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Make registration of marriage mandatory

The intention of foreigners is to exploit poor Muslim girls in the name of marriage (Editorial, Temporary marriage mart: Girls need education and work”, July 5). They also get a blank piece of paper signed as a “khulanama” or a declaration of divorce. This needs to be curbed without any further delay. Appropriate action under the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act should also be taken in such cases. There is a need to strengthen the hands of the Wakf Board.

The only solution to this problem is to make registration of marriage mandatory. People, especially girls, should be made aware of the importance of registration of marriage. At the same time, the government should extend maximum benefits to those girls who belong to economically weaker sections of the society.

HARISH DIDO, Chandigarh

Media hype

This refers to the article, “Refurbishing govt’s Image: PM should face the nation more often” (July 5) by Kuldip Nayar.  I want to say that Manmohan Singh is running the government fairly well. If he is removed, who will take over his place and give better results. If prices of petrol, diesel and LPG have increased, it is all due to rise in prices internationally. It is right to say that the government should try to cut its expenditure.

But how much impact it will have on price control is not clear. As for corruption, it was always there. The media has created a hype, which makes people think that everyone is corrupt. The media thrives on negative reporting. Positive reporting does not interest people as much as negative reporting. Of course, corruption is a serious issue, but we should not overlook the positive achievements of the government.                                                                                


Afghanistan in peril

The article, Beginning of the endgame (July 2) by HK Dua, has very rightly brought out the ground realities in Afghanistan, which NATO forces and the Obama administration tend to ignore. It would be a double jeopardy for the poor, malnourished, and war-torn Afghans if the withdrawal of troops happens without any road map for the transition of power.

The fact that there cannot be an alternative to a stable, transparent, sovereign and a civilian government is being ignored by the West just because a prolonged stay in Afghanistan will hamper their fiscal stability. There can never be a “good” and “bad” Taliban because the ulterior motive of both is to usurp the civilian government and establish a conservative, anti-women regime where human rights will have no significance.

Also, Pakistan will never wish Afghanistan to be stable due to its “India as enemy” obsession. Future can only be secured when any kind of state support for insurgent and terrorist groups is halted.


Gender bias

The women depicted in TV serials, advertisements and movies do not represent Indian women at all (“Casting women in stereotypical moulds”, June 27, by Rajesh Gill). They are mostly presented as glamorous. The writer has also rightly said that Indian women face humiliation daily, but none takes notice of them. Even at workplace, gender-biased comments are not a rarity. Men are still struggling with their ego problems, and find it difficult to give equal status to women.

S K SHARMA, Amritsar

A wise PM

This refers to the editorial, Mid-course correction: Dr Singh has his task cut out (July 1). It was a great relief for us to find that the Prime Minister has woken up at last, and felt the need of addressing a few editors. It is true that our Prime Minster is not media-savvy. This does not bother us. But when the Prime Minister remains silent for long, there is bound to be some anxiety among the citizens of the country. We must, however, not forget the fact that our Prime Minister is a wise man and prefers to speak only when others have already spoken.

The Prime Minister’s job currently is not going to be easy considering the number of scams that have come to light. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Dr Singh is wearing a crown made of thorns these days, unlike his previous term in the office.

He has still managed to do well in keeping things under control. Being an economist, he understands that the country’s future lies in building a strong economy. We may not be very happy with the present government, but other political parties have also failed to offer an alternative to the present government.

RAHUL SINGH, Faridabad

CBI & the RTI Act

The article, Make CBI transparent (July 4) by BR Lall, raises a pertinent issue. The Union Government’s decision to place the Central Bureau of Investigation outside the ambit of the Right to Information Act has been quite rightly criticised.

When people are losing faith in other investigating agencies, it is hardly a step in the right direction. The government tries to justify such an act on the grounds of national security. As the writer observes, the CBI is neither an intelligence-gathering agency nor a security organisation.

It is assigned jobs to investigate and reveal the truth and not conceal it. In that case, why should it remain outside the ambit of the RTI Act? Citizens of this country have the right to know about the progress of various criminal investigations, especially when so many scams have surfaced. The government must reconsider its decision to keep the agency outside the ambit of the RTI Act.

MANAV, Kapurthala

Show your mettle

The blatant use of performance-inducing drugs by Indian athletes has tarnished the image of Indian sports (Editorial, Doping shame: ‘Official patronage’ is the worst culprit, July 4). At a time when the country has begun to win Olympic medals, it has come as an utter disgrace for the entire nation. As the editorial says, far too many people are involved to be overlooked. While foreign coaches have been sacked, this may not be enough. A judicial probe has been sought, which is the right step to begin with. But one has to dig deeper and act quickly. We cannot afford another scandal, especially after the CWG scam.

The question remains how soon our athletes will be able to come out of this mess and prove to their countrymen and to the world that they possess the talent, ability, zest and hunger to excel in sports.




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