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Pakistan’s action against Saeed a far cry

Hafiz Saeed, the chief of Jamaat-ud-Dawa, is a sworn enemy of India (news report “Act against 26/11 plotter Saeed, India tells Pak”, April 4). Some members of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s cabinet regard him as a respectable religious leader. The LeT founded by him has vast global network, besides deep penetration in Pakistan’s social fabric. It is the most powerful and deadly terrorist outfit hell-bent on destabilising India. The ISI shares information with it and the Pakistan army considers it as an asset.

The US $ 10 million bounty for information leading to arrest and conviction of Hafiz Saeed came in response to his role in organising different religious parties into Difa-e-Pakistan (defence of Pakistan), a council which is against reopening of NATO supply lines and drone attacks.

He openly and fearlessly holds public rallies and spews venom against India. Any hope that Pakistan will bring him to justice for the 26/11 terror attack is like a night-time fancy that disappears in the morning.


Flouting safety norms

There seems to be flouting of norms and standards and safety precautions at each and every step of the factory’s working in the blanket manufacturing factory in Jalandhar. Rampant corruption in law-enforcing departments where no compliance with clauses of the Act means extra bribes over and above the monthly payments being made to the factory inspectors and other concerned officials.

It will be prudent for the government to get the probe done from an independent agency and in the meantime the concerned factory inspector should be placed under suspension. Unless right signals are sent, such accidents will continue to occur. 

S C CHABBA, Panchkula


It is a travesty of business ethics that we see the government providing relief in terms of compensation while the owner gets off lightly. The factory did not have a safety certification. Let this incident not go the Uphaar tragedy way which  took two decades to be resolved in courts. The Punjab government  seems to be engaged in wiping the tears of the industrialist rather than the public that has suffered.

The other industrial units owned by the blanket factory owner should be immediately shut down till they can be thoroughly inspected. The workers rendered jobless should be paid at the owner's expense.


Delaying tactics

BG Verghese in his article ‘Hopelessly mired in the past’ (April 11) has aptly pointed out that the government too has much to answer for endlessly delaying the execution of death penalties and disposal of many petitions. The Sachhar report’s key recommendation in favour of moving from reservation to an equal opportunity regime remains pending.

There is no doubt that procedures do matter but not if they inherently ignore outcomes. Every action in the interest of the nation must be result oriented if the country is to make progress, mindful of shutting the door to corrupt practices.



When people compare the statistics of development in China vis-à-vis India, they must also perambulate the political set up, its commitment, stringent implementation of laws and speedy justice delivery apparatus in China. In the name of democracy, the “Luddites” are out to destroy the “idea of India”. It is true “bold policy makers… are hounded after the event” and “judgments are too often made ex post facto with the wisdom of hindsight’ in India by the Opposition, commissions of inquiry and institutions like the CAG. Bureaucracy, instead of fast tracking the processes is increasingly becoming an impediment and holding the system hostage to procedures.

Lt-Col BACHITTAR SINGH (retd), Mohali

False hope

I have some different views regarding reincarnation, existence of after-life and immortal souls (Pritam Bhullar’s middle “Losing a Life Partner”, April 14).

Scientists continue to make attempts to understand the mysteries of nature and there are many scientific studies which explain the delusion of near-death experiences. Many of the phenomena associated with near-death experiences can be biologically explained.

It has been shown by psychologists that the near-death experience is a product of the dying brain and shaped by the individual’s cultural expectations. The temporal lobe is especially prone to inducting hallucinations, memory flashback, and other visions after death when undergoing oxygen deprivation.

In experiments, scientists have been able to create delusions like the vision of going through a tunnel, seeing a soothing light and an illusion of being outside one’s body. Nevertheless, a lot of research is still needed to understand the working of the mind. Believing a falsehood just because it gives us hope and relief from pain is against human spirit.


Anna dear

The conflict between the leaser and the lessee is age old with the former wanting his asset back after the expiry of the lease and the latter refusing it on the plea that it is required by him for a useful purpose. So is the case between the HP government and the army. Indeed the army, like a good tenant has spared no efforts to retain the original charm and beauty. More than this, Captain Kennedy would be turning in his grave for naming the ground on his love, Anna.

It is, indeed strategically important for the army, as has been proved during the three wars from 1948 to 1971, when Annadale was extensively used by the commanders of the western command to conduct operations. In 1962 during the Chinese aggression it was used for evacuation in Kinnaur district. Also year after year, it is used to serve the far-flung areas of the state.

Col MAHESH CHADHA (retd), via e-mail

Much ado about nothing

The US is right in giving top priority to security of its citizens and the country, whereas India’s fake secularists give top priority to vote bank appeasement, with complete disregard to security.

One may ask as to what special qualification Shah Rukh Khan has? What good has he done to India?

The US need not apologise and should plainly tell the government of India that for them security of the nation is of topmost importance (news report “SRK detained at York airport; US apologies” April 14).




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