Licence to shop
A shubh muhurat for shopping that guarantees multiplication of your wealth! Who wouldn't indulge! Well-known people from the region are set to shop on Dhanteras

India sure has elaborate festivals, and Diwali is the biggest! Starting today, with Dhanteras, in the coming week each day has a traditional puja, each with its significance and unique way of celebrating it.

Today happens to be the day of shopping. And, shopping not just for gifts but for households. They say, whatever you bring home today in the shubh muhurat, it multiplies, and gold being at its lowest price ever in the last few years, looks like women can have all they want!

Acclaimed Kathak dancer and co-founder of Pracheen Kala Kendra Shobha Koser follows the tradition and makes sure to buy peetal and tamba utensils on the day both for home and the Kendra. Usually seen dressed in her traditional finery, we ask her if she buys jewellery too… "Not really, I have ample and then how much of it can I wear," she says. Does it actually bring prosperity? "I would like to believe so. If anything done with a pure heart, it does bring desired results."

TV actor Gulki Joshi celebrates the day with her family albeit with a difference. "This day we buy gifts for each other in the family. Nothing fancy but whatever we can afford."

For Chandigarh boy Naveen Arya, who has made it to the finale of show Dil Se Naachein Indiawaale, this is a day for family shopping. "Each year, we shortlist what we need at home and buy it together."

This year since he is shooting for the show and is quite kicked about the Happy New Year team being on the sets, it's his family who would have to do the shopping. "My parents would surely go shopping on my behalf too," says Naveen who has started his dance academy Raqs Dance Studio and totally believes that the day brings prosperity. "I follow the tradition with full faith," says the dancer.

Susnata Har, a musician from Gharana World Fusion Band, has seen his elders and sisters going out shopping with fervour on the day but has never joined the party, "I love all Indian festivals, including Dhanteras, but I am not much of a shopper or a festive person. So, I enjoy seeing people go out and shop and share their happiness."

Ditto for actor Abhinav Shukla, a Ludhiana boy who debuts on big screen with Roar: Tigers Of The Sundarbans. He has not observed this festival ever, but this year might be a game changer. "Having grown in Punjab, Diwali was bigger than Dahnteras but here in Mumbai I have seen people celebrating Dhanters with equal fervour."

So, would he give in to tradition? "Well, this year can be a new beginning," he thinks aloud. And what would he buy? "I guess clothes. I need so many as the promotions for Roar,” he shoots.

Make the most

Dhanteras or Dhan Traodshi symbolises Lord Yama to provide prosperity and well being. It is also the day for celebrating wealth, as the word Dhan literally means wealth and Teras comes from the Lunar date 13th. Dhanteras is an advance welcome for Maa Lakshmi who will be worshiped on the day of Diwali.

Subh muhurat for buying: 8 am to 12.30pm. And from 3.46 pm to 9pm

Pooja Time: 5.40pm to 8.15pm.

Purchasing new gifts, home appliances, household items, gold or silver coins, utensil and jewellery or long term investments in fixed assets is considered auspicious.

Dos and don'ts

Remove and sell all unused unserviceable electronic items, rags, old newspapers etc.

Purchase gold or silver items or ornaments or coins or any long lasting household items on Dhan Trayodashi after three hours of sunset.

Never bring any vessel, utensil home empty. Fill it either with sweets, fruits or dry fruits or flowers.

Replace the old purse or bag and purchase a new one on Dhanteras day.

Write any wish (marriage, marital relations, improvement in strained relationships, enhancement of wealth, comforts, prosperity, owning house etc) on a small plain paper, fold it and place in a small red envelope. Keep this envelope either in your bag or at a place of worship in the home.

Prepare a rangoli on the entrance. Place an earthen lamp filled with mustard oil on a small heap of rice on the entrance of the house. Light it every evening starting on Dhanteras eve and continue for five consecutive days then on the sixth day either place it under Banyan tree or immerse in a flowing river.

Dhanteras is also celebrated as Dhanvantari Day (A day to remember Bhagwan Dhanvantri-who discovered medicines. Donate medicines to needy, if you or any family member has not been keeping well.

Don't lend money to any one on Dhanteras, it hardly comes back as per traditional beliefs.

Madan Gupta Spatu, astrologer

Puja is an essential part of celebrating Dhanteras and buying yellow metal brings luck for the family.
Puja is an essential part of celebrating Dhanteras and buying yellow metal brings luck for the family. Photos: Thinkstock

Stirring with strings
Santoor player Abhay Rustam Sopori wants to dig deeper into the history of his beloved instrument and its impact on the human body
Manpriya Singh

Abhay Rustam Sopori
soul connect: Abhay Rustam Sopori

Santoor happened early on. Early enough to be called a part of the subconscious. So much so that Abhay Rustum Sopori doesn't remember first picking up the instrument; he only recalls first playing it. "My earliest memory is of me sitting in my father's lap and playing the instrument. I must have been between three or four or probably even younger. That's all I remember, apart from the fact that I have played it ever since," shares Abhay, while in Chandigarh for Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan 2014.

Music has only been as expected as inevitable for someone who traces his lineage to seven generations of santoor players, including father Bhajan Sopori, the Padma Shri and poster boy of santoor. "There are two things I absolutely love about this instrument; first being that technically it is one of the richest sounds; the only other being of the bells. Secondly, I feel very connected to the rhythm of santoor," shares the artist from Sufiana gharana of Indian classical music.

Heavy history

In an era dominated by all things Western and most things percussion, his love for the instrument goes deeper than concerts and SPICMACAY. "I am doing research on the history of santoor and also on the impact of music therapy on human body. I even collaborated with an American scientist for the same. Unfortunately, I am not being able to devote as much of time to the studies as it requires." There's a harmless jibe at the commercial CDs available in the market in the name of music therapy. "I bought a couple of them out of curiosity; let alone being treated, one might just fall sick after listening to such music," laughs the 35-year-old, hailing from Kashmir.

The apathy to classical Indian music doesn't just stay restricted to the ancient stringed instrument in question. Most of the traditional genres and instruments stay limited to a dedicated few. Very few. He opines, "There's a lot that needs to be done to cultivate appreciation for our ancient music. Starting with the state and moving onto parents. In Vienna, they have statues of musicians and composers on the streets. It is all about how much of importance a society attaches to its art and culture." While creating a receptive environment might be one of the fundamental requirements, it is also one of the most difficult. Nevertheless, he is doing his bit.

Coming up are a couple of projects already underway. "There will be lots of collaborations happening." As of now, during sound check, he is all set to play, "melodious traditional raga, followed by a few compositions accompanied with the sound of tabla," he signs off.

Sweet trap 
The body has its limitations but the mind is on its own trip, especially when it comes to festive indulgence. Here are ways to stay calorie safe
Somya Abrol

Think twice before biting into that mithai.
Think twice before biting into that mithai.

There's enough hoopla about cracker-free Diwali, with animal supporters taking to Facebook statuses (oh, the fury) about how NOT to celebrate Diwali.

While we do not refute their concerns, there is another issue that we'd like to throw light on - that of the 'walk of shame' after the celebrations fizzle out. We're referring to the endless calories we end up consuming in the stupor of festivities. And, the guilt that sets in a day or two after the echo of the crackers dies down. While we're as excited about Lord Rama returning home, we needn't eat enough to make up for his 14-year-long 'vanvaas'. The temptation, however, creeps up through the heart to the palate. So, how do you plan to keep it in check? We have health expert, CEO of Natural Healthcare Clinic (Panchkula), Mansi Chatrath telling us how to tackle that untamable desire of biting into just that one piece of hot jalebi or savouring the smooth texture of that kaju katli. Caught you salivating, did we?

Stay strong

"Like in all things attainable, will power is the key. If you've told yourself that you're not going to have more than a bite of that sweet, you won't," says Mansi. But then again, the heart wants what the heart wants. So, for staying relatively calorie-safe during festivities, Mansi has some suggestions: "First and foremost, stay away from commercially made sweets from sweet shops. Not only are they made from sub-standard ingredients, their calorie-count is also incredibly high. Though making sweets like gujiya at home is ideal (and the extra work will help lose some calories), most of us are too busy socialising, running from pillar to post, to let ourselves into the kitchen for a few hours. So, the best bet is the packaged mithai, like petha, patisa, rasgulla and the likes. But stay away from khoya sweets. Milk is the most adulterated during this season."

And, since you'd be doing social rounds, it is advised that you carry a bottle of water everywhere you go. "Not only does the water keep you hydrated, it also fills up your tummy, letting you go easy on mithai," adds Mansi.

Trick or treat

Gifting isn't an easy affair. While most of us prefer vark waali mithai or chocolates for gifting purposes, it's only wise to invest instead in interesting dry fruits such as jaggery almonds or roasted nuts. "Even when playing host, serve your guests oatmeal or ragi cookies instead of butter biscuits; let them know you care for their health too. And if you intend to play the ideal host, cook some khajur kheer or apple kheer; these natural sweets make for healthy desserts. Another option is the carrot ki barfi," adds Mansi.

Gulp wisely

"While the endless glasses of canned juices and aerated soft drinks seem like a tempting option, opt instead for the likes of jaljeera, buttermilk or fresh juices. You can also pick up the packaged chaach or coconut water. Another advantage of these drinks is that they make your snacks or foods seem tastier."

Counter binge

  • The day you are not eating out, have light meals.
  • No matter how many barfis or laddoos you've had, don't skip meals. Eat fibre in each meal to keep your system regulated.
  • Eat greens, besides salad, in every meal. Eat raw or sautéed vegetables with each meal.
  • Stick to your meal timings.
  • Eat at least 4 to 5 fruits a day.
  • Drink 2 to 3 litres of water everyday.

gyan zone
A unique celebration

GroupM, along with Google,, LINE Messenger and a host of other brands across various categories, is bringing a unique online carnival for Indian consumers this Diwali. It allows users from across India to try out everyday products through samples @Rs1, play games that are in sync with the cultural moment; stream your favourite movies for free and watch great content from the upcoming film Happy New Year!

In its first year, the Grand Diwali Mela is attempting to celebrate a little more of India on the internet. has come onboard as a key partner and will be working closely with top Unilver brands such as Lakme, Ponds, Vim and Comfort, which are a key part of our everyday lives, ensuring consumers across India can try them out with samples that are delivered to consumer doorsteps at a COD of Rs 1. — TNS

Master Chef
Mazedar modak!
Neelu Kaura

A twist here and there; fusion food is always a delight. With a dash of chocolate, one can change the traditional modak into a modern one by adding chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. Here is the recipe for Makai Chocolaty Modak. 

Makai Chocolaty Modak

  • Corn flour 200 gms (makai ka atta)
  • Sugar natural 3tbsp
  • Desi ghee 4 tbspn
  • Mix dry fruit (almonds, walnuts) chopped
  • Roasted Til
  • Choco chips (few)
  • Hot chocolate 4tbspn


Make a soft dough of cornflour with lukewarm water. Make chapattis with the dough-like Makai ki Roti It should not be thin. Put roti in a big bowl. Add sugar, ghee, mix dry fruit and some choco chips. Mix it well and divide into equal balls. Make modak shape. Pour some hot chocolate on it and sprinkle some roasted til.

(Kaura is a Ludhiana-based culinary expert)

— As told to Poonam Bindra

star track
Some hits, some misses
Here’s what these Bollywood beauties wore recently

Not right

On its own, and without the excessive print near the neck, this dress is very pretty. Somehow, it's not doing much for Priyanka Chopra. The white watch and black shoes aren't sitting right with us either, taking away from what could have been a very delicate, feminine style.

Fresh take

We wouldn't usually compliment a dress like this; it's a little too 'been there, done that' for us. However, paired with the strappy heels and gorgeous hair, this look is really working for Deepika Padukone. We love that the dress skims just above her knee so it's not a tiny little black dress — we're so tired of those!

Rocking outfit

Kangana's boots could have looked garish, but they seem to be working well with this simple white, shift dress. The embellished sleeve and neck band add a little much-needed colour. Her hair is listless, but it helps draw the attention down to the outfit. We appreciate the lack of accessories.

Attention seeker

The makeup is too Goth for such a delicate colour and the asymmetrical hemline makes her look a little dowdy.?The gold work on Sophie Choudhry's outfit looks great and we love her low, side knot, but the necklace, clutch and overdone lips make her look more attention-seeking than elegant.

Swimsuit inspired

Chitrangada Singh's dress starts off okay. The fitted bodice and muted red was working really well until our eyes were drawn to the sudden change in what looks like fabric as well as colour. Combined, it looks like a swimsuit stuck onto a red carpet gown. The earrings are gorgeous, but the rest of this look fails.

Rahul Khanna in The Americans Season 3

Rahul Khanna has been signed to return to the hit US TV show, The Americans. Earlier this year, Rahul appeared in episode 10 of the second season of the series — Yousaf —where he played the title character, a suave, Oxford-educated, Pakistani intelligence officer who the KGB covertly engineer to have promoted within the ISI to serve their own purposes.

"I had an amazing time working on season 2 of The Americans and I'm cracking open a bottle of vodka to celebrate being invited back for another round of espionage and adventure with the KGB!" says Rahul Khanna

Rahul's character is set to have an arc in season 3 of the hugely popular show, which, if his previous episode is any indication, promises to be racy and sexy!

The Americans is a period drama series created and produced by former CIA officer, Joe Weisberg. Set during the Cold War period in the 1980s, The Americans is about the complex marriage of two KGB spies (played by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys) posing as Americans in suburban Washington DC. Real-life historic events are sometimes incorporated into the narrative.

Season 3 of The Americans begins airing on Fx in the US from early 2015. Being busy with the shoot of the film, Rahul Khanna is missing from the promotions of his forthcoming film Fireflies. Talking about the same Rahul says, "Fireflies is a film that's very close to my heart and has turned out beautifully. I am doing my best to promote it long-distance and I feel absolutely terrible that I won't be in India for its release. But, when the KGB calls, you can't say no!"

Shibani too busy to celebrate Diwali with hubby

Singer Shibani Singer Shibani Kashyap is currently busy with her back to back singing concerts and shows till post Diwali. Shibani who has celebrated her each and every Diwali with her loving husband Rajiv Roda will be likely not celebrating this year's Diwali with him. According to sources, Shibani is currently busy in her back to back singing concerts for this month and will enable to celebrate it with her hubby.

When Shibani got to know this she was little upset as she wanted to celebrate it, but the work schedule for her is really hectic for this month and will not able to do so. However, Shibani is trying to find the mid way for it," says a source

And not only this but in the industry where now-a-days lots of actors are turning singers, singer Shibani Kashyap is getting an opportunity to work as an actor now. After her successful TV fiction debut as an actor, singer Shibani Kashyap is getting lots of appreciation for her acting skills from not only her fans but also from critics. She is currently receiving lots of fan mails suggesting that she should also do more TV shows or films as an actor as her fans are loving it. Hope to see her soon on big screen or small screen again.

New entry

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is the latest actor to join the cast of Tanu Weds Manu 2. He is playing a law student whose name is Chintu Chatora. He will be seen as Kangana's tenant in the film.

Karate kid

Varun Dhawan is in talks to play the lead in Anurag Kashyap's assistant Vasan Bala's next. It will be a karate film. The film tells the story of a young man who is a die-hard fan of Kung Fu flicks and lives by the rules of his martial arts heroes. However, when he discovers that he may never get to be the hero, his life takes a dramatic turn.

Bombairiya is an ode to Mumbai

Rumours have been doing the rounds about Richa Chadda being a part of a British film. Now it is being said that Akshay Oberoi has been paired opposite Richa in the same British film being directed by a singer/songwriter.

Richa and Akshay, in fact have been cast in leading roles in a film called Bombairiya which will be shot in interesting locations around Mumbai and is slated to go on the floors in December. Bombairiya is a solely Bollywood masala film which is directed by debutante director Pia Sukanya. Contrary to rumours, the film is an out and out Bollywood project and is an ode to Mumbai, a city much loved by the makers of the film.

India born British Producer Michael Ward says, "Bombairiya is an affectionate satire on the city of Bombay. Both Pia and I are essentially Indian at heart and Bombay is an integral part of our being. Pia's story is inspired by a real life incident that took place in Mumbai and this gave her the opportunity to weave in various other facets of this remarkable city. Smiling at the earlier rumours, Michael adds "Richa plays a film industry PR girl, Meghna, who is prone to putting out fake news, and Akshay plays a middle class IT programmer working from home and who is awkward with girls. It's true that the development financing of the film is British but Richa and Akshay are both on the rise in commercial Hindi cinema and that is why we cast them. We also have other supremely talented actors in leading roles in Bombairiya and we shall reveal who they are shortly."

The film is said to be a caper comedy with edges of thrill, satire and romance and from what we hear the casting is said to be new age, quirky, eclectic, ensemble and relevant.

Akshay says, "Bombairiya is a fast-paced comic caper. I was immediately on board, after reading the script. It's the kind of writing that really excites me as an actor. I am really glad that a film like this is being made, and all the more, that I am a part of it."

Richa quips, "I am thrilled to collaborate creatively with Michael and Pia, and they have an exceptional script."

Training time

Actress Jacqueline Fernandez is gearing up to perform her own stunts in her upcoming debut Hollywood venture Definition of Fear.

Cricket connection

If the latest rumours are anything to go by, Abhishek Bachchan is planning to kickstart sports-based projects with a biopic on cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Abhishek has confessed that he finds Yuvraj's journey to be quite inspiring and worth documenting. He has also expressed his desire to play the role of the cricketer.

No time for Prem

Salman Khan's hectic schedule for Sooraj Barjatya's forthcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Payo has reportedly put his commercial shoots on the back burner. His schedule is tight as he also has to shoot for his reality show Bi.

Setting priorities right

Surprisingly, Hrithik Roshan has opted out of Kabir Khan's next film as he didn't like the script. Also, he wants to give priority to Ashutosh Gowarikar's upcoming film Mohenjo Daro.

Special screening for Fury

A special screening of Brad Pitt's Fury was held at Light Box Santacruz this weekend and was attended by Richa Chadha, Ali Fazal, Aalim Hakim and Sonu Nigam among others.

Fury, directed by David Ayer, is a hot favourite for an Oscar this season. The movie is set in the Second World War and focuses on the life of five soldiers in a tank who set out to meet the last remaining forces of the German Nazi army.

Brad Pitt essays the role of battle hardened Army Sgt Don Collier who leads his team of five men — Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Pena and Scott Easwood — in a mission to gain victory over the Nazi Army.

Richa's grandfather served in the Army and she associates closely with the cause of soldiers. Fury, which depicts the struggles — mental and physical — of battle weary soldiers, made a great connect with the actress, "My grandfather served in the Indian Army, and I have heard his stories. I am glad I got to saw the movie along with the rest of the world. Fury has great cinematography, direction and art. Definitely a front runner for the Oscar." The movie released worldwide on October 17, with an India release on October 31. 

chatter box
Sunny’s anger diaries

The worst thing about an anger outburst is that someone usually ends up paying for it. Ask Sunny Leone, for that matter of fact. The actress who is co-hosting and mentoring the contestants on reality show Splitsvilla found herself at the receiving end of a contestant's anger outburst. Shravan Reddy recently lost his cool on the show and he hurled a heavy Rajasthani jewellery box at a fellow contestant.

And as luck would have it, he ended up hurting Sunny instead. After that, Sunny lost her temper and hurled abuses at the rowdy guy. The production team soon had to intervene to calm her down. Guess it's always better to keep calm, no matter what!

Trouble in paradise

Veteran actress Sudha Chandran is all set to enter daily soap, Shastri Sisters. She will be seen playing the role of Neha Pednekar aka Alka Shastri's husband's bua. It will be an authoritative and traditional character. Once she enters the house, she will question Alka's absence. The family has no choice when she gets Alka back to the sasural from her maayka without knowing that Alka has received divorce papers from her husband.

Standing up for truth

Mukesh Khanna, who is still famous for his role as India's first superhero, Shaktimaan, has slammed the makers of most historical shows. The veteran actor, who played the part of Bhishma Pitamah in BR Chopra's Mahabharata, is unhappy with the way historical characters are shown in most shows.

350 up for Jodha Akbar!

Big milestone: The cast and crew of Jodha Akbar Zee TVs popular show Jodha Akbar completed 350 episodes recently and the ‘Mughal empire’ was seen in a celebration mood. The cast and crew of the show called in for a big festivity on the sets. Celebrating with a cake-cutting ceremony followed by a lot of cake-smashing, the actors along with the crew of the show were seen having a blast.

Ruling the hearts of its audiences, the show is one of the most loved costume dramas currently on Indian television. With fans in India and abroad, the show has paved its way into the hearts of millions all across the globe.

Starting its journey with the proud Mughal emperor — Akbar (played by Rajat Tokas), marrying a Rajput princess — Jodha Bai (played by Paridhi Sharma), the show traced the journey of the two strikingly different personalities falling in love eventually. Focusing on how their political marriage brings love between them to an extent that it changed the fate of India, the show recently took a six-month leap showing the couple going the family way, where Jodha delivered twins. With various characters becoming household names, the show recently saw one of its most famous characters, Mahamanga (played by Ahwini Kalsekar), exit. With its gripping storyline, the show has managed to hold the interest of its audience eversince its start.

Sharing her excitement on the completion of the 350 episodes of the show, Paridhi said, "I'm proud to be a part of a family that has not only made me a household name, but also taught me a lot as an actor. I got the opportunity to work with some new and talented actors as well as industry veterans like Ashwini Kalsekar. When the show start started, never did we imagine that we will get so much love and adulation from the audiences. This gives us the motivation and strength to keep going and giving our best. Hope the audience continues to shower their love on us and we soon celebrate 500 episodes and then throw a grand party for the 1000 one!

Watch Jodha Akbar, every Monday to Friday at 8 pm only on Zee TV!

A junior’s recipe

Join culinary whizkid and the nation's most-loved junior chef, Emanuel Chauhan, on a fun ride of cooking delicacies. Watch and learn as the little chef serves sheer magic on a plate, with the simplest techniques and the most ordinary kitchen ingredients. If you thought the kitchen is a place only for grown-ups — think again! The sprightly young chef and his effervescent co-host, Tanaaz Irani, will together shatter that notion and demonstrate a range of appetising recipes on October 21, 2014, at 2:30 pm on Zee Khana Khazana.

All aspects of the show, right from the set to the format, have been designed keeping in mind the nature of a child's imagination i.e. unbridled and spontaneous. Emanuel will cook in a kitchen in his own inimitable way, away from the methodic organisation that adults tend to follow. Each show will have the junior chef demonstrate three exciting recipes with television's most adored and popular actors Tanaaz Irani to accompany him on this fun-filled adventure. The show will give children an amazing spectrum of dishes to try their hands on. Keeping in sync with the informal atmosphere of the show, Emanuel will be intermittently accompanied by his friends and family to create some wonderful dishes for the audience.

The show is to be kick-started by celebrity chef Vikas Khanna's special appearance.

Cricketing fervour

With cricket becoming the flavour of the season, Ahmedabad Express team shot for a special photoshoot at Ekta Kapoor's house. Ekta is coming up with BCL (Box Cricket League). Rashami Desai is one of the major faces of the team. Ajay Chaudhary and Mrunal Jain are owners of the team along with Manik Soni and Nandish Sandhu. Ajay Chaudhary and Mrunal were present on the occasion to represent their team.

There is good bonding between Mrunal Jain, Rashami Desai and Ajay Chauhary as they are all co-stars in the TV show Uttaran. Ajay Chaudhary says, "It's a matter of pride to be co-owner of the Ahmedabad Express team. We are all a close-knit group. Cricket is religion in India. With Ekta associating with the project, it is becoming bigger and bigger."

Astro turf
P. Khurrana

ARIES: You will be under some stress this morning. Do not attempt to get new plans going. Work in seclusion from your own house, if possible. Take the help of Gemini person. Tarot message: You will gain from investments in property. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 60.

TAURUS: Argument with your spouse is possible in the afternoon. You will have to watch your temper if harmony is desired. Give a little more attention to the creative and spiritual side of your life now. Tarot message: Over-optimism can lead to mistakes. Lucky colour: Crimson. Magic number: 30.

GEMINI: Be sure to take full advantage of the good opportunities comes your way. The fear of whatever is looming over you is far greater than what will actually happen. Tarot message: Do not overspend just to impress others. Lucky colour: Purple. Magic number: 36.

CANCER: Keep your spirits up, putting forward a cheerful face. Creativity shines. Students: enjoy cheerful moments on the campus. You are likely to attract happy and positive people with whom you can have fun. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by being rash or impulsive. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 55.

LEO: The card 'Two of cups' promises many opportunities on the financial front. If working on a commission basis, you will be able to increase your earnings. Old people will have a comfortable night. Tarot message: You will get the help you need if you ask for it. Lucky colour: Brown. Magic number: 32.

VIRGO: It is a tricky day if you are hoping for spectacular results. It will be best to keep new ideas under wraps. Housewives: protect yourself against accident while cooking. Don't use credit cards today. Tarot message: Wait a while; everything will get sorted out on its own. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 40.

LIBRA: Secret meeting with influential people will go off particularly well. Today your boss will promise a salary increase in the near future. This bodes well on the financial front. Tarot message: Be creative to retain a grip over your business. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 52.

SCORPIO: "The queen of cups" opens the door for a new job offer. Do not become excitable. Avoid making partnership deals. Lovers: a good day for introducing your beloved to your parents. Tarot message: Leave things open-ended for best results. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 58.

SAGITTARIUS: A fine day for starting something new. Businessmen: you can make a secret deal or alliance that can be very lucrative. A discussion behind closed doors can work out very well. Tarot message: Feel good about yourself and prepare for a mental battle. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 42.

CAPRICORN: Your card "Ten of pentacles'' reveals that plans that you have for saving are likely to meet with approval. Be careful, as you are likely to jump the gun and live to regret your actions. Tarot message: Health of elderly member at home will need care. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 26.

AQUARIUS: "The lovers" suggest new attractions are likely to be serious. Do not try to make money the easy way. Romance is highlighted. The second half day favours social work. Women drivers: follow all safety rules. Tarot message: New doors will open today. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 62.

PISCES: Do not make snap decisions. Mutually held funds should not be disturbed without your consent. Be careful when it comes to lending money to a distant friend. Tarot message: Avoid gossip session at the workplace. Lucky colour: Blue. Magic number: 44.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is October 21...

This year your birthday falls on Dhanteras, indicating a lot of wealth entering your home in the coming time. You may purchase gold, silver, home appliances or any item that can be utilised for a long time. Being born on the 21st is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life. The energy of 3 allows you to bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental. There is restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing attitude. Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing. You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

Positive colours: Golden, Red.

Select days: Sunday and Monday.

Favourable numbers: 1, 4, 2, 7.

Gems recommended: Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Ruby.

Charity on birthday: Purchase a home appliance today.

You share your birthday with Helen (Jairag Richardson Khan, born on October 21, 1939 in London) is best known for playing roles of vamps and vixens in Bollywood movies of the 1960s, '70s and '80s. She was famous for her performances in flamboyant dance sequences and cabaret numbers. 

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