Saturday, July 14, 2001  

A valley stripped of dreams

The ethereal beauty of the valley's landscapes, its tranquil ambience and its glorious legacy stand plundered at the hands of separatists who, in these 11 years of insurrection in the valley, have not given it anything expect an ever-growing number of graveyards, an alarming rise in the number of people suffering from depressive disorders and a terribly shattered economy that will take ages to revive, observes Aditi Tandon


The President’s itinerary: From siyasat to ziyarat
HE narrow forgotten alleys in Daryaganj, just a stone’s throw from the historic Lahori Gate of the Red Fort, is abuzz with activity of a different kind. He was just a four-year-old when he stepped out of these lanes to travel to an hitherto unknown land which was to become a country called Pakistan. Over half a century later, he is coming back to the same portals as the President of that country and palpable excitement is the flavour of the day today.

So much for India’s mehman nawazi!
by Fasih Ahmed
T is a common belief that when God will get sick and tired of his ‘superior’ creations on earth and will desire a change (hopefully for the better), he will summon His angels to blow the conch and finally announce Dooms Day. Thereafter will commence the arduous process of judgement that will decide who gets what: Heaven (swarg/jannat) or Hell (nark/dozakh).

Sad tale of a legendary horse
by J.S. Bedi
URING the glorious days of the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, lovers and admirers of horses in his magnificent court often spoke of the beauty and grandeur of a Peshwari horse lovingly known as Laili. It was owned by Yar Muhammad Khan of Peshawar. Since Maharaja Ranjit Singh had much passion for such horses, he made up his mind to have Laili for exhibiting as his favourite stud.