Hoton pe aisi baat…
Dr Vyjayantimala Bali, the superstar of yesteryears, in Chandigarh as the star guest for a function, shares how dance is her first love & much more
Jasmine Singh

It’s all in her eyes, which look around, acknowledging the presence of curious faces. They gleam when she smiles through them and begin to dance when they see the camera. Her eyes know it all! Dr Vyjayantimala Bali, the superstar of yesteryears, would let kahol-smeared vibrant eyes do the talking for her if the need be.

In Chandigarh as the star guest for the Mohd Rafi night, being organised by Yaadgar-e-Rafi Society, this danseuse and actress (she prefers dance over everything else) poses comfortably in front of the camera. She doesn’t disappoint, just like her grace, that impish charm; just like her eventful life and career. She speaks, while we soak in every word that holds testimony to the golden years. And are still on…

Present continuous

“Dance, dance and more dance — this is what keeps me busy these days. I have returned from a four-day dance festival from Kerela. Besides this, I am researching on temple dances, trying to revive them. So, it is dance for me that takes precedence over everything else. Even today, I treat every performance as my first one. I have this lurking feeling as I set on the stage and thereafter I leave everything to god.”

Dance then & now

For the actor who gave dance a different meaning by elevating it with her graceful and energetic moves in movies like Nagin, Jewel Thief and Sangam, it wouldn’t a pleasant sight to see actors jerking every bone in their body with Western style of dancing. “There are a lot of Western influences in dances and attires as well. Seeing this, I feel sad at times because we have a rich and spiritual dance culture that needs to be seen in movies. We try to copy the western moves and end up looking fake. I think we are in a state on confusion as far as dance in the film industry is concerned.

Did you know?

Dr Vyjayantimala is one actor who did not do any character roles and she refuses to make a comeback in any movie. It was a graceful exit for her. “I left Bollywood on a beautiful note. I don’t want to do any character role or make a comeback. I did my best when I was working. Once I have left it there is no looking back now.” Another thing that you might not be aware of — this charming lady is also a sports freak. Horse-riding, skiing, golf, badminton, table tennis, Dr Vyjayantimala has not only played these sports she has also won many championships! Not to forget her stint in politics. She smiles once again, through her eyes, “I served both in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Let me tell you, contesting for the Lok Sabha is not an easy task and I did it with full force.”

Remembering Raj Kapoor

We fell in love with Bol Radha Bol from the movie Sangam, which created many firsts. She shares, “Sangam was the first movie to be shot abroad, first movie in techni-colour and the first movie with two intermissions.” Talking about Raj Kapoor, the actor goes in a flashback. “Raj Kapoor was excellent with his work; he created an excellent concept with Sangam, he had a great sense of music and he understood the pulse of the audiences pretty well.”

I wish

I don’t have any regrets with my work or my era. Nevertheless, I wish I had worked with Guru Dutt. I was offered the movie Andhi, but I was scared to do the role of a politician. I couldn’t do Bimal Roy’s Bandini. Other than these I have no regrets. I am still dancing, and now I am enjoying the role of a grandmother. My dance keeps me fit and rest my god will take care of my dance as long as I am alive.”

Model moves
Gurvinder Singh
In Ludhiana for the Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week 2011, model Mehar Bhasin was the showstopper for the collection by Sonu Gandhi
RAMP Magic: In Ludhiana for the Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week 2011, model Mehar Bhasin was the showstopper for the collection by Sonu Gandhi

Having left professional modelling seven years ago, Mehar Bhasin now runs a fashion academy and manages various events. In Ludhiana for Blenders Pride Punjab International Fashion Week 2011, Mehar was the showstopper for the collection by Sonu Gandhi for “she is a good friend”.

Does she ever think about movies? “My hands are already full. And then, only three-four actresses are bagging most of the films,” she says. So that is not her territory, unless of course she gets a ‘very good role’.

“A career in modelling is short and many models turn to advertising or films later. There hasn’t been an Indian supermodel for a long time now,” she shares. Ludhiana, according to her, has a lot of potential and is coming up as one of the top five metros in the country.

Talking about the dry spell in the Indian titles at international pageants, she says, “These events are economy-oriented.Pageants give boost to the industry in various regions. In the past, Indian fashion industry got a boost and now it has come of age.”

And who could have been a supermodel amongst the actresses of today? “Katrina Kaif; she has a beautiful face. Kareena is a better actor,” she says. Talking about Punjab, she says it is the centre of emotion and culture.

Virtual Reality
In the gaming culture, does the line between the real and the virtual merge? We find out from hardcore gamers...
Vasudha Gupta

There was a time when it all started with Nintendo. Today, movies are based on it and they are based on movies. And if there is one thing in technology that has changed more than the mobile phones, it is the concept of video games. We find out from gaming addicts whether or not the virtual and real worlds overlap.

“Yes, there is not doubt that it does not,” says Rajpreet Singh Dhindsa. For this young lad, the real and the virtual world mixed up scared him. “It was during our college days that we spent hours playing video games,” he says. Work has become a priority today, but some memories still haunt him. “I remember one time I started playing Resident Evil at around eight in the evening and around 3 am, I seriously felt some one standing behind my door. That was spooky,” he laughs. Running a construction company, Rajpreet feels the overlapping is a result of the tendency of games to engross.

Abhay Puri

Vidur Verma

“No, technology is the culprit,” chips in Vidur Verma. A 20-year-old law student at the Panjab University, Vidur blames the technological advancements that have led to the modern-day addictions. Into serious gaming since the past five years, this lad spent a complete night playing FIFA11. A self-confessed addict for a year, he says that the developments are to be blamed. “If you look at Kincet, it actually tracks body movements and then responds on screen,” he says. “This is the causative factor,” he adds.

Having spent two complete days at a stretch playing games, Abhay Puri had a tough time getting his addiction under control. Now 27 years of age and running a steel business, Abhay clearly remembers college days when he was hooked on to remote controls. “It is in specific genre of games that the real and the virtual world overlap,” he says. Still holding on to his Modern Warfare and Call of Duty, he believes that the situations created tend to merge the two worlds into one. “I remember always being very involved with my games,” he adds.

Then there are some who make it a point to pick up their favourite games even while attending wedding functions. Akshit Gaur is one such lad. Here from Kuwait to attend his cousin’s function, the next plan of action for him is going to Music World and Sony showroom to pick up the latest FIFA games.

Into gaming since eight, when he was gifted his first Playstation 2, his experience of the real and virtual world came when he saw the movie Tron. “It was a great movie,” he says. Having played for more than 12 hours at a stretch, he was hooked on to the Call of Duty even a day before his exam. “It was terrible, I had my Hindi exam the next day and just could not put the remote aside,” he laughs. Of course there is no better pleasure in life than knowing you can control what happens next. “It is interesting to know that you can kill with the press of a button,” he smirks. The days when video games were all about shooting and blowing things up are long gone.

As Ajit Singh Mann says, “High profile gaming directors and professional script writers have changed the gaming scene in India.” Having moved to hardcore titles in 2005, this engineer-in-the-making has spent 13 long hours with his controller at a stretch!

Knowing Norma
Marilyn Monroe’s teenage photos on sale

Photos of a teenage Marilyn Monroe as a model and a letter that she wrote to her foster mother will be up for auction next month. The model shots were taken by photographer Joseph Jasgur when Monroe was still Norma Jean, a 19-year-old aspiring model.

There are a variety of shots that range from atop high buildings in Los Angeles to photos on the Zuma Beach. Her letter to foster mother Grace Goddard is expected to sell for over 50,000 dollars by the auction house Julien’s.

In the eight-page letter she talks about her marriage to Jimmie Dougherty and her aspirations to a better career.

She also tells Goddard of her meeting with US Army photographer David Conover, who helped launch her into modelling.

After Connor’s encouragement Monroe joined Blue Book Modelling Agency where she met photographer Joseph Jasgur.

“These photographs and copyrights become available for the very first time and the complete archive and early image copyrights will be sold exclusively at this auction event,” a spokesman said.

Other items at the auction include Nolan Miller’s signature black and red gown worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Poker Alice, costumes and props from the 2000 film The Grinch, Sean Connery’s 007 Walther-Ppk .38 calibre pistol from Never Say Never Again and costumes from the cult film The Big Lebowski. — ANI

Once in a lifetime!

Veteran Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is set to receive the Cecil B DeMille Award for lifetime achievement at the Golden Globe Awards next year.

The 74-year-old actor, best known for roles in ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’ and ‘Invictus’, where he played Nelson Mandela, will be honoured with the prize during the ceremony on January 15, 2012.

The accolade has previously been given to Steven Spielberg, Robert DeNiro and Warren Beatty. Morgan, known for his deep voice and tall stature, won a Golden Globe in 1989 for playing chauffer Hoke Colburn in ‘Driving Miss Daisy’, and picked up an Oscar for the part of Eddie in 2004’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’, which also starred Hilary Swank and Clint Eastwood.

Morgan recently starred as Dr Cameron McCarthy in surprise hit ‘Dolphin Tale’Doyle’. — PTI

All in the moves
SD Sharma

“Of all the dances forms, folk genre, with its spontaneous appeal and vibrance, evolving and flexible character, is close to everybody’s heart. Our folk dances have won appreciation from audiences around the world,” opine I P Senavirathna and Sujatha Siyamalqpitis, folk dance artistes from Sri Lanka. In Chandigarh with a dancing ensemble of 20 young artists on the invitation of ICCR for a performance at NZCC–Kalagram, the artistes share notes on their rich folk dance culture.

“We specialise in the Kandian Dances, Low country dances, Sri Lankan national folk dances,” says IP Senavirathna, director of Ranranga Academy of Folk dances at Padukka in Sri Lanka. She along with Sujatha hold degrees in fine arts, including those in dance, music and drama, and have represented Sri Lanka in folk festivals in as many as 40 events in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, India and other countries.

She adds, “Indian classical dances, especially bharatnatyam and kathak, are very popular among the art loving people, but Indian film music and dances find more takers. Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor etc are very popular with youngsters.”

“The Mask Dance, Wase dance and Paddy harvest dance are popular folk forms while creative dances include theme-based compositions or filmy songs,” says IP Senavirathna. She adds, “Our special dances like “Naag Khanya”, Wase and Fantham (fire) dances won adulation at the Delhi Art Festival.”

THE Foodies
Dig into delicacies
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

Subtle ambience is the hallmark of Hotel Icon
Subtle ambience is the hallmark of Hotel Icon

Icon, a boutique hotel in Sector 8, is another feather in the cap of pan-Asian food restaurants in Chandigarh. And this one has its own delights (bakery items being a strong contender for the freshness and melt-in-the-mouth effect, including Teppanyaki, tempura and a few of the starters), neatly done interiors and soothing rooms for visitors.

The hotel has eighteen rooms, including a bar, banquet, small bakery corner and a restaurant that serves pan-Asian delicacies. Run by Dilsher Sukhija, a young entrepreneur, the interior is serene and is built on a single theme: Buddha. Right from the paintings on the walls to small decorative pieces, everything has Buddha on it. So, it makes the environs quite interesting.

Hibachi, the main restaurant of the hotel, has an elaborate menu card that includes dishes from Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Burmese and Singaporean cuisine. Well, the menu includes dishes from varied cuisines, so you can take your pick and enjoy a sumptuous meal! Starting with soups, you can choose from Singapore hot and sour, Udon noodle soup, Burmese Khao suey soup and Mongolian dumpling soup, which is a clear soup with almost raw vegetables. For the starters and also the main course, try sitting next to the grillers as the chef of the restaurant is quite an entertainer and would serve you with a smiling face.

Teppanyaki is another thing that you must try in the restaurant, as the food served is fresh and according to your taste. Water chestnuts cooked in sweet chilli sauce is another dish that must be tried for the crunchy and fresh flavour. Dimsums too are a big delight in small package. Sui Mai (open faced dimsums) and pot-stickers (shallow fried dimsums) are a must-try. A fermented version of dimsums called Bao is also available here.

Well, food is a never-ending topic and since here you have a variety of cuisines let’s not miss out on the Japanese variety. Sushi platters too are served here, so are wasabi prawns mith mango salsa and tempura platters. For the health freaks, try out the grilled dish of assorted mushroom with oven baked tomato, bell peppers topped with lemon butter, soya sauce or Asian lamb lemon grass salad.

The bakery needs a special mention as it is run by Neeta Sukhija. You must try the Tiramisu here. Perfectly done, it just melts into your mouth. A meal for two will cost around Rs 800 here.

Flavours of Tuscany
Sabia Talwar

The Tuscan food fest is all about exotic flavours
The Tuscan food fest is all about exotic flavours

Enter. A table displaying a variety of cheese like the parmesan, blue-veined, menthal and smoked cheese arranged with crackers, green olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes and a variety of virgin olive oils. Also, a collection of white and red wines like Ruffino Chianti and Ruffino Orvito resting on elegant stands.

Another one laden with breads like the multi-grain, focaccia and dinner rolls. This is the present scene at Pomodoro, a traditional Italiano restaurant located at The Piccadily Hotel-22 which has come up with the Tuscan food festival.

Tuscany is the fifth largest province of Italy and its cuisine is known for freshness and simplicity with the traditional touch.

Says Jagpreet Pal Singh, general manager, “The idea of this food festival is to present Tuscany cuisine, which is prepared by wholesome and fresh ingredients.”

He adds, “We have soups, appetisers, pastas, pizzas and risottos which are served with complementary glass of wine and breads.”

The light sauces prepared with fresh tomato puree, olive oils and herbs on a grill and the baking concept is a little bland for Indian tastebuds.

Says Chef Chander Shekhar, “This festival brings the flavours of Central Italy. Chandigarh people are quite experimental and many people are likely to accept this flavour.”

The evenings here are lit up with candle light and one can enjoy freshly grated cheese on their pallets by the cheese sommelier.

So, enter the arena of wine, cheese and garlic because that’s the true touch of Tuscany.

(On till November 20)

Stroke of genius
Sonal Singh and Satyajit Shergill, two artists from the region, have put up their works at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chandigarh
Vasudha Gupta

Bright hues are the essence of Sonal Singh and Satyajit Shergill’s works
colour me bright: Bright hues are the essence of Sonal Singh and Satyajit Shergill’s works

It ultimately comes down to paint and brush. But the way an artist projects feelings and thoughts says everything about the use of his paintbrush. Converging on the common platform of love for colours, two artists from the region have put up their works at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16.

Magic is the first word that strikes you when you look at Sonal Singh’s works. “A canvas is blank; what happens one you splash it with colours is sheer magic,” he says. Interestingly, all the works revolve around the same concept. “This is a personal favourite,” she says pointing towards the acrylic and canvas painting showing off her lotuses.

“I have tried to add a magical spark through these small dots all throughout the paintings,” she smiles. Also an art instructor by choice, Sonal seeks all her inspiration from children, which shows in her work. “A lot of my works are based on my children, my relationship with them, friends and my family,” she shares with us. Of course the burst of colours on the white walls overwhelms as we walk through the displays.

A Masters in Fine Arts from Chandigarh, this colour fan has one agenda in her life. “I have never spent a single day without painting. Painting gives me happiness and ends up being therapeutic for so many of my friends,” she says. Also working extensively on collages, they gather attention. “In a collage, you can pick up paper, leaves and jute, incorporate your own changes and its ready for use,” she smiles.

In between the red pillow and a couple, her daughter is the object of her fancy. “Her name is Ardaas. She drew this when she was four,” she says pointing to a small ballerina drawn on the side of her visiting card. “When she sleeps, she has open hair and looks even more charming, just like I have shown here,” she says talking about her next creation. In the shades of orange and yellow is a maroon contender. “I have a bougainvillea creeper in my house. At one point it was lighted in some areas and dark in the other,” she says.

From the bright colours to happy emotions, we are taken to a bit more serious hues of the same bright shades. The structure of academia is missing but the bold thoughts have been persevered. “Though I started young as an artist and a sculptor, I have no formal training in art,” says Satyajit Shergill.

His wisdom of age and strokes are an objective reflection of how the flaws in the society bother him. “While living in UP, I came across several characteristics of the poor,” he says. Some of his works focus on just that. “The working, toiling farmer in the fields has always inspired me,” he says. Between the dark faces of poverty are the black cats. “Living in Punjab, the black cat commandos had an impact on my life and brought me face-to-face with how much effort they put into protecting us,” he says, pointing to his creation. Talent also flows through blood. “I was always in awe of my bua Amrita Shergill and learnt a lot from her,” he says smiling between his sliver beards. The feeling of unity and bonding shine through all his works.

This is defiantly a composition of contrasts!

(On till November 13)

Master Chef
Exotic offering
Vishvesh Khanna

The tender meat of chicken has its own succulent taste and texture, which needs just the right amount of temperance and cooking time. With the judicious use of herbs, we can bring out the best of chicken without spoiling its original taste. Here is a recipe of Malaysian Chicken using the exotic spices of the East.


Portion 1

Chicken breast 150 gm (sliced)
Coriander seeds 10 gm
Jeera (whole) 10 gm
Black pepper 5 gm
Green cardamom 5 gm
Red chilli (whole) 5 gm
Szechwan sauce 5 gm
White pepper 1 gm
Lemon juice 5 gm
Egg 1
Cornflour 5 gm
Maida 5 gm
Salt to taste

Slice the chicken breast in equal flat size. Ground the above mentioned whole spices. Mix all the ingredients together and leave the marinade for 30 minutes. Grill to perfection.

(Khanna is an executive chef at Geoffery’s-Ludhiana)

Weight watch
Tailor-made plan
Roopa Pahwa

If you want to improve the quality of life, you do not have to try hard. Here are some basic health tips that can be followed by most.

n Select an exercise pattern to suit your lifestyle. All of us have different lifestyles and professions, so it does not make sense to go by the book strictly. Try and follow an exercise routine that is suitable for you. You have to understand that even more important than the exercise itself, is sticking to it. So, unless you choose something that can suit your lifestyle, you are not going to stick to it.
n Stop smoking. If you smoke, quitting the habit will be the best thing you will ever do for your health. If you fail this time, keep on trying.
n Running, swimming, walking or cycling for 20 minutes, five times a week can help reduce the risk of diabetes by 45 per cent.
n If you are always surrounded by food and cannot resist picking at it, then try chewing gum.
n Avoid over exercising and crash dieting, as they will slow down your metabolic rate.
n Add fish to your weight loss regimen. Overweight people who are on a weight loss diet may be able to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by eating fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, cod and mackerel. Fish fat is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is known to protect against heart diseases by lowering the cholesterol level and reducing high blood pressure.
n Remember when buying low-fat food, they may be low in fat but some of them contain lots of sugar. Sugar is high in calories and if you are sticking to a calorie-controlled diet then just because it’s low in fat doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want.
n If you mix fruit juice with 50 per cent water, it will not only save you money but also help to control the sugar level in your blood.
n There is no faster way to increase energy, lose weight and optimise digestion than to increase your daily intake of water. The fluid in your body will also ensure that you can move well and be active.
n Everyone has his or her favourite treats. Simply allow yourself a little indulgence, but watch out for the frequency and the quantity. Having a small treat occasionally can be rewarding to your weight loss experience. Cutting too much of your favourite treats usually lead to an early relapse.
n Get more Sleep. Lack of sleep changes your hormone levels and capacity to metabolise carbohydrates. So, less sleep equals to a slower metabolism.
n Maintain a positive outlook. There is a definitive connection between healthy living and a cheerful outlook on life.

(Pahwa is a fitness expert from Ludhiana)

As told to Poonam Bindra

HEART talk
Pour your heart out
Parvesh Rana

I am 25 years of age and I want to move out to a different place for professional reasons. My parents, however, are not happy with the idea. They want me to marry instead, which I am dead against. At one point, I was thinking of running away. What should I do?

Running away is not a good idea. Why don’t you talk to your parents, they will surely understand. You should understand that they have their fears. You should confide in them and tell them you will be safe, and you will do good for yourself.

— Nisha Sharma, Chandigarh

I am a single woman, and I share my apartment with my colleague. She brings her friends home, and I don’t like it much. Should I walk out or talk to her.

Why should you walk out? Speak to your friend and tell her your problem. You don’t have to put up with things that you are not comfortable with. Speak to her and sort it out.

(Rana is a TV anchor and Bollywood actor)

Cooked, not raw food provides more energy

Contrary to popular belief, cooked food provides more energy than its raw version, which is particularly true of meat. The finding suggests humans are biologically adapted to benefit from cooking, which played a key role in driving our evolution from an ape-like being into one that resembles humans today.

“It is astonishing that we don’t understand the fundamental properties of the food we eat,” said Rachel Carmody, evolutionary biologist at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

“All the effort we put into cooking food and presenting it—mashing it up, or cutting it, or slicing or pounding it—we don’t understand what effect that has on the energy we extract from food, and energy is the primary reason we eat in the first place,” added Carmody, according to a Harvard statement. To examine those effects, Carmody designed a unique experimental model. Over 40 days, she fed two groups of mice a series of diets that consisted of either meat or sweet potatoes prepared in four ways - raw and whole, raw and pounded, cooked and whole, and cooked and pounded.

Over the course of each diet, researchers tracked changes in each mouse’s body mass, as well as how much they used in an exercise wheel. The results, Carmody said, clearly showed that cooked meat delivered more energy. — IANS

Star track
Dress circle
Take a look at the stars who made some fashion statements and some fashion faux pas in the recent times

Gayatri Oberoi

We love the way she has gone from a model and one-film-old actress to a sophisticated socialite. She looks gorgeous and everything about her outfit and look is perfect.

Neeru Bajwa

She should have worn this dress when she was a teenager! The purple-accented sandals and pink-pop clutch don’t gel with it. She could have used plain black accessories.


The dress looks like a bath-robe! She looks anorexic, especially her arms and legs. Nothing about this look is right. She lacks the class to pull it off.

Sagarika Ghatge

She looks gorgeous. The bright red hue suits her. She keeps it simple with a pair on black peep-toes.

Kangna Ranaut

She looks so different! We love the way she keeps changing her look. The eye make-up is striking and the dress, shoes, and clutch are well put-together.

Deepika and Chitrangda

The women look lovely and even their peep-toes are similar! Both are wearing similar body con dresses and we can’t get over how smouldering they look!


Remember Mallika Sherawat? Yes, we are talking about the actress who took Hindi cinema’s love to a different level and after few movies she dreamt of Hollywood and did some movies over there too. Her last film in Bollywood was Hisss… she did an item song in Osthi which is the Tamil remake of Dabangg and her Hollywood film Politics of Love has got mixed reviews. 

Hollywood calling

My film Politics of Love got mixed reviews and I am represented by Untitled which is a top management agency in Hollywood. They handle stars like Madonna, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I am happy with the way my career is shaping. I am happy with my space and life.

Playing politics

I was damn excited to share the screen with Oscar nominee Loretta Devine and Oscar winner Gerry Bednob. The film got a mixed review. Some liked it, some didn’t. But again it was not a flop. The film shows me falling in love with a black American. But I am not sure how people in India will take it.

Thanks to Slumdog

I was in Hollywood even before Slumdog Millionaire but suddenly after this film Hollywood has started looking at Indian cinema and Indian stars in a different way. In fact, Hollywood has now opened its eyes to everyone around the world and at the end of the day they want talented actors no matter where they are from.

Comparing notes

Work culture is very different in Bollwood and Hollywood but I think both have their own way of working and try to give their best. Like Hollywood is more punctual and technology-wise ahead but Bollywood makes what Indian audience likes. However, Bollywood films will take time to open up to the world because the audiences out there don’t understand hero-heroine dancing and romancing.

Secondly, Hollywood market is bigger than Bollywood. Like them we too have narrations, reading, rehearsals and workshops. And I miss the enthusiasm of Bollywood sometimes, so I need to come back to India and then again start working in Hollywood; that’s what I do.

Reacting to stardom

One thing which I like the most about Hollywood is even the biggest star there doesn’t have ego problem. They all behave normally and everyone is supposed to reach sets on time and leave on time. Not like here the star can come and go on their own time. In Hollywood, they will be sued for millions of dollars if they behave in an irresponsible manner on the sets which is yet to happen in Bollywood.

Watch list

I watched Udaan and I was amazed. I also loved A Wednesday and Sikander. I want to work with directors like Vikramaditya Motwane, Piyush Jha and Nishikant Kamath. In fact, I read a script by a new director and it’s mind-blowing. I can’t reveal anything about it now.  I loved Fashion and No One Killed Jessica.

Happy to be bad
Prakash Raj is Dabangg’s new villain

Prakash Raj is playing the villain in Dabangg 2. He has already established himself in Bollywood with films such as Wanted.

Bagging Dabangg 2

I am very happy and excited to be part of a film like Dabangg which was already such a huge hit. The film will start in March next year. I play the main villain and the character is very interesting and different from Wanted or Singham. The first part was fab and Sonu Sood did a great job. But Dabangg 2 is totally different like Chulbul Pandey’s character is also turned around. Whatever it is, the script sounds too interesting.

Role calls

Yes, I am getting many offers in Bollywood but I don’t want to be repetitive. I like to pick up different characters and styles. I recently signed Dabangg 2 and remake of Satte Pe Satta which is again a challenging film for me as now I am part of a legendary film’s remake. And then I am doing another romantic comedy film with Sunny Deol which also stars Preity Zinta, Arshad Warsi and Mithun Chakraborty in it. The film is yet untitled.

Juggling act

Yes, I am juggling between the South and Mumbai. But I have no regrets because my hard work is giving me what I want at the end of the day. Audiences like me in villainous parts and I love the appreciation. So, I don’t mind juggling between South and Hindi cinema. Even in the South I do all language films. It gives me a bigger audience.

A director too

In Hindi cinema I am part of big commercial films but I love off-beat films too. I love watching them. I am working on a film called Dhoni which will release in two languages—Tamil and Telugu. I have written the script, and produced and directed it too. Currently, I am shooting for Puri Jagannath’s Telugu film The Businessman in Goa. Once I finish it, I will start work on my own film’s post-production.

FORCE-D to turn down

John Abraham is not keen on being part of the sequel to Force because of problems with Fox Star. He feels that the sequel may not be promoted properly. Let’s see what happens. Why is John turning his back on a potential hit?

Finally, A Working Day!

Neeraj Pandey is finally making another film after the super-successful A Wednesday. Akshay Kumar will star in his film about a famous South-Bombay jewellery theft case that happened in the late 1980s. The film goes on the floors next year.

Talaash for title

Aamir Khan’s film directed by Reema Kagti finally has a title. Aamir Khan has chosen Talaash. The Aamir-Rani-Kareena film will release in June.

Dance tribute

Kareena Kapoor will pay tribute to her late-great grand uncle Shammi Kapoor at an awards event to be held later this month and she will dance to his songs.  Ranbir Kapoor also paid tribute to the legend at a concert for Rockstar.

Censor hurdle

The television premiere of Ragini MMS may not happen because the Censor Board is not allowing the film to be shown on television. Ekta Kapoor is too busy with The Dirty Picture to be bothered by it.

chatter box
Veena's Swayamvar

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik who gained fame in India after her Bigg Boss stint is going to be back on television. She has signed up Imagine's reality show Swayamvar and is being paid cool Rs 3 crore. But there's more, if she ties the knot on the show, she will be paid an extra Rs 1.5 crore! Her good friend Ashmit Patel will be helping her choose the right groom.

Suhana's Micheal Jackson avatar

To celebrate the day she professed her love to Ishaan (Jay Soni), Suhana (Raagni Khanna) will dress up as Micheal Jackson in Star Plus' Sasuraal Genda Phool. She will dance and woo Ishaan with her MJ moves. Ragini and Jay both had loads of fun doing the moonwalk and the famous MJ steps.

Crorepati going places

ony Entertainment Television and its iconic show Kaun Banega Crorepati have shattered TVRs and emerged as the monster hit on television in the country. KBC has become the highest rated non-fiction show on Indian television since 2009 with 7.2 TVR and 8 TVR, respectively for the iconic episodes aired on November 1 and 2. In these episodes, India witnessed and celebrated the success of the Rs 5 crore winner from Motihari, Bihar, Sushil Kumar. In numbers, KBC reached out to 25 and 27 million people, respectively.

Simple life

After the sprawling bungalows in Director Kut's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the Singhania family, who lost their splendour, will live in a rented house. Facing difficult times, Akshara, Naitik and their family did spend a few days with the Maheshwaris but soon they will move out to a small rented house. The pregnant Akshara will be everyone's moral support.

Sandhya turns bull fighter

Deepika Singh, who plays Sandhya in Star Plus' Diya Aur Baati Hum, had a gala time shooting with a bull recently. In the show, an angry bull will charge at her mother-in-law and the quiet bahu Sandhya will show her prowess and take the bull on for a chase. Soon, she will lock the bull in an empty house but her saas won't be happy to see her running about without her pallu. Deepika shot many scenes with a fake bull mounted on a cycle and mixed them with the real ones. Shooting bare feet and running about, the actress got hurt and bruised but was happy with the whole scene.

Direct from the heart

TLV Prasad debuted in Bollywood with Janta Ki Adalat in 1992. He is a director with the Midas touch. His name is included in Limca Book of Records as one director doing a number of films with one hero. After directing 70 films in Hindi, he has surprised his fans by directing Sagar Arts Production's super-hit mythological series Jai Shree Krishna.

This production house again signed him to direct another mythological show Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali, which is getting amazing response from the viewers. The show airs on Sahara One from Monday to Friday. In conversation with the talented director TLV Prasad:

What's the response for Jai Jai Jai Bajrangbali?

It has been five months since the show has gone on air. The response from viewers has been extremely positive and I am glad. The show is technically superb.

This is your second show with Sagar Productions. How does that make you feel?

It is my second mythological show with the Sagar Productions. It is a big responsibility on my head and a lot of expectations from people around me-my production house, the channel and my fans. Sahara One Television and Sagar Productions gave me the second show and I am putting in my best to live up to every one's expectations. I feel lucky to have been part of the team.

What is your equation with the actor Aparna Tarakad, Nimai Bali and child actor Jaya Bhanushali?

We are professionals. Aparna Tarakad, Nimai Bali are very sincere actors. Jaya Bhanushali is also doing very well and has become popular among the viewers.

What is the show all about?

It is the epic story of Lord Hanuman. It portrays Lord Hanuman's life and service to humanity.

Your future projects?

Right now I am working only on this show. — Dharam Pal

Studded wedding

In the upcoming episodes of Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto... on Imagine TV, Dhruv and Ishu's wedding will take place. And to celebrate the event many personalities will be seen starting with Dharmendra, Himesh Reshammiya and comedian Bharti Singh.

Kinshuk's marriage

Kinshuk Mahajan Kinshuk Mahajan, who will soon appear in Zee's new show Afsar Bitya, is getting married to Divya Gupta in Delhi. With work keeping him busy, he hasn't had time to help his parents with the wedding preparations. "They have told me that I would be like a guest at my own wedding," laughs Kingshuk. He is thrilled about his wedding card. "I wanted a simple card, not a gaudy one. So, we got a deep red simple card." He will have a traditional Punjabi wedding.

A new life:
Kinshuk Mahajan

first-day-first show
They truly rock you

Janardhan Jakhar (Ranbir Kapoor) a social nobody in a college in Delhi, good-for-nothing uncooperative son at home and a struggling musician! But Janardhan wants to change it all. So, when a well-wisher discloses the secret behind successful story that you have to fall in love and then break your heart, only then will your music become better, deeper, he befriends Heer (Nargis Fakhri); the most beautiful, sophisticated and popular girl in his college. Then Heer leaves but fate has other plans. Janardhan and Heer meet again. This time things are different. Before he knows it Janardhan embarks on a tumultuous journey of self-discovery, longing and restlessness only to realise that the very thing he spent his life looking for was in front of him the whole time.

Starring: Ranbir Kappor and Nargis Fakhri

Ranbir’s best

The movie has brought out Ranbir Kapoor’s best till date and the cameo by Shammi Kapoor is heart warming. Nargis overacts but has done a decent job as a debutant.

— Neha Bhardwaj, B.Com 2nd year, GGDSD College

Awesome songs

The songs of the movie are truly rocking, especially the Sadda Haq. Overall, the movie is a fun ride with witty dialogues and mind-boggling stunts.”

—Palak Chawla, BA 1st year, MCM College

Good storyline

The movie has a strong and amazing storyline that connects with the youth. It does not have a typical and boring romantic angle and the songs are too good.

— Jai Sondhi, law student, PU

(As told to Sabia Talwar)

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Take an optimistic outlook to a personal issue. You'll prefer not to share your thoughts or ideas with people from your past. If you are thinking of rekindling a past love affair, make plans for a weekend retreat. Tarot message: Results are guaranteed if you stick to arrangements. Lucky colour: Navy blue. Magic number: 47

TAURUS: The day begins on a favourable note. Work wise you will be doing fine. Give more time to domestic duties. Do not suppers your feelings. There are good vibes around. Love and friendship are likely to take up most of your time. Tarot message: Do not let anyone get the advantage over you. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 53

GEMINI: You must try harder at work. Travel plans need to be checked. Even surrounded by friends, you may feel all alone today. An internet romance can flourish but at the expense of fresh air. Tarot message: Do not cover up your own mistakes and keep the emotions aside. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 30

CANCER: There will be new projects to deal with. Friends will be coming with useful ideas. Biz folk, you can expect to double the output; if not less. Social activities will make you active. Tarot message: Don't get invest in projects where returns are spread over a large period of time. Lucky colour: Sky blue. Magic number: 31

LEO: Home and family life run smoothly. You will get more time to do what you want. Evening favours social get together. There may be a message from your unconscious that will become clear now. Pamper yourself today. Eat well and enjoy your favourite food. Tarot message: Avoid gossip sessions. Lucky colour: Orange. Magic number: 36

VIRGO: Women will be bored with their daily routine. Love life will be controversial. Your health can stand in the way of travel plans. If you are heading overseas and needed to begin many careers, ensure that your health is okay. Tarot message: Prepare yourself for a job interview. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 61

LIBRA: Avoid tiffs and angry words in the heat of the moment. Someone close to you might be sapping your energy with their constant complaining. A day at home could be your best medicine. Tarot message: Be articulate to prevent people for making their own conclusion. Lucky colour: Silver. Magic number: 32

SCORPIO: Investments made in new ventures are sure to bring good dividends. Your mind could be off daydreaming, plotting fabulous ways to get the things you want. Go for a walk outside, and let the wind blow through your hair. Tarot message: You are advised to focus on professional changes. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 29

SAGITTARIUS: The married couples will have more time for each other. Use your sympathy for best results. A strong independent streak will push you to get things done your way. You have the charm to make friends. Tarot message: Arrogance and pride will not be rewarded. Lucky colour: Green. Magic number: 43

CAPRICORN: The wheels' progress and action are likely to come to halt today. Contracts and agreements can stall appointments can be canceled, and whatever is meant to be happening probably won't. Tarot message: You need to be creative if you want to retain your grip over your business. Lucky colour: Peach. Magic number: 65

AQUARIUS: Not much out of the ordinary is likely to transpire today. Working women, control your temper. Pearls of wisdom from an older person are valuable. Take stock of your plans and ensure you are looking after yourself. Tarot message: Boost your confidence with positive thinking. Lucky colour: Aqua blue. Magic number: 38.

PISCES: There are too many problems to cope up with at home. Business conferences and organisational meeting can go off smoothly under your direction, building your self-esteem and professional reputation. Tarot message: Avoid situation that may turn nasty. Lucky colour: Mauve. Magic number: 59

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is November 12...

Being born on the 12th your intelligence is absolutely instinctive. Your idea of constructive criticism can be interpreted as destructive criticism depending on audience. You need plenty of patience, confidence and a strong voice to get others to take notice of you on your birthday. The energy of 3 allows you to bounce back rapidly from setbacks be it physical or mental. There is restlessness in your nature but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing attitude. You have a natural ability to express yourself in public and you always make a very good impression. Being good with words, you excel in writing, speaking and possibly singing. You are energetic and always a good conversationalist. You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.

This year your imagination will be stimulated so expect the right conditions for lucky initiatives and for encounters; these will lead to important friendships for the future. Youngsters will be particularly audacious when undertaking new initiatives at work. They will be dynamic and professional. You are prone to mistakes and poor judgment calls big time; avoid making impulsive judgments.

For some of you enjoyment of romance and pleasures would be of a high order and you might come across some windfall gains. If you desire to work overseas you may soon get an opportunity to travel. At this point of time your career and financial situation will need more attention. This time frame is favourable from the health point of view. Efforts for a change in job might meet with success. Those of you who are emotionally disturbed are required to be handled carefully.

Your tendency to be straight-forward could bump you off the road of love. Tone it down and temper your comments during this hyper-sensitive period of time. Mood: Cheerful and content. Compatible signs: Scorpio, Cancer. Lucky colours: Gold, Lime. Lucky days: Wednesday and Saturday. Lucky numbers: 6, 9, 15, 25, 34. Lucky flower: Petunia. Lucky gem: Malachite - The Gemstone for Stability.

Kader Khan (November 12, 1937 born in Pishin, Balochistan) is a comedian, script and dialogue writer; has acted in over 300 films and has written dialogue for over 1,000 Indian films, from the 1970s up to the turn of the 21st century. Khan is said to be as responsible for Amitabh Bachchan's success as a Bollywood icon as writer duo Salim-Javed. He wrote many memorable dialogues for Amitabh's films, including Mr. Natwarlal, Amar Akbar Anthony, Agneepath, Muqaddar Ka Sikander, Laawaris and Naseeb, which were huge hits at the box office. His son Sarfaraz Khan has also acted in some films. Khan will be as successful as Johny Walker was.

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