Couple chemistry
Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu will be playing the perfect role models on UTV Stars' Superstar Santa
Ashima Batish

The idea is to strike the perfect balance; not to go overboard bragging about the commitment part and not to keep the relationship under wraps. Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Khemu took no time to realise that when you are a public figure, your fans have a right to know what's happening in your personal life as well!

"And then you have a moral obligation as well. People begin to treat you like role models and you have to be one, on and off the screen. It is important to carry yourself with a certain amount of dignity," says Soha. The couple will be playing the perfect role models to Priya and Swapnil on UTV Stars' Superstar Santa.

As for the love story of Priya and Swapnil, the girl is from the media line and the boy is a biker. They fell apart because of some misunderstanding and Priya's mistakes, which she readily accepted on the show. The star couple plays the cupid role or as the title of the show suggests, Santa to the couple and helps them patch up. "Priya sought our help but we weren't sure if Swapnil too would be fine with the idea. So, in the disguise of a biker, I became friends with him and gradually shared the real motive behind the whole act," shares Kunal.

Soha and Kunal mediated and Priya and Swapnil started a dialogue. But how far is it justified to solve personal issues on national television? Though the couple doesn't approve of it, they say initiating a dialogue wasn't a bad job. "People don't give importance to talking out issues, which trigger bigger problems. How can you resolve a problem without talking?" he says.

Coming to Kunal and Soha's love story — the couple as of now wants to concentrate on their respective careers and marriage is not part of the plan. Not that Soha doesn't believe in the institution, she says what matters is commitment. "Marriage doesn't guarantee loyalty. What does is love and trust. Once you have made a choice, stick to it." Kunal seconds her. Making their relationship official was for the same reason, "To lend respect to the bond we share. I have seen celebrities deny their relationships, which I believe only happens if you aren't committed enough," adds Kunal, who will be next seen in Blood Money and Go Goa Gone. Adding to Soha's career graph will be Deepa Mehta's Chemistry, a romantic comedy.

Soha has hosted a game show on TV earlier, but this was couple's first appearance together on TV and both liked it. "TV is a bigger medium than the big screen. Coming in a show like this, where we address real problems of real people, helps us connect with fans in a better way," they echo. And increases the fan base as well!

The right MOTIVE 
DJ Motiv8, the mentor and founder of Black Eyed Peas, finally takes out time to know his own self
Sabia Talwar

DJ Motiv8, aka Monroe Walker, the official DJ of the band Black Eyed Peas, makes his first-ever appearance in India for a show at Kava, Sector-26, Chandigarh, on Friday.

behind the console: DJ Motiv8 It all started with the formation of a hip-hop group by the name of Atban Klann (a tribute beyond nation), which comprised DJ Motiv8,, Mookie Mook and Dante Santiago. The group later broke up and Black Eyed Peas was formed; since then DJ Motiv8 is with them.

"This is my very first visit to India and I look forward to the crowd going crazy when I'll play. I enjoy the most when people enjoy," says DJ Motiv8, who is originally from Los Angeles and has played all over Asia, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, China, Japan and Russia.

"I have been a part of Black Eyed Peas when, and Taboo were kids and I have been their mentor as well as guide." DJ Motiv8's mentor is George Black and he learnt pop music from him, which he converted into Hip-Hop.

At present DJ Motiv8 is not touring with Black Eyed Peas, but says that whenever and wherever he plays a touch of the group travels with him. "No bitter split happened and we all are still in touch, but I no longer tour with them as I wanted to work on my own personal project. I wanted to search for my own individual identity." He says in America DJs' experiment a lot with the music in terms 
of elements.

DJ Motiv8 has collaborated with a lot of famous names, including Madonna. Does he like to hear any Indian musicians? "I don't know many names but I like Indian music, as they have funky sounds with good rhythms and vocals."

DJ Motiv8 loves to play music typical to the country he goes to, particularly commercial music. "When I play it's almost like a DJ show because I like to perform when I play."

What's with his name we wonder! "Once I was driving and thought that a DJ motivates people to dance and enjoy; that's how this name struck me." He likes to re-work and mix the music with the help of latest software. "I'm more into playing House and Hip-Hop music."

DJ Motiv8 is currently working on his individual debut album and wants his creations to be used in movies. DJs in fact play a major role to promoting artistes. "DJs are the ones who bring the music of various artistes to the forefront by playing it in front of people in clubs." On the contrary, being a DJ is not at all respectable in America, as they are grossly underpaid. "People over there think that DJs just smoke and drink, but I wanted to gain their respect."

DJ Motiv8 started deejaying in 1983, while he was just fifteen. "I got a console as a gift from my parents for Christmas." "The only negative I see in myself is that I lack patience and Taboo from Black Eyed Peas refers to it as wafer-thin patience in the book that he has written," he adds. He signs off by saying, "Now I have to get down to serious work."

Farah finds acting funny!

Choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan finds it funny that she is now also dabbling in acting.

Farah has moved from behind the camera to being in front of it with the film Shirin Farhad ki Nikal Padi, and has been cast opposite Boman Irani.

She admits she is amused whenever she says she is acting, but her co-star Boman helps her get along with it.

"I find it very funny when I say that I am acting in a film. Now that I am acting, Boman is my acting coach and he literally holds my hands and tells me what to do and how to do it," the 47-year-old said here while unveiling the Zoroastrian calendar "Zyng", along with Boman.

Talking about the film, produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Boman said: "The film is a romantic love story of people who are in their mid-40s."

Farah also chipped in with her typical tongue-in-cheek style and said: "It is a romantic-comedy as our love story automatically becomes a comedy."

Meanwhile, Farah's next production Joker, starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, is expected to release on August 30.

And Boman has a line-up of releases like Ek Main aur Ekk Tu, Tezz, Banda Yeh Bindaas Hai and Housefull 2 this year. — IANS

Guzaarish going places 

Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai starrer Guzaarish - meaning 'request' in English - is set for a Peru release in February this year, as Bollywood looks towards newer markets. Guzaarish deals with the serious subject of euthanasia and received a four out of five star review and was called "one of the most unusual love stories of recent times".

The fact that the film has already won recognition in markets outside of India, including in France, gives UTV Motion Pictures reason to be hopeful about its reception in Latin America.

"Latin America as a new market is a focus for us. The Indian population is limited in Peru, which makes it even more significant an achievement to have managed a release for the film there. We're looking forward to the Guzaarish release in Peru," Fox News quoted Amrita Pandey, Senior Vice President of International Distribution and Syndication at UTV Motion Pictures as saying.

Apart from Guzaarish, trailers of the upcoming Bollywood flick Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu have been translated to Spanish and will also be coming soon to theatres in Peru.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu - meaning, 'You and I' in English - is a romantic comedy starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Its plot has been compared by some to the American film, 'What Happens in Vegas' and the Mexican film, 'Recien Cazado'.

Although it is difficult to predict the success of such ventures, it seems that traditional Bollywood films, known for their dramatic and romantic themes which can often times come across as a little cheesy would do quite well with Spanish-speaking audiences; after all, this also describes an already well-loved Latin American phenomenon - the telenovela.

Bollywood films have enjoyed a global following in the diasporic South Asian community for generations, but it's only been in the past decade that these films have benefited from considerable attention by Anglo-American and other non-Hindi speaking audiences, as evidenced by the success of such recent films as My Name is Khan and  3 Idiots. — ANI

Dad’s the way to go...

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is all praise for his father Rishi Kapoor's performance in Karan Johar's Agneepath and says it is the latter's passion for work that inspires him to do better.

Rishi Kapoor has essayed a negative role in the film. The veteran actor has also experimented with his looks in the film with his kohl-eyed character donning a kurta-pajama, and sporting a karakul cap.

"I am hearing such amazing stuff about my father's performance in Agneepath. He is a brilliant actor. If a person is a good actor then the person will continue to work lifelong and keep giving good performances. He is 55 plus but he is still getting so of much of work to do," says Ranbir.

"There is some sort of childishness (in him) when he gets offers for any movie or any new character. His passion for work...for cinema inspires me to do better work," he adds.

The father-son duo will be seen together for the first time in a commercial for a soft-drink brand.

On the possibility of them being seen together on the big screen, Ranbir says, "No one has really offered us a script that both of us liked. We both are individual actors and if a good script, good characters come our way and and we both like it then we will definitely work together." Ranbir, who has already bagged two 'best actor' awards for his performance in Imtiaz Ali's Rockstar, is happy that the hard work he put in for the film has paid off.

"I have worked hard in Rockstar and I feel I'm lucky to get an opportunity to work with Imtiaz Ali, Shammi Kapoor, A R Rahman and others," he adds. — PTI

Congratulation and celebrations…

As Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza approach their wedding, B-Town seems to be in a celebratory mood. The two actors are set to get married in the first week of February in what will be a celebration lasting four days and it looks like the whole of Bollywood will join in. On Tuesday night itself, a pre-wedding bash was held for the happy couple in a restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai.

The party was hosted by producer Sajid Nadiadwala and actor Fardeen Khan and saw Boman Irani, Karan Johar, Deepika Padukone, Tusshar Kapoor and Arjun Rampal turn up, among others. — ANI


No director's hat for Hrithik 

Hrithik Roshan has revealed that he will not be directing Krissh 3. As rumours went by, it was speculated that Hrithik would direct the third installment of the Indian sci-fi movie alongside dad Rakesh Roshan.

The 38-year-old actor made it clear that he is not directing Krrish 3 or any other movie with his father, but is only acting. — ANI 

Brad owes it to Bono

Brad Pitt has credited Bono for helping him become the man he is today with his humanitarian advice. The movie star admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that he "sought out" the U2 singer after a visit to Morocco made him realise just how severe poverty was in certain areas of Africa.

The life-changing trip forced Pitt to "get off the couch" and join Bono and the other celebrities who attempt to make a difference in the world.

"I sat down with him a few times and got involved in some of the stuff he was doing," he said.

And Pitt reveals it was shortly after that he met his current partner Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr 'n' Mrs Smith.

"That may have been one of the things that brought us together. Certainly, I've met very few people more dedicated than she is. She is always studying issues, daily. She has such compassion for the people she works with," he revealed. — ANI

When pressure is positive ...
Renu Sabberwal

Yoga mudra

Among the many practices creating positive pressure on the lower abdominal region, yoga mudra is considered to be the most important. Mudra means a symbol. It is claimed in hatha yoga that the practice of this mudra awakens the mysterious kundalini power located in the lower abdominal region, by applying positive pressure to that region. 

Attain the asana 

Yoga mudra is practiced in the lotus pose. If you are unable to practice it in padmasana, then practice it in ardha padmasana or in sukhasana (easy pose). If this is also not possible, then sit in vajrasana.


Normally it is being done seated either in the lotus position or in sukhasana but here it is explained in vajrasana.

n Breath normally, bring both the hands at the back. Grab the wrist of one hand with the other hand.

n Make a fist with the hand which has been grabbed. At this stage keep the hands loose and let them rest on the back.

n Now keep the spine straight. Contract the shoulder blades, look in front while keeping the neck and head strai-ght upwards.

n Start lowering the head by stretching the neck upwards and stretching the back.

n Start bending forward till forehead touches the ground.

n Let the chin, nose and forehead touch the ground.

n After reaching to this position relax the elbows.

n This is the final position of the posture.

n Maintain the posture for a few breaths. 

Releasing the posture:

n Take the elbows up and near each other and contract the shoulder blades.

n While raising the head, the shoulders along with the elbow, the chest and the abdominal region in reverse order and without any break in motion.

n Come back to the starting position.

Daily practice

Initiate with the two rounds daily in the first week, increase it to four rounds in the second week.


Yoga mudra has a curative and corrective effect for the asthmatics. Yoga mudra provides several other benefits also.

n It corrects the disorders of the spine

n Removes gastric troubles and constipation

n Strengthens the digestive system

n Enhances sexual potentiality.

n Ptosis is cured and displaced organs in the lower abdomen regain their original position.

n It also prevents the sagging of uterus, problem of excessive menstruation in young women.    

Negative point

Practice of yoga mudra for a long time may lead to constipation, so it is advised to learn and practice under guidance of a yoga teacher. 

General tip

Avoid jerky movements. They should be slow and rhythmic, while doing any of the asanas. 

Health tip of the day

Half a glass of hot water before bed time at night helps to keep respiratory problems at bay.

(Sabberwal is a Ludhiana-based yoga expert)

—As told to Poonam Bindra

Comfort over trend

Every person has a sense of style in his own right. Yet there are only a few who’d attract the second glances, who have the power to make the camera go zoom on them. It could be the tousled hair, it could be torn jeans. Our this week’s face in the crowd, Jatin Dutt, final year student, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, believes in being simple and groomed all the way.

Your sense of style is…

The fact is that a well-groomed man will garner a second glance. Style for me is defined by the overall personality but I also believe that first impression counts. I like experimenting with my clothes and looks, but I draw the line when it comes to comfort. The more comfortable you are with the look the better you can pull it off. Ranging from rugged street wear to a chic look, it all depends on what makes me feel comfortable at the moment. 

Latest addition in the wardrobe…

A leather jacket from Woodland. It never goes out of fashion. 

Brand freak or street smart?

Brands are good, but being street smart is much better. I have had my share of hi-end brands but it’s always about looking good in whatever appealing comes my way and it certainly doesn’t have to have a label...

Choose one—sporty, glamorous or chic

Sporty all the way 

Your style icon …

David Beckham. It’s not easy living up to the title of being voted “the most stylish male star of UK”...but he certainly does.

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity around?

No one in particular. I think everyone has a ‘bad’ day of his/her own

One fashion trend you don’t understand…

Baggy jeans that don’t seem to stay put. It’s like “dude c’mon pull it up”. 

Your take on accessories

It can work wonders if not overdone. A nice watch, pair of fine sunglasses and a good skull cap might just do the trick for me.

One thing that boosts your confidence

It’s not so much about people’s remarks but if I know the fact that I have a fit body and am comfortable in what I’m wearing, it’s all I need to keep me confident and kicking. 

—As told to Manpriya Khurana

(If you think you too fit the profile, get in touch with us at sift the best from the rest)

Karanvir Bohra will now be seen in the lead role of upcoming serial Saubhagyavati Bhava
Jasmine Singh

ROle bound: Karanvir Bohra If it gives us unadulterated, uninhibited melodrama, it also makes celebrities; we are not talking about Salman Khan but Indian television. The flat screen box (idiot box is an old term) has churned out celebrities faster than movies. Karanvir Bohra, the lead actor of UTV production's Saubhagyavati Bhava, a television serial on Like Ok channel is one such name.

First it was a comedy serial Shararat, then came the instant hit Kasauti Zindagi Ki where he played Prem and now it is the new serial after a break of three-and-a-half years — Saubhagyavati Bhava. Television actors taking a break from telly, is that possible? "Sure it is," he is quick to add, "I did Kasauti, which was like an instant hit, after this I wanted to do something that was at least on par. I waited for almost three-and-a-half years. I did get a lot of offers at that time and good money as well. But only thing that mattered at that time was a good role. So, when UTV offered Saubhagyavati Bhava, I took it up instantly," shares Karanvir, who prefers people calling him by his full name!

Would you call that obsession! What say Karanvir? He gets the pun. "Not at all; I play the character of Viraj in Saubhagyavati Bhava, which has a negative shade to it but I have a different way of looking at things. I don't see people who have excess love to display or any kind of thing for anything as obsessive. Besides, this is a challenging character that has allowed me to present myself as an actor," he shares. All said and done, TV doesn't allow you to be an actor with a difference, thanks to the monotony. "The day that seeps in I will walk out of the serial," Karanvir is clear about it. Currently working in two movies, a musical play with Ila Arun, Karanvir has his hands full. "If I have the guts to wait for so long in TV industry for a good role, I can do that to get a good role in a movie as well."

Mission B-town
Ludhiana lad Pardeep Joshi is taking rapid strides in the tinsel town
Sabia Talwar

When we hear that Punjab has a lot of talent, be it in acting or singing, we completely agree. As we have yet another Punjab da munda Pardeep Joshi who is ready to make a Bollywood debut.

Pardeep Joshi belongs to Ludhiana, but is settled in Mumbai for the past seven years now. "I did my graduation in theatre from Arya College, Ludhiana, and my masters in theatre and television from Punjabi University, Patiala. I always wanted to become an actor," says Pardeep. "I also have the experience of working with directors from the National School of Drama such as Kewal Dhaliwal and Nadira Babbar."

So what made him land in Mumbai? "I went to Mumbai for attending some good theatre workshops so that I could polish my acting skills. During the workshop I went for the auditions of the serial Love Story by Sony TV and bagged a role. That was my first ever break on television and I was very excited."

Pardeep, who is better known as Deep, was offered his second serial by Zee TV titled Chalti Ka Naam Gaddi. Karam Apna Apna by Balaji Telefilms for Star Plus was yet another serial in which Pardeep acted; the serial generated good TRPs.

And when was he offered his first ever movie role? "While I was doing Karam Apna Apna I got an offer for Chak Jawana, which also starred Gurdas Maan. It was the greatest moment in my life."

Although Pardeep's aim was always movies, serials helped him gain recognition. "My second Punjabi movie was Sukhmani, which was directed by Manjit Maan, Gurdas Maan's wife. I played a grey shade character for this movie."

While it was raining Punjabi movies, he got an offer from Bollywood for the movie Bloody D, a suspense thriller directed by Leena Tandon. "The movie is in its post-production stage. It is due for its release in the middle of this year. The movie also stars Aditya Pancholi and Armaan." Pardeep will also start another movie in March, but does wants to remain quiet on it as of now.

Nowadays, he is busy meeting good directors for future projects. Pardeep misses his hometown, Ludhiana, a lot and e feels that although Punjabis have a lot of talent, which is hardly identified.

When asked to compare acting in serials and movies, Pardeep says, "Acting in serials is a little more difficult because it is telecast daily; so it's monotonous at times. As far as movies are concerned, one has enough time to discuss the character and imbibe the script." Pardeep signs off by saying that the newcomers in the industry should know the basics of acting and keep working hard.

Kiss and tell

Actress Kirsten Dunst publicly accepted her new romance by kissing her rumoured beau, On the Road co-star Garrett Hedlund, at a film festival. The duo was seen at a star-studded party at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

GETTING COZY: Kirsten Dunst The couple arrived together at a dinner bash Monday for her upcoming movie The Bachelorette.

They kissed and hugged, and also grooved with fellow guests, including actors Will Ferrell, Justin Long and Rashida Jones.

"Kirsten and Garrett have been spending time together since the holidays. They were friends on the set of On the Road, and now they've grown closer. They spent Christmas together and he feels very strongly about her," said a source. — IANS

Small debut

R&B star Rihanna is making her TV debut with a British fashion talent hunt show. The 23-yrear-old singer and style queen will take the role of executive producer, working mostly behind the scenes, but will appear occasionally in the 10-part series that will be hosted by Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts.

The multiple Grammy award-winner will help shape the show that will search for the next generation of raw fashion talent who will be challenged with creating outfits for a string of musicians and celebrities during the course of the series.

The winner will design an outfit for Rihanna to wear when she performs at the Wireless Festival in London in July. “I have been very fortunate to work with some truly amazing designers and stylists throughout my career, and they have been instrumental in making sure my creative vision reaches the stage. I am excited to follow the journey of our aspiring contestants and see how their individuality influences their efforts during the course of the show,” Rihanna said. — PTI 

Straight talk...
Priyanka Chopra talks about Agneepath, her associations in Bollywood and more 

Fresh take

I hadn’t seen the original Agneepath till I signed this movie. The reports of the movie are good and people have liked Hrithik, mine, Sanjay, and Rishi Kapoor’s work. My role has been written fresh. I am happy for Karan Malhotra, the director as this is his first film.

Familiar scene

I didn’t want to do Heroine. Madhur and I had several conversations about this. The role is similar to Fashion in a way. It is great that Madhur is making the film with Kareena.

Outsider’s view

I am an outsider in the industry. I didn’t have relatives in the industry. I like the way the industry has embraced me and given me everything! I maintain professional equations with people. I treat people well and I try and work with everyone.

No camp

I am not going to answer any questions about my equation with SRK. I work with whoever wants to work with me. If Aamir Khan calls me, I will work with him too. I am not part of any camp. Everyone tells me I am professional and that is great. I feel privileged to have worked with so many people in amazing films! — HRM

Agent Vinod is Indian: Saif 

Dismissing any similarities with fictional spy agent James Bond, Bollywood actor-producer Saif Ali Khan says his character in Agent Vinod is totally desi.

The much-awaited action-spy film, with Saif and his real life lady love Kareena Kapoor, is ready for release. And comparisons with the James Bond series are inevitable, says Saif.

"Any audience who comes to see the film will think that we have done an Indian James Bond. This is a very stupid thing to do because firstly, James Bond is a completely English character," he told reporters on the sidelines of the launch of the first poster of the movie. "From the first scene of the film, you will realise that this is an Indian hero who is very different to the Bond character because we didn't want to make a copy of the Bond film," added Saif. However, if Agent Vinod turns out to be a box office success, Saif might consider making sequels to it, a la the James Bond series, of which 22 films have been made so far. The 23rd is in the process of being made.

"If the film does well, it depends on the audience. If the picture becomes popular, then of course we will look forward to making a series," said Saif. Directed by Sriram Raghavan, the action-loaded film is slated to release on March 23. — IANS

Hangin with Lea

Lea Michele is the face of Candie’s spring marketing campaign, titled Hangin at Home. The 25-year-old follows in the footsteps of the brand’s previous faces including Britney Spears, Vanessa Hudgens and Fergie. In a newly released ad for the shoe giant, the Glee star strikes a seductive pose while reclining atop silk linens and furry pillows.

“It’s amazing. Candie’s is such an iconic brand. The apparel is so adorable as well as affordable and who doesn’t love that?” she said. “The concept is about enjoying being at home, feeling relaxed, comfortable and happy,” she said. Iconix chief marketing officer Dari Marder has said Lea, who describes her personal style as “simple and comfortable”, was a natural choice for the brand. ‘Everyone is obsessed with Glee,”he said —ANI 

Who believes in ghosts?

Daniel Radcliffe has said that he has never seen a ghost and doesn’t believe in them. The actor who stars in new supernatural thriller Woman in Black—doesn’t believe he will ever share the experiences depicted in the movie because he doubts the existence of supernatural beings.

Daniel Radcliffe“I’m not a believer in ghosts so I find it very unlikely that I’ll ever see one,” he said.

While Daniel found shooting his new movie to be a relaxing appearance, he admitted he was occasionally “frightened” when he caught a glimpse of co-star Liz White, who plays the titular ghost.

“Other than being occasionally scared by Liz White who would just sort of sit around in the Woman in Black outfit — I’d just sort of catch a glimpse of her sort of half made 
up, that was kindof a bit frightening — it was quite a relaxed shoot, actually,” he added.


New Entry

Rajshri Productions’ will soon launch their new show on Sahara One. Producer Kavita Bharjatya’s show is called Jhilmil Sitaron Ka Aangan Hoga, which will be about daughters getting marryied and bringing ghar jamais. 

The production house has aired Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki on the channel before and is now returning with Jhilmil Sitaron Ka. Pankaj Tiwari of Shree fame will be paired with newbie Shriya Jha along with Sudha Chandran, Rakesh Paul, Praveen Hinghoria, Sukhwinder Chel, Sonika Handa, Monaz Mevawala. It is expected to launch in February.

Good going...

Soon after the launch, Star Plus’ prime time, Diya Aur Baati Hum became a popular and hit show. And while Suraj and Sandhya’s story is an important part, Bhabhoo too plays a crucial role in heralding the achievement. We spoke to Bhabhoo aka Neelu.

In action: NeeluHow did you get this show?

I have done over 50 Rajasthani films as a heroine, and was approached for shows earlier too but nothing really caught my fancy. When the makers of Diya Aur Baati offered me this role, I realised this was too good to pass. DABH is my first TV show and I am glad to be a part of it.

Working in TV and films must be different?

Sure it is. Working on television is a experience for me. I am enjoying it. It is hectic but if the work is good and satisfies you at the end of the day, it is worthwhile.

Which has been the most memorable event for you on this show?

When we were shooting in Rajasthan, crowds would gather to watch the shoot and come to see me too. My producer told me that he had no idea about my popularity. I thank everyone for making me who I am today.

Why do you think Bhabhoo became so popular so quickly?

Bhabhoo is a character you can easily relate to. There is no ‘acting’ involved and I guess that’s why people are enjoying and loving the role so much. She married at a young age and took responsibilities of her home. Now she wants her bahus to do the same. Everyone woman in villages is like my character.

Isn’t she too too strict?

No. I don’t think she is strict but merely a disciplinarian. It is essential to have discipline in life and Bhabhoo ensures there is some order in the house. Every person at home has some duties and responsibilities, which one has to take care of. Bhabhoo is a normal mother who runs the house in a certain way.

chatter box
The perfect shot

Bulls Eye:  A shot from Extreme Marksmen This January, History TV18 takes you into a world of extreme precision and detail. Witness the greatest shots in military history as expert shooters recreate moments which look like science fiction. The expert marksmen take viewers into the less explored world of firearms and the art of warfare. History TV18’s show Extreme Marksmen will showcase expert sharpshooters and gunslingers recreate the finest and trickiest shots in history using weapons like howitzers, reproduction firearms, longbows and the popular Russian sniper rifle.  World-class shooters will perform amazing shots as well as reconstruct shots made famous in the history, be it the toughest shot in the Old West shooting exhibitions (the mirror shot) or the modern-day army snipers who hit targets a mile away. 

U-turn: Shekhar Suman Back with a bang
Shekhar Suman, who enjoyed judging comedy shows, is looking forward to the second season of his chat show Movers & Shakers. Shekhar plans to return to TV with it as he hopes it would be a great respite for audiences who have limited options on TV. He feels the level of comedy is sinking as contestants and comedians tend to veneer towards vulgarity and double-meaning jokes. He feels it is high time someone brought in some sensible satire.

Dancing diva

Mouni Roy aka Sati in the mythological show, Devon Ka Dev Mahadev on Life Ok, has numerous dance performances on the show and she is loving it.  Mouni is a trained dancer and learns the steps given by her choreography quickly. She also gives inputs which helps her dance effortlessly on screen.

 Wrong number: A still from Choti Bahu Dev, a life saver
Watch out for a big twist in Choti Bahu on Zee TV as Radhika is all set to return in Choti Bahu. In the upcoming episodes, Vishwanath aka demon (Aman Verma) will poison Daima’s medicine and blame Radhika (Lord Krishna) but to save 
her, Dev (Avinash Singh Rajput) will drink the medicine. 

Star Plus’ Navya starring Shaheer Sheikh (Anant) and Saumya Seth (Navya) will soon end. The show has 2.5 ratings. It was to be shifted to afternoon but then the channel decided to axe it. Nayva will end on 13 February 13 once the leads get married. A new show, Sajda Tere Pyaar Ka will replace Navya.

Debina & Gurmeet Choudhary Tattoo of love

We all know Gurmeet Choudhary loves his wife Debina Choudhary a lot but now he has proved his love for her once again. Debina’s name is written in English on his arm while the design has a middle eastern touch. 


Time’s up...

It’s over: Shaheer Sheikh & Sauma Seth  Star Plus’ Navya starring Shaheer Sheikh (Anant) and Saumya Seth (Navya) will soon end. The show has 2.5 ratings. It was to be shifted to afternoon but then the channel decided to axe it. Nayva will end on 13 February 13 once the leads get married. A new show, Sajda Tere Pyaar Ka will replace Navya.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is January 28...

Incidentally, your birthday in 2012 commences on Vasant Panchmi which is the most auspicious day. A positive year for the self - employed people. You’ll be able to make great investments and increase your earnings. Some unavoidable circumstances may delay the household chores. This may result in rescheduling some engagements and may require telephoning or sending the necessary messages. You need to keep your eyes wide open and put your strategies in full throttle in your career. Otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid big mistakes. Financially the situation may be good and manageable. Your reputation may suffer in November from your recent actions, commonly described in harsh tones. You should be willing to take a risk on something that moves you emotionally or spiritually. You may have the opportunity to benefit from wise council from a mature male influence that may come into your life or be awakened within you. On the professional front, you should consider not to invest further more effort and funds in projects that are showing a decline. If your investments do not indicate the expected returns, then you may consider abandoning the project otherwise there are chances of losing the principal amount. An unexpected event could make you late for an appointment and then you’ll have to hurry so not as to accumulate further delay. Also most of the people of this sign may have lot of tension and stress. Friends are probably more than willing to help but you have to let them in and/or inform them of what it is they can do for you. Those who haven’t yet caught cold should still be careful and preventive. Few gain entry into your private world this year.

Mood: Sometimes pushing too hard.

Compatible signs: Pisces, Gemini, Leo.

Lucky colours: Electric blue, White.

Lucky day: Friday.

Lucky numbers: 11, 15, 18, 30, 38.

Lucky gem: Sunstone.

Shruti Haasan Lucky flower: Jersey Lily.

Shruti Haasan (January 28, 1986 Chennai) is a singer turned actress. Her parents are the noted actors, Kamal Haasan and Sarika. She sang her first song aged just six in her father’s Thevar Magan and later made her singing debut in the Hindi language film, Chachi 420, singing a duet performing for the voice of a child, with her father Kamal Haasan, who also directed the film.


Astro Turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: Scarifies today can put you in a far better place. Now is the time to sit at home and relax. Any real estate transaction should not be started. Sudden travel could disturb plans. Tarot message: Value the judgments which shape your money aspects.

Lucky colour: Black.

Magic number: 60

TAURUS: Speak to your beloved to clear misunderstandings. Domestic issues come up for urgent consideration. Have no worries, your work is well under control. Tarot message: Don’t be too certain about obtaining a clearance.

Lucky colour: Ebony.

Magic number: 42.

GEMINI: It is a day to forget worries of the work. Talk to superiors and see what they can offer. Uncooperative family members will throw a spanner in your life. Tarot message: You need to take things slowly and listen to your inner voice.

Lucky colour: Peach.

Magic number: 62.

CANCER: Today you will be in an enthusiastic frame of mind. Loss through speculation is on cards. Unexpected callers can intrude on your solitude as family matters can blow up and get out of hand.

Tarot message: Change the status quo both at work and in relationships. Lucky colour: Silver grey. Magic number: 29.

LEO: Trying to get some time for yourself could be difficult. Relax and be a little more tolerant. You will be in a mood to find fault with people who are dear to you.

Tarot message: Follow your instinct and don’t hesitate to act accordingly.

Lucky colour: Purple.

Magic number: 30.

VIRGO: Teamwork is the key note of the day. Home life will be pleasant. Check your car before you set out for a long journey. A bon voyage party is on the cards.

Tarot message: Draw on those inner energies and begin moving from thought to action.

Lucky colour: Rusty.

Magic number: 64.

LIBRA: Relatives will be sensitive and difficult to get along with. Do not get involved in any land deal. Emotions have to be controlled. Look after yourself now, and you will avoid problems. A woman could be supportive. Tarot message: Confrontations need to be managed. Lucky colour: Royal blue.

Magic number: 59.

SCORPIO: You will be happy in the company of your friends. Find moderate pleasures. Handle property matters carefully. Some of you could be suffering from financial insecurity.

Tarot message: You must realise that it’s important to enjoy your dreams but face reality at the same time. Lucky colour: Crimson.

Magic number: 41.

SAGITTARIUS: Friends will be easy going and willing to fall in love with your plans. Property matters are highlighted. A romantic alliance is likely to blossom by the evening. Nothing is to be taken much seriously. Tarot message: Do not let anyone get the advantage over you.

Lucky colour: Burgundy.

Magic number: 46.

CAPRICORN: Best day to get things done by people in power. You will get an opportunity to become a member of an important club. Family affairs run along smoothly. Tarot message: Be determined and increase your self confidence which will be on trial.

Lucky colour: Forest green.

Magic number: 25.

AQUARIUS: Making a spontaneous trip can fill a need for a change. Students will get down to creative hobbies. Businessmen can expect help from clients and loan from bank. Be careful not to violate traffic. Tarot message: Win the war with honesty, not by distorting facts. Lucky colour: Crème.

Magic number: 27.

PISCES: Tendencies for manipulation or revenge should be controlled. Politicians should be aware of dangerous situations. Right day for investment in property. Industrial owners to take care of labour problem. Tarot message: Trust your heart rather than confusing yourself. Lucky colour: Yellow. Magic number: 43.

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