HOME in on a gym!
More and more people now prefer to open a home gymnasium rather than pay exorbitant fees outside. The 'suit your time' factor is also an attraction
Jasmine Singh

Richa Mongia. Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Not everyone is comfortable showing their 'gone-a-little-haywire-body' put to a drill inside a gymnasium!

There you are; if you second the last comment, you can quickly move with this one. The answer is fairly simple - home gymnasium. Imagine the number of things that get sorted out with one home gym, not to forget the deduction in fat! So right inside your home, your gymnasium solves the problem of dragging your body to some outdoor gym, saves membership fee and provides the convenience of walking in at any hour of the day. Some fitness freaks from Chandigarh and Punjab add facts to the convenience factor of home gyms.

"I always wanted a dedicated place in the house for a gym," smiles Priyanka Khosla on the mention of her tastefully done up home gym. "Our gym is right next to the pool and the garden area, which makes it look refreshing in the first place." Priyanka leads us to the gym area. State-of-the-art machines, treadmill, cross-trainer, vibration machine, gym twister, weights…the place is nothing short of any commercial gym. "I was not comfortable doing floor exercises at the gym, so I thought of getting the whole fitness training paraphernalia at my place. The well-stocked gym motivates me to exercise like I would do in any other commercial place. The best part is, of course, I can walk into the area anytime of the day. In fact, friends who stay over at our home, find our gym very attractive; that makes them stay over for an extra day," she breaks into laughter.

Maybe by now you have chalked out a nice place at your home and thinking about the kinds of training equipment you can get in place. We must tell you here, the best of the best will be inspiring!

Richa Mongia from Ludhiana can't stop talking about her high-end home gym. "Not that I don't like going outside to other gyms, but I am most comfortable at my own gym. I have equipped it with the best machines, which give a 'mean serious fitness business' look," says Richa showing her machines, leverage system, smith machine, multi-gym, leg machine, abdominal machine etc. "A busy schedule sometimes leaves no time for exercise, but if you have a well-stocked home gym, you feel inspired to give it a shot each day."

Affordability and budget are the key words, but those who own high-end home gyms do not want to attach a price tag to fitness. Nods Ranji Pannu, a young entrepreneur from Chandigarh, who doesn't believe in stocking his gym with machines he wouldn't put to use ever. "The idea of a high-end gym doesn't mean a good air-conditioning system or machines that you would later use to dry clothes on; it means utility. I have all the basics in my gym, especially my dumbbells that I can't do without. I have a great music system and access to news in my gymnasium."

Fitness doesn't come at a cost! Agrees Mehak Sandhu, hair-stylist from Dugri, Ludhiana, who roped in a fitness expert from Delhi to create her gymnasium, "I was not a fitness freak till the time I saw my friend's home gym. I was so inspired by the machines and the convenience of home gym that I decided to create one of my own," says Mehak.



Home gym advantages

  • Membership fees in many gyms are very high and this puts off many people who would otherwise join a gym.
  • Home gyms are convenient as they are accessible at any time and the user simply plans a routine according to his or her convenience.
  • Don't let it be a complete waste of money; it should be where it is accessible. This should not be in a part of the house where the user rarely goes.
  • If the gym converts into a laundry room or a dumping area, the user will always be intimidated and therefore will not stick to any exercise routines.
  • It should be a clean and tidy area with the right kind of environment.

Chorus of talent
Ali Brothers, who have made it to the semi-finals of India's Got Talent 3, won many hearts in Chandigarh
Sabia Talwar

Reality shows in India have been digging out real talent and a show like India's Got Talent, into its third season now, proves that age has nothing to do with it!

And our very own 'Punjabi munde' — Ali Brothers — were at Taj-17, Chandigarh, on Tuesday to gather support for the final leg.

Dressed up in bright kurta pyjamas, their group comprises three young boys — Ahmed Ali (11), Pravesh Hasan (13) and Pravesh Bablu (14). With their pure innocence and traditional clothing, they sure got loads of support!

From Bathinda, the trio hails from the Patiala Gharana and is taking the tradition of their family forward. Their genre is Sufi and they mostly sing Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

So, were they always into singing? "Yes. Music runs in our blood and we would like to thank our family for all the support. The result of all this is that we have reached a great platform," shares Pravesh Bablu. As for performing in front of the judges, says Ahmed Ali, "It is a wonderful learning experience to sing in front of Dharmendra, Sonali Bendre and Kirron Kher."

The kids are practicing hard these days, which means a riyaz for nearly four to five hours each day. But the chubby singers enjoy eating junk food and do not refrain from it, despite the risk to their vocal chords!

Hasan and Bablu are real brothers; Hasan being the youngest fights a lot and literally bosses over the other two, but the trio wants to sing together forever. After a round of questions, they sing Piya Re Piya Re for us and impresses one and all.

Besides Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's compositions do they sing other songs? "We sing our own original compositions," shares the trio and they end up singing Phar Wanjali Badal.

On the academic front, the trio does have to suffer but thanks to their co-operative teachers the damage is not much. And the best dancer…we could barely complete the question when Pravesh Hasan jumps out of his seat to dance on Jee Karda, which was sung by the other two. "Sonali Bendre really appreciates my dance," he smiles.

Although they have started receiving offers from the industry, they are not scared of competition. "Everyone has his or her own talent," they chorus.

Gurvinder Singh

The trendy watches in the market
time out: The trendy watches in the market

Mobile phones have been serving the role of a watch for many, but luxurious watches still lure most men who personify success. With ever-changing technology, the market for men's watches is slowly but surely getting chic.

The Olympic Collection from Omega designed on the theme of Olympic rings, in the range of Rs 3 lakh and has features like date, day, chronograph, automatic time etc. Solid gold watches from the Seamaster Collection can brave depths of up to 300 metres. GPS watches from Longines show your latitude and longitude.

If you are one of those who travels a lot, Omega's GMT watches would help you make quick adjustments according to various time-zones. The elegance of Rado and sporty chronograph is unmatched. And it has to be Tissot's Touch if you want to know the direction and temperature at the touch of your finger. Says Vaneet Tuli, a businessman from Ludhiana, "Good watches have an appeal that can't be matched with anything else. The chronograph watches are particularly nice. I have a couple of them and they are an extension of my body. The only time I take them off is while I take a bath, although I don't need to as it is also waterproof ."

No pain, all gain

Wrinkles and crow's feet? Cosmetologists say dermal fillers may be a good idea and there is now even a painless option - a treatment that many Indian men and women are opting for.

Jamuna Pai, a Mumbai-based cosmetologist, says people nowadays are more conscious of their looks and the best quick fix for an ageing skin is the dermal filler, but the treatment is so painful that many avoid it.

"Whenever I had patients coming to me for the process, the first question they asked was 'How painful is the process?' And this is where around 50 per cent people used to step back. But there were still those 50 per cent who used to bear pain to look good," Pai said.

Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring biodegradable complex sugar found in the human body and mammals. It hydrates the skin and adds volume, contributing to its overall appearance. The ability of cells to produce HA diminishes with age, which results in wrinkles and folds.

The hyaluronic acid-based fillers that thronged the market were Revanesse, Radiesse and Juvederm, popular fillers that are injected into the skin for accentuating looks.

The treatment was introduced in India in 2000 and became the most recommended procedure for a quick fix. But these treatments were painful.

However, the recently launched Juvederm XC dermal filler is almost painless and experts are hoping more people will come forward and take the treatment.


Ragini to perform at Wembley

Ragini Khanna, the bubbly Suhana from Sasural Genda Phool, is super excited and she has a valid reason to be so. The actress will be performing at Wembley arena in London next month.

Confirming the news, Ragini smiles, “Yes, I will be performing at an event in Wembley next month. I went numb when I was informed about it because it had always been a dream to perform there. It is one of the biggest and the most well-known stadiums in the world. I have been to London many times and it is one of my favourite cities in the world but going there to perform at Wembley is a different high. I have canceled all my other shows, so that I can focus on this one.”

The actress excitedly informs, “I have told everyone in my family and all my friends about this event as I just can’t stop talking about it. The rehearsals have not yet started but I am all geared up and just waiting for it to begin. Though, the songs have not been finalized, yet I have been told that I will perform on numbers that are a hit in UK currently. Most probably, I will perform hip-hop.”

Speaking about her preparations, Ragini adds, “It will be very cold in London during this time of the year, so I have already packed my thermal wear. The only sad part is that I will not be able to spend more than two days in London, due to my shooting schedule but that’s okay.

Rucha Gujarathi’s new show

Sony is on a roll and is launching new shows one after the other. After Bade Achche, and Prayaschit, they will come out with Rajan Shahi’s Kuch Toh Log Kahenge next week while another show’s has been finalized too. It will be produced by Reliance Big Productions and have Rucha Gujarathi Sanghavi in the lead. The show is touted to air in September.

Sonam: I am good at my job

Sonam Kapoor is happy to be in the news because of her fashionista status. She is busy promoting Mausam. The die-hard romantic talks about romance, Mausam, herself, and more.
Sonam Kapoor
Confident stride: Sonam Kapoor

Different love story

Mausam is totally different from what I have done till date because it’s a simple love story with extraordinary circumstances. It is set just 10-15 years ago when there was no internet or mobile phones. So how was love back then? That’s what Mausam portrays. It goes through different phases from Punjab to Scotland and then back to Punjab.

Romance aaj kal

Today’s youngsters are technologically savvy. They propose on sms and people have no patience. When they are in love they want to be with that person and don’t want to be disturbed. That’s why we love classics isn’t it? What happened in Jane Eyre might not happen now but you still want to watch it. A love story in any of the Bronte sisters’ works might not happen in this day and age but you still remember them.

The real Sonam

If I have to describe myself it will be: ‘I am a self-respecting, proud woman. I can work harder, I can act better, and I can dance better. I love people who are attached to me. I have to grow more and come out of my youth phase.’

Best work…

Saawariya was my first film so it will always be close to me and then Delhi 6 which potrayed me as a different actor. I was praised for IHLS and then Aisha. I have realised that people love to talk about me and write about me and that’s what matters to an actor. I am there in the newspapers, on magazine covers, and that’s my job so I am good at it.

Hollywood calling?

I haven’t met any one in Hollywood yet, I haven’t asked any agent to promote me over there. So, Hollywood has not yet started but I would love to work there because they make some great movies. Currently, I am happy with Bollywood. Mausam is releasing on September 16.


A still from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Ride of life

Imran Khan is obsessed with cars and it was rather funny when director Ali spoke to him about riding a discarded 4X4 jeep in MBKD. Imran soon got emotionally attached to the jeep and ensured that everyone rode it cautiously. —HRM

Road trip:
A still from Mere Brother Ki Dulhan 

New entry

Tara D’souza was seen as Piali Patel in last week’s Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. She is also going to be a part of Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, a Yash Raj Films’ youth division project.

Tara D’souza played Ali Zafar’s girlfriend Piali in the film. She was no great shakes at acting, dancing, or looking good. Anyway, she is from Hyderabad. She has one brother, Noel, and a sister, Mira. Her parents are separated. She pursued a career in modelling when she was in college and has participated in the Kingfisher Calendar Model Hunt 2010.

She likes her hair and feet, while she does not like her thighs. The 23-year-old likes open-minded, fun-loving, and caring people and cannot stand hypocrites. She has appeared in television commercials. Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge portrays her glamourous and sexy side once again and it releases next month.


Celeb point
Yesterday once more!
Divya dutta

Whenever I think of the Government College for Women, Ludhiana, I am flooded with memories of the best days of my life spent there!

I remember having walked to the principal Manjit Sodhia's office on the first day of my college to get some signatures. I had butterflies in my stomach-I was going to study my favourite subject English, philosophy and psychology in the college where my mother had studied too. I greeted madam with a nervous smile but she reciprocated with a strict yet very warm greeting. "Hope you will make the college proud!" Something inside me promised that I would.

So many memories come to my mind as I write this piece about my college!

Right from my friendly seniors, who encouraged me to go on the stage to perform a dance number against the wishes of their classmate who wanted to perform on all the dance numbers. They put me up on the stage, cheering for me. That was my introduction to everyone in the Government College! And I knew they all loved me. That was proved when I was unanimously elected as the class representative!

My life was busy. Studying my favourite subjects, representing my class, participating in all stage events-I was loving each moment. There's something great about studying the subjects of your choice, you love to learn and shine!

I was soon made the deputy head girl and then the head girl eventually. But yes, I didn't stop playing my little pranks. The loveliest time used to be the youth festival or the annual function. I remember during curfews too, my mother used to drive me to the college from Sahnewal for rehearsals for my plays. And what adrenalin flow we had, when we stood their crossing our fingers as the results were being declared and we did win the first prize! And those lovely treats in the canteen! Samosas and gulab jamuns.

Saini asked me to perform a peacock dance which required me to be on my toes completely. And, for the same youth festival, my mother wrote a mono-act for me. My last year in college it was and so truly memorable! What all this college gave me, I'll never forget. The biggest of it being the platform to do what I loved doing. I came back winning the best dancer award, best actor award at the state level and the best orator award!

The final award giving ceremony was the most memorable day till date as the principal invited my mother on the stage to give me the awards for excellence in academics. And both of them gave me the all round best student award. My mother had tears in her eyes and my ever- encouraging principal looked at me silently and proudly, I told myself, "I have kept my promise madam! I hope I lived up to your expectations!"

Red Cross Society chose me to represent India in Japan for a youth exchange programme. And what an experience it was!

How do I thank my college, my principal, my teachers and friends, who made those days so precious! The place where I discovered my aptitude. Where I learnt how to shine in what you love doing. The place where I learnt to prepare for the life ahead.

I love going back to the college whenever I can, and as I walk in those corridors, memories flood me...those classrooms, the library, the home science section where we used to sneak into to taste the new recipes prepared by our friends, the cycle stand where we used to discuss about this hottie, Shah Rukh Khan in Fauji, getting nervous in exams and sitting in the garden studying and exchanging notes. Above all my lovely stage which gave me all, my confidence, the applause! Overwhelmed, I look back at the campus which opened gates for me to enter the bigger world of life and face it confidently.

Kuch khoobsoorat pal, kuch pyaari yaadein, wish I could turn back the clock and relive those golden days of being a student of the Government College for Women!

(Dutta is a Bollywood actress)

Brand it like a bride
Gurvinder Singh
Pink is the colour of the season
Colour full: Pink is the colour of the season

Bridal make-up has now become branded with many companies proving bridal make-up and customised pre-bridal and bridal treatments.

The company recently unveiled the bridal trends by showcasing two bridal looks for 2011, namely Punjabi bride and Jatt-Sikh bride at Lakme Salon.

Make-up expert Simran presented the trends-rosy cheeks and fuchsia pink lips for Jatt Sikh brides and Punjabi suit and long braid look for traditional Sikh bride.

"First understand the requirements of the bride, the background, the theme of the wedding and individual likes and dislikes before adorning the bride with the appropriate look," she says.

There is also a trial service for the bride-to-be to avoid surprises, as many brides are nervous about the big day. The salon offers "Friends of the Bride", a package for the bride's family and friends.

Home work
Most Brit women spend four hours a day in household work

British women spend more than three weeks on household chores each year, a new research has found. The study revealed that more than 40 per cent get less than an hour of 'me time' a week, using free time ironing, washing and dusting.

On average, women stop doing housework at 8 pm. Add in a full-time job and they are working 50 hours per week. Four in 10 feel guilty if they leave their house untidy and 92 per cent multi-task, doing several chores at once.

More than 10 per cent spend four hours a day on household tasks, equal to two months a year, research by electronics company Philips PerfectCare found. Half of women say lack of time is the main obstacle to keeping the home clean and tidy, with misbehaving children coming second.


Cross connection
Katrina Kaif's spectacular success in Bollywood has opened doors for more foreigners to try their luck in Hindi cinema. Here is our list

Love thy neighbour!
Ali Zafar

Ali ZafarHe is the singing sensation from across the border but actually he is more than that. Ali Zafar is a charismatic and charming singer, actor, painter, and model. The rock star now shuttles between Lahore and Mumbai because he has plum Bollywood assignments while his family is in Lahore. After the success of Tere Bin Laden, he signed up for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif. The movie has released and it is doing well. Ali has won unanimous acclaim for his performance. He is doing another romantic comedy with Aditi Rao Hydari and looking at more projects.

Singing sensation: Ali Zafar

Baby steps
Humaima Malick

She took the world by storm with her spectacular and powerful debut in Bol. The Pakistani television actor and model is also known for dating Wasim Akram. She was recently in the city and is open to doing films in Bollywood and modeling assignments in India.

Model moves
Giselli Monteiro

The Indian-looking Brazilian beauty was noticed in Love Aaj Kal, her debut film. Her restrained act was praised. She bagged some plum modeling assignments such as Wills Lifestyle, Westside, and for a jewellery brand. Always Kabhi Kabhi was her second film and she was terrible in it. She is still learning Hindi and has bagged another film (Sanjay Mishra's directorial debut). We are confident of her modeling career but she has not really proved her mettle as an actor or star.

Fresh look
Lisa Haydon

The stunner is a supermodel and the face of Lakme. She is half-Indian and half-Australian. The sexy model made her debut in Aisha and didn't go unnoticed. She has a role and a song in Rascals and is open to Bollywood offers. You know that Bollywood has a thing for chicks with delicious accents, right!

Next big thing
Nargis Fakhri

The Pakistani-Czech beauty from New York has already taken the nation by storm. She appeared in the Kingfisher calendar in 2009 and did some modeling assignments around the world. She was part of America's Next Top Model. She shot to fame when she was signed on for Rockstar. The pretty girl has been in the news because of her proximity to Ranbir Kapoor. The debutante looks fabulous in the promos. Her character is called Heer and we are guessing she plays a Kashmiri (the film was shot in Kashmir and she looks like the quintessential Kashmiri beauty). We will know more about her and her Bollywood career will shape up only after the promotions for Rockstar begin in full swing.

Hazel KeechGetting a foothold
Mikaal Zulfikar

The Pakistani model and actor made his debut in Jagmohan Mundhra's Shoot on Sight and got decent reviews for his work. He makes his Bollywood debut with U R My Jaan. We are sorry but the film looks tacky. He looks good and might have to work hard to gain a foothold here. — HRM

Well trained: Hazel Keech

Chatter box

A walk down the memory lane

Kalki Koechlin(middle) and Pratiek Babbar (in white) with the cast of Bindass Buddies
Buddyhood: Kalki Koechlin(middle) and Pratiek Babbar (in white) with the cast of Bindass Buddies

Every year new college students in the country go through a lot of change as they begin to learn the ropes of their environments, when they start calling teachers as professors, timetables as schedules and recess as bunking. College is a pretty serious place when you’ve just joined and are trying to fit in!

 UTV Bindass is back this year with its very popular property, Bindass Buddies, which is the only platform where you can find a ‘buddy’ amongst your senior from whom the newbies could quickly learn what they need to know about their new college, have a guide through those initial difficult weeks and even keep you updated throughout the year. The buddy is any first year student’s most prized khabri, giving all asli dope and sharing the important tidbits and trivia that will add zing to the newcomer’s college life.

For this unique activation, the cast of My Friend Pinto, Kalki Koechlin and Pratiek Babbar join in the fête.  My Friend Pinto is about Pinto looking for his childhood friend while on the other hand Bindass Buddies is also a search for the best buddy who can help you get through your initial days in college. Kalki and Pratiek will share stories and incidents about their college days and of course talk about their first days of college life.

Sources inform, “UTV Bindass Buddies event was held today at KC College, Mumbai. Kalki Koechin and Pratiek Babbar were present at the event to share some funny memories and reveal their college secrets with the students present at the event. Moreover, Prateik Babbar also learnt Belly dancing steps from few students. “

Kalki Koechlin who looked quite excited during the event said, “College days are the most precious days and my favourite teacher used to be an history teacher and we all students used to call him James Bond and now coming to this college, it’s like reviving your old memories.”

This hunt for the Buddies extends to 200 colleges in 10 cities across India, which commenced in July 2011 and will go on till October 2011. The cities where the hulchul is going on include Mumbai, Kota, Pune, Kolkata, Indore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Lucknow and Chandigarh. The search for the Bindass Buddies will be a one day activity in the colleges, choosing the best 5 buddies from each college visited. Thus, giving the country 1000 best buddies.
Kitchen king: Shaheer

Shaheer loves cooking

Who would have thought that the handsome boy Shaheer aka Anant of Navya would be a good cook? But he is and he says, “I have experimented with a lot of dishes and have become quite a good cook now. I learnt to cook Methi chicken with cream from my sister and it has become my specialty. My friends request me to cook that dish whenever they visit me at home. I also like sweets and have learnt to prepare them. My friends also love the Gajar Ka Halwa that I prepare.” He even wowed his costar Navya aka Soumya Seth with his masala corn.

Ghar Jamai on big screen
R Madhavan
bigger role: R Madhavan

Filmactor R Madhavan wants his hit television series Ghar Jamai to be made into a full-fledged film Anant Mahadevan, who will director the silver screen version of the comedy series, says.

Sources say, “Ghar Jamai was aired on Doordarshan where Mahadevan played South Indian son-in-law and Satish Shah his North Indian father-in-law. Later in 1997, it was aired on Zee TV and this time Mahadevan directed the series, while Madhavan played the North Indian-son-in law and Satish Shah repeated his role. The shows were popular so Mahadevan and Anant have decided to make a film too. Madhavan will play the protagonist while the rest of the cast will soon be decided. They plan to start in spring of 2012 and will shoot in Toronto and India.”

Guess after other television series Khichdi and Office Office, making TV shows into movies is trending. — HRM

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Your card reveals an unusual streak of good fortune. Put your head down and apply maximum efforts to the tasks. Get organised and set up the schedule for the next. Bosses expect a solid performance. So, be productive. Tarot message: Be grateful for the gains coming your way. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 65.

TAURUS: Take business offers calmly and stay cool. Investment is favoured. Stick to physical health routine that drops those extra pounds and maintain the essential fitness level. You can find time for domestic chores. Tarot message: You need to cultivate humility. Lucky color: Crimson. Magic number: 26.

GEMINI: Bosses will have to be very patient with their employees. Students, make every possible effort to move ahead in career. An affectionate relationship may be developing with a fellow worker. Try to be discreet or it can lead to gossip. Tarot message: Do not let trivial problems daunt you. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 54.

CANCER: You will be pleased to pursue your profession. Pay attention to a health problem. Influential people will be helpful in your business.Show your partner or spouse how much you care by preparing a romantic dinner. Tarot message: Don’t be dismissive of any advice. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 31.

LEO: You are not going to get things done your way. Do not rush with work. An auspicious day for housewives. Address the genuine priorities first; which are likely to be those concerning business and career. Tarot message: It is no longer necessary to take risks. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 45.

VIRGO: Really busy? Ask your family to help out, especially with domestic responsibilities. Maintain a dignified public image at all costs. Stay out of the limelight. Tarot message: Extend your circle of friends as people are your best bet against a hostile situation at work. Lucky colour: Metallic grey. Magic number: 35.

LIBRA: Everything is not what it looks like. Make sure that everything is running smoothly on the domestic front. Women, cut down on your everyday spending. Excellent day for hosting a party. Tarot message: You must share responsibility with others before continuing. Lucky colour: Red. Magic number: 56.

SCORPIO: Push ahead business affairs. Try to get an early start. Avoid speculation if possible. Household expenses may be more than usual because of repairs and maintenance. Be sure about your commitments. Tarot message: Take new challenges in your strides and deal with them sensibly. Lucky colour: Black. Magic number: 63.

SAGITTARIUS: Generosity might send you on a spending spree. Make sure you can actually afford what you plan to buy. Secrecy continues to be important. Students, gossip could spoil your chance of success. Tarot message: No time to rest, action is needed. Lucky colour: Burgundy. Magic number: 30.

CAPRICORN: There will be more time available for family affairs. Romantic life is charged with passion. Be straight and aboveboard when dealing with employment affairs. You may throw a party at home. Tarot message: Use your instinct to get into the top circle of power. Lucky colour: Golden. Magic number: 60.

AQUARIUS: A win-win day if your approach is positive. You will not be too worried by the lack of activity. A minor health problem may arise. Co-ordinating with friends is a challenge. Chance encounters have excellent results in both business and love. Tarot message: Learn to rely on your mind. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 25.

PISCES: Expect a topsy-turvy experience today as unexpected events disrupt the routines and plans. Just make sure official records are accurate and up to date. There may be argument at home this morning. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Emerald. Magic number: 57.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 14...

With a birthday on the 14th, your charisma makes you a popular figure. Whether you're dating or single, attention will be all yours. Ultimately, you have to hitch your star to someone who appreciates your nurturing abilities. You are inclined to work well with people and enjoy with them. You are talented and versatile, good at presenting ideas, and you are also good at organising and systematising. Your mind is quick, clever and analytical. Your restless nature may make you a bit impatient and easily bored with routine.

Business: Save the risk-taking and splash-making. Then you’ll find you won't need fancy footwork over the next few days, just your smartness, instinct and maybe a good collaborator.

Career: You should avoid major expenses this year. Wait for better moments and just focus on savings. Entrepreneurs will need to be particularly attentive to business this week. It is worth preparing a clear action plan and keeping your eyes wide open.

Education: Students appearing for any written tests or interviews will emerge successful. As you fly higher, you will draw more flak. So, you must prepare for opposition. Don’t be alarmed if your pace slows down.

Finance: If planning to shift into a new house or a flat you will get the accommodation of your choice.

Friendship: New friends may be most helpful especially in career, networking and romantic connections. Expansion of your ‘circle of influence’ is a definite, even if you do not try!

Health: You will be full of vitality. On some days your health might experience ups and downs and hence you are required to observe slight precautions as and when required. However, you are likely to do well in routine life.

Love: You cross a threshold that requires you to take a hard cold look at what you want and need in relationships.

Travel: Select a reliable travel agent if going abroad.

Mood: In a ‘planning stage.’Compatible signs: Taurus, Gemini and Leo. Lucky colours: Crimson and Dark red. 

Lucky days: Friday. Lucky numbers: 2, 3, 16, 18, 23.

Ayushmann Khurrana (September 14, Chandigarh) who shares his birthday with you, had won Roadies 2. He is a successful VJ, has hosted many shows like MTV Wassup etc. Ayushmann has worked in Ekta's serials too (Kyamath) and was seen in MTV Faltoo Movies the best one was Cheque de India, which was a spoof on Shahrukh's Chak De India. Ayushmann took up the offer of anchoring the dance-based reality show Just Dance on Star Plus, judged by Hrithik Roshan and Farah Khan. He has also signed a movie which is a romantic comedy.

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