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India can’t afford Abbottabad-like operation

The editorial “Pakistan unmasked: India must step up diplomatic offensive” (May 6) was timely and has raised vital points that the Indian government needs to take.

It must use all its diplomatic skills to build up pressure on the US Administration as also on other governments not to funnel deadly arms supplies to Pakistan until it brings to book all the perpetrators of terror attacks against India and closes camps that train young men to take to the gun against us.

It is for the US also to re-consider its surveillance policy. The sooner the world community realises that the epicentre of global terrorism lies in Pakistan not elsewhere, the sooner it can focus upon the real target.

RAJESH SHARMA, Jalandhar Cantt


Agreed that India is capable of Abbottabad-like strikes on the Pakistani soil to flush out terrorists who had been operating against India from there, but such an action can prove to be more harmful to India itself than to Pakistan or the terrorists. The Pakistan Foreign Secretary has warned that if India carried out such “surgical strikes” on the Pakistani territory, its consequences will lead to a “terrible catastrophe.” This is a masked threat to India that Pakistan could use nuclear power against India to defend its land.

The option of surgical strikes similar to the US’s Abbottabad mission must be thought over more than twice before going in for the same. India has pledged that it would not be the first party to use N-weapons against any country. It will only retaliate in case Pakistan nukes India. By that time we don’t know what would happen. But surely, the South Asian region will be devastated.

India must step up diplomatic offensive against Pakistan instead of any military action against it at this critical stage. Anything done in haste by India will only boomerang. Let us be more sensible and involve Pakistan in talks. Pakistan should also respond with a cool mind for peace to prevail in the region.                       

R K KAPOOR, Mumbai


It is well established that the US has been giving financial aid to Pakistan since a long time to strengthen its defence capability to control terrorism. The US too benefited and has been able to make an entry not only in the territories of Pakistan but also its adjoining areas.

If India tries to carry out a similar operation, the Pakistan army would oppose the same and they would fight tooth and nail. Thus this capability of the Indian Army may also bring about destruction. Such an operation could have been possible earlier when Pakistan was not so well-equipped militarily. But now India and Pakistan both are nuclear powers and any confrontation would lead to havoc.


Trains don’t kill

The headline of the news report “4 kids of a family run over by train” (May 7) seemed to accuse the train of the accident. Can the act of sheer negligence, and let me say so, indiscipline on the part of children be condoned. The story made out as if the train went after the children with vengeance for having trespassed.

Yes, it’s an extreme tragedy to have befallen the family, but who’s responsible for it? Certainly not the train! The headline quoted above is similar in its tone and tenor to another headline on another day: “Killer stretch claims 10 lives.” How can a stretch of road be a killer? It’s the people, the driver, cyclist or the pedestrian who cause accidents by their ‘arrogant and aggressive’ driving, not maintaining the road discipline, and not accepting the other’s right of way.

However, every time an accident takes place the defaulters are portrayed as the victims! Either we step out in a disciplined manner or accept the consequences of our irresponsible actions, howsoever grave they may be!


Life post-retirement

The middle “A new beginning of life” (Apr 27) by Vinod Prakash Gupta was inspiring. Indeed, one has to face life’s challenges. People must realise that retirement is not an end, rather a new beginning of life. It is time for self-discovery, introspection and of embracing joy.

One can pursue one’s favourite hobbies or passions in one’s leisure time to counter the painful pressures of life. The writer has rightly advised that we must follow the right path of life to avoid disappointment and hurt. One must strive to make life purposeful, interesting and joyful.


Ramdev means well

The editorial “Ramdev’s fast one” (May 6) was interesting but opinionated. In my view, the public knows better. I don’t think the proposed agitation of Baba Ramdev is a competitive move against Anna Hazare. Nor does the public think so. The issues raised by both personalities are different. No organisation or personality can take up all issues of public interest simultaneously. Public desires remedy, without delay.

Baba Ramdev is trying to awaken the public for the last more than five years. There is nothing wrong in the methods suggested by Baba Ramdev. Hazare’s movement is restricted to the Lokpal Bill, but Baba Ramdev has a much broader agenda. What is the harm in banning currency notes of high denominations in a country where millions live below the poverty line?




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