, heart monitor and suction machine.

Admitting to the sorry state of affairs, Senior Medical Officer Dr RK Karkara said the ICU was not up to the mark and there was a shortage of emergency medical officers.

“We have only one emergency medical officer, while we need seven more in the ICU,” said Dr Karkara.

He said the hospital was coming up with a new ICU where all modern facilities would be available.

“The Chief Minister, during his last visit, had sanctioned Rs 2 crore for the new ICU. The present ICU cannot handle serious cases,” he said.

Varinder Singh, a patient at the civil hospital, said the only emergency medical officer on duty was always busy issuing slips to patients, rather than giving necessary medical aid.

A doctor at the civil hospital, on the condition of anonymity, said patients came to the emergency just to get cases registered or obtain medico-legal report.

“No major facility except for administering glucose or stitches is available at the hospital’s emergency. Whenever there is any critical case, the patient is referred to other hospitals,” said the doctor.



Self-appointed groups affecting dairy farmers’ earnings, says assn president
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Progressive Dairy Farmers’ Association (PDFA) has accused the self-appointed groups such as gau raksha dal and samitis of impending the growth of dairy farming in the state.

“Dairy farmers can make an earning either by selling milk or the animals. When buyers from other states are transporting the high-yielding varieties of cow from Punjab, self-appointed groups confiscate them, claiming that the cows are being taken for slaughter. This is driving potential buyers away from the state, causing a setback to the dairy farming community,” said association president Daljeet Singh Sadarpur.

He said the government and administration must take steps to stop such groups from harassing the dairy farmers and buyers.

The PDFA president said the government was giving a fillip to the sector by providing subsidies for setting up dairy farms, but the need of the hour was to guard the small farmers in the days of financial slump. He said the government must set a minimum support price for milk.

Sadarpur said Punjab was producing the highest milk per animal in the country. He said the Holstein Friesian cows of the state were in high demand and due to the availability and production of all kinds of fodder here, Punjab had a great potential to provide for the needs of the entire country.

He said the association had 6,000 farmers as its members, who followed norms of hygiene and high milk production standards. To produce high quality milk and to support the members of PDFA, the association has also started its own milk company named Progress Dairy Solutions (PDS), he said.

Manish Sharma, general manager, PDS, said by following European standards, the milk’s temperature is maintained to the level that ensures that somatic cells (that cause curdling) are not formed. The mineral content and the quality of such milk are also high, he said.



City to have skill development centre
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, KJS Cheema, was in the city to look for an appropriate site for setting up a Multi-Skill Development Centre. As many as 5,000 youth are expected to be trained annually in different skills at the centre.

These youths are expected to give a fillip to the industry that is in a dire need of skilled labour.

While addressing a meeting at the Chamber of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking, Cheema said the skill development centre will help in solving the problem of unemployment to some extent and also provide skilled labour to the industry.

“Although, the centre will belong to the government, the responsibility to run it successfully will lie entirely on the industry,” he said.

Various industrial delegations met the Principal Secretary and discussed current problems being faced by them. Putting forward their problem, representatives of the cycle industry said there were hundreds of bicycle parts and it was difficult to submit the statement of stock of each and every part.

“The industry should be exempted from it as it is very difficult to calculate the utilisation of input tax credit,” they said.



New academic session begins
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The private and government colleges of the city began its new academic session, here today. The colleges organised prayers and function to commence the session. Meanwhile, teachers of aided colleges gave a call of protest at Chandigarh on July 17.

The Principal Association of College, affiliated to Panjab University, is protesting against the deficit in grant-in-aid to private aided college of the state. The government decreased the grant from 95 per cent to 80 per cent. As per the decision of the association, teachers of aided college will not be attending the classes tomorrow.



PAU working hours changed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Owing to the hot and humid weather, the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) has changed the working hours of the university from 7.15 am to 2.30 pm. The registrar, PAU, said the change would be effective from tomorrow onwards.

Dr Rajinder Singh Sidhu, registrar, PAU, said, “The weather is quite hot and officials, teachers, researchers and employees at university have been facing a lot of inconvenience due to the weather conditions. So we decided to change the timings to give some respite to the staff and students. We will restore the normal timings when the weather conditions get a little better.”



Fisheries’ students distribute pamphlets
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The striking students of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) continued their strike for yet another day. The protesters gathered near PAU, gate number 2, today, and distributed pamphlets among the masses to make apprise them of how the state government has shrugged responsibility of providing them with the government jobs.

Students said the cold response of the government has not deterred their determination from achieving what they have aimed to. “We will continue with our struggle till our demands are not met,” said a student.



Bar Association holds urgent meeting

Samrala, July 16
An urgent meeting of the Bar Association, Samrala, and presidents of various bar associations of the state was held here under the chairmanship of advocate Lakhvir Singh, president of the local association.

In the meeting, the notification of Department of Revenue, Punjab, was discussed. All presidents condemned the newly added norms in the notification.

It was passed in the meeting that the decision to provide one chamber to two advocates is wrong and would affect the advocates at the sub-division level as well as the district level.

It was condemned by presidents of different bar associations as well as the members of the Bar Association, Samrala, and it was passed in the meeting that on July 17,18 and 19, 2014, the bar associations of the state should observe strike at the state level. Munish Khanna, president of the Bar Association, Khanna, was appointed as convener of the executive state body. It was also decided in the meeting that the executive body would go to meet the Chairman of the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana on July 18. — OC



Earth Hour
Youths form human chain to encourage participation
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Youngsters in the city today formed a human chain to spread awareness about the coming attempt at making a Guinness world record to be held on Sunday. The youngsters formed human chain at main squares such as Bharat Nagar Chowk, Fountain Chowk, Bhai Wala Chowk, and in various parts of the city to encourage participation in the record-making attempt.

The attempt has been named as Earth Hour Ludhiana-Official Guinness world record attempt.

According to Shobhan Soi from Sambhav Foundation, one of the NGOs organising the event, more than 300 children had gathered at different places, holding placards. They raised slogans such as ‘Ped lagao, Ludhiana bachao’ and ‘One lakh trees in one hour– Come and join.’

Ramandeep Singh from Guru Nanak International School said he was elated to be a part of the event and is very excited to plant trees on the D-day. “Environmentally, Ludhiana has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It has been rated as one of the most polluted cities. Now, we want it to be the greenest city in the world,” said another youngster.

City-based poet and artist Jaswant Zafar said government and various departments, organisations along with the general public are lending an active support to the event. Pits for planting saplings are being dug and transportation of plants to various sites has also started. Apart from Zafar, economist and Chancellor of Central University, Bathinda, Padam Bhushan Dr Sardara Singh Johal has also joined the campaign. Poet (Padam Shri) Dr Surjit Patar, actors Gurpreet Ghuggi, Rana Ranbir and Sardar Sohi, will also take part in the campaign. They would stay in the city from July 18 to 20, said Zafar.

Ludhiana will try to set a world record by planting over one lakh trees within a span of one hour on July 20 from 8 am to 9 am.



Budget is aimless: Phoolka
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Aam Aadmi Party leader HS Phoolka has termed the state Budget “aimless, directionless and debt-ridden”. In a press release issued here today, Phoolka stated: “The revenue deficit has increased by two-and-a-half times.

Last year, the estimated deficit in the budget was Rs 1,746 crore, whereas this year the estimated deficit is Rs 4,250 crore.”

Phoolka said the budget did not provide any relief to the farming community and industry. He said in the Budget, no concrete plan had been provided to generate employment for the youth.



Redress online complaints within a week, says MC chief
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The Municipal Corporation Commissioner today asked the civic body officials to redress all online complaints pending with various departments of the MC within a week.

The MC Commissioner, Pradeep Aggarwal, held a meeting with heads of various departments and instructed them to put all complaints to a conclusive end within a week

As per available information, over 70 online complaints are pending with the civic body.

These complaints are registered with the state government and then directed to the MC Commissioner concerned.



Air bags not safe for children, says doctor
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
On the occasion of the World Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Day, an interactive seminar with parents and staff on the issues of preventing facial injuries in children was held by the Department of Plastic and Microvascular Surgery at SPS Apollo Hospital.

Dr Samta Goyal (in charge, emergency) said over the last few years there has been an increase in the number of children reporting in the emergency with severe facial injuries including fractures and associated head injuries due to falls and road accidents.

The consultant of the Department of Plastic and Micro Vascular Surgery, Dr Sanchit Garg, said by taking a few preventive measures, facial injuries can be avoided.

  • Install child car seat on the rear seat.
  • Do not sit with the child in the front seat as air bags can cause more harm to children.
  • Drive slow (60km/hr).
  • Paste a “Baby on board” sticker on the rear windshield.
  • Wear a seat belt if a child is seated on your lap.
  • Do not encourage underage driving.

Interactive seminar

An interactive seminar with parents and staff on the issue of preventing facial injuries in children was held by the Department of Plastic and Microvascular Surgery at SPS Apollo Hospital



Post office plans special activities on philately
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The senior postmaster at the Head Post Office, SP Pahwa, said activities for the promotion of philately will be carried out at the post office. “I will get the Philately bureau restored.

City-based philatelists have been demanding this for a long time now and it will finally see the light of the day,” said the new senior postmaster.

Three framed promotional posters of philately hang on the walls at his office, while one of the posters is at the customer area.

“There is a need for promotion of philately in the district. The young generation needs to be apprised of the beauty of this hobby. It has been hailed as the king of hobbies quite rightly. There is definitely a need of promoting this hobby amongst the new generation, only then they will be able to appreciate the value of philately,” said a city-based philatelist.

The Postal Department in the city must promote philately in a big way and use the Head Post Office. Philately events for children must be organised for this purpose,” said Rohit, another philatelist.



Cong MP raises issues of MSMEs in Lok Sabha

Ludhiana, July 16
Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Ravneet Singh Bittu today raised the issue of outdated machinery and technology being used by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of Ludhiana and Mandi Gobindgarh in the Lok Sabha.

Demanding reduction of the import duty on second-hand machinery to help the MSMEs upgrade their machinery and technology, Bittu said the present high import duty on such machinery was between 40-60 per cent, which was hampering the modernisation and upgrade of MSMEs in terms of their production capacity.

The MP said the MSMEs were a pillar of the Indian economy. They contribute nearly 8 per cent to the country’s GDP. Besides, they contribute 45 per cent of the manufacturing output, 40 per cent of the exports and also provide the largest share of employment opportunities, next only to agriculture. — TNS



86TH ICAR Foundation Day celebrated at PAU

The 86th Foundation Day of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) was celebrated at the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) on Wednesday. The Zonal Project Directorate (ZPD-ICAR), Zone-I, Ludhiana, organised the function wherein subject-matter specialists from various Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs), farmers from Bathinda, Faridkot, Fatehgarh Sahib, Ropar and Hamirpur participated. Farmers hailed the ICAR project ‘National initiative on climate resilient agriculture (NICRA)’ and said it benefited them to large extent. The chief guest, Dr Baldev Dhillon, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, extended his best wishes to the ICAR on its 86th Foundation Day. He said, “In view of the climate change, delayed monsoon and rising temperature, the farmers must lay emphasis on right time of sowing the crop.” He said many new diseases and insect-pests are cropping up as a result of the climate change. The need of the hour is to work collectively to address the various farm challenges, he stressed. Dr Dhillon also impressed upon the farmers to make judicious use of fertilisers.. He also distributed certificates to the climate smart farmers.

Three vegetable scientists bag gold medal

Three vegetable scientists of the PAU, Dr Naveen Garg, Dr DS Cheema and Dr Neena Chawla, were awarded Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Gold Medal by the Indian Society of Vegetable Science for the best research paper of 2013. The medal was awarded to the scientists for their research paper titled ‘Manifestation of heterosis for fruit yield, quality and shelf-life in tomato hybrids incorporating rin, nor and alc alleles in main and late seasons of North Indian plains”. The paper was published in the journal ‘Vegetable Science’. The award, carrying a gold medal and a citation, was received by Dr Naveen Garg during the inaugural session of the ‘National conference on post-harvest losses and value addition in vegetables’ at the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi, on July 12. Dr Naveen Garg is presently working as assistant vegetable botanist at the PAU Regional Research Station, Bathinda. Dr Dhillon, VC, PAU, Dr Gosal, director of research, Dr Dhaliwal, head of the Department of Vegetable Science, hailed the achievement of PAU scientists. — TNS



Students of RGC attend leadership camp

Ten students of Ramgarhia Girls College were selected to attend Youth Leadership Training Hiking Trekking Camp, organised under the aegis of the Department of Youth Welfare, Panjab University, Chandigarh. The camp started from July 5 and ended on July 12. Manisha Kumari, Rajwinder Kaur, Manpreet Kaur, Lovepreet Kaur, Manmeet Kaur, Rachpal Kaur, Navroop Kaur, Mehak, Bhawna and Harminder Kaur extended their full participation in the camp. Dr Naval Kishore, Dean Colleges, Panjab University, Chandigarh, inaugurated the camp. The students went on a number of hiking and trekking expeditions in and around Dalhousie and explored the mountain flora and fauna during the camp. The natural habitat of the Himalayan bear that inhabits the area was also explored by the students. In the evening, students participated in the activities such as singing and folk dances. Dr Om Gauri Dutt Sharma, director, Doordarshan, Jalandhar, gave away prizes on the closing ceremony to the outstanding students. The principal, Ramgarhia Girls College, Dr Narinder Sandhu, congratulated the ten campers for their wholehearted participation. The director of the Department of Youth Welfare, Dr Nirmal Jaura, appreciated the gusto of the campers.

Academic session of Kalma Lohtia college begins

Kamla Lohtia Sanatan Dharam College, Ludhiana, began the new academic session 2014-2015 with the sacred ritual of Sanatan Dharm-‘havan’ on Wednesday. Hymns and mantras were chanted on the occasion which conveyed the message of spirituality and peace of mind. On this auspicious occasion, principal Dr Shiv Mohan Sharma welcomed the new students, blessed them and guided them to follow the principles of diligence and punctuality to achieve success. He also highlighted the achievements of the college in various academic and co-curricular fields.

Annual assembly at GCG

The annual assembly of the Government College for Girls (GCG), Ludhiana, was held on Wednesday in the college auditorium. The occasion was graced by principal Gurminder Kaur. She briefed the newcomers about the disciplinary rules of the college. She said mobile phones are not allowed on the college campus and further emphasised on the implementation of regulations and added that any breaking of rules will lead to strict punishment. Prof Krishan Singh, senior staff member, gave apprised the gathering of the issuing of identity cards, without which the students will not be allowed to enter the college premises. Prof Varinderjit Kaur, another senior staff member, took the stage to tell the students about the recent changes in the university examination pattern for the BA/BSc first year students.

Induction programme concludes at GGNIMT

A speaker makes a presentation during an induction programme at the GGN Institute of Management and Technology in Ludhiana
A speaker makes a presentation during an induction programme at the GGN Institute of Management and Technology in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

The GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT), Civil Lines, concluded its 15-day long induction programme on Wednesday. The programme wrapped up with a presentation competition. Principal Dr PS Khattra welcomed the students on the final day and delivered the inaugural address. This was followed by the powerpoint presentations, wherein students exhibited their communication skills and sound technical nuances. The topics of deliberation included the status of women, communication tools, India vs. China and pollution and environment. Prof Parvinder Singh, head of the Department of Business Management, motivated students to never give up. Prof Satinderjit, head of Computer Applications Department congratulated students for overcoming their stage fright. Shanti Mani, head of the Hotel Management Department congratulated students for their brilliant performances. — TNS



Industrialists meet DC

A delegation of the Federation of Industrial and Commercial Organisation has met Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal over the newly created industrial category for the industry. The delegation thanked the Deputy Commissioner for accepting the prolonged demand of the industry for separate subsidised industrial collector rates as this would give relaxation to the industry. It also discussed the issue of Change of Land Use (CLU) faced by the industry. The DC assured that the CLU issue would be discussed with the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.


As many as 35 persons from the state, who have successfully completed their training as part of the second phase of the virtual online Hausla Buland Academy (HBA), were felicitated at Grewal Hotels Private Limited, Feroze Gandhi Market, Ludhiana, on Wednesday. The HBA is a virtual online academy that provides working professionals a platform to excel in their respective fields. It offers interactive offline training that included group discussions, soft skills training and practice, HR talk on what companies look for, training and practice of mock interviews.

Post-hip and knee replacement surgery, a patient plays football with joint and hip replacement surgeon of Fortis Hospital Sanjeev Mahajan (in white shirt) in Ludhiana
Post-hip and knee replacement surgery, a patient plays football with joint and hip replacement surgeon of Fortis Hospital Sanjeev Mahajan (in white shirt) in Ludhiana. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Pain turns into joy

Joy and gaiety replaced the pain of the patients who played football and ran on a treadmill after having undergone hip and knee replacement surgeries at Fortis Hospital. “Latest advances in hip and knee replacement surgeries have made the life after surgery so good that the patients have forgotten trauma they underwent before the surgery. The patients playing football and running on treadmill are examples of quality of life possible after knee or hip replacement,” said joint and hip replacement surgeon, director, orthopaedics, joint replacement and arthroscopy, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, Sanjeev Mahajan, while addressing a press conference here on Wednesday. Dr Sanjeev said cruciate sparing surgery was the latest in medical advancements, which preserves the knee’s ligaments avoiding any kind of trauma and leading to early recovery. It preserves the posterior cruciate ligament, which is an important ligament in the functioning of knee. — TNS



model town incident
City police arrest both snatchers
Say they made the failed bid to buy their daily dose of drugs
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
The two motorcycle-borne youngsters who tried to snatch a Chandigarh-based journalist’s purse in the Model Town Extension area on July 4 have been arrested. Police Commissioner Parmod Ban said the suspects confessed to the crime.

Emphasising the importance of ensuring women’s safety, Ban said the snatchers would be dealt with severely.

The accused have been identified as Avtar Singh, alias Vicky and Sharabi, and Amanpreet Singh, alias Goggi, both residents of Shimlapuri.

Avtar Singh was reportedly arrested at a police naka in the Model Gram Extension area last evening. The police seized 150 grams of a habit-forming drug from his possession. During interrogation, Avtar Singh confessed that he along with Amanpreet had made the failed snatching bid.

Following this, Amanpreet Singh was nabbed from his house in Shimlapuri this morning, said ASI Balwinder Singh.

The suspects were today presented before a local court, which sent Avtar Singh to police remand and awarded judicial remand to Amanpreet.

In the police custody, the duo reportedly apologised for their act and confessed that they had committed the crime to buy drugs.

“We saw the woman walking on the road at Model Town Extension and decided to snatch her purse so that we could buy our daily dose of heroin. The woman, however, did not let go of her purse and pulled us down from the bike. When she nabbed Amanpreet, we thought it was all over. Somehow, passers-by did not come forward to overpower us and we got the opportunity to escape,” said Avtar Singh, while narrating the incident in the police custody.

Goggi arrested once before

A heroin addict, Goggi said after making the snatching bid on July 4, he was admitted to the de-addiction centre at the Civil Hospital on July 7, from where he was discharged on July 13.

Goggi’s brother Jassi, who is also a notorious snatcher and drug addict, was recently nabbed red-handed by the police after he snatched a woman’s mobile phone near Gur Teg Bahadur Hospital.

Goggi said he has been committing the crime for the past three years and was caught once and sent to jail. He said Jassi commited snatchings on a routine basis.

Goggi said in February this year, his mother, Jagjit Kaur, managed to “entangle” Sub-Inspector Darbara Singh of the CIA, who had arrested Jassi, and Surinder Pal, owner of Pandit Da Dhabha located near the CIA office, in a false corruption case.

On being asked about cuts on his wrist, Goggi said, “I have slit my writ several times when my father did not give me money to buy drugs. What is the point of his earning money, when he cannot spare some for me?”

The police have recovered two motorcycles bought by Goggi and Jassi with the money obtained by committing snatchings.

Avtar got out of jail in April

After being arrested in a snatching case, Avtar Singh got out of jail in April this year. Only brother of three sisters, he has been committing the crime for the past two years. A chronic smack addict, he had started taking heroin recently.

“Earlier I used to snatch purses along with a friend who got arrested recently. So, I made Goggi my partner,” said Avtar.



Kidnapped boy rescued
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Twelve-year-old Mayank Jain who was allegedly kidnapped by his father was today rescued by the police. Confirming the development, ADCP-III Satvir Atwal said the boy had been rescued by the police and was safe.

The incident took place on the morning of July 9 when Mayank Jain, son of Mona Jain, was waiting for the school bus outside his house.

Mona Jain’s brother Karan Aggarwal said as the bus was late, Mayank went to a shop to buy stationery items.

“While he was returning, a person alighted from a Swift car around 6.45 am, dragged him inside the vehicle and fled from the scene,” said Aggarwal.

Later, it was discovered that the boy was kidnapped by his father, Sunil Jain, a Malerkotla-based businessman, and his accomplices.

Sources said Mona Jain and Sunil Jain had a matrimonial dispute and were living separately.

School bus hits car

Nearly 20 students had a miraculous escape after their school bus rammed into a car near Samrala Chowk. No injury was reported after the accident.

The incident took place this afternoon when Vicky Rana, a cloth manufacturer, was heading towards Samrala Chowk. Suddenly, a school bus came hit his car from the rear, said Rana, whose car was badly damaged.

Thieves strike at house

Thieves allegedly stole gold and cash worth lakhs of rupees from a house in Dyal Nagar near Ghumar Mandi. House owner, Avishek Luthra, said he left the house in the morning along with his mother.

When he returned in the afternoon, he saw it has been ransacked.

The thieves took away Rs 4 lakh, gold jewellery and some electronics items, he said. Investigating officer Balkar Singh said that CCTV camera footage had been provided to the CIA staff for further investigation. 

Foetus recovered

A foetus was recovered from a vacant plot in Salem Tabri near Buddha Nullah on Wednesday. The foetus was spotted by a commuter, who further informed the police. The police, after recovering the foetus, registered a case and started investigations.



Group clash leaves three persons hurt
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
An uneasy calm prevailed at the Dairy Complex near Hambran Road following the last night’s incident where two groups clashed over the suspicion that a cow-laden truck was being taken to a slaughter house.

The clash had left three persons injured, two of them critical. They are undergoing treatment at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital.

The police have not recorded the injured persons’ statements yet, and no further case has been registered.

Today a police team led by ADCP-III Satvir Atwal carried out a flag march in the Hambran Road and surrounding areas to instil confidence among residents.

“Lawlessness will not be tolerated and stern action will be taken against anyone involved in antisocial activities. We have also registered a case against unidentified persons who have vandalised Dr Gurvinder Singh’s hospital during the clash. They will be nabbed soon,” said Atwal.

The clash took place aftermembers of a social organisation stopped three trucks, suspecting that cows were being ferried on it for slaughter.

Vivek, a member of Gau Raksha Samiti, said last night he came to know that a cow-laden truck was being ferried to Uttar Pradesh for slaughter.

He said he went to the Dairy Complex area where he was surrounded by 50 armed men. Soon, his supporters, too, reportedly reached the spot and an ugly clash ensued.



Spy camera in changing room
ASI booked for negligence
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 16
Charanjit Singh, an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) posted at the Division No. 8 police station, was today booked for letting the owner of the garment shop, where a hidden camera was recovered from the changing room, escape from the police custody.

The Station House Officer said that ASI Charanjit was booked for negligence, following the orders of senior police officials.

Sources said the action followed after it was learnt that the ASI allegedly told the City Style Cloth Shop owner, Rohit Sahni, to flee after a case was registered against him under Section 354-C of the IPC.

Shoddy investigation

The callous attitude of the police can be gauged from the fact that neither the computers installed in the shop were seized nor mobile phones of salesmen working at the shop confiscated after the incident.

The police also failed to confiscate Rohit’s mobile phone while he was in their custody yesterday.

The matter of botched-up investigation led to a protest at Sarabha Nagar Market today.

The complainant and a social organisation that came out in her support condemned the police for helping the shop owner escape from the police custody.

“Complainant Kiran Makkar should be honoured for her courage. She raised her voice and brought to light the wrongdoing taking place at the garment shop. I have learnt that the shop owner was rounded up and taken to the police station, but when the case was registered he was asked to escape,” said Congress leader Ishwarjot Cheema.

Spy camera has 4GB storage space

The spy camera recovered from the changing room (in pic) has a storage space of 4 GB. It is not yet known for how long the camera had remained in the changing room and how many people fell victim to the crime. The police remained reluctant to share the details, saying the matter was still under investigation.



RSP leader accused of cheating

Khanna, July 16
Some residents of Khanna, mostly women, today submitted a complaint to the SSP, Khanna, against a leader of the RSP and others for duping them of thousands of rupees on the name of providing the former residential plots on cheap rates.

The complainants said some persons approached them and said they were from a political party and could provide them residential plots on cheap rates under government schemes as they were well aware of government policies launched for the welfare of the poor. They alleged that they collected Rs 250/per head from them in this regard.

But after a few days, the complainants approached them. When they demanded to return their money, they threatened them of dire consequences. When the accused was contacted in this regard he said it was a political vendetta against him and he had nothing to do with the issue. SSP, Khanna, confirmed to have received a complaint from the residents in this regard.He said he had marked a probe in the matter and directed SP(D), Khanna, to investigate it. — OC



Man arrested with stolen motorcycle

Machhiwara, July 16
The Machhiwara police claimed to have arrested a person and recovered a stolen motorcycle from him. As per information, a police party had laid a naka near the local Dasehra ground.

When the police signalled a motorcyclist to stop, he tried to flee but was overpowered.

During investigation, he said the motorcycle which he was riding was a stolen one and it was stolen from the bank of Sirhind canal about five days ago.

The accused was identified as Gurmukh Singh, a resident of Jassaran village. The SHO, Machhiwara, Jarnail Singh, said the arrested person was produced in a court from where he was sent to a 14-day judicial remand to a Ludhiana jail. — OC



Illegal wine godown raided
Our Correspondent

Khanna July 16
The Khanna police today raided an illegal godown of a wine contractor of the Bija area and sealed it with the help of excise officials. The SSP, Khanna, Harsh Kumar Bansal, said a police party of the CIA, Khanna, led by in charge Baljinder Singh, raided a wine godown at Bija after getting a tip-off.

During the search, the police team found 300 bags of a desi wine, ‘Hameera Ras Bhari Desi’, stored in the godown without proper legal license.

After the raid, the excise officials of Ludhiana were informed and later, a team of excise officials, including Ranjit Singh and Harminder Singh, reached the site. After sealing the godown, the excise officials and the police team sent a report to the Excise and Taxation Commissioner, Ludhiana, for further action, the CIA in charge said.



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