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Birth/death certificates
Agents continue to fleece people
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Nothing seems to stop agents from fleecing gullible visitors to the Civil Surgeon’s office. Despite the fact that forms for getting birth and death certificates are provided free of cost, the agents are selling these at the office and if luck favors, they strike a deal with visitors to get the work done in lieu of some charges.

Although warning boards have been put up inside the office, these agents can be seen making a quick buck, trapping gullible visitors.

Earlier, these agents would roam freely inside the office. But after the authorities put up the warning boards and took some stringent steps, they shifted starting operating outside the premises.

The agents sitting outside the office complex charge Rs 10 for each form (for applying for birth and death certificates), which otherwise comes for free and can also be downloaded from www.pbhealth.gov.in.

It is due to the lack of awareness that visitors fall prey to these agents. People from rural areas are the target in 90 per cent of the cases.

An old man, sitting near the window where death and birth certificates are issued, when asked if he faced any difficulty while applying for the certificate, said: “I have engaged a man who met him outside the office and he did the entire job for him. I was asked to collect the certificate in the evening and now I am waiting”.

He said it was the best way to get some work done. He didn’t forget to advise this correspondent to engage an agent if she wanted to get some work done at the earliest.

When he came to know about the identity of the correspondent, he refused to divulge the amount he paid to the agent and his name. He said: “I am only concerned that my work has been done and I do not mind paying some extra bucks,” he said.

Another visitor, who was going back after collecting the death certificate of his mother, said he had been doing the rounds of the office for the past many days, without success. “Three days ago, when I again visited the office, I was stopped by a person at the entrance and he asked me if I wanted to apply for a certificate. When I said yes, he offered his help and we struck a deal at Rs 500. Now, within three days, I have got the certificate,” he said.

An agent, sitting outside the office, said: “I am not doing any crime. I am just helping out illiterate persons in filing the forms and charging Rs 10 from them”.

The Assistant Civil Surgeon, Dr KS Saini, said they had warned agents many times and none of them was allowed to enter the office. “We have even gone strict with those sitting outside the premises. Despite the warning boards displayed inside the Civil Surgeon’s office, people engage these agents to get their works done,” he said.


Health Dept steps come a cropper
Same areas fall prey to water-borne diseases every year
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Every year, residents of areas such as Giaspura, Aman Nagar, Fatehgarh Mohalla, fall prey to water-borne diseases. Despite the Health Department’s awareness programmes, the problem persists. People blame it on the contaminated water supply.

Three deaths were reported in the Parkash Nagar area this year. The reason for the deaths was contaminated water. Seeta Kumari, who lives at Parkash Nagar, said many people were afflicted by diarrhoea this year and few deaths, including children, were reported.

“Officials from the Municipal Corporation and the Health Department swing into action only after deaths are reported. It was not only Parkash Nagar but the adjoining areas of Punjab Mata Nagar and some colonies also receive contaminated water, leading to many diarrhoea cases this year,” she said.

Gurjat Singh from Prem Vihar, where a boy had died due of diarrhoea this year, said they had been using water drawn from a hand pump. People in his area fall sick in the summers every year.

Meanwhile, the Health Department said they had been regularly educating people on health and hygiene. Regular lectures and workshops are held in the interiors of the city to make people aware about hygiene and safety. The main reason behind the spread of the diseases is contaminated water and unhygienic surroundings.

“Not even a single year has passed in the past eight years when diseases such as gastroenteritis and diarrhoea have not hit this area. The problem is common at “vehras” where migrants live in unhygienic conditions and share washrooms,” said Kulwinder Kaur, a resident of Giaspura.



Stress levels rising among city residents
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Population of Ludhiana, the industrial hub of Punjab, has high stress levels. According to city-based experts, the number of patients coming with stress and depression has increased by 50 per cent over the year.

There are two types of stress cases. First is one-time stress and the second is slow-pressure stress that a person feels everyday due to targets and deadlines. “Today, our mind remains active for long hours, leaving less time for sleep. We are trying to collect more than our brains can process. Individualism is increasing, which is also one of the reasons behind enhanced stress levels in society,” said Dr Ravinder Kala, psychologist at Mind First.

The stressful life we lead has made our bodies adapt to higher blood pressure levels. Changing lifestyles and increasing work pressure have made the modern human adapt to rising stress levels, added Dr Kala.

Dr Rajeev Gupta, Chief Psychiatrist, Manas Psychology, Epilepsy and De-addiction Centre, said there had been a 50 per cent increase in the number of patients coming with high stress levels.

“Corporatisation and privatisation are the main culprits,” observe Dr Gupta. He said: “Excessive competition and changing social structure is to be blamed for the problem. The suicide rate is increasing because people have high expectations. Families have become nuclear and there is nobody to share stress. Stressed, people are turning to alcohol,” he added.

140/90 blood pressure is normal now

Even the Joint National Committee (JNC) has re-drawn the parameters for hypertension. Now, blood pressure at 140/90 is considered normal now. The existing 130/90mmHg levels have been increased to 140/90 mmHg. While the previous recommendations, suggesting normal blood pressure levels at 120/80 mmHg, have already been written off by doctors. The JNC is a global panel of medical practitioners for detection, evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure on a periodic basis.

Reasons for increasing stress levels
Individualism is increasing
Overloaded information
Decreasing sleep hours
Being engaged in too many activities
Unhealthy eating habits

Stress management strategies
Eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise and plenty of sleep
Practising relaxation techniques or doing meditation
Fostering healthy friendships
Decreasing the number of activities
Breaking free for some time, just let things go as they are
Seeking professional counselling when needed



Viscera report released, Abhishek’s death still a mystery
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Policemen inspect the crime scene.
Policemen inspect the crime scene. A file photo

Ludhiana, November 6
Even after five months of the incident, Abhishek’s death remains a mystery. While the viscera examination finds no trace of poisoning, the victim’s father, Dr AK Banerjee, claims his son was gagged to death. DIG (Crime) Jaskaran Singh is investigating the case.

However, Dr Banerjee’s gagging theory, too, raises many questions. If Abhishek was gagged to death, then why are there no signs of resistance on his hands and legs?

Dr Banerjee suspects the pillow that was kept on the back seat of the car, in which Abhishek was found dead on June 22, could have been used for gagging his son to death. According to Dr Banerjee, his son had not been doing drugs for the past three months.

Had Abhishek offered resistance, a fragment of flesh of the suspect, strands of car seat cloth or the pillow would have been found in his nails.

The body was found in a place outside SCD Government College, which remains crowded. It is intriguing why there is no eyewitness to the incident. It could not be ruled out that Abhishek might have been killed somewhere else and the body dumped outside the college to mislead the police.

The unsent message, which reads “Mom, Dad don’t wait for me… May Sai Ram Guide you”, also raises many questions. The message (suspected to have been written a few minutes before his death) could not be sent as his phone switched off due to low battery.

What the victim’s father claims

Abhishek’s father, Dr AK Banerjee, said: “In July, I told the Commissioner of Police that my son’s viscera should be preserved as I wanted to get a test conducted from some other agencies. I do not know whether the viscera has been destroyed by the laboratory authorities in Kharar or not.”

Dr Banerjee admitted at the time of the incident he had said his son might have died due to drug overdose. Those comments came from a father who was in a state of shock after the death of his young son, he added.

“But on seeing the videos of the spot, I found that my son was killed. The car was heavily dressed up. The back seat and the co-passenger seat were washed. When I saw the videos of the crime scene, I was shocked to find finger impression on my son’s neck (near Adam’s apple). The position in which my son’s neck was lying clearly reflects that someone sitting on the back seat had gagged him. We had not purchased the pillow that was kept in the case. The company that manufactures it is based in Noida and the only distributor in Punjab is based in Jalandhar,” he said.

Abhishek was instrumental in the busting of a gang

Dr Banerjee said there was a threat to Abhishek’s life as he had helped the police in busting a gang of drug peddlers in 2013. Sources said the drug peddlers had got to know that Abhishek was instrumental in their arrest.

Viscera report defies drug overdose theory
The chemical examination report received recently has ruled out the presence of drugs/intoxicants in the viscera of 22-year-old Abhishek Banerjee. Abhishek was found dead in his black Honda City car outside SCD Government College on June 22.

Victim’s father plays detective
As the police closed the matter terming it a drug overdose case, Abhishek’s father, Dr AK Banerjee, probed the case on his own. He picked some important points.

While all doors, including the door on the driver’s seat, were locked (where Abhishek was sitting), the door on the co-passenger’s side was open (the car has central locking system)
There were no signs of intoxicants, snorting, ingestion and cigarette inside the car
Blood was found in larynx and mouth, which is not found in victims of drug overdose



Chain snatched from kin of BJP councillor
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Two motorcycle-borne youngsters snatched the gold chain from the sister-in-law of the BJP councillor from Ward No. 29, Mintu Sharma.

The incident took place this evening when Raj Rani, who lives in Pune, was treading the Brindawan road for shopping.

Social activists Sham Singh Harika said two youngsters, on a motorcycle, came from behind and snatched Raj Rani’s gold chain.

Fortunately, she did not suffer any injury in the incident. However, the incident caused panic in the area.

Meanwhile, the local residents said snatchings had become a routine in the area and the police had failed to curb the menace.



overbridge inaugurated
Dhillon rubbishes rift rumours
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Irrigation Minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon inaugurated a road underbridge (RUB) near Lodhi Club today. The Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) has spent Rs 37.5 crore on the project. Dhillon said: “The SAD-BJP alliance has constructed Lakkar Bridge Flyover, Sidhwan Canal Expressway, Partap Chowk Flyover, Gill Road Flyover, Pedestrian Under Pass near the Mini-Secretariat and Aggar Nagar while the Congress had done nothing for the overall development of the city. It can just mislead people.” Condemning the Congress for launching a misleading campaign against the SAD-BJP alliance, Dhillon said the ruling party wanted communal harmony and peace in the state. “Our aim is overall development of the state. There was no rift within the party,” he said.

Dhillon said residents had been demanding the RUB for long.

The Rs 37.5 crore project is 541 metres long, 20.80 meters wide, the width of carriageway is 7 metres, its depth is 11 metres and two electric motors of 10 HP have been installed to drain out rainwater. Among those present included Adviser to CM Punjab Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal, MLAs Manpreet Singh Ayali, Darshan Singh Shivalik and Ranjit Singh Dhillon, Mayor Harcharan Singh Gohalwaria, vice-chairman, Punjab State Planning Board, Rajinder Bhandari, chairman, Zila Parishad, Ludhiana, Bhag Singh Maangarh, district president, BJP, Parveen Bansal, district president, SAD, Madan Lal Bagga.

Minister angers media
The media was informed by the Department of Public Relations that Irrigation Minister Sharanjit Singh Dhillon would convene a press conference in Circuit House at 2 pm. But when Dhillon did not arrive till 2.15 pm, one of the reporters went inside the room, where Dhillon along with other BJP and Akali leaders was sitting, and asked Dhillon to come upstairs and start the conference. Dhillon reportedly did not like the way the reporter spoke to him and said he was not holding any press conference. Following this, mediapersons left the venue.



Cong activist’s arrest sparks protest
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
The registration of a case against tipsy Youth Congress worker and his two relatives for assaulting an ASI at a police naka in Model Town has snowballed into a controversy.

Upset over police action, Congress leader Lucky Kapoor, and his supporters staged a protest outside the Police Commissioner’s office from 11 am to 5pm.

“We lifted the dharna after ADCP-II JS Sidhu assured us of conducting a fair probe,” said Lucky Kapoor.

The accused, identified as Arun Kumar, and his two accomplices Pradeep Kumar and Kuldeep Sharma of the Janakpuri and Bhatian area, were presented in the court which sent them to judicial remand.

The accused were booked under Section 353 (assault or use of criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging his duty) and 186 (obstructing a public servant in discharging his public functions) of the IPC on the complaint of ASI Randhir Singh. In his complaint, Randhir stated that last evening, at a police naka on Link Road near Baba Deep Singh Nagar, the trio was stopped. He said Arun Kumar manhandled him and tore his uniform. He, along with his accomplices, were rounded up and taken to the Model Town police station. Later during the night, their medical examination was conducted. Model Town SHO Inderjit Singh said the trio was under the influence of liquor. Congress leader Lucky Kapoor said, “The incident has been given a different colour. ASI Randhir’s car had hit Arun’s bike. Following which a heated argument ensued. The ASI abused his power and arrested Arun. Later, Arun’s two relatives Pradeep and Kuldeep were told about Arun’s arrest. When they reached the police station, they too were arrested,” said Lucky Kapoor.



Zonal Commissioners to ensure cleanliness in city
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Zonal Commissioners will now ensure cleanliness and better civic amenities in the city. Instructions to all Commissioners were issued recently by the Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Pradeep Aggarwal.

As per information, the four officials (Zone A,B,C and D) will make sure that cleanliness was maintained in their respective zones.

As many as 5,000 safai karamcharis look after the cleanliness work.

A patchwork schedule for November has been given to the Zonal Commissioners who will monitor the work in 16 sub-zones.

The Commissioner has also asked them to make sure that sewer lines were not choked.

The city has 1 lakh streetlight points and now it will be the responsibility of the Zonal Commissioners to ensure that 95 per cent of these work. Twice a week, the officials will be in the field to learn about the problems faced by residents.

Ghanshyam Thori, Additional Commissioner, said they did not want the residents to suffer.



For employees, empty coffers a bane
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
The Punjab Government has been looking for ways and means to tide over financial crisis. While it is trying to make things work, employees at government offices have lost all hopes. They keep making rounds of the treasury office to get their fuel, medical and other bills reimbursed, but return empty-handed each time.

A few employees sent their medical bills in May and June. Those who have applied for advance from GPF are having it the toughest. An assistant engineer with the irrigation department said: “I filed an application seeking the release of Rs 5 lakh in the first week of September, but the authorities have not done anything to date. My son’s wedding is in December and I don’t have money to make the arrangements.”

A Class IV employee working at the animal husbandry department, Meharban, said he had to mortgage his house as the authorities had refused to give him advance.

As many as 318 employees have applied for GPF advance. An employee, who wanted Rs 6 lakh for sending his son abroad for higher studies, said three months had gone, still he had received the money. “My son has to leave in the second week of December,” he said.

An employee working with the district treasury office said, “We are helpless as we are waiting fro the grant.”

Rashpal Singh Sidhu, District Treasury Officer, Ludhiana, said, “We have cleared most of the bills. Now, we are paying salaries. Once we are done, we will release funds.



Farmers to oppose SYL Canal: BKU
Our Correspondent

Ludhiana, November 6
Reacting to the Haryana government’s proposal to resume construction of Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal, the Bharti Kisan Union (BKU) said Punjab farmers would stoutly defend the state’s right to its water under Riparian Law.

Members said all attempts by the new BJP government in Haryana and the Modi government at the Centre to divert any part of the river from Punjab would be foiled.

Talking to mediapersons after an emergent meeting of office-bearers of the BKU, general secretary of the body Puran Singh Shahkot and finance secretary Ajmer Singh Gill maintained that the state of Haryana was already drawing more water than its share from Punjab with the result that the state did not have sufficient water to fulfil its own needs.

The BKU leaders said the new Haryana government intended to resume construction of Sutlej-Yamuna Link Canal which had been explicitly stated in the Haryana Governor’s address in the newly constituted state assembly. Making it clear that Punjab farmers would not allow the neighbouring state to snatch even a drop of extra water, they said the BKU would launch a mass agitation against the Centre and the Haryana government if it came to that. “A state-level meeting of the BKU will be held on November 10,” they added.



trunk show
A fashionable feast for Ludhianvis
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
‘My Best Friend and Me’ trunk show was organised in the city.

The event is said to be a regular feature in Delhi. An array of fashion products from novel and established Indian and international labels offered interesting products during the one-day event.

The exhibition showcased a collection of cocktail earrings, statement neck pieces apart from a range of Indo-western contemporary clothing, home decor, home accessories by noted brands and designers.

Noted designer, Tarun Tahiliani’s collection that combines contemporary with the Indian traditions of draped form and techniques was also unveiled on the occasion.

Exuberant and richly detailed, structured drape that represent Tahiliani’s signature design for modern, Indian woman were exhibited.

Other noted labels like Chandigarh’s Patyala Royal Couture and Shehla Khan from Mumbai were also showcased during the show. Curio Cottage, Madison and other labels in fashion and accessories were part of the show. Most of the labels were from Mumbai and Delhi.

The director of the company organising the event, Anubhav Bhasin, said they had organised the show for the first time in the city and the response was good and overwhelming.

“People here are aware of good brands. We will come again to the city,” he added. The director of the company said creations by noted designers such as Tarun Tahiliani and Manish Arora also received a good response during the event.



road accidents
Poor infrastructure a blot on town
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, November 6
Lack of infrastructure to check on the vehicular accidents and poor awareness about traffic rules among residents has gripped NRIs of the region in fear.

Contrary to the earlier trend, when NRIs used to visit their villages and towns to meet their relatives and friends, the cautious NRIs now organise functions at their native places to serve the purpose and avoid the nightmarish experience.

It is learnt that the alleged failure of the administration to curb the increasing number of vehicular accidents had forced most of the NRIs of the area to either reschedule their travel plans or to take extra precautionary measures while visiting their homeland.

Sanjeev Sharma from Markham, Ontario, said he and other members of his family were scared of travelling on roads of India in general and Punjab in particular.

“We are not scared of travelling from Canada to India. But, we feel stressed the moment we come out of the airport,” said Sharma, adding that majority of the drivers do not follow traffic rules in India.

Vikram Joshi and Gurdeep Singh Grewal, NRIs from Vancouver in British Columbia, who had been highlighting problems of NRIs visiting their homeland, claimed that their friends and relatives worry about their well being whenever they visit India.

“Unfortunately, none of the successive governments have bothered to take required measures to prevent vehicular accidents,” said Joshi and Grewal, citing poor knowledge about traffic rules as major factor behind accidents.



nutrition assessment
Workshops mark Day 1 of national conference
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
Pre-conference workshops on “Nutrition assessment of community and ethics in human research” were held on the first day of the 46th Annual National Conference of Nutrition Society of India (NSICON-2014) at Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) today.

The conference is being jointly organised by Dayanand Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana, and Punjab Agricultural University. The conference is based on the theme ‘Nutritional approach for combating non-communicable diseases in India’.

The PWD Minister of Punjab, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, formally inaugurated the workshop sessions.

The first workshop was on nutritional epidemiology which was conducted by Dr A Laxmaiah from the Division of Community Studies, ICMR, Hyderabad.

The organising secretary, Dr Rajoo Singh Chhina, while addressing the conference said the delegates will definitely enrich their knowledge regarding nutrition and diet by actively participating in these workshops.

Other workshops held in the morning session included workshops on diet survey methodology by Dr Kiran Bains from Punjab Agricultural University and clinical signs of nutritional deficiencies by Dr A Laxmaiah.

In the workshop demonstration of anthropometric measurement procedures and diet survey methods, the faculty claimed that surveys to assess dietary intake and nutritional status of the population were essential to monitor the ongoing nutrition transition and initiate appropriate interventions.

“Since 1973, surveys carried out by National Nutrition Monitoring Bureau (NNMB), National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad, is proving to be of a great help for gathering information on diet and nutritional status of the Indian population,” said Dr Bains.

The day concluded with a workshop on ethics in human research, animal experimentation in scientific research and meals as the emblem of civilisation by chief cardiologist Dr GS Wander, Dr PD Judyal and Roopa Pahwa from Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University and Avon Ispat and Power Limited.



Close shave for SAD leader

Jagraon, November 6
A senior Akali leader and former district president of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD), Harbhajan Singh Dang, met with a minor accident near Jagraon today afternoon. The leader escaped unhurt.

As per the information, Dang and his family had come to pay obeisance at Gurduwara Nanaksar Sahib near Jagraon on the occasion of puranmashi and gurpurab. He was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

The incident took place at around 2.30 pm when Dang was returning to Ludhiana in his car.

It is learnt that the rear tyre of his car exploded and the car skidded on the road.

Dang said, “I was driving the car and I was in a hurry as I had to attend an event. Fortunately, all of us escaped unhurt during the incident.” — OC



PAU youth festival concludes
Tribune News Service

Girls from the College of Basic Sciences present a dance during the Inter-College Youth Festival at the PAU in Ludhiana on Thursday.
Girls from the College of Basic Sciences present a dance during the Inter-College Youth Festival at the PAU in Ludhiana on Thursday. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, November 6
The week-long Inter-College Youth Festival concluded at the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) amidst vibrant cultural performances and unbridled enthusiasm at the Open Air Theatre of the PAU.

Besides, the mono acting and skit events swept the show completely on the last day. College of Agriculture, PAU, clinched the overall trophy.

Chief guest Tejinder Kaur Dhaliwal, chairperson, Punjab School Education Board, Chandigarh, said effervescent performances of the students during the youth fest deserve all round applause. She urged the students to follow in the footsteps of the intelligentsia, produced by the university. She congratulated PAU VC Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon for bagging the Dr BP Pal Memorial Award for his outstanding contributions to farm research and development.

Presiding over the fest, VC Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon said, “PAU has been the bedrock of innumerable stalwarts in varied fields be it agricultural sciences, civil services, sports or cultural artistes.” He advised the students to inculcate competitive spirit, excel in academics and participate enthusiastically in extra-curricular activities.

During the prize distribution ceremony, Narjeet Singh from the College of Agricultural Engineering was adjudged as the best actor, Sarabjit Singh from the College of Basic Sciences adjudged as best poet, Sumita Bhalla (College of Home Science) the best singer, Anmol Grewal (College of Basic Sciences) was the best speaker, Silika Gupta adjuged best actress, Manjeet Singh (College of Agricultural Engineering) and Chetan Kaur (College of Agriculture) were adjudged the best female actor and best artiste, respectively. Meanwhile, Mehakpreet Singh (College of Agricultural Engineering) and Navjeet Kaur (College of Basic Sciences) were adjudged the best dancers (male and female).

Besides, the running trophy for cultural procession, literary, fine arts and dance events was bagged by the College of Agriculture, theatre events by the College of Agricultural Engineering and music events by the College of Home Science. In addition, Dr Dalip Singh Deep Award for the session 2013-14 was bestowed on Alamdeep Singh Brar. Lt Triveni Singh Thakur Cash Award was awarded to Manjinder Singh (Best athlete-male) and Pratishtha Verma (Best athlete-female).

Other results
Skit: 1) College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, 2) College of Basic Sciences, 3) College of Home Science
Mono acting: 1)Narjeet (College of Agricultural Engineering), 2) Sukhjeet (College of Agricultural Engineering), 3) Jagdeep (College of Agriculture)
Folk dance (female): 1) College of Agriculture (giddha), 2) College of Home Science (giddha), 3) College of Home Science (Haryanvi)
Folk dance (male): 1) College of Agricultural Engineering, 2) College of Agriculture, 3) College of Basic Sciences.



Nine-year-old steals the show
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
A nine-year-old boy known as Bohemia stole the show during the concluding ceremony of the Inter-College Youth Festival of the Punjab Agricultural University here late evening yesterday.

Bohemia, who used to work at a canteen in the PAU campus, sung and performed a dance on a track of Punjabi rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh.

Jaswinder Singh Bhalla, coordinator of the youth festival, permitted the child to sing the song. He started with a rap of Honey Singh’s song titled ‘Love dose’. Some of the spectators even awarded him with money.

Renowned Punjabi actor Binnu Dhillon, who was the judge of bhangra competition, came on the stage and awarded him with an award of appreciation.

Binnu Dhillon said: “He has a potential to be a superstar of tomorrow. We have to support such children.”

“I have learned the dance and singing from TV. I was here to watch the dance performances, but I myself got a chance to perform. It was a great experience,” Bohemia said.

He works at a tea stall in the Sarabha nagar area.



Literary events mark Day 3
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
The youth festival of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) entered third day here today.

Different genres of literature in the shape of poetry and spoken words were expressed through debate, elocution, extempore, creative writing, poetic recitation and satiric pieces of haas-Ras poetry.

Dr Darshan Singh Barhi, organising secretary, said in the morning session competitions of debate, elocution, extempore and creative writing were held. In the afternoon session there were competitions of poetic recitation and haas-ras poetry. The students expressed their thoughts through poetry on current and important issues.

Debate on the topic, ‘Modern Communication modes have enhanced our social communication’ was held. It was won by the College of Veterinary Science, while the Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, and the College of Fisheries won the second and the third spot, respectively.

Meanwhile, the individual winners of debate included Ravneet Kaur, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, and Carreia Salisha Whitney, College of Veterinary Science.


Extempore: 1. Mohneet Kaur, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Navpreet Kaur, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Gurleen Kaur, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar; elocution: 1. Gurkanwalvir Singh, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Ravneet Kaur, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Karanveer Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar; poetic recitation: 1. Amandeep Singh, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Ajay Pal Singh Kahlon, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Jashandeep Singh, College of Dairy Science and Technology; creative writing: 1. Priyanka, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Yogesh, College of Veterinary Science, 3. Amritdeep Kaur, College of Dairy Science and Technology; on-the-spot painting: 1. Amanjot Singh Brar, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Kamal Nain Kaur (College of Veterinary Science, 3. Amarpreet Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar; poster making: 1. Kirpal Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 2. Gulgul Singh, College of Fisheries, 3. Amanjot Singh Brar, College of Veterinary Science; cartooning: 1. Navjot Singh, College of Dairy Science and Technology, 2. Kirpal Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Amandeep Kaur (College of Veterinary Science); collage making: 1. Kirpal Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 2. Alice Moudgil, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Priyanka, College of Veterinary Science; clay modelling: 1. Harpreet Kaur,School of Animal Biotechnology, 2. Manpreet Kaur, College of Fisheries, 3. Baljot Kaur, College of Fisheries; rangoli making: 1. Ravneet Kaur, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Navpreet Kaur, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 3. Sukhjinder Singh, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar; photography: 1. Amanjot Singh Brar, College of Veterinary Science, 2. Nikhil, College of Veterinary Science, 3. Puneet Pal, Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar; installation: 1. Khalsa College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Amritsar, 2. College of Dairy Science and Technology, 3. College of Fisheries.



Experts dwell on new diseases, their cure
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, November 6
A detailed discussion on new diseases, pathogens and health implications was held on the second day of the International School on One Health Initiative at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (GADVASU) here today.

Dr Jatinder Paul Singh Gill, organising secretary of the event and director, School of Public Health and Zoonoses, discussed the emergence and re-emergence of zoonotic pathogens such as ‘Ebola’ across the globe and highlighted the need to formulate combined international strategies for the prevention and control of these diseases.

The role of deforestation, climate change and changing eating habits was also discussed. On the occasion, Dr MS Oberoi, sub-regional manager, Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, delivered a lecture on the emerging threats of Ebola virus particularly in view of the ongoing global outbreak of Ebola virus infections.

Important lectures on emerging zoonotic parasites were delivered by Dr Emily Jenkins from Canada, who is a renowned scientist in food borne and zoonotic parasitology. In addition, Dr Ashok Kumar from Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar, provided an insight on the emerging vector-borne viruses. Delegates were also educated for the important role of biosafety and biosecurity in the modern world.

Book released

Meanwhile, a book titled, ‘Diseases transmitted from animals to humans (in Punjabi)’, authored by Dr Rajnish Sharma, Dr BB Singh Dhaliwal and Dr JPS Gill was also released.

Dr Vikram Misra, Head, Veterinary Microbiology, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, informed that bats had some special characters such as being the only mammal to fly long distances, living in big clusters and having certain anti-viral mechanisms which make them suitable hosts for a number of emerging viral zoonotic pathogens such as Ebola, Nipah, Hendra and Corona etc.

Dr Manish Kakkar from Public Health Federation of India discussed about the ‘One Health Initiative’ which takes into account the combined health of humans, animals and environment and policies being undertaken in India. Culling practices for zoonotic control and bioethics issues in India were discussed by Dr GN Gongal from the WHO regional office of South East Asia.



Mahindra gets Broker of the Year award

Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) was conferred with the Broker of The Year award during the 18th Asia Insurance Industry Awards (AIIA) in Taipei, Taiwan. The principal officer, MIBL, KR Pherwani, received the award on behalf of the company recently. The event also marked the opening of the 27th East Asian Insurance Congress.

Owners of a bakery display a cake in Ludhiana.Bakery shop opened

The Cake Shoppee was inaugurated at Kitchlu Nagar on Thursday. The owner of the bakery, Amit Grover, said fondant and cream cakes, snacks, cookies and other bakery products are freshly prepared at the bakery. “All the items available here are eggless,” said Grover.

Owners of a bakery display a cake in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet verma

Titan Eyeplus launches eyewear for women

Titan Eyeplus launched Enigma-a new range of stylish prescription eyewear for women. With over 100 styles in various colours. Starting at just Rs 995, the trendy collection is an ensemble of contemporary and elegant designs, embellished with fine detailing like metal bows, crystals and floral prints. — TNS



7 test positive for dengue

Seven more patients tested positive for dengue. Five are from Ludhiana, while the other two are from other districts. A male (60) from BRS Nagar, a 50-year-old male from Industrial Area, a teenager (17) from Bhora, 73-year-old female from Guru Hargobind Nagar and a 16-year-old teenager from Kakowal Road are undergoing treatment at DMCH, Ludhiana. A youth (26) from Pathankot and 52-year-old male also tested positive for the disease at DMCH, Ludhiana. Total count of patients diagnosed with dengue in Ludhiana hospitals has gone to 163, of which 119 belong to Ludhiana, 38 to other districts and six are from other states. In case of any suspected case of dengue, the public is advised to report it to a nearest government dispensary/hospital. Dengue test is done free-of-cost at Civil Hospital, Ludhiana. For any query, please contact Civil Surgeon Office Control Room at 0161-2444193.

Gurpurb celebrated

The volunteers of Aam Aadmi Party, Ludhiana, celebrated Gurpurab with the children of an orphanage, near Jalandhar bypass. The children also cut a cake with the volunteers on the occasion. The orphanage is also home for the mentally-ill patients. The volunteers vowed to continue putting in efforts to bring a positive change in the system.

Cultural event on November 8

Shobhaniya Kala Kendra, a non-profitable organisation, will be organising a cultural programme at Guru Nanak Bhawan on November 8. The programme namedMembers of the Shobhaniya Kala Kendra address a gathering at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan in Ludhiana. Dharohar would be an amalgam of classical and folk dances. The organisation has been engaged in the promotion of art and culture for the past many years. Besides, imparting quality education and training in performing arts, the kendra also provides a platform to young and talented learners of music and dance.
Members of the Shobhaniya Kala Kendra address a gathering at Guru Nanak Dev Bhawan in Ludhiana. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Sangh meeting

A meeting of Samaj Seva Sangh, led by Raj Kumar Atwal, state president, Valmiki Samaj Sewa Sangh, was held at Circuit House on Thursday. The meeting was organised to discuss about the Baba Sahib maha ore-nirman divas which will held on December 6. The divas will be organised in all the zones of the state. A large number of activists of the sangh were present on the occasion.

Singing contest

The Ludhiana Citizen Council organised “Ek sham ubharti pratibha” at Basant Resorts, Shrabha Nagar. A singing competition was also organised on the occasion. The chairman, Darshan Arora, was also present. The winners were given prizes. — TNS




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Man booked in rape case

Ludhiana, November 6
A resident of the Dana Mandi area near Jalandhar Bypass was booked for raping a woman on the pretext of mortgaging her property with a bank and providing her a loan. The accused has been identified as Dharampal. He was booked under Section 376 of the IPC.

The victim said the accused met her and assured her of providing loan against property. The victim said she gave him the registry of her house. The accused kept dilly-dallying the issue. When the victim asked Dharampal to return the registry, the accused raped her on October 15 and 20. Later, the victim reported the matter to the police. — TNS



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