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Jinnah and his politics
V. N. Datta
M. A. Jinnah: Views and Reviews
ed. M. R. Kazimi, Oxford University Press, Karachi. Pages 260. Rs 550.
THIS is a collection of 13 essays on Mr Jinnah and his creation of Pakistan. Most of these have been published previously. Some of the contributors are experts on Jinnah; of the13 contributors, nine are British and American and four Pakistani, though one or them, Ayasha Jalal, is based in the US. None is from India.

‘Writing is therapy for me’
Chetan Bhagat of Five-Point Someone and One Night @Call Centre fame is a youth icon but he himself idolises Mahatma Gandhi. Ritusmita Biswas meets the acerbic writer for a tete-a-tete
hetan Bhagat, 31, is an investment banker in Hong Kong by day but a writer by night. An alumnus of IIT, Delhi, his experience at the institute was the fodder for his first novel Five Point Someone which became an instant hit. He was also judged the Best Outgoing Student at IIM, Ahmedabad.


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Search for metaphors
Arun Gaur
Vanishing Acts New and Selected Poems 1985—2005
by Ranjit Hoskote. Penguin. Pages 219. Rs 250
THE present volume contains some of the selected poems from the three earlier anthologies of the poet: Zones of Assault (1991), The Cartographer’s Apprentice (2000), The Sleepwalker’s Archive (2001). To these selections a new body of poetry—Vanishing Acts—has been appended.

Seeds of thought are sown at last
P. K. Vasudeva
India in a Globalising World: Some Aspects of Macro economy, Agriculture and Poverty
ed. R Radhakrishna, S. K. Rao, S Mahendra Dev and K. Subarao Academic Foundation, New Delhi. Price not stated.
Pages 528.
THE papers in this volume are a tribute to Prof C. H. Hanumantha Rao one of India’s most distinguished economists. The papers in this volume relate to few important themes on India in the context of globalising world. The themes include Macro Issues in Development, covering issues such as changing role of Reserve Bank of India, fiscal federalism performance of firms, macro modelling and governance.

Divided House
Rajdeep Bains
Four Steps From Paradise
by Timeri N. Murari. Penguin. Pages 654. Rs 325.
PICTURES in words", is what comes to mind on reading Four Steps from Paradise. A refreshing change from most novels today that appear to cater to readers with short attention spans, here is finally someone who dares to explore the world of writing in all its glorious possibilities and shuns the quick and dramatic in favour of the creative and leisurely.

Salute to chronicler of rural India
Harbans Singh
My Life and times: Premchand Created
by Madan Gopal. Roli Books. Rs 295. Pages 230.
EVEN if the purists are not entirely happy with the form of My Life And Times as an autobiographical narrative of Munshi Premchand, it is a welcome addition to the recent trend of rediscovering Indian literature through English.

Bible trivia by NRI author
Frederick Noronha
HILE a section of Christians in India are up in arms over the film The Da Vinci Code, an Indian Christian in Britain has written an unusual book on the Bible with all kinds of trivia and titbits like the origins of Christmas carols.

Let go of ego
A New Earth
by Eckhart Tolle Penguin. Pages 309. £ 11
A New Earth and a new Awakening to your life’s purpose is a presentation from the bestselling author of The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle. A New Earth will prove to be a cornerstone for self improvement for years to come is very probable.

Discovery of self
Randeep Wadehra

  • The truth about getting your point across
    by Lonnie Pacelli Pearson Education, N. Delhi. Pages: xviii + 247. Rs 225.

  • Loving God
    by Baba Virsa Singh Sterling. Pages 84. Rs 75.

  • Me, a winner
    by Bobby Menon & Jyothi Menon. EastWest Books, Chennai. Pages: xx + 129. Rs 195.