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GLADA razes 3 more colonies
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, April 17
Making it clear that it means business and is also determined to ensure scrupulous compliance of the relevant laws for development of colonies, the Greater Ludhiana Area Development Authority (GLADA) today razed internal development works in three more colonies on the Dhandra Road being developed in 10 acres without obtaining licences and fulfilling other provisions of the Punjab Apartment and Property Regulation Act.

In a virtual replay of the drama enacted on April 12 (Thursday) when a large number of colonisers and their supporters had stalled the demolition in a colony in the vicinity seeking some time to take up the issue of unauthorised colonies with the state government, a few colonisers pleaded with GLADA officials to give them time to enable them file applications for compounding of the unlicenced colonies as per the policy laid down by the government for this purpose.

According to Chief Administrator of GLADA Jaswant Singh, who led the demolition team, internal development works like roads and sewerage lines were dug up in these colonies and electricity poles razed. The developers were also explicitly told not to carry out any construction or development work in these colonies.

On the expiry of a months notice, the GLADA authorities had taken up demolition drive against 114 identified unauthorised colonies in different parts of the city. The internal development works in several colonies were razed in the past two weeks. Perturbed at relentless regulatory steps, the developers of unauthorised colonies were exploring their political contacts to stall demolitions. The Ludhiana Colonisers’ and Property Dealers’ Association had also submitted a memorandum before the GLADA Chief Administrator here yesterday demanding a softer policy for regularisation of existing unlicenced colonies.

Jaswant Singh said GLADA was determined to check unregulated and unlawful development of colonies. “And we are also bound by the existing policy as well as the prevailing laws to act against violations. If the developers are prepared to apply for compounding of the unauthorised colonies under the existing legal framework, they are welcome to do so. We can wait for some more time.”

He, however, made it clear that demolition drive will continue in those colonies where developers fail to come round for compounding and development of new colonies without obtaining licences and complying with other provisions of the prevailing laws, will be sternly dealt with. “GLADA has adopted a zero tolerance approach to violations,” he maintained.


Seepage makes road cave in
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
A portion of the road at the busy Ishmeet Chowk located in the Shastri Nagar area caved in this evening. This is the second time that the road caved in at the same spot. The earlier incident had taken place on September 2, 2006.

The cave-in formed a crater around 6-ft wide. It was around 6.15 pm when the road caved-in. The spot witnesses heavy traffic throughout the day and a senior secondary school is located a few feet away from the spot. To ensure no untoward incident takes place, the MC cordoned off the area.

Surinder Singh Batra, who owns a mobile phone shop near the chowk, said had the incident taken place during school hours, children would have got injured. “If the MC knows that the sewerage line is old, it should replace it. If the MC fails to wake up, more such incidents will take place here,” he said.

Manjit Singh, Superintending Engineer (operations and maintenance cell), said: “It’s the same spot where a crater was formed when a large portion of the road had caved-in in 2006. I think it happened due to the seepage of underground sewers, which were laid around 25 years ago. This road has non-pressure type sewerage system, which is not used these days. And below the spot where the cave-in took place, is the junction point where sewers from several areas are connected. That is why, the pressure here is more, which leads to such incidents.”

“We will depute two officials at the spot throughout the night. Tomorrow morning, we will repair the entire portion,” he claimed.

A repeat

Due to the continuous rain and leaking sewerage, a big crater was formed when a portion of the road caved in at the same spot on September 2, 2006. A car had fallen into the crater, injuring the driver. Just a few minutes after the car was pulled out, another big chunk of earth gave in, forming another huge crater on the road.



Tax evasion
Excise dept acts tough
Peti mafia moves to small railway stations
Manav Mander
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
The Excise and Taxation Department has tightened its noose around traders who are bringing consignments through the Railways without bills.

Drive is going in full swing and department officials are working round- the-clock to curb the “peti mafia”, which is thriving despite efforts of the enforcement staff to check evasion of taxes through this network.

“The department has shifted its focus on the transporters who are running a nexus in association with smugglers and evading taxes worth crores of rupees. As per an estimate, the government is losing nearly Rs 500 crore due to this every year,” said a senior official from the department.

Tejbir Singh Sidhu, AETC (Mobile wing), said, “The department officials will not only man the check post, but various other passages also from where the peti mafia enters and exits.” Apart from the mobile wing, special duties have been assigned to the officials to keep strict vigil around all possible slip routes. Consignments coming to the city without bill will be dealt with sternly. Raids have already been conducted in this regard.

Meanwhile, peti mafia has made its way to small railway stations. Now, consignments are received and sent to other stations through small railways stations located at Jagraon, Malerkotla, Phillaur, Ladowal and Gill for uploading and receiving deliveries without bills. Malerkotla and Gill railway stations fall under the Ambala division and the department has to take a special permission from the Ambala headquarters before conducting raids.

According to sources, boxes of consignment are made to reach these small stations during night. The illegal consignment is then sent to Ludhiana from these stations. Once the consignment reaches the Ludhiana railway station, it is booked and sent to its actual destination through leased bogies, sources added. 



Unsafe buildings still standing tall
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
Even as eight persons died in a factory collapse in Jalandhar, there are several such buildings situated in the city which continue to pose a threat to the lives of people living in them. Most of these buildings are situated in the old city areas and have tenants living in them for decades.

Municipal Corporation (MC) building branch officials claim that in most cases, the building owners are fighting court cases with tenants, who are the present occupants of these buildings.

“We keep on serving them with demolition notices, but the occupants take the plea that as the matter is in court, we cannot demolish the buildings. Some occupants even manage to get stay order from the court,” claimed a senior MC official.

A few years ago, the MC had conducted a survey and had identified around eight unsafe buildings, all in the old city area falling in zone A of the MC. In August last year, two such buildings were demolished in the Mali Ganj area.

“Most of these unsafe buildings are situated in the ward represented by me. These not only pose a threat to those living there, but also those staying nearby as they can fall anytime,” said Parminder Mehta, councillor.

Some buildings have been vacated by the occupants, but they still pose a threat to other adjoining buildings.



Demolition drive put off for the second time
MC cites non-availability of police force as reason
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

A red mark on a building to be demolished in Chawni Mohalla area of Ludhiana.
A red mark on a building to be demolished in Chawni Mohalla area of Ludhiana.

Ludhiana, April 17
The much-hyped demolition drive of the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation (MC) got postponed due to the “non-availability” of the police force today. This is the second time since March 5 that the demolition drive had to be postponed due to “unavoidable circumstances”. The MC had decided to demolish 18 structures in the Chawni Mohalla area today.

Sources in the MC said on earlier occasions also, civic body officials had found it tough to carry out demolition drives in Chawni Mohalla. In July last year and even in November 2010, when a team of the MC building branch had gone to demolish some illegal structures there, it had to face tough resistance from residents as well as the area councillor.

In July last year, three Assistant Town Planners accompanied with a police force had to return empty-handed from Chawni Mohalla, where MC officials had gone to demolish 19 illegal structures.

Today, it was the same story as the MC drive went bust before even starting. Some officials termed rain as the “reason” behind the postponement of the drive while some said they did not get the requisite number of police officials to carry out the drive.

Ever since the MC announced the drive, it has been under pressure from several quarters not to go ahead with it. As per the orders of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the MC is to demolish illegal buildings that are violative of the PUDA Act. Through this anti-encroachment drive, the MC would demolish all structures within 5 metres from the main roads.

The MC would be carrying out the drive along the Jalandhar bypass chowk, Sherpur Chowk, Delhi road octroi post, Samrala Chowk, Chandigarh road octroi post, Jagraon Bridge, Ferozepur road octroi post, Gill Chowk and Gill road octroi post.

MC Commissioner Malwinder Singh Jaggi claimed that as eight labourers had died in a factory collapse in Jalandhar yesterday, the police refused to allot the requisite number of police force to accompany the MC team for the demolition drive.

“But I want to make it clear that we have just postponed our drive. These encroachments will be removed at any cost. We will demolish illegal structures in the Ghumar Mandi area tomorrow and will conduct the drive in Chawni Mohalla on Thursday,” he said.



2 injured in ‘gang war’
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
Two youths were injured during an alleged gang war that took place near Dana Mandi around 9.45 pm here tonight.

According to information, the gang war took place between the youths belonging to the two villages of Arsee Kalan and Jassowal.

The youths from Jassowal village had come in two cars -- an Uno and a Zen.

They reportedly attacked the youths of Arsee Kalan village with sharp-edged weapons and iron rods.

Gunshots were also reportedly fired by the accused youths, but the youths of Arsee Kalan had a narrow escape.

The attackers made a hasty retreat and fled from the scene after injuring two youths, who were immediately rushed to the Ludhiana Civil Hospital by some passersby.

So far, there is no further information on the assailants.



Traffic woes
Outer areas free from congestion
Those residing in densely populated areas still coping with traffic jams
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Haphazardly parked auto-rickshaws hamper the free-flow of traffic in the interior parts of Ludhiana.
Haphazardly parked auto-rickshaws hamper the free-flow of traffic in the interior parts of Ludhiana. Photos: Inderjeet Verma

Ludhiana, April 17
Steps taken by the traffic police to streamline traffic in the city might have borne fruit for those residing in outer parts, but those residing in densely populated interior areas are still coping with traffic jams and congestion.

In the absence of “attention” being paid by both traffic police and the Municipal Corporation, encroachments on roads and haphazard parking of vehicles in the interior parts of the city are putting general public to considerable inconvenience.

Those residing in densely-populated areas like Field Ganj, Bhadaur House, Chaura Bazaar, Books Market, Kesar Ganj Complex, Gur Mandi, Mochpura are struggling to move around freely due to haphazard parking of vehicles on roads, encroachments, no demarcation of yellow lines and lack of vigil by authorities.

“Hundreds of auto-rickshaw drivers park their vehicles in the middle of the roads and half of these in congested interiors remain blocked due to encroachments. How can the traffic be streamlined unless these hazards are cleared? Whosoever wants can load and unload things in the middle of the road thereby blocking the entire traffic. The authorities need to fix the responsibility in order to ease the traffic congestion,” said Santokh Singh, a shopkeeper in the Field Ganj area.

Congress Councillor from Ward Number 35, Parminder Mehta, said outer areas were generally improved. Those residing in densely populated interior areas are suffering. “Both traffic police and Municipal Corporation has to join hands for curbing the traffic chaos in the city. The trucks of the municipal corporation are too big to enter the congested areas. Similarly, tow-away vehicles cannot reach unless encroachments are removed. Both authorities have limited resources. They need to jointly make efforts to provide relief to the residents in the interior areas,” said Mehta adding that in Books Market, the situation was miserable as students park their vehicles wherever they find space.

“The road from the Girjaghar Chowk to Ghas Mandi must be made one-way to streamline the traffic. In case of massive traffic jam, even those manning PCRs become mute spectators,” Mehta added.



Rain triggers dengue fear
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
The recent rainfall has created an ideal atmosphere for the breeding of mosquitoes which can result in the spread of dengue and malaria.

Anti-larva wing of the health department is reeling under staff shortage. It has also written to the higher authorities asking them to provide more than 200 workers.

Chief Medical Officer of Ludhiana Dr Subhash Batta said, “There are only 50 workers in the wing. There have been no fresh recruitments for years.

“Despite being short of staff, we have started spraying oil on stagnant water and have been taking preventive measures to contain the spread of dengue malaria. We have also written to the principal secretary of health to appoint at least 240 health workers on a contractual basis. About 30 sanctioned posts of supervisors, health and sanitary inspectors have been lying vacant. Last year, we had asked for some contractual workers and got 80 workers for three months. But keeping in view last year’s experience when the department failed to contain the dengue spread, we have made a request to the department to be will-equipped this year.” Dr Batta said, “We want 240 more health workers.”

Meanwhile, no such case has surfaced in the city so far. 



Postal stamp on Godiji Temple released
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
A postal stamp on Godiji Temple was released to commemorate the 200th year of inception of the temple this year. Godiji is one of the 1,008 names of Parshavanath, the 23rd Tirthankar of Jain religion. A postage stamp, information brochure, envelope and a cancellation stamp were released by the postal department today.

As per information brochure, the temple was established in Payadhuni in 1968. The historic temple has 226 pillars, 16 chambers, 155 idols of precious metals and 83 marble idols. The idol of Parshavanath in the temple is the major source of attraction. The temple also has a vast library of ancient and modern literature in several languages like Sanskrit, Ardhamgadhi and Prakut. It was created from wood in the beginning and was recently renovated with marble.

City residents are pleased to see the stamp.

Sikandar Lal Jain, an advocate, said he visited the temple about more than 10 years ago. He added that it was situated in a posh area of Mumbai. The Jain community is part of the management committee of the temple, he stated.

Rakesh Jain, a resident, said, “The temple is considered very sacred.”

“It is said that tough ordeals of life can be resolved by praying to Parshavanath at the temple,” he said.



Councillors ‘projecting’ wives as candidates
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
After the announcement that the MC elections would be held on June 10, several councillors have pulled up their socks and have started organising lok suvidha camps in their respective wards. Also, those councillors whose wards have been reserved for women candidates have started “projecting” their wives as candidates from the wards presently being represented by them.

One such camp was organised by Akali councillor from ward number 59, Tanvir Singh Dhaliwal, at the gurdwara of Shaheed Karnail Singh Nagar, Phase II, here today.

His wife Harpreet Kaur, a graduate, was seen actively taking part in the camp that was organised to help residents in making voter identity cards, PAN cards, opening bank accounts, residence proof, senior citizen card and pension.

Dhaliwal, a first time councillor, will not be able to contest the elections scheduled for June 10 as his ward has now been reserved for a woman candidate. Justifying his “projection” of his wife as the future councillor, he said: “I got married around three years ago and my wife has been working for the benefit of the area residents. Whenever I am in office or out of station, she takes care of the ward and has a good rapport with women of the ward. I am a dedicated worker of the SAD and she will contest only if the party asks her to.”

Other candidates, whose wards are now reserved, have also started projecting their wives as candidates. “What is wrong if my wife contests the elections? She will win only if she has worked for the benefit of the area residents and people will respond by electing her. Just because she is my wife does not mean that people will vote for her automatically,” claimed a Congress councillor, who did not wish to be identified.



Guest faculty unhappy
Gurvinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
Guest lecturers in the city are struggling hard to make both ends meet. The lecturers were relieved on February 28 and would join after a period of four months in July.

Ad hoc faculty members are paid just Rs 175 per hour and are paid Rs 7,000 per month at the most in government colleges. Although, the government has made norms, but these are being flouted with impunity in city colleges. “Teaching has become a farce as there are teachers who are drawing lakhs per month, and on the other hand, guest faculty members are made to survive on measly amounts. All that is driving us is hope that one day our jobs would be regularised,” said a guest lecturer.

Manjinder Sood, another guest faculty lecturer, said, “No pay for four months becomes a pain”.

“Why should a category of guest faculty lecturers exist in first place? This is a clear sign of exploitation,” a teacher stated. “If I knew about this bleak situation earlier, I would not have joined this profession,” said another teacher.

“If the assessment sent by these lecturers can be accepted in final exams, why can’t they be paid salaries during this period,” GS Dua, coordinator, GGN Khalsa College.

Another teacher said there was no parity, no governing regulatory body to look into these matters. “Colleges are exploiting us. We are paid much less than what is shown in records,” he said.

As per the UGC norms, not more than 20 per cent of the faculty members can be non-regular in colleges, but now colleges are flouting the norms in the absence of any check, and such faculty has touched close to 50 per cent in many city colleges. A minimum of Rs 25,000 has to be paid to the guest faculty lecturers, as per the norms.

Sood added that the government was not spending money on them, as even the salaries were coming from the Parent Teacher Association funds in government colleges in the state.



Rs 9,000 recovered from patwari’s office
Had taken the amount from a farmer as bribe
Our Correspondent

Samrala, April 17
Samrala SDM today recovered Rs 9,000 from the office of a patwari which he had taken from a farmer as bribe.

In his complaint, Satvir Singh, a resident of Shamgarh village, said he wanted to get his “succession intqal” registered and when he approached the patwari for getting the same done, the latter demanded Rs 9,000 from him.

After handing over the money to the patwari, the complainant informed the SDM about it, who reached the office of the patwari with the complainant and recovered the money.

The SDM said he had sent a report to the Deputy Commissioner for further action.

However, the patwari refuted all allegations stating that someone might have kept the money on his table in his absence.



Light showers to cool city
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Girls stroll at the PAU after cool breeze swept through Ludhiana on Tuesday.
Girls stroll at the PAU after cool breeze swept through Ludhiana on Tuesday. Tribune photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, April 17
Residents of the city are baffled due to rapidly changing weather these days. The weather has been pleasant after Monday night showers brought down the temperature. However, such weather is not good for crops on the verge of harvesting.

The Agro-Metrology Department of the PAU recorded 29.2° C and 18.4°C today. The metrological department predicts that the weather would remain pleasant for the next three days as temperature won’t increase beyond 30°C.

Farmers of the district, who were expecting bumper crop some days ago, are worried about their crops. Rakhi, a resident of Civil Lines, said, “We are enjoying pleasant weather.

Light showers last night made the morning pleasant. We hope it will continue for some more days.” Dr KK Gill, agro-meteorologist from the PAU, said, “There are chances of dust storm, thunder storm and high speed winds in the next two to three days. There are some chances of showers in the next two days.”



Pau notes
Delegation from Moscow visits PAU

Ludhiana: A six-member delegation from Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering (MSUEE), Moscow, Russia, is on a two-week visit to Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) to attend a training programme on “Engineering Technologies for Crop Production and Environmental Control”.

The delegation held a meeting with the PAU Registrar, director of research, Dean, postgraduate studies, and Dean, College of Agricultural Engineering and Technology (COAE&T), here today. The delegation members comprised Natallia Feshchanka, director, International Programmes Office, and students Evgeniya Polkovnikova, Evgeniya Nazarova, Sergey Ermakov, Anastasiya Prokofyeva and Anna Savinskaya. Dmirty Kozlov, Rector, MSUEE, in his message to the PAU Vice-Chancellor, Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, wrote that professional contacts and cooperative programmes between the two institutes would grow for mutual benefit. “The task of imparting training to qualified specialists will be of immense benefit to the state as well as country,” he added.

Dr RK Mahey, Registrar, PAU, said India and Russia had always been sharing friendly relations. The memorandum of understanding (MoU), already signed between PAU and MSUEE, in terms of student-exchange programme, provides a good opportunity to students of the participating universities to familiarise themselves with their institutes, culture and heritage. N Feshchanka said the relationship between PAU and MSUEE was proving mutually beneficial and wished to see it grow deeper and deeper, laying focus on new programmes. “The similarity of mandated programmes makes the exchange programme purposeful for the two institutes, she said, while evincing interest in collaboration with the PAU,” Feshchanka added. Russian student E Polkovnikova said Indian professors and students had the potential to invent and make development in diverse areas.

Talk on climate change

“Water and climate change are key concerns of global society. Water availability, its demand, scarcity, quality and pricing are the major challenges of the 21st Century,” stated Dr Ramesh Kanwar, Vice-Chancellor, Lovely Professional University (LPU), Jalandhar, and professor, Water Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, the USA, while delivering a talk on “Climate Change Impacts on Water Availability for Agriculture and Areas of Future Research”. A seminar was held by Punjab Agricultural University’s science club here today. Deans, directors, additional directors, heads, faculty and postgraduate students of PAU attended the seminar. Dr Kanwar said the two institutes could set up a water research centre. — TNS



From schools & colleges

Ludhiana: An All-India Inter-school Debate Competition-2012, organised by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi, for ICSE schools was held at Ram Lal Bhasin Public School. The competition, conducted in three stages all over India, is held every year by the council. This year, for Punjab it was hosted by Ram Lal Bhasin Public School. The function started with a prayer.

Students win medals

Students of Ryan International School, Ludhiana, won as many as 35 medals in the Ludhiana District Open Tournament which was held from April 6 to April 13 at Nirmal Facility Sports Complex, Ludhiana. They participated in badminton, table tennis and various athletics events held in U-14, U-17 and U-12 categories. Through their diligence and channelised training, 12 students bagged a gold medal, nine received a silver medal and 10 clinched a bronze medal.


An English recitation competition was organised in GNPS, Model Town Extension, for students of classes III and IV here today. About 64 students participated in the contest. They were adjudged on the basis of voice modulation, gesticulation, rhythm and expression.

Red Colour Day

Red Colour Day was celebrated at DAV Public School, Pakhowal Road, here today. Students and teachers came dressed in red coloured attire. They decorated the classrooms with red toys.


When you are in Ludhiana, you may face many problems, yet the city is a happening place. A survey on “Likes and Dislikes of Ludhiana” conducted by Harpreet Singh, a management expert, and Harjeet Kaur, a teacher at Bhutta College of Education, revealed that it was not only the air pollution but also sound pollution caused by vehicles and loud music at marriage halls that was making life troublesome for residents. — TNS



Over 1,000 admission forms sold at PAU

Ludhiana, April 17
Going by the sale of prospectuses at Punjab Agricultural University, it is evident that a large number of students are seeking admission to the university.

More than 1,000 forms have been sold so far. May 2 is the last date for the submission of forms. The PAU authorities said BSc (agriculture), BSc (home science), MSc (microbiology) and MSc (biotech) are the most sought-after courses. — TNS



Don’t ignore varicose veins, say doctors
Anupam Bhagria
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
If one’s legs pain while standing or walking, one should not ignore it as it may be because of varicose veins.

Dr HS Bedi, head of the cardio-vascular, endovascular and thoracic surgery department, Christian Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana, said, “Varicose veins are stretched, dilated and twisted. They give the appearance of a bunch of earthworms or blue spiders under the skin. Up to 25 per cent of women and 15 per cent of men suffer from the problem.”

Dr HS Bedi said, “These can burst any time. If an artery bursts, the flow of blood can be controlled by tying the artery with a tight band. But on tying a varicose vein, the blood pressure increases which results in more bleeding.”

Dr GS Wander, chief cardiologist, Hero DMC Heart Institute, said, “Overweight and those who have to stand for long hours suffer from the problem.”

Dr Bedi said, “About a third of patients with varicose veins will require only reassurance, change of lifestyle and use of medical grade compression stockings (tighter at the ankle than the thigh).”

He added that patients with more advanced and resistant forms required a surgical procedure.


n Exercise regularly

n Avoid standing for prolonged periods. If your job or hobby requires you to stand, shift your weight from one leg to the other after a few minutes

n Eat high-fibre foods, wholegrain breads, fresh fruits and vegetables

n Walk for at least 45 minutes 



FIR lodged against supervisor
Had dumped construction material despite warning 
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, April 17
Taking stern action against those violating traffic rules, the Division number 5 police has registered a case under Section 283 of the IPC against Jaspal Singh under whose supervision a commercial complex near Imperial Hotel on the Pakhowal Road is being constructed.

SHO Beant Juneja told The Tribune that the building was being constructed by Jagmohan Builders, Jalandhar, under the supervision of Jaspal Singh.

“Since the construction material of the building, including steel, bricks and sand etc were scattered on the main road, blocking the smooth traffic movement, we had given prior warnings to them. But they continued to harass public by putting entire material on the road. We have registered case and arrested Jaspal Singh for causing inconvenience to the public as 70 per cent of the road was blocked by them,” Juneja added.

The police has clearly stated that those putting general public to inconvenience and disturbing smooth flow of traffic, will be punished as per law. Commissioner of Police Ishwar Singh said traffic was worse in densely populated areas and the police was trying hard to ease the traffic. 

Report to the police if

n Any vehicle breaks down; is stranded in the middle of the road

n Any vehicle met with an accident

n Road-rage, blocking traffic by parking vehicles on roads

n Vehicles are wrongly parked

n Traffic chaos due to rehris parked in the middle of roads

n Construction material being scattered on roads

n Traffic problem arising due to shobha-yatra or nagar kirtan



Allow student to attend classes, High Court directs school
Rajneesh Lakhanpal

Ludhiana, April 17
Taking cognisance of a writ petition, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has directed Pumpkin Kindergarten School to allow Harman Dhingra to attend classes.

These interim orders were passed by Justice Rajiv Narain Raina yesterday in a writ petition filed by Harman Dhingra (minor) through his father Jatin Pal Singh Dhingra, a resident of Model Town. The order says the petitioner (minor) will be permitted to attend classes of nursery in Pumpkin Kindergarten School, subject to the payment of Rs 19,000 within 3 days.

The order further says District Education Officer (elementary education), Ludhiana, will depute a responsible teacher to pay a visit to the school to ascertain the well-being of the minor petitioner.” The petition says Harman Dhingra was admitted to pre-nursery in April, 2011, after paying registration-cum-building donation fee of Rs 32,600. The school has been demanding registration fee-cum-building fund of Rs 19,000 for nursery by January 13, but Harman’s mother brought to the notice of the school the financial crisis of family.

The school refused to grant any extension stating that the registration fee should be deposited by evening of February 13. But when the parents arranged funds, the school refused to take the fee stating that all the seats had been filled.

It was alleged that the act of denial of admission to nursery class is gross violation of provisions of Section 16 of the RTE Act, 2009. The case will come up for hearing on May 22.



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