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Famine pangs: Who is to blame?

After Madhya Pradesh, now Maharashtra is in the news for its hunger-ridden population where over 20 lakh people are bearing the curse of famine. It reminds one of famines in pre-independence era that we blamed on the English rulers. Who are we going to point fingers at for famines post-independence? Maharashtra is considered one of the most prosperous states and pays more than 75% of gross income tax that the Indian government collects. It hurts us more when lakhs of tonnes of foodgrains go waste due to pathetic storage facilities.

The union government boasts of many schemes, like providing employment to at least one member of a family within 50 km of their place of living. Also, the government decided to provide almost 80% of the Indian population with cereals at almost negligible cost. Where are those schemes being implemented? Is it that the schemes are made on papers so that the politicians and beauraucrats lap up the wealth of the nation as their own fiefdom.

Hunger and self-respect are the two pillars on which revolutions shape up anywhere in the world. The poor and the lower middle class seem to have suffered enough. Those in the helm of affairs must act now or they will have to suffer the wrath of the ordinary man when his time comes to react.

Prof MK SHARMA, Amritsar

ISI supreme

G Parthasarathy’s article Pak role in promoting terrorism (July 19) brings out the facts about bilateral efforts to attain peace between India and Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister’s sincere proposals are not reciprocated seriously by Pakistan. All major and minor policy matters concerning India are controlled by the Pak military regime which supports terror outfits.

Politicians and civil administration carry out the diktats of Pak ISI. Evidence pertaining to perpetrators of 26/11 is not accepted on one plea or the other. No action is initiated against Hafiz Saeed who is responsible for the 26/11 Mumbal attacks. Like Osama, Hafiz enjoys full protection  of military.

SC VAID, Greater Noida

Illogical diktats

NCW chief Mamta Sharma is right when she says that the Baghpat panchayat has no constitutional authority to curtail personal liberties. However, that is only the de jure position. The de facto position is that they not only enjoy authority but actually enforce it. In 65 years, the Indian state has been allowed to wither away due to pusillanimity in enforcing the provisions of the Constitution.

Hence such panchayats, gleefully cock a snook at the Constitution and the law (non)-enforcers of the  nation.

So, policemen sent to investigate are beaten up and the administration and the political leaders play to the media by making announcements just to be wrapped up into anonymity later.

The politicians concerned do not want to lose the panchayats’ close-knit vote bank. The police and the administration must act fast and act tough (but not brutally) and enforce laws as per the constitutional  provisions.

Maj Gen PUSHPENDRA SINGH (retd), Panchkula

Update laws

Apropos the news report “Conviction rate abysmally low in Haryana : Report” ( July 17, Haryana Tribune), I would like to say that Section 164 of CrPC must be amended, making it mandatory for the investigating officer to get the statements of all witnesses recorded by a competent magistrate, particularly in heinous crimes. This will prevent witnesses from  turning hostile.

The previous system of observing surveillance over the complainant or the prosecution witnesses by the police which is no longer in vogue should be initiated afresh to defeat the purpose of ‘hostile witnesses’.

HARI CHAND SHANKER advocate, Ambala Cantt

First-aid education

It is unfortunate that despite the advancement in medical science and technology, we are not able to save our children from drowning, falling in the ditch or in situations of sudden collapse, accident or fire mishap.

The common masses are totally ignorant of first-aid techniques. In a recent mishap when 20-yr-old drowned in a ditch there was no help available to the mother to save her child as passers-by had no clue how to help her.

The government should take the help of the Red Cross employees to educate the public, students, teachers and police about first aid. The Indian Red Cross is duty-bound to educate people on safety and first aid.

It is important to train the police, employees and teachers in first aid services to save valuable lives.


Falling in a trap

Several spiritual gurus and ‘babas’ have attained notoriety because of their unscrupulous and anti-social activities and several are facing trials for heinous crimes like rape, murder, cheating. It is not the fault of these so-called babas, people are equally responsible for following them blindly.

Because of growing psychological and social problems there is wide-spread discontentment among people who are looking for solutions for their problems. They want to get their worries addressed by the easiest mean available. Due to their ignorance, they fall into the trap based on gibberish.  These babas do not have any solution. Solution lies within the system and within the individual.  

SK KHOSLA, Chandigarh.

Power crisis in Punjab

If a survey is conducted to find out if the Punjab farmers really deserve free power, the answer would definitely be in the negative. We have seen many of them laundering money in evil acts like uncontrolled drinking and gambling. Also, they misuse the facility provided to them at the cost of the public exchequer.

Power theft which is carried out largely in connivance with the Electricity Department officials remains one of the big factors for losses. The common man has to pay for the wrong doings of others through increased power tariffs. This is the time when the politicians should arise above petty politics and shun strategies to fool the voters who have voted them to power.




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