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Sunday, June 25, 2000

Leadership and change are closely linked. An awareness of the changing atmosphere at the workplace calls for leaders who can understand and deal with the changing paradigms of corporate culture. No longer is it enough for a manager to limit his job to doing things on time, within budget and the way they were done yesterday, only five per cent better. Leaders are today treading on completely unfamiliar territory where yesterday’s rules no longer apply, notes Prerana Trehan.

Week Specials

Very few people know about...,
Ajay Pratap Singh

A Filmmaker who is full of Josh,
Abhilaksh Likhi

A gift of wings and a dream in the heart,
Amrita Dhingra

SPEAKING GENERALLY: He was a man of the masses,
Chanchal Sarkar

Indian theatre at the crossroads,
Chaman Ahuja

Spiritual scarecrows,
Lalit Mohan

Week Specials

TIME OFF: What a tangled web!
by Manohar Malgonkar

SUGAR 'N' SPICE: Sweet and sumptuous summer delights,
by Harkiran Sodhi

NATURE: Swallow this!
by Nutan Shukla

TELEVISION: A story of crime and banishment,
by Mukesh Khosla

by Madhur Mittal

SCENE STEALERS: Preity talk,
Belu Maheshwari

LIFE TIES: One false step,,
by Taru Bahl

FEEDBACK: What law cannot cure, society can
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