View from the top
Reviewed by Balwinder Kaur 
Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges
By A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. HarperCollins. Pages 182. Rs 199
The little boy who collected newspapers thrown from a train for distribution in Rameswaram town rose to the highest office in the land. This is A.P.J. Abdul Kalam's phenomenal success story. It is the stuff dreams and legends are made of; inspiring others to aspire. His life and achievements are now part of Indian history but his fascinating story told in his words is what Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges is all about. The book is a sequel to his bestseller Wings of Fire and picks up where it left off in the year 2002.

Sermons of survival for the weak
Reviewed by M.M. Goel
Lessons in Spiritual Economics from the Bhagavad-gita. 
By Dhanesvara Dass. Published by the author. Pages 320. Rs 450
The fact that economics is a necessary subject for everyone as consumer, producer, distributor and trader to learn and comprehend, hardly needs any justification. Is it really a queen of social sciences as conceptualised by Noble Laureate Paul Samuelson? Or has reduced its stature because of the human behaviour on which it is based?

Lessons the PLA learnt
Reviewed by Rakesh Datta
Chinese Lessons from Other People's Wars
Ed Andrew Scobell, David Lai & Roy Kamphausen. Lancer. Rs 795
True to the proverbial dictum that more you sweat in peace, less you bleed in war, Chinese are learning aggressively from wars fought by others. The strategical understanding of the use of force is to grasp the changing perception about the role of power, logistics, command, control and precision munition, as the Chinese have not fought openly for well over three decades.

Recreating a spooky atmosphere
Reviewed by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu
More Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills 
By Minakshi Chaudhry. Rupa. Pages 147. Rs 150
Just as he put one foot on to the balcony, something invisible seized his body and flung him back into the room. Then he felt a strange sensation`85 as if something was drawing out his strength..."

One life, many roles
Nonika Singh
Three-and-a-half-decade-long tryst with the world of creative arts and you would expect actor director Lillete Dubey to look back at her journey with a smug satisfaction. Been there and done it all. However, the lovely lady whose acclaimed plays like Dance Like a Man have clocked over 400 shows feels she is not even half way through.

Designers fashion bibles for younger lot
Moving from needle and thread, fashion connoisseurs are putting pen to paper in a bid to share their experiences and expertise with the younger lot. From Ritu Beri to Ritu Kumar, Wendell Rodricks to Suneet Varma they have all penned autobiographies to coffee-table legacy books as a pay-back to the younger generation.

Byomkesh in English
Madhusree Chatterjee

collection of three translated stories of Bengali writer Saradindu Bandyopadhyay featuring private investigator Byomkesh Bakshi is aimed at drawing the attention of a young readership to classical Indian detective fiction. Translated from Bengali to English by Arunava Sinha, The Rhythm of Riddles has three mystery stories. set in Kolkata.

International scene
Untold Story 
By Monica Ali. 
Simon & Schuster 7.99

No One But a Woman Knows 
By Margaret Llewelyn Davies I 
Virago 7.99

The Beautiful Indifference 
By Sarah Hall I 
Faber 7.99

There But For The 
By Ali Smith I 
Penguin 8.99

The Story of English in 100 Words 
By David Crystal I 
Profile 8.99