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Manpreet has embarked on right path

I agree with the views expressed in the editorial “No longer a lone ranger: Manpreet caravan rolls on” (Nov 16) that Mr Manpreet Singh Badal was successful in pulling a big crowd on November 14 despite various hurdles. In fact, he has become the voice of the common people who want quality governance, peace, education, health services, job opportunities, empowerment of the ‘marginal and underprivileged sections’ and an end to indebtedness, drug addiction, female foeticide, ignorance and environmental pollution. He has presented an agenda to combat some negative practices which enhance feudalistic mindset and socio-economic inequalities.

Really, his political agenda is unassailable. But to achieve the “goals” he needs necessary “resources”. His proposed “yatra” on November 24 is a remarkable idea to make the people of Punjab aware about the deteriorating health of the state’s economy. But to realise his future plans he needs to be explicitly clear on the programmes to be implemented. Some of his ideas may need Constitutional reforms and hence help from other political parties. He will have to identify his political “friends” and “foes”.

He and his companions must remain humble during the “yatra” even in the wake of provocations by the opponents. Let the common people, youth, the intelligentsia, the media and saner elements of major political parties of the state come forward to support his  programme.

It is a fact that people want to get rid of the feudal lords, bad governance, mafia-groups, corruption and misuse of police force. He should go ahead with will power and determination.



Mr Manpreet Badal has embarked upon a noble and laudable agenda of ridding Punjab of corruption, both at the political and bureaucratic level which is eating into the very vitals of the economy of Punjab. The self-serving politicians and bureaucrats of the state are shamelessly looting the state and filling their own coffers with the loot without bothering a bit about the plight of the poor.

He has very rightly suggested that feudal and dynastic rule should not be allowed to perpetuate and blood relations should also not be allowed to flourish by doling them out political patronage. Similarly, terms of ministers should be limited to two terms so that they are unable to perpetuate their selfish interest to the detriment of the state at large. These corrupt and immoral politicians instead of emulating the life style of Mr Manpreet Badal have the audacity of mocking at him.

He has never suggested that the subsidies should be stopped altogether. He only wants that subsidies should be rationalised in such a manner that these are not given to rich farmers but only to those who deserve them that is the poor, marginal and small farmers. It is heartening to see that the youth and well-intentioned and purposeful people are appreciating his initiative and supporting his ideas which if and when put into practice, are certainly going to be an engine of change for the uplift of the sagging economy of Punjab. Whosoever is interested in the restoration of pristine glory of Punjab should extend wholehearted support to him in his mission.

H S CHAHAL, former IAS officer, via e-mail

Beware of Chinese designs

I fully endorse the views of Wg-Cdr Gurmail Singh (retd) in his thought-provoking letter “Dragon may strike” (Nov 15). He rightly says: “The Chinese dragon has raised its hood and spread its fangs. Dragon strike is imminent.” Indeed, we need to take a serious note of this danger from our scheming neighbour.

While the Chinese have been busy pursuing their politico-economic-strategic goals to encircle us for fomenting trouble both externally and internally; we have been merely relying on the wishful thinking that after all we too are an emerging global power!

We may be poised to become the third largest economy in the world, but in terms of our military capability against China we are nowhere close. Our Chief of the Army Staff has called Pakistan and China two “major irritants” and the Defence Minister maintains that both are building military capability at a “feverish pitch”. But what have we been doing?

In order to raise people’s morale, our state of defence preparedness must be made public within the confines of security restrictions. We can never allow a repetition of the 1962 debacle. Hence, we must take all measures to improve our military capability. During the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister of China we must raise key concerns regarding their stand on Kashmir, boundary disputes, support to the Maoist movement, etc.


Health education

The article “New frontiers in heart care” (Nov 15) by Dr Naresh Trehan was informative. I appreciate the public health education approach which has not been given due importance till now. The necessity for a food and drug policy like that of the US has become imminent.

As far as the risk factors of cardio-vascular diseases are concerned the learned doctor should have mentioned stress and heredity as well. These also need to be looked into.


Obama’s speech

During his historic speech, Mr Barrack Obama appeared most resolute and unassuming (Raj Chengappa’s column Ground Zero, “Yeh dosti hum nahin todengey”, Nov 10). Now it remains to be seen if he swerves, in the face of outside pressure, to deflect from his course—the course of friendship and goodwill that he promised during the address to the parliamentarians. I think he is a man of integrity and can be easily trusted.

RAVI DATTA, Jwalamukhi

Captain’s challenges

The Congress high command has rightly chosen Captain Amarinder Singh as the president of the PPCC. Now he faces two major challenges. First he has to deal with the dissenters within the party. Secondly he has to rival the ruling party. Capt Amarinder Singh is a competent leader who can work for the welfare of both the state and its people.

S K MITTAL,Panchkula.

Rakhi’s verbal attack

Rakhi Sawant is seen as mocking the judiciary and law, which is very objectionable (middle, “Rakhi ka insaaf” by Harbans Singh Virdi, Nov 17). She uses foul language to undermine justice, rules, law, police machinery, judges, litigants and their families. Outspoken and bold she is certainly a drama queen.

I hope after the suicide incident by Lakshman, the first ‘martyr’ of a TV reality show, Rakhi Sawant will try to control her verbal attack on people and think many times before saying anything.

At the same time, the electronic media should restrain from making such reality shows. If at all they do, these should be properly edited. Otherwise the consequences would be damaging.

HARISH DIDO, Chandigarh



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