A story of unflinching determination
Reviewed by Seerat Toor Grewal
Unbreakable: An Autobiography
by M.C. Mary Kom.
Harper Collins.
Pages: 155. Rs 199
nbreakable: An Autobiography is more than a book. It's an inspiration for all those who want to dream big despite the odds they face in their daily lives. Also, it is a must read for women who could not challenge the status quo imposed by their families or society at large, to pursue their higher goals.

Kindle Bestsellers

When people have a say
Reviewed by M M Goel
Building a Citizens' Partnership in Democratic Governance
by George Koreth & Kiron Wadhera.
Pages 327. Rs 595
ood governance is indispensable for a democratic set-up of government. Although there is no single model of effective governance common to all regions, transparency and accountability are the two pillars of any pro-people government. These focus on providing time-bound services to citizens, make them integral part of decision making and bring them closer to government.

Evaluating Indian values
Reviewed by S L Sharma
Indian Sociology Engagement with Values
by Kapila Khemundu. Kalpaz.
Pages 424 , Rs 1250.
hat is happening to human values these days? Are they decaying or advancing? Closer home, what is happening to Indian values? Are they caving in under the impact of modernisation and globalisation or are they still present and agile? Are they simply changing, or adapting to changing times, or getting altered? Questions like these keep bothering all of us from time to time. Some of us may be having our opinions about the current situation but nobody quite seems to know the definite answer.

Tackling terrorists, MI5 style
Close Call
by Stella Rimington.
Bloomsbury. Pages 344. Rs 499.
iz Carlyle is the head of Counter Terrorism unit in Britain's MI5. It is her duty to keep her country safe from terrorists, and she keeps a special eye on the international arms trade, the illegal one, where there are no end-user certificates.

Complicated relationships
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur
The Tiffin
by Mahtab Narsimhan.
Hot Key. Pages 169. Rs 299.
verworked and underpaid, beaten and bullied Kunal is unwanted and unloved. Unable to bear his hellish existence any longer he is at a breaking point. Ready to burn all bridges, he tries to run away from enforced slavery at the dhaba and its abusive heartless owner. But things don't go as per the plan, the situation worsens and the 12-year-old is about to be sold-off to become a beggar.

This Place
by Amitabha Bagchi.
Fourth Estate. Pages 253. Rs 499.
emolition and reconstruction is on the cards for a rundown unsavoury part of Baltimore. Life as they know is about to change irrevocably for the close knit multi-racial community on 26th Street. Not everyone is as overjoyed as landlord Shabbir Ahmad who is busy calculating ways to get maximum compensation from the city.

Bambi, Chops and Wag
by Ranjit Lal.
Roli. Pages 181. Rs 195.
ighly exhausting, extremely aggravating and often embarrassing but always endearing antics of threepet dogs are cherished memories relived in this book. With woofs, wags and licks, each one of the three little puppies commanded a special place in the hearts and lives of the author's family. Each one with their own foibles, failings and idiosyncrasies enrich the lives of three generations.