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Pak needs to think beyond

Kashmir remains the core issue for Pakistan. In the article “Worrying mindset problem”, Syed Nooruzzaman has correctly analysed the media reports emanating from Pakistan regarding Indo-Pak relations.

Defeat in the 1971 war and the formation of Bangladesh have been traumatic and a humiliating experience for Pakistan, at least for their ruling elite. Since only minor adjustments are possible on Kashmir issue, formation of Bangladesh cannot be undone and terrorism sponsored by them has to be met squarely and forcefully, we can, at best, hope for a working relationship with our neighbour. Though Pakistan’s relationship with US is going through turbulence, support of China can embolden their leadership to indulge in some brinkmanship. We cannot fall in the trap, frequently laid by the Pakistani  leadership, of asking us to act as a generous big brother.Pakistan’s state policy of achieving tactical or strategic advantage through jihadi terrorism is a major hindrance in improvement of Indo-Pak relations. Though their economy is in a shambles, needs projected by their army are met to the maximum extent. Constant upgradation of their nuclear arsenal and delivery system can give rise to a feeling of bravado in their military leadership.Last of all, people-to-people contact can help in clearing the air a bit but we cannot depend on it as the main bulwark of our policy.

ANIL KAUSHIK, Chandigarh

Win for democracy

For the UPA government, FDI in retail was an important decision and it was communicated to the public through many political and economic forums. It became a hot topic of drawing room, board room and panel discussions. This also led to polarisation of political parties and the stand taken by them is quite normal in a vibrant democratic country. At last, it does look like, that the Indian democratic process has won. The Opposition and the government fulfilled their responsibilities quite well, barring a few personal jibes here and there. History stands to gain by witnessing the face-off between various political forces and the stand taken by them in this gigantic leap forward in times to come.

Col PRITPAL SINGH DHILLON (retd), Chandigarh

Follow foreign laws

External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid is right in saying that the Norway couple issue does not relate to the government but to a private citizen and to local laws of a foreign country. The government had a bitter experience in the Bhattacharya’s case.

A big hue and cry was raised by the media, social activists and political leaders forcing the External Affairs Ministry to intervene. But the government had to cut a sorry figure due to a family saga raging behind. The best solution to the problem is “while in Rome do as the Romans do”. Indians opting to stay in Norway should follow the local laws. Though, parenting is a private matter, government’s intervention is justified when adults fail to discharge their responsibilities properly, whether it is in India or in Norway.

DILBAG RAI, Chandigarh


The statement made by the nephew of V Chandrashekhar that “We have been let down by the Central Government. It has failed to protect rights of its citizens living abroad” basically sought intervention by the Indian government. Just because the couple has been convicted, does not mean that the government has failed to act properly.

They have been given consular assistance by the Indian embassy in Norway. Protection of citizens rights’ living in foreign land does not mean that the government hinder the trial of the accused and make every possible move which may lead to their acquittal.

One cannot evade justice to the victim by his mere commission of crime and presence in a foreign country. Every person is subject to the laws and rules of the country he is living in. Any intervention by the Indian government would be unjust and will be more like an impediment in the judicial functioning of Norway and will give rise to the unnecessary legal complexities in the international sphere.

Every issue relating to an Indian citizen outside India with the foreign government cannot be assessed as an issue having an international dimension.


Respect women

Women should be treated with the profoundest respect, regard and honour as they play a much more important role than men in all societies (Bharat Hiteshi’s middle  “Of Women and Men”, November 17).

It must be kept in mind that next to God, people are indebted to women, first for life itself, and then for making it worth living.

A woman can be compared with a reed which bends to every breeze but does not break into two in the tempest. They are the ocean of virtue, modesty, truth, devotion, dedication, love and forbearance. In some cases, the women do digress from their duties due to a neo-liberal attitude. Whether, it should become a social norm is another point of discussion.

It is a pity, a majority of women in our country remain a neglected and repressed lot. So the need of the hour is that women should be empowered socially, economically, culturally, intellectually, educationally and psychologically in letter and spirit to be respected by the opposite sex.




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