W E E K L Y   F O R E C A S T              ABHIJAT 
[ March 21 to April 20 ]

The current week indicates plenty of activity and a general boost to your energy. Arrangements made earlier may be realised as per schedule.

[ April 21 to May 20 ]
A forward-looking Venus exhorts you to smoothen lingering emotional wrinkles. Good for you if you adhere to the point of view of your loved one.
[ May 21 to June 21 ]
A great deal going on behind the scenes but not much to your credit. Donít expect instant results due to your sluggish sign-star.
[ June 22 to July 22 ]
Short distance travel looks more trouble-free than long ones but you may face a hindrance. In such a case, postpone the move.
[ July 23 to Aug 22 ]
If you feel swamped with work take it as a blessing in disguise. Because you will emerge as a mature and responsible Leo.
[ Aug 23 to Sept 22 ]
Exalted Mercury is influencing your financial fortunes. Good opportunity to make hay while the sun shines. The snag is you are still hungry to accumulate more funds.
[Sept 23 to Oct 22 ]
Librans, a typical benefic sign, tend to carry other peopleís burdens. This is more prominent now. Better get involved in charitable activities and earn praise.
[Oct 23 to Nov 22 ]
Mars is encouraging you to adopt a more relaxed mind you lacked during the past. But Mars can make you be short tempered also.

[ Nov 23 to Dec 22]

Your emotional life resembles a game of chess so you have to catch the bull by the horns. Time being inconsistent, the success rate in the present case is low.
[Dec 23 to Jan 20]
Blessed by Saturn and Uranus, this is no time to whine. Capitalise on your good fortune and rake in the profits. You can get away with any thing, especially on Saturday.
[ Jan 21 to Feb 19 ]
Never be sure of the reality of people. There is a danger that friends, partners, relatives and even acquaintances may turn out to be unreliable and self-contradictory.
[Feb 20 to March 20 ]
Appeasing a Virgoan or a Libran by going out of the way is not right. But you can trust Cancerians and Leos, who can be your best allies.

Born on

October 26
A youthful sun, encircled by dominant Mars is a force to reckon with. Besides gaining name and fame, you will become a sought after person. The people you may meet will be honest and work-oriented. You should not compromise, especially on matters of principle. The road leading to progress should be smooth. You will bury the past, clear up unfinished tasks and make your target clear. Your maturity will win applause even from rivals.

October 27
Moon heading towards combustion may increase your involvement in various activities. It may keep you off colour for a long time. A rise in expenditure may add to your woes. The unreasonable demands of your near and dear ones may add fuel to the fire. You may be tempted to indulge in a bad bargain. In short, whatever you do, the result will be negative. Your travel stars are also not favourable. The less you move out, the better it will be for your health and safety.

October 28
With an energetic Mars at the helm of affairs, chances of achieving success. You will be able to face all challenges. You will be surprisingly successful in your undertakings from December onwards. You will be cashing in on good bargains, making wise decisions and pursuing sensible investments. You should, however, keep your business secrets close to your heart.

October 29
You just canít get away from financial worries so easily. There have been threats to your finances recently but these canít stop you from taking good decisions. You have a great deal on your mind but you cannot change your destiny overnight. Strong measures are necessary to change the status quo. You may face some opposition but it could be sorted out with a little patience on your part. Learn to trust the future and the results could be staggering.

October 30
Your worry about rising prices and new demands will start receding very soon. Your mood will become optimistic and you will do justice to the work you are involved in. From December onwards, your path will become much smoother and clearer due to the stay of Jupiter in Sagittarius. The demands of your near and dear ones could be met without much difficulty. No reason to fear about any unpleasant situation.

October 31
Unexpected events will continue during the current year. These will help you gain wisdom and experience. If you can learn to tackle such happenings without losing your balance, it will be an achievement on your part. You will move into a more placid and happier frame of mind and start laying greater emphasis on moral and ethical matters, which have remained, neglected so far.

November 1
This is a start-favoured year for gaining name and fame. Your sense of humour and your sociable disposition will make your life joyful. However, a few safety measures are needed. While going on a journey you are advised not to compromise with the mode of travel. Be especially cautious and vigilant.

Lucky days
Celebrations: Monday
Political ventures: Friday
Spiritual quest: Thursday
Official matters: Wednesday
Investment: Tuesday

Wednesday: Full day
Friday: Full day

Sacred days
Dhan trayodashi: Sunday
Divali: Tuesday
Goverdhan Puja & Vishwakarma Day: Wednesday
Bhai dooj: Thursday

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