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I am 17 years old. I dreamt of an insect entering my ear. After I got up, my ear was itching.

Surabhi, Chandigarh.

The itching in the ear could be a cause as well as the effect of the dream. Any physiological problem can lead to a dream of the afflicted organ. Any dream which shows a particular organ afflicted with a problem, leads to the psychosomatic expression of the same problem. Consult an ENT specialist to rule out any serious problem.

I am 22 years old. I often dream of being an alcoholic. But in real life I do not drink alcohol and I also do not like people who consume it.

Rajinder Kumar, Ludhiana

What stops you from drinking alcohol? Social stigma or fear instilled in you during your childhood? The latter reason seems to be more probable. Your conscience tells you not to drink, but subconsciously you want to. This conflict is reflected in your dream. Get out of this conflict and the dream shall stop.

I am 19 years old. Recently, I dreamt that I was bound in chains.

Deepika, Doaba

To see yourself bound in chains denotes that a lot of burdens and responsibilities are going to come your way. They could be unpleasant too.

I am doing B.Ed. In my dreams I tend to fear water. Why is it so and what is the solution?

R.L. Zinta, Kashmir

The reason for your fear lies rooted in real life. You may be suffering from hydrophobia. The solution lies in raking out the reason for this fear. Take the help of psychiatrist.

I am a student and have been in love with a boy for the past one year. Now he has got engaged to someone else. Lately, in my dream, I saw him holding my hand in front of my father. What does it mean?

Natasha, Chandigarh

These dreams reflect your latent desire. Perhaps, the boy was unaware of your love and that is why he did not reciprocate it. Do not waste your time in thinking of him since it is a futile effort. Concentrate on your studies. Time is the greatest healer.

— Vinaya Katoch


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