L U D H I A N A   S T O R I E S


Three hukkah bars raided in city
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
A task force, which was constituted under Civil Surgeon of Ludhiana Subhash Batta’ instructions, today raided three hukkah bars in the city and challaned 13 youngsters for smoking hukkah under the Cigarette and other Tobacco Product Act 2003. The Task Force also challaned eight more persons who were smoking or selling cigarettes at public places close to educational and religious institutions.

The task force comprised District Health Officer Kulwinder Singh, District Epidemologist Jasbeer Singh, Food Safety Officer Manoj Khosla, Assistant District Attorney Amandeep Singh, an ASI of the Narcotics Cell with three other police personnel and a member of a non-government organisation.

Food Safety Officer Manoj Khosla from the Health Department said: "On raiding OHB Hukkah Bar at Sarabha Nagar, we challaned three girls and five boys who were smoking hukkah in the no-smoking zone. At another hukkabar, ‘40 Thieves’, in Dugri, five boys were challaned for the same reason. The third hukkah bar raided by was ‘Mauka Cheena’ at Ansal Plaza. Here we did not find any boy or girl enjoying hukkah. But, the narcotics cell of the Police Department took samples of flavoured tobacco products and sent these to a lab for analysis. After the reports, action will be initiated in case any intoxicants were found in these."

Food Safety Office Manoj Khosla said: "We have challaned eight more violators. Many of them were either smoking or selling cigarettes near educational and religious institutions. We challaned two such smokers outside the PAU campus and two for selling tobacco products near campus. Two cigarette vendors were challaned for selling cigarettes near Nav Durga Mandir, Sarabha Nagar and one person for smoking near the Dandi Swami temple."

Khosla said a detailed report of these raids would be sent to the headquarters of the Health Department in Chandigarh for further action.


Forest Dept seeks admn help
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
the Department of Forests and Wild Life Preservation, Government of Punjab, has asked the Deputy Commissioners in the state to provide help to the officials of the department at the time of rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals.

In a recent letter to the DCs, DS Bains, Principal Secretary, Department of Forests and Wild Life Preservation, has asked them to extend their cooperation to the Divisional Forest Officers and other officials in rescuing and rehabilitating wild animals.

Bains has said that preserving the wildlife heritage is an important issue. Punjab had wild animals such as blue bull, chinkara, wild boar, sambar, porcupine, python, etc, in their natural habitats. These were mainly concentrated in the Shivalik hills adjoining Himachal Pradesh and in isolated pockets of block forests in the plains. The presence of leopard has also been recorded in the kandi area.

The Principal Secretary further adds in the densely populated agricultural state of Punjab, man-animal conflict is bound to happen. With winter setting in, wild animals wandering in habitation/agricultural field are reported more often. Saving the human population and agricultural area, and rescuing wild animals has become an important task for the department.

Still sometimes, situation goes out of hand due to over enthusiasm shown by the public or sometimes because of apathy shown by the public towards wild animals.

Crowd management has become an important issue in such situations. Some rowdy elements in the public create unnecessary impediments for the officials (forest) in performing their duty.

The role of civil and police officials thus is important in the management of crowd and security purpose. The department has sought help regarding protection, rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals from the civil and police authorities.



RTI plea returned with remark ‘officials on poll duty’
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
A resident, who had sought through the Right to Information Act (RTI) information regarding the status of an inquiry to be conducted by the Economic Offences Wing of the police, was shocked when the wing returned his application stating that the officials concerned are busy with election duty.

Balbir Aggarwal, joint secretary of the RTI Activists Federation Punjab-Chandigarh, had applied for information related to some irregularities by a local hospital.

He had sent this application under the RTI Act to the EO Wing on January 6. From the EO Wing, he had sought a copy of an inquiry conducted by the wing, besides information on what legal action has been advised after the completion of the inquiry, and some other related documents.

On January 17, he received a reply from Paramjit Singh, an official of the EO Wing, that reads: “In this regard an enquiry was conducted by this office, but the related record has not been given or provided to it by the hospital staff yet. Now, our staff officials are also busy with Vidhan Sabha election duty, due to this duty, the inquiry is pending in this office.

After the election duty is over and the results of the Vidhan Sabha elections are declared, you can contact this office for further information please. Your letter dated January 6, along with a postal order is returned to you for your information. You can apply after the election results because the enquiry is still pending”.

Aggarwal said the inquiry in this regard was marked to the EO Wing on November 8 last year while the model code of conduct was enforced from December 24.

Meanwhile, Naveen Kumar, in charge of the EO Wing, confirmed that some of the officials were busy with election duty. “But if any person wants any information under the RTI Act from the EO Wing, he can come and meet me in the office anytime,” claimed Kumar.



Shiv Sena members booked for harassment
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The police division number 8 here has registered a case under Sections 323, 341, 546 and 34 of the IPC against RD Puri, district president Shiv Sena (Bal Thackrey), and other eight persons for harassing youngsters on the Valentine’s Day.

According to information, Shiv Sena members created ruckus by “punishing” youngsters who were celebrating the Valentine’s Day at the Rose Garden here yesterday. The Shiv Sena members not only humiliated the “love-birds” but also asked girls to tie “rakhi” on the wrists of their friends. Condemning this kind of highhandedness by the Shiv Sena members, the Universal Human Rights Organisation and Women Justice and Equality has sought strict action against the persons who troubled the innocent youngsters.

Satnam Singh Dhaliwal, president, and BP Singh Gill, chairman of the organisation, said human rights were violated by the Shiv Sena members. “The worst part was that the incident took place at a public place in front of the police, but none had the courage to teach such persons a lesson. They must be severely punished for harassing and humiliating the youngsters.”

While the Shiv Sena activists had claimed that they wanted to teach youngsters about their values, culture and traditions.



Regular flights draw more passengers
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
As the city has been receiving regular flights since February 8, the number of passengers has increased. The officials of the airlines, Indian, have claimed that, finally, due to regular flights, the number of passengers has increased by over 50 per cent.

The flights from the Ludhiana Airport had started in April 2010, but since then, due to some technical issues, flight service had remained in doldrums. Moreover, due to uncertainty in flight operations, not many people were availing themselves of the facility.

The main problem at the Ludhiana Airport is the absence of a DVOR device, which helps in better visibility and helps landing in low-visibility conditions as well. Due to this problem, sometimes the flight had to land at the Amritsar and Chandigarh airports and sometimes even at the Pathankot airports.

And when the flight got cancelled, people had to apply for refunds, leading to harassment.

Now that the weather has cleared up and the airport is also receiving regular flights since February 8, it has led to increase in number of passengers.

Amrik Singh, manager of the airlines at the Ludhiana Airport said due to regular flights, the number of passengers have increased by over 50 per cent. “In the coming days, we expect the bookings to increase further,” he claimed.

At present, only Indian is operating from the Ludhiana Airport with its 46-seater aircraft. The flight lands at the airport at 12:10 am and departs at 12:30 pm on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.



Imports from China hit bicycle production in Ludhiana
Has gone down to 500 crore against 900 crore earlier y Industry for fixing minimum floor price on the import of bicycles
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The local cycle industry is facing tough competition from China, as a result the production of cycle industry this year has gone down to 500 crore which earlier was 900 crore. Since the China-made bicycles and bicycle parts are cheap, they are giving the local industry a run for its money.

The local industry, which is facing a stiff competition because of the heavy import of bicycles and bicycle parts from China, wants that a minimum floor price on the import of bicycles and bicycle parts from China should be fixed.

Gurmeet Singh Kular, president of the United Cycle Parts and Manufacturers Association, said surplus import of Chinese bicycle and bicycle parts was responsible for the production index going down this year. "Fixing the minimum floor price on the import of bicycles should be done and in addition to this some schemes on the lines of Technology Upgrade Fund Scheme (TUFS), which was launched for the textile units, should be started for the bicycle industry as well.

"Bicycles from China are coming like scrap. If the government cannot impose anti-dumping duty then at least a minimum floor price on the import of bicycles should be fixed. We have also written to the Prime Minister in this regard," added Gurmeet.

Former president of association DS Chawla said a minimum floor price on the import of bicycles should be fixed by the government.

"Whenever we export we get duty drawback and the same should be followed in case of imports. It will not only generate revenue for the government but will also help in curbing the evasion of tax. In addition to this anti-dumping duty should be imposed for at least two years so that the local industry gets time for revival. Surplus import from China is the main cause behind a decrease in production," said Chawla.

China every day is launching new and fancy products in the market while the local industry lacks research and development. "We need to innovate to compete with the Chinese manufacturers and need research and development centres for the same," added Kushal Jain, a small-scale bicycle manufacturer from the city.

What the bicycle industry needs

Ensuring Adequate Power Supply

Power is always in short supply in the Ludhiana region and its quality is also not up to the mark. In the present context, Punjab economy should be modernised to include the construction of gas grids to be used specially during load shedding. Proper solutions to power quality problems in terms of low, high and fluctuating voltage, incorrect incoming frequency, etc, which can destroy electronic equipment is the need of the bicycle industry.

Providing support for purchase of raw material

Input costs play an important role and for the cycle industry fluctuating steel prices are playing havoc with manufacturing. Adequate support for the purchase of raw material may be provided to facilitate this industry exploration of new business opportunities in competitive and developing markets.

Assistance for adoption of IT

Technology infusion and upgrade of micro and small bicycle units and modernisation are the need of the hour in the present scenario. At present, IT is being used by 10 per cent of the bicycle units in India. Therefore such units should be provided Rs 2 lakh interest-free assistance repayable in 20 equal instalments for creating appropriate infrastructure for technology development so that they are in a position to adopt and use e-business technique which is becoming a basic necessity in the era of modernisation.

Encouraging cluster approach

As with other industries, the cluster approach can be very beneficial to the cycle industry. If clusters cater to the same or similar customers, they can help drive down cost, increase efficiency and speed up production many times. The entire supply chain, an important factor for this industry, can become a well-oiled machine if cluster approach is to become more prevalent.

Skill-training institutes

Central government schemes like NREGA are proving fatal for the industry of Ludhiana. Migrants are moving out of the city and settling in their hometowns as they are getting employment there. Skill training institutes should be opened in Punjab so that the industry gets skilled manpower.



Free technical training
Our Correspondent

Amloh, February 15
A one-day workshop for students on entrepreneurship orientation programme was organised by National Small Industries Corporation Limited at Government Senior Secondary School (Boys) here today. Addressing the students, deputy manager PK Dass from technical services centre, Rajpura, said NSIC had launched a scheme to provide free training to students belonging to the economically weaker section in different trades.

The students are provided 170-hour training in carpentry and fitter fabrication, while 130-hour training is imparted for electrical gazette repair. For students of class X, an advance diploma course of one year in computer software, hardware and networking has also been provided free of cost.



Crackdown on school buses, 30 challaned
Drive by Ludhiana (rural) police to keep check on vehicles ferrying kids begins
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, February 15
More than 30 vehicles ferrying schoolchildren were challaned in Jagraon town on the first day of a drive undertaken by the Ludhiana (rural) police to check if vehicles ferrying schoolchildren abide by all the traffic norms laid down by the government.

Taking a strict notice of the instructions issued by the Supreme Court of India regarding the vehicles ferrying schoolchildren, the Ludhiana (rural) police undertook a massive operation. Under this operation, different teams of traffic police set up check posts at various points and verified the documents of buses, vans and auto-rickshaws ferrying schoolchildren.

According to Sub-Inspector Hari Chander, in charge, Jagraon Traffic Police, several vehicles ferrying schoolchildren were found violating the traffic norms during this operation. "We challaned more than 30 such vehicles only in Jagraon town during the first day of operation. Besides this, we have also issued warning to the drivers of these vehicles to complete all the formalities and abide by the traffic norms to avoid such action in the future," said Hari Chander.

"There were only a few vehicles which had conductors with them for helping the children in getting in or out of the vehicles. Most of the drivers of such vehicles were found without the uniform. Moreover, there were some drivers who did not have a licence to drive a heavy vehicle," said a traffic policeman.

Meanwhile, a similar kind of drive was also launched at Mullanpur Dakha. The traffic cops set up a naka at the Main Chowk of Mullanpur and challaned more than 12 school buses and vans which were found violating the traffic norms.

Violations galore

This drive by the traffic police made some shocking revelations as there was not a single such vehicle which was completing all the requirements set by the government. According to the police, most of the vehicles ferrying school children were found violating the norms. While some of the vehicles were found ferrying more children than the sanctioned limit, there were some others which were not in a condition to ply on the roads.

Drive to continue

SP Ludhiana (rural) Amar Singh Chahal said this drive would continue in the coming days as well. He also appealed to the school authorities to make sure that the vehicles ferrying students of their schools abide by all the traffic norms. "It is the responsibility of the school authorities also to make sure that the vehicles ferrying schoolchildren do abide by the traffic norms", he added.

Parents welcome the action

However, this drive of the police has not gone down well with the school authorities. The school authorities said the drive had caused unnecessary inconvenience to the students. The common people as well as the schoolchildren’s partents, on the other hand, have welcomed the drive launched by the police. "The cops shall show more strictness towards the operators of vehicles ferrying schoolchildren. The operators often violate the traffic norms to earn extra money which sometimes lead to accidents. The police shall continue with this drive in the future too and undertake such drives on a regular basis to keep a tab on the violation of traffic norms by operators of school vehicles," said Mukesh Kumar, the father of a student.



Industry ills due to delay in implementation of GST, DTC: Association
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
Although the government has promised industry to implement of Goods and Services Tax (GST) before 2010 and Direct Tax Code (DTC) before 2012, nothing has been done in this regard so far.

Punjab industry has eagerly been waiting for both these Acts to be implemented as the state imports raw material from other states and after manufacturing 80 per cent of the material is exported to the other states. So that there is an additional burden of 8 per cent on account of CST (4 per cent on incoming raw material and 4 per cent on export of finished goods to other states).

Badish K Jindal, president of the Federation of Punjab Small Industries Associations, has written to the Finance Minister in this regard mentioning that with the package of exemption of Income Tax and Central Excise Duty to neighbouring states of Himachal and Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab industry has recorded a declining growth in the past six years.

"Industry was hoping that with the implementation of the GST the additional burden of 4 per cent will be taken care of and with the implementation of the DTC, the Income tax would be 10 per cent up to Rs 5 lakh and 20 per cent up to Rs 10 lakh which would be a big relief to the small-scale industry," he said. "In the Lok Sabha elections of 2009, Punjab industry fully supported the Congress just with a hope of the implementation of the GST and the DTC by 2010 and 2012 respectively. But, your government has failed to provide us relief," added Jindal.

In the upcoming budget also there is a very thin ray of hope for the implementation of both the Acts but it’s our earnest request that if possible both the amendments must be made to the Finance Bill of 2012. And if there is any technical hurdle then this should not be postponed for the next finance Bill.



Vigilance raid at Jagraon MC office
Former councillor complains about irregularities in development works
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, February 15
Panic gripped the officials of the Municipal Council, Jagraon, during a raid by a vigilance team of the Local Bodies Department. The team, led by Chief Vigilance Officer, Local Bodies, VP Singh, comprised senior vigilance officers Atul Sharma and Neeraj Bhatti. It arrived at the office of the Executive Officer, Municipal Council, at around 12 noon.

The team members reviewed for more than 2 hours the records of the various development works carried out in the town by the council in the recent past.

According to the information, today’s raid was conducted following a complaint by former Congress municipal councillor Kamlesh Sabharwal in which she had pointed out irregularities by the municipal council officials while carrying out various development works in the town. The members of the team also called the complainant on the occasion and recorded her statement.

According to sources, the former Congress councillor, in her complaint to the higher authorities of the Local Bodies Department, had also alleged that a large number of people have encroached on the MC land at various places in connivance with certain corrupt officials and elected representatives of the council.

She had particularly mentioned the Old Grain Market of Jagraon where a large number of shopkeepers and traders have encroached on the property belonging to the local council. Sabharwal had alleged that the council had taken no action against the people who have encroached on the MC land despite repeated complaints.

Though the members of the team refused to divulge the details of the investigation at this stage, it was learnt that the team members took some documents from the MC record along with them for further evaluation.

Meanwhile, speaking to media persons on the occasion, Chief Vigilance Officer VP Singh confirmed that today’s raid was conducted on the basis of a complaint by a former municipal councillor. “We have just started the investigation and it will not be appropriate to make any comment on it at this stage,” he added. He also said if anything wrong was found on part of the municipal council during the investigation, a suitable action would be taken against the persons responsible for it.

It is pertinent to mention here that the local municipal council has been involved in controversies since a long time for misappropriation of funds meant for various development works in the town and large-scale encroachments on the MC land.

Though the media has been regularly highlighting the issue of encroachments at various places, the authorities of the municipal council have taken no action against the encroachers so far. Even the repeated complaints by various NGOs as well as individuals regarding the encroachments and misappropriation of funds have failed to wake up the authorities.



Indiscipline on rise among students
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
“My student once used foul language against me. All I could do was to bite my lips and hold my hand back and asked him to stand out of the class,” said a teacher. “He had a naughty smile on his face, as he knew that my hands were tied and I could do nothing,” she added.

Indiscipline in government schools has been increasing over the years and the guidelines prohibiting the use of corporal punishment have only added to the situation. As a result of increasing indiscipline, the teacher-student relationship is also suffering. “The age old guru-shishya parampara has been transformed by ravages of westernisation over the years. Respect for teachers has been going down,” said Varinder, a teacher at a government school.

Many teachers are of the opinion that the ban on corporal punishment has been copied from the western system of education. But why follow the system partially, they rued. “Children should be let free of attending classes, wearing uniforms and we should also be set free of bringing good results,” said a teacher. “On one hand, you expect us to maintain discipline, bring good results, while on the other hand, we were not allowed to punish a student for creating indiscipline,” she said.

This has further led to degradation of culture at the societal level, she added further.

“If not punishment, we used to levy fine on students for creating indiscipline, but now we can’t even use this tool,” said Jaspinder Kaur, teaching at a government school. All we do is to get them write apology letters, which the students also know would not result into anything. Thanks to the media, the students are now well aware that the teachers cannot touch them, so this right is getting abused by the students,” she adds.

The students also treat their teachers with levity. “There is a limit to what we can bear. If teachers keep on pressing us for something unnecessarily, we also answer back,” said a student.

As a result of the indiscipline, indifference of teachers towards students has also increased. “It is becoming a routine job for us. If we used to admonish behaviour of the children, it was for their betterment,” says Manu, a Punjabi teacher at a government school.

Even parents punish their children at times to get them disciplined, she said.



rti act
Forum tells department to pay compensation
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum has directed the department of food and civil supplies and consumer affairs to pay a compensation of Rs 1,000 to a local resident for failing to provide information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.

The complainant, Kuldeep Singh Khaira, had alleged deficiency in service on the part of the department.

In July past year, he had served a legal notice on the district food and civil supplies controller under relevant sections of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, and Section 80 of the Civil Procedure Code after the department failed to provide him information under the Act within 30 days.

In its order dated February 10, the forum observed that the state public information officer (PIO) with the department had failed to provide information under the Act within the prescribed period of 30 days.

The order stated that the PIO had not only violated the Act, but also committed deficiency in service under consumer laws.

The forum order also mentioned that when a legal notice was served on the official, he chose not to take cognisance of the matter or reply to the notice. The opposite parties were duly served notices and clerk Amit Kumar Soni appeared on their behalf.

After the case was fixed for filing a written reply, neither the opposite parties, nor their representative appeared to contest the complaint. They did not even file a written reply despite many opportunities and were proceeded against ex-parte.

Applicant a consumer

In a revision petition related to a complaint filed by Dr SP Thirumala Rao against the Mysore Municipal Commissioner, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi, observed on May 28, 2009, that under the RTI Act, the applicant was a consumer and the non-submission of information by a public authority amounted to deficiency in service under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

What is it all about

Through an application dated May 30, Khaira had sought information on the rent deed for the third floor of the Zone D building between the municipal corporation and the department of food and civil supplies.



World Childhood Cancer Day observed
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The Department of Peadiatric Oncology under the leadership of Dr Priyanka Gupta today observed International Childhood Cancer Day at SPS Apollo Hospitals. To mark this day, the hospital organised special informative and educative sessions for parents and children.

According to Dr Priyanka Gupta, the forum laid special emphasis on early detection and timely treatment as an important preventive measure against childhood cancers. The hospital also distributed free information booklets and education material.

On this occasion, SPS Apollo Hospitals with the support of leading schools in Ludhiana reached out to many students, teachers and parents.

The hospital distributed special postcards, that carried important messages that help in prevention and early detection of childhood cancers, among schoolchildren.

Childhood cancer on the rise

According to Dr Priyanka, the incidence of childhood cancer is rising at an alarming rate and 45,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in India. Out of the 2.5 million patients suffering from cancer in India, 5 per cent of these are children less than 16 years of age. Parents may not recognise the signs of cancer due to a lack of awareness and resources for getting proper treatment



Excise officials plan ‘satyagraha’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The superintendents of the Central Excise Department have launched a series of protests, "the satyagraha", to press for their pending demands. The protests are being held all over the country.

The course of protest includes a candle march in the office complex, an e-mail campaign under which the "save our souls" message will be sent by all the members of the federation to the chairman of the Central Board of Excise and Customs and the Finance Minister of India, wearing of black badges on February 22 and 24 by the members during lunch hours, no revenue-mobilisation work in February and March and following the work-to-rule strategy.

According to AK Sharma from the All-India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers (Superintendents), the next course of protest, if the their demands are not fulfilled, will comprise taking mass casual leave, holding a relay fast and tendering mass resignation.

Demands of agitating officials

  • The immediate release of cadre restructuring posts without any cut in posts,
  • Grade pay of Rs 5400/- in pay band -3 with effect from the date of the grant of this grade pay / equivalent pay scale to the other analogous posts.
  • At least a grade pay of Rs 6600 and 7600 under macps after 20 and 30 years of service respectively to the officers after joining as an inspector, if not got three functional promotions.
  • Strong staff grievances redressal mechanism in the form of minuted meetings at regular intervals.



Railway crossing proposal leaves residents fuming
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Khamano, February 15
Residents of Khamano and surrounding villages and daily commuters are in a fix about the proposed railway crossing instead of an underpass on the under-construction Ludhiana-Chandigarh rail link at the Khanna-Khamano road, near here.

The vice-chairman of the Khamano market committee, Kuldip Madaan, and other local leaders of the area rued that the railway authorities and the local administration had failed to construct an underpass and were putting up a railway crossing instead.

They said it was the shortest route interlinking the Ludhiana-Chandigarh and Ludhiana-Delhi roads. The railway crossing would add to the woes of people as they would have to wait for a long time to cross the track, they added.

A number of trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles, apart from school buses and two-wheelers, daily passed this road, said residents. They alleged that after the installation of a crossing, vehicles would pile up on both sides, affecting the Ludhiana-Chandigarh road, which was not far.

When contacted, nagar Panchayat president Balamjit Singh Princi said they were aware of the problem and would sent a letter to the authorities concerned in this regard. Residents demanded an underpass on this route.

When contacted, Bassi Pathana SDM Navjot Kaur said she would look into the matter and raise the issue with the higher authorities. She currently had the additional charge of the Khamano subdivision.

The vice-chairman of the Khamano market committee, Kuldip Madaan, and other local leaders of the area said the railway authorities and the local administration had failed to construct an underpass and were putting up a railway crossing instead. They said it was the shortest route linking the Ludhiana-Chandigarh and Ludhiana-Delhi roads. The railway crossing would add to the woes of people as they would have to wait for a long time to cross the track, they added.



Two have fatal fall
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Khamano, February 15
A youth working as a labourer died when he fell from a height of about 35 feet at an under-construction mill near Kheri Naudh Singh last evening. The deceased has been identified as Varinder Pal Singh Shinda (20) of Kheri Naudh Singh village.

At about 4pm past evening, when he was working at the top of the shed, he suddenly fell off the iron shuttering. He was taken to the civil hospital, Mandi Gobindgarh, where the doctores declared him brought dead. An understanding was said to have been reached between his employers and his parents late past night and his body was handed over to his guardians today after a post-mortem examination.

Meanwhile, police officials said no case had been registered in this regard and it was inquiring into the matter.

In yet another case of falling from height in Khamano subdivision, a migrant labourer died when he fell off an electric tower near Barwali village yesterday. He was seriously injured and was rushed to the DMC Ludhiana where he scummbbed to his injuries at night. He has been identified as Dileshwar Mahato (30) of Gobindpura (Jharkhand).

The police said no case had been registered in this regard and the police was enquiring the incident.

Meanwhile when contractor Mohan Kumar was contacted on his mobile phone, he termed it a minor incident and said that he was busy and the work was going on smoothly at the site.

When XEN Sanjiv Gupta of the Punjab State Transmission Corporation said he was not aware of the incident as he was on leave yesterday. He made it clear that the department was only supervising the project and the contractor was bound to provide compensation to victim in case of any such incident. He said he would look into the matter.



NRIs to help curb stray dog menace
Our Correspondent

Mandi Ahmedgarh, February 15
While the state government has failed to acknowledge the menace of stray dogs and initiate steps to protect life and livestock despite Punjab and Haryana High Court orders to find a solution, NRIs from the region have offered to sponsor any organised movement against the hazard.

Thid decision was taken in response to an appeal by residents of the area, who panicked after five sheep owned by Patla Singh of Pakhowal village were killed by stray dogs on the outskirts of the village on Monday.

NRIs led by Jaswant Singh Grewal of Mehma Singh Wala village announced to chip in for any organised movement for curbing the menace of stray dogs, which had a major threat to life and property of residents.

Besides a number of road accidents, stray dogs had caused substantial loss to livestock owned by residents of Pakhowal, Kalal Majra and Jassowal villages recently. Office-bearers of certain social organisations and civic bodies of villages affected had urged the authorities to do the needful.

Though the issue had been raised a number of times, the pleas have gone unheeded and stray dogs continued to cause nuisance. Dogs literally ruled the roads and streets, squatting by the roadside in groups and make it difficult for pedestrians to pass by. A number of incidents of dog-bite were reported every day.

Youths of the area, led by Savi Puri, had come forward to initiate organised measures to check the menace.



from colleges
Stress laid on need to educate girl child
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
The women study cell and career counseling cell of the Khalsa College for Women, Sidhwan Khurd, organised an extension lecture on the “Need of educating girl child” at Government Senior Secondary School, Jhordan, near Jagraon on Wednesday. The aim of the extension lecture was to create awareness among masses about the need of educating girl child. College principal, Dr Paramjit Kaur enlightened school students as well as their parents about the importance of higher education among women. She also gave detailed information regarding various professional courses for the women, which are in high demand.

Contests held

The Sadbhavna College of Education for Women, Raikot, organised zonal-level competitions. One of the competitions included skills in teaching, which was held for subjects like English, Hindi, Punjabi, economics and commerce. Teaching-aid preparation competition was also organised. As many as 14 colleges from different districts participated in the competitions. Principal, Dr Surender Kumar, said while 92.6 per cent students belonging to the rural background did not see college and 99.6 per cent did not reach the postgraduation level, Sadbhavna Group is working overtime to provide quality education to the rural and underprivileged population.

Parliamentary debate

The PCTE Group of Institute is going to organise the British parliamentary debate from February 16 to 18. Harpreet K Kang, deputy dean, PCTE Group of Institutes, said, “This year, 35 teams from outside Ludhiana are coming to compete in it. This activity is in collaboration with the Ludhiana Management Association, now coined as “Dr DR Memorial British Parliamentary Debate”. The PCTE students do not compete in the event but organise it.

Extension lecture

KCW principal Paramjit Kaur speaks at an extension lecture in Ludhiana on WednesdayThe postgraduate department of commerce, Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, organised an extension lecture. Nalin Tayal, legal and financial consultant, was the resource person. Tayal interacted with students of commerce on the topic “Non-performing assets in banks.” He explained the reasons for mounting NPAs in the banks. Tayal further enlightened students on the ways to control NPAs.

KCW principal Paramjit Kaur speaks at an extension lecture in Ludhiana on Wednesday
A view of a barbeque during the Kebab-e-Khaas fiesta at the GGN Institute of Management and Technolog
A view of a barbeque during the Kebab-e-Khaas fiesta at the GGN Institute of Management and Technolog. Tribune photographs

‘Kebab-e-Khaas’ fiesta

The hotel management department of the GGN Institute of Management and Technology (GGNIMT) organised ‘Kebab-e-Khaas’ at GGNIMT. Gurvinder Singh Juneja, treasurer H&RA, inaugurated the festival. The fiesta witnessed a huge crowd. Institute director Kuldip Singh and principal Dr PS Khattra applauded the hotel management team for their initiative.

Skill in teaching contest

The Panjab University zonal skill in teaching and teaching aid preparation (on-the-spot) competitions were held at the GHG Khalsa College of Education, Gurusar Sadhar, here on Wednesday. The competitions were held for teaching in subjects like mathematics, fine arts, science, computer science and home science. A total of 61 students from 12 colleges of education of Ludhiana zone-B participated in the event. In the category of skill in teaching, participants delivered lessons using ICT resources, whereas a wide variety of working models were prepared on the spot and demonstrated in the category of on-the spot teaching-aid preparation competition. Dr SS Sangha, fellow Panjab University, Chandigarh, dean, faculty of education, Panjab University, and principal Dashmesh Girls College of Education, Badal, was the observer of the event.

Declamation contest

The SDP College for Women hosted Ram Lal Bhasin memorial inter-college declamation contest here on Wednesday. Rupanjali Karthik, Additional Deputy Commissioner (general), Ludhiana, was the chief guest. HK Chugh, general secretary, college managing committee, was the guest of honour. As many as 15 teams comprising 30 participants from different colleges of Ludhiana participated in the contest. Results: 1. Shipra Jain (AS College, Khanna), Ruchi (GMT College for Education); 2. Triptjot Kaur (GNG College for Women), Enakshi Goel (KCW); 3. Cherub Sumilan Walia (KCW).

Athletics meet

The annual athletics meet of Guru Nanak National College, Doraha, will begin from February 17.



Ludhiana scan

Visit to super store

Bal Bharti Public School organised a visit for 200 students to a super store. The visit was organised to acquaint the young minds about modern consumerism. The students were guided about the products and were told to check the expiry date before purchasing any product.

Rollback demanded

Members of the Bharti Kisan Union demanded the rollback of increase of Rs 1,800 per tonne in the prices of fertilizers, which according to them, would increase the financial burden on farmers. In a meeting held, they said the Central government had announced a subsidy on fertilizers, but nothing has been done on that front.

Development programme

The faculty development programme on behalf of the department of science and technology, Government of India, and Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India, Ahmedabad, organised at the RIMT-Institute of Engineering and Technology by North India Technical Consultancy Organisation, Chandigarh, concluded here on Wednesday. As many as 27 faculty members from different institutes took part in the programme. Dr Harsh Sadawarti, director of engineering campus, was the chief guest. — Tribune Reporters



Sapna, Chandeep shine in athletics meet
Tribune News Service

Girls take part in a handi race; a participant tries to fix her artificial nose
Girls take part in a handi race; a participant tries to fix her artificial nose. Tribune photos: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, February 15
The 69th annual athletics meet dedicated to Satguru Ram Singh, a freedom fighter, and other Namdhari freedom fighters began at the Government College for Women (GCW), Ludhiana, here today.

Teja Singh Dhaliwal, sports promoter, secretary, Punjab Basketball Association, was the chief guest on the occasion. College principal Gurminder Kaur highlighted the significance of sports in the lives of youngsters.

Dhaliwal highlighted the need to curb the menace of drug addiction.

The youth are brand ambassadors of the anti-drug campaign.

He further added that approximately 70 per cent of the people of Punjab are physically unfit. He said it was a great misfortune that young men could not qualify for the recruitment in police and Armed forces because they could not fulfill the prescribed physical parameters. He encouraged the young girls to come forward and participate in sports and bring laurels to the country. He also raised the issue of female foeticide.


800m race: 1. Sapna Saini, 2. Komalpreet Kaur, 3. Rajwinder Kaur.

Long jump: 1. Sarabjeet Kaur, 2. Rajwinder Kaur, 3. Sapna Saini.

High jump: 1. Chandeep Kaur, 2. Jasdeep Kaur, 3. Pawanjot Kaur.

Shot put: 1. Priya, 2. Chandeep Kaur, 3. Antarveer Kaur.



Aggression attracts this city resident to kick-boxing
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, February 15
Meet Dishu Jamnal. His kicks reach above his 5'8" frame. He punches his opponents to earn points, while evading attack from the other side. He has been winning gold medals consecutively for the last two years at the School Games in the event of kick-boxing. He has also won a gold medal at the national championship a couple of years ago.

The 17-year-old began playing kick-boxing in 2005 and has since been playing well at the state and national level. He is currently studying in class XI at BCM Arya Model School.

His journey began as his uncle introduced him to karate about 12 years back. He delved in various forms of martial arts, including veerkondo, tai kwon do and karate. “To be honest, I did not find karate challenging. I wanted to play sports that would challenge my abilities,” he says.

It was then, his coach, Sagar recommended that he should take up kick-boxing. It involved the skills of karate and also added the punch. “I liked the game for its aggression and it gives me more range,” he says. “It requires more energy and combination of focus, aggression and alertness is what I like in the game,” he says.

Beginning to the new sports meant losing at the start. “I had to work hard to get my focus right,” he says. He bagged a silver medal at a national-level championship held at Sangrur in 2009 and another at Kanyakumari in 2007.



thomas cup
Pranav steers India to q-finals
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 15
Local shuttler Pranav Chopra has justified his selection to play in the Thomas Cup, currently being played at Macau in China, as he along with his partner, Akshay Dewalkar from Maharashtra, gave a stupendous performance to help India secure a berth in the quarterfinals in the doubles category.

Pranav, a trainee of the Ludhiana Badminton Academy, the youngest player in the Indian contingent paired with Akshay enabled India to advance into the last eight stages.

In the first round match, Pranav and Akshay were pitted against their experienced pair of Chayut Triachart and HC Jeffery Wong from Singapore. The Indian duo faced strong resistance from their opponents whom they overpowered 21-19 and 21-16.

However, in the second encounter, Pranav and Akshay proved too good for their rivals, Kin Fai Leong and Chi Man Lam from Macau, as the former pair romped home 21-11 and 21-13. This victory assured India a place in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, office-bearers of the Ludhiana Badminton Academy informed that Pranav would be honoured at a function on his return from China. He will also share his experience with the trainees of the academy and give tips, which could polish their game.



Football trials today
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 15
The District Football Association (DFA), Ludhiana, will organise trials to select the Ludhiana district football senior men’s team here at the Guru Nanak Stadium on February 16 from 10 am onwards.

According to DFA president Shivtar Singh Bajwa, the aspirants have been advised to appear in full kit, along with two passport size photographs. They have been asked to report at the venue to football coaches, Jaspal Singh and Amritpal Singh Mawi.

The selected players will represent Ludhiana district in the 64th Punjab State Senior Football Championship scheduled to be held from February 19 to 23 at Mansa.



Mini Olympics from tomorrow
Our Correspondent

Sahnewal, February 15
The mini Olympics being organised by the Panchayati Raj Sports Club will begin from February 17 at Guru Gobind Singh Stadium, Sahnewal.

Organising secretary Tara Singh Sandhu said, “The main aim of the games is to keep youngsters busy, so that they may not drift towards drugs or indulge in any other anti-social activities. Games like hockey, basketball, handball, volleyball, football, wrestling, athletics, besides kabaddi (55 kg, 60 kg and 70 kg) will be organised. However, bullock cart races and dog races will not be performed.



Basketball meet from today
Our Sports Reporter

Ludhiana, February 15
The Punjab State Basketball Championship for sub-junior boys and girls will be held at the Kirpal Sagar Academy, Rahon, from February 16 to 19, according to Teja Singh Dhaliwal, general secretary, Punjab Basketball Association.

Bibi Surinder Kaur, chief patron, Kirpal Sagar Academy, will inaugurate the championship, in which more than 30 teams will be seen in action. RS Gill, president, Basketball Federation of India, will be the chief guest on the concluding day, while a senior IPS officer, Narinder Bhargav, will be the guest of honour.



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