Like that rare wave of the sea that finds new paths, doctor-turned-artist Subodh Kerkar's works create a world hitherto unexplored 

Nonika Singh

As a child, he would take a stroll along the seashore every morning for two hours at a stretch with his father. Today, internationally acclaimed installation artist Subodh Kerkar, who calls himself a sea artist, not only considers sea as his muse, friend and subject but also his biggest teacher. Actually, the first lesson on creativity he learnt from father dearest, also an artist, was on the beaches of Goa. He recalls, "If you watch the sea waves you will realise that most of them wet the already wet sand. Yet every once in a while, comes a wave that wets new, dry sand. My father told me - in creativity, be like that."

How seriously he took the lesson on searching fresher pastures is evident from his vast oeuvre that cuts new ground, both in terms of mediums, materials and of course subjects. On the vast variety of mediums that he employs, he laughs and quips, "Buddha found his enlightenment under a tree and I in a scrap-yard." Not surprising then, for a workshop at Jaipur he created a camel foot out of used tyre parts, drawing an analogy between how tyres and camel foot get worn out on the roads.

For an upcoming exhibition at Australia, he has created a huge red chilly and is also toying with bread sculptures. History of food, the way foods have crossed continents, fascinates this artist who is using ocean as a medium of cultural diffusion. In the near future, he also intends to create forest sculptures made of bamboos. Of course, sea shells and fishermen, whose life is inseparable from the sea, are a constant leitmotif in his journey, which incidentally began with water colours to finally find an expression in installations.

On the temporary nature of installation art, he says, "We all are temporary beings on this earth. Did not Tagore say - 'waves write on sand, not satisfied wipe them off and write again…" Indeed, he too is writing poetry on the sand and what beautiful visual poetry, which is evident from the exhibition comprising an installation and photographs of his works. He dismisses the notion that installation art is better understood in the West where he has exhibited widely at Munich, Amsterdam, Lisbon, et al. He says, "I have tremendous faith in people's wisdom, who respond well provided the stimuli is right".

Installation artists, he opines, must seek inspiration from their own roots. The fault lines in not fully understanding the new media, he believes, come from our education system and the way art is being taught through watertight compartments of different mediums. Of course, this doctor-turned-artist never went to an arts school but he quips, "That does not mean I never learnt art. Museums of the world have taught me." Indeed, the degree in medicine "an accident from which I recovered fast" too has not gone waste. Scientific principles often come in handy, moreso is his latest series on India Many Colours: One Culture.

Since all revolutions begin with an idea and art has the power to put forth an idea, Kerkar, who was once the president of Goa Students' Association, does feel art and activism can sail together. So, not only did he design an anti-corruption table with nails under it, but is soon planning to create a sculpture half in India and half in Pakistan. With the child in him alive and kicking, the quest continues. And the artist who carries the sea within him is forever in search of the hidden treasures of art.

(If you want to be a part of his exploration, check out his slide lecture show at the Government Museum Auditorium on April 26 at 5 pm. Courtesy Chandigarh administration and the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi)

Missing links

In Chandigarh for the 4th Arts and Heritage Festival, Subodh Kerkar, known for his sustainable and environmental art, fails to understand why the city beautiful, ‘begging’ for public art, doesn't have any. Dissatisfied by the administrative response, he reminds, "Corbusier was against the statues of leaders, not art. Public art in symbiosis with city's architecture and Corbusier's buildings can be created here." In Goa, where he lives, he has been able to prevail upon authorities and ten public art sculptures, including some of his, are on the anvil.

Flow-ing along 
Charting new territories, Madhu Gopinath and Vakkom Sajeev are creating a new language of dance drama for the new generation

Two young boys from rural Kerala, one from Chirayinkil and the other Vakkom, thought of doing something ground-breaking. Efforts have paid off and their creative dance theatre group Samudra has not only performed nationally and internationally (they choreographed for the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, New Delhi, and performed at the Royal Opera House, London) but also had the rare distinction of working with MF Husain.

"This was our good fortune that we had the opportunity to work with the legendary MF Husain. We choreographed for his film Meenaxi," says Vakkom Sajeev, in Chandigarh for the Art and Heritage Festival with Madhu Gopinath.

In keeping with the theme of the festival 'nature', the dance theatre performance 'Jalam' weaves in water in its many forms of energy. "In Samudra, like all our productions, we have worked in our own new language, our own text," says the duo, trained in Bharathnatyam, Yoga and Kalarippayatu (a form of martial art).

What made you establish a new language? "It's all the product of my faulty brain," jokes Madhu. He elaborates in a staid tone just a moment later, "Our age-old art forms are beautiful and of immense value, but we do not want to be carriers of that. We wanted to create something new and pass it on to this generation."

Based in Thiruvanthapuram, this duo trains students in their art form. And, no, they are not charging any hefty fees for it. "What we look for are genuine, sincere learners who are present physically and mentally with us." Their young tribe has many followers, not only from India but abroad as well. Their dance form has made its presence felt in universities in New Zealand as well.

Inspiration from nature and Lord Shiva is the forte of Samudra's productions. "We don't mix or fuse, but think of a theme and work towards it," says Madhu, whose demeanour reveals the alacrity of a martial artist, bhavna (emotion) of a bharatnatyam exponent and surety of a yoga practitioner.

Comfortable moving between the interview, posing for pictures and sorting out the busy itinerary, Madhu tries to convey his 'form'. "Ours is an effort to integrate the essence of Indian classical dance with martial art forms and establish a new idiom for a new generation."

Well, the world is taking note of this creative duo that already has to its credit the President's Award for Best Choreography (2007) and also the Audience Choice Award for Best Production at Spoleto Festival, Italy.

One for the youth
Sabia Talwar

Youth-centric, with a rich tadka of action, comedy, music and romance is what upcoming Punjabi movie Taur Mittran Di, directed by Navaniat Singh and starring Rannvijay Singh, Amrinder Gill, Surveen Chawla and Amita Pathak, is all about. The lead actors (Rannvijay Singh and Amrinder Gill) along with Rana Ranbir and music director Jaidev Kumar were in Chandigarh on Tuesday to release the album.

The right act

Says Amrinder Gill, the famous Punjabi singer who started with a small role in the movie Munde UK De, "Singing will always remain my first love, but I have always been passionate about acting." In this movie, Amrinder plays a college-going youth who is spoilt and just needs the right guidance in life. "The youth of today has a lot of potential; it's just that they need the right direction. Though in real life I'm not a spoilt brat, so I feel the role was quite challenging," he adds. The movie has a lot of action sequences and Amrinder faced a tough time, but he really enjoyed singing all the songs for the movie. "The lifestyle one has to adopt while shooting for a movie is quite different from when one has to sing for albums and do shows." Amrinder's upcoming movie is Main Tera 22 Tu Mera 22. He hopes that Punjabi cinema will open the gates of Bollywood for him.

Punjabi at heart

Rannvijay Singh, who rose to fame through MTV Roadies, feels promoting Punjabi cinema is his responsibility. Says Rannvijay, "I belong to Jalandhar, and I feel that Punjab has a lot of love and affection to shower." Talking about the movie, Rannvijay says, "We both are portraying today's youth that just wastes time in hanging out. However, when they unite they can bring out a real change." The cast had fun shooting in Amritsar, which also happens to be Amrinder Gill's hometown. "The movie has been made in a nominal budget, but its winning point is the script and the story," adds Rannvijay. We wonder what more the story has to offer? "The movie promotes our national sport, hockey, but there are other angles to it as well." Rannvijay just loved Mukesh Rishi's sense of humour while shooting for the movie and says that the audience will enjoy the movie the same way they enjoyed while shooting for it.

Cut to music

Jaidev Kumar, the music director of the movie, has been part of Punjabi cinema for a number of years now. Says Jaidev, "Punjabi cinema is growing, so the music also needs to grow; hence a lot of experimentation is happening in Punjabi music nowadays." Taur Mittran Di has five tracks. "There is a rapper from Chandigarh by the name of Praky B, the songs are written by Jaggi Singh and Amrinder Gill scores it all — balancing singing and acting," adds Jaidev. And what kind of music has he given for this movie? "I have tried to provide fusion music, which is modern but still retains the original Punjabi touch."

The movie is set for a May 11 release, which also happens to be Amrinder Gill's birthday. A return gift for sure!

Fun time

Rana Ranbir, who is famous for his comedy act in theatre, television and Punjabi movies, plays a role that has two facets — comic as well emotional. "I'm proud to be part of the Punjabi film industry and feel that such youth-oriented movies must be made on a regular basis, so that the present generation does something useful along with all the fun."

it’s happening
Quiet passion, eloquent expression
Landscape in Miniature: A Quiet Passion, an exhibition of the works by Bireswar Sen, gives an insight into the great artist’s mind
Vasudha Gupta

There is no doubt that all good things come in small packages. Reinforcing this age-old thought, as a part of the ongoing Chandigarh Arts and Heritage Festival 2012, Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh Admistration in collaboration with Alliance Francaise and the Bireswar Sen Family Trust have brought a collection of his finest works to Chandigarh. Meticulously made on 2.5x3.5 sheets of paper, with water colours, the paintings, despite their size, take into consideration the minuscule detail and paint the perfect picture. The colours find a new meaning in the tiny frames and explaining nature becomes more of a peaceful, quaint conversation.

Talking about his work of art, Diwan Manna, Chairperson of the Chandigarh Lalit Kala Akademi, says, “Bireswar Sen, actually departed from the Bengal School of art due to his affinity with Abanindranath Tagore and Russian painter Nicolas Roerich.” Bireswar’s creations are currently being looked after by the Family trust of the artist.

“The trust only intends to display his work,” Diwan adds. Only an artist can refer to the fact that a smaller canvas demands more work. The prominent sticks in the hands of the monks in one the paintings titled Pilgrims of the Himis Monastery speak about the aspect. The shaded green hills and the small monastery bring with itself a sense of spirituality. Not only beauty, even destruction comes out clearly in his Ruined Temple. The gradation of colours used to create perspective and the black, shattered temple dance in the glory of colours. Attention to detail comes out loud in Secret Mysteries. The small orange dots showing fire, the dark sadhu and the refection of the fire on the sadhu’s dhoti is the real picture to remember.

“Since the focus of the festival is to bring together, artists related to the field of nature, so Bireswar’s paintings were unavoidable,” Diwan adds. Between the small paintings and the comparatively larger frames is Realm of God. The soothing effect of green overtakes again as the hills, the sky and the hutment are created in green. The finesse with which the tree comes alive over the grave in Widower is again an exponent of how creativity has no measure. Born in 1897, Bireswar was Rai Bahadur’s son. Bireswar came in contact with Abanindranath and Nanlala Bose in 1917. With a Masters Degree in English Literature up his sleeve, the artists still stayed in touch with art, working essentially in Tagore’s style. It was in 1932 that Sen met Russian Nicholas Roerich and was influenced by his perception of painting landscapes. After holding different positions at the Government Schools of Art and Crafts at Lucknow, the artist was appointed as the founder director of the Central Design Centre at Luknow. Widely exhibited, several of Sen’s works have been acquired by galleries and museums. Bireswar Sen’s commitment comes out from the truth that he painted till the very end of his life. So, if it is the details of life and nature which inspire you, step into Alliance Francaise and be a part of Sen’s small world. (On till April 29)

In town
Voice with a difference
Having sung songs like Ji karda and Kadi sadi gali, Punjabi singer Lember Hussainpuri is slowly but surely making in-roads into Bollywood 
Jasmine Singh

Give people anything different and they are sure to lap it up. It holds true for Bollywood as well. Different as in regular faces, different dialogues (read Delhi Belly), different dances (read Dirty Picture), everything different finds a place here. Did we miss out on a different voice? Punjabi singer Lember Hussainpuri talks about singing for five to six upcoming Hindi movies and as many Punjabi movies.

He can’t remember their name, but all of them are surely different! And so is the singer here. Ji karda (Singh Is Kinng) and Kadi sadi gali (Tanu Weds Manu), Lember is sure a voice in Bollywood that is different. He laughs on the mention, “I have been singing for a long time; when I started singing for Bollywood, I realised they wanted to hear something typical, something that has a strong folk element, which is why they have accepted me,” he says, getting ready to perform at one of the events organised by PTC for the home matches of IPL 5 for Mohali and Dharamshala.

As the interview proceeds, Lember shares with us how nicely his Punjabi accent has been received by Bollywood and people working in the music industry. “I would feel happy when people from the music industry would understand some typical Punjabi words,” he adds taking last-minute instructions from people around him. “I am happy to be performing in IPL. Any kind of sport should be encouraged in India and an event like this also gives a platform to singers like us,” says Lember, who loves to see the crowd foot-tap on his notes. He loves the spontaneity and reaction he receives from the crowd. “In studio recordings, a singer is not sure as to how the song will be received whereas in a live show like this, I get an honest feedback from the audiences.”

The singer has no qualms in admitting that he has been singing for a long time and has only got recognition in the recent past. “Most of my tracks have been successful, but it is now that Bollywood people are hearing them more,” he says, as he runs to the stage to do what he likes doing the most- entertain people in a different style!

Off screen chemistry

I wonder how sometimes without dialogues, actors create a great chemistry on screen! A big hand here to the rapport they share on the sets!

On that account, and many others, Special Chabees has been a truly fun experience! Shooting with Akshay Kumar and Anupam Kher was a total fun experience. And guess that makes the atmosphere on the set full of energy and work goes smoothly!

As we shot, in-between the shots, I saw Akshay and Anupam playing a word-building game!

In a world where all the grown-ups take themselves too seriously, I was pleasantly surprised to see these two happily living their moments and spreading smiles too! Akshay noticed I was watching and said in Punjabi, Tu wi khel kudiye!”

And the three of us started word power! Fun, joking and learning. I hadn’t done it for a while—playing in between shots!

When I heard the word pack-up, I was not very happy. It was so enjoyable!

Wondered why we don’t do this more often! Why we become so immersed in our hectic ambitious lives that we forget to enjoy it! I saw Akshay sitting with his team for his forthcoming film very seriously. That I would say is a great way, work hard and live every moment of it! Learnt it from Khiladi Kumar to play the game of life with such focus and determination and yet enjoy every step you play!

We parted with the promise of giving tougher words to one another next time.

Life is so easy and simple. And going back to simplicity with Akshay and Anupam has been a joy ride! Until next time! I hope to win the next game!

(Dutta is a Bollywood actor)

The legacy of notes
SD Sharma

“In the best of times or the worst, people of India and Pakistan have turned to music to build bridges,” says Lahore-based classical singer Rustom Fateh Ali Khan, the great grandson of Ustad Ali Baksh, who was the founder of Patiala gharana of gayaki. In Chandigarh on his way to Patiala, where he will be given the Nagar Samman by the Punjab Art and Cultural Foundation and Gurmat Sangeet Chair, Punjabi University, we catch up with him.

What according to you is the relevance of gharanas and ustad-shagird tradition today?

They are very much relevant. Gharanas represent families of musicians who adopted, developed and propagated a particular tradition of music. Many towering personalities such as Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Saheb, Fateh Ali Khan, Ajay Chakrabarty et al have taken the Patiala gharana legacy to the zenith.

Do you find a declining interest in Hindustani music in Pakistan?

Yes, as in India, the youngsters are going for Western music, food and living styles. In fact, we feel proud in adopting the Western culture at the cost of our own rich tradition. Today corporate companies sponsor rock shows and not classical concerts.

Are you following in Ustad Fateh Ali Khan’s footsteps as far as playback singing is concerned?

Yes, two of the songs from my album yaadein and aye nahin chayen have been used for the movie Paanch ghante mein paanch crore. I am also actively involved in the mega musical show Sur Kshetra, which is to be launched soon on Sahara TV. 

Cool it!
Battling a cold war with ice-cream, gelato gets ready to tickle your 
Vasudha Gupta

What do you understand when we talk of Italian food? Is it only pizzas, spaghettis and pastas! Well, revise your Italian lingo as Squisita Cafe; an exclusive gelato café, comes to Sector 10, Chandigarh. A first in India, it promises to bring the typical Italian taste with the gourmet flavours in gelatos. Opening its shutters on April 26, the cafe brings a new meaning to red, white and green.

In Chandigarh for the opening, Paolo Cricchio, director, Squisita Cafe (India) Pvt Ltd, spoke at length about how he has managed to realise his dreams and hopes to take it forward. “The idea came from exploring the option of bringing the best from Italy to India,” he says. Universal in its appeal, gelatos bring with them a unique flavour and quality.

In an attempt to retain the original experience of gelatos, the cafe has gone a step ahead to procure all its raw materials and ingredients. A graduate in political science and having worked in the software field for over 20 years, Paolo moved into gelatos in an attempt to understand different cultures in a better way. “India is a warm country, from people to the weather, everything here is warm. So the idea of bringing something cool and a tasty was on the cards,” he says.

The café, done up in black, white, red with antique furniture, the colours are mellow to bring out the yellow, green, pink and brown colours out of the gelatos. The cafe will also have complied information on gelatos and plan to have cakes too. “It’s an interesting concept as it will have a chocolate topping and a gelato filling,” Paolo shares. Made fresh on a daily basis, with no added preservatives, a gelato will not only make for a great dessert but also an amazing conversation in those warm sunny days.

Hoping to come back to India soon, for now Paolo is ready to show off true Italian experience in style.

Star track

The business of comedy

Jaaved Jaaferi is 48 years old and has been in Bollywood since 1979, landing his first major role in Meri Jung in 1985. He is a prolific actor, a superb dancer, and a mimic par excellence. Unlike others who make a big deal of their “talent” and “fitness” (whether they have it or not), Jaaved has maintained a low profile for himself.  His Boogie Woogie is the longest and the oldest running reality show on Indian TV. He shares some tips with us.

1. As far as fitness is concerned, dancing is a great way to keep fit and I eat in moderation. I do not believe in six and eight pack abs; I prefer sixteen packs (Laughs).

2. As an actor, you have to be fit, as in lean. One cannot be overweight or with a belly. You should be open to moulding your body according to your roles. That is what Aamir Khan does. He needed abs for Ghajini and he got them and then he lost weight for 3 Idiots.

3. Comedy is the flavour of the season because it sells in the serious world we live in. I do not think my talent has been used to the fullest but I do not dwell on what I lack. I keep myself busy, try to do different roles, and go with the flow.

4. I have learnt a lot from my father, Jagdeep. He wanted to make the common peasant laugh. India is a loud country and subtlety does not work here but slapstick does. The farmer laughs because of slapstick. My father taught me that it was better to make farmers laugh than win the appreciation of a few scribes. 

5. Boogie Woogie has been such a big and consistent hit because the focus is on the contestants and not on the judges. We treat them with respect and we do not create or cash in on drama. We do not care about TRPs because 6000 homes cannot dictate what 1 billion people are watching. —HRM

Mutual admiration club

Legendary actress Helen who was last seen in Jodi Breakers is now all set to play an important role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming film Heroine.

“Helen plays a very appealing role and is shown as a leading actress of her times. The actress will be seen playing a legend who shares her knowledge with Kareena in the film. She has five scenes which are a vital part of the story,” a source informed. In fact, Helen has been a lover of Madhur’s films. “She has watched films made by Madhur Bhandarkar and appreciated the female oriented themes that he has made over the years. Apparently, she liked Chandni Bar, Corporate, Fashion to name a few. She is glad to be a part of Heroine and is looking forward to be directed by a gifted director like him,” said the source. 

When contacted, Madhur confirmed the development and said, “I was amazed when she said that she loved my films. I am thankful that she has agreed to be a part of my ambitious project.”

High fuve: Helen

Girl for Drew Barrymore?

Hollywood actress Drew Barrymore, who is pregnant with her first child with fiance Will Kopelman, is reportedly expecting a baby girl. According to sources Barrymore is excited to have a girl and has been busy shopping for the child. The 37-year-old actress has previously said that she would love to have a daughter. “I feel I’m sort of surrounded by children and I do feel I’m going to have a child at some point. Maybe a little girl. I feel it, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. We’ll just have to wait and see,” Barrymore had said. The news came just days after Barrymore and Kopelman had a get-together with close friends and family to reportedly celebrate their wedding and baby shower. The gathering took place at the Los Angeles home of Leonard Goldberg, the co-producer of the Charlie’s Angels movies. “Everyone was doting on pregnant Drew and asking her how she is feeling. She is so thrilled to be expecting, and also really excited about the wedding,” a source said. Barrymore became engaged to Kopelman in 2011. She sparked pregnancy rumors in February after she was spotted holding what seems to be a sonogram picture as she left a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills. — PTI

Mum to be: Drew Barrymore

Bieber believes in the truth

Singer Justin Bieber isn’t worried about revealing his feelings in his new album Believe and says as long as he’s honest, he won’t hurt anybody.

The teenage star has played a large part in writing his latest songs and has expressed how he feels about different aspects of his life, including girlfriend Selena Gomez. “I don’t really worry about putting too much of myself out there in my songs,” said Bieber. “As long as you are doing it innocently and not trying to harm anybody then it can only turn out well.” — IANS

True feelings: Justin Bieber

Kiss and make up

It is very rare to see two female Bollywood stars have a cordial relationship, let alone be BFF’s. At a recent event, Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif were seen happily chatting away and exchanging notes.

This comes as a surprise amidst rumours that the two try and avoid contact as much as possible. Of course, though there never has been an open fight between the two actresses, Sonakshi bagging a role in the Salman starrer - Dabangg and the chemistry she shares with Salman on and off screen didn’t go down too well with Katrina. Though Salman and Katrina have never really admitted to their romance, they were together. None of their films together except Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya have worked. Yuvvraaj was a big flop. Dabangg on the other hand, was a big hit. There were stories of something brewing between Sonakshi and Salman and Sona had also become a favourite with his family. Katrina didn’t like that too much. Moreover, Sonakshi was replacing Katrina in a few brands and the media hailed her as the next big thing. She seemed like a threat to existing actresses. Was the presence of their mentor Salman at the same venue, the reason the two were all smiles for one another? Stay tuned for more on this new friendship!

Sure & secure: Sonakshi Sinha

Foodie’s delight

Nargis Fakhri has become quite a foodie after moving to India. She has gained nine kilos staying here and she eats everything from butter chicken to chocolates to rice. She likes being plump or healthy for movies. She had to stay thin as a model.

So far, so good

John Abraham is happy with the acclaim that Vicky Donor has received a decent opening too. He says he does not interfere with the director’s work and trusts his team completely. He wants to make meaningful cinema.

Out in the open

The photos and footage of Aamir Khan’s son Azan have been included in the videos of his new television show Satyamev Jayate. This footage is strictly for family viewing.

Three bags full

Shahid Kapoor might do Prabhudeva’s next film which is sure to have South Indian style action. He is also doing the remake of a Korean film produced by Imtiaz Ali’s wife Preeti. There is yet another movie in the pipeline.

Shoot at sight

Bipasha Basu wanted to shoot for Raaz 3 at a hill station because the heat was getting too much for her. She asked Vikram Bhatt for the favour but he refused as the shooting schedule of the movie was

nearly complete and he was not

interested in changing the location at the last minute.

Piping hot: Bipasha Basu 

Work load

Parineeti Chopra got a bad viral attack while shooting in Lucknow. The doctors advised her not to shoot for at least three days due to severe weakness but she insisted and shot as she knew there were location availability issues. She’s like a true professional who finished all her shots for the day and only then went back to her hotel.

Full swing: Parineeti Chopra

On the hunt

Imtiaz Ali might make a biopic if the story and the concept interest him. He could make a romantic biopic and that would be totally epic! There has been no announcement of his next directorial venture post Rockstar.

chatter box

Fit and fine

Actress Narayani Shastri who is now seen in Zee TV’s new show, Phir Subah Hogi, claims to love to workout than diet. She hates curbing her eating habits and is a regular exercise junkie. Now that she is shooting, she ensures to workout before leaving for work.

Kick start

Karan Wahi recently signed a contract and became part of All Star Football Club. He will be one among other 20 people from  Bollywood who will participate in three football matches every year.  The actor is passionate about the game and is glad to have got a chance to play it.

Search operation

Deepika Singh of Diya Aur Baati Hum on Star Plus is a newbie and doesn’t want controversy, so she doesn’t mingle much with the male co-stars in her unit. She is looking for her Mr Right and other than physical looks, she wants qualities in a person.

In the pipeline

Buzz is that for the much awaited dance reality show, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa, Jiaa Manek, aka Gopi Bahu of Star Plus’s Saath Nibhana Saathiya has been approached and she is considering the offer. 

On the block

In a talk show series, Indian Cinema in Conversation that starts in May, Bollywood actors Kareena Kapoor, Rishi and Neetu Kapoor, Neha Dhupia, Boman Irani and Karisma Kapoor will feature. 

Calling it quits  

After actor Shakti Mohan quit Channel V’s Dil Dostii Dance, fans were hoping she would return. And recently there were rumours of the same but Shakti clarified, “I enjoyed D3 but I will not be returning to the show as I am pursuing my journey in dance.”

Second time lucky 

Zee TV’s Punar Vivah is doing just about ok at the 10.30 slot. The channel hoped stars like Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar would bring huge TRPs but hasn’t happened. But show’s producer, Sumeet Mittal isn’t worried as he feels post the remarriage, the connection between the characters will connect with the audience.

Not together any more

Mitali Nag lead in Raakesh Paswan’s Afsar Bitiya was seeing actor Prashant Narayanan but recently the two split after a four-year relationship. Apparently they were so committed that they decided to marry but something went wrong and all fell apart.

Insecure? Not at all

In the popular show Saubhagyavati Bhava, Harshad Chopda recently made an entry, one wondered if  Karanvir Bohra aka Viraaj is feeling the heat. But he coolly says, he has no problems or issues with Harshad’s entry. 

Mouli with a pout

Mouli Ganguly’s negative role in Anushka in Balaji Telefilms’ Kyaa Hua Tera Vaada on Sony is working but one cant help but notice that her face looks different that what we have seen in the past. Rumours are that she got surgery to look sexier but Mouli denies them. She says she had water retention problem, which is now under control so her lips stand out.

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is April 26...

You can expect some changes at your work place. The atmosphere at work will encourage you to do better. Occasional disputes in relationships will be likely. Be careful. On the health front, you may suffer from headache.Try to keep your cool. The planetary energies around now are very likely to make you feel irritable. If you can channelise your energy in constructive directions you could achieve a great deal. Inspirational colors are peach and aqua.

Communications and work routines are speeding up now. Short distance journeys and stimulating conversations makes your adrenaline flow faster. The stars are sending a stress warning signals. Don’t neglect and be clear about the source of your reactions — and how you act on them.

By developing new projects, you will gain respect and trust of your superiors. If you belong to the second decade, you will benefit from a very positive influence from the stars, who will give you many opportunities you simply can’t miss. Students will feel dedicated to their studies and get down to seriously work for their exams. They are certain to excel in their education and will opt for higher and specialised studies after completing their basic education. Those in the age group of 16 – 21 will do remarkably well. New expenses are likely and may reveal added ones, travel, repairs/replacement of vehicle, needs for school-aged children, communication devices and electrical equipment appear to be among them. You will work hard not only for yourself but for your own family as well, since their expenses will be high.

Your network appears to expand, especially with new friends who can and will be helpful later in career needs, issues and connections.You must also avoid foolish ambitions and careerism, granting extra attention to rest and nourishment. Forget about being subtle or playing it safe as it’s time to let the spontaneity and fire of your sign shine as brightly as possible.

Mood: Busy, active and ‘over-worked’ at times

Compatible signs: Leo, Libra. Lucky colours: Burgundy and wine red. Lucky days: Sunday and Monday. Lucky numbers: 6, 12, 17, 23, 44 Lucky Gem: Katahla. Lucky flower: Black rose. What to do on Birthday religiously: Feed chana daal to cow.

Moushumi Chatterjee ( April, 26 , 1948 ,Kolkata) celebrates her birthday with you. Married to Jayant Mukherjee (son of Hemant Kumar), she debuted in 1967 with a Bengali movie Balika Badhu. She was on the top of her career in the 70s and early 80s. She received Filmfare nominations as Best Actress for Anuraag (1972) where she played a blind girl, and as Best Supporting Actress for Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (1974) where she played a rape survivor. She still acts in movies and on small screen , but not at the same pace as earlier in her career. She made a foray into politics but failed due to weak Saturn. 

Astro turf
P. Khurrana

ARIES: Your personal life, interactions and health will be the focus of the day and you may find yourself being anxious about some situations at home. Rather, be open to new ideas and learning. Tarot message: Let things run their course and start afresh later.

Lucky colour: Parrot green

Lucky number: 40

TAURUS: Relationships may be the cause of concern. However, if you stay calm and patient, things will sort out favourably. If single, being part of some group activities may lead you to someone interesting. Tarot message: Act righteously and do your duties on time. Lucky colour: Orange

Lucky number: 39

GEMINI: The changes and developments of the previous day may bring about some pressures and strains. There will be profitable and productive financial opportunities coming your way, so make use of them. Tarot message: Leave things open ended for best results. Lucky colour: Turquoise

Lucky number: 32

CANCER: Some of you may feel you are not duly appreciated at work. However, don’t act rashly since by being patient and exploring the job market, you would be able to find something tailor-made for you. Tarot message: Don’t accept situations you dislike.

Lucky colour: Yellow

Lucky number: 50

LEO: The presence of four important planets - Venus, Mercury, Mars and Pluto in your sign, will endow you with energy and give you the ability to deal with life. It is important to be decisive and alert. Tarot message: You need to take things slowly.

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky number: 29

VIRGO: Values, priorities and attitudes are likely to be transformed. Face opposition and competition rather than escape. You are blessed with divine wisdom and endurance to achieve professional and personal goals. Tarot message: Learn from past experience. Lucky colour: Golden

Lucky number: 53

LIBRA: You are ready to shatter old patterns and limitations that may have blocked you in the past. Today is best day to express your plans, feelings and ideas. A Scorpio person can be relied upon. Short journey and expeditions are likely. Tarot message: Get rid of negative feelings through love. Lucky colour: Silver. Lucky number: 63

SCORPIO: A business-related journey is likely. Focus on investment. You delegate responsibility and allow others to flower and grow. 

Tarot message: Overindulgence in food as well as alcohol may lead to health problems.

Lucky colour: Brown

Lucky number: 34

SAGITTARIUS: Moneymaking ventures may just turn your life around. Change your attitude and take your life in your own hands. Reason and passion pull you in different directions but you get ahead in life. Tarot message: You may have to treat people with lot of charity. Lucky colour: Fuchsia

Lucky number: 60

CAPRICORN: You may be in a laidback mood and would prefer to spend time day-dreaming about the future. Romantic relationships will bring happiness. Social commitments will keep you busy. Tarot message: Avoid undue splurging and put aside money for the upcoming months. Lucky colour: Violet Lucky number: 27

AQUARIUS: Mixing business with pleasure works well for you. Do not expect too much from your loved ones. Hectic work schedule would require you to be on your toes most of the time.

Tarot message: Resolve conflicts through discussion.

Lucky colour: Metallic grey

Lucky number: 39

PISCES: Patience will be in short supply. Don’t make any sudden moves until you have all the information you need. You may have to take sides in a conflict at work; remain on neutral ground as far as possible. Tarot message: You will need to learn how to cope better with success. Lucky colour: Deep red Lucky number: 40

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