Vale of cheer
The rhythm of normal life has returned to Kashmir. It has been a long journey for the valley from the days of fear-filled silence to a tourist haven abuzz with activity, reports Kumar Rakesh from Srinagar

Over the years, Srinagar’s Lal Chowk has been a witness to militant violence but now the din of ceaseless traffic and the sight of groups of tourists haggling with shopkeepers stand out around this historic city square.

Nothing marks the change in the valley more than the rush at the Tulip garden in Srinagar. The garden is becoming a preferred locale for shooting films.
Nothing marks the change in the valley more than the rush at the Tulip garden in Srinagar. The garden is becoming a preferred locale for shooting films. — Photo by Amin War

Kumaon Lake Region
A gem in perfect setting

Nainital offers stunning and soothing sights. The lakes and lush forests with mountain ranges as a backdrop offer a comforting break from the heat of the plains, writes Mukesh Khosla

‘Theatre is my first love’
Shweta Sharma
She rose to popularity as "Devki bhojai" of the hit Doordarshan series Humrahi in the early 1990s and since then has been active in films and television, but Himani Shivpuri says theatre has been her first love.

Earth music
It is a special music video to inspire people to save the planet. Its objective is to create awareness about the environment and make people realise the urgency of the situation at hand and bring about a change in their attitude and actions. The National Geographic Channel has launched a special music video, Earth — A Song for Life, dedicated to World Earth Day.

The ghost story
Films on supernatural themes have a peculiar fascination, writes M. L. Dhawan
Some landmark films in the Hindi cinema had storylines derived from the realm of the supernatural, especially spirits and ghosts. The recent Bhootnath by B.R. Chopra Films falls in this genre. The story is about a ghost but it is not a horror film. Bhootnath (Amitabh Bachchan) is a ghost but there is nothing scary or supernatural about him.

Slice of Europe
Santosh Mehta
Lovers of good cinema had an opportunity to`A0watch European films at an exclusive collection of 21 contemporary films from 20 European Union (EU) member states. These films were screened in New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Kozhikode and Pune during the 13th European Union Film Festival held recently.

Emran’s new role
Subhash K. Jha

Emran Hashmi is moving out of the Mahesh Bhatt fold temporarily for a film that brings Hollywood’s Warner Brothers to Indian shores for the second time. Warner Brothers has tied up with Tandav films of Khosla Ka Ghosla fame for a film that studies intimate human relationships. It is set in Delhi. The Hollywood movie major’s first project in Hindi was Nikhil Advani’s Chandni Chowk To China. Actor Emran Hashmi gets a total makeover for the part. After playing the kiss-friendly boy-man in a series of Bhatt films, Emran is ready to play a mature married man with kids.


Home away from home
Single women account for 8 per cent of the grey population. They face physical, financial and emotional insecurity. Old age homes give them independence and security, writes Swapna Majumdar

Master of jewellery
She is the first woman to have launched designer jewellery in India. No two Poonam Soni designs are the same. Each one is specifically crafted to suit the features of the wearer, says Dolly Sagar


’Art & soul: Early printing in India
by B. N. Goswamy

TELEVISIONAgainst all odds

FOOD TALKLamb on toast
by Pushpesh Pant

Hollywood hues: It’s a small world
by Ervell E. Menezes

nature: Vanishing vultures
by Emily Dugan

ULTA PULTA: Matchless show
by Jaspal Bhatti

by David Bird

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Strategies of survival
Rumina Sethi
Zealous Reformers, Deadly Laws: Battling Stereotypes
by Madhu Purnima Kishwar. Sage, Pages 419. Rs. 495.

Focus on urban inequality
Subhakanta Mohapatra
Globalising Cities: Inequality and Segregation in Developing Countries
Eds. Ranvinder S. Sandhu and Jasmeet Sandhu.
Rawat Publications, Jaipur. Pages IX+422. Rs 850.

Perspective on partition of the Punjab
Kanchan Mehta
Punjab da Batwara te Sikh Neta
by Dr Kirpal Singh.
Singh Brothers. Pages 104. Rs 80.

Insights into traditional history
J. N. Pandey and Nasreen Begum

Ancient Indian Dynasties
by V .S. Misra.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai. Pages 413. Rs 350.

How mankind will evolve
D. S. Cheema
Here Comes Everybody
by Clay Shirky.
Penguin Books. Pages 319. Price not stated.

A force for the future
Sridhar K Chari

Indian Army Vision 2020
By Gurmeet Kanwal
Harper Collins India, New Delhi, 2008, 342 pages, Rs 495

Books received: ENGLISH

About politics and poetry
Randeep Wadehra
Minoo Masani
by S.V. Raju
National Book Trust. Pages: xxi+99. Rs 40

Timeless tale of love
Tabish Khair
The Age of Shiva
by Manil Suri. Norton, W.W. &
Company, Inc. Pages 448. $24.95

When books reach scholars
Azera Rahman

The spirit of
Daphne du Maurier

Daphne du Maurier's son Christian Browning still lives in the family home, near Fowey, Cornwall, that was owned by his grandmother. This is where she wrote her first novel, The Loving Spirit, in 1931.