Wait in style
The trend of utilising some area of the office, converting it into a waiting lounge is catching up with many small and big offices
Jasmine Singh

The seating arrangement at Kapsons
The seating arrangement at Kapsons

The lounge at Airtel office

Waiting in a queue for a movie ticket, waiting outside a religious place to get a glimpse of the god, waiting in a line outside the passport office, waiting for your girlfriend in a parking lot, waiting in an office lounge…‘waiting’…the word can really get the better of you and so can the whole act!

Now, if this process of waiting can be made a little relaxing and easy, nothing like it! While passport offices and railway stations figure out how to make waiting less tiresome, corporate offices come up with interesting ways to make waiting less taxing. The trend of utilising some area of the office, converting it into a waiting lounge is catching up with many small and big offices. Instead of making shift arrangement of chairs and sofas, office lounges are now state-of-the-art.

From a regular reception area to a tastefully done up waiting lounge of Kapsons Ltd in Sector-17 — waiting shouldn’t be a problem if you are asked to sit and relax in a room with comfortable sofas, a nice warm lamp light falling on you while you sip hot coffee or tea served with a smile! Says Darpan Kapoor, managing director and co-founder of Kapsons Ltd, “An office is a reflection of a person’s ideology, it reflects the standard of work and also speaks volumes about the ambience. In this regard, the waiting lounge of an office is an important area to begin with. It is here that the guests and clients will get a feel of what our company is all about,” he adds, showing us the lounge that has been done up with abstract paintings and modern wood-work.

Lighting plays an important part, which is why at the Kapsons waiting lounge, lights are not too harsh. A variety of fashion, retail magazines as well as journals along with a creative that gives a detailed description about the company, makes the wait little less taxing.

However, putting blocks together alone wouldn’t make for an office lounge. This is an area that requires proper planning. So, when designing this space, it is important to consider what kind of lounge would go with your business. Secondly, the waiting lounge should gel with the rest of the office and not look out of sync with the rest of the office space.

Ankush Sharma can’t help sharing his idea of creating a waiting lounge in his industrial area office at Manimarja. “I deal in plastic and have clients coming from all over the country. Earlier, we had placed a three-seater regular sofa outside my office, but one of my client from Thailand told me that it would be good if I could do up the waiting area,” he says, sharing how much time and effort he put into making the waiting lounge. Wooden flooring, a music system with a lavish assortment of DVDs, a coffee-maker and a computer gives the lounge a state-of-the-art look. “It has benefited my business as clients don’t mind waiting if I am in an interview.”

A comfortable seating arena, colour scheme that matches with the main office space, a few tables, magazine racks…the waiting area only requires planning!

As for the waiting lounge of the Airtel office in IT Park, one side is glass, which helps conserve energy. The bright and open look of the waiting lounge follows the philosophy of the company - that is perception, size and preserving environment. According to an official spokesperson, “The waiting area has a huge mural, which gives it an artistic and interesting look.” Perhaps, you too can benefit your business and also deal with the waiting problem!


Much ado about weddings!
The big fat Indian wedding is a complicated affair. With loads of dos and don’ts, is it possible to simplify the entire process? We find out…
Manpriya Khurana

There have always been pre-wedding blues, now they have a name for the post-nuptial blues; are they coining a term for the blues to deal with the entire wedding system? The phenomenon that we call the big fat great Indian wedding system!

Some are so huffed and puffed, that they’d rather go and get married away from the maddening crowd. Others would rather do away with half-a-dozen ceremonies. Still some others would want a by-law on mandatory two months off while they go and get married! The wish list to correct the ‘big fat Indian wedding’ of the ‘great Indian wedding system’ just gets fatter!

Opines Rinita Singh, former student, School of Communication Studies and a bride-to-be, “I wish we could do away with lavish spending during weddings; I feel it’s a waste of money. There are so many fruitful ways in which the bride and the groom can invest the money, for instance buying a house.”

That’s not it. While we still figure out a way to stop the overt display of wealth and putting up with the Joneses syndrome, someone shouts for uniformity of ceremonies - those traditions running into half-a-dozen numbers and the infinite superstitions doing the rounds! Shares Neetu Dawra, assistant professor at a city-based college and also a bride-to-be, “Why can’t we have a set of standard traditional ceremonies and their rules known to everyone; so that you can’t go wrong? There are so many things that are perceived as an ill-omen and so many intricacies that are supposed to bring good luck. It just complicates the entire system so much that you can’t even enjoy your own wedding in a hassle-free manner.”

Is a bride supposed to dance or not? What if you spot a cat on the wedding day? Does the broken glass signify an unhappy married life? Are caged birds not supposed to be around the wedding homes? For those who are cutting the cake, they better preserve the horseshoe well…err…do we ever have an end to dos and don’ts? You get the point!

There is a groom’s take on things as well. Somethings that he’d want a little altered in the scheme of things? Nods Aman Singh Tinna, B.Com student, “Though I’m still many years away from a wedding, but I experienced the goose bumps at my brother’s marriage. There is just too much of pressure on the bride and the groom’s families to please everyone. That, according to me, is the toughest part of an Indian wedding. Everyone needs to be taken care of.”

Meanwhile, the girls are out with the commandments. Shrugs Ambika Ahuja, fashion designing student, all set for a February wedding, “Unbelievable as it may sound, but I’d rather do away with the astronomical shopping that is thrust on the bride. It’s like being forced to pick up scores of suits in one go, which you may or may not like in one go. Let alone wear them later during your married life. Since the entire groom’s and bride’s extended families are involved, everything becomes a status symbol.” Do we sense this bold and unabashed opinion getting a lot of likes on Facebook? If we could only turn around this extravaganza called the big fat Indian wedding!


Trouser treasure
The winter season is here and we check out the latest trends in women’s trousers
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

As far as trends in women trousers are concerned, there is no doubt that the 70’s fashion remains high on the list of carry-over trends, taking with it the likes of flares and wide-leg pants; while on the tough side, biker, punk and waxed jeans follow through to the new season. 

“Wide pants were presented at various fashion shows this spring. Some were simple and monotone while others were full of colour and sparkle. But for winters it is a style that has to be worn softly or with an edge. Albeit this is a style that seems evergreen, don’t let that fool you as fashion changes every minute,” says Nidhi Gambir from Walnut.

“Woolen plazzos and kashmere wool pants with heavy pleating and different style of drapes is a trend that is going to be popular. Digital prints on pants is another hot trend. Other than that, pleats have carried on effortlessly from spring in autumn/fall and they would be one of the major influences upon next year’s fashion trends,” she adds.

With skinny pants and jeans now so common that they no longer make a statement, it is inevitable that a different style would emerge as a trend. “Suit pants in checks and neon colours is a hot trend for winter. Flare too is a choice, but there is a definite lean away from the dominance of the slim cut. And that means not just a flared hem, but the overall look. Bell bottoms too is a trend to look out for,” says Neha Sidhu from Voila.

Talking about casual wear, jeans never actually go out of fashion but they do evolve over the years. Many of the more expensive designer jeans will continue to be defined by sexy rips, abrasions, bleach spots, embroidery, and more. “The worn and weathered look is taking a back seat for most jeans. There are fewer designer abrasions and rips, and faded areas are subtler. Instead, clean denim in bold colours (especially indigo) is looking strong for 2011 and 2012,” says an employee of denim brand. 

Though jeggings are a fade-off this fall-winter, wax jeans and tights would help you beat the winter blues!

Par Excellence
Training the mind
Jesse Grewal

Great players are what they are not because they swing the club better than others but because they are superior in controlling their mind. They are able to successfully take their 'practiced' swings to the golf course and play well under pressure in tournaments. Each of these players know what is required of themselves to play well. There is not one way which works for all and there are many individual preferences in training or using the mind.

Do this experiment to understand the work of the mind. Make your signature with your master hand (right hand if you are right handed). Next, try and copy this signature consciously. Then try to carefully make this signature with your left hand. Lastly, try to sign your name freely with your left hand. You will find that the first signature will be the best as it is done sub-consciously. This is called non-conscious competence. The second signature would not be as good as the first as it is done consciously. Conscious competence is not as good as non-conscious competence. The third is conscious non-competence. The name would just about be legible as we are not trained to sign with the left hand. The last would be a scrawl and would look nothing like your signature. This is non-conscious, non-competence. This proves that with practice we get competent and would play our best golf when we play sub-consciously and trust our swing and ability. Under pressure situations some of us try to make conscious swings and end up not playing our best. As beginners we are non-competent and therefore need to play consciously. Beginners therefore have lots of swing thoughts and feel they need them. As they get more competent they should reduce these thoughts and begin to trust their swings.

There are three ways to focus your mind while making a swing-

Distal: Focusing on your target is called distal focus. Some players focus on the flag, then visualise their shots and make a swing with the image of the flag in their mind. They play their best this way. As the target is far this method is called distal. You could focus on a tree, pole or a building at a distance.

Proximal: After setting up to the target and aligning themselves some play their best when they focus only on the ball and making good contact with it. As the ball is now the target and is close to us this is called proximal. You could focus on a spot close to you on the target line and get the ball to go over it .

Internal: Some players do manage to play well when they have conscious swing thoughts. This method is called internal as their minds are involved in consciously creating a golf swing. At the top level in golf this is not a popular way. One could have one or multiple swing thoughts.

Analyse your best round of golf or your best shots and figure out which of these methods helped you play your best. Use the same method every time and do not abandon it if it does not work the odd time.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals and is currently Director, National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at parexcellence@tribunemail.com)

HEART talk
Flying high
Parvesh Rana

I am a school going girl and I want to be an air hostess. I spend a lot of time on beauty care and visiting parlours. My parents disapprove of this and my friends make fun of me. What is wrong with preparing in advance for your passion?

—Ankita, Chandigarh

Nothing wrong with it but you should concentrate on your study first. You will get enough time to prepare for your career later. If you don't clear your exams, you will not get a good job. Just take care of yourself like all girls do and don't go overboard with the preparation part.

I am a 45-year-old divorced businessman. I don't want to marry, instead I want to adopt a girl child but my parents and relatives are against the idea. They want me to marry and settle down. What do I do?

—Sameer, Ludhiana

Are you sure you are against the institution of marriage? I hope you are not holding anything against your ex-partner. Sometimes, bad experiences can lead to certain conclusions. Adopting a kid is a very good idea, but make sure that you are ready for it and you can handle the child without a mother. Please take this step only when you are too sure.

(Rana is a television anchor and Bollywood actor)

The ‘in’ side
Warm up with new decor

Changing the décor of the home at the outset of different seasons is one of the easiest ways to impart a new look to the interiors of your home. In winter there is a complete change in scenery. With the temperature dipping, it's fun to give a warm and cosy look to your living spaces. With fluffy and soft fabrics and warm colors, you can welcome the winter season in style.

n The winter is all about getting snug and comfortable indoors. Bring out your rugs and carpets to warm up the rooms. Carpets and rugs are not only aesthetically appealing but they are good insulators as well. Use throws on furniture pieces to make the place look warm and inviting.
n Change a colour, even if it's just one wall or the colour of your accessories. Use darker colour schemes to create warmth. Brown, red, dark green, beige, golden, burgundy and ochre are good colour choices for the winter season. Use them for upholsteries, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and other textiles. Opting for these colour schemes for wall coverings or wall papers can also transform the entire look of your home.
n Replace your light weight curtains with heavy drapes as these will reduce heat loss.
n Change your wall art. Add paintings done in oils instead of water paints.
n Use a lot of bright cushions and pillows around the house to add that extra warmth. Velvet, satin, suede and silk are ideal options for fabric.
n If your living room has a fireplace, create a sitting near it by adding a few chairs and a coffee table. Use a rug and a few bright cushions and you are all set.
n Light a fire. If you don't have a functional fireplace, you can use one of the electrical ones that look quite real. You also get portable fireplaces in case you don't have one that is built in. These can be placed anywhere and can burn using gel fuel and they give as much heat as the real ones.
n Decorate your home with natural elements like wood and stone. Use a lot of dried flowers and leaves coupled with pine cones to create a dramatic effect.
n Light up your spaces with candles. These are a sure way to infuse your homes with a warm glow.
n Add a touch of metallic. When paired with a neutral palette, the shine and shimmer of metallic adds a touch of warmth and luxury.
n Another way to make your homes look and feel warm is to replace your white lights with yellow ones.

(Sukhmani is Chandigarh-based interior and landscape designer)

Cakes ahoy!
Poonam Bindra

Winter is the time when counting calories takes a back seat and cakes definitely take centrestage. Sometimes it is a cake-mixing ceremony and sometimes it is a cake carnival!

Rishika's Sweet Temptations in Ludhiana hosted a cake carnival, which saw an evening where foodies flocked the venue to binge with cakes. Chefs from Srinagar and representatives of US-based 'Rich Company' shared their expertise at the cake carnival. The Green Apple Exotic cake was actually the 'icing on the cake', even as its tangy flavor jelled well with the sweet cream. The chocolate cakes and mousses, with Chocolate Truffle and Niagara creams from the 'Rich Company', were mouth-watering. People also preferred mocachino and cappuccino cakes with printed chocolate garnishing. "We use only soya-cream and the good news is that it has zero cholesterol," says the young owner Rijuta Jain. People also tried their hand at icing and garnishing the cakes. "Such an array of fruit cakes are delightful to look at, besides being so fresh with each bite melting into your mouth," says Pallavi, a young housewife from Ludhiana.

Destination — Food!
Be it Indian, Chinese, Oriental or Thai, there is a special place that serves the best. We check out the popular ones
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

A plate full of honey-dipped, crisp water-chestnuts; some Sushi for a healthy appetite or how about going Oriental with Wonton or crab meat soup? Well, Indian and Mughlai can't stay behind! And how can we miss the street flavours? Well, getting to the 'palate point', Chandigarh is definitely the dream destination for any foodie.

Food guide

Joy Deep Ghosh, a telecom company employee from Mohali says, "I like to explore new joints and have tried varied cuisines. In my search for taste, ambience and food worth the price, I have liked two restaurants — Bistro Flamme Boi in Sector 7 and Yin & Yang in Sector 22. At the Bistro, fish with lemon butter sauce is very nice. Other than this, their stuffed baked potatoes are a good appetizer and veg lasagna is great." About Yin & Yang, he says, "I love this restaurant because it is very affordable.”

Cuisines served: At Bistro Flamme Boi it's American, French and Mediterranean. Yin & Yang is a pan-Asian restaurant.

Good for: Couples, newly weds and single people.

Khana khazana

Regular with restaurants, Richa Taneja, a homemaker from Panchkula, says, "I am fond of eating out and so far in Panchkula, I like Zazen for Oriental food. I love their ambience, but the high-point is the food." Talking about Chandigarh she says, "I love Barbeque Nation in Sector 26. The buffet is extensive and serves biryanis, Continental, Indian, Chinese and desserts at an affordable price.”

Cuisines served: At Zazen —Oriental and Japanese. Barbeque Nation is about buffet food, where you get Indian, Chinese and Continental.

Good for: Families with children, large groups and entertaining clients.

Indian tadka

Says Ridhima Arora, a businesswoman from Mohali, "Elevens in Sector 35 is one of my favourites. Then there is 4S, again in Sector 35, for soups, salads, sizzlers and sandwiches. For Indian food, nothing beats Western Court in Sector 43 and Panchkula. For the best butter chicken, you must visit Copper Chimney in Sector 26."

Cuisines served: Elevens in Sector 35 is a multi-cuisine restaurant; 4s is all about soups, salads, sizzlers and sandwiches; Western Court is again a multi-cuisine restaurant, so is Copper Chimney.

Good for: Families, huge get-togethers and kitty parties.

Oven fresh

"Pomodoro! A small Italian restaurant is my favourite place to have pizzas," says Harmanpreet Singh Dhillon an employee of private company in Mohali. He adds, "The food here is truly amazing. Other than this I like Oven fresh in sector 26 best for their grilled sandwich."

Cuisines served: Italian at Pomodoro in sector 22

Good for: Couples and Families.

star track
Mahesh Bhatt to enter Bigg Boss...

Mahesh Bhatt
New entry: Mahesh Bhatt

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house for few hours to offer a lead role to adult movie star, Sunny Leone in Jism 2.

The 63-year-old director-producer says he chose to announce the film on the reality show because of its popularity among the masses. Announcing a film is as important as releasing it. Bigg Boss is a great platform and announcing a film on the show will have an astounding impact. We are in show business which is all about doing things publicly rather than in a quiet setting," Bhatt said in an interview.

The National award winning director also said that Sunny is the perfect girl to play the lead role in the sequel of 2003 movie, which was directed by his daughter, Pooja Bhatt.

"Sunny comes from a world where she had to struggle a lot. It took her lot of effort and courage to do what she does. Her loneliness, her pain, her wounds- all of it suits the narrative of the film. She embodies the fact that nobody is ideal. The film is a journey of a girl in search of her soul," he said.

The Saaransh director also said that the decision to cast Sunny was taken by Pooja, who had her eyes on the actress since 2003.

"It is Pooja's decision. She wanted to cast her in Jism but things didn't materialise. She wanted someone real.

Someone who has not yet been touched by Bollywood. Hence, Sunny has been finalised," he added. — PTI

No credit to story

Om Puri
Experience counts: Om Puri

Contending that the story of a film is its real hero, veteran actor Om Puri has said that he finds it ridiculous that stars walk away with the biggest share of a project's budget.

"The share which they are given is ridiculous. If a star can make a film hit, then why is it that some of their films flop? It happens with everyone whether it is Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan," the 61-year-old Padmashri said.

Pointing out that films are always a result of team work with everyone including directors, cameramen and technicians involved with its success, he said that recently the SRK starrer much hyped film Ra.One failed to live up to the expectations only because of a weak script.

"It had the biggest stars in it. And technically it was a superb film. But it still didn't catch the imagination of the nation. It had a weak script," he said adding that Hollywood producers always give first priority to the script. — PTI

Siddique’s support system

Director’s cut: Siddique

Director of one of Bollywood's most successful films, Salman Khan starrer Bodyguard, Siddique has signed his next release after a lot of proposals that came his way post the huge success. Siddique will direct a film for producers Shyam Bajaj and Narendra Bajaj. Apparently last year when Bodyguard was being shot, Bajaj who was looking for a good director asked Salman Khan about Siddique who was directing the actor then. Salman had all good things to say about Siddique even before the release of the film. Shyam Bajaj confirmed, "Yes I asked Salman about Siddique and since he was happy the way Bodyguard was shaping up he told me I should work with him."

Post the huge success of Bodyguard Siddique had offers from almost every banner possible but since this was a commitment made even before the release of Bodyguard he kept his word and told all the producers that he will first fulfill his prior commitment of making the film with Shyam Bajaj and then may consider other offers. Siddique said "It was nice of Salman to recommend me to Mr Shyam and Narendra Bajaj, I immediately agreed. I also had to keep my word and I am happy that I will be directing a film for them. There is no doubt that it will be a commercial entertainer."

Anushka SharmaFalse alarm

Anushka Sharma gets upset when people write false stories about her and make her out to be a frivolous character. She says she has male friends and hangs out with them. She is also angry with all reports that call her "anorexic" when she is a perfectly healthy girl.

accusing fingers: Anushka Sharma

Big B keen to act in films again

Amitabh Bachchan
movie time: Amitabh Bachchan

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who is a self-confessed workaholic, says he is itching to get back to filming and facing the camera.

"Keen now to get back to the camera and the lights and the filming ... but not satisfied with the projects offered .. soon shall," Amitabh posted on his Twitter account.

The actor last week wrapped up the shoot of Kaun Banega Crorepati 5 and ever since then has been enjoying the company of his new-born granddaughter.

Luthria undeterred by 'A' certificate

Filmmaker Milan Luthria, who has high hopes from his film The Dirty Picture, is undeterred by the censor board's decision to give it an 'A' certificate. He is more relieved that the film didn't had to undergo any major cuts.

"We don't mind that the film was given A certificate. In fact, while making this film we didn't want children to accompany their parents to see the movie. But what we are happy about is that there are no further cuts in the movie and it has been liked," Luthria said in an interview.

The film has an interesting star cast. From Vidya Balan, who will be seen shedding inhibitions to ooze oomph, to Naseeruddin Shah, plays a lecherous actor. Emraan Hashmi as an impatient lover and Tusshar Kapoor as a wicked, but innocent character. — IANS

Ranveer Singh Bold over Anushka

Ranveer Singh is in awe of Anushka Sharma. He is very fond of her and he respects her. He said, "Look at her! She is all that! She deserves the best guy in the world. She deserves Mr. Right. I am 'Mr. Right Now!'" Isn't that sweet?!

Blush man: Ranveer Singh

Tribute to legends

Javed Akhtar
love for classics: Javed Akhtar

From Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Kishore Kumar to Majrooh Sultanpuri, Bimal Roy and Vijay Anand script writer-lyricist Javed Akhtar is set to tell all about 13 luminaries of Bollywood's golden era, in a new TV show called Classic Legends.

A guided biography of legends who gave the Hindi film industry some of its most iconic movies and music, the show will see Akhtar taking viewers on a journey through the success stories of these stars. The veteran writer is upbeat about his new role on TV.

"These are the people whom I admired when I was in school and college. And when you idolise someone, you want to find out more about those people. So I used to do just that as a young fan," Akhtar said at a press conference.

"As it is, I like talking to people about people, and here, for this show, I was being paid to do that. What better opportunity could I get?" he quipped.

Other icons whose life story will be told through Classic Legends include R.D. Burman, Ashok Kumar, Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Mehboob Khan, Madhubala, Guru Dutt and Shammi Kapoor.

The 66-year-old writer, who has been in the industry for around four decades, hopes that looking back at the life story of legendary people gives optimism to general public, especially the youth who are hardly interested in old movies.

"Indian cinema has a wonderful heritage. It would be really sad if people forget it. And these are stories of 13 people who started from almost nothing and gained so much success through the years," Akhtar said.

"So when you go deep into their lives, they give so much hope and optimism in life and convey that anything can be achieved in life. You can reach from zero to 100 provided you have the will and persistence," he added.

Akhtar, father of new age filmmakers Farhan and Zoya, feels people must not forget that they will be remembered for their success only till their success lasts, what will keep them alive is their work like the 13 legends whose lives he would document.

"The people who are on the show were successful, no doubt. But they are still remembered because they brought something new and trendsetting. The show goes on air in December. — IANS

Shiney to shine again

After wading through troubled times, actor Shiney Ahuja is back in fray with his latest film Ghost and says that his new film has some similarity with his horror-thriller Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

"The story of Ghost is totally different from Bhool Bhulaiyaa but in a way it is a similar film. Although it's a horror film, it's a very good love story. Bhool Bhulaiyaa had a thriller element but it was essentially a love story. Similarly, this is a very nice love story," Shiney said in an interview.

Shiney's career hit a rough patch when in 2009 his maid accused him of raping her. On March 30, 2011, Shiney was sentenced to seven years in prison. He is currently out on bail.

Now the 37-year-old has his hopes pinned on Ghost to resurrect his career. — IANS

Sameera cribs about crazy working hours

Sameera Reddy
Busy bee: Sameera Reddy

For those who thought working in Bollywood is a cake walk Sameera Reddy has something else to say.

"The film industry works any day of the year crazy hours and Sundays don't count! And you guys think we have it easy," Sameera posted on Twitter.

Sameera is balancing her work, both in south and Bollywood. Her last release was Prabhu Deva's Vedi in Tamil, and is currently doing the lead role and an item number in Tezz for which she has reportedly lost seven kilos. — IANS

Twilight inspires…

Robert Pattinson
comparing notes: Robert Pattinson

One of the most common concepts in pop culture is that of a human girl falling in love with a vampire. But actor Robert Pattinson has dismissed Vampire TV shows as rip offs of Twilight.

The Twilight star has insisted that TV shows like True Blood and The Vampire Diaries have been inspired by the Twilight series and that everyone is trying to cash in on the buzz that the movie franchise has been able to create.

"It's like that Coke versus Pepsi thing, and how Coke just said 'There's a reason everyone compares themselves to us,'" he said in an interview.

The third film in the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 opened last week and has already grossed more than $ 222 million. — ANI

chatter box
Friendly stars

As actors share most of their time with their co-stars, they are bound to be friends. However, once the show goes off air, the friendship fades away. We ask stars who do they consider their good friend from the television industry. Here’s what they have to say…

Arhaan Behl with his friend Pooja Gor Arhaan Behl

Since Pratigya is my first show, I have made numerous friends in this show. I am friendly with almost all my co-stars. Be it Pooja Gor, Avantika Hundal, Parvati, Jaswant or Ankit, we all are friendly with each other. Even Anupamji, who is much older than us, is friendly with me.

Bonding well: Arhaan Behl with his friend Pooja Gor

Tina Dutta

It’s difficult to sustain a friendship in this industry as we all are extremely busy and self-centred. But I have managed to make some good friends.

Rashmi Desai is a close friend because I spend most of my time with her on the sets. She understands me and I feel comfortable enough with her to share my problems.

Sara Khan too is a good friend because she’s caring and always there for me. Among the guys, Gaurav Chopra and Rohit Khurana are my good friends and we have lot of fun together.

Anas Rashid

Well, I’ve so many friends from the industry. Rati Pandey and Kanika Maheshwari are two. Rati and I started our career together with a music video. We have the same background, also our families are close to each other. We even stayed in the same building earlier. Kanika and I too started working during the same time and have seen each other grow in our careers. That’s why perhaps we understand each other better.

Sukirti Kandpal

I am basically a friendly person and striking the right chord comes naturally to me.

So, it’s really difficult to name a few as I am friendly with all my co-stars. But yes, Abhishek Rawat is one of my close friends. Then I am also close to Roshini Shetty and Priya Wal. The list just goes on… can’t name all of them.

Shaheer Sheikh

It helps to have a good friend on the sets as we spend most of our time in shoots.

Rohit Bharadwaj, the guy who plays my elder brother in the show Navya. Although, he plays my elder brother, I am the one who keeps telling him what to do, what not to do or how to do. We share a good bond. We have so much fun on the sets as we play pranks on others. — HRM

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Charm, diplomacy, respect and cooperation are far better attributes to employ in dealing with people if you want positive results. Tendencies for manipulation or revenge should be controlled. Tarot message: Do what is right and watch your best interests. Lucky colour: Pink. Magic number: 65.

TAURUS: Pleasant day for everything. Your family may be having a big get-together. Turn your attention to jobs that gives you an opportunity to make the best use of your intellect. Tarot message: Don’t be dismissive of advice from youthful origin. Lucky colour: Royal blue. Magic number: 36.

GEMINI: Now is the time to distinguish clearly between wants and needs. Your desires seem to have no end but your bank account will dry up before your wants. You can look forward to hearing from a friend. Tarot message: Beware of depleting your energy or resources on others. Lucky colour: Cream. Magic number: 33.

CANCER: A healthy competitive instinct can be harnessed for greater accomplishment. There may be trouble brewing in the family. Do not let too many people know what you are planning. Tarot message: Versatility and a quicksilver mind will bail you out of a tricky situation. Lucky colour: Turquoise. Magic number: 64.

LEO: You may have to deal with a crisis. A chance encounter with an ex-flame may revive old memories. Do not lose your temper. Health problem may be worrisome for some. A hectic evening ahead for teenagers. Tarot message: You find within yourself a fountainhead of will power. Lucky colour: Saffron. Magic number: 24.

VIRGO: You should give a serious thought to your business. Decisions that need to be made, especially involving career, should not be put off. You have the clear headedness and courage to bite the bullet. Do not walk in a daze. Tarot message: Focus on the better to mitigate the bitter. Lucky colour: Silver grey. Magic number: 54.

LIBRA: A major domestic purchases can be made with confidence but may not be available until next week. Be patient, even though you want it immediately. Love life suffers due to family problems. Tarot message: Take limited risks with your capital. Lucky colour: Sea green. Magic number: 60.

SCORPIO: Put knowledge into practice or learn how to do something better. Working women, be careful while dealing with the clients. Businessmen will find the day quite hectic. A nagging doubt gets cleared. Tarot message: Plan your life to avoid the in-built delays that comes your way. Lucky colour: Peacock green. Magic number: 29.

SAGITTARIUS: Your card is Fortune. So, this can be a good day on the financial front. Women between the age group of 40-45 should take care of their health. Lucky day for sportsmen especially cricketers. Tarot message: Use careful judgment in handling issues involving property. Lucky colour: White. Magic number: 61.

CAPRICORN: Relations with fellow workers are on a high and your popularity can increase. Schedule group meeting today. They can be both productive and enjoyable. If you aim for what you want, it just might happen. Tarot message: Work could pose minor difficulties. Lucky colour: Rainbow pastels.Magic number: 55.

AQUARIUS: Avoid getting involved with demanding social issues. Home life will have some interference and newly married will find home atmosphere tense. Tarot message: Empty promises are certain, therefore try to put your terms and conditions in writing. Lucky colour: Pomegranate red. Magic number: 32.

PISCES: Your card Four of Wands promises an excellent day. Do not feel guilty about taking time out to look after your well-being. Focus on meditation, yoga and exercise. Group activities should be highly successful. Tarot message: Delays are the only obstacle in your way to success. Lucky colour: Ebony. Magic number: 42.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is November 29...

Schedule a makeover for your looks on this birthday, but do not go for any type of surgery. Socially, since November, you may have become concerned about the welfare of a friend who has been going through a tough patch. Saturn’s position is very favourable till November 2014. In matters of love, Venus will be marking the best time for single Sagittarians to mix and mingle, as your charm will be hitting an all-time high. If you have applied for a draw of house, you can expect to get lucky! You might buy a car in 2012. If unmarried, start designing a good invitation card with a box of dry fruits, as it is round the corner. A job letter will be in your inbox if you have applied for one. Boss will be pleased to promote you. It is a brilliant time with fantastic rewards in-waiting! Expect favourable opportunities for important purchases and employees can expect a fillip to their career. Financial position would be comfortable.  Invest in gold. No pathological test, no MRI, no CT-scan, no medicine is required for anyone in your family!

Mood:  Dedicated and insightful.
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Taurus.
Lucky Colours: Green, Violet.
Lucky Days: Thursday and Saturday.
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9, 11, 14, 32.
Lucky Gem: Moon Stone.
Lucky Flower: Lemon-yellow marigold.

Priyanka Kothari [November29, 1983, Kolkata] actress and model; got her break through actor Madhavan, who recommended her for an audition after viewing her photographs. She made her Bollywood debut in the films ‘James’ and ‘Sarkar’ (which came out first) - both by Ram Gopal Varma. She then went on to do ‘The Killer’ with Emraan Hashmi and the Bhatts. Kothari is mainly known for her daring costumes and sexy item songs. She has a bright career ahead.

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