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Sewer project proves bane of residents
No progress has been made since it was inaugurated twice by leaders
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service
Sewers lie at the project site in Ludhiana. (left) and and Sand and gravel lie near the project site at Sarabha Nagar. Photo: Inderjeet Verma
Sewers lie at the project site in Ludhiana. (left) and and Sand and gravel lie near the project site at Sarabha Nagar. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, October 8
When the work of laying sewers was to be started, leaders from different parties tried to take credit by holding inaugurating ceremonies at their own levels. However, the project has not moved a step further since these inaugurations were held.

The work was formally inaugurated by Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria and BJP leader Rajinder Bhandari when workers of the contractor dug up trenches to lay sewers. Since then, no progress has been made in the project.

The same leaders, including Gohalwaria, Bhandari, area councillor Balkar Singh and Congress MLA Bharat Bhushan Ashu (the councillor and Ashu had inaugurated the same work two days before also), who were present at the inauguration ceremony, seem lest bothered about the plight of the local residents, who have been inconvenienced due the trenches and mud scattered all around.

The president of the Sathi Teja Singh Sutantar Mohalla Sudhar Committee, Panj Peer Road, Randhir Singh, said the leaders of the Congress, the BJP and the SAD had attended the inauguration ceremony. Ever since the second inauguration was held in the first week of September, the work has not progressed at all. “About 300-foot road was dug up to lay sewers. It has been more than 40 days since the work was stopped. The residents have to bear with the miserable condition of the road,” said Randhir Singh.

Another resident said the trenches are all filled with rainwater in the rainy season. “Two-wheelers skid on the muddy road. We have approached the area councillor to get the work resumed. But he said since the MC has failed to make payments to the contractor, work could not be resumed. If this was the situation, they should not have inaugurated the project. The project aimed at replacing smaller sewers with big ones,” said the resident.

Councillor Balkar Singh could not be contacted despite several attempts.


Swachh Bharat spirit vanishes in industrial city
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
As part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the government machinery, NGOs and educational institutions had been too enthusiastic to clean the city for about 10 days. But now the enthusiasm seems to have faded. Filth and heaps of garbage are witnessed almost everywhere in the city.

“It seems politicos, officials and others were just interested in getting their pictures clicked for newspaper reports. The spirit seems to have vanished within 10 days as filth and heaps of garbage are still to be witnessed on roads, streets etc,” said a senior citizen, Sukhjinder Singh.

The residents, who live near Gunda Nullah, just refused to believe in such “abhiyans”. They said for them, there was no Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Inder Kumar, a resident of Islam Ganj, while showing the heaps of garbage and filth along the nullah, said: “Do you expect a Swachh Bharat here? We do not. Many governments came and they made many promises, still we live in this hell. We are under the constant threat of deadly diseases. Mosquitoes, flies and foul smell have made the residents’ lives miserable. We cannot escape foul smell emanating from the nullah even inside our homes,” said the resident.

Except a few posh areas, heaps of garbage are witnessed on every road and street. A resident of the Rani Jhansi Road area said “rehriwalas” or those running eatable stalls at Chaupati in Ghumar Mandi dump all their waste in vacant land. Foul smell emanates from the waste. “Who will make a Swachh Bharat here?” asked Suman a home maker.

Focal points, industrial areas no different

The focal points and industrial areas, too, present a picture of neglect with garbage and construction material scattered here and there. “No one is accountable here. We dare not say anything to safai karamcharis. If our sewer is blocked, it will remain so for days unless we pay from our pockets or engage some private person to clean it.

“The MC needs to make their officials accountable. Though residents have also started realising that they should not litter the roads, there is a need for strictness and intensified vigil,” said Resham Singh, who owns a shawl factory in Industrial Area. He added things were no different near vehras in Dhandari, Daba Road and Giaspura which really need such campaigns.

“Garbage remains scattered on roads for two or three days. I sincerely wish our country became a real Swachh Bharat,” said Rajesh Kumar, a tailor.



Truck runs over 3, two dead
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
A truck ran over three persons at the Aarti chowk on the Ludhiana- Ferozpur road late evening here today. Two pedestrians died on the spot while a rickshaw-puller suffered critical injuries.

According to information, the deceased were waiting for a bus. The truck was going towards the Ferozpur side. The driver lost control over the vehicle and hit the pedestrians, who were on the footpath, and the rickshaw-puller.

The injured was admitted to the Civil Hospital. His condition is critical.

One of the deceased has been identified as Pardeep Kumar of Jagraon. He was a security guard at a local mall. The rickshaw-puller has been identified as Jiva Lal.

Meanwhile, the passers-by thrashed the truck driver. The police rescued him from the angry mob. The police impounded the truck and arrested the driver.

A large number of pedestrians, who were on the footpath, had a narrow escape.

According to eyewitnesses, a wooden slab kept by the driver for comfort jammed the accelerator and the break, leading to the accident. 



Cops smell foul play in worker’s suicide 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
A 25-year-old worker allegedly committed suicide under mysterious circumstances at Fathegarh Mohalla in the Salem Tabri area here today. The deceased has been identified as Govinda, who used to work at a hosiery unit on Jalandhar Bypass.

The police said the deceased was found hanging from fan in a room at his home. The hands of the deceased, which were not in the natural position, raised the police suspicion. Moreover, the parents didn’t want to get a post-mortem examination conducted on the body.

The police officials said the deceased used to reside at the house along with his parents, married brother, his wife and son. Today, he went to the factory but came back after a few hours. All the other family members were not at home. He allegedly hanged himself from the fan in a room. His nephew spotted him hanging in the afternoon and informed others.

Maninder Bedi, SHO, said the family did not report the matter to the police. After getting information from sources, the police reached the spot. However, the parents were reluctant to get a post-mortem examination conducted on the body. “We have sent the body to the Civil Hospital,” the SHO said.

The police have requested the board of doctors to conduct an autopsy on the body.

Cause of suspicion

The hands of the deceased, which were not in the natural position, raised the suspicion of the police.



Eat healthy this Diwali
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The fragrance of sweets has filled the air. Pretty boxes packed with “addoos” “burfis’ and other delicacies will soon start piling up at homes and you cannot help but partaking of the tempting sweets during Diwali, putting up weight.

Diwali, after all, is incomplete without sweets. But the after-effects of eating binge can be disastrous for some. Diwali means food, sweets and all sorts of rich food. It becomes very difficult for the health conscious to maintain their diet and keep a check on their calorie intake. Many fear gaining weight and do not eat sweets. However, if you adopt smart ways of cutting down on calories, you can definitely avoid putting up weight this Diwali.

Dieticians and doctors suggest the craving for sweets can be assuaged with healthier, low-calorie alternatives like fruit yoghurts, dry fruits and dark chocolate.

“Well, if you stay a little bit careful and eat consciously, you will be able to cut calories and avoid gaining weight this Diwali. Just keep in mind that it is a matter of calories that counts here. No matter whether you eat a plate of salad with some cereal or a small piece of sweet, if you get the calories you need, you should stop eating further,” says Pooja Dhingra, a dietician.

Clinical nutritionist Ishi Khanna says people tend to binge during Diwali as they see a lot of sweets around them, and that stirs up their sensory faculties.

“The smell and look of sweets weaken your resolve. So it’s best not to store them at home. You can choose healthier alternatives like dates, bitter chocolates or nuts,” she adds.

She said if one really wanted to eat sweets, the best option is to prepare it at home. Sweets available in the market are generally adulterated. 

Eat sensibly, stay fit

* Share sweets with everyone, so you don’t end up eating too much

* Try and serve healthy options like fresh and dry fruits to visitors

* Try and serve smaller portions of sweets

* Prepare snacks using fruits and dry fruits instead of fried foods and other sweets.

* Try foods that have a lot of water content as they are filling and are low on calories, fats and sugars, such as chestnuts, green chana, germinated seeds and `makhana`.

* Try and prepare healthy versions of your favourite sweets at home



Clean India eclipses anti-drug drive
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 8
The cleanliness drive launched under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan swept away movements launched in government schools earlier. Drug addiction, environmental degradation and social evils were among major issues which have been eclipsed by shadows of brooms and dusters.

Social activists, subject experts and office-bearers of social organisation, who had earlier rescheduled their programmes in response to requests by heads of schools to lead rallies and deliver lectures on various issues, remained waiting for final invitations.

It is learnt that the Education Department had decided to launch a coordinated movement to make the masses aware about causes and consequences of drug addiction and other social evils. The last week of September was earmarked for the purpose. Even office-bearers and activists of social, educational and religious organisations had started coming forward to associate themselves with the drive following a call made by the Director General of School Education, GK Singh.

Heads of all government, private and aided schools were directed to organise camps and seminars on the first four days of the last week of September. District education officers, circle education officers and block education officers were supposed to sensitise students and their parents to causes and consequences of drug addition. To ensure that routine study was not affected, heads were asked to utilise the time of morning assembly for the purpose wherein office-bearers of social organisations and prominent personalities could be invited to deliver motivational lectures.

Before the crusade declared against drug addition and other social evils could be launched formally on September 22, the department of education announced to launch ‘Sohna School’ movement which forced the officials on the front line to shift their priorities.

Acknowledging the development, heads of certain schools said they had to shrink the already-drafted plans on awareness against drug addition due to the significance of national-level Swacch Bharat Abiyan.

Pardeep Sethi, former president of the Rotary Club, said heads of some government schools, who had earlier invited them to participate in proposed rallies in the last week of September, had later sought their cooperation in holding the cleanliness drive at their schools.

How drive took a back seat

* The Education Department had decided to launch a coordinated movement to make people aware of causes and consequences of drug addiction and other social evils.

* The last week of September was earmarked for the purpose.

* Even office-bearers and activists of social, educational and religious organisations had started coming forward to associate themselves with the drive following a call made by the Director General of School Education, GK Singh.

* Heads of all government, private and aided schools were directed to organise camps and seminars on the first four days of the last week of September.

* However, before the crusade could be launched formally on September 22, the Education Department announced to launch ‘Sohna School’ movement.

* This was followed by Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.



Officials leaving centres without permission to face action
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Oct 8
Any officials deployed for procurement of paddy during the ensuing procurement season and leaving the centre without valid permission will have to face the music.

Deputy Commissioner, Sangrur, Gurlovleen Singh Sidhu warned the rank and file of various procurement agencies that strict action would be taken if any official is found compromising with his duty to procure and lift produce brought by farmers in 205 market committees and procurement centers of the district.

Elaborating on the plan drafted for uninterrupted procurement in the region, Sidhu said as many as 33 sector officers had been deputed to ensure prompt procurement of paddy and lifting during the ensuing season.

Sector officers have been advised to seek guidance of their respective Sub-Divisional Magistrate in case of any problem.

All officials have been told to keep their mobile on and be accessible to farmers, commission agents and their colleagues.



Border area residents to get potable water
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh/Sangrur, October 8
The state government has announced to ensure supply of safe and pure drinking water to hundred per cent population of the border state. As per the new rural water supply plan, every individual will get a minimum supply of 70 litres of water.

Finance Minister, Punjab, Parminder Singh Dhindsa said the state government had drafted a plan to ensure supply of safe drinking water to all residents of rural habitations of the state.

The Punjab State Rural Water Supply Policy-2014, approved by the government, envisages covering of all rural habitation for 24-hour supply of pure and safe drinking water according to which the basic requirement of 70 litres of water for each individual will also be fulfilled.

The finance minister said ROs would be installed at all localities. According to the draft plan 34 villages in Sangrur district had already been chosen for the installation of water purifiers. These villages would be getting safe drinking water by November.

Elaborating on the scheduled plan, Dhindsa said Rs 200 crore had been earmarked for the purpose in the ensuing financial year and another amount of Rs 100 crore would be spent under the National Rural Water supply Mission.

The minister said Rs 27 crore had already been reserved for the mission under the Nirmal Bharat Mission programme.

Claiming that 98 per cent of the rural population had already been covered under safe drinking water schemes, Dhindsa said the process for installation of 561 RO systems had already been initiated.



Politics is about babbling the loudest 
Notice issued to former DCC chief Pawan Dewan for making 'irresponsible public utterances'
Minna Zutshi
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) has issued a show-cause notice to former chief of the District Congress Committee (DCC), Ludhiana (Urban), Pawan Dewan for making “irresponsible public utterances” against PPCC Chief Partap Singh Bajwa and All-India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary Harish Chaudhary. Earlier in the day today, Dewan accused Bajwa of playing divisive politics that had led to his (Dewan’s) “unceremonious exit” from the DCC leadership.

Dewan, who was replaced recently, claimed that he had been targeted as he was Capt Amarinder Singh’s loyalist. “I was not informed by the PPCC about the decision to replace me. No prior notice was issued to me. It was through a message on Whatsapp that I learnt that I had been removed from the party post,” he said.

Refuting the charges of indiscipline levelled against him as “baseless” and “motivated”, Dewan alleged that Bajwa himself was guilty of indiscipline. “Bajwa has been inciting the party workers against Captain Amarinder Singh, the Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha.”

The former DCC chief claimed that during the Lok Sabha elections, Bajwa had asked him to refrain from campaigning for Congress leader Preneet Kaur in Patiala and had told him to campaign for the party at Talwandi Sabo. “I told him (Bajwa) that keeping in view my political experience (as DCC Urban Chief), it would be better for me to campaign for the party in urban areas.”

Dewan claimed that Bajwa was offended when he refused to be a party to the “anti-Captain activities being carried out by Bajwa”.

The former DCC chief alleged that Bajwa had asked him to collect funds from the industry in Ludhiana, which he (Dewan) had refused, thereby earning the PPCC Chief’s ire.

Claiming that Bajwa had been unsuccessful in steering the Congress party in Punjab, Dewan said the former had failed to win from the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency and had even been trounced from his own constituency, the Assembly segment of Qadian.

The former DCC chief said he would meet the Congress President, Sonia Gandhi, to apprise her of the party position in Punjab. Urging for the removal of Bajwa as the party president in the state, Dewan said: “Unless steps are taken to resolve the leadership issue in Punjab, the party will suffer.” Meanwhile, Chairman of the Disciplinary Action Committee, Gopal Krishan Chatrath, who issued a show-cause notice to Dewan, said Dewan had been given seven days to reply to the notice. 



Sukhbir Badal’s statement a joke: AAP
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders today termed Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal’s statement that law and order is the “first priority” of the Punjab Government as “an absurd joke”.

“The law and order situation in Punjab is obvious to everyone. The police is a slave in the hands of the Akali leaders. There is not even an iota of security for the public,” said AAP leader HS Phoolka.

AAP state convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur said the security cover to political leaders was a sheer wastage of the public money.

“The security cover provided to the Akali leaders must be immediately withdrawn and police officials should be deputed to provide protection to the common man,” said Chhotepur.

He urged Badal to immediately dissolve the posts of all “Halqa in charges”. “The in charges consider themselves as super police officials and treat police personnel as their slaves,” he added.



Paddy arrival picks up at Jagraon grain market
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, October 8
The arrival of paddy has picked up at the Jagraon grain market, which is Asia’s second largest market after Khanna.

The procurement started three days ago. The arrival was hit due to delay in harvesting.

Secretary of the Market Committee Jaswinder Singh said: “The procurement has picked up after the government increased the minimum amount of moisture in the crop. Government agencies as well as private rice millers have started purchasing paddy.”

“Around 1,875 tonnes have arrived at the Jagraon grain market and 1,805 tonnes have already been procured by various government agencies and rice millers,” said Jaswinder Singh.

Farmers have welcomed the government’s decision of increasing minimum amount of moisture in the crop, adding that it would lead to the early procurement of the crop. “The crop has not ripened due to torrential rains towards the end of the rainy season,” said Jeet Singh, a farmer.

Some farmers lamented that private rice millers were not offering them the minimum selling price. They have urged the government agencies to procure maximum crop.

Jagraon MLA SR Kaler and SDM Apneet Rayat instructed officials of the procurement agencies to purchase the crop without any delay. 



Letters written with love, emotion 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
As World Post Day falls on October 9, the importance of the postal department is being debated. At one time, letters were the way to communicate over large distances, but now its value remains mostly for official correspondence such as transfer of documents.

But for many residents, the charm of writing letters as an expression of feelings and emotions in writing remains unmatched.

“To my mind, reading a letter sent by someone in their own handwriting, was something to cherish for. People used to cherish these letters for years. Letters were often being the only way or one of the few ways to communicate with others over large distances,” said Girish Taneja, a resident. “To a large part of the population, particularly rural areas, these are still very relevant and important,”he said.

Manjit (43) said he used to write letters to his relatives and friends as a teenager and still got nostalgic about writing and reading letters, the expectancy about receiving letters, about pen friends. “The digital media has made communication easy. But every letter sent in the earlier days was written with hope, expectation and effort. It used to be endearing to read much-awaited or a surprise letter,” he said. “I still write letters occasionally to friends and they are pleasantly surprised to receive them. These are more touching,” he said.

The theme of the World Post Day this year is writing a letter about how music can touch lives. Kapil Sharma, a faculty member at Ishmeet Music Institute, said it was great to learn that the theme for the day was music. “Music can change life entirely. It is a source of inspiration and brings peace and harmony. It can mean entertainment to some, for others it can be a means of spiritual attainment. It fills the soul with joy and happiness,” he said.



Woman comes in contact with electricity wires
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
A woman suffered burn injuries after coming in contact with electricity wires on Jalandhar Bypass. The woman, a ragpicker, was collecting polybags. 

She kept her bag near a transformer and while picking it up she came in contact with the wires. Passersby came to her rescue and informed the police. She was rushed to hospital.



Online discounts on computers give retailers the jitters 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The online sales have played a havoc with the retail business. Protesting the discounts offered by the online sites, the Association of Computer Entrepreneurs (ACE), Ludhiana, and the Punjab Association of Computer Traders (PACT) have decided to stop all types of commercial transactions with the national distributors till the time steps are taken to rein in the cut-throat online sale.

Gurpreet Singh, president of the ACE and the PACT, said they were feeling insecure by the online sale, which offers heavy discounts. “If it continues, their shops will soon close down,” he said.

The online sites have announced huge discounts, which are affecting the traditional distribution and retail business channel, added Gurpreet Singh.

“This is the time of the year when we post maximum sales. But since the online sites have started offering discounts up to 40 or 60 per cent, consumers prefer to buy products like laptops, tablets and phones online. We have put to the notice of the authorities concerned that if this practice did not stop, they will have to shut their shops,” added Gurpreet Singh.

“Let us survive and do business and earn some profit during the festival season,” appealed the retailers.



Buyer-seller meet from Oct 10
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The Offset Printers’ Association (OPA) is organising a buyer-seller meet in the city from October 10 to 13 under the brand name ‘InterPrint Expo – 2014’. It is going to be an exhibition-cum-buyer-seller meet. The exhibition of printing machines and material is going to be unique in many ways. It will work as a platform to buyers and sellers at a common point, nearest to their place of work. The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Government of India.

The event is being organised taking in consideration the constant demand of printers of the over 34 cities of this region. The main aim of the exhibition is to provide knowledge about technical innovations and advancements in this field and to peruse the printers of the region to equip with the latest technology to cope with the international quality and production. It will be a convenient platform for the printers of the region because they can learn the latest advancement in the trade in their own language near to their place of work.

Taking in consideration the potential of the region, Ludhiana is selected as the venue for the meet. Ludhiana is a fast developing industrial town. It is centrally located and is well connected to the entire region even to remote areas of Himachal, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir.



Patient needs help 

Ludhiana, October 8
Sunita, a 37-year-old patient and a resident of Bhattian village, needs financial help. She is a case of old treated pulmonary tuberculosis and collapse of left lung and requires surgery – pneumonectomy. 

The cost for surgery and hospital stay will be Rs 2,00,000. She has five siblings and her husband is the only breadwinner in the family. Donations may be (cheque or DD) sent in the name of CMC Ludhiana Society, with ‘For Pt. Sunita’ written at the backside, to the Department of Cardio Vascular Surgery, 1st floor, ward No 14, room 2201, CMCH (Contact No. 0161-2660022). — TNS



Students to be made aware of job-oriented courses

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 8
The administration has launched a comprehensive programme to educate students about job-oriented courses being undertaken from time to time by vocational education departments.

Officials of various departments, professional colleges and industrial training institutes have been asked to be prepared for the mass counselling of students from October 26 to November 25.

Sangrur DC Gurlovleen Sidhu informed that the ADC (Development)-cum-Additional Director, Employment Generation Taining, Sukhdev Singh, had drafted a comprehensive mass counselling programme for students of senior secondary schools and colleges of the region.

Besides, officials and experts of government departments, owners and managers of training and placement cells of industrial groups and educational institutes have been asked to prepare orientation courses for counselling of students and unemployed youths. — OC



Butahri school students decry copying in exams
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 8
To make residents aware of the harmful effects of social evils, including illiteracy, copying, environmental degradation and drug addiction, students of Government Senior Secondary School, Butahri, led by their principal and teachers, organised a rally in and around the village.

Carrying banners, students raised slogans denouncing social evils. Students had prepared charts highlighting various aspects of environmental education and preservation.

Principal Harjit Singh Khatra and convener Dharminder Singh Shahid supervised the rally, which was held in compliance with the directions of the State Education Department. They urged residents to associate themselves with the crusade against evils destabilising the society. Parents should ensure their wards do not use unfair means during exams.

Teja Singh, Harjit Kaur and Navdeep Verma also addressed the rally.



Over 400 students exhibit talent in various events
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, October 8
Over 400 students from various education colleges of Panjab University (PU) showcased their talent during the second day of the 56th Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival at the Bhutta College of Education in Bhutta village near here today.

Dr Naval Kishor, Dean, College Development Council, PU, convened the function while former minister Jagdish Singh Garcha, Principal Sonu Grewal and Dr Ravel Singh, convener, Indian Academy of Theatre, chaired various sessions on the second day.

Items presented by students during drama, histrionics and other creative arts events highlighted causes and consequences of social evils, including illiteracy, drug addiction, gender bias and dowry system.


Group song (Indian): Malwa Central College of Education for Women 1; Sant Darbara Singh College of Education, Lopon 2; GHG Harparkash College of Education Sidhwan 3.

Shabad/Bhajan recitation: Sant Darbara Singh College of Education, Lopon 1; GHG Harparkash College of Education, Sidhwan 2; Malwa Central College of Education for Women 3.

Group dance: GHG Harparkash College of Education, Sidhwan 1; GGS Khalsa College, Kamalpura.

Classical dance (Solo): GHG Harparkash College of Education, Sidhwan 1; Partap College of Education, Ludhiana 2.

Poem recitation: Varinder Kaur of Sant Darbara Singh College of Education, Lopon 1; Manpreet Kaur of GHG Khalsa College of Education, Sudhar 2; Satyam College, Moga, 3.

Quiz contest: Partap College of Education, Ludhiana 1; GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sudhar 2; Sant Darbara Singh College of Education, Lopon 3.

Short story: Baljinder Kaur of GHG Harprakash College of Education for Women, Sidhwan Khurd 1; Amandeep Kaur of Sadhbhavna College of Education, Ludhiana 2; Anchal Sharma of Sadbhavna College of Education, Ludhiana 3.

Poem: Varinder Kaur of SDS College of Education, Lopon 1; Manpreet Kaur of GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sadhar 2; Gurjeet Kaur of Satyam College of Education, Moga 3.

Essay writing: Abhilasha of Satyam College of Education, Moga 1; Navjot Kaur of Moga College of Education, Moga 2; Neelam Kumari of Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Ludhiana 3.

Drama: Satyam College of Education, Moga (Mitti te Mayaa) 1; SDS College of Education, Lopon (Kathputlee) 2; SK College of Education, Moga (Kanak di Boli) 3.

Histrionics: Satyam College of Education, Moga 1; GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sadhar 2; Malwa Central College of Education for Women, Ludhiana 3.



Cultural fest off to a colourful start at PCTE
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 8
A week-long cultural and literary festival got off to a colourful start at the Punjab College of Technical Education (PCTE) with events like solo song, group dance, fashion show, street plays, quiz and 'not-to-miss' Western group dance.

The festival includes cultural and literary events of Turf, an inter-school competition, Koshish, an intra-PCTE Group of Institutes competition, and Ehsaas, an inter-college competition. Dembo M Badjie, Ambassador of Republic of Gambia in India, along with Sankung Fofana, welfare officer, Embassy of Gambia, inaugurated the fest.

In all, 30 teams from various schools of Ludhiana district participated in the Turf competition today.

In the group dance event, BCM Arya Model Senior Secondary School won the first position while Anand Isher Senior Secondary School secured second spot and SN Public School third.

In the dumb charades competition, the top two positions were bagged by BCM Arya Model School while KVM Senior Secondary School settled for third place.

SN Public School won the solo song contest, followed by Saraswati Modern School and KVM Senior Secondary School.

The overall trophy of Turf was won by BCM Arya Model School. Cash prizes of Rs 42,000 were given to the winners of various events in this competition.

Dr KNS Kang, Director-General, PCTE Group of Institutes, said the students showed best of their talent. He also congratulated all the participants from various schools and emphasised that festivals like this help in nurturing young talent and providing students a platform to demonstrate their skills.



From schools

Valmiki Jayanti celebrated

Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti and the birth anniversary of Guru Ram Das were celebrated with zeal and religious fervour at SDP Senior Secondary School, Basti Jodhewal. Students spoke about the lives of the sages and recited bhajans, shabads and aarti.

Competitions held

Various competitions were organised at Ram Lal Bhasin Public School, Urban Estate, Dugri, to mark the festival season. Students put their imagination and skills to work in the inter-house Rangoli-making competition, diya decoration (classes VI–VIII), candle decoration (classes IX–XI) and greeting card-making competition (classes I–V). Principal Suman Arora appreciated the creativity of the students. The president of the school management committee, Balraj Bhasin, encouraged the students. — OC



From colleges

Swacch Bharat initiative

Under the command of Colonel Ranjit Singh, cadets of the NCC unit of Gulzar Group of Institutes (GGI) and 19 Punjab Battalion NCC, Ludhiana, took up the task of cleaning the GGI campus. Executive director Gurkirat singh and campus director Dr Vijay Athavale also contributed their bit for a cleaner campus. NCC in-charge KJS Gill said the cleanliness drive would not only be limited to the institute only and that the cadets would visit villages too and clean streets and playgrounds to take the Swachh Bharat campaign to its logical conclusion.

NSS cadets hold cleanliness drive

At GPC, Alour, NSS cadets carried out a cleanliness drive in the village under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The volunteers resolved to carry out their patriotic duty to restore order by cleaning the surroundings. They also apprised the villagers of the significance of hygiene in healthy living. The drive was carried out by the principal, teachers and student volunteers. In all, 100 student volunteers participated in the campaign.

PTU youth festival

Guru Nanak Institute of Management and Technology (GNIMT), Gujarkhan Campus, Model Town, will host the Zone II of the Punjab Technical University Zonal Youth Festival from October 10 to 12. The teams from various colleges of Ludhiana, Moga, Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala districts shall be taking part in 43 events, including fine arts, singing, dancing, folk dances and mimes. Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, former PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr MS Kang, Dean, Academics, PTU, Dr Buta Singh, and additional commissioner of the Municipal Corporation Dr Neeru Katyal Gupta would be among the guests of honour. Dr SM Kant, adviser, Cultural Affairs, PTU, will inaugurate the zonal festival. — OC



Ludhiana scan

Three more dengue cases

Three more cases of dengue have been confirmed from Ludhiana district. A 20-year-old youth from Sarabha Nagar, a 42-year-old man from the Dhandra Road area and a 17-year-old boy from Chander Nagar, all under treatment at DMC Hospital, are confirmed cases of dengue. The number of patients diagnosed at Ludhiana hospitals for dengue has gone up to 39.

Awareness lecture

Students of Holy Heart Senior Secondary School were on Wednesday given an awareness lecture on dengue. Retired mass media officer Satish Sachdeva gave tips to the students on keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. He advised them to wear full sleeves shirts and pants.

World sight day celebrated

Rana Hospital celebrated world sight day with the theme of ‘No more avoidable blindness’. A free check- up camp for children was announced with the help of NGO Society For Sight from October 10 to November 14. General check-up of children would also be conducted in addition to eye check-up. Dr Tanya Mahal, chief paediatrician, stressed the need for a balanced diet in children as deficiency of many vitamins can lead to several eye problems. “Children and adoloscents make up for 2/3rd of the blind population worldwide and most of these cases avoidable,” Brijinder Singh Rana, chief eye surgeon of Rana Hospital said. During the camp, awareness for childhood diseases would be created and free spectacles will be given to poor children. Refractive errors, lazy eye and cataract are major problems in chidren which can be cured at an early stage and prevent blindness.

Play to be staged on Oct 12

The Ludhiana Sanskritk Samagam (LSS) is going to organise a play ‘Hum Do Hamare Wo’ at the Guru Nanak Bhawan on October 12. It is a comic play about an urban married couple that brings home the message that a wife is a unique person in the world. The play starring Smita Bansal and Anoop Soni is directed by Prasad Khandekar. The play is an attack on self-proclaimed ‘godmen’ and how even educated persons fall prey to them. It would be staged this Sunday, members of the LSS said on Wednesday during a press conference at Maharaja Regency. — TNS



2 snatch gold chain from woman
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
In yet another snatching incident in the city, motorcycle-borne youngsters snatched a gold chain from a woman at Phullanwal village near here today. The victim, Harjinderjeet Kaur, a resident of Pamal village, succeeded in noting down the registration number of the motorcycle.

The police have identified one of the snatchers as Sunny of Railway Colony.

According to Harjinderjeet Kaur, she, along with her mother, was going towards Lallto Kalan village at around 6:30 pm. The accused, who were carrying a sharp weapon, intimidated them. They snatched the gold chain from her neck and fled the spot.

The police have launched a manhunt to arrest the accused.

Meanwhile, the Moti Nagar police station arrested two snatchers and recovered four mobile phones from their possession, which they had recently snatched residents across the city. The accused have been identified as Mohit Kumar of Mohindra Colony and Vikas Nagar of Sant Nagar Haibowal. Investigating officer Dilbag Singh said the police searched the accused at a check point near Gol Market, Jamalpur, and recovered the stolen snatched mobiles.

During preliminary investigation, the snatchers confessed that they had snatched the mobiles from commuters at different locations in the city.

There has been a spurt in the snatching incidents in the past few weeks.



320 kg of desi ghee seized from firm
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The Health Department today seized 320 kg of desi ghee from Lovely Enterprises located at Deep Nagar, Gill Chowk.

Lovely Enterprises is a wholesale dealer of desi ghee. Five drums and seven tins of desi ghee were seized by the department, a sample of which has been sent for testing.

The District Health Officer, Dr Abnash Kumar, said the company used to mix the desi ghee of two brands and package it in Verka tins. Many such Verka tins were also seized.

Besides, the company was also found indulging in repackaging of skimmed milk powder into smaller packets. A sample of the skimmed milk powder has also been taken by the department, added the DHO.

With Diwali round the corner, adulteration of sweets and other milk products is on the rise. The Health Department is carrying out raids in order to check adulteration. Samples of sweets are collected daily.

This incident has once again put a question mark over the quality of sweets and milk products sold in huge quantities during the festive season. People are vary of buying even branded products as even these can be adulterated.

Ghee can be adulterated easily. The common adulterants are vanaspati (hydrogenated fat, refined vegetable oils such as the groundnut, coconut and cotton seed oil).

“Repackaging of adulterated products in a branded packaging is an offence, as it not only breaches the trust of customers but also brings bad name to the brand. The offence is dealt with sternly,” said the Health Department officials.

Meanwhile, Food Safety Officer Ravinder Garg said the report of the “khoya” seized from Avtar Sweets, Barewal Road, had arrived. The sample of one lot has been cleared while that of the second lot has tested sub-standard.

“The cleared lot will be handed to the owner while the sub-standard “khoya”will be destroyed,” said Garg.



Snatchers’ gang busted, 3 held
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Oct 8
The Sangrur district police claimed to have busted a gang of miscreants which has been snatching jewellery after waylaying women and girls on deserted roads and highways and later selling the ornaments to jewellers.

While the miscreants were arrested when they were going to sell the snatched items to a jeweller in Nabha, however, the jeweller is yet to be nabbed.

The arrested accused have been identified as Ravi Sharma alias Kali, Jagsir Singh alias Sheera and Jashandeep Singh of Sunam in Sangrur district. The jewellers who have been purchasing ornaments from the accused at throwaway prices have been identified as Sandeep Kumar, Ranjit Kumar Bangali and Surinder Pal alias Happy of Sunam. They were yet to be arrested.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Sangrur, Mandeep Singh Sidhu, said the CIA police, under the supervision of in charge Gurmel Singh, had nabbed three motorcycle-borne youths who were carrying ornaments worth thousands and sharp-edged weapons.

Investigations revealed that the trio had been involved in incidents of snatchings at various places in the region and at least five cases had been registered against them at various police stations in the past.

Further investigations revealed that the accused used to sell snatched ornaments to three jewellers of Sunam town.

The police seized a number of jewellery items and the motorcycle used in the crime from the accused.



Seven booked for thrashing woman 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 8
The police have booked a doctor’s wife and six others for thrashing a woman. The accused, identified as Manju Rani, Bachu Singh (father of Manju Rani), Sudha Rani, Anil Kumar, Rubi and Rajit, hail from Uttar Pradesh.

The complainant, Dr Nami Chand Mathur, who runs a clinic at Gurbaksh Nagar, told the police that he tied the knot with Manju Rani in 1993. Following marital dispute, they parted their ways in 2005.

Nami Chand said he had been staying with Neha since 2009. Neha works at his clinic.

Nami Chand complained that the relatives of her wife Manju Rani came at his clinic and started beating them up with sticks. They also pelted the clinic with stones. He alleged that Manju’s relatives threatened him. A case under Sections 452, 323, 506, 148 and 149 of the Indian Penal Code has been registered at Salem Tabri police station.

No arrest has been made so far. Five booked for unlawful possession of church land

The police have booked five persons for unlawful possession of a store room in a church at Fountain Chowk.

The accused, identified as Gaurav Gill, alias, Gauri, Prem, alias Happy Zarub, Neeru, Karastina, alias Ashu, and Zusib. Priest Pankaj Aand Malik told the police that the accused were constructing an illegal structure on the church premises. Sections 380, 447, 4448, 506,511, 511, 148 and 149 have been slapped on the accused.

Two groups have been at loggerheads over the possession of the church for the past many years. On Christmas last year, the church remained closed. 



Cambridge International emerge champs
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, October 8
The four-day 16th Edition of the CBSE Cluster Table Tennis Tournament concluded at BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, today. As many as 400 players representing 36 schools affiliated to the CBSE shrugged their shoulders to bag top honours in the tournament. Kartar Singh Sehmbey, District Sports Officer, Ludhiana, was the chief guest on the concluding day. He distributed prizes and congratulated the winners. The highlight of the prize distribution function was an impressive cultural show presented by the host school.

Individual results

Boys U-14: Suryansh Goyal of Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, Vikhyat Mahajan of APJ School, Jalandhar, 2 and Suhardeep Singh of Spring Dale School, Amritsar, 3; boys U-16: Pranav Arora of APJ School, Jalandhar, 1, Prabhdeep Singh of Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar, 2 and Deshpreet Singh of Green Land Convent School, Dugri, Ludhiana, 3; boys U-19: Rupampreet Singh Sethi of Canbridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, Harnoor Singh of DCM Presidency School, Ludhiana, 2 and Jatin Sharma of Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan of Amritsar, 3; girls U-14: Anmol Chhabra of Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, Ishita Gupta of DAV School, Amritsar, 2 and Hiya Goyal of Gobindgarh Public School, Fatehgarh Sahib, 3; girls U-16: Navsirat Kaur of Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar, 1, Aarti Jindal of Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 2 and Tanya Munjal of DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, 3; girls U-19: Adya Mehra of DAV International School, Amritsar, 1, Rubaani Kaur Nijjar of Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 2 and Pahuldeep Kaur of Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar, 3.


Boys U-14: Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, Spring Dale Senior Secondary School, Fatehgarh Sahib Road, 2, APJ School, Jalandhar, 3 and Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Amritsar, 4; boys U-16: APJ School, Jalandhar, 1, Shri Guru Har Krishan Public School, Amritsar, 2, DAV Public School, Amritsar, 3 and Gobindgarh Public School, Fatehgarh Sahib, 4; boys U-19: Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Amritsar, 2, MGN Public School, Jalandhar, 3 and DAV International School, Jalandhar, 4; girls U-14: Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 1, DAV Public School, Amritsar, 2, BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, 3 and Gobindgarh Public School, Fatehgarh Sahib, 4; girls U-16: Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar, 1, DAV School, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, 2, Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 3 and BCM Senior Secondary School, Sector 32, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, 4; girls U-19: DAV International School, Amritsar, 1, Cambridge International School, Jalandhar, 2, Shri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar, 3 and Gobindgarh Public School, Fatehgarh Sahib, 4.



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