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HC sets deadline on riot victims’ claims
GLADA given 4 months to consider allotment of MIG flats
Saurabh Malik
Tribune News Service

Chandigarh, August 22
The Punjab & Haryana High Court has set a deadline of four months for the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) to consider the claims of victims of the 1984 riots for allotment of MIG (middle income group) apartments. The riot victims are currently being allotted LIG (lower income group) flats in the city.

The directions by justice Rajive Bhalla came on a petition filed by Satpal Singh and other riot victims against the state of Punjab, GLADA and other respondents.

Taking up their plea, Bhalla asserted: “As per the government’s policy the petitioners applied for allotment of MIG flats in Ludhiana. As a matter of fact, they were found to be eligible for allotment of these flats but, instead of allotting them MIG flats, the petitioners have been given LIG flats.

“Counsel for the petitioner contends this is not in accordance with the policy of the government, especially when 245 MIG flats are still available for riot victims”.

Justice Bhalla also took note of the fact that the victims served legal notices dated June 20 and July 8 on the respondents “putting forth their claim for the allotment of flats”. However, a decision on the notices was not taken by the state of Punjab and other respondents.

During the course of the hearing, the counsel for the victims submitted that at the present stage they would be satisfied if direction was issued to the respondents to consider the legal notices.

Accepting the request, Bhalla stated: “Without going into the merits of the case or commenting thereon, the present writ petition is disposed of with a direction to the additional chief administrator of the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority to consider the claim of the petitioners, as made in their legal notices dated June 20 and July 8, within a period of four months from the date of receipt of a certified copy of the order”.

Before parting with the order, the judge also directed the respondents to communicate to the riot victims the decision taken on their petitions.


20 computers crash, police records damaged
Rainwater had entered Police Commissioner’s office 10 days ago
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
The police department would not be able to retrieve any information about the criminals as the incessant rain, which led to the water logging in the basement of the Police Commissioner’s office, has not only damaged the important records pertaining to criminal cases but 20 computers, in which important data pertaining to the cases, have also crashed.

Nearly 10 days after the rain wrack havoc, the important documents, including files pertaining to criminal cases, investigation file and crime reports, which had soaked in water, were kept under the sun for drying.

The concern was writ large on the faces of policemen. “It was not for the first time that the water has entered in the basement, but this time my office was under four-foot deep water. We will have to start afresh. I don’t know how will we able to compile so much of data again,” said a cop.

A few policemen had even received electrical shocks while trying to switch on the lights a few days after the water was drained out of the basement.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Ashish Chaudhary said: “The condition of files was so bad that we had to take utmost care while picking them up for drying in the sun. Yes, we have lost important documents, but we will somehow manage to compile the data again. We will also ensure that the infrastructure don’t get damaged due to the rain in future.”



AnnaEffect: Crusader keeps admn on the toes
Virtually ‘kidnapped’ by paramedics and admitted to civil hospital; sneaks out
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
The Mini-Secretariat witnessed a midnight drama when a team of paramedics from the health department virtually “kidnapped” a septuagenarian, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, and took him to the local civil hospital for administering glucose.

The incident took place last evening when the paramedics surrounded the 78-year-old neo Gandhian, who is sitting on a chain fast in support of Anna Hazare for the past five days.

This step was taken after it became clear that the health of Surat Singh Khalsa was deteriorating rapidly. In no time he was picked up, put in an ambulance and rushed to the civil hospital for treatment.

Doctors tried to administer glucose to Khalsa but latter refused and pulled out the needle four times. “I even told the doctors that their repeated attempts of administrating glucose would infect my arm. I don’t want to consume anything till the time the demands of Anna Hazare are not met. I would remain on liquid diet,” Khalsa added.

When Khalsa did not budge from his stand, the doctors left the room and deployed an attendant to look after the septuagenarian.

But Khalsa managed to sneak out of the hospital. “I hired an auto- rickshaw, came to the Mini-Secretariat and locked myself in a car,” he added.

In the morning officials of the health department, Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tiwari and Police Commissioner Dr SS Chauhan tried to persuade the old man to break his chain fast.

MLA Sat Pal Gosain and Satnam Singh Dhaliwal, president, Universal Human Right Organisation, arrived during the afternoon and sided with Khalsa.

Gandhigiri did the trick

Gandhigiri did the trick for Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa. He had been sympathising with militants for the past three decades. Even TADA had been slapped on him. Bureaucrats, police and politicians used to shy away from him. But as soon as he adopted a non-violent mode of protest, things changed dramatically. The Deputy Commissioner Rahul Tewari and the Police Commissioner Dr SS Chauhan went to the extent of describing him as a father figure in order to convince the former- terrorist sympathiser to drink limonide. MLA Sat Pal Gosain also went gaga over Surat Singh’s crusade. “I don’t believe what had happened in the past. But I really respect the non-violent and democratic way of his protest,” said Gosain.



On duty with hubbies!
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
To stay away from the humdrum their daily routine at home, many wives of local businessmen have opted to join their husbands at the latter’s offices and factories. According to the women, it is not that they feel more relaxed and satisfied in doing so but accompanying their better halves to factories and offices has brought more closeness into their relationships.

The men, on the other hand, make sure their wives do not neglect household chores and parental duties.

Ashima Goel (name changed on request), whose husband is in the auto parts business in the city’s Focal Point area, said she no longer engaged in gossiping with her friends ever since she joined her husband at work.

“There are fewer tensions now. Earlier I used to participate in gossip and discussed irrelevant things that were nothing but a waste of time and energy. At times I used to feel depressed. Then my husband asked me to join him at his business. Initially I used to get bored as I had no work, but now I’m managing the entire personnel and administrative work at his establishment. The workers share their problems with me, which I convey to my husband and we together try to find solutions”, she stated.

Ashima added going to her husband’s factory had given her more self-confidence. "Besides, I've come closer to my husband. There is a perfect bonding between the two of us. The issues which can not be discussed before kids are sorted out here at times", she said.

Like Ashima, Charu Gupta, another married woman, joined her husband in his business - MRPC Petrocompany - at Focal Point. "It’s altogether a different world - no whiling away time and frittering away energy in negative pursuits. I’ve become more active lately - I leave home at around 10:30 am and stay at my husband’s office till the time my son returns home from school. I handle the accounts part, take care of the administration as well. The day when I don't go to the office, I get a call from my husband to immediately rush to work-place. You really feel good and satisfied", she added.

Meanwhile, another young married woman, Meetu, along with her sister started their own business a few months ago to get busy in doing something productive. “The business has flourished so well that I am fasting today and my husband is looking-after the store. Within a few months I was able to open another outlet in the city", she added.



Work on ‘adhar’ cards to jump Sept deadline
Cards of 30 lakh people yet to be made
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
When the state government had started the project of making ‘adhar’ cards (unique identification cards) it had claimed that the whole exercise would be completed by the end of September. However, going by the pace of the work, it seems the cards of Ludhiana residents would not be made before December end.

An employee at the district food and supplies controller (DFSC) office, on the condition of anonymity, disclosed that only 20 per cent of the work was completed as the cards of more than 30 lakh people were yet to be made.

“The contract (of making cards) has been given to a company which has not given necessary training to the staff put on duty. As per the government orders it is mandatory to fill all details, including numbers of LPG connections and ration cards, but no one is paying attention towards it,” said the employee further adding that the government had decided to pay Rs 35 to the hired agency for each enrollment while the total expenses would not exceed Rs 10 per enrollment, still the work was not being done in a professional manner.

The government had also asked the agency to put at least one generator at each enrollment centre, but none of the enrollment centres has got the facility. In case there is no power, the company depends on the UPS back-up.

Not enough experts for iris scan

If a person has got his eyes operated upon and doctors have changed the lens of the eyes then he may be sent back from the enrollment centres due to absence of an ‘expert’ needed to perform iris scan in such cases.

An octogenarian who approached the centre at Civil Lines (HIG flats) for getting her card made was told by attendants to go to Subhani Building as only that particular centre had the facility to carry out ‘complex’ iris scan.

On being asked whether the particular machine was not available at the centre, an attendant said: “Madam, machines are the same, but an expert is needed to carry out scans of those with replaced lenses.” The attendant also added that nowhere else in the city was the facility (experts) available.

Dr KS Bhullar, one of the representatives of Virgo Softech Ltd, the company which has been given the contract here, said: “Some centres do not have proper experts to carry out iris scan of those putting lenses but Subhani Building and Dandi Swami centres are equipped to do the needful.”

On being asked whether the project would be completed by September end, the company official said the government had to hand over the project to the company in February, but it was given in June. Therefore, the work was bound to be delayed. On the issue of installation of generators, Dr Bhullar said the work was not suffering at any centre as UPS were being used for power back up.

DFSC Rajat Oberoi said the problem was coming with persons having damaged fingertips or those suffering from degeneration of retina.

“Experts are needed even in cases where residents have put any kind of lenses after operation. The company is hiring more experts who can do the needful. Now that many such cases are being reported, the issue will be sorted out soon,” said Oberoi.

Company manager Umesh, however, said there was a problem with the software, which had to be updated. “We are facing the problem where there is a new software. It has been updated at several centres while at others it will start working from tomorrow,” said the manager.



Laying of sewer pipes: Residents lock horns with MLA
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
Residents of Sant Vihar colony, located near Jassian village, have accused Dakha MLA Darshan Singh Shivalik of falsely claiming full credit for installation of a sewerage system in their area. They claimed they had themselves pooled in Rs 3 lakh for the project, with Shivalik giving them only Rs 50,000 instead of double that amount he had pledged.

“Though Shivalik announced a contribution of Rs 1 lakh for the project on May 1, he eventually gave us only Rs 50,000. Besides, he had also promised to undertake civic projects in other localities in Sant Vihar,” said Shiv Soni, an area resident and chairman of the Ambedkar Vichar Manch, a local NGO.

“I’ve been living in Sant Vihar for the past many years but the area still doesn’t have any civic infrastructure to speak of. In April 30 odd residents of the area decided to pool in money to enable sewer line to be laid. But after the work started Shivalik, who had earlier never visited the area, contacted us saying he wanted to help us with the project, to which we readily agreed,” Soni added.

Shivalik later inaugurated the sewerage project on May 1 and also pledged to install sewage systems in adjoining localities besides undertaking other developmental projects.

“Though almost three months have elapsed nothing has come out of those promises,” Soni remarked.

However, Shivalik attributed the delay to the “model election code of conduct” imposed ahead of the to Shiromani Gurudwara Parbandhak Committee polls. “That is why I can't give any cheques to the area residents. After the SGPC election results, the residents would get all funds, which I have promised. Moreover I have not hijacked any project as the residents had laid sewerage in only two streets of Sant Vihar Colony, while I would be getting it for the entire area,” the state legislator claimed.

However, Soni said Shivalik made the announcement in May whereas the “model code of conduct” was imposed much later.

Vijay Mehra, president of the Residents Welfare Association of Jassian and Gurdev Park, said: “Though Shivalik had also vowed to install a tubewell in Gurdev Park for providing residents with potable drinking water, water supply pipes have yet to be laid in the area. We met him on Monday but once again all that we got were promises”.



Another road caves in, causes 2-foot crater
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

A part of the road that caved in near the Civil Surgeon’s office in Ludhiana on Monday
A part of the road that caved in near the Civil Surgeon’s office in Ludhiana on Monday. Photo: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, August 22
Road cave in incidents continue giving sleepless nights to the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation officials. Ever since rain played havoc in the city, on August 12 and August 13, several incidents of road cave ins have taken place in the city, the latest one being outside the Civil Surgeon office on the Dandi Swami Road, here today.

The commuters travelling on this road were put to inconvenience around by a two feet wide road cave in, few yards from the main gate of the Civil Surgeon office. The cave in spot was so deep that an unsuspecting person could have lost his life by falling in it.

MC Additional Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi said when he came to know about the road cave in, a team of MC officials was sent to the spot. “There was no leakage under the road and we suspect the road caved in as the city witnessed a heavy spell of rain last weekend,” claimed Jaggi, who added, “The cave in spot has been filled and the road has been closed for vehicles.”

However, this is not for the first time that such an incident has taken place in the city.

After almost 400 mm rainfall in the city on August 12 and 13, many road cave ins were reported.

A truck driver had even lost his life when his truck fell in a crater formed due to a road cave in at Gobind Nagar area of city on August 13. One person was also injured in this incident. The same day a large portion of road around the Ludhiana City Centre in Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar was washed away due to rain.

Besides, several other road cave in incidents were reported on August 13, which took place in other parts of the city, including Model Town Extension, Maharaj Nagar, Leisure Valley, near Lodhi Club and near Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College

Similarly, a portion of road opposite Maharaja Regency Hotel on the Ferozepur Road had caved in on June 25. This is the second time that the crater was formed at that place since June 17. Even in 2006, a big portion of road near Ishmeet Chowk in Shastri Nagar had caved in. A car driver was injured in this incident, which is reported to have taken place due to the continuous rain and leaking sewerage on September 2, 2006.



MC officials’ foreign trip postponed
Visas got delayed as consulate was closed for three days
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
The week-long foreign trip of senior MC officials, including Mayor Hakam Singh Giaspura, has been delayed due to “some unavoidable circumstances”. The MC officials were to leave for Abbotsford in Canada on Sunday, but they say the trip has been postponed as they failed to get visas on time.

Sources in the State Government said MC officials had sent their applications for approval for the foreign travel, which got delayed at Chandigarh. The approval letters would reach Ludhiana on Wednesday, sources added.

“Moreover it’s a nine-member delegation and some of the members would be visiting Canada for the first time. Maybe that is why, there is some delay,” sources claimed.

The Mayor said, “Out of nine members of the delegation, seven would be visiting Canada for the first time. Additional Commissioner Kuldip Singh and I have visited Canada earlier and so there would be no problem with our visas. In case of other seven delegation members, the Canadian consulate in Chandigarh is taking some time to clear the visas.”

The Mayor further stated that if the delegation members failed to get visas by tomorrow, they might have to cancel the trip. “The meetings in Abbotsford would start from August 24 onwards and there would be no point visiting Canada if we are not able to reach there on time,” claimed the Mayor.

The MC officials had applied for the visas on Friday. “Saturday, Sunday and today were holidays so the consulate was closed and that is why we were not able to get visas on time,” said an MC official, who was a member of their delegation.

Visa fee, air ticket, boarding and lodging and other expenses would be paid by the delegation members. Every member has already paid an amount of at least Rs 3 lakh for this trip.

Ever since this trip was planned, the city councillors have been opposing it. First they rued that the city had suffered huge loss due to incessant rainfall last Friday and Saturday and the MC officials would be leaving for Canada. The Mayor was also under fire from councillors, including those of his own party Shiromani Akali Dal, who raised fingers on his PA becoming a member of the delegation.



Land mafias use public holidays to usurp prime land
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
Beware: Land mafias are using public and festive holidays to usurp prime land of city residents. In a latest incident, a doctor has cried foul and alleged that the land mafia is constructing a house in the middle of the road that leads towards his hospital.

Dr Rajeev Hora, vice-president of Kaushalaya Kundan Progressive Medical Hospital and Research Centre Charitable Society located on Bhammian, has alleged that a local coloniser in connivance with the police was constructing a house on the road.

“I have made numerous complaints in the past, but before the police could reach the spot to stop construction, encroachers used to flee from the scene. But since Saturday there has been a blatant construction going on the land, I went to the police station, but to no avail. I called up Police Commissioner, Dr SS Chauhan but he did not attend my phone. I even went to the DCP and Commissioner’s office to bring the matter to the notice of senior officials so that timely action could be taken, nothing happened and construction is still in process,” said Rajeev Hora.

He further said a 40-feet wide approach road was mandatory for running any medical institution, but the colonisers in a blatant violation of rules was encroaching upon the road leading towards the medical hospital.

“I think I need a helicopter to approach my land. It is sheer lawlessness. The land mafia has no fear of law,” said Rajeev. He said SHO Jamalpur, Kulwant Singh had threatened him of dire consequences if the matter was brought to the notice of the higher authorities.

In a similar incident, land grabbers tried to take possession of a prime real estate property of a retired university professor located in Model Town.

However, their attempt was thwarted after a neighbour informed the landowner about their presence.

Surinder Jathaul (76), who retired as the head of the French department at Panjab University, Chandigarh, and now resides in Mani Majra in the Union Territory, is struggling to maintain the possession of his ancestral property, measuring 400 square yards, located in a prime location.

This was not the first attempt by land grabbers, who are trying to take illegal possession of Jathaul’s property, which is worth crores of rupees, as earlier, too, they had tried to grab the land.

Former PAU academician, SP Sharma alleged that the land mafia is trying to encroach upon his land by using ragpickers. “During a national holiday and a festive holiday, I need to stay at my plot on the Jassian Road, as that is time when the land mafias try to grab my land,” said Sharma.


The land in contention is located in the PUDA-approved colony. There have been complaints that the doctor is not allowing construction work to take place since long. Dr Rajeev claimed that he got a stay from court, but failed to produce it. No law says that if someone has a bigger chunk of land, he would not let others to construct over it.

Kulwant Singh, SHO



Garbage dumps go unattended for 2 days
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
While the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) has launched a solid waste management project in the city, garbage dumps in the city are going unattended. Due to non-lifting of garbage in the city for two days, many parts of the city have virtually turned into a “garbage dump”.

The lifting of garbage has come to a standstill because there was some problem with the MC garbage dump on the Tajpur road. Besides, two holidays, one being Sunday and other being Janmashtami holiday, some of the officials dealing with the lifting of garbage gave a skip to their duty.

In July, too, similar situation arose when lifting of the garbage was delayed for two days. At that time also, MC officials had claimed that there was some problem with the garbage dump.

In a city, which generates 900 metric tonnes of garbage daily, the highest across Punjab, one can imagine the state of affairs if the lifting of garbage gets delayed by one day. But this time, it got delayed by two days, resulting in the city becoming a virtual hell.

MC Joint Commissioner Amarjit Singh Sekhon informed that the problem at the garbage dump has been sorted out. “The officials are now lifting garbage and if there is any problem in any of the areas, residents can bring it to the notice of the MC,” claimed Sekhon.

There are 300 garbage collection points in the city, which remain mostly full to its capacity on regular days. One can imagine that what could be the situation when there is no lifting of garbage for two days.



Jaggi given charge of Commissioner
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Malwinder Singh JaggiLudhiana, August 22
MC Additional Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi was today given charge of the MC Commissioner. This development took place after MC Commissioner Ajoy Kumar Sinha had gone to attend a two-month long mid-career training programme (level four) to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

The orders in this regard were received at the MC office this evening and Jaggi was all set to take charge at his new office situated in Zone-D building of the MC in Sarabha Nagar tomorrow morning.

Confirming this development, Jaggi said he had received the orders this evening. “I would be officially taking charge of the office tomorrow, which would be followed by a series of meetings. Development, accountability of officials and transparency in functioning would be on my agenda,” stated Jaggi.

For the past some weeks, Sinha, a 1996-batch IAS officer, was not feeling well and in his absence Jaggi was looking after the day-to-day functioning of the civic body in the capacity of the Additional Commissioner.

Sources said as the model code of conduct had already been imposed in view of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee elections, the state government could not make a fresh appointment.



Health workers continue stir
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, August 22
To press upon their demands, the Berozgar Multipurpose Health Workers’ Union organised a protest rally from the Civil Hospital to health minister Satpal Gosain’s residence. Union members alleged that the government is not serious about their demands and deceiving them from the last three months.

Union president Surjit Singh said, “If the government did not give them any positive response, they will hold protests in the health minister’s constituency.”

These health workers are struggling for 976 posts in the health department. The union alleged that the Chief Minister promised them to fill all vacant seats in the department. But it seems that the Chief Minister has forgotten his promise now.

Later, they also met health and family welfare minister Satpal Gosain, who assured them of holding another meeting with them on Wednesday for filling 976 posts.

For the realisation of their demands, Contract Multipurpose Health Workers Union (female) held a protest outside health minister Satpal Gosain's house here today.

Gosain was reportedly so perturbed over this dharna outside his house that he informed the police, who reached the spot and urged the union members to shift their dharna to some other place.

Later, the dharna was shifted to Civil Hospital. The minister told the union members that if they have any grievances, they could come and meet him at Chandigarh on August 25.



Industry pollution takes its toll
12 villagers die of cancer, three on deathbed
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Khanna, August 22
A sleepy village, Mughal Majra near Khanna, is paying the price for being located near an industrial area, as pollution has made the life of villagers a hell. The industrial waste contaminates the potable water supplied in the village which in turns is leading to various water-borne diseases like hair lose, kidney problems, joint pains, cancer, asthma etc.

The villagers claimed that at least 12 persons had died of cancer, while three are on deathbed.

A foul smell greeted mediapersons, who had come to take stock of the situation. Most of them were taken aback when a scribe, who was feeling thirsty, demanded a glass of water and found it unfit for human consumption. Villagers told them almost all streets remain waterlogged and were fast turning into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Manjit Singh, a villager, alleged that officials of the departments concerned were not paying any heed to their repeated pleas. Yadwinder, a villager, alleged that the industrial waste discharged from factories was getting mixed with potable water supplied in the village.

Village sarpanch Iqbal Singh alleged that even after repeated requests made to the authorities, nobody was willing to help them. The industrial waste discharged by the factories near the village has made their life miserable, he added.

BDPO Dilawar Kaur refused to comment on the issue. She, however, promised to look into the matter if villagers approach her.



Janmashtami celebrated with religious fervour
Tribune Reporters

Ludhiana, August 22
The Ann Jal Sewa Trust celebrated Janmashtami with children at the Borstel Jail and inmates of the Women’s Jail at the Tajpur road. During the celebrations, the jail inmates were exhorted to give up drugs and anti-social activities and thrive to become responsible citizens of the country.

In the Women’s Jail, the trust announced arrangement for education, including books, fee and uniforms of children living with women.

Mandi Ahmedgarh: Various temples of the town and surrounding villages celebrated Janmashtami in Mandi Ahmedgarh.

The celebrations began with ‘parbaht pheris’ organised by the members of Shri Ram Mandir Committee and Har Har Mahadev Sewa Sangathan.

Flower bedecked cradles were set up at all the temples. Special prayers were organised on the occasion. Young boys and girls were dressed up as Krishna, Radha and Gopis. The cruelty of Kans, and the birth of Lalla were depicted in tableau demonstrated at majority of the temples. Vasudeva, Devki in prison and the birth of Lord Krishna at Ram Mandir Mandir remained the centre of attraction.

Professional artistes sang devotional songs. Various cultural items like ‘Krishana Janam’, ‘Manbassia oh Kanha’, ‘Makhan Chore’ and ‘Brij ke Nandlala’ were presented on the occasion.

Besides making security arrangements outside the temples, the police had intensified patrolling in areas around the temples and ensured hassle-free passage to the devotees.



300 examined at medical camp
Tribune News Service

August 22, Ludhiana
The Rising Youth Association organised a free medical camp, which was attended by 300 persons at Gurdwara Singh Sabha in the city today. Dr Lovleen Aggarwal, Dr Parveen Kumar, Dr Rajan Sachdeva, along with supporting staff, examined the patients and rendered follow-up advice.

Free medicines were distributed and diagnostic tests like ECG and blood sugar were also conducted free of cost.

Jathedar Amarjit Singh Bhatia inaugurated the multi-specialty camp and also appreciated the work being done by the association.

NGO president Gurinder Chahal said they were determined to spread awareness about importance of balanced diet and quality health supplements by organising health camps.



Needy couples tie nuptial knot
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, August 22
Twenty-one needy couples tied the nuptial knot during a function organised under the aegis of Bhaie Ghanayia Sewa Society and Dasmesh Club, Amargarh, at the Aggarwal Sadan, Bahadurgarh, near here today.

Minister of state for external affairs Preneet Kaur was the chief guest. The organisers besides making arrangements, presented gifts to the newly weds. The gifts included jewellery, clothes, furniture, cooking gas cylinders and bicycles.

President Ramesh Singla, MLA Lal Singh, Maie Roop Kaur, Aruna Singla, Jatinder Bhola, former president of MC, Surinder Pal Singh Ghuman, councillor Rajnish Sharma, Harjinder Singh Nathoomajra and Vikas Tondon, all office-bearers of the Congress, were among others who blessed the couples.



Recruitment process comes to standstill
Arrest of director public instructions
Charanjit Singh Teja

Ludhiana, August 22
The ongoing selection procedure for recruiting teachers in the education department has been badly affected due to the arrest of director public instructions Sadhu Singh Randhawa a few days ago.

Randhawa was one of the chairpersons of the selection committee to recruit 7,654 teachers in the Punjab education department under the Centre-owned NABARD project.

The selection board had two members. After detaining Randhawa, Neelam Bhagat is the only chairperson left in the selection board.

Neelam Bhagat said, “No doubt that the department’s work has suffered with the arrest of Randhawa. But I promise that we will start with the recruitments in coming days.”

Tirath Singh, president of 7,654 Teachers’ Front, has alleged that the Punjab government was harassing teachers for the past two years. “Sadhu Singh Randhawa had assured us to give appointment letters on August 5, but he was detained by the police in a case on July 28. Now we are waiting for our appointment letters, but the government is not releasing the results of counselling,” said Tirath Singh.

The education department displayed an advertisement in the newspapers for filling up of 7,654 posts of teacher in the education department for NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Project) on September 23, 2009. The selection procedure started on December 5, 2010. A few of them have been appointed in the first counseling. The second counselling started on July 7, which continued till July 11. The authorities promised the teachers that they would be appointed on August 5, but they are still not confirmed about their appointments.

Sarbjit Singh, general secretary of the front, said, “Recruiting teachers was the only responsibility of the Punjab government, but the government failed to fill 7,654 posts in these schools.”



Musical band rocks audience
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
The Ludhiana branch of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India hosted a cultural evening as a part of the national CA students’ convention at KVM School last evening. Around 1,000 students participated in this national convention.

A cultural programme was organised to apprise audience and guests from all over India to the rich Punjabi culture.

A musical performance by a rock band was the highlight of the evening. Students performed different items like singing, dancing, giddha and bhangra.



Cylinder catches fire, spreads panic
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
Panic spread in the Jamalpur area after a cooking gas cylinder caught fire here yesterday. According to Hira Lal, a resident of the area, he purchased the cylinder a few days ago and when he switched on the regulator and lighted the burner, the cylinder caught fire.

Fearing an explosion, he dragged the cylinder on the road where residents tried to douse the fire, but failed to do so.

Meanwhile, one of the residents took the cylinder to a vacant plot, where another resident doused the fire with a fire 




Students excel

Students of the Doraha College of Education have excelled in BEd examination, the result of which was declared by Panjab University, Chandigarh. All 197 students cleared the exam in first division. Karamjeet Kaur stood first with 79.9 per cent marks, followed by Vishavdeep Kaur with 79.12 per cent and Ashu with 79.10 per cent marks. A total of 113 students secured more than 70 per cent, while 32 students secured above 75 per cent marks. Principal, Dr Sandeep Sawhney and chairman Sukhpal Singh congratulated the students for bringing glory to the institution.

Declamation contest

A declamation competition was held at Guru Nanak Model Senior Secondary School, Doraha. Participants were judged on the basis of their confidence, expressions and pronunciation. Rafat Parveen was declared first, while Jashanpreet Kaur stood second and Rishu Shukla secured third position. Principal DP Thakur and director Jaswant Singh Gill felicitated the winners. — OC



Goggi cries fouls, accuse police of inaction
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
Day after a few armed youths created ruckus and vandalized the office of municipal councillor Gurpreet Singh Goggi, the latter has accused the police of not taking any action against them.

The councillor further alleged, “I have come to know that the youths were planning to book me in a false case by inflicting injuries on themselves.” The incident took place last evening when Pankaj, a resident of Prem Nagar, along with others had allegedly vandalised the office of the councillor, where Unique Identification (UID) cards were being made.

“A local politician did not want that UID process should continue smoothly in my ward and that was why he had sent the goons,” Goggi added. He further added that the police had failed to take any action against the youths even after 24 hours of the incident.

“Three residents had to be hospitalized after being thrashed, but the police did not reach the hospital to record their statement, “ Goggi added.

councillor attacked

Last evening Pankaj, a resident of Prem Nagar, along with others had allegedly vandalised the office of the councillor



One booked for sodomy
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 22
The city police has booked a man for sodomising a six-year-boy. The accused, identified as Harpreet Singh (25) of Sahnewal, was booked, following the statement of the boy.

The victim stated to the police that the accused took him to a secluded place on the pretext of buying him sweets. Harpreet gagged the face of the boy and sodomised him. The accused is at large.



Bowlers put MP Pandove XI in commanding position
Anil Datt

Ludhiana, August 22
Chaman Lal Malhotra XI squandered away the advantage as they after gaining first innings lead failed to capitalise upon it and were struggling with the defeat staring at the face on the third and penultimate day of the inaugural match in the PCA Players’ Emerging Cricket Tournament here today.

The tournament is being organised by the Ludhiana District Cricket Association under the patronage of the Punjab Cricket Association at the Punjab Agricultural University campus ground.

Facing a deficit of 15 runs in the first innings, MP Panodve XI bowlers did a commendable job by restricting Chaman Lal Malhotra XI to a meagre total of 97 runs in the second innings, needing just 113 runs to win the match.

At close of play today, MP Pandove XI was cruising well with 61 runs on the board after losing two wickets.

Resuming at overnight score of 145 for 6, MP Pandove XI’s first innings folded at 202 runs in 76.4 overs, falling short of 15 runs of Chaman Lal Malhotra XI’s first innings total of 217 runs.

Yesterday’s not out batsmen Sharad Loomba and Kamal Passi were bowled out for 46 and 13 runs, respectively. Manpreet Singh Goni scalped four victims for 25 runs while Rahul Singla chipped in with three wickets for 56 runs.

Trailing by 15 runs, MP Pandove XI bowlers found their line and length perfectly as Chaman Lal Malhotra XI in their second essay could muster 97 runs in 42.3 overs. Only skipper, Karan Goel could put some semblance of fight back and scored 32 runs. The first innings’ top scorer, Anil Sihagn, followed him with 22 runs.

For MP Pandove XI, Rajesh Sharma and Yogesh Sharma were the pick of bowlers who grabbed five and four wickets, respectively.

Needing 113 runs for an outright victory, MP Pandove XI, in their second innings were 61 for 2 after 11 overs when it was called a day. Sarul Kawar and Preet Kamal were at the crease with 32 and 22 runs against their names.

The two wickets which fell were consumed by Manpreet Singh Goni.


Chaman Lal Malhotra XI (Ist innings) 217 all out: Shiv Lal 34, Mayank Sidana 12, Anil Sihag 76, Rahul Singla 26, Sidharth Kaul 12, Manpreet Singh Goni 21 noy out, Mohit Mohindra 14; Love Abhlish 2 for 23, Maninder Singh 3 for 33, Yogesh Kumar 1 for 53, Kamal Passi 1 for 5, Shard Loomba 1 for 0 and Rajesh Sharma 2 for 51.

MP Pandove XI (Ist innings) 202 all out: Sarul Sawar 12, Amitoj Singh 58, Preet Kamal 35, Sharad Loomba 46, Kamal Passi 13; Manpreet Singh Goni 4 for 25, Sidarath Kaul 1 for 23, Mohit Mohindra 1 for 42 and Rahul Singla 3 for 56.

Chaman Lal Malhotra XI (IInd innings) 97 all out in 42.3 overs: Jeewanjot Singh 10, Mayanak Sidana 10, Anil Sihag 22 and Karan Goel 32; Rajesh Sharma 5 for 39, Yogesh Kumar 4 for 25 and Maninder Singh 1 for 7.

MP Pandove XI (IInd innings) 61 for 2 in 11 overs: Sarul Kawar 32 not out and Preet Kamal 22 not out; Manpreet Singh Goni 2 for 8.



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