White woman’s burden
Rumina Sethi
Daughters of the Empire: A Memoir of Life and Times in the British Raj
by Iris Macfarlane. Oxford University Press, New Delhi. Pages 165. Rs 450.
THIS book contains Iris Macfarlane’s memoirs of four generations of British memsahibs who settled in India during the days of the Raj. As her son, Alan Macfarlane, was to write later: "It was an extraordinary moment in history, when a small band of middle-class ladies held together the greatest Empire on earth, to their private cost and pain."


Books received: English

Mix of faith, facts and fiction
Kanchan Mehta
The Order of Light
by Haroon Moghul Penguin. Rs 250 Pages 274
Haroon Moghul’s book is a discourse on the predicament of the Islamic world. The opening chapter "The end of Islam" which encapsulates the Arab world’s stormy history could be turgid reading. The militarily weak Arab world’s sad history of humiliation at the hands of well-armed crusaders tugs at the heartstrings.

Said without fear
Rajdeep Bains
Free Expression is No Offence
ed Lisa Appignanesi. Penguin. Pages 259. £ 4.50.
Twenty-three essays, one issue, brilliantly discussed. Penguin brings us a new collection as part of its 70th anniversary celebration. This collection of essays has been compiled in association with English PEN, part of an international organisation that champions freedom of expression and the "right of writers, artists and anyone to say whatever they feel without fear of persecution or penalty".

Lessons from life
Jyoti Singh
The Second Nose and Other Stories
by Yashpal. Translated by Anand. Rupa and Co. Pages 189. Rs 195.
Translated into English by Anand, a print and broadcast journalist, The Second Nose and Other Stories incorporate Yashpal’s 15 short stories. If Munshi Premchand soared above all the writers in the Hindi literary world in the first half of the 20th century, Yashpal (1903-76) dominated the literary scene in the second half.

Love’s the recipe for this cook
Food is Home. The Little Book of Italian Cooking.
by Sarjano. Penguin. Pages 269. Rs. 250
Pasta, sauces, gnocchi, lasagne, chicken soup, focaccia, spaghetti, farfelle, and risotto might be mouth-watering but not as much as this book by Sarjano is. The author and master chef, whose repertoire incorporates journalism and photography, runs the International Academy of Italian Cooking in Goa.

Troubled mind
Manju Joshi
The Colour of Mehndi
by Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi. Frog Books. Page 248. Rs 300.
Nausheen Pasha-Zaidi, a graduate in language education and educational psychology, works as an online instructor in Arizona. Her book, The Colours of Mehndi, is based on a Pakistani-American Woman, Nazli Akram, who suffers from the obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is marked by depression and low self-esteem.

In pursuit of growth
D. S. Cheema
Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Ideas to Execution
by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble. Harvard Business School Press. Pages 224. $ 29.95.
IN today’s fast changing and complex marketplace, business is breaking all rules as innovation is becoming increasingly critical to its success. Many corporations fail in creating value for investors when they reach the maturity stage not due to lack of ideas but due of lack of skills to execute those ideas.

Tale of two Peter Pans
Louise Jury
OR more than a century, the fans of J.M. Barrie’s classic story Peter Pan have had a few mysteries to ponder over. Now a century after the story first caught the public’s imagination, two rival publications are jockeying to proffer answers.

Robinson crusade
Voice for Human Rights, edited by Kevin Boyle, is an annotated collection of Mary Robinson’s speeches, given when she served as U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. The book also provides the first in-depth account of the work of the Office of High Commissioner.

Short Takes
World of words
Randeep Wadehra

  • The Special Correspondent
    by Dilip Awasthi Viva Books, N. Delhi. Pages: viii+190. Rs 295.

  • Practising Journalism
    edited by Nalini Rajan Sage, N. Delhi. Pages: viii+358. Rs 450.