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Sunday, February 25, 2001
Bollywood Bhelpuri

Manisha lbw to Aussie!
By Madhur Mittal

IT was about a couple of months ago that the media had gone into an overdrive — splashing scoops and exclusive stories about "Manisha to wed!" all over the mags and tabloids, remember? Ms Koirala had emphatically denied the reports with a telling retort: "I’ve never kept my relationships a secret. I can’t see myself being that petty! When I decide to marry, I’ll personally announce it to the whole world, okay?"

Well, hats off to her, she has done exactly what she promised.

Manisha KoiralaCalling a (hurried) Press conference and arranging a (modest) party in the Antique Village in Kathmandu, the Nepalese nymphet was all smiles ‘n’ giggles when she stated she is now formally engaged to Crispin John Conray — the young (and handsome) Australian Ambassador to Nepal and that they plan to marry in March-April sometime! "But the venue still has to be finalised," Manisha announced amidst peals of laughter and claps.

And, let not her (legion of) fans go "Aw, no!" Because our girlie has no plans to quit the Hindi film industry; at least, "not right away". Understandable. Since she has over half a dozen big movies on the floors and she’d most definitely want to complete them. To quote: "The wedding is going to be as soon as possible but the honeymoon can wait."

Congrats, "Himalayan Princess"! You’re lbw (love before wedding) for sure!

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Rock Sonu rock

Alright, guess which young, male playback singer is preparing himself to step into the shoes of a rock star? It’s Sonu Nigam, guys! Yeah, you’d better believe it. Sonu could be our very own desi version of Bruce Springstein — The Boss — if his recent intentions (and actions) are anything to go by.

Sonu Nigam with Riya Sen in YaadHe’s got himself a new hairstyle. He’s got himself a new dress designer for glitzy gear. He has even learnt to play the electronic guitar to let his ‘electrifying’ notes sear the soundtracks! And he’s out to prove himself in his newfangled, freaking avtar with a new, solo album he’s just recorded ‘n’ released on T-Series — titled Yaad.

Romantic, frothy and funky, the album (and Nigam’s new look) is being vigorously promoted with a vibrant video featuring the sensuous Riya Sen, which has been choreographed by none other than Remo! But, all said and done, it’s Sonu himself who emerges as the most fizzy fella who’s sure to leave his yaad upon the listeners’ and viewers’ mind... Mind it!

Of flashy cars, flashier folks

Bollywood will be Bollywood. with so much moolah (mostly the dark colour!) floating freely around, it’s quite difficult (rather, impossible!) for the stars to stick to a low profile for long. And, well, who the hell can blame ‘em, huh?

So, after a lull in the ostentatious habits of our celluloid gods ‘n’ goddesses, it’s almost refreshing to find them storming the city streets with the most obvious signature of their countless, awesome wealth — flashy cars! Yes, all of a sudden, the topliners have bought some of the most exorbitantly priced imported vehicles for personal transport and are seen (that’s entire idea, isn’t it?) behind the wheel coolly cruising up ‘n’ down Tinseltown’s flyovers while the chauffeur smugly sits in the rear!

Sunil Shetty is in the fast lane as of how, with this incredible Toyota Prado or some such — a veritable cinema house on wheels! Ah, at least, the roads of Mumbai have been given a face-lift, in more ways than one!

No no, Mrs Nene!

Inevitably, there was a whole lot of curiosity ‘n’ commotion amongst TV watchers when the special episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati featuring Madhuri Nene (nee Dixit) and Sachin Tendulkar was telecast. News had already been very cleverly leaked out that each had won a whopping amount in the game show... to be donated in full for the Gujarat earthquake victims. Hence, the hype was high.

I’m sure, like me, most viewers must’ve been shocked to see Madhuri falter at the Nataraja poser. Imagine, being a Kathak classical dancer... and not quite knowing whether Nataraja is "The God of Gods" or "The God of Dance".