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10-yr-old girl drowns
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
A swim in rain water turned tragic when a 10-year-old girl drowned in water accumulated in a pit of an under-construction residential project on the rear of the Orient Cinema here.

The girl, identified as Neha, was playing in the water along with her brother Karan (5) last evening. While playing, she entered the deep part of the water and drowned in no time.

Residents managed to rescue Karan and rushed him to a hospital. His condition was stated to be serious.

Children's father Thakur was devastated. He worked as daily wage labourer and was away to work when the incident took place. His wife Sunita, who worked as maidservant, was not at home when the incident took place.




They could not wait for justice
No action, no cremation, says family, but has to relent
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
Life is a struggle for the poor in the city. With their meagre resources, lodging a protest against injustice is almost impossible for them.

Neha's family, which stated in the morning that they would not cremate the body till the police took action against erring employees of the private company responsible for digging the pit, fell helpless because of their socio-economic constraints.

"We are poor. We have no place to keep the body. It smelt and so, we cremated it in the evening. We live in a small shanty. Our neighbours suggested that the smell from the body would make my two sons fall ill," Thakur lamented.

"Karan's condition is still critical. I cannot afford the cost of treatment and so, I have brought him home. My two-month-old child is unwell. I have lost a daughter and do not want to lose my other children," he added.

Early showers yesterday opened a plethora of problems for Thakur and Seema. The couple were nursing their two-month-old son, who had fallen ill.

While they were taking care of him, their Neha and her brother Karan decided to swim in the pool that had formed near their place. Some other children of the locality accompanied them.

Unknown to them, there was a ditch in the pond formed due to the heavy rain. Neha entered the deep part of the water and drowned while Karan was rescued by residents.

"It was the prelude to our ordeal. We rushed Neha to a private hospital, where she was declared brought dead. We refused to believe the doctor and rushed her to a bigger hospital, but we received the same reply there. We were devastated," said Seema, wiping her tears.

"We reached home and saw Karan lying on the floor in an unconscious state. We again set off for the hospital. We went to three hospitals, but doctors, looking at his critical condition, refused to treat my son. We thought that we have lost Karan as well," she said.

A doctor with a private hospital at Model Town gathered courage and treated Karan. "Fighting the cruel system is a far cry for us. Living life is altogether a different ball game. We are poor and the poor has no say," said Thakur.

'Whither facilities?'

A child is a child, be it of the rich or the poor. Children of the rich can afford big swimming pools, while the monsoon is the only time for children of the poor to enjoy a dip in water. Police and MC officials were blaming us today for negligence, but what facilities do they offer the poor?

— Seema, Neha's mother


MC marks probe, blames A2Z
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Unhygienic conditions prevail around 'jhuggis' near the garbage dump.
Unhygienic conditions prevail around 'jhuggis' near the garbage dump. Tribune Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, July 24
After a child died after falling into a ditch at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar, the municipal corporation (MC) has marked an inquiry to look into the matter.

It is learnt that the ditch was dug by employees of the A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Limited, the company involved in solid waste management of the city.

It rained heavy yesterday morning and the garbage dump near the Orient Cinema at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar was full of rain water.

It was learnt that an employee of the company dug the ditch using a JCB machine so that it soaked the rain water and they were able to lift garbage.

A preliminary inquiry by the MC suggested that company officials were to be blamed for this incident as they had dug a 10-foot-deep ditch at the garbage dump near the cinema without keeping the security of residents in mind.

The ditch was dug a few feet away from 'jhuggis' without taking precautions like cordoning off the ditch.

A visit to the garbage dump revealed that the company was not maintaining cleanliness in and around the dump, leading to problems to the residents and shopkeepers nearby.

A few months back, owners of the cinema had addressed a press conference, demanding that the garbage dump be shifted from the area.

When the company bagged the contract for solid waste management, residents expected that the garbage dump at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar would be maintained properly.

“But it presents the same picture even today. The private company has not done anything for maintaining cleanliness in the area, which stinks,” rued a shopkeeper.

MC joint commissioner AS Sekhon, accompanied by senior MC officials, visited the spot today. An inquiry was ordered and marked to MC health officer Charanjit Uppal.


I have completed the inquiry and briefed MC Commissioner Rakesh Kumar Aggarwal about the incident. Employees of the A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Limited are certainly to blame. After digging the ditch, they failed to instal barricades around it. They should have deputed a security guard on the spot as a precautionary measure. The dump was full of rain water and the ditch was not visible at all. That was why 10-year-old Neha failed to notice it and lost her life. I have strongly recommended strict action against the company so that such an incident is not repeated

— Dr Charanjit Uppal, MC health officer



Ditch neither filled, nor cordoned off
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

The ditch near the Orient Cinema at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar in Ludhiana.
The ditch near the Orient Cinema at Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar in Ludhiana. Tribune Photo: Himanshu Mahajan

Ludhiana, July 24
More than 24 hours since 10-year-old Neha lost her life, the ditch is still not filled or cordoned off by the A2Z Waste Management Ludhiana Limited. This is despite the fact that several senior municipal corporation officials visited the spot today.

When a Ludhiana Tribune team visited the garbage dump where the ditch was located, several small children were seen playing around it. The ditch was still full of rain water and could lead to any accident if anyone slipped into it because it looked more like stagnant water than a ditch.

Karan of the area rued that when the ditch was dug, employees had not informed 'jhuggi' dwellers about it. “Had they told us about this ditch, Neha would have been with her family today. Leave aside cordoning it off, it is still lying unattended to today,” he added.

After yesterday’s incident, no A2Z employee visited the garbage dump today. The security guard deputed at the garbage dump did not report for duty today.

When told that the ditch was still not filled with sand or cordoned off, MC joint commissioner AS Sekhon showed ignorance about it.

“I asked MC and A2Z officials to instal barricades around the ditch so that nobody gets injured by falling in it. If they have still not done it, I will take strict action against them as it is a serious matter,” he added.

Earlier incidents

January 31, 2011: Seven-year-old Sujan lost his life by falling in a 25-foot-deep open manhole on National Highway 1 here. He was coming from Qadian village after attending a religious function along with his father Satpal on a scooter. After a three-hour massive search operation, his body was fished out of the sewerage treatment plant at Bhattian village, five km from the site.
September 11, 2005: Seven-year-old Mohan Bahadur lost his life after falling into an uncovered manhole at Phase 6 of the Focal Point, near the Jiwan Singh Nagar chowk.
April 18, 1999: Sarita Ahluwalia lost her life after falling into an open manhole near the Punjab Agricultural University.
1998: 56-year-old Rakesh Talwar was paralysed after the scooter he was riding fell into an open manhole in the Dhobi Ghat area on the Rajpura Road, flooded with rain water.

A2Z suspends 2

Manoj Misra, deputy general manager of A2Z, said both the driver of the JCB machine, Jatinder, as well as the supervisor of the garbage dump, Amandeep, have been suspended. “I have come to know that a ditch already existed at the garbage dump and the driver dug a small portion so that rain water could be soaked. He did not do it intentionally, but there was negligence on their part. As it rained heavy yesterday, the garbage dump was full of water. Even MC roads were under three to five feet of water due to rain,” he said.



JCB operator detained, let off
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
A JCB operator has been detained by the police after the 10-year-old girl drowned yesterday. Nearly 100 residents of shanties close to the Orient Cinema gathered outside the Sarabha Nagar police station this morning and protested against police inaction.

The residents threatened that they would not cremate the body till the police registered a case against the erring employee. Following the protest, the police swung into action and reached the spot.

"I kept visiting the police station yesterday and told the police that my child drowned, but no one bothered. It was after my husband, along with residents of the locality, staged a protest this morning that a police official visited the spot," said Seema, victim's mother.

The body was taken to the Civil Hospital, where the post-mortem examination was conducted. The body was cremated in the evening.

While Neha's kin claimed that the police had registered a case against the erring company employee, the police maintained that inquest proceedings had been initiated under Section 174 of the CrPC and no one had been booked so far.

"I do not know whether any case has been registered, but Jatinder Kumar, who works as JCB operator with our company, has been detained by the Sarabha Nagar police since the morning," said Manoj Mishra, DGM, A2Z. Sarabha Nagar SHO Manjinder Singh stated that no one had been detained.

"I was visiting Chandigarh in connection with a hearing at the Punjab and Haryana High Court. I am not aware of any protest outside the police station. I spoke to officials and they told me that an employee who operated a JCB of the company, was questioned, but let off," said Manjinder Singh.

Human rights activists demanded the registration of a murder case against the erring company employee and employees of the municipal corporation that led to the death.



Technical snag forces 18-hour power cut
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 24
It was a tough time for hundreds of residents of various localities on the College Road, Railway Road and Sherpur Road as power supply remained disrupted for around 18 hours due to a technical snag.

The supply was cut off around 8 pm last night and continued till 2 pm today. Employees of the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) managed to rectify the problem and residents of these areas finally heaved a sigh of relief.

But this relief was short-lived as a power cut was imposed for around three hours only within one hour of the resumption of supply after the technical snag was rectified.

According to PSPCL employees who rectified the snag, it was caused by overloading and illegal 'kundi' connections put up by residents of some slums, leading to a short-circuit and damage to the transformer from which power was being supplied to many localities.

"We had to face a lot of trouble in rectifying the fault and removing illegal 'kundi' connections. We did our best to rectify the fault at the damaged transformer at night, but as it was quite difficult and risky to repair the fault, we could only repair it today. It took a long time to repair the fault as it was very complicated," said an engineer supervising the repair work.

Residents of the localities which witnessed the power failure rued that they had to face a tough time in the hot and humid climate throughout last night and today till the problem was rectified.

"As it was too hot inside, we opted to move our beds outside and on roofs. Though the climate was better there, mosquitoes made the situation worse and we failed to sleep," said Vipan Garg of the College Road.

When contacted, the PSPCL executive engineer at Jagraon, Chetan Kumar, said power supply was cut because of the technical snag in some areas. "As the problem was quite complex, it took a long time to restore supply. Such problems surface because of overloading and illegal 'kundi' connections," he added.



Power situation worsens
Kuldip Bhatia

Ludhiana, July 24
The delayed monsoon and deficit rainfall in the region so far has led to the widening of the gap between demand for and availability of electricity with each passing day.

The spurt in demand due to the persistently hot and extremely humid conditions and the peak sowing season for paddy has forced the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) to increase the duration of scheduled power cuts and resort to unscheduled load-shedding to maintain the frequency at the northern grid.

With the gap between demand and supply of power going up to around 350 lakh units during the last 48 hours, the three-hour power cut being imposed in the city and other urban areas across the state have more than doubled.

Residents are sweating it out during the day and night without power supply and in most areas, without water.

"We woke up to a power-less and water-less day this morning," said Iqbal Singh, a businessman at the Civil Lines.

"There was no electricity and water supply since 7 am. Our ordeal ended at 10 am. By then, the morning water supply was over," he said.

The situation at many other localities, like Maharani Jhansi Road, BRS Nagar, Haibowal and Dugri, was worse. The power supply was interrupted many times last night and the morning power cut lasted till 11 am.

Shweta Malik of Ghumar Mandi, mother of two children, said the family was virtually awake the whole night.

"Power went off again early in the morning was restored for a couple of minutes in the afternoon, to be shut once again," she said.

PSPCL sources admitted that the duration of power cuts on mixed feeders had been increased due to the gap between demand for and availability of power going up due to scanty rainfall till now.

"We are purchasing power at exorbitant rates to meet the demand. Due to adverse weather conditions and the paddy season, there is a shortfall of between 15 and 20 per cent, which is being met by imposing power cuts," a senior PSPCL official said, adding that the only hope was widespread rain.



Life thrown out of gear
Gurminder Singh Grewal

Khanna/Khamano, July 24
Despite tall claims of regular power supply, long and regular power cuts have thrown life out of gear. The people, especially children, are facing the ire of the scorching heat and power cuts.

People are facing sleepless nights due to long power cuts and are forced to work without completing sleep. School students are the worst sufferers as they spend sleepless nights and remain without power supply at school during the day.

Power cuts are routine at Khamano, Khanna and Samrala and those have increased to between eight and nine hours. People of several villages are protesting and blocking roads almost every day, but the position is the same.

Mantu of Khamano said it was the first time power cuts were so long. He lamented that his two-year-old child keep crying at night without power, but he had no option as he was unable to buy an inverter or a generator.

Jaspreet Singh of Kalal Majra village, an advocate, said they had to work in the day without proper sleep at night. He added that a mass struggle could not be ruled out if the situation did not improve immediately.

He said that although the Punjab government had claimed in the last term that Punjab would be a power-surplus state, the situation was worse than the previous years.

Shashi Bardhan and Anil Shukla, Congress leaders from Khanna, alleged that poor management by the Punjab government had led to the failure of power in the state. They said people from all walks of life were affected and forced to lead a miserable life.

When contacted, the PowerCom superintending engineer at Khanna, Ajit Singh, confessed that the situation was very alarming. He feared that the situation would worsen if there was no rain immediately, adding that they were not in a position to stop imposing these power cuts.



PSEB schools in a fix
No guidelines passed for EWS students, no such student sent
Charanjit Singh Teja
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
Schools recognised and affiliated with the Punjab School Education board have alleged that the PSEB had failed to clear the conditions of Right to Education Act to school authorities.

According to the RTE Act, all the schools have to give 25 per cent admission to the students from Economically Weaker Section (EWS). School managements rued that the Punjab School Education Board did not convey the conditions of the RTE Act properly so they are helpless to implement.

Recognised and affiliated Schools Association Punjab (RASA) wrote to the PSEB to clarify the conditions.

Dr. Om Parkash Anand, state vice-president of Recognised and Affiliated Schools Association Punjab said, "We will not refuse to give admission to any of the EWS student. But PSEB has to tell who will consider that a student is form weaker section and who will pay expenses for the education of these students? Will government pay the money to schools? The board did not clarify all these queries."

"Other state government bodies have issued the guidelines for the school to implement the RTI Act properly but the PSEB had still not clear our queries. Without clarifying the conditions of the Act, the board was pressurising the Recognized and Affiliated Schools to implement the RTI act," said Dr Anand.

“According to the rules, District Education Officer (DEO) has to provide the EWS students to schools affiliated from board. But not a single student came from District education office," said Rajiv, a school principal of government school.

According to the RASA spokesperson, more than 3,000 recognised and affiliated schools have been running in the state in which 50 lakh students have been studying.



9 injured in road mishap
Jeep rams into tractor-trailer near Ramghar Bhullar village, situated on the Jagraon-Sidhwan Bet Road
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 24
As many as nine persons, including two women, were injured when a speeding Mahindra Pickup Jeep they were travelling in rammed into a stationary tractor-trailer parked on the road side. The accident took place near Ramghar Bhullar village situated on the Jagraon-Sidhwan Bet Road this afternoon.

The injured persons have been identified as Bahadar Singh, Basant Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Malkiat Singh, Surjit Singh, Baldev Singh, Ajmer Singh, Resham Kaur and Charanjit Kaur. All injured persons hail from Leelan village situated on the Jagraon-Sidhwan Bet Road.

As per information, all the above mentioned persons were returning to their native Leelan village after visiting Jagraon for some urgent work. As soon as the Jeep they were travelling in reached near Ramghar Bhullar village, Jeep driver Gurinder Singh lost control over the vehicle while trying to save the Jeep from hitting a car coming from the apposite direction and his Jeep rammed into a stationary tractor-trailer parked on the road side.

Soon after the accident, villagers reached the spot and pulled out all the injured from the Jeep. They were soon rushed to the Civil Hospital at Jagraon. Doctors at said, the condition of all the injured were stable.Meanwhile, the local police has impounded both the vehicles involved in the mishap and started the investigation. No case was registered till the filing of this report. Rachpal Singh, SHO ,Jagraon Sadar police station, said the police had recorded the statement of all the accident victims and an appropriate action would be taken against those found guilty.

Injured hail from Leelan village

The injured persons have been identified as Bahadar Singh, Basant Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Malkiat Singh, Surjit Singh, Baldev Singh, Ajmer Singh, Resham Kaur and Charanjit Kaur. All injured persons hail from Leelan village situated on the Jagraon-Sidhwan Bet Road.



14 rapid action teams set up for flash floods during monsoon
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
To deal with flash floods in the district, 14 rapid action teams have been constituted by the district administration, which will be headed by Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACPs) and Deputy Commissioners of Police (DSPs) of the respective areas.

These teams will visit their respective areas tomorrow and the day after to see vulnerable sites in the district where flash floods could become the cause of loss of life and property.

A meeting on controlling a flood-like situation was held at the Bachat Bhavan here today, which was attended by over 100 officials from various departments.

According to information, ACPs would head their teams in the city while DSPs would head teams at places like Dakha, Jagraon, Raikot, Samrala, Khanna and Payal.

Each ACP or DSP would be accompanied by a senior official each from the revenue, food and civil supplies, health and animal husbandry departments, municipal corporation and the Punjab State Power Corporation Limited so that minor problems could be tackled by teams there itself.

An ACP in the city said, "We have been asked to take just two vehicles with us so that there no traffic jams are caused by our vehicles during a flood-like situation. We will visit our areas tomorrow to see on which roads rainwater gets accumulated or which areas are prone to floods."

He added, "We will be in touch with control rooms in case of emergency or if we need something or have to convey anything. Our aim will be to reach the population or the areas affected as soon as possible with all our machinery in operational condition." Last year, there was 20 cm of rain one night and the situation became sensitive, with 12 persons losing their lives in the district. In 2010, similar flash floods took place at Samrala, where people lost their lives, animals and property.

At a glance

14 rapid action teams constituted to control flash floods
ACPs to head teams in city and DSPs in other areas of district
Each team to have senior official each from health, food and civil supplies, revenue and animal husbandry departments, municipal corporation and the PSPCL
ACPs and DSPs to visit their respective areas on Wednesday and Thursday
Teams to go in just two vehicles each to avoid traffic jams



book scam
Another PSEB official suspended

Ludhiana July 24
Another official of the PSEB's Regional Book Depot was suspended following his involvement in the book scam. The board authorities placed senior assistant Ravinder Kumar Ravi under suspension for misappropriating funds. Earlier, the board had suspended depot manager Anil Sharma. Baljinder Singh, depot manager, Ludhiana, said the chairman of the Punjab School Education Board had issued suspension orders.

The board also chargesheeted Anil Sharma, Ravinder Kumar Ravi and Ranbir Singh Sandhu.

The board officials said an inquiry into the scam was on. The board had constituted a three-member committee led by senior auditor Rashbinder Singh to look into the matter. — TNS



Conscious of their looks, women hire beauticians to attend outstation functions
Shivani Bhakoo
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
To look the best at weddings and family functions held outside the city, women here are taking no chance. They are hiring beauticians who accompany them to the respective functions. And for this, they pay them and their helpers handsome amounts.

Wishing not to be quoted, a beautician in the city said that she had booked an order by her regular client in which she (the beautician) would have to do the makeup of 10 women and girls and the wedding would be held at Amritsar. "I have got the advance amount by the client. My two attendants will accompany me and assist me there in doing the makeover and hairdo. Since, I will be doing 10 other makeover in one evening, I have offered a discount to the client. Usually, I take about Rs 3,500 per party makeup, but since there will be 10 women, I will charge Rs 3,000 per makeup", said the beautician.

Another leading beautician said that women in Ludhiana were too particular about their looks and makeup and if they had to attend some important function outside the city, those having no dearth of money preferred to take their beautician or the hair-stylist along with them.

"And there is nothing bad in that. If there is some close wedding or a family function, there is no need to run here and there to look for a make-up artist. Secondly, women do not like taking chance by hiring new beautician, especially during a wedding or an important function. I have many trained girls, who accompany the clients. Their stay and to and fro expenses are borne by the women themselves", said the beautician.

Raashima (name changed), a homemaker, whose daughter has to get married in Jalandhar in October has already tied up with her beautician, who will accompany her and will do the bridal makeup of her daughter, besides other light party makeup of relatives. "I know it will cost me little more, here, they charge about Rs 10,000 for a bridal makeup but when she will accompany me to Jalandhar, she will charge Rs 13,000. Since it will be the most important day (wedding) for my daughter, she needs to look the best. Certainly, I do not mind spending more to make my daughter happy and satisfied", said the mother.



New Ludhiana MC Commissioner takes over
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
Newly appointed Commissioner of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation, Rakesh Kumar Verma, has said that the overall development of the city will be his main priority. “Besides I will work for strengthening the public transport system as well as improving the traffic problem in the city,” Verma said while speaking to The Tribune today. He took charge as the MC Commissioner at the Zone D Office of the MC today.

41-year-old Rakesh Kumar Verma, who basically hails from Uttar Pradesh, is a 1993-batch IAS officer. Prior to this posting, he was posted as the managing director of the Punjab Information and Communication Technology Corporation Ltd, Administrative Secretary of local government department, besides being the Joint Managing Director of the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Board.

Verma said that he wanted to develop Ludhiana as a model city with best infrastructure facilities.

“I have never been posted in the city before, but having worked as the Administrative Secretary of the local government department as well as the Joint Managing Director of the Punjab Municipal Infrastructure Development Board, I have some idea about the city. I urge all the MC employees to perform their duties with utmost devotion and honesty so that the residents do not have any problem,” he said.

Verma said that he would make sure that there was no shortage of funds for carrying out development works in the city. “The state government has already cleared the Ludhiana Metro Rail project and I attended a meeting in this regard in Delhi yesterday. The state government as well as the Ludhiana Municipal Corporation will make sure that the project gets completed in time,” said Verma.

The post of Ludhiana Municipal Corporation Commissioner fell vacant on July 16 when Malwinder Singh Jaggi, a PCS officer, was suspended by the state government. Jaggi was suspended after he allegedly misused his official position for razing the farhi (makeshift shop) of a vegetable vendor, who had some altercation with his wife Inderbir Kaur on July 8.



i-day function
DC holds meeting
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
The Independence Day celebrations will be held at SCD Government College here on August 15.

Giving details about the celebrations, Rahul Tiwari, the Deputy Commissioner, said that officials from various departments had been put on duties to make it a successful affair.

Tiwari said that a march past would be held by the Punjab police, traffic police, NCC cadets and ex-servicemen on the occasion. Students and other artistes would present cultural items.

PT shows and rehearsals will be held from August 8. The final dress rehearsal will be held on August 13. Tiwari asked the MC officials to ensure that the surroundings were neat and clean for the function.



4 more cases of dengue reported
Puneet Pal Singh Gill
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
Dengue has once again started spreading its tentacles, as four cases of dengue were confirmed at the Civil Hospital here today.

As per information, a total of five samples were tested and out of which four have tested positive.

As per official communiqué received from the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) Ludhiana, out of the four cases, two belong to Ludhiana, and one each from Bathinda and Ropar districts of the state.

“The two cases which belong to Ludhiana, one person belongs to Walipur Khurd village, while the other is from the Haibowal area of the city,” informed the official.



Founder's day

Ludhiana, July 24
Ann Jal Sewa Trust celebrated its first Founder's Day at the Civil Hospital here today. Former health minister Satpal Gossain and Simarjit Singh Bains, MLA, were the guests of honour. The trust members welcomed the dignitaries and urged them to provide more facilities to patients.

President of Ann Jal Sewa Trust Shivram Saroye said due to staff crunch, patients were not getting proper treatment. Besides, there was a scarcity of life-saving drugs, ECG machines and ultrasound machines, which should be taken care of by the state government. He said the hospital was short of staff. — TNS



pau notes
Met predicts rainfall

Ludhiana: The department of agricultural meteorology, PAU, has predicted heavy rainfall after July 27. Last year, the city had received 66 mm of rainfall in June while this year it received 3.5 mm. Dr KK Gill of the department said humidity was not good for animals. The maximum temperature today was 34 degrees Celsius. As compared to last year the maximum temperature has witnessed a fall while the minimum temperature has seen a rise.

Training course

A three-month training course on "Integrated Crop Production" will be organised for farmers from August 1 to October 31 at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU). Dr MS Gill, director, Extension Education, said rural youths from various parts of the Punjab (except Gurdaspur and Amritsar districts), in the age group of 20 to 40, would be eligible for the course. He said the PAU experts would apprise the trainees of latest farm techniques and technologies and impart practical training in agriculture and its allied sectors so that they could make vital contribution to the nation's food kitty.


A two-days training programme on "Soybean Processing" was today inaugurated at the Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET) here on Tuesday. A total of 12 participants from across the country will attend the programme. Soybean has the highest level of protein. Out of the 7 million tonnes of annual production of soybean in the country, about 80 per cent is used for oil and soymeal and only 10 per cent is used for seed and direct conversion into various food products. "If scientific standards are maintained, soybean processing can become a viable business opportunity," said Dr US Shivhare, director, CIPHET, while adding that many entrepreneurs had already established their enterprises.

Death condoled

The first Dean of Agriculture College, DR GS Grewal, passed away. PAU Vice-Chancellor Dr Baldev Singh Dhillon, chairman, Punjab State Farmers' Commission-cum-former PAU Vice-Chancellor, Dr GS Kalkat, Registrar, Dr RK Mahey, Dean of College of Agriculture, Dr DS Cheema, and university Deans, directors and faculty members, today expressed grief over the sad demise of Dr Gursham Singh Grewal, former Dean of College of Agriculture (COA), PAU. In his condolence message, Dr Dhillon said Dr Grewal had made vigorous efforts to set the high standards of education in agriculture and its allied fields during his tenure in the university. — TNS



college notes
Book release

Ludhiana: The Alumni Association of Ramgarhia Girls College in association with the department of English and computer science and applications released a book "Reflections" penned down by a former student, Nitika Joshi. The book is an autobiographical novel. It goes down memory lane to capture the incidents that play a vital role in the growth of a person, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

BCM results out

Students of BCM performed well in BEd examination. Anu Dua secured 938 marks. Anu stood first in the college while Khushboo Singla and Rubi Rana secured second and third positions, in the college by securing 919 and 909 marks, respectively. About 235 students made it to the merit list. College principal Dr Khushvinder Kumar congratulated the toppers.

DD Jain College of Education

Students of DD Jain College of Education brought laurels to the college. They secured the first division in BEd examination conducted by Panjab University. Harinder Kaur stood first with 82.18 per cent; Neetu secured the second position with 81.72 per cent while Prabhjot Kaur stood third with 81.45 per cent. Out of the 117 students, 106 got a distinction.

BABA Kundan College of Education

Students of BABA Kundan College of Education, Jamalpur, Ludhiana, have shown excellent results in BEd examination. Paramjeet Kaur stood first with 851 marks, Anshu Arora secured the second position with 844 while Manisha stood third with 840 marks. The college has achieved a 100 per cent result. Chairman of the college Dr Rajinder Hora congratulated the students on their success.

Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women

MA (Punjabi) students of Master Tara Singh Memorial College for Women have done the college proud by performing well in the examination. Ishu Kad secured the fourth position in Ludhiana by securing 68.75 per cent. Jaspal Kaur secured the second position in the college with 65.75 per cent while Parmjeet Kaur stood third with 65 per cent, respectively.

Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town

MA (history) students of Guru Nanak Girls College, Model Town, excelled in examination conducted by Panjab University. In MA II, Simarjit Kaur stood first in the college by securing 64.4 per cent. Rimaldeep Kaur stood second with 63.7 per cent while Harneet Kaur stood third with 61.8 per cent. In MA-II (English) examination, Amandeep Kaur secured the first position with 67 per cent, Simrarnjeet Kaur stood second with 65.12 per cent while Amandeep Kaur secured the third position with 63.25 per cent, respectively. Students of MA-II (Punjabi) excelled in the examination. Parminder Kaur stood first in the college by securing 67.75 per cent. Bandeep Kaur stood second in the college by securing 67 per cent while Gurjeet Kaur bagged stood third with 66.5 per cent.

AS College

Students of AS College excelled in the annual examination conducted by Panjab University. In MA-II (history) examination, Nimarpreet Kaur secured 74.25 per cent while Rahul Kumar stood second with 71.75 per cent. — TNS



school notes
Teej celebrated

Ludhiana: Teej was celebrated at Everest Public Senior Secondary School, Moti Nagar, Ludhiana. A mehandi competition was also held. Students came dressed in traditional attire. They presented a colourful programme. They relished kheer and malpuas. Shashi Sharma, in-charge, cultural programmes, motivated the students to participate in such activities.

Rain dance party

Students of Green Land Convent School, Civil City, enjoyed a rain dance party on Monday. They danced to the tune of rocking numbers.


An inter-class group song competition was held at DAV Public School, Ludhiana, on Tuesday. The competition aimed at exploring students' talent. Principal of the school JK Sidhu appreciated the efforts of students.


Students of Guru Nanak Public, Mullanpur, visited Home Science Museum and Water Resources Project at PAU on July 23. Students' queries were taken up by experts.

Interactive session

Students of Vajra Army School interacted with Major Neha and Captain Smita, the two brave women officers of the Indian Army, who successfully scaled the Mount Everest in May this year. The joy of students knew no bounds when they saw the visuals of this herculean feat being accomplished by the women mountaineers. Major Neha also addressed students and asked each of them to explore their high point and motivated them to strive sincerely towards achieving their goal.

Poem recitation

A Hindi poem recitation contest was organised by the Sub-junior Humanities Forum for the students of primary section at Kundan Vidya Mandir, Civil Lines. The function was presided over by school principal Navita Puri. The judges were Ritu Mehra and Monica Asdhir. — TNS



2 drug peddlers arrested
Jaswant Shetra

Jagraon, July 24
The Jagraon police has arrested two drug peddlers and seized 27 gram of heroin from their possession during separate operations. While one of the drug peddler was arrested by the Sudhar police, another drug peddler was nabbed by the Jagraon police.

The accused have been identified as Jagjit Singh, alias Jaggi, of Sudhar and Ramandeep Singh of Agwar Gujjran locality in Jagraon.

Jagraon SSP Gurpreet Singh Toor said Jagjit Singh, alias Jaggi, was arrested by a police party led by ASI Jagjit Singh during a naka.

"The police party was patrolling near Toose village when it saw a youth near Toose village chowk. When the officials searched him, they recovered 19 gram of heroin from him," said Toor.

Following which the police party arrested the youth.

A case under the NDPS Act has been registered against him at the Sudhar police station. The SSP said a probe was on into the matter. Another drug peddler was arrested from Jeevan Nagar. The police recovered 8 gram of heroin from him.

A case has been registered in this connection.

Toor said they were looking for persons from whom these drug peddlers used to purchase the drugs.



Man who shot himself dead
Mohit Khanna
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, July 24
A 61-year-old retired Punjab State Power Corporation Limited official succumbed to his bullet injuries two days after he shot himself in the head while sitting in a car at Phagli village, near Hambra.

The deceased was identified as Kewal Ahuja, brother of Congress leader Chaman Lal Ahuja, who retired as Deputy Chief Engineer last year. He was reportedly suffering from depression due to an ongoing family feud.

On Sunday morning, residents of Hambra village saw Kewal partly in the vehicle and gasping for breath. He was soaked in blood and residents rushed him to hospital.

According to the police, Kewal might have shot himself in the head using his licensed revolver. It came to light thathel carried his pistol and left the house on Sunday morning.

He did not tell his family where he was headed. The police initiated inquest proceedings under Section 174 of the CrPC.



Man dies after consuming poisonous substance

Khamano July 24
A resident of Bhutta village committed suicide by consuming some poisonous substance, but in his statement he allegedly held his son and daughter responsible for his death.

The Khamano police has registered a case against both his children. The ASI of Khamano police said that Jagdev Singh, alleged that he was beaten up by his son and his married daughter. Feeling insulted he consumed some poisonous substance. — OC



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