Stage is her world
Actor and art crusader Arundhati Nag loves to challenge herself and Girish Karnad’s play Bikhre Bimb gives her the perfect opportunity to do so
Nonika Singh

"Excellence doesn't come in lorry-loads…" there is no disputing this profound assertion. Of course, the lady who says so is herself a shining example of excellence. Meet the National Award-winning actor and art activist Arundhati Nag, whose acting prowess has embellished innumerable films and plays and whose commitment to theatre has flourished by way of Ranga Shankara — one of Bangalore's best known theatre addresses.

Living and breathing theatre for over four decades, she considers her role in the Hindi play Bikhre Bimb, a Ranga Shankara production that brought her to City Beautiful, the most cherished one. She quips, "If after this I don't get another part, I will have no regrets." What makes the role special is not merely, the fact that it is a solo. The narrative employs technology in a very unusual fashion, as it amalgamates the live act with the cinematic presentation by her. Says Nag, "It is as if I am competing with myself. I have done solos before, but nothing as stimulating. It is akin to rivaling my own act." Interestingly, the cinematic image, which was canned about five years ago, was no less challenging than the live performance.

It's not on-stage alone that Nag is straddling two different mediums. Otherwise too, she acts in both cinema and theatre and thinks neither is any less demanding. She agrees that from cinema whose reach is enormous too many lessons can be learnt.

Sure with her background in theatre when she works in films even Bollywood sits up and takes notice. Yet strangely enough post Paa, she has not been flooded with offers. But that's okay with her as she has her hands full anyway and has just finished a part in a Malayalam film. Then there has been a stint with small plays penned by Abhishek Majumdar in English. Moving from one language to another with fluent ease, this Maharashtrian doesn't consider her proficiency in several languages any major feat. Much of her knowledge of Kannada she owes to theatre which she deems is the most beautiful vehicle to learn a new language.

She further reasons, "Most Indians speak at least two or three languages, I speak six for a host of reasons like I lived in Delhi and Mumbai and later got married in Karnataka." Remembering her late husband the well-known actor Shankar Nag she says, "Indeed after him life changed but theatre didn't." As she has fulfilled his dream project Ranga Shankara she is mighty proud of having made theatre space affordable hence viable.

She feels that the world class theatre facility which rents out theatre for modest Rs 2,500 to theatre groups is a doable model that other cities, including Chandigarh, can emulate. She has no ambitions of setting up its branches but if anyone is interested she is more than willing to proffer advice.

"Theatre's big moment," she feels, "is now, for people who matter are fed up with television whose content offers no cerebral quotient at all. Hence they will turn to theatre." Either, way she is devoted to making more theatre happen. At Ranga Shankara on the anvil is a theatre festival dedicated to Shakespeare. Her relationship with stage has not been a fleeting affair but the touchstone of her life.

Director's note

Actor Arundhati Nag has not yet felt the need to turn a director, but has been privileged enough to being directed by none other than acclaimed playwright Girish Karnad in Bikhre Bimb. She gushes, "Both as a playwright and director Karnad has the uncanny knack of entering a woman's head." The play incidentally is co-directed by KM Chaitanya, a film director in his own right. Modesty epitomised, he quips, "Frankly speaking I am only a technical director of the play, Karnad has been gracious enough to share the credit with me." 

Arundhati with co-director KM Chaitanya

Fresh pastures
Karanvir Bohra aka Viraj of Saubhagyavati Bhava is all set to make a debut in a Punjabi film

standing tall: Karanvir Bohra does not think making films is a risky proposition 

When charming Karanvir Bohra showed up in Chandigarh on Monday, one couldn't but notice the huge gap between his off-screen and on-screen persona, once again. If he plays a rather abusive husband in the show Saubhagyavati Bhava, in real life he is making a movie to please his wife Teejay.

Location-hunting for his upcoming Punjabi movie is what brought Karanvir to Chandigarh. What prompted that? "Teejay is a Punjabi and it's to fulfil her wish that we are on with it," he says. Movie-making is a risky business, but Karanvir takes it in his stride. "You make money, you lose some," he says casually with an air of confidence, which stems from a strong filmy background. A third-generation in showbiz, his father Mahendra Bohra and grandfather Rajkumar Bohra have been producing Hindi and Gujarati films for long. The movie under the working title of Love you Soniye is going to be a family entertainment, and, of course, Karanvir plays the lead along with wifey Teejay.

Having had a successful run as TV actor in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Shararat, Kkusum, Kasautii Zindagii Kay and now Saubhagyavati Bhava, Karanvir is proud of his innings. "Small screen is a huge medium. All one needs to do is position oneself well," says Karanvir.

Movies have come his way. He is looking forward to Mumbai 125 KM. "It is shot entirely in 3D," he informs. And it's his upcoming Punjabi flick that has him all-agog. Though a Marwari, people often mistook him for a Punjabi. Language, he has learnt from his Punjabi wife. Shooting for the films starts in November and Karanvir is hopeful of striking a chord with the audience. "A survey shows that Saubhagyavati Bhava gets the best response from the northern region." With the Punjabi movie, he aims to repeat that!

joint venture: Mahendra Bohra, Karnvir Bohra and Sahil Kohli

The best list

Karanvir Bohra enjoys his own fan-following. Here he shares what he considers as his favourites.

Play: Tumhari Amrita. Shabana Azmi and Farroque Shaikh are just sitting throughout and yet make it so beautiful.

Theatre person: Alyque Padamsee. He has been a role model, a father figure.

Actor: Salman Khan for taking success in his stride. Whether his movie makes one crore or a hundred, he is okay with both. And Aamir Khan for the kind of roles he chooses.

Co-actor: In fact I have three: Tina Parakh (Kasauti), Shruti Seth (Shararat) and Sriti Jha (Saubhagyavati Bhava)

Lens eye

Sahil Kohli, a pass-out from the Department of Indian Theatre, Panjab University, has made Mumbai his home since the last decade. Having been assistant director for films like Pinjar, Madhoshi and many serials, Love you Soniye will be Sahil's first independent project. How difficult is it to succeed in Mumbai? "Very difficult; the script is already written and the rest is all destiny," he says.

The remix king
Jasmine Singh

He doesn't need a strong agenda or a forum to bring down the house, neither is he dependent on a celebrity to walk hand in hand with him to his console, Dj Suketu can create an uproar with his foot tapping remixes. All he needs to do is spin Bin Tere Sanam, scratch it a bit, and the crowd couldn't stop rhyming their steps to him. In Chandigrah to perform at 10 Downing Street, Altius the first thing that you notice about Suketu is his lean figure. "My weight has never gone beyond 63 or 66 kgs, a jog every morning is what helps me maintain my weight," he adds. It is weight that he likes to control, but music...

"I was nearly ten when I was introduced to music, and as the cliché goes there was no looking back. I am hooked to music day and night," adds the Dj who is known for his Bollywood remixes. "Cinema gives movies and music, both go hand in hand. It is the music that I survive on," he smiles quickly taking us through the list of Bollywood songs he has remixed. "I am trying to sound modest, I really don't have track of the songs!" Suketu an award winning producer won the best remix award at MTV Immies and best Dj award in India by Zee Entertainment Enterprise.

A remix version is something that the die- hard- original-version-fans don't really enjoy. For Suketu, who has produced music for numerous Hindi films it is an art. "A song finds a new life in beats and sounds. The real flavour is only garnished a bit and served to the people who love to dance and move on it to no end," adds Suketu who can't get away from French fries.

It would however be a sin to keep this celebrity Dj away from music. "I performed at my first private party in 96, and not a day has passed when I haven't taken a track and jazzed it up," says the king of Bollywood remixes. Suketu tours with music far and wide and his currently working on his latest track Dilbar mere. "It is just not possible to stay away from Bollywood music. No matter how many genres we explore, Bollywood is here to stay forever," he adds.

Recently DJ Suketu played at a party hosted for Tom Cruise by Anil Kapoor . "It was great, the party was attended by the entire film fraternity like Aamir Khan, Farhan Akhtar, Arjun Rampal, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Yash Chopra and Subhash Ghai. When I saw them enjoy my music, I could pat my back and say it is all about music, remix and original both."

Dj Suketu is working on the much-awaited single Dilbar Mere (feat. Kamran Ahmed). "This will feature some of the best known artists, Abbey, Alam, Anusha Manchanda, Anushka Dandekar, Arjun, Chin2, Javed Ali, Manasi Scott, Mustafa Zahid, Sophie Choudary and Sukhbir," he says. Wait till he rocks the party again!

Par Excellence
The Chip...
Hinge & hold or fold, turn & hold
Jesse Grewal

As explained in the last week's article the chip has a steep angle of approach and the club makes contact with the ball in a de-lofted position. To get the club to approach on a steep path we need to get the club

to rise up fairly quickly in the backswing. Phil Mickelson advocates the 'hinge and hold' method while short game teacher Stan Utley recommends a 'fold, turn and hold' method. The difference between the

two is only in the takeaway. While Mickelson advocates a hinge of the wrist to get the club up steeply with a very small movement of the arms, Utley advocates the right elbow (in right handed golfers) folding and staying close to the body. Both these methods get the club up steep. Utley's method suits players who are uncomfortable in using the wrists. Once the club is lifted with a steep path it must be brought down on a similar path. This is done in both methods by holding the wrists in the same position and turning the lower body towards the target. The lower body means the hips and the knees. It is important to maintain the angle in the wrists to keep the club in a de-lofted position.

A good practice drill is to take a towel and place it 3-4 inches behind the ball. Adopt either the hinge and hold method or the fold, turn and hold method and hit the ball making sure that you do not touch the

towel. If you touch the towel then the angle of approach is too shallow and you will catch the ball on the upswing which is okay in pitching. But for a steep angle as in a chip the club must bottom out just under the ball and not touch the towel. To achieve this, your weight must be more on the forward leg.

(Grewal has coached several national champions and professionals apart from being coach of the Indian golf team for the Eisenhower Cup (World Cup) in 2008. He is currently the Director of National Golf Academy of India and CGA Hero Honda Golf Academy. If you have any queries get in touch with him at

Soul searching
Manpriya Singh

It's likely that most of the questions either revolve around her famous husband, or somehow find their way back to Vicky Donor actor Ayushmann Khurrana, no matter what! Nevertheless, Tahira Kashyap steers the conversation back to her second book Souled Out.

"If you are looking for a heavy literary dose, this book is not for you. It's a very simple collection of stories that reflect human nature, bravery, suspicion, insecurities et al." She adds, "There is a part of me in every story though they all may not be personal experiences. Some are in third person, others in first, each story has a different feel to it but simplicity is what reflects in each one of them." The collection of ten short stories aims at "unlocking the innocent, unsullied good soul that lies deep within each of us." Hence the name Souled Out. "I didn't take me more than a month to write the book. It was like a bout of emotions and I forgot to sleep, eat, drink."

As for the rest of the questions, she alternates between shrugging them off and laughing it out. "I don't want to live with the of the tag 'star wife'. We've been together for twelve years now. We are almost like school buddies and have seen the ups and downs in each others lives." She adds, "We are so grounded and he makes me feel very secure, despite his acting and intimate scenes and all that." If she's a sport, then he's a support. "He knows all the stories because every time, at night I'd narrate each one to him. Though it's very embarrassing to admit that he hasn't read the book," she laughs.

After theatre, radio, teaching, public relations, writing, perhaps screen writing awaits. "I would want to believe that I did justice to all the roles I played. Because every time I left the field it was a step higher." She adds, "I see myself heading towards screen writing. Perhaps, that is because I go through all the scripts that Ayushmann receives and filter them out for him to see. It might sound very frivolous, doing so many things and juggling so many roles but I'm not."

Chic sense
The ‘C’ quotient is what youngsters are looking for... 

 Jasleen Chhabra

The Gen Next is definitely smart when it comes to dressing up. They know how to blend comfort with fashion. The modern-day staple of jeans and tees make them comfortable while looking trendy and in style. MBA student, winsome Jasleen Chabbra, too belongs to the same genre-

Your sense of style

When I find somebody stylish I look for the 'C' quotient - comfort and confidence! If one carries off whatever one is wearing with confidence that's really style for me.

Latest addition to your treasure of clothing or accessories

A black linen dress from Vero Moda.

Brand crazy or street pick-up?

Kind of a 'brand freak' I would say.

Your style icon would be…

Priyanka Chopra and Katrina Kaif would fit the bill for me.

Who do you think is the worst dressed celebrity?

It has to be Vidya Balan!

Which look would your prefer - sporty, chic or glamorous?

Chic looks good to me!

One fashion trend that goes beyond your comprehension…..

Pants in jarring colours, especially the neon type.

Your take on accessories?

They are very important as they make or mar an outfit - a smart belt or any neck piece can accentuate a plain dress and do wonders to it.

What gives you a high on the confidence level?

No holds barred! Looking good will always give the confidence a boost!

As told to Poonam Bindra

Step in style
Practicality joins hands with fashion as more and more designers play with wedge and platform heels
Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra

Anyone who follows trends will tell you that you need to know the pulse of fashion to stand out in a crowd. So, as the season changes and you plan to slip into new shoes here's a little sneak peek into what the market has to offer for women this season.

Though you would see some new and old designs in the shelf, wedges and platforms are going to get a warmer reception this season. Comfy and stylish, these heels go well with skinnies, skirts and dresses too.

"Practicality and fashion do not go hand-in-hand, but ballerina pumps are going to catch the attention, so will loafers and boat shoes. Thicker soles, patent leather and suede with some extra detailing are an added triumph," says an employee of Woodland in Sector 17.

Well, shoe trend for fall/winter is diverse with something for everyone. But if we generalise, than we see a wide range on

offer which includes the floral patterns, denim look, buckles, flowers, ribbons and satin shoes to choose from.

"Reptile leather has long been a trend with shoe lovers and this craze goes higher during the fall, so this season too we will see some reptile skin in fashion but that will exclude crocodile leather. Other than this we would also witness patent leather and suede in vogue. And it's in bold colour combinations like red and black, blue and burgundy, orange that we will witness in shoes," says Sanjay, manager Shoe Tree.

That's not all. Colour-blocking too has been used in shoes now and this has been brought forward by designers Mark Jacobs and Viktor & Rolf in their fall/Winter collections.

Talk of embellishment in shoes and there is a whole new world waiting to be explored. Just as we saw flowers in spring; the fall is all about buckles, fur, laces, metallic heels and glitter. Though lace has been brought forward by designers from their spring collections, it has taken a sexier avatar this time.

Another unusual trend that we are going to see this winter is socks with shoes. Rihanna made a public appearance sporting pumps with a pair of socks and now let's see how many people copy this trend.

Now, talking of colour, the trendiest tones for this season are black, white, stone, metallic, beige, burgundy, dark blue, chocolate, deep violet, khaki and red.

Take me higher

  • Though style in shoes will vary but chunky heels, is the trend to look out for.
  • Spike heels can never go out of fashion, that's why designers are always reinventing stilettos.
  • Low-heeled Chelsea boots are quite a rocker for the season.
  • If shoe designs can vary so do the heels! We even have the slightly triangular and chunky heels in vogue.

Moustache for a realistic act

Role call: Imran Khan

Actor Imran Khan seems to be following in the footsteps of his uncle Aamir Khan as he insisted on growing a moustache for his role in underworld drama Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2.

Bollywood's chocolate boy has turned into a tapori for the film, a sequel to 2010 hit Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. According to sources, the actor was given an option to use a duplicate to avoid hassles of growing a moustache, but Imran decided to do it himself to look closer to his character.

Directed by Milan Luthria and produced by Ekta Kapoor, Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai 2 also stars Akshay Kumar, Sonali Bendre and Sonakshi Sinha.

The actor will also be seen in Vishal Bhardwaj's Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, where he will play a Haryanvi guy. It also stars Anushka Sharma, Pankaj Kapoor and Shabana Azmi.’ —IANS

Bollywood needs actors, not

superstars: Pur

Seasoned actor Om Puri feels that character actors are not getting their due and says that the Indian films need them just to enhance the role of the main protagonist.

"It is very rare that character actors get a meaty part. They are there as characters to enhance the hero. They don't have their own individuality," he said.

The veteran, known for his powerful performances in offbeat films of the 1970s and the 1980s such as Godhuli, Bhumika, Aakrosh, Mandi, Party and Mirch Masala, ventured into light-hearted roles with Chachi 420 and later tickled the funny bones of the audiences with comedies like Hera Pheri and Malamaal Weekly.

But now the 61-year-old enjoys satires much more than mindless comedies.

"I don't enjoy comedy for comedy's sake. I enjoyed Malamaal Weekly as it was innocent and harmless fun. Whereas films like Buddha Mar Gaya are disgusting. That kind of humour is low and cheap. Chachi 420 was clean, even though it didn't have a message. I enjoyed Bollywood Calling as well. But I prefer satire," said Om Puri, winner of National Awards for best actor for Arohan and Ardh Satya.

He believes that Bollywood is in dire need of good actors and not just superstars.

"Without superstars also films do well. Vicky Donor ran without any big stars or known faces," he said.

His next is Priyadarshan's Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal, coming out on September 28, and he said, "We had fun on the set. Nana Patekar is a wonderful entertainer. I am working with him after 30 years. When I worked with him earlier, he was not a brat and now he is a brat.”

Talking about his role, he added, "Shreyas Talpade is the protagonist of the film. I am playing his father. My character doesn't have comic scenes. He is an angry old man who is disgusted with his son."

With so many newcomers entering the industry, Puri feels that it is the responsibility of senior actors to mentor them. "Even if he is not so good, it is the responsibility of senior actors to coach him because he is in the cast," he said. —IANS

A wider perspective

Balanced loyalties: Karan Johar

Known for making larger than life family dramas for the big screen, film-maker Karan Johar is now connecting with the masses on a new level through his appearances on the small screen. He, however, says this is just a phase and he can't work for the medium full-time as he fails to understand the concept of TRPs and finds cinema "far more progressive".

"Indian television has its positives and negatives. It has a huge audience and some shows are very entertaining, but I think it needs to come out of its current zone," said Johar. "Every time they try something new, it does not work and does not get TRPs (television rating points), because of which they go back to doing and showing strange things," he added.

He compares the scenario with the Bollywood box office and feels content on the small screen is more driven by ratings.

"The TV industry lives around TRPs, like the box office for cinema. Every Wednesday morning is a wake-up call for TV people. One day it is Zee TV on top, then it is Colors, and so on. I don't know how does all this work.

"Seeing all this, I think cinema is far more progressive because it gives you an opportunity to make all kinds of movies," he added.

The 40-year-old, head honcho of a leading film banner Dharma Productions, started his tryst with TV as a celebrity chat show host Koffee With Karan, which is now a hugely popular franchise.

He is currently judging the fifth season of celebrity dance reality show Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa with dancing diva Madhuri Dixit and choreographer Remo D'Souza. And now, gearing up for more - as judge on the new season of India's Got Talent (IGT).

Asked if he would ever direct a fiction show for TV, he said, "I could be a judge, a host, but I am not sure if I could be a director over TV.

"I sometimes feel I will be living on MRIs the day I decide to switch over to TV alone. They have so many things to take care of. I am coming back with Koffee With Karan next June, but no fiction for me."

Johar credits his knowledge about TV shows to his mother, who closely follows all popular shows on the medium.

"I will be lying if I say that I am a TV addict, but my mother is obsessed with Indian television and is very happy to see me as a part of these shows. She is a huge fan of Ram and Priya (of Bade Achche Lagte Hain). But I have never been into TV," he said.

Talking about his stint as a judge on Jhalak... and IGT, Johar says he would love to judge a singing show, but thinks he lacks the expertise for that.

"One thing I would love to sit back and watch is a singing show, but I really think I would be the wrong person to judge a singing show. I can judge singing on a very surface level, but I don't have the right expertise to judge it," said the dashing film-maker, who is looking forward to the release of his next directorial Student Of The Year. —IANS


Rani, what’s wrong?

Bizarre move: Rani Mukerji

We think all the videos from Aiyya such as Sava Dollar and Dreamum Wakepum are quite weird. What is Rani actually trying to do? Although all this is quite sporting of her but it seems a little reminiscent of The Dirty Picture

Getting over the past

Moving on: John Travolta

Hollywood star John Travolta says he was on the verge of retiring after his son Jett died three years ago.

The 58-year-old actor and wife Kelly Preston were left devastated when son Jett passed away in 2009 and he says it was only the support from his fans, loved ones and faith in Scientology which prevented him from turning his back on his career.

"I lost my son a few years ago and I had been having quite a rough time. And after three years of getting a lot of support from the church and a lot of support from people - fans and family—I decided that it was OK to go back to work.

"I even thought of retiring at one point, because it just felt like too much," he said.

Travolta, who is making a return with Savages, said that he is still impressed by his extraordinary career achievements. — PTI

Friendly chat

Abhishek Bachchan

Abhishek Bachchan and Rohan Sippy are childhood friends and the director does not want to make movies without him. His current movie stars are Ayushmann and Kunal Roy Kapoor. By way of casual conversation, he asked AB to do a cameo in the movie and he agreed. Now that’s what we call a real friendship!

One level up

Dhoom 3 is getting bigger and better. It will be the first Indian film to be released in the IMAX format. 3D is old now! Kudos to the team of the movie. It will be shot with a special camera.

Strange(r) connection

Ileana D'cruz spent more than a year filming Barfi! with Ranbir Kapoor but she hardly knows him because he is a very detached person. He did not open up at all. She made a good conversation with Priyanka Chopra, though.

From Fringe to mainstream

Conscious decision: Diane Kruger

Hollywood actress Diane Kruger is swapping films for the small screen after signing on to star in a new TV show. The 36-year-old will lead the cast of The Bridge, which is based on the hit Scandinavian series i Bron, reported a website.

The series will chronicle a Mexican and US cop duo's efforts to track down a serial killer. Kruger will play a Texan Police Homicide Detective Sonya North.

It will be the blonde beauty's first regular TV role. She made a cameo on boyfriend Joshua Jackson's series Fringe in 2010. Production on the pilot begins this autumn. —PTI

Goodbye Madonna, hello Cameron

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has reportedly ended her decade-long friendship with pop star Madonna.

The 39-year-old is done with the Queen of Pop and has made fellow actress Cameron Diaz her new best friend, reported a publication. "Everything always revolved around Madonna. She is finally done," a source said. Paltrow, who has been pals with Diaz, 40, for years, has recently upgraded her to BFF status.

"Gwyneth is a nurturer. Cameron is bummed about being single, so Gwyneth sees her as a project," the source added. —PTI

I never wanted to be a star: Goldie Hawn

Simple dreams: Goldie Hawn

American actress Goldie Hawn has admitted that she never wanted to be a star and that she became ill with depression when her dreams of domesticity were shattered. The 66-year-old Hollywood A-lister revealed how, as a young dancer, she was happy to live a simple life and get married.

“I didn’t want to do anything else. I was so excited to be there. I was away from home and I think I saw the trajectory of my life was going to be dancing.

“Maybe I would get a commercial or two to make more money but I never believed I was going to be a star. I was fearful. It was not something to aspire to, to become well-known star.

“I always thought I was going to go home,” she added. —ANI

chatter box'
Big star, big bucks!

The small screen promises an instant connect with audience and lots of money, all the right reasons for Bollywood actors to pick reality shows

Today more and more B-town actors are turning towards the small screen. This was never a trend a decade ago. Television was never highly-rated by the Bollywood stars. Working on the small screen was a definite no for them as it really did not give much exposure, money or fame. However, with the sudden influx of reality shows, the face of the television industry has changed. These stars today not only promote their films on the different shows aired on television, also grab the opportunities of hosting reality shows. It gives them the scope of connecting with the masses and also helps them mint money.

In the year 2000, Kaun Banega Crorepati started on Star Plus with Amitabh Bachchan as its host. Much to the surprise of the film industry he took the offer, and the rest is history. Today everybody has been following his footsteps and with the advent of more reality shows, there is enough work for all.

Let us take a look at the movie stars who have tried their hands in television and earned a big buck.

Amitabh Bachchan: KBC was the first reality game show and Amitabh Bachchan the first actor of the film industry who made an appearance on TV. He earned a lot of money and was able to pay off his loans for his production house ABCL. He has made a deal of a whopping 100 crore for hosting the three seasons.

Akshay Kumar: Akshay Kumar aka Khiladi Kumar host Khatron ke Khiladi. The show's name and theme suited him best. He is best at stunts and action and this show was about it. He earned Rs 1.5 crore per episode.

Aamir Khan: Latest entrant this year was Aamir Khan who created quite a wave with his show- Satyamev Jayante. This show was different from all the other shows as it targeted the issues that are hindering the growth of our society. He got Rs. 3 crore per episode.

Sanjay Dutt: He co-hosted Bigg Boss season 5 with Salman Khan. He made his mark and did not get over-shadowed by Salman. He earned Rs. 1 crore per episode.His popularity got a big boost with the show and he did a pretty good job. 

Salman Khan: He has brought about a new entertaining twist in Bigg Boss. Today people love it for Salman's way of hosting this show. The sixth season's promos have been aired and Salman will be getting Rs 3.25 crore for hosting each episode.

Hrithik Roshan: He is known for his dancing abilities and it suited him just right to judge a dancing show. He earned Rs 2 crore for every episode.


Shah Rukh Khan: He somehow has not had a successful run at the television despite that he has hosted quite a few shows. He hosted the third season of KBC, and Are you smarter than a fifth grader? (Indian adaptation). Then he hosted Total Wipeout- Zor ka Jhatka and earned Rs 2 crore per episode.

Astro turf
P Khurrana

ARIES: The day will be quite busy, since you will be taking care of issues such as bills, appointments and other miscellaneous errands. Once through, things will be easy. Money matters will not trouble and health will be good. Tarot message: Don't take financial decisions impulsively. Lucky colour: Navy-blue. Lucky number: 32

TAURUS: Interaction, travel and intellectual pursuits are on the cards. Many of you will travel for pleasure and explore interesting places. At home, a certain close relative may help you to make an important choice. Tarot message: Be true to yourself.Lucky colour: Orange. Lucky number: 44

GEMINI: Many of you have been experiencing a profound, philosophical inclination for the past few days and today it will become stronger, motivating you to introspect, contemplate and reflect. Tarot message: Advice will put you on the right track. Lucky colour: Pink Lucky number: 35

CANCER: Things may move at a relatively slow pace today. Use the time to relax, catch up with financial planning and also meeting up with friends. If planning to put your money into real estate, agriculture or jewellery, returns are good. Tarot message: Do not cover up your mistakes. Lucky colour: Black. Lucky number: 50

LEO: This will be a positive day for professionals, especially women who will have the enthusiasm to accomplish just about anything. Finances will be good, but expenses too will increase. Tarot message: Be diplomatic with colleagues. Lucky colour: Red. Lucky number: 62

VIRGO: Businessmen will need to work out the finer aspects of a partnership or contract while professionals will need to display intelligence, tact and efficiency at work in order to create an impact. Tarot message: Don't get embroiled in long-term ventures. Lucky colour: Purple Lucky number: 55

LIBRA: Adopt an unconventional yet productive approach to accomplish maximum results today. Professionally, you should be careful of who you trust and who you depend on. Some people may just be jealous of your success. Tarot message: Start a saving plan and curb expenses. Lucky colour: White. Lucky number: 27

SCORPIO: You will have to be strong and make the decision to save as well as invest. Do not get entangled in temporary, meaningless affairs. Socially, you may feel a little lonely. Tarot message: Trust your inner feelings when making a decision. Lucky colour: Silver-grey. Lucky number: 35

SAGITTARIUS: IYou will be quite generous, optimistic, expressive, tactful, compassionate and creative. Some of you may be planning to change careers, however, this should be carefully thought out. Tarot message: Keep a close eye on savings and investments. Lucky colour: Golden-brown. Lucky number: 65

CAPRICORN: Taking care of an elder will give you great happiness. The day will be filled with romance, excitement and travel. At home, there will be warmth and affection in your relations. Tarot message: Look after your finances and health. Lucky colour: Green. Lucky number: 40

AQUARIUS: In relationships, don't become too controlling since everyone needs his or her own space. Intelligent and perceptive, you will be able to understand the real intentions behind the action of others. Tarot message: Keep other people's secret well-guarded. Lucky colour: Peach. Lucky number: 51

PISCES: When facing someone stubborn, don't waste your time in arguing as it will not yield any results. At work, although teamwork will yield benefits you will also be able to accomplish a lot by working on your own. Tarot message: Do not over-spend. Lucky colour: Crimson Lucky number: 29

The year ahead
Madan Gupta Spatu

If your birthday is September 25...

This birthday will enhance your credibility and prospects. There is no need to feel less courageous. Watch out for difficult situations at the work front. You'll be able to highlight your strengths as a speaker and entertainer. This birthday makes you a more private person, more introspective and perhaps more inflexible. Make a list of ways to make your life more romantic.

Take extra care of your appearance, wear colours and styles that accentuate your natural good looks. Saturn and Mars, the two planets that cause separation, are both in Libra, the sign that rules relationships. This means relationships of all types are under additional stress till the end of September. Health can bloom by sharing happiness with others. You will make good money, but try not to let it slip through your fingers. You should take a break from your daily schedule and go out with your friends today.

Romance will be exciting, so contact the person you love and make the best of the day. You will reach your goals through hardwork and patience. Your sharp observation will help you stay ahead of others. In friendships you are very cautious and reserved.

The year 2013 modifies your life path by giving you some special interest in technical, scientific or other complex and hard-to-understand subjects. You may become something of a perfectionist and a stickler for details. Your thinking is logical, intuitive, rational and responsible.

Your feelings may run deep, but you are not very likely to let them show. Instability (due to poor management of your duties) is on the cards. Consequently, try to look at the way you work. You will make an interesting beginning by meeting some of your contacts with whom you can have a stimulating discussion, which might lead to a firm line of action. A minor headache and pain in joints may cause sufferings. Consult your family doctor. At work, negative trends are possible. Financial security can be a concern for you. To deal with this, try saving as much money as possible.

Mood: Cheerful despite the attitudes of others. Compatible signs: Gemini, Cancer. Lucky colours: Bright-green, Purple. Lucky days: Thursday and Friday. Lucky numbers: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

You share your birthday with Divya Dutta (September 25, 1977, Ludhiana). She is a familiar face in Chandigarh and was first recognised for her work in Shaheed-e-Mohabbat. She went on to win more than 25 awards, including the Zee Cine Award for Best Supporting Actress for Veer Zaara and the IIFA Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Delhi 6. She has been nominated for the Filmfare and Star Screen Award twice. Divya, besides acting, will do well in script-writing and direction after 2013.

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