In midst of a long journey
Amar Chandel
Innovative India Rises
Ed. L.K. Sharma.
Medialand, London.
Pages 364. £35 (soft cover), £ 45 (hard bound).
THERE was a time not too long ago when "India" and "innovation" fell under antonyms. We were happy and contented being copycats, duplicating the innovative ideas that the other countries came up with, and just enjoying the end result. 

Books received

Shades of belonging
Amreeta Sen
Memory’s Gold — Writings on Calcutta
Ed. Amit Chaudhuri.
Pages 532. Rs 699.
IT is an "overpowering tale" (Hey Man, Calm Down by Ulrike Draesner); "memories preserved in the minds of old people", (A Place Called Calcutta by Shaheen Akhtar); "elephants coming down B.K. Pal Avenue at one in the morning", (Coming Home by Sandipan Chattopadhyay); "my dreamscape, my nightmare, my birthplace", (Durga-Daughter, Durga-Ma by Anita Roy) `85 yes, Calcutta has a unique place among the cities of the world.

Towards better global studies
Randeep Wadehra
International Relations in South Asia
Ed. Navnita Chadha Behera. Sage.
Pages: vii+342. Price not mentioned.
International Relations as an academic discipline often gets confused with Area Studies. The latter constitutes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of a geographical, political or cultural region or group. The disciplines involved could range from: political science, history, geography, sociology, cultural studies, literature and languages, etc.

A heavy dose of Northeast
Parbina Rashid
Next Door
by Jahnavi Barua.
Rs 250. Pages 232. 

THE book is titled Next Door but given the geographical distance and the cultural differences it encapsulates, the anthology is anything but next door! The plot of the short stories happens to be remote areas of Assam, unfamiliar to many readers. For them, even the name of the author may be unfamiliar.

Romantic fantasy
Shalini Rawat
by Devkinandan Khatri.
Translated by Deepa Aggarwal.
Puffin Classics.
Pages 252. Rs 199.
IT was while looking after his ancestral estate in Gaya that Devakinandan Khatri found employment as a timber contractor with the raja of Varanasi. His excursions into the dense jungles with their mysterious ruins of forts and palaces paved the way for the first mystery novel in Hindi, Chandrakanta.

Agony of Partition
Aditi Garg
Love Longing and Death — Mystic Stories
by Amar Jaleel.
Promilla and Co.
Pages 262. Rs 295.

THERE are episodes and happenings in everyone’s lives that leave a lasting impression on their psyche, and most of their life’s course is shaped by them. Then there are happenings that are very deeply etched on the mind of not only an individual but on society as a whole.

How to conduct effective research
Anthropologists Inside Organisations — South Asian Case Studies
Ed. Devi Sridhar.
Sage Publications.
Pages 170. Rs 495. 
RESEARCH is the key word when it comes to building and establishing`A0theories. Thus, the fieldwork, including`A0interviews, filling in questionnaires`A0and other methodology, comes under scrutiny.

The ugly face of Goa
OMESTIC violence is "fairly common" in Goa. One-third of its women suffer from anaemia, and one-fourth are undernourished, says a new book that for a change takes the focus away from the state being a sun-and-sand tourist haven.

A lesson in humility
Christina Patterson
lastair Campbell has written a novel about humility. Campbell, the new Labour attack dog, bully boy and Machiavellian master of that new lynchpin of the new political culture, "spin", has channelled his considerable storytelling skills into a novel which pivots on an essay, and then a eulogy, on humility.