Reality bytes
In Chandigarh to promote the second season of NDTV Good Times' The Fast & the Gorgeous, host Ambika Anand shares how B-town is not the only destination after television
Manpriya Khurana

Goes without saying, there will be eliminations, voting, bitterness, sweetness, blah-blah…yet another run-of-the-mill reality show? Perhaps not; clarifies the host Ambika Anand, "No. There's been no unabashed abusing like in other reality shows. We believe in being elegant, moreover, we don't want to send across the wrong message to the youth."

In Chandigarh to promote the second season of NDTV Good Times' The Fast & the Gorgeous, the host, (with the Ludhiana contestant in tow) takes her place, discusses quite a bit but divulges nothing!

Back to the show - expect a lot of back-biting but no beeps. After all, there are sixteen girls competing to be part of the final four. And isn't it a zero sum game? Shares Ambika, "There are a lot of cat-fights. That's the beauty of the reality show and moreover if you put 16 girls together, what do you expect?" She adds, "Many of the girls are friends but at the same time, they have to ensure and secure their position in the final four. So it's full of drama and activity." The show is being produced in association with the Indian Formula 1 team-Force India. The 13 episodes will find the 16 faces being judged on their endurance, speed and appeal to finally be the face of Force India team.

The girls were picked from all over, but with the certain minimum criteria and constraints. "We didn't just want to have models on board. We couldn't have someone who's not sporty. At the same time, we couldn't have a homebody. They had to be a certain type but not stereotype." Guess, a lot of unconventional beauties on the house? She nods.

On the personal front, one of the best dressed television hosts is not waiting or hoping to be a part of big bad Bollywood. "Is television in itself not enough? Why do we consider it a stop-gap thing? And why do we look down upon television as a stepping stone to B-town." That's not the only stereotype she hopes to cast away? The switch from hosting economics and business shows to heading a lifestyle channel? "We have these notions about anything to do with business and economics being considered intelligent and anything to do with fashion being considered as not-so-intelligent. But that's not true. India is so rich in fashion and heritage. There are so many crafts and craftsmen and fashion is very much an intelligent as well as intricate part of it all." Her long list of favourite designers includes Amit Agarwal, Tarun Thailiani, Rohit Bal, Anamika Khanna… a lot many. I feel Indian designers are all about great workmanship at decent prices." Thought for fashion!

Regional touch

What's in it for the people of this region? Alisha Walia! The contestant from Ludhiana has been born and brought up in the bustling city. But currently, the show is all she's thinking of. "I did my entire schooling from Ludhiana. I have been into modelling for the past five years and then this show happened. I'm really excited."

The girl's already hosted a show 'We Love Net' for a television channel. A couple of stints with the Punjabi videos; but songs she couldn't really recall! "Well I remember the director's names. I've done videos for Nachattar Gill and Lehmber Hussainpuri." When not working or travelling, music keeps everything going. She went for the audition, got lucky and now hopes to be part of the final brigade. "I auditioned for the show, got through and now I'm so excited and hoping to be a part of the final brigade," she does a touchwood.

Sense & sensibility
Fashion is a difficult and turbulent career, says Ritu Kumar

Ritu Kumar, a pioneer of the Indian fashion industry who has proved her mettle with her ethnic Indian creations, says the fashion world may look rosy from outside but in reality it makes for a very difficult career.

"The Indian fashion industry has grown very fast. It is now supported by the mainstream media. Visibility and turnover have increased exponentially, but there is a disconnect between what is written in the media and what the reality is in the fashion business. It is a very hard, difficult and turbulent career. Fashion looks more rosy than it is," Kumar, who started her career 40 years ago, said.

Kumar is considered as one of the first Indian designers who was a catalyst in giving a contemporary face to ancient crafts like zardozi, aari, gota and patti work. She not only used these handloom motifs in her collection but also promoted it in the international market.

The designer believes that with the high-end couture market evolving, these crafts will grow and evolve too.

Known for her ethnic Indian collections with a subtle touch of modernity, Kumar feels that her brand's 'forte lies in the traditional Indian clothes that draw heavily on the textile and embroidery heritage of India'.

"I believe that the condition of Indian art and craft in the fashion world is progressing day by day. High couture and high-end Indian fashion is almost solely craft-related and this keeps our heritage alive.

"One can make out from the fact that some of the past fabrics like chanderi, khadi, handlooms and organic cotton fabric are making a refreshing comeback and it will grow," she added.

It was a humble beginning for Kumar, who started her journey with four hand-block printers and two tables in a small village near Kolkatta 40 years ago. While climbing the success ladder, she not only defined fashion but also became the first woman to introduce the boutique culture in India by launching her brand -- Ritu Kumar.

After winning an impressive clientele in the domestic market, she started retailing in Europe as early as in the 1970s.

Pointing out the difference between the two worlds, she said: "India's fashion weeks are mostly indigenous and celebrate our uniqueness in colour, fabric and identity, whereas international shows are dominated by Euro-centric or American identities. Their collections remain same and are sold around the world, while Indian shows remain more India-related."

If she splashed the ramp at various fashion weeks with her Indian clothes that boast of both bright and earthy colours and highlight traditional craftsmanship, Kumar also designed Bollywood projects like Deepa Mehta's "Hollywood Bollywood" and her filmmaker son Ashvin Kumar's "Little Terrorist".

She recently worked on another film called "Love Breakups Zindagi". The ace designer has created bridal ensembles for actresses Dia Mirza, Auritra Ghosh, Soni Razdaan and Nandini Sen for director Sahil Sangha's film.

"Dia (Mirza) saw my Falaknuma collection and asked me to design the costumes for the film using some of the looks from the show. It looked like a fun project and I enjoyed it," she said.

She feels that while working on a movie, one needs different sensibilities.

"Yes, it is different as a movie is character-based and has to follow a story. Ramp clothes follow a fashion pattern of the designer and the house. When I create designs for Bollywood movies, there are three things that come to mind - script, director and characters," Kumar said.

In her four-decade-long career Kumar has found a firm foothold in the fashion arena and now wants to show her creativity in interior designing, jewellery and accessories.

"I am soon going to foray into accessories, jewellery and the interior business. Also, there is a couture show which is planned in a theatrical format in November and an international show, the date of which is yet not confirmed," she said. — IANS

On creative lines
Though less is written or known about art direction, cinematography, dialogue writing and costume design — these fields are as creative and challenging as acting or directing, says Paresh Parekh

Paresh Parekh dons many hats — an actor, casting director, script researcher, assistant director as well as actor trainer, this NSD post-graduate is living life to the fullest. In Chandigarh on Thursday for a workshop — Acting in Animation — at Frameboxx-34, Paresh shares with us what life is like in the lesser-known gullies of Bollywood.

Soon after his post-graduation from NSD, Paresh began life like any other beginner. Acting in many Hindi and Gujarati plays as well as some serials (he was part of Aahat, Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka) for five years, he then assisted Ketan Mehta for a TV series.

His first big Bollywood break came with Mangal Pandey: The Rising, wherein he was a casting director. Rang De Basanti followed soon after. He chose to diversify as an actor-trainer. With Imran Khan, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Minissha Lamba as his students, Paresh is into training actors big-time.

Even his present workshop, Acting in Animation, delves deep into the art. "When it comes to technology, Indians rule. Where we lack is creativity," Paresh shares. With Indian animators being part of many path-breaking movies, Paresh is hopeful of matching Hollywood standards soon enough. His hope rests on two upcoming animations Delhi Safari and Arjun the Warrior. "These are the movies that will suit Indian sensibilities. Even Shah Rukh Khan's Ra.One is a very ambitious project. He sure knows what works and I am hopeful that these flicks will click with regular cine-goers."

Paresh places Bollywood at par with Hollywood. "Cinema is at its peak today. Our movies Chak De, 3 Idiots, Lagaan are in no way less than Hollywood A-liners," he says confidently. "We just need to up the creativity to the level of technology," says Paresh, getting back to the workshop for another round of his activities with enthusiastic students.


A still from Rang De BasantiAmongst the varied influences that Paresh Parekh has been through in his cinematic journey, he puts his work as script researcher with Simon Beaufoy (Simon won the Oscar for the Best Adapted Screenplay for Slumdog Millionaire). He recalls, "In 2005, Simon showed up in Mumbai with the book Q & A. He asked me to go through the book and take him to the places mentioned in the book." The next two weeks, this duo was busy scouring Mumbai slums, dumping grounds, interviewing and recording children there. "I was touched by Simon's curiosity to know all about India's culture, religion, politics and way of life in detail. And, the screenplay reflects the hardwork and the creative process. The situations were changed keeping in mind the cinematic compulsions but it beautifully captures the soul of the narrative," he shares.

In vogue
Chandigarh girl Deepika Sharma, a self-taught photographer, is all set to enter the big bold world of fashion photography
Vasudha Gupta

Usually 19 is the age when the biggest problem in life is to complete the practical files and submit project reports. But for some, it's a different ball game all together. Like Deepika Sharma. Taking a break from her studies for two years, she did nothing but focus on what she loved the most.

"It was only in December last year that I found out how much I loved photography," Deepika shares. Prior to that she was not inclined towards photography, though she enjoyed getting clicked, and that became the basis of her love for the lens.

Working mostly with her friends' cameras, she polished her skill on You Tube. "Some of my friends started approaching me for doing portfolios and offered to pay me for it. I knew I had arrived," she smiles. It's amazing how the youth really create a better place for themselves through social networking sites. After her first bridal shoot in January last year, for Deepika, clicking pictures became as easy as uploading photos on Facebook.

"The way offers started pouring in was overwhelming," she shares. Currently, her best friend is a Cannon 5D. "It's important to have support structures around and of course, a whole lot of dedication and commitment to give it a professional edge," she says.

Working closely with stylists, make-up artistes and a manager, she tries to keep all the loose ends tied to have beautiful brides as models. Giving an Indo-Western touch to her current bridal shoot, Deepika is trying to give a twist using western hairstyles with Indian outfits.

Things tend to become a little easy if one has supportive friends. Deepika is all set to enter the big, bold world of fashion." Yes, with the help of my friends, my work has reached Vogue. I am just waiting to hear from them and attach myself as a photographer with them," she shares.

It takes time for passion to turn into something concrete. This is evident from how dedicated and committed one remains towards what they believe in. "So many times, I am not even aware how much time I am spending in editing my pictures," she shares.

Wine in this yard!
Ice Cube, an exclusive wine and cheese store, opens its doors to connoisseurs in Chandigarh
Vasudha Gupta

Sandeep Sahni The mere thought of wine and cheese transports one to the airy vineyards of France. And bringing the true, rich culture of wine to the equally rich tradition of Chandigarh is the newly opened store - ICE Cube.

Wooden interiors and barrels welcome one at the entrance. Between the aisle made of cheese, single malts, beers, scotches and tortilla chips packets, you enter a small room decorated with high tables and magpie bar accessories. "It is our special wine-tasting room," shares Sandeep Sahni, the owner of the store. Complementing the 'very travelled' residents of Chandigarh, ICE Cube has brought more than just alcohol to the city.

"Chandigarh has an educated crowd, who are aware of wine culture . That is our select clientele," he shares, picking up the bottle of Louis XIII, a 46-year-old Cognac. "This will cost the customer over Rs 2 lakh," he smiles between the tall glasses of sparkling champagne. Magpie bar accessories has a reason of its own - catering to those demanding the honest culture of a complete bar, the store stocks wine racks, vacuum pumps and wine coolers.

Making it a one-stop shop for all those hoity-toity gatherings in the evenings, the food too spells élan. "We are also offering caviar, smoked salmon, Fois Gras and of course, cheese," he shares. This one-week-old store already has the select clients picking caviar. "Even we are surprised at the response the store has generated. We will soon have to send our staff on a refresher course in wine," he laughs. But don't we already have so many spirit stores here?

"Undoubtedly, Chandigarh is a big market where it becomes essential to do everything with a twist. We will be soon launching a wine and malt club, and establish a direct relation with our customers," he says. With events like taking the members to French vineyards and Scotland to witness the entire preparation process lined up, it is only for the hardcore fans of these graceful drinks. Let's move to the cheese. "We are offering 200 varieties of cheese, with all possible combinations you can imagine," he shares. We did spot mozzarella, fondue and goat cheese. "There are basic four-five varieties and the rest are curious combinations," he informs.

Wine can help women in middle-age

While it is said an apple a day can keep the doctor away, a new study has suggested a couple of glasses of wine a day for middle-aged women to keep diseases at bay. A major study, which was launched in 1976, and involved 14,000 female nurses found the women, who took alcohol regularly throughout the week instead of on any single occasion, benefited the most.

The study has shown that by drinking between 15.1 gm and 30gm of alcohol a day - as much as two shots of spirits or nearly three small glasses of wine - women can improve their odds of "successful ageing" by 28 per cent.

The US scientists behind the study have defined "successful ageing" as living to at least 70, being free of cancer, heart conditions and other chronic diseases, and suffering no significant mental or physical impairment.

Study authors, led by Qi Sun, from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, found that moderate drinking had "profound" positive effects on the body, reducing inflammation, cholesterol and other harmful processes.

Compared with non-drinkers, women who drank 5.1 to 15 grams of alcohol a day had a 19 per cent greater likelihood of successful ageing. Those who drank 15.1 to 30 gm increased their odds by 28 per cent, but those who had more reduced the benefits.

Doc talk
Dress up your eyes
Dr SPS Grewal

You are dressing up for a special evening. You have chosen your dress, shoes, jewellery and your coloured hair to create a sensational effect. But what about your eyes? Is it possible to have hazel eyes to go with your khaki shirt? It is, as you can now choose from coloured contact lenses to suit the occasion and your ensemble.

When deciding the type of lens to wear, you can take your pick from two varieties. The first one completely obscures the existing colour of the iris and imparts the new desired colour.

These lenses give you the freedom to choose any colour for your eyes. TV or movie stars often wear these. The final appearance is not influenced by the existing colour of your eyes. The other types are enhancers. These create a more subtle effect and can make your eyes look a few shades brighter or darker depending on what you fancy. However, these are not very suitable for dark eyes. The cosmetic contact lenses are manufactured by printing the required coloured pattern on a standard soft contact lens. The printing is done on the front or outer surface of the lens. You can make it out if you gently roll your fingers over the surface of contact lens. It feels embossed. This surface does not come in contact with the eye. The older technology of sandwiching a printed-paper between two thin contact lenses is not used any more.

Special vegetable dyes are used for this printing. These dyes are designed to be nontoxic and free of side effects. Cosmetic contact lenses are disposable lenses. They are to be used for thirty wearing days. They usually do not fade over time. However, one should avoid using bleaching agents that can fade the colour of these lenses.

The handling, solutions, storage, and precautions for these coloured lenses are the same as the standard contact lenses. These lenses are thin and printed. One should not rub them hard. Just rinse, wash and wear. Even if you do not use lenses every day, please change the solution daily. A standard multipurpose solution will do and enzyme tablets are not required. Please follow instructions properly to prevent infections associated with contact lenses. A word of caution, do not use kajal with contact lenses.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, don't be disheartened. You can get numbered cosmetic contact lenses too. A pair of disposable cosmetic lens may set you back by Rs. 1250. Another hundred rupees and you get the powered ones to your prescription. An eye doctor should fit the contact lenses after taking proper measurements.

You have a choice from seven colours, blue, brown, grey, green or violet. Hazel makes the eyes blue and brown makes them lighter. Your skin tone will have important bearing on the shade you choose. Next time, if you want some one to say, 'Yeh jheel see neelee ankhen….'remember, it is possible.

(Dr Grewal is a Chandigarh-based eye surgeon)

Graphic details
Vasudha Gupta

THRILLS & CHILLS: Amanat Mann Amanat Mann, a young avid reader, shares the story behind her tryst with graphic novels. On your reading radar… The Secret of Chimneys written by Agatha Christie. The graphic adaptation is being done by Francois Riviere.

You heard it from?

I read about it in a newspaper.


Murder mystery

Twists and turns…

The story revolves around Anthony Cade, who is the main suspect in a murder case. The whole thing starts when he finds himself in the possession of a set of incriminating letters written by a young lady that he is supposed to discreetly deliver. He thus begins a hunt for the real murderer in order to clear his name with things further complicated by the arrival of a French detective.

Highs and lows

Best part: The best part about the book is the beautiful illustrations by Laurence Suhner who has brought out the old-charm of London through his sketches.

Worst part: As it is a graphic novel adapted from a full-fledged book spanning more than 300 pages, the story sometimes gets too complicated to understand because of the economy of words in the graphic version.

Original vs new look

I have mostly read Agatha Christie novels in the original form and I would say that the characteristic touch of the author is somehow lost while adapting it to the graphic form. The images do not do justice to the vivid descriptions and witty manner in which Agatha Christie had writer her original "The Secret of Chimneys" novel.

Note of comparison…

Agatha's novels are similar in the sense that they are all murder mysteries and have an English setting. But, the Secret of Chimneys is different from her other stories as it does not feature the much-loved and quirky characters of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple as detectives in most of her stories.

Best of the lot?


Rate chart

Five out of ten for the beautiful graphics.

Ideal for?

Only for those who find it difficult to stick to a book of 300 pages and wish to experience the thrill of an Agatha Christie book.

If there is an interesting recent read you have just finished, get in touch with us at We'll sift the best from the rest

it’s rocking
Soulful melody

Just when we thought that romance has gone out of fashion (courtesy all the rom-coms and action-packed films that minted money at the box office), here is a movie that promises a lot of mush and love. The promos of Mausam starring Shahid Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor look very promising and so does the music.

The songs that are appearing on the small screen have already become a hit, the best of the lot being the romantic number, Rabba. Fans explain it better why are they in love with the song.

Oh so soft!

The song reminds me of the romantic tracks of 'Veer Zaara'. They are soft, melodious and the lyrics are well written. Pritam has once again proved his critics wrong, who think he can't come up with a soft song. With this track, he for sure has proved Salman Khan wrong who hired Himesh Reshmaiyya as the second music composer for his flick, 'Bodyguard'. The song is beautifully sung by Shahid Mallya.

Sonia Khanna, a BPO employee.

Treat to the eye

The first thing that I did after listening to the song, 'Rabba' was find out who the playback singer was. The mature treatment to the song comes as a surprise, considering that Mallaya is fresh in the industry. The song, I am sure will be the most downloaded song in the times to come. Also, the video of the song picturised on the lead pair, Shahid and Sonam, is a pleasure to watch. Thank God, Bollywood still has to offer something different from item numbers and silly comic tracks.

Radhika Sachdev, a PU Student.

Pleasing experience

The composition by Pritam for the song is so pleasing that you are forced to plug into the tune again and again. 'Rabba' is a beautiful song. The version sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan takes it to another level altogether. Music lovers will for sure appreciate this effort. The way the song has been shot does justice to the soulful music and wonderful lyrics of the track. Finally, we have a track that other music composers should draw inspiration from.

Shikha Aggarwal, an SD College student.

As told to Ashima Sehajpal

Starry Friday

Friday is a day of film releases. We love Friday mainly to catch the first day first show. Our top actors also look forward to Fridays to see how the audience has reacted. This year, a number of films are lined up for release and we ask our stars what films they are looking forward to.

Kangana Ranaut

I make it a point to watch the Friday movie. I loved Bodyguard, which I watched recently. There are so many upcoming releases like Ra.One, Don2 and Rockstar. All of them look promising. There is also the sequel to Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan

I have two releases this year, Ra.One and Don 2. I am busy with them. However, I make it a point to watch the Friday movie when I am free. I can't wait to watch Karan's adaptation of Agneepath, Agent Vinod and Dhoom 3, which will have Aamir Khan playing the villain.

Vidya Balan

I've been a movie buff since I was a child. I love watching the Friday movie. We have so many films coming up, including SRK's Ra.One and Don 2. It will be interesting to see what Farhan (Akhtar) has done with Don 2, as he left Don in a very interesting place.

Katrina Kaif

I do watch every film and my friend Dibakar Banerjee's film Shanghai sounds interesting. I am also waiting for The Dirty Picture. I saw the promo for The Dirty Picture and Vidya has done a great job. Then there is Hrithik's Angeepath, Ranbir's Rockstar and SRK's Don 2 and Ra.One.

Imran Khan

I've been an avid movie lover since my childhood. Even today, Avantika and I make it a point to catch a movie over the weekend. Mamu (Aamir Khan) will be doing a movie with Reema Kagti that also stars Rani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor. Then there is Ek Tha Tiger, Agneepath, Rockstar, Don 2 and so many other films. All are directed by talented directors so it will be good.

John Abraham

Everyone loves a good movie. It just depends on what a person wants to watch. I saw the promo for The Dirty Picture and it is very different from the movies you see today. There are other good releases including Don 2, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai-2 and Aamir Khan's unnamed project. Small budget films also do well, so you never know what to expect.

Vidya's sexy side

She has surprised some, she has shocked some… Vidya Balan's Dirty Picture trailers are truly a revelation. The actress will be playing Silk Smitha in the film, and is very excited about her sexilicious role. We got Vidya talking about her dirty role and more.

Role variations

I am glad that directors are offering me different kind of roles. It is helping me establish myself as an actress. I get to do a variety of roles, and portraying a new character excites me. Many actresses don't take an offer where they have to play a mother's role, but I did that in Paa, because I liked the character that I played.

The Dirty Picture

When Milan and Ekta were narrating the script to me, they said there is no one who could do justice to the role except me. Even I thought that it was an interesting character, because there was a lot more to the script than just the sexiness. That's why I said yes. I also got to work with Naseerudinji again after Ishqiya.

Awkward situation

My parents have always supported my work. They know I am in safe hands. My parents know Ekta since the Hum Paanch days, so when I signed The Dirty Picture, it was like a re-union with Ekta. When we saw the first promo, I was actually uncomfortable, because I was sitting with my parents and friends. Even when I watched it with Milan and Ekta, I found myself a little uncomfortable. But then, it's my work.

Friend or boyfriend?

I would prefer not to comment on it, as there is already a lot of gossip about my marriage. It's not true is all I can say.

Co-star's company

I have worked with Naseerji earlier. It was the first time I worked with Emraan Hashmi, though, and was amazed with his perfection. He is a great actor and very talented; I am sure he will go very far in terms of acting. He makes a character perfect. — HRM

The right talent

Veteran actor: Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah has been an actor for 35 years. He has got tremendous acclaim all these years and his versatility has always been noticed. His hands are full with plum projects even today. The veteran talks about his journey in filmdom.

Veteran actor: Naseeruddin Shah

Works close to heart

Some of my favourite films are Ijaazat, Aakrosh, Karma, and Masoom. Though all of my films have been good, these are very close to me. Frankly speaking, these days I am getting better offers compared to those days. In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara I have a little role but it was powerful and I play a complete character. That Girl In Yellow Boots was another brilliant film.

Spoilt kid: Sonam Kapoor Sonam's wild days

In a recent interview, Sonam admitted that she was a wild teenager who bunked classes, got tattoos and piercings, and hung out with the wrong crowd. She has now grown out of that phase. She says people assume she is innocent and a good girl but she hasn't really been that way!

Spoilt kid: Sonam Kapoor

On the same track

Anurag Kashyap established himself in Bollywood. Then his brother Abhinav Kashyap delivered a blockbuster with Dabangg. Now their sister Anubhti wants to make her directorial debut in Bollywood.

Making Michael

To get a script like Michael, where I am the eponymous character is great. My reason for doing the film was because I feel it's a sensible film and it is a film that will be remembered.

Flying high: Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor Basking in Sallu magic?

Kareena Kapoor is over the moon that her pair with Salman Khan has finally worked. She has worked with him earlier in Kyun Ki and Main Aur Mrs Khanna. She is delighted that 'Bodyguard' has broken records and made almost Rs 100 crores within a week.

Flying high: Salman Khan & Kareena Kapoor

Busy bee: Sonakshi Sinha No time for love

Sonakshi Sinha says she has six films in her kitty and that leaves her with no time for men. We wonder if she will be able to take time out for Ranveer if he asks her out. What will her father Shatrughan say about this?

Busy bee: Sonakshi Sinha

Jab they met: Shahid Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali Chhamak Chhallo

Ra.One's leaked song Chamak Chalo is now officially out. Kareena looks hot and so does SRK. We do not like the extras and the female vocals in the song.

Friendly offering

Shahid Kapoor was offered bothJab We Met and Rock Star by director Imtiaz Ali. He chose to do Jab We Met. He is very good friends with Imtiaz and would love to do a movie with him again. His best wishes are with Rock Star.

Jab they met: Shahid Kapoor and Imtiaz Ali

Chasing dreams

Many years ago, becoming an actor was like a dream that could not be achieved. Anyway, I fulfilled my dreams. Today, it is possible for people to become actors because the platform is so wide and there are so many opportunities, with different films being made. My dreams have come true and I am getting better work with each passing day.

Chandigarh's got talent too

A dance group from Chandigarh will perform in quarter-finals round of India's Got Talent Season 3, a talent show on Colors TV. The exuberant group of 14 vivacious dancers who call themselves The Showstoppers started with the initiative of dance enthusiasts, Abhinav Abrol and Tapvir Virk.

The duo was also the first runners up in the dance show Boggie Woggie in 2008. The group was kept active through their initiatives and other dance enthusiasts joined them over a period of time.

The group was called upon for the mini auditions after their recorded performance was shortlisted by the organizers. After a stupendous performance in the mini auditions they made it to the next round of auditions. The auditions (judges round) were held on July 10 in Delhi and the group brought two worlds together on one stage the energy of the East with the agility of the West to create an exhilarating fusion of different dance styles giving the audience the performance of a lifetime. The breathtaking fusion of the Bhangra with hip-hop electrified the audience. The judges Kiron Kher, Dharmendra and Sonali Bendre were bewildered after watching the performance as they could not believe that the group majorly consisted of 
software engineers and not professional dancers. Ten of the fourteen members are working in Infosys, Chandigarh. The team consists of Abhinav Abrol, Tapvir Singh, Richa Sareen, Sarah Ali, Kapil Batra, Harsimran Preet Singh, Sahil Seth, Ankita Bhargava, Manjit Kumar, Simran Singh, Amanpreet Saggu, Meenakshi Chanana, Abhi Khajuria, Jasdeep Kaur in the quarters.

The Showstoppers boogied their way into the hearts of the entire cast of the upcoming movie Mere Brother Ki Dhulhan- Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan and Ali Zafar couldn't help but fell in step and shake a leg. After weeks of grueling hard work, the dance entourage from Chandigarh has showed that there is nothing bigger than determination. Engineers by profession are competing with the dance professionals across the country and it's time to raise a toast for the fellow Chandigarhians.

The performance will be aired on September 10, 2011 on Colors.

Get electrified with the grooviest dance moves by The Showstoppers!

Kim follows Beyonce

Newly wed Kim Kardashian says she's inspired by Beyonce's body and the inspiration helped her to have a curvaceous figure like her. The 30-year-old reality TV star, who is famous for her own bountiful back, feels the Best Thing I Never Had singer is absolutely gorgeous.

"It's no secret that I'm a huge admirer of Beyonce. She has one of the best bodies in showbiz and it motivated me to work out. Kardashian admits George Clooney is her most-loved actor.

"Who doesn't have a soft spot for George? I love all the characters he plays. He's a timeless actor. — PTI

new releases
Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Producer: Yash Raj Films
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Rupees 25 crore project Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, a romantic musical comedy is a rip-off of an American film Dan In Real Life. Katrina Kaif, Imraan Khan and Ali Zafar (of Tere Bin Laden) star in this Yash Chopra production directed by debutant Ali Abbas Zafar. Ali Zafar and Ali Abbas are not brothers in real life.

This romantic comedy gives the classic love triangle a neat little twist. It can not be fun falling for your brother's fiancee as Imraan Khan finds out. Debut making director Ali Abbas who is originally from Dehradun is hoping box-office success in his first outing as a director.

Katrina Kaif and Imraan Khan are coming together for the first time. An unusal pairing always creates curiosity among the viewers. After Band Baaja Barat, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is the second Yash Raj film in a row to be directed by a debutant director. — Dharam Pal

chatter box

Bare act: Karan Singh Grover End of the game

Karan Singh Grover's stint in Dil Dosti Dance has come to an end and the unit gave him a send off party. It is coincidental that his exit happened with the 75th episode of the show, making it a hit. But he didn't leave the show without showing off his six pack abs. Says Karan, "My clothes get burnt in a scene, so my character had to take them off." His shirtless style reminds us of Salman's similar looks in movies.

Karan seems to be imbibing the look pretty well but he says it isn't easy to maintain the abs. "I have worked really hard to get this shape. I wasn't born this way and I worked hard to get this body. Forty per cent of your body is what you do in the gym and 60 per cent is according to what you eat. Both the things are important for a healthy, fit body. I got inspired by Salman, Stallone and Van Damme."

The students in the show cut a cake and sang Guru Brahma for Karan because he played the role of a teacher on the show, which embarrassed Karan a lot.

bare act: Karan Singh Grover

Wet woes: Nandish SandhuIn troubled waters

Unexpected rains in Mumbai are taking a toll on the citizens leaving people drenched. Something similar happened with Nandish Sandhu aka Veer while shooting for his Colors show Uttaran. Nandish was rehearsing for a scene and didn't realise that he was standing beside a water outlet on the sets.

Suddenly the water began overflowing and pouring down leaving Nandish completely drenched. As the shoot was about to begin, he immediately rushed to his room, sent his clothes ironing and informed the production crew who were worried. It was only after two hours that they could take a shot as it took a while to dry his clothes.

wet woes: Nandish Sandhu

Old problems, new show

Pavitra Punia who debuted with Luv U Zindagi on Star Plus has got a new show on hand. She has bagged BP Singh's Fireworks Productions's next serial to be aired on a popular channel. Called Jab Jeena Ho Aan Se will focus on differences of old and new generation with Pavitra playing the role of a young social activist. Harsh Chhaya and Mohan Kapoor Hasan Zaidi and Piyush Sachdev will be seen in pivotal roles. Earlier Akangsha Rawat was being considered but later Pavitra was chosen.

Goodbye small screen

Hrishant Goswami who became a household name post his stint in Bigg Boss 4, later was seen on a show on Channel V. But now the model turned actor Hrishant is quitting the television world for films. Though he plans to continue modeling, television will be a no-no for him from now on.

Don’t worry, be happy

Sab TV is all set to launch a new show called Don't Worry Chachu starting October 3. Asif Sheikh will play the main character of Chintan Desai who always worries about everything in life. His concerns put his family in funny situations. The show is produced and written by Vipul Shah.

To wed or not?

Back to work: Ratan Rajput & Abhinav SharmaAfter two months of her engagement with Abhinav Sharma on Ratan Ka Rishta- Swayamvar 3, television actress Ratan Rajput is back in Mumbai. Post her televised engagement, she took off for Delhi and stayed there for a month at her sister's house. She spent time in Delhi so wanted to get to know Abhinav without any cameras. Hopefully after the quality time spent, she will be looking forward to setting her wedding date.
back to work: Ratan Rajput & Abhinav Sharma

P Khurrana

ARIES: A power-packed day full of activities, fun and friends seem likely. Women: Work with caution. Disturbance and unrest for newly weds cannot be ruled out. Money gains are likely from speculation. Tarot message: Frankness and ability to state the truth are your strong points. Lucky colour: Brown Magic number: 43

TAURUS: Your work environment could be full of practical jokes. Love, fun and frivolity are on the cards. Atmosphere of incapability prevails at home. Businessmen feel unrest because of work. Tarot message: Consolidate your gains instead of throwing security to the winds. Lucky colour: Mauve Magic number: 54

GEMINI: Singles! You may receive an exciting proposal and life in the lonely lane can be gone for good. You have the talent to get a pet project off the ground. Talk to someone in the know and get the ball rolling. Tarot message: Infuse your efforts into decisive action. Lucky colour: Forest green Magic number: 27

CANCER: You must still honour yourself as much as the other. Your mind, body and soul are working in unison more than usual at the moment. A domestic hassle is settled amicably. Expect a guest or important news. Tarot message: Do not expect too much from others. Lucky colour: Metallic grey Magic number: 25

LEO: Early hours could see you encountering difficulties. Do not take your bad temper to work. Teenagers: Expect favour from superiors. Love stars in the offing. Mixed messages can cause embarrassment. Tarot message: Try to be active in exploting financial opportunities. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 45.

VIRGO: This could be a good day for work. Make sure you choose the setting that best fits the mood of your work to ensure success. Working women: avoid gossip session. Don't believe everything you hear. Tarot message: Have faith in yourself. Lucky colour: Red Magic number: 26.

LIBRA: Beware of unwise expenditure on your part, especially if you are tempted to speculate. Encroachers: expect a notice from the government. If you are not well, spend the day in bed. Tarot message: Set the pleasant series of events into motion. Lucky colour: Royal Blue. Magic number: 62.

SCORPIO: There is a strong emphasis on emotional ties with family to-day. You might have a deep and meaningful talk with someone you have been concerned about. Be sure when you speak or sign any document. Tarot message: Take limited risks while speculating. Lucky color: Saffron Magic number: 41.

SAGITTARIUS: A fun mood will colour the morning and make party plans but don't get too caried away. Your critical problem is going to be solved. Love life settles down after 4 pm but do not make any promises. Tarot message: Lack of confidence can lead to losses.Lucky colour: Black Magic number: 59

CAPRICORN: A profitable business deal could solve a few financial problems at home and put your relationship back on a secure ground. Opposition elements are going to harass you in the afternoon. Tarot message: Don't be bullied into accepting situations you dislike. Lucky colour: Navy blue Magic number: 50

AQUARIUS: You feel in sync with nature today. If possible, get a few like minded friends along to share the fresh air and exercise. Write a gratitude list and check-out all the positives in your life. Tarot message: Listen carefully to words of wisdom even if you do not relish them. Lucky colour: Peach Magic number: 49

PISCES: Good vibes abound at home and at work. Women: health wise you need to exercise dietary control. Love life is thrilling, so enjoy time with your partner. Tarot message: Don't waste an opportunity by not exploiting a contact even if it is from your past. Lucky colour: Violet Magic number: 61

the year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 9...

Number nine is the teacher, a tolerant, somewhat impractical and has sympathetic vibration. Ruled by Mars, you may be jack of all trades, humanitarian, sympathetic, helpful, emotional, tolerant, active, determined. If expressed negatively: financially careless, moody, bullying, overly emotional, sullen and restless.

Career: The financial sphere is protected by strong oscillations. The stars advise, however, to reflect well before acting. For those who are born before 2000, work offers fantastic opportunities, thanks to excellent deals and work contracts.

Education: This is a fine time for purchasing electronic equipment, books, file cabinets or anything that improves your life through technology. Family: Do all, you can for a partner. Keep your ego out of discussions. Good news may be a cause of celebration. Spend on entertainment but keep it realistic. Fun gatherings are likely. Finance: Great time for financial matters. Use it for your personal improvement. Take care of your domestic matters and career opportunities near the weekend. Friendship: Watching a neighbour's body language will give you an insight into their personality. Friends are most helpful till December only. Health: You may be feeling little overburdened. But there will be drastic improvement in health and you will be able to shed off lots of pounds finally.

Love: Schedule an evening with your loved one. Go see the movie you wanted to see, dine at the restaurant you wanted to dine, do what you want to do. It might seem strange at first but keep in mind that your loved one is interested in who you are and this is a good way to keep both partners happy. General tips: You'll be so worried about your own concerns that you'll forget those of co-workers in your team and this will make you look selfish. There's no need to let off steam. You'll soon see that things will work out for the best. Mood: In need of being devoted to goals. Compatible Signs: Leo, Scorpio. Lucky Colors: Navy blue and grey. Lucky Days: Sunday and Monday. Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 7, 18, 37.

Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar (September 9, 1967, Amritsar) born as Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia grew up in Chandni Chowk, Delhi. He went to Bangkok to study martial arts and he worked as a chef over there. His first movie was Deedar which was directed by Pramod Chakravarthy. He starred in film Khiladi and Sabse Bada Khiladi. He got success with the Khiladi series. Then in year 1996 he again did Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi which was again the highest grossing film of the year. Chandni Chowk to China, Action Replayy flopped. He then starred in De Dana Dan film. Housefull made the second highest opening of all time. Till 2015 Akshay will not look back owing to his Venus period and number 9 will keep him at the top always.

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