Question of conspiracy
Roopinder Singh
Who Killed Daniel Pearl?
by Bernard-Henri Lévy. Translated from French by James X. Mitchell. Rupa. Rs 295. Pages 454
OHAMMAD Ali Jinnah, founder of an Islamic Pakistan is said to have been secular. Omar Sheikh, killer of Daniel Pearl, has been described as a "perfect Englishman". There is truth in both statements, in so far as these relate to a certain stage of development in the personalities of these two individuals. However, what they became belied the early promise.

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An ode to common salt
Jaswant Singh
The Romance of Salt, by Anil Dharkar. Roli. Pages 228. Rs 395.

book on a substance as common as the common salt! Sounds strange. What could there be to write about salt? But the author has forged a romantic relationship with it and has discovered some amazing aspects connected with salt. He has divided the book into two halves.

Not all generals are leaders
Rakesh Datta
Leadership in the Indian Army: Biographies of Twelve Soldiers
by Major-General V .K. Singh.
Sage. Pages 418. Rs 450
THE military profession has always placed a greater premium on valour rather than on victory, especially in India where most favoured leaders like Porus, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Maharana Partap and Laxmi Bhai lost their battles but became legends to inspire generation of leaders.

Ways to excellence in business
D.S. Cheema
The New-Age Empowering Organisation
by Prem Chadha. Rupa. Pages 883. Rs 500.

N a fast-changing business word, organisations have to make several strategic and operational changes, including mergers and acquisitions, technologies, downsizing, relocation, re-engineering, etc. In response to environments that are shifting rapidly, organisations are now required to initiate multiple changes simultaneously unlike the past when changes were made adopting a step-by-step approach.

Code of the comic genius
Harsh Desai
Wodehouse: A Life
by Robert McCrum
Penguin Viking. Pages: 419. £ 15.
VERY biography is not strictly meant for fans. The biography of Napolean, for instance would interest a vast swathe of people but the PG Wodehouse biography which fills a big gap in a fan’s life might not be interesting to some one not familiar with Wodehouse’s work. I, for instance, cracked up several times while reading the book.

Punjabi Review
History at hand
Nirupama Dutt
Nerhion Takia Itihaas
Essays by Tarlochan Singh, Ed Dr. Pritam Singh Batra. Unistar. Pages 260. Rs 150.
HIS is a book of essays by someone who has closely witnessed the recent history of India and had a special interest in what it has spelt out for the Sikhs. The writer is Tarlochan Singh, who is chairman of the Minorities Commission and member of the Rajya Sabha. In all it is a collection of 62 short essays, published earlier in newspapers and journals.

Managing people for profit Winning
Deepika Gurdev
by Jack Welch with Suzy Welch.
Harper Collins. Pages 372. Rs 679
E was once called ‘America’s toughest boss.’ Living up to that name, his book has moved into the top 10 in the bestseller list in the US and in Asia as well knocks some pretty hard punches about managing and surviving in a workplace. However, the book itself defies definitions of sorts. It is at best a part self-help, part leadership and part management manual. And it is this interesting mix that attracts readers like I, who generally tend to skip hardcore management books.

Victor & the victim
Kanchan Mehta
Black Statements: Sylvia Plath’s Poetry and Fiction
by Shyamsunder Padihari. Prakash Book Depot, Bareilly.
Pages 108. Rs 50.
STRUCTURED like an academic thesis, Black Statements is a holistic study of Sylvia Plath, the most haunting American woman poet. Classified into sections and written in a jargon-free style, the book brings us face to face with a towering genius who dared to articulate her unsavoury emotions in public.