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Hospitals all geared up for Diwali 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
Diwali is the festival of lights and fircrackers, and the city hospitals are all geared up for the day. Special teams have been formed which will be on duty round the clock to meet any kind of eventuality on Diwali.

Doctors at the Civil Hospital will be on duty throughout the day while two doctors will be on duty in Emergency throughout the night. “Apart from the two specialist doctors in Emergency, all other surgeons and specialist doctors will be on duty round the clock. There is no holiday for any doctor tomorrow and they will be a call away on Diwali night,” said Dr RK Karkara, Senior Medical Officer, Civil Hospital.

Dr Subhash Batta, Civil Surgeon, said apart from doctors being on duty round the clock at the Civil Hospital, the ambulance service will also be running throughout the day. “I urge the people to Ludhiana to celebrate Diwali in the safest possible manner. God forbids, if any unfortunate incident happens, they can immediately call up ambulance 108 helpline. The ambulance service will be working round the clock,” he said.

A team of Dayanand Medical College and Hospital is fully prepared for tackle any disaster during Diwali. “We have made plans to treat 50 patients coming at one time.Patients will be shifted to burns ICU, plastic surgery ward, Emergency recovery and surgery OT according to the need,” said Dr Sanjeev Uppal, Head, Plastic Surgery Department.

Dr Kanwal Masseh, Medical Superintendent, Christian Medical College and Hospital, said the hospital’s trauma centre and Emergency are well equipped to handle any kind of emergency on the Diwali night. “Doctors will be on alert on the Diwali night and they are equipped to handle any situation,” he said.

“Studies conducted by Safdarjang Hospital and the IIT, Delhi, have pointed that “anar” or flower pot cracker is the most dangerous and is responsible for maximum number of accidents. It is likely to burst suddenly due to faulty mixture and loose packing of cracker powder. It does the maximum thermal destruction,” said Dr Ravinder Tah, President, National Academy of Burns India. 

safety measures

  • Do not burst crackers while holding them in hands.
  • Light crackers with a long cracker lighting slick.
  • Stay at least five metres away from bursting crackers.
  • Always light fireworks in an open space like terrace or a garden, never inside a house.
  • Do not cap any cracker with empty tin or earthen pot.
  • Wear thick cotton and fitting clothes. Loose flowing and fluffy clothes catch fire easily. Wear good shoes to protect feet.
  • Don’t allow children to burst crackers. Without supervision even safe varieties are not safe.
  • Do not overload electric supply. It can lead to a short-circuit. In case of fire, switch off the mains first.
  • Before bursting crackers, make sure you keep a bucket full of water nearby.
  • The sound of crackers might damage ear drums and also cause increased heart rate in old people and those with cardiac problems. To avoid such health issues, people are recommended to wear earplugs as exposure to loud sound during this festival is unavoidable.
  • People who have lung problems or asthma might suffer from breathlessness due to smoke. 

In Case of Accident

  • Pour cold water over burns, it douses fire, prevents further damage, reduces pain.
  • Hold the burnt area under cold running water for at least five minutes or until the burning sensation subsides.
  • Pouring water is safe and does not cause blisters.
  • Do not burst blisters.
  • Do not apply ink, blue dye, tooth paste or any other home remedy. It makes the assessment difficult and increases the depth of burns as also risk of infection.
  • All burns over hands, eyes and face are serious and should be shown to the doctor for right treatment. Early treatment can save you from lifetime disfigurement.
  • Any injury to eye should be shown to the ophthalmologist at the earliest.
  • Small superficial burns can be cleaned with antiseptic and you can apply any antibiotic cream on them.


It’s not a cracker of Diwali for firecracker sellers
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Crackers on display at a stall in the cracker market in Ludhiana on Wednesday.
Crackers on display at a stall in the cracker market in Ludhiana on Wednesday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, October 22
Sales of crackers, which had remained low in the past few days, picked up a little on the day before Diwali. Sales were better in the evening today but remained dismal compared to the previous years, according to firecracker sellers.

Pardeep Kumar, president of the Wholesale Cracker Association, Dana Mandi, said the sale had picked up to some extent but this Diwali had been the worst. Large stocks of firecrackers are still lying with the shopkeepers, he said.

The cracker sale was much lower than the Rs 15-crore registered last year, he said. By the evening today, crackers worth only about Rs 6 crore had been sold, he added.

Sanjay Singla, vice-president of the association, said there was very little footfall in the market. Most of the firecracker sellers would incur losses this year, he added.

The sale scenario was even bleaker in other firecracker markets. Nirmal Singh Bittu, president of the cracker market at Dugri, said the sales were much lower than the previous year, he added. Already there are fewer stalls of firecrackers than the last this year. The sales at this point of time are only half the sales last year, he added.

Dheeraj, another seller, said the festival falling at the fag end of the month had had its bearing on the cracker sales. Sales are generally good when the festival falls in the first half of the month, as people have enough money to spend from their salaries.

Suresh Kumar, a bank employee, said he had exhausted most of his salary for the month. He was spending bare minimum on firecrackers.

Gurbeer Singh, another stall owner, said there was an upswing in the sales late in the evening. They were pinning their hopes on Diwali day to break even. But it is going to be a bad Diwali for him, he said. Residents were buying inexpensive crackers and ‘dolas’, he added.



Sexual abuse case
Accused still at large
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
In the case pertaining to sexual abuse of a child it has come to light that the videos, showing abuse of the boy by his tutor, were made with a mobile phone and a handy cam and later transferred to a laptop and computer of the accused.

Dharampal, Division No. 5 SHO, said: “It is the first such case where a woman turned out to be a paedophile. Efforts are on to nab the woman and her brothers. We are conducting raids at their possible hideouts. Besides the boy, we have laid hands on a video wherein the woman is abusing the boy’s cousin as well. Investigation is on and we cannot rule out the possibility of more such videos surfacing following the arrest of the accused.”

The police are also probing whether more children living in the locality or in her (woman’s) relations were targeted by her.

There are no previous complaints about the accused woman tutor suffering from some psychological disorder.



Honeytrap victim visited hotel for gambling
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
It is learnt that the owner of a renowned sweets shop, who fell into a honeytrap at a leading hotel located on the Ferozepur road two days ago, visited the hotel for gambling and he later met the woman escort.

The escort sedated him and fled with his solitaire worth lakhs, Rs 6 lakh in cash and mobile phones. The shop owner was found unconscious in a room of a hotel. He was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries, including cuts on his face.

Sources revealed it was the escort’s male partner who attacked the sweets shop owner.

It is not the first time that the sweets shop owner has ran into trouble. Earlier, he had remained in the news for reportedly losing a huge amount and his sweets shop in gambling last Diwali.

Meanwhile, the menace of gambling has also reached its peak. From posh farmhouses to the dingy areas of the industrial town, gamblers are missing no opportunity to try their luck in a card game.

Special gambling arrangements have been made at farmhouses located on the outskirts of the city.

Many areas, including Chandigarh Road, Janakpuri, Manjeet Nagar, Manohar Nagar, Chaura Bazar and Filed Gunj, have become dens of gamblers.

Meanwhile, the police is being criticised for being selective in its drive against gamblers. The residents are complaining that the police target only the poor while the rich and influential are given a long rope.

Starting from Navratras, gamblers make the most of the festive season till Diwali. The gambling season stretches till year-end.



Residents in dilemma over sweets quality 
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
Yesterday’s incident where the owner of Sharma Sweets first locked the inspecting team inside the shop preventing them from taking samples and later fled the scene has put a big question mark over quality of sweets.

People are questioning the practice of collecting samples a couple of days before the festival as the test reports will be coming after a week or so. Strict action against offenders or the cancellation of their licences is what the residents are demanding from the authorities.

“The owner’s act of not allowing the team to collect samples is a testimony to the fact that he was indulging in something wrong, due to which he did not want the samples to be collected. This was a bizarre incident and the owne should be taken to task by the authorities,” said Bhupinder Singh, a city resident.

Hem Raj, a senior citizen, said the department concerned should heavily fine the offenders. “The licences of the shops, the samples of which have fail test twice, should be cancelled. The department should also heavily fined the offenders, so that they dare not play with the lives of people,” he said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal said the sole purpose of collecting samples is to check adulteration.

“Everything is on records with the department and a police case has also been registered against theowner of Sharma Sweets,” added the DC.

The District Health Officer, Dr Abnash Kumar, said the department was working round the clock these days and collecting samples to make sure the quality of sweets sold during Diwali is good.

Samples that failed quality test recently

  • Khoya burfi from Kache Ghare Waliyan di Dukan at Lakkat bridge
  • Burfi from Sharma Sweets Shop, Sua Road, Giaspura
  • Ghee from Bansal Karyana Store, Manuke Road, Bassian
  • Khoya Burfi from Chaurasia Sweets, Giaspura
  • Paneer from Nagpal Dhaba, Subzi Mandi
  • Pav Bhaji from Bombay Pav Bhaji on Rani Jhansi Road
  • Curd from Vaishno Dhaba on Karabara Road

Check it yourself

Milk: Add four or five drops of iodine to a few drops of milk. If it contains starch, the colour will turn blue.

Khoya: Boil it with some water. Cool it and add a tincture of iodine to it. If blue colour appears, it means the khoya sample has starch.

Ghee: Take a spoon of sugar and dissolve it in 10 ml of hydrochloric acid. Heat 10 ml of ghee or butter and add to the mixture. If it turns red, then the ghee/butter is adulterated.

Silver foil used for garnishing: Rub the silver foil on your hands with the thumb. If it’s aluminium, it will stick to your hand. If it’s pure, then nothing will stick to the palm.

Saffron: Put saffron shreds in a glass of water. If the colour runs instantly, then the saffron is adulterated. According to experts, saffron releases colour after a long time, and the colour is much stronger than that produced by adulterated saffron.



Festival of lights unites all
Sikhs, Muslims and Christians also revel in Diwali festivities 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Oct 22
Religion and tradition have ceased to be the basis for celebrating the festival of lights, Diwali.
Contrary to the earlier trend, when only Hindus used to celebrate the festival by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs have joined the Hindus in celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly manner.

Government and corporate offices are no exception to the trend. Bosses and in charges of these offices distributed saplings, fruits and sweets among their staff as a token of best wishes for a safe Diwali.

SHO Dehlon Amandeep Singh Brar, Mohit Jindal and Ashwani Bansal, managers at State Bank of India, distributed goodies to their staff on the occasion of Diwali.

Muslims and Christians also joined Hindus in celebrating the festival of lights this year as they also lit up their houses with decorative lights.

Amjad Ali, chairman managing director, Sohrab Group of Industries and Educational Institutes, said, “My family members and I greeted our relatives and friends, including Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, on the occasion of Diwali today.”

He said the management committee had also distributed saplings, sweets and gifts among the workers and staff.

Members of the Rotary Club organised Diwali Milan at the Malerkotla Club, where the office-bearers of the Muslim Organisations outnumbered their counterparts.

Regretting that the leaders of certain radical groups had been trying to create differences between various communities, leaders led by Rafiq Mohammad said their children had planned to visit their Hindu friends to celebrate the festival with fervour.

“We motivated our children to participate in the celebrations because we remember how bad we used to feel when we were not allowed to celebrate Diwali,” said Rafiq Mohammad.

Rama Jagsir Masih, a Christian social activist, said all communities should celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, Eid and Gurpurab. 



ludhiana scan
New edition released

The new edition of Punarjot Guldasta, official monthly three-language health and social magazine was released here by Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria. Dr Ramesh, medical director, Punarjot Eye Bank Society, said, “Our nation is already under the burden of backlog of blindness due to poverty, Ignorance, lack of resources and if we will not take precautions during festivals, many young and active youths can go blind due to fire cracker injuries. We should spread the message of a safe Diwali.

3 more test positive for dengue

Three more patients have tested positive for dengue. A 19-year-old woman from Chander Nagar, 50-year-old woman from Bahadurke Road and a 42-year-old woman from Jalandhar bypass are under treatment at the DMCH. A 58-year-old man from Pathankot also tested positive for dengue. The total number of dengue patients diagnosed in Ludhiana hospitals has so far gone up to 95, out of which, 61 belong to Ludhiana, 29 to other district and five to other states.

Larvae found

Under the direction of Civil Surgeon Dr Subash Batta and District Epidemiologist Dr Anil Verma, a team of 20 breeding checkers along with insect collectors and multipurpose health supervisors checked coolers in different areas to detect the breeding of Aedes Egypti (larva of dengue). In Rishi Nagar X- Block, larva was found in seven coolers, 14 pots and a tank. In Bharti Colony Bahaurke Road, it was found in three coolers and one pot. The information regarding the same has been passed onto the MC officials for the issuance of fine.

City bus service stopped

The city bus service has been stopped till July due to the lack of funds. An RTI activist, Gagandeep Threeke, has sought a probe into the matter as around 105 buses were available with the authorities but due to the lack of funds, the masses had been deprived of the facility. Threeke said until the authorities controlled the service, it brought profit but ever since it was handed to a private company, it had incurred losses. He said the accountability of those responsible for the failure of the service should be fixed.

Stop burning of stubble: DC

Deputy Commissioner Rajat Aggarwal has requested farmers not to burn paddy straw in the open fields. Aggarwal said there were many options available now through which the remains of paddy could be destroyed. He said burning caused degradation of soil and killed friendly insects but the smog proved fatal for human beings.

USPC Hospital

The meeting of the managing committee of USPC Hospital was held. The meeting decided to give accidental insurance policy of Rs 1 lakh to each employee. In addition to this, two sets of uniforms were given to every employee.

Paediatrics meet

A joint meeting of the Ludhiana Academy of Paediatrics and Indian Academy of Paediatrics was held. The members mourned the demise of Dr Supriya from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital. Dr Rakesh Gupta, president of the Ludhiana chapter, said, “We are pained by the alleged implication of two senior doctors in the case which has led to mental torture.”

Awareness lecture

Satish Sachdeva, retired state mass media officer of Health Department, held an awareness lecture at RS Model Senior Secondary School.

FICO meet

The meeting of the Federation of Industrial and Commercial Undertaking (FICO) was held under the chairman ship of KK Seth, chairman and presidentship of Gurmeet Singh Kular regarding Vishwakarma Day celebrations. The state government is also celebrating a state-level function of Vishwakarma Day in which Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal will be the chief guest. Twelve 12 industrialists will be honoured on the occasion.

Nurses’ Assn

The Trained Nurses Association of India’s State Conference-2014 was held at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital in which 30 colleges from across Punjab participated. The students of Guru Teg Bahadur Singh Charitable GTBS (C) Hospital bagged four prizes in different categories. The first prize was in paediatric (child) health nursing and three prizes in medical-surgical nursing. — TNS



GNN Doraha shines at youth and heritage festival
Our Correspondent

Doraha, October 22
The students of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, brought laurels to the institution by securing 36 awards in the Ludhiana Zone-A Youth and Heritage festival of Panjab University organised by the Regional Centre recently.

Out of a total number of 15 colleges, which participated in the zonal festival, the college has also become eligible to win the second overall zonal trophy with a difference of 5 marks from the winner.

The performances of the first position included group song, Indian orchestra, short-story writing, kali, knitting, mehandi designing and ladies traditional song.

The individual first prizes were won by Gursheen Kaur in the one-act play, Balpreet Singh in skit, Ashpinder Kaur in giddha, Asa Singh in Indian orchestra, Fariyad Ali in group song, Tarandeep Kaur in folk orchestra and Sukhpreet Kaur in kali singing.

The performances of the college, which secured the second place included folk song, classical music (vocal), instrumental music (non-percussion), giddha, essay writing, Kavishri, folk instruments, group folk orchestra, bagh phulkari, pakhi designing and crochet work. The individual second prize was won by Harpreet Singh Bhangra.xThe third prize was won in the performances of ghazal, collage making, installation, skit, histrionics, one-act play, mimicry and folk dance Luddi. The third individual prize was won by Mandeep Singh in Indian orchestra, Fariyad Ali in folk orchestra, Bhaskar Bhurat in Bhand. Roop Brar, president, College Managing Committee, Harpratap Brar, general secretary, director Jaswant Singh Gill, principal Narinder Singh Sidhu congratulated the organising secretary of the festival Dr Sukhwinder Singh Virk and the prize winners.



Khamano market panel
Vice chairman nominated
Our Correspondent

Khamano, October 22
The state government today nominated the new Vice Chairman of the Khamano Market Committee.
A spokesperson of the Chief Minister’s Office said Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal had cleared the file to this effect and formal orders regarding the nomination of the new Vice Chairmen of Khamano Market Committee in Fatehgarh Sahib district would be issued shortly.

The spokesperson said Radhe Shyam has been appointed the Vice Chairman of Khamano Market Committee. 



‘Reading Maketh a Man’ launched by DAV School
Lovleen Bains
Tribune News Service

Doraha/Ludhiana, Oct 22
TIn order to instill the habit of reading amongst students, DAV Public School has launched a project ‘Reading Maketh a Man’.
Under the project, each student of the school from Classes I to V will read one book per week from October 13 to November 15. The name of the book will be suggested by the English teachers concerned in the class itself. The students will read the books on their own.

In order to assess the concentrative nature of the children, a test will be conducted after the aforesaid period and the students — who turn out to be successful in the entire endeavour — shall be awarded during the school’s annual prize distribution function.

JK Sidhu, Principal, DAV Public School, said, “It is seen that children have long forgotten how to hold a book in their hands and sit attentively, reading it aloud. They are either busy in their regular studies or playing on their iPods and iphones.”

Prof Amarjit Kaur, Head of the English Department, GNN College, Doraha, said, “There was a time when students took pride in visiting the library, getting the book issued and returning it as soon as possible so that the next book could be issued. Nowadays they avoid going to the library”.

“Getting a book issued and reading it has become a thing of the past. Reading plays an integral role in the shaping of personality and framing of careers,” added Jaspreet Kaur, English teacher, Doraha College of Education.

Sonia Bhardwaj, English teacher at DAV School, said, “Since the practice began on October13, we have observed that students are enthusiastic about reading one book after the other.”

‘reading habits’

It is seen that children have long forgotten how to hold a book in their hands and sit attentively, reading it aloud. They are either busy in their regular studies or playing on their iPods and iphones.
— JK Sidhu, Principal, 
DAV Public School



To guard women, Admn launches surveillance system 
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Oct 22
To boost the morale of women and girls of the region falling under Sangrur district, the Administration has launched new crime prevention programme under the banner of Surveillance System for Safe Society (S4).

The intensive and invasive patrolling system –- which was flagged off by Deputy Inspector General of Police, Patiala, Shiv Kumar Verma at Sangrur district headquarter — will soon be extended to all localities, claimed the authorities.

Senior Superintendent of Police, Sangrur, Mandeep Singh Sidhu said the Administration had launched a coordinated movement to strengthen security arrangements for the protection of women and girls moving from one place to another in cities and town.

Besides constituting special patrolling squads of policewomen, the police has installed about three dozen online cameras, recording of which would be observable at the headquarter.

Instead of providing traditional bikes for the women PCRs, the Administration has roped in management of certain industrial groups to donate new Activa scooters for the mission.

Elaborating on the strategy, Sidhu claimed that the scooter-borne PCR squads would patrol roads and streets leading to educational institutes, coaching centres, factories and government offices having women employees. 



city gears up for the festival of lights
Diwali frenzy catches up with residents
Markets packed to the hilt as shoppers throng stores to make last-minute purchases
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
Several markets in the city were full of hustle and bustle on the eve of the festival of lights. Residents could be seen making last-minute purchases and gearing up for Diwali.
Lights and sparkling decorative items decked up the city as residents flocked markets for purchases. Some of them were buying new things for their homes.

“We have just finished with the cleaning. After getting our house whitewashed and painted, we are making purchases for Diwali,” said Aarti Sharma, a local resident.

Being the most auspicious time of the year, residents made a beeline at stores.

“We don’t want to miss out on shopping as it is an auspicious time to get new things for home,” says Supriya Malhotra, another resident who was shopping in Ghumar Mandi.

Besides, the festive discounts being offered by companies are also luring shoppers to buy new products.

“Earlier, we did not get time to shop as both my wife and I are working. We’ve just made the purchases and will be visiting our friends and relatives to exchange Diwali greetings,” said Vikas, another resident.

“Diwali is the only time to catch up with friends and relatives due to shortage of time nowadays. Many people who stay far away also visit their homes to celebrate Diwali, he added.

Meanwhile, the markets were abuzz in the evening. Several showrooms such as electronics stores, fashion outlets, sweets outlets, home decor, gadgets, fashion accessories stores saw a huge rush of shoppers.

“I am gifting my sister a new smartphone on Diwali. I am checking out the latest handsets. I want her to enjoy the festival to the fullest,” said Harshvir, a resident.

markets abuzz with activity

  • Lights and sparkling decorative items decked up the city as residents flocked to markets for purchases.
  • Besides, the festive discounts being offered by companies are also luring shoppers to buy new products.
  • Heavy rush was witnessed at electronics stores, fashion outlets, sweets outlets, home decor and gadgets shops. Fashion accessories stores also saw a huge rush of shoppers.
  • Residents say Diwali is the most auspicious time of the year for celebrations and hence they considered it the ideal time to buy new things for their homes.



Don’t let fireworks scare your pets
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
The sound produced by the bursting of crackers on Diwali can have a terrifying effect on animals.
Dr Kirti Dua, Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University, said, “Animals may become stressed and manifest signs such as shaking, trembling, excessive drooling, barking, howling, trying to hide or get into/out of the house, or other enclosures, refusing to eat food etc.”

Some animals may lose bladder or bowel control or experience temporary diarrhoea. Sometimes mischievous boys tie crackers around the tails of dogs or burn them by burning crackers thrown at them. Some animals get serious injuries and require prompt attention.

To guard your pet from becoming terrified, you need to undertake some measures.

Dr Dua suggested that when bursting fireworks on Diwali, the animals should be kept indoors, besides away from the smoke of crackers as it may cause severe respiratory distress.

To make the pets feel safe and comfortable within the premises of a house, the curtains should be drawn and the TV or radio should be switched on to drown the sound of the crackers.

A tired and well fed-dog will be far less anxious during the night. If the dog runs for its bed, a cupboard or under the bed, leave it there and allow it to follow its natural instinct. Do not soothe and comfort a scared dog, it will only increase the problem. Make sure your dog is well identified in case your dog escapes.


  • Animals may become stressed and manifest signs such as shaking, trembling, excessive drooling, barking, howling, trying to hide or get into/out of the house, or other enclosures, refusing to eat food etc.
  • Some animals may lose bladder or bowel control or experience temporary diarrhoea. Sometimes mischievous boys tie crackers around the tails of dogs and burn the crackers.
  • To make the pets feel safe and comfortable within the premises of a house, the curtains should be drawn and the TV or radio should be switched on to drown the sound of the crackers.
  • If the dog runs for its bed, a cupboard or under the bed, leave it there and allow it to follow its natural instinct. Do not soothe and comfort a scared dog, it will only increase the problem. Make sure your dog is well identified in case it escapes.



Cops beef up security in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
The city police have beefed up security in the wake of Diwali.
Police personnel could be seen searching the vehicle and bags of commuters in busy market places of the city. Commissioner of Police said the police are on its toes to tackle any eventuality and anti-social elements will be dealt with an iron hand.

The traffic police also cracked its whip on traffic violators. The police have found a novel way to punish those violating traffic norms.

Instead of towing-away vehicles, traffic police personnel were seen putting up a special lock on the tyres of cars, parked in the middle of roads.

The police have upped the security apparatus to thwarts the nefarious esigns of anti-social elements to disrupt festivities on Diwali.

Police personnel are keeping vigil at sensitive areas in the city as heavy rush has been witnessed at markets across the city.



NGO comes up with tips for safe DiwaliAnupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, October 22
Every year several fire accidents are reported on Diwali night. Many fire accidents occur due to bursting of crackers while others due to short-circuits and other reasons.
Kusam Lata, a national award winner and secretary of the Bharat Jan Gyan Vigyan Jathha, said: “There are different ways to control such fire incidents that take place due to different substances.”

Suggesting some ways to protect themselves in such an emergence situation, Kusam lata said: “One should immediately keep a wet handkerchief on the nose. It will retain carbon particles and provide oxygen to the victim.”

If fire has occurred due to LPG, one should crawl as LPG remains on the ground level, suggests Kusam, adding that “if a person stands up or starts walking he or she may get engulfed in flames.”

One should not pour water on the flame if it is due to oil as water being heavy goes down and oil comes up. So connection between air and oil does not cut off and fire flares up.

One needs to be extra alert in case of fire if it is due to a short-circuit.

“One should not use water to prevent electric shock, rather sand or fire extinguishers should be used in dousing the flames in case of a short-circuit.”

Dr Sanjeev Uppal, head, plastic surgery department, Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, has suggested tips to be kept in mind while bursting crackers.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Crackers should be ignited in open space or on roof and it should be kept in metallic container.
  • Children should be under supervision of parents.
  • ‘Anar’ should be kept on floor and ignited with ‘phuljhari’.
  • Do not bend over crackers.
  • Rockets should be kept in adequate size bottle with heavy base.
  • Crackers should not be ignited in hand.
  • Keep a bucket of water to douse flames in case clothes catch fire.
  • Wear tight cotton garments. Pour water on burns till pain subsides.
  • Do not apply anything on burns without consulting a doctor.
  • In case of severe burns, rush patient immediately to a hospital.



from schools
Celebrating Diwali

A plethora of activities were arranged for the students of Bhartiya Vidya Mandi. The campus was decorated with rangolis, decoration, captivating bandanwars, delightful diyas and floating candles.

Say no to crackers

Peace Public School celebrated Diwali by spreading the message of a clean and Green Diwali through the enactment of one-act plays on ‘Say no to crackers’.

Activities mark festivities

Diwali was celebrated at Spring Dale Senior Secondary Public School. The school was lit up with diyas and colourful lanterns and students made cards, diyas paintings and candles.

Contests organised

The students of BCM School, Dugri, celebrated Diwali. A variety of activities such as diya decoration, poster-making, slogan-writing etc marked the day.

Diya decoration

To mark Diwali celebrations, candle, diya and rangoli competitions were organised at Nankana Sahib Public School. Students of Classes nursery to II took part in candle and diya decoration competition.

Candle decoration

HVM Convent Senior Secondary School celebrated Diwali by holding various competitions on the premises. The activities included rangoli making, posters, greeting cards and decoration of candles and diyas.

Cracker-free Diwali

The students of Everest Public Senior Secondary School organised a “Chetna rally – No crackers, save environment”.

Diya-making competition

A candle and diya-making competition was organised at Green Grove Public School, Mohanpur (Khanna). Students from Classes I to X participated with zeal.

Students decorate school

The students of New GMT Public School celebrated the festival of lights with zeal.

Rally organised

The eco club, health and wellness club members of Baba Isher Singh Senior Secondary Public School organised a rally regarding the celebration of an eco–friendly Diwali. Principal Sarabjit Kaur Khattra and Vice Principal Ranjit Kaur lauded the students.

Candle decoration

On Diwali, Guru Nanak International Public School organised an inter-house diya and candle decoration competition for the students of Classes VI to XI.

Green Diwali

Festive mood gripped the students of Saraswati Modern School as they celebrated Diwali with fervour.

Pollution-free festivity

A pollution-free Diwali was celebrated by the students of Sri Guru Hargobind Public Senior Secondary School. Many competitions such as diya-making, candle-decoration competition, rangoli making and classroom decoration were held.

Cleanliness drive

The students of Bal Bharati celebrated the festival of lights in a novel way. The students of Class X prepared a ‘Nukkad Natika’ giving the message of ‘Swachh aur surakshit Diwali’. The students of Classes IX to XII went to the Phase-I Dugri Market and cleaned up the market. — TNS



youth festival
Atam Vallabh Jain College excels
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, October 22
Students of Shree Atam Vallabh Jain College have brought laurels to their institution in the ongoing Panjab University Youth and Heritage Festival of Ludhiana Zone A. The college has attained the 5th rank among 15 participating colleges of the zone. In the art and craft activities, it has achieved the first position.

In rangoli, the first and second prizes were bagged by Nisha Jain (MCom- I) and Raman Malhotra (BCom-II) respectively. In collage making, Satinder Pal Singh (BCom-III) won the first prize while Shipra (MCom-I) won top honours in phulkari. Vandana (MCom-I) won the first prize in “dasuti” making and Nitisha Jain (MCom-I) won the second prize in on-the-spot painting.

The team of Nitisha Jain, Vandana, Rohit (all from MCom-I) and Smita Jain (BCom-III) bagged the second position. In cartooning, Madhur Jain (BCom-II) and Geetika Jain (BCom-I) secured the second and third prize respectively.

President of the collage managing committee Ashok Jain, principal Janmit Singh and coordinator HR Saini have congratulated the winners for their excellent achievement. They also lauded efforts put in by Manoj Arora and his team towards preparing the students for the youth festival.



school notes
Exhibition held

DAV Public School, BRS Nagar, organised ‘Creative Vistas‘, an art exhibition, on the campus. Marc Victor, a renowned artist, was the guest of honour. The students enthusiastically participated in preparing earthen lamps, greeting cards, paintings and decorative “thalis”. Their creativity was on display. The paintings made by the children were based on the theme, “Comparison between Western and Indian Art”, and the intelligent minds could very well differentiate between the two. The motive behind the exhibition was to encourage the creativity of the young minds and to further develop their taste for ‘art and activity’. The beautiful Diwali “puja thalis” and cards made by the students were put up on sale, so as to encourage them.

BCM student shines

Ankush Arora of BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec. School made its school proud by winning gold medal in the ITF-Junior Championship held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, recently. Participants from 17 countries vied with each other to bag the top positions. Ankush won the doubles title and will be on career high ranking of 1,000 in the world. He would be among top 30 in India in Junior Circuit (U-18). Earlier, he participated in many international events held in Bangladesh, Guwahati, Dubai and Delhi. But the Colombo victory was his first ever at the international level. The Principal of the school, Dr Paramjit Kaur, congratulated the proud parents and Ankush and wished him luck for all his future.

Graduation ceremony

Students received degrees during a “graduation ceremony” held at BCM Sen. Sec. School, Basant City. Parents,teachers and other staff members were present. The graduates were congratulated by the chief guest, Dr Vandana Shahi, Principal, BCM School, Basant Avenue. The parents were thrilled to see the students in colourful robes and gowns.

Seminar organised

Guru Nanak International Public School, Model Town, organised a two-day seminar, “A Journey into Self”, for classes IX and X. Paarth Ashok Narang, a motivational speaker and life coach, apprised the students of the ways of their holistic development. He emphasised goal setting, time management, dealing with failures, avoiding distractions and power of dreaming. He motivated them about positive attitude towards life and living in the present, which is most important.

Cleanliness march

DAV Public School, Sarabha Nagar, organised an awareness rally to promote the national dream of making India neat, clean and green. All the students of class VII, accompanied by a team of teachers and doctors, marched through streets of Basant Avenue and Dugri. They were raising slogans on cleanliness and a green Diwali . They also carried a huge flex with “Swachhta Pledge” signed by all students and teachers.

UNO Day celebrated

UNO Day was celebrated with great zeal on the premises of SDP School, Basti Jodhewal, Ludhiana. Students delivered speeches on the origin, aims and objectives of the United Nations Organisation. Sarita Goyal advised the students to develop friendly relations with each other.

School dispensary opened

To maximise health and wellness of students, a school dispensary was inaugurated at DCM Presidency School in collaboration with Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. Dr Harmeet K Brar, administrator head, and Dr Prashant Puri, head of Emergency, Fortis Hospital, were the guests of honour. They were escorted by the Students’ Council of the school.

Slogan-writing competition

A slogan-writing competition was held on the premises of GNI Public School. The students were divided into two groups. Group A (V to VIII classes) wrote slogans on eco-friendly Diwali while the theme for group B (IX to XII classes) was “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. Mansi Sharma (XII-Commerce) and Prabhnoor Kaur (class VI) bagged the top position.

Kho-kho tournament

On the final day of Ludhiana Sahodya School kho-kho tournament (U-19) being played at Shifaly International School, in the girls’ section, Satluj Pubic School emerged the winners. In the boys’ section, the hosts Shifali Public School defeated BCM School to win top honours. During quarterfinals, Shifalians beat Shamrock School and continuing their winning spree, they outplayed Satluj Public School in the semifinals to move into finals. The hosts went on to lift the trophy defeating BCM in the well contested final.

‘Aao Bune’ contest

The “Aao Bune” contest was organised by Vardhman Spinning and General Mills at Baba Isher Singh Senior Secondary Public School under the guidance of Principal Sarabjit Kaur Khattra and Vice-Principal Ranjit Kaur. Students of classes VI to XII participated in it. The students also participated in a greeting-card making competition. — TNS 



GHG Khalsa bags top honours
Our Correspondent

DAV Public School BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, organised ‘Creative Vistas’, an art exhibition, on Wednesday.
DAV Public School BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, organised ‘Creative Vistas’, an art exhibition, on Wednesday. A tribune photograph

Mandi Ahmedgarh, Oct 22
GHG Khalsa College, Gurusar Sadhar, emerged the overall winner in the Panjab University Zonal Youth and Heritage Festival of the Moga-Ferozepur Zone that concluded at Sudhar village, near here, today.

The concluding day was marked by bhangra, kavishari, vaar and the traditional craft activities, including phulkari, dasuti, crochet and “pakhi” designing.

Results: RDAV College Dhudike 1, Baba Kundan Singh College (Muhar) 2 and Govind National College (Narangwal) 3.
: GHG Khalsa College (Gurusar Sadhar) 1, RSD College (Ferozepur) 2 and LR DAV College (Jagraon) 3.
Ladies ritual songs: GHG Khalsa College (Gurusar Sadhar) 1, RSD College (Ferozepur) 2 and Baba Kundan Singh College (Muhar) and Sri Ram College (Dalla) 3.
Kavishari: LLR Government College (Dhudike) 1, GN College (Moga) 2 and LR DAV College (Jagraon) 3.
Kali: Baba Kundan Singh College (Muhar) 1, GHG Khalsa College (Gurusar Sadhar) 2 and LLR Government College (Dhudike) 3.
Vaar: GN College (Moga) 1, BKS College (Muhar) 2 and GTBN College (Dakha) 3.
Folk Orchestra: BKS College (Muhar) 1.
Embroidery/Phulkari/Bagh: GN College (Moga) 2, Science College (Jagraon) 2 and LR DAV College (Jagraon) 3.
Crochet work: BKS College (Muhar) 1, GN College (Moga) 2 and GTB College (Dakha) 3.
Cross stitch (dasuti): GTBN College (Dakha) 1, DM College (Moga) 2 and GN College (Narangwal) 3.



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